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Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez goes on Dr. Phil; Celtics Win! 5-15-2017

May 16, 2017|

Christian discusses Shayanna Jenkin’s comments about Aaron Hernandez’ suicide on Dr. Phil. Celtics defeat the Wizards in game 7 to end the hour.

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This these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. I would ninety winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get we're here. It. Good evening welcome. Late night sports WEEI euros Christian RJ and nice to have you this here this evening live and our breaking studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike and Marcus marchers hit a three pointer. Wizards taking a time out life on other not taken a timeout but the Celtics now they six point lead going into the fourth earn a thirteen and three run in the last three minutes and 43 seconds and I don't wanna take all the credit. But that's basically the entire time I've been here the salvage a ban on a at thirteen to three run and now are up and just got another rebound now going back the other way here. I would not do play by play of the Celtics game that I promise you I'm not cut out for that and I also believe. There's some sort of contractual obligations preventing me from doing so. But I'm stoked for this game have been pumped up about it all day. Fiji being mean I you know what I need any one of those little sick and Phidget Spinner in Spinner thing he's everybody's getting an autumn talking about Manny. Many Marines would simulate what the bleep are you talking about her that I side I think actually sought on partial but it's just the thing the holding your hand and you Fiji you spin it around. And it's supposed to be like I don't know something that people do for comfort or stress relief for whatever. Like you know in other stress balls are those things you squeeze it like that except not even you just spin this thing over and over again that's what I needed today. But I don't know where to acquire sentient magical device all I know is that the Celtics team is now. Going into the fourth quarter here with the lead. And Ole boy did they need Isaiah Thomas now more than ever they need him to be that guy in the fourth quarter. Because this is that this is the season right here folks this is winner go home Celtics and wizards and I swear to god I've been saying this. Cents on Sunday when dead people first brought up the hypothetical. Even if it means the Celtics pick outside of the top five okay. Even if it means they drop down to the sixth pick which is mathematically impossible but I don't care for purposes of this of this demonstration I'd say even if they go to the sixth. I would trade that for a win tonight. Even though they're gonna go and lose to the cavaliers in the next round don't care that's how little I'd think of this Washington Wizards team. And how badly I would prefer for them not to be the ones that dance on the parquet floor tonight. I don't care to Celtics get bumped out of the first round. Obviously. Beat this team. Beat them in beat them badly. Buried them put them in the grab serious I cannot deal with these wizards anymore I feel like him play in the wizards like three months now. And I just had enough of them all my guys did they ever stop crying. Even when they're clearly getting calls ages will not stop bitching it's unbelievable. You know it's it's really something you would think that they've had about 35 fouls called on tonight about fourteen. To the Celtics in nineteen. You would know from watching the game in their body language and what have you but that's that's the case. I'm quick recap where we are so far through two recorders. The Celtics leading 85 to 79 currently in the midst of a thirteen to three run. Isiah Thomas catching fire at the end of the corner he now has 24 points on seven of fifteen shooting 204 from three Al Horford played a pretty good game he's had a couple open misses but it. Not enough that he's been a problem by any means fifteen points five rebounds. Five assists he does have a steel lot of guys with steel Celtics forcing turnovers which was certainly nice to see there in the first tapping continuing to do so. In the second half but no one's no one's pulling away here. This is a pretty evenly matched game and has been a pretty evenly matched series. If you think about it. You know I mean if you if you certitude in lose the idea that some of the games and wherever they worried ended up being a double digit win for the home team. Been pretty evenly matched here. You know especially now down at the end game six that was a good game. Kind of an ugly game but a good game in the sense of came down to black shot last couple possessions. Game 20 also came down to the last as a but it didn't end that way didn't end spectacularly. It ended with the Celtics going on my what a twelve to two run in overtime. In winning by double digits which you never see in overtime but that's just out of gas the wizard we're at that point. And I'm hoping that's were start to see a little bit here. I hope this wizards team is just out of gas. That we'd be typical of how they've played in the in in TD garden here for I don't know the last three years. Certainly all the games this series they definitely ran out of gas. But