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Mut at Night with Ken and Alex - Ortiz and steroids; Red Sox black hole at 3rd base. 5-15-17

May 16, 2017|

In the final hour Ken and Alex talk about the lack of offense at 3rd base for the Red Sox and the lack of pitching for them as the injuries pile up. They also talk about Ortiz and if he did steroids. The guys even talk about SNL as the show continues to take shots at Trump and how over played it is becoming.

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Night fox Sports Radio WEEI. I'm going for the trending record. Companies that want it to 5 this morning three tonight in the city we have done more than eight trading today at our kids. How do you view that some of all because he was he doing the morning shift in late night shift this man. He does like every half hour to it's obscene he does like six trading had an hour. He dislikes threatening Arnold's and then that's all he doesn't want an hour yes they are treading as allies in the morning a thinker you you you had a factual error though last. It sounds the apple Iran win. And now politically insulated it would allow a bottle out on the race is spending and her life you had people they kept saying it happened on Wednesday no it was an honest when I write about it happened Tuesday so last night and it was reference in the ruling correct. And that they can turn on my trying to sock and other fine. Awful they're fine with the weather. 77 tomorrow. You wait out the 51 tonight senator getting the Curtis flip flops are they on Tony that was part of the contingency of Kurds coming back no more flip flop flip flops. There are no more rubbing peanut butter in the bottom seed in the producer's chair which ones it's disgusting easily eat these peanut butter crackers and take is in his wipe them that autographs. And the next got a team in would just. Reached out for some sticky. There's like when he and its German. On nothing wrong with that Odyssey does he like that is since Chris Wear the vests in the eighty degree weather you have to assess viewers every day laugh at it strictly as a courtesy uniform last summer we didn't work together so this will be my first summer working with Chris Curtis an exciting time you know summer of love he's got to decide he's getting all revamping tells me he's got a new wardrobe coming in the work so he's gotten shorts. We Wear shorts. I'm looking for state Milton Steele as well not much of the fashion warning you know it's not comes at the same thing Chris what pan with that is phases it phases when there were swept. Pants every terrorist ST shirt very carefully selected teachers reading yes with the Levi jeans yeah. And just the gym afterwards team pump each other CI ice wet during the show a lot so I I don't always stress might do sweat like crazy after this a lot my arms are just drenched with our pants on CNET. I don't Atlanta on and a slight nervous nervous nervous energy. While Kirk was back today show were tied a per gallon and of course the morning 530 and my normal shell. We're doing double duty you know smarts not here tonight he can't hack who doubles our solidarity today. Now art in those triples as he does Boston terrorist. But anyway wasn't sending all of them the morning's. Yen in morning shifts our trio is usually in bed by now for our yes that's like it. And the clock is spotted Brady time. Celtics certainly agree it is going to be a grind is going to be a good game criminal wires Celtics and wizards one now actually and you could either party to tweets are happening. Isiah Thomas. Two for 723 what was he there for a stretch and they still up by one the Celtics when it had a huge first quarter like we sat in the 7 o'clock hour can. The key to this game will be the other guys Isaiah Thomas but how did the other guys perform right now. There the task. Good at what it's like twelve assists on fifteen made baskets last night's idol department's office of instigate. Let's look at we'll keep you posted and when what's happening. There is a new Ortiz book out today we'll get back to the Brady tyke here and she AJ can some people would like to get the Ortiz poppy. I meant to do big researchers can read the whole thing tonight and have some of my thoughts ready for the morning show excited grilled today. I mean David Ortiz supporter. At least to deny or his drug use students and Ortiz I guess sort of but so Kirk Gerry were all over. What word you stand on the did David Ortiz used to absolutely use steroids and used to Wear out his career throughout the throughout his career even like through last year explain how last year happened. He's a great hitter had a terrific seasons he hit fifty home runs last you'll be at 36. Yes but he had the best season that what any forty at the best last season anyone's ever had okayed it your great hitter it is. Fair chance you might have a terrifically exciting records. And just look at his physique too he is soaked cotton ripped Ortiz and got a big guy but the writer's career like. In mid to late thirties and you're supposed stead fall out of shape order but more he's got what he did ridership. Ortiz with a little weights again I don't issue with no my whole view on steroids in baseball steroids in sports is