out we're gonna bomb that we're gonna give way here to the Celtics the games coming back on. And I don't wanna spend a lot of time trying to program against that was the end of the quarter Fella to be a good time to recap. Hopefully this obviously keep this run going I will lie interject with updates on what's going on in the game. Anything big happen so it's just scored again Mattingly by 887. To 79 year opened up the fourth quarter very nice to see our right in the meantime. Since this game is on I did this on purpose and I heard Alex intent very nice job by them tonight by the way. I got a sect. In I'd I'd turn it off of one point because of the game was on and also because they were talking about Cheney Jenkins. And I didn't wanna hear it is I added it's not that I don't wanna hear as they wanna hear right then a wanted to hear it and react to a live on the air self. For those who don't know Aaron Hernandez's widow slash fiancee Agassi is not technically is what do. When a Dr. Phil. Because she's got to just be the classy thing to do right now. Fiance commit suicide in prison. Take some time off for yourself and then boom sit on the couch talk the talk the big sexy over there to an uncle Phil as the senate. I don't know how much this we have. Just like a couple of those billing a montage of stuff it's 11. Little cut right there. I Willits let's finished off with a tease of the night you know the tease of the night our attic and I can live with that are at stake Alyssa. So elusive of this happened. That was not suicide. There had to be a pretty elaborate conspiracy for this to have been staged. Can create I wasn't there and I don't know look at it what the situation may have been content side. That being sad I think anything is possible. You showed it where it all that alana there's not a lot to work with yours are gonna have to stop ago. OK so Dr. Phil is beginning this on the assumption that there was it wasn't just the suicide did something happen. That someone when there. Kill Aaron Hernandez then strung him up what did shampoo in the bed sheet and everything else and she doesn't believe that he killed himself Oca. And she doesn't say here's what I think having his say anything is possible. At least they always adore pretty much open anything Nike got. Unions well you weren't clear who was our plan to hold breaking news now after Dr. Phil and actually. It was reported. He was. They. You were his fields and yet it was he secretly. We've run out of time. Doctor Val jail on magic Internet is for sharing her story and you battle tomorrow earned an industry on slavery to the rumors. That he had a secret prison lover. Well. That's it that's all we have. Now maybe that's installer was but now maybe that's all there was I'll say that. Janet Jagan Hernandez what every finger. She's good looking enough to be on TV. I that's the truth. She could be on TV. Some say they should do like gay. You know flavor of love with her species like where she's she's the bachelorette or whatever and she down try to find love. We have some more clips are let's listen a little more of Russia managing concerns about the handwriting didn't look like field. The handwriting was similar but I feel like again hit nothing but time and there are so he'll like it easily duplicated on. We like. The handwriting let's say his. But she thinks that someone in prison. It was able to the wife of disabled that replicate perfectly to his handwriting. I guess may be a you know maybe there's someone in jail for like counterfeiting or something like that may they got him involved or her right by as the BMI guess and imprisonment. And seems a little. Seems like a stretch seems bigger reach our I'd keep on. Were their words in the note that he didn't use. That you would expect to be of their besides. But they were very. Me honestly I think it was that very. That screen love. But it wasn't. It's extremely impersonal that was an intimate it was. Who are their worst film I've parts where it just it can make turned the wasn't clicking in my head as far as what he had been thinking her what he was. Trying to say that's very short. I feel like I don't know I I want it more. You know I blinded him to explain in I don't know it's very confused me computes and I can read it over and over and over again until after the flu place where I am glad I don't feel like there's any progression. You know I'd I'd feel bad for if she didn't agree to go on the show. But listen that that you shouldn't be talking about that and television what it was like reading your debris in the suicide not surprised we even got to read this was a anyway. I'm saying this and I really believe this. And I know maybe you would be good contents on a show or something but I really really hope. That we never get to she would ever wrote to his daughter. Just for the girls say. You know I ridges that can let leave that I if that. If that ever comes out and that's like breaking news or some whenever it's you know screen shots and send it to me I would nag actually would read it. I would read that and here. I mean listen this this is awful hate this is awful we're listening to right now. Well I wanted more or you know wonder read more than it will have probably is the last thing I ever wrote. Mrs. Clinton. We'll hear references Savage Garden instead of a group for this erosion or special meaning to you worked for him. Where both. Agrarian to slow jams not necessarily especially meaning. I mean of course have listened to it and know the time. Could sleep in a place where I feel he may have and then if if that's the case I was just trying to. When reading it and when listening to the music you know each had to put yourself in frame of mind. I'm trying to widely I'd add. I can't imagine what I heard what the purpose of this for her is that this is like cathartic if it's money it's got to be money right. Must've just been here's a lot of money we know you're having trouble we know these states not there. And you know you're you're. Let's see if we can let's see if we can soften this a little bit and see if we can soften the blow. And I guess she felt like she had to do it. This assigned. Again. He references in the note. What he's saying that you reference them guarding OK but not necessarily that's not. And final salute Gorham. Is he used words like buttered or balloon. According to remember liking Savage Garden. Like he Savage Garden makes yen. Reeling. Mr. Ben McConnell accepts her that well I guess the rules of the ship up or. Now oil through bed as good run the Pacific at the comic girlfriend apple and through bad. That's irate parents RA you know like at the end of in the end of some movie were. You know the girl breaks up with a guy at the end they don't lose their virginity at the homecoming dance at some point that Savage Garden that's very. When you're going through something. I was thinking alike my favorite break ups aren't. In assigned you listen through to get to get over break up number one is and always has been ain't no fun if the homestand have none by Snoop Dogg in the dark pants. That's number one number one always you wanna get over check airman a hard time went through a bad break up. Just put on ain't no fun of the home you can have none by snoop dog and listen to it over and over and over again and you'll feel a lot better and that as a guarantee here for media you on late night. On six and 77797937. Is the phone number quick Celtics update they push the lead out to nine they were actually just up by thirteen but the wizards got two quick baskets is now about nine minutes left in the game. Celtics up nine still attacking Marcus smart's actually didn't threes in the second half. If he keeps doing that in the wizards are in trouble because well never really thought to guard him at the three point line all that much do we have anymore I Jenkins or that it Aaron let's listen to a little bit more. Of by Shannon Jenkins as we search. You always been my home once you live lives and no I'm always with you. Then he says. I told you what was coming in directly did he telegraphed to you in any way that he was gonna kill himself none at all. I mean he has very passionate about coming home so if that's what that means. This is not true not accurate I'm eating their sure did not say. A bit directly signal via a Scofield was so so this shouldn't be a big shock if that's what. Yeah no not at all because if that's the case I wanted him home. More than anyone I would have thought that I would have gotten and help I would have told someone funeral in right and there's no way. That he. Would have. It told me if that if that was the case. This is said man this just the woman in denial and in this announced suns but sounds like anyway. Sounds late and it's probably going to be the same thing tomorrow and ask him about the day and that's the thing end on a cliff hanger like that. So. What do you think about Ambien homosexual. What he thinks she's gonna say dad makes sense. You're you're the Savage Garden reference engine. C'mon Phil if he you know in that Nicole if this and listen Savage Garden pretty much a rap re combined. We sykora now extreme. Our in our resident homosexual here's WE. One more homework. That was listen to him. It goes on sale love you so much and know you are an Angel literally we split into 22 could change the world I love view. Split the daughter know how much I love her look after her. And look after blank and blank for me those are my boys these other two or. With superior or these Jewish friends that he cared about. No I mean when this at that time and mourning his brother. They're very important to learn this he would. Talk about. I mean he had a big part in his very campaign. Think that that's accurate as far as taking care of that the kids in a sense. So it's certain sounds like Phil's feeding into the whole idea that maybe it wasn't a suicide note sent. Every every question he has is this sound like something you would say is if flake. Is to be stranded debtors say now I think that they'd kill them and stage didn't set up this elaborate thing and ordered a white and that's that's sort of the problem here's that. Janet Jenkins I mean I. You wanna ask what the what if there's a conspiracy what's the point of the conspiracy why are they trying to silence Aaron Hernandez while they try and do that. No one's no one's really answer that one now Jose Baez not anybody. But yes that's that was much more sad and I thought it would be I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be said but those present a set listening that. Not sad for Hernandez or even sad for her. Because. Really. You know when it comes that when it comes there