the line between. Medical advancements and cheating if you will is sold Larry. Whereas you know where are not really you know what's right or wrong why I mean if it's if it's against the rules against the rules that's what let's go back you know. You know I hate Daryn all these guys say eight or greetings while green is are now banned subs to out but they weren't that well but if Mickey went on Ed Henry Aaron played today into a green easily viewed as a cheater out everything A-Rod that there have been any of these guys out of it let's say Curt Schilling is. Accurate he never took steroids can be legitimately pissed off if you knew. Eighty guys were choosing at a time when you work so you can't just say that there's a thin line between what's legal not what's. And while ago let's see what curt what Curt Schilling take to get that ankle under control I heading into game six out of the worries archery you know you're in Switzerland that's out there yet we'll catch up. But really I mean what waiting what will. What would what did he take their did we ever have an exact answer I mean modern medicine can't always advance law that's why Brady in Guerrero is interesting to me. I Palestinian Brady I know we have no evidence that he's choosing your money TH. But is there are some natural athletic menace in the toreros got out bonds it is. Somehow performance enhancing but money illegal not a day occur yet yet hats that I were to worry about that which I guess in that case if it's not illegal. He's just at the current and actually accurate I think worked out Ortiz might be way ahead of the curve tale. Well here's the thing with her I have been you have the 03 it's well it didn't happen until nine came on a known and weaken it leaked it on nine that he. We use all the Mitchell report. Like he failed. A test of some kind held up preliminary test in 2003 right. In spring training of a three the same one that Sosa failed and others got many failed but we don't know what it was for Whittle who's four. We'll steroids you claim to Israel staged some yes he is notorious he could that was her mistake he doesn't know what it's four races I was taken a bunch of stuff he had they'd never told him rob and it'll. But then you know couple years going cannot and said you know I've been tested. You know X amount of times member this pathetic think Greg Palkot tariff NBC sports broke it down. It's it while you on the ABC be tested. As many times Ortiz is claimed to have been tested its if you're failing tests but teammates have come on and said yes he's desk more than any athlete I've ever seen with any must've felt something down the line because again -- talk tire went through is you can bring it up during the break on but if your test that is often. As a Retief says he's been tested that players Tribune piece that means you failed the test somewhere down. General episode but he couldn't knock the 03 thing your title something else nothing else. Something I thought they were subjected to random testing any time at baseball's discretion even without fail previous test. I think so too but I think if you fail the test for certain drug it doesn't result in in his in his suspension you get tested more often but. Regardless yes his teammates all about sport that mr. okay. So anyway they were you know. Kirk and here people think he's just guilty look at the numbers. 54 home runs and a six I will agree is Gerry pointed out that if you're if you hit fifty home runs there were forty some players who have done it. It's an anomaly it's an eyebrow raiser. Visit after the Orioles that if if the couple years ago Chris Davis I think this race fifty was suspended. He was suspended its it was a little sinkers he was still yes OK all four yeah okay so. It's it doesn't happen off I remember when I was kid Kevin Mitchell at 47 and it was like outrageous. But probably out bodies to get Mitchell's some juice as well. Ortiz is unquestionably great hitter you can be both which is what he says about me. In this blocks that Michael Holley. Co wrote with them our guys goes wrote a road toward his name's on the color okay. Not to go astray here OK so he talks about Manny and how unfortunate was basically that. He got popped him were both Dominican and now we were locked in the in the same thing he still calls mere meters degrees theory ever Saab. By. Here's here's the quote many use the drug to master PD and he was still one of the listeners have ever seen that too can simultaneously be true without contradiction. Iger at bat. I guess so. Still doesn't take a while the books for cheating but then he goes into. You know the report in when it came out. Any reps some writers in town he rips on dishonesty Bob Ryan I enjoyed Tony mats he rips or Tony believe it not even the co writer of my first book Tony as a Roddy called me a myth. How dare so he addresses and a little bit but obviously he sticks with what he's always said he's built tested a million times. But all the guys that were caught doesn't it make you. Think art how could eight Rodney odd. And be involved in the by Genesis stuff. And before the same region and never has anybody come up with concrete evidence that were peaceful. Test many people noting test always idiots that close to test and in 