her. Wouldn't you rather Phil was asked and are silos and I beg of what was said. What was it that black trash bag that you carried out to the car and then drove away with that one time after you're done. Crying with your sister who his own Lloyds fiance in the living room of the house. Where the man who. Was convicted of murdering him and you live. How that all added what was that like what was in that bag. Is just garbage stake in the garbage out on on a Tuesday. Like maybe show what they conspiracy fill in May be ask her some questions really familiar answers that. Well group did jeweler served Gordon rather like savage got so what let's answer real questions please. Then against Dr. Phil. By the way what's the what's the medicine he's given out here late you'd think if he's a doctor what exactly how is he helping his patient in this particular episode. I didn't hear much in the way of here's idea here's how you move on from here. And maybe that comes in the second episode after they clear up the whole gay thing. Maybe that's all standard tee here you know how Shannon Jenkins can move forward and get her life together and go on and live her best life and be her best self and all that other stuff is that sort of appointed doctor Philip nobody tried to give people their. But I mean really take a mobile is a lot of money keys. Now Shannon Jenkins is basically put herself an equal footing with the Kashmir outside how about Decker. Who's thirteen. And probably in. Probably energy if they had her back on the show. Would probably rate higher than Janet Jenkins Hernandez. Which is unfortunate that sort of the life you live when you go on those Shelly gray eagle on springer you know. But then year and a springer guest you're guest who was on Jerry Springer. Your guess now who is on Dr. Phil along with. Along with the Kashmir outside chick. You know who by the way has like fifteen million followers on and speaker. Pro thirteen. But you know led that's that's the choice that you make. Six on 777979237. Summits are leading the wizards by a score of 98. To nine. They've outscored the wizards' bench 35 the three so far. There are six and a half minutes left to go in the fourth quarter we're gonna take a quick break as soon as this game ends I promise you wall the wall Celtics reaction win or lose Patrick your will join me at 1130. And in the meantime if you wanna call or text and or whatever while our talking about this Dr. Phil thing that's fine Big Three point of their from Kelly L clinic. Pushed the lead back up to one on 193. Quick break here on late night will be back after this. That's a more with the Christian art can. Oh on Sports Radio WEEI. President that this. It's a part of next verse. Grates on. A no fun indeed. It's a lot of fun right now TD garden Kelly oh Linux I don't know what got in him tonight. I don't know like guiding them Kelly Nolan and his make it happen for the Celtics out there now ten of thirteen from the field is 26 points just hit a huge three. Put the Celtics up double digits. And that's where we are now Daly 110100. With three and a half minutes left to go in the game still plenty of time. So why not get a freaking out yet organ closer and closer freak at times so just. Bear with me here in the meantime a phone lines have been lighting up here in the and during the commercial breaks I guess so let's get your phone cause here at 617779798370. Start would Jake in North End over what subject. And the knowing. On JJ Barea. That so I think and the Celtics and lived most likely get the number one pick and hopefully we big news conference finals. Page that try to treat that pickle and that the market will. This did not take Marco faults or Alonso body shouldn't make the pick and knowledge traded away. Yet the two chatted away and they should go. Trade our Big Three for Cleveland victory carrier Ron Kevin Love. Tyree LeBron and Kevin Love for our who's our Big Three. I would. Mark mark and are on real it's a great trade Jake I think it's really gonna work where you think many. The that the it's hard to pick we are about to make us think they were talking sell these what does okay mean the games almost them. Days the draft lotteries tomorrow. And I am I am just naturally conditions. And have been my whole life. For the Celtics to just get kicked in the face every single time there's one of these things. And if there's a chance that they can you know do a little better grade the only time they ever really beat the lottery the only than they ever moved up in the lottery from higher than they are supposed to go. Was 1986. And if your work all they ended up drafting Lenny buyers who is a great player but added died of a cocaine overdose shortly after that. Which who is very sad. I was all young to get the first through a big Celtics definitely hit me was Reggie Lewis who are educated. And I was tough I was tougher kids that you know I Q his people loves her and he. And he was the future him and him away vies for the future of the team. And unfortunately. That was put on hold them we had to go through the ninety's together that same way even knowing you know red set it up perfectly. Read our banks set things up great for this team around that time in the eighties when when they're at the height of their power. They had these high draft picks. They'd discovered some good guys that day at the end is first round they just is dallas' red Manny was good it is job that he was. Good his job the whole time he did it. From beginning to end. He was really good it is job in the fifties and sixties. Even the seventies and eighties from the game was changing Redd who is is good then as he was in the in the before time. You know there weren't that many teams in the week. And integration was a thing that was just starting to happen in that red was red roses on his own level men there was nobody like him. So as for the draft tomorrow and not the draft mar the draft lottery tomorrow. I guess my natural inclination is to think that the Celtics. Are gonna get the second overall pick up the first. And I'm OK with it. I'm okay with them picking two. Usually you're OK with Phil there's usually at least True Blue chip prospects and every draft Drake at least two. Sometimes they're the ones sometimes our nanny. But generally there's at least through the you can feel really good about. And know that if I get either one of these guys that you can build around them and and they'll be a contributor on your team here for you know sooner rather than later which is the big deal with these rookie contracts is that you need that in any need to have. Enough control over the guy and they have to start paying a Max money which in a lot of these cases happens pretty soon. 34 years. Omare a year ago now is 25 and now we got a brand. Are now is 23 and orient the bank. In all sort of varies by the way Celtics still holding a ten point lead. With now just about two and a half minutes left in this one they got hold on if they. If they hold on and played good basketball here and don't turn the ball over. Then I think we I think we're going to the Eastern Conference finals and tell Leo when I got an arm and if you can keep this up. If all I can keep doing what he's been doing tonight. Now Kevin Love is not going to be the only guy not happy to see him in the next round for me put it that way but is there gonna win this game first so yes. Do I think there's a big drop off between the number one number two overall pick in the draft I gotta be honest with you I don't know. Adding Alonso balls a fine player and I think he'd be a good Celtic. I don't know enough about Marco faults. I don't know really anything about. I know who we is what it looks like and I've seen is highlights but I don't know anything else about beyond that. He might be. You know exactly what the Celtics need although it's hard for me to think there's any guard out there that's exactly what the Celtics need they have all different kinds regards the only kind of guard that they don't have. Is the type regard just sits on the three point line in huge drain threes all the time and that is based and not his face doesn't matter just pop them out there and if you give a minute shall pray Kindle score. In no ill at that open jumper Ella that three point. Are really bad foul just now by Kelly Nolan congress time. Two give the wizards a three point play potential that's five final when it always that stupid that was a stupid stupid foul c'mon Kelly get together. Playing so well as just feel himself a little too much and now as the command of the game I don't like that do not like that. Minute and a half left 5000 Furl Nike's ad of the game now I don't know who they put in I wanna say Crowder uninformed it looks like OK I'm. The year ago this is at last ninety seconds on the floor is Thomas Bradley Crowder Horford and Marcus Smart. For what could be the last ninety seconds of the Washington Wizards season or barring something. A lot different or seen him right now the end of the celtics' season. Com. Soon as this game ends phone calls prominent. And will be talking about this all night. Win or lose. Because this has been quite a series. Has been the type series it is feels like he's been going on for much longer than it actually has. Like when there's a real long boring episode of the show and like checking your watch like that's what this has been as gold and the Goldstein thank you. Crowd urge got on the fast break for a lamp. John Wall came flying out of nowhere from behind Gault on it and it wasn't the called Google than nine point lead now for the Celtics one minute left. Philly billboard Philadelphia. Lab. Don't know at all. You know out of talked about religious screaming at the people. As one of the all time great comedy clips of of this generation I think that there is. And there's just some of that like that video that's on YouTube him where it's like shot all sheik he needs that really in focus and he's like pace and around. Just screaming obscenities at the crowd. I'll man bill burgers Philadelphia if you've never seen before Tate take a look it's terrific. It's some of the best off the cuff in your face bleep you type a comedy ever and the best part is by the end of it to cheer informed. By the end of the thing it's ten minutes of him just saying. All the bad things he can think of about the people in the crowd and it's not like are you smell it Slade really means stuff. Any just keeps going and going and going as the stocks are talking about that the Philadelphia Flyers in the that the Rocky Marciano statue all this other stuff and ages doesn't let up it's great. Now man it's terrific if you haven't seen and I'd recommend checking it out if