2003 again we don't know what for little while he flunked the test. Which Iraq never dead which Barry Bonds never did which Roger Clemens never did which Sammy Sosa never dead bucket that was 03 before it does a test but. That's a whole different time got a segment of the market at Indy but Ortiz did. Actually flunk a drug test I know that landed we it was four intro or something. OK but lesser but a guy like Iran has never flunked any text and we muddy got caught with more egregious ties and admitted it. Well I mean not to go back to life I think that Bud Selig was on a witch hunt to get out tried re is it he need to clean up his legacy Bud Selig did not want to retire. And being on its steroids commissioners he wanted to be known as the guy publicly held on his wall right what Ortiz what a nice studio. Now which he's beloved Iran has made it. People were happy to see Iran go out and a beat anybody. Would have been happy to see Ortiz got it now that. Just because he's New York. You'd you don't think that outs Rodriguez is when it was one of the most detested players not just in baseball but in all of professional sport arrested though I mean does total acted any it people hate your eyes teammates hated him in Texas. Yet that she Vizio are really cared about that them. Pete you're saying because the what are the most. Loads professional athletes and my lifetime. I mean I think right up there with bonds in terms of people disliking him when he was playing identified and adjusting to note that it's the start a book. Were teased talks about the Dominican and his father opening up the bag cocaine and it's telling on him from a young age. Drugs are basically you know it starts so it's very happens doesn't it but I wonder if that's sort of setting the tone of the message of Ortiz in his book that hey you know. This I don't do drugs well that's a must act like the pouring it has the Osce I think has quite a few chapters through the answer I just skip. Skipped the child had stuff. I don't like he's on a bye page about same thing. I skipped his these stories about growing up in the Dominican like an interest and I hypocritical too because that of the steroid era guys I'm quick to judge yachts I think he's guilty. I'm back well I think he's guilty. Just based on body type of dishonesty totals is just doesn't look right it doesn't look right but Ortiz ice. I want more evidence I was like 003 but your but that's such ridiculous argument though because I really not a crier though I go any different error. That was the clear steroid era pre testing. After 0304 testing ramp up and baseball at least that they did occur at piazza Uggla did play post a three you know little art it a little bit. But an how to how can you say that guy's never fund drug tests seeded but a guy who actually did want to test. I can city's clean but that duplicate test so blues we don't we don't really it's it's even eat it's I don't know what it was over 100 players tested positive for banned substances that's spring training and Ortiz is one of them. Yet he's one of four guys that came on 09 and some. It is it was a big fetched I mean you may have been one of the biggest star Justice League he blames the new York and New York media I don't Sperry on. Anyway that's a look at your t.'s book. All of public and ire of his steroid use. And Ortiz truth there are minorities truth with him yes six was seven sevenths at nights and 97 Jeter was in the news beacon New York angle monastery guy to replace yes. Of course. Slate for those Yankee teams of the oldest T series. And one of the best I've seen what's the evidence there and what the best out of a reckless at one of the best offensive seasons of his career Ken and or not news like 3637. Years old out of that out. OK you don't. Guys are training it's it's a new. It's the new TB twelve Erekat can't players excel in the early thirties these days I nothing would make me happier than reading a report that there Teter got popped for PD's. I could well find that mean. Again a lot of bodies but what I mean Rosie is my most high watermark for. For one year we know that Jeter the nine I know is that true steroids the recovery. Yes but it was a big year weekend. Yet you were not a fan of the coverage as as it is so it's just so nauseating it really is the myth that I don't understand why we just can't say Derek Jeter. Was a great shortstop. Why why does it have to be the Jeter mythology why do we have to take it to the next step YA TF did paint him as a patron saint at peace. While he appears to be very wholesome in an air and on fully air. That's partisan he banged every girl in New York City analysts animals did that yes but no I don't put out but if that's easily. He played the game the right way. He was a warrior resounding not not having any Rangers shortstop is not playing the game the right way. I would state having no rate shortstop he still respectable to let traffic count basically he was. I think on the eleventh all time shortstop on one Leo. While the rankings I saw Jay Jaffe does this hall of fame yes run downs and include the defensive metrics and obviously most of the spurs' offense runs scored and l.s but. He was fifteen years in the playoffs or something ridiculous fifteen out of one