you're not Wilbur Pena probably won't like you do if you are bill birth and which if you're not I don't really know we get dinner I don't know the shows trio. Not that this shows on the level Bill Berger if you don't like bill berg. I don't know I just sort of feel like you wouldn't like. Many things you wouldn't like a lot of things. In life. But like this is going here with the Celtics. And I said this all on. I don't care if it means they have to pick outside the first round care they lose their draft pick I'd rather that than see the wizards dance on their floor. I'm so tired of these Washington Wizards by the way let's take a look here who's blown up for the wizards John Wall eight of 22. Eighteen points eleven assists tough to really complain their but. Not a good shooting night for him. Bradley Beale carried this team tonight this Washington thing. 38 points for beyond 1222 shooting. Five of ten from three wall on the other hand eighteen points on eight of 221. For three from three point range and it does have eleven assists and seven rebounds. And the wizards have been beating the Celtics pretty heartily on the boards 43 to 29. So far but you know why doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because the Celtics have outscored the wizards in the paint 56 to forty app explain that to me. How do you get out rebounded that and still outscored them in the paint usually with the Celtics. Those two things that don't go together. Usually when the Celtics get out rebound they also get crushed in the paint like absolutely slaughtered. But that is not happened here tonight. Tonight they've been beat on the glass don't get me wrong they absolutely have. By it they are out scoring the wizards in the paint and outscoring them significantly. And that they have also been called for about ten more fouls took. So. That's what's going on there with a stat. There's one minute left Celtics up by seven. 112105. A keep you posted on how these possessions go because what the palace we're gonna talk about and also I don't want to miss it because you're talk about this for the next three and a half hours actually you know what. When we then take a break let's do that 61777979837. Is the phone number load up the phone lines unless you're watching the game which I'd imagine some of you just may be. But as soon as it comes down wall to wall Celtics coverage here all night for the rest of the night going till 2 AM the only station in Boston that's going that late talking about this game or any game for that matter. So while we're gonna take a break right now be right back don't go anywhere this is late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Pulse of new England sports you're talking with Christian art can hunt Sports Radio WEEI. We'll look back. There you have it airline appeared WEEI late night Sports Radio WEEI. We're talking about this one boy erect there's Red Sox are the Celtics. Threats actor who does the Celtics. And it does is also that's all night. As it. I got the TV announced Eleanor about a meat that worries him here and are up and he got a little excited there and that in that last commercial break Celtics hold on. And they beat the wizards won fifteen to 105 they will now advance to the Eastern Conference finals. And play LeBron James carrier ring Kevin Love and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In what each. Sure to be the well. I don't know I don't know how good of a series it's gonna be great now I don't care right now I'm so stoked on Kelly oil when it they can't even explain it. Kelly O and you know who else really sort of got this whole thing goes Jalen brown. Jalen brown came in in the third quarter and made this great play. On defense he got caught in the pick and ended up having to switch her role on a Marcin Gortat rate so they try capacity and then some girl attacked in post them up. The passcodes in brown jumps across his body and deflect the pass off the backboard which starts a a fast break going the other way isn't the wood about five minutes left in the third quarter. So then they're gone the other way crowd gets it over market Smart brown comes streaking down the left wing has an open path to the basket and as he's running puts his hand up like you know Randy must. Gone for past and Smart lobs a dual. Brown goes airborne catches the ball on one side of the basket. Dips underneath and reverse Lazard and that was with five minutes left in the third that tied the score and then in the fourth quarter and in towards the end of the thirty saw the Celtics are to pull away a little bit you thought OK here we go. This is this is that this is the time and then Isiah in the fourth quarter we just got to hope they can contain. Have all for the wizards it was Bradley appealed an IPO was all over the place what a great series for him especially these last couple games you really carried them and John Wall. You know he was he was his usual self. Eighteen points eleven rebounds but man he did not shoot well. Eight of 23 shooting. Just under just over 30%. Meanwhile Beale was just unconscious youth twelve to 22. Get rebounds who's getting steals. Great game by him he deserve better I can't believe I'm saying that Otto Porter actually chipped in twenty points and up Morse had a pretty good game to. But I'm not enough for Isiah Thomas and Kelly bleep in the