yes. I thought they could edit the playoffs is last year and if you know Jeter didn't insist on playing shortstop and batting sect into music courts. Eddie you're not mentioned over the weekend we heard so much about it Jeter. As the consummate teammate they'd be great team guy yet 2014. You know a guy at 617 OP yes wasn't hitting second and a 140 games for the Yankees. I T it was such a great team guy who would have gone to Joseph Girardi got season instead coach. Drop me down and you do not belong hitting at the top but he didn't of these office you're just noted Jeter fan. And is hit the coverage and the covers pick up a bit of thought makes me hate him but the covers Ortiz is over the top ability Ortiz and makes me almost dislike Ortiz as well but Ortiz. In much better. Okay. It's eleven months yes. I tally was very upset today that some have put Jeter ahead as the Yankees rankings ahead of mantle or the match you don't want that for what's so dumb I mean you look at Jeter's numbers he was never the best shortstop in baseball was never the best player on this team and I guess for longevity that's probably part of the argument imagine it was a war three batters in 86 all time hits Jeter but hits is a stat the you compiled by playing in eight years and years in the league Craig Biggio got the 3000 hits but. Played for a better player Jeter Ortiz. Ortiz. We welcome. Ortiz out rather David Ortiz on making too. The field opening up played against cedars of traffic on you so rights when matter and of help to teens and we feel when matters and it helped. I'd so there's our little baseball by the way the Red Sox in 1918 back or doing a little bit of Red Sox knocked. There is some concern brewing now Ortiz our communities Pryce Macon back next week. I'm still holding out for August Thornburgh in or Carson Smith one of the two at this week. If that happens. No workers must Palmer has had a good all right that's very exciting. But there are some pretty legitimate things to be worried about your third base is just the total black col off. But a black Olson's paltry 2010. Yes that's edible signing is gonna go down as one of the worst. Many baseball history. Certainly in Red Sox history. How bad was the pumps animals so horrendous I mean we're a deep in the can't get government they're routed them Crawford right there demery arrows now. Coveted three days late on yeah there. I'm so that's an issue hand Lee's injury. Stuff keeps creep and operates misses a third fourth every force start of the try set tightness. Just because. Well it hurts the Red Sox a lot in the back in their teaching is the fact that they had that worked five year period in wandered in. In between Jon Lester and now. They have not been able to develop pitchers in aquae buckle to as best they developed at the whole crop can remember from Anthony Renato. To Michael bullied in to Henry all wins and none of those guys had. And as early as Johnson writes straight ball. Writes in as a result you had to trade for Ager pom rants and as a result now US fed with no pom rants and Steven Wright to have no depth. Because that they missed it generation of young pitchers they estimate conduct and while there is just an Espinoza was the guy. Right nature but because they had nobody moderates because they need to start in the out Henry Owens did not pan out but now the pottery in street to meet you what would that. Think it did them brows ski and all the worst in Dombrowski it's the Palmer and street right. But they did need him for stretches last year and even this year to be yours twice too starts of his and I was thinking to myself all right. What where would you be without drew Palmer for the first look at the season so I even I talked myself back into. He's been somewhat useful. Not the areas north of five in in the tightness yes say. Right and seed writes on for the year which didn't seem like a huge deal but. They miss them last year so yeah you're right it's it is in theory is that then back go to their tastes and echoes prior to the browse Q let's. Or yet that that's passed about ski tanked in the EO even takes a lot of blame for the out but this lineup and I'm still. Concerns about the slide to be honest at the end yet Bogart's is totally. Angeles while Bradley is that is the worst in Bradley's the where's the Bogart stay on the guy knew Scott he would be better players who keep that's really not but I mean he's hitting. About 300 but it's an empty. It's an empty batting over still no power again and this is Aaron BA's policy know where everybody is hitting home runs every while. Even your brewer she hated that series BF. They've got some issues the lineup does look weak read on I would give Bradley another month. For Chris Young started getting more regular that's. Put Bogart's is kind of a two year. Ian Ian it would stretch last year in about second half yeah issue Daryl thanks to be used to snow extra base power mean it is it is it is an empty batting average for. There are. It's half human allowed card on mocked for saying that the sport is everybody still kind of within the wild cards not worth much in the darkness like he'd limited themselves they had a decent April pretty good April. They're teetering this is a report stretch in price