hole when it. As a text just says all clinic the clinic. As another text he says breaking news Kevin Love experiencing shoulder tenderness now today knows just what Kelly oil and it in the next round. Oh it was incredible. Like eat like you really wise it was incredible. Ten of fourteen shooting. And he had 26 points and 48 minutes. Five rebounds four assists and hit a bunch of big threes down the stretch well not a bunch he would too but they were still big. They were big when. He was in jumpers he was going to the basket in the first half. And I remember Amir Johnson start of the game the only in a plane about ten minutes and early on in the game the announcers were talking like. Amir Johnson needs to be out there disease your protector. And for a little while he was but Amir got a bunch of fouls right away and they just want them on the bench and didn't take them off the bench for most of the earth to the game. And he was actually played decent defense right away. You know we had a couple of steals who can rebound you bothering people shots on the came in the paint but it wasn't he wasn't dominating or overpowering anybody. And neither was a clinic obviously. But there was one play and I thought our media when he's got something going on here in the first half only to get the ball in the post Morse is on any backs more down and any fakes one way goes the other way. Morris. Takes the body contact and falls down. And there's no whistle solely should stand in there right next to the basket in the one parking and Andy's foot that upn and and out Morris down on the ground just like all the other wizards do every time they don't get a call just crying his eyes out. Just sobbing uncontrollable and that's why I'm so glad this teams gone so glad I didn't lose the wizards. Our that would have been the worst it really would have I would rather they lost the bulls. I'm not even kidding I cannot the wizards just did they get under my skin they really scared. And it's not that I don't like them individually guy like John while the player which was on the Celtics like Bradley veal but man. They're tough to they're tough to not hate you know like they're tough tonight really despise them over the course of a game. You look at their numbers afterwards and think man what a great game but then you know ages to have these memories are Brantley pioli down on the ground like gasping for air. If apple. Get on adding your go home already. Time for the number one and number two recede to play in the Eastern Conference and for that matter Western Conference finals. 'cause that for the worst number one seed of all time there are you NBA geniuses Eastern Conference finals. Your Boston Celtics. With the number one seed in the division. And potentially the number one overall pick in the draft tomorrow night and if not it'll be the number two. That's that's our right. I think we can officially say. What ever happens in Cleveland. And really whatever happens tomorrow. That this season has been a success. And that was really we are teetering on the brink of that a lot here over the course of the series. What if they lose to the wizards what they lose the balls what if there is one of that. Will still be considered a successful season. Now you have to say yes. Now there's no getting around it. I'll tell you outs later really good game tonight. Al Horford again. Al Horford has been so good in this series. Really the entire playoffs if we're being honest with ourselves here. Al Horford in the playoffs has stepped his game up so much. From how we played the regular season and definitely rally play last year that I am surprised more people aren't spending all day long talking about it. For example. Al Horford. In this post season is shooting 64%. From the field. And 56%. From three. And city and 64%. Al Horford issued when he gets the ball puts every shot there's a 64%. And we shoot to three they're going in 56% of the time. That's insanely good. Like really that's one goal. That this guy should be the focal point of the offense type good obviously he shouldn't wait. Those sort of percentages. That's for the playoff for anything really but I mean in the playoffs that's clutched at big. Much better than last year last year and that playoffs word they'd ended up beating the Celtics. Corporate average by the way were 46% from the field and 39% from three which are perfectly respectable by the way. Okay 46 and 39 that's good river big man. But 64 and 56. At the whole another level. Al Horford played his ass off in this year's. Any entire post season really. Fifteen points six rebounds five assists for him. I hit both the three he took he was six for ten from the field. Isaiah finished ninth when he won. And Jae Crowder even though he missed all histories had a pretty good game fourteen points on seven at twelve shooting five rebounds had a steel. Bothered a couple of shots played tough in the post. And they needed that. They needed someone other than Isaiah two today carried a secondary scoring they got pepper melodic. They got Horford and priority chipping and Avery Bradley didn't do much tonight on the offensive end but he made for up for a defensively. Really bothering John Wall for most of the game. What you usually saw in the sets were Bradley on wall and Thomas on Beale. And that's why deal was able to go off for 38 point is they're pretty they were pretty. Steadfast in that. Yet Wallin Biel and only two guys in and someone had to cover somebody. If that's generally what you saw they were trying to run picks to get to get Bradley awful wall. But even when they did that he wasn't getting a lot of good looks he get to the basket sometimes you get mad thereby Horford are Crowder whoever was playing underneath. And when it came to shooting from outside John while he's just not his game you know he had that Big Three in game six but that's not his game and all I want one free from three. And now he's going home 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on text. Get phone calls in here fast and furious now take a couple of them before we go to break we'll start with Doug and Alston with the thought on the Celtics say Doug. A person what a team I really love the team. I'd want to call and say you know I'm really excited about where you are right now. I'll be out of it I kind of think that this early in the playoff series for the good care here is coming out party. This game tonight June round played greatly and so could the future. The only thing I can say you know can do without it and we'll pick Eric at all. Happy of people at that I'm not really. I mean to break wait one thing but the outside shot Christian and after watch the game and not call you up meant great show. Thank you Doug thanks for checking in Crowder and are they shooting now for three. Or from inside the three point line it was much better. If he was over four from three that means he was seven for eight from inside the three point line pretty good. I can't work off the top my head many of his baskets. But there are all important everybody's was important. Arts heroes here at an offer call is coming out party for him and he circle looked like you might become that through four games. But they decided to stick with the Avery Bradley inning games five and six that decision paid off usually and I think that sort of talk through your back down the bottom of the bench. At the bottom of the bench that's where you know you're Jerod grosans dollars and James young's. EF four minutes. At a rebound and assist the steal a block. Pretty good performance. But as a productive Foreign Ministry terrier is here. But I don't know how I wouldn't say it's is coming out party. I think it's a little strong 6177797937. Of the phone number let's go to Justin in Preston Preston Connecticut. Yes sir I NATO aggression I'm just an area. I'm doing great couple things. I. Are you a little bit hesitant in the first knuckle ordinary. Couple screens and you know how the ball you know mr. passive but. Satan and that you figured out yet. I'm really impressed and Marcus are all decent she'd forced. Multiple turnovers. And I'm Bret the deal. And so walk on the ball way yep their energy I mean I know it was game seven but there energy defensively except I want to see remote site he would they do it again. Yeah I'm excited to I don't I don't listen just than I have no. I have no misconceptions here about what this team is or how they're going to be against Cleveland. Iannetta Cleveland beat won three out of the four games they've played this season I think. So we have beaten Cleveland before in the regular season I think they'll winning game maybe two games. But really I think it's going to be more about what kind of series is it. Even if they end up in around even if they end up get run once or twice I think and make him competitive as they gonna make Cleveland sweat a little bit. I gotta provide some sort of resistance here. Think the answer that yes. Really don't I don't think it's even you know you there's a look at it this way. The pacers got swept in the first round likely rate is the challenge them. I mean there really challenge. The market the average margin of victory in those games like four points. And now here they hired two rounds later. After having what seems like three weeks off. When this seat when this series and when they Cleveland Toronto series and went back in April I think if that ninety's off she. Nine that's a long time. And this next series starts when Wednesday. I'm only. Gotta be right doesn't and they can make and the gimme away forever in the with the I suppose they probably could I don't know I don't have I don't have the the updated schedule yet so as soon as I do election ordered as. I know I know I do having yes first games Wednesday. At TD garden. Wednesday and Friday 830 tip offs. Then that while every single one of these games is on an 830 even the Sunday against on TNT. Here's the schedule. Wednesday's game one Friday game two a Sunday game three in Cleveland Tuesday game four and then of course if necessary. Thursday the 25. Would be game five Saturday the 27 would be game six. And Monday the 29 would be game seven again if necessary scenario there's a schedule for the Eastern Conference finals. In which the Celtics will be challenging LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were talking about it here with you on late night Sports Radio WEEI will go until 2 AM. We're the only show in town that's doing that so while load up those phone lines. Let's talk about your 6177797937. Arc in here with you medi the marine taking your phone calls were alive on Sports Radio WEEI.

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