is huge he comes back next week ends look looks good but I can do you have any faith he'll come back yes while I do. CD he's gonna be able to avoid surgery in just pick up yes India at number two guy I think you'll go back and I think that you'll want to. Former Carson Smith and that's. Giant were Seles not going to be as good this year that's pretty clear we're seen in what I what I eyes getting hurt by the atrocious defense. Certain days and that probably Jared the other night to kind of start offered Tampa back. And that goes back in the offseason they couldn't pick up and currency owner of one of these. Somebody to help. While we got more I guess so that was perhaps what they thought and a nice couple weeks if this comes back to earth guy and actor. But they had the eternal capital whatever the we're gonna go over on an eighty million and they didn't and maybe now swears by. Yeah third base is total mass at their base at NASA and again I think the lineup is a is a little that they lost David Ortiz you know 3500 guy and he did not replace and so heading into the air days I think anybody with a great. But it seems content they would have. This drop off offensively. Idol or reroute from what at nights gets baseball like in there we get back to a some of the patriots stoppage Brady. She got she got a Jenkins said Dr. Phil would be re repairs looks neutral news and there was some today. Yes Obama may be more concerned in the Red Sox struck with a stinger on the nukes to be right now any time ten. We re at could be north Koreans appreciate every moment of life here and it trump and assassin of the Celtics are like it's gone up on what the end. Dealings are in the first app market is at top of the hour for the late night the sports rated the idea. Life at night on Sports Radio W. Arcade candidate ever. Those two faces the factors out post game will be double tonight. It came down the wire. Yeah I think so I predicted the blowout. Twelve point. Plus Washington win at my house Celtics down to what was your prediction and Celtics while so that's lots of knives looking very good here need needed in the country. Some of the stats I've seen much in this is what's appeared behind us is we blather on about nothing can lead announcer agreement for weight and let us try and sell our. Line Saban break in on the first half. You're phoning us authentic. Bladder but nothing now. Be it all the debates don't greats of all I know of the emirates and baseball yet and all of that gets the outs and woody ethnic six when sentence and some in 797. Isaiah twelve. Points three of nine shooting okay. OK for that great but great bigger takeaways. Gary and offensive rebounds for the Celtics the first half not one well. No fast break points out fast break point in ten nothing not kind of lucky to be down to also from three point win as a team. Celtics a three at twelve. Those are not not good numbers. Now but on Olympic said that twelve points off the bench what are your keys Hannity first quarter Kelly oh yes big for scored big first. Right so let's listen up both for the second. As work Purdue at my man period Horford to seven points three of five shooting. Three. I think our hottest stuff was the Dr. Phil slash breeze of 8 o'clock council finish up with that try to give arcana like three listeners reckons that it it was hot. We get out it was hot so. Aren't so exciting announcement but I do what you get your thoughts on the latest from news because one think it's art in fired up as Gerry Callahan and it is Donald Trump news you as well. You were one of the openly weeping folk. Well to Jerry tweet today that there were old yes or no cast meat train to mossy where we're doing the same thing night. Called each other you know and with that that the night that trump one was without its number two we're watching election unfold and I got. Physically L tell you physically healed can we rent I woke up the next day and was sick. Yeah I voted for Hillary but I. I and you like to part of the sickness in me he criticism hardcore Republican yet I don't know that yes he has channels Terry cal I would vote Republican if it was the right candidate. And those people say that's not true. But I really would I just couldn't vote for trump but. It looked so promising. Trump taking office and everything we'd get out of the morning show I was kind of secretly happy that you want to because it's it's that sits there's content everyday I answer I think it's a big reason why was why it was like came back as a starting at some drinks on that happening is entitled rock that she would not be podcast I do not thinks. So. What Jerry tweet tonight that's a Saturday Night Live comedian hugged and softwood Hillary lost he loves this he's going to be elements the more this goes in through Rula. Kate MacKinnon and how despondent she wants them to be playing at. Her version of Ali yet over over Smart in our CNET great stuff. I yesterday ticked at challengers but I don't vows to selloff points or read as one of the reasons why trample on election every week you watch us now and you say this is why. On the country's hates liberals this is just so bad it's so smarmy. Yeah like even Lorne Michaels has quoted there that path were audience or trophy as we cast the plate to them but. They clearly just threw that out the window. There ratings I guess for good this past Saturday at Rutland ratings were up huge right. From what when there's big news they wanna. And I did enjoy I heard you mention this this morning I did like Friday see her going down. Yeah out New York with the podium yes it's good visual gag that was funny that a lot of the highlight of the show like it was you wrote that it was a bad episode really it's always it's always got added that the McCarthy is Spicer was I think funny the first time I I I liked it a lot in my less funny this time it was OK we just know they go they go to it too many yet in Allentown need to Jeff Sessions impersonation either you can get a music artists it's it's it's terrible and indicate McCain a -- where she's like the movie critic or whatever it is so old moment terrible. They did that. The slapstick humor rubles McCarthy pies in the face they led with that error it is true this hour Huckabee Sanders to the means he can make fun of her for being overweight and not only is to put Gerry Callahan in Aiken live it. It'll if that's why do you live at the right people while. Mean you can make fun of a woman's appearance as long as she's on the right side of the political Lyle. Mean it would it has sir Huckabee Sanders was a deputy Press Secretary for Obama or Hillary is no way they waited talk about it being married to a cheeseburger. Yes let's juvenile stuff that's even closer now but I even clever T Jerry's your side of the art these kind of have liberal lunatic. It's terrible. So Trump's latest news you learn is sees economists sort of with giving. Illicit material to the Russian. Foreign minister this this is gonna goalie one daily news cycle lost nobody really care. I think I guess while these this is huge but it was still well up to Hillary did even. Just take every day that trump has an office right every scandal every day if Hillary had won daylight got the impeachment proceedings have already beat. That is my hope that that that is mightn't my frustration of this virus ever charges that trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week jeopardize the critical source of intelligence on the Islamic state. And he was in his railing all campaign about it you know he can't trust Hillary with classified info the emails the emails and all the ambassadors here we just tell you all the classified info. About a fight against nicest. The pot proceeds unbelievable in this this Republican Party is Howard Lee. Republican Party will do nothing about it no checks and balances anymore and land now Scott. At four years our fund their democracy is is just about the pot here in the United States Sanwa lasted just putting it by the way you also had a yet. I I glossed over your David Ortiz anti semantic accusation last hour you wanted to wage and you surely surely get that nod David Ortiz but. Well no I mean so have you gotten to the point where he talked about the in the book and I am not. That's the new book like on the globe excerpt last Friday and a little peace and dollar about it aboard about it and in it. Our t.'s is talking about the Al complaining about the contract as a of course are t.s still upset about yes this contracts here. You fares to Theo Epstein as that numbers crunching Red Sox executive. Is that with some of the worst long term contracts in baseball while Theo Epstein numbers crunching. I don't know. It'll it'll whiff of a little anti semitism narrate think from big poppy to try. When I what did you try to alleged subliminal but can subliminally and co Covert you smear campaign is. I think at Y and I just figured out it's a coincidence that Ortiz used those words describe the Jewish. Ivy League educated general manager. Dillard L history read from what a night like Madea's the normally in this spot but actually not what he's off on red such duties on the morning so this is just the rogue. Slot right doses but mutt and I kind Celtics counter Celtics program but mud at night you know it doesn't really exist in the summer casinos the morning show and its Red Sox opting is such as he doesn't do this it's fluff for Arkin and that's was become. Our can't lead I said earlier market mops up for us is the other era we've built up for market. I mean I thought out it's just been pretty got about Mike Weir canyon a few weeks ago I was a local hero. You know and I don't hear as we are cuter go to battle yet who featured you. Bosses fear about easier at night thinking the folks over there and I shot by the way is at a stock now. Yet all of the photos you at a photo shoots photo shoot there of course Procter and I should see us they can't find a hard copy editor they exist but. I thought I was feel pretty good about my career that I found out that I always called into. Fill in for Brad Owen Butch Stearns and a that's what we're doing here. Yet the last only a polity and in two relic got thrown in with me it was for a Friday nine Gilani called offered. Is scheduled write you this is it's always a mistake Peter Laird on a night as a mistake. And whoever's the force happens with them as is even probably graders. We did it like out that we got to the Brady stuff. You still are incredulous at the possibility to grapple as being. Kept around for back up the details so stupid and you could get to maybe even three. First round picks are grapple ten years and although more interesting to me now Brady's very active he adds the new interview with Ian O'Connor today yes. He once did be heard he wants the mark his territory she delicately put it earlier. So what happens this year with Brady Belichick will we ever start to see a cracking and have been year. Spiking the before it let's assume Brady days is trade which. Publisher of two years you'd think it two years he will be a rob Lowe's on this team in week 12017. You'll be your starting quarterback continues does definitely try you'll admit they'll try to sign drop below. Even if they. Tilts if they franchise tag and he it's free agency. They'll try to keep it was a ball unlocked you why I mean when treaty can when he's still playing real well. Okay that's the second while I suicide years though to sit again that's the thing so it probably lose it it would definitely lose OK but that aside. You think in the trade. The trade Brady's possibility I think it's a definite drop was on this team in week one I wonder how ugly that would be could there ever be a spot where Brady and Belichick would agree that it's the best thing for both parties. Why would Brady throw fits or would there would it would bubble over. Surface I think European guys I don't think could be public now think Brady rolls like that we know Belichick doesn't roll out on but you know the George he'll see it can you solve all of that. This past year training. In the pre season the snaps. You know how much is Brady playing with the first unit how much is drop that's really the only opportunity out in the regular season if Brady's healthy he's just starting quarterback this year drop was behind obviously. So the only way you start to see got a little bit is the pre season in training camp we know how many Brady wants to play and Belichick says you're not plan right I mean we saw that happen this year a little divot with a suspension I understand that but that's the only opportunity for us to really see it. I guess yeah lemon. Analysts to sell starts popping offers on your right UP I guess those guys are sold. Pour with the media and giving Jews or maybe on one of our interviews with Brees Albany let's look ago. This is probably your this is him. Is the finest Brady will be as him just kind of subliminally you're saying look I'm ready to play to forty finally gonna might turn skis he keeps. Mentioning that right is that Ian O'Connor today you know about the love is love for football I don't think it 45 it'll go away. On some people don't want to do some people don't do it on their terms I thought I want it to be on my terms. I feel I wanted to be on my tent that's too bad though that won't get ugly if you're right it just just hard to envision either one of those I don't I don't yet overtly ugly but you'll have young Tommy parent not your report is plenty other great order am reporting things you'll have you know however politics people are Mike Lombardi feared what would be outraged and who would they lash out what about Marty. We'll lower the moment you start here and Lombardi saying I've been watching the tape and Brady's slipping a little bit then you know that. It's a nice experience jammed the puppet it is it back and let us master exactly. I party turns against you if you're patriot that means you're on Belichick's. You know in politics that's. Alex streamers here he will light himself on fire as promised on Twitter in the next segment for our Candace did we are any deadlock 64 alt Celtics. And wizards in the third quarter midway through keep you posted on that this is Monday night. It's much that night fox Sports Radio tell you we. I don't stretch for me. Late night trip to guard me. After market sparked three. Got the wire here again I'm not quite. But it's a third would it be home in time for the fourth quarter yet turn on the candy man. Yes some unusually obviously. That they had to slug it told that it world I wanna media solidly from Bradford. In the inaugural addition to doing double duty for doing morning showed her back and do other Red Sox game a night. I gotta say our cans got me beat even somebody pointed honorees on more trending today I had eight today eight trending so I thought that was the record not the record market is only. What fifteen or something. And again I think that's what we heard yes fifteen day that sounds America plus he's done said that about fifteen before and now you're over Boston Herald in the afternoon for three that's right Nancy three hours there you take a quick break back that's a lot of talking for history is not a lot of called him and have not not much of that now it's just industry we do have guessed I tardy gas and late night just is you go to sleep. But Patrick goers come around me and I'm so what's the strategy tonight Erica and you're on attend the Celtics and wizards will be playing their fourth quarter and a video switcher rule where every time they go to commercial I'm gonna hold that over drivers which is already the tire whatever got attached to that audience and now they. That's the best you can hope liver to Hoover lift the overlap those MIT and over lift bartenders nurses. Alcoholics pretty much anybody who's up that time denied those are my people. You always have a fiery Jerry's right about this 10 o'clock you most in my pocket you got something on your minds depressing today at 10 o'clock opened its usually go here. That goes way down Ella to the net change after the shareholder views that you craft your open during now I think he's saying it's better actually is I've I've warmed up a little bit over the course of the day and notes were in what is in the takes a warmed up yet. Eyes what we got within 10 o'clock open tonight 10 o'clock open tonight Obama will start with a little Celtics. I doubt I haven't heard Janet Jenkins yeah editing get a chance to listen to its army here that in real time on the air here while the game's on the him look very much what he did not miss much and hopefully I urge you guys start to play and I was like at the game was starting at eleven as ignite and I don't hear this you know when angered in one here on my judgment they get younger wait till tomorrow for the gay staff I'll really element forgetting that important but what am I doing that for. Enjoyed my three today. Yeah I don't know who that is as James clapper. And when you become an old man you gonna look exactly like they're right there are little intelligence yes he said he just all ten catalysts like an old man now anyway but he's got he's like a legitimate old man he's gonna look exactly like James cleverly not even clean looks like such occur much club. I need my little guy what a miserable guy I was yeah yeah of course you'd think so let's just like you like you're related to normally Odyssey at that on efforts almost holy Moly the coyotes again set he lets it all versioning you. About an old version of figuring he's got that'd. Grumpy face. Now very grumpy he was not pleased to be testifying last week congress renouncing probably that guy got recognized that the post ups the Z an -- passport music files you guys in the morning you're. 38. So disappointed I like how it looked tease the crushing and we shouldn't forget this hour it's yet at the post office there or shaming him yet to him. Bill the bill post ups gets rough I got recognized at a bar that last weekend. Oneida city bar when just voice now integrated have a dominant in there abdomen through people recognize from where though from a morning show from the from late night as a as a bartender at their commute you know they get home and that's when serving at that time and aren't there. Now less than your illness in the morning. You have good remarkably good marks you you release share for Kirk yeah I thought that Al. I thought that was a big help from the came away filtered out before it ever fun working with Roemer actually that was the first bilateral work with you on the air right I'd run your board before an answer to that was our first time actually -- and that was my assistant ultra right repeat that PGA gap and old both of you both of work shepherd before right used to host the show yes I did you work repeated each filter excellent filtered in and here we did to -- and Jerry. Okay which arm that had you heard what Pete has become east and South Florida he's doing. One day week with the hosts I'm ridiculous offhand what talents and happy that he matches Allen the guy was like you mentioned yeah yeah. Lester snow like that but at the fund is they had never hurt he toned it down you better real life woman in the lawful like I'd. That's amazing. I had that I thought that was funny gag against Pete was just the what I heard was like a long monetize you probably made ten of peaches smoothing talking about all the people and that's all he does not asking questions about Boston makes up who unit and for how long I finally today Phil Perry today national name right yes he didn't fill parity nationally and at different bills began Alex felt I think. Is he does he have a show was the lakers you're just not gonna he's asking me facility he's at first fill in for this afternoon chip pricing and market as well Miami or don't know what an inch of that well there are no Fort Myers area itself yet lineup was up there but Peter said it last week and he's right Pete will be a big start. Is yet they never seen anything like it is bombastic he he's noon yet true. You know the mad dog Russo started off in Florida did not yet his first show we ever did I think with the aid he was working for CVS in the senate down to Florida did do a show and they couldn't understand what he was saying so they ship them back of the New York. As true story. Russo started and I'm pretty sure Florida will we ever repeat again and that he cowboy ever feeling no I'd I wish I like I'd like that to be the case in but he is he never really goes away. I mean he quit on the important points and any just quit. Forever like the other time any she still came back after that. He's like a cockroach that you can't just you know only to go away bloody hell outlive us all Adobe still doing that some weekend shows or whatever here you don't know Iran with a Cologne continent rule out the New Hampshire to be through the the rule well Pete gets kind of sweating. Sweaty plus the colonial town cracks yet well I wouldn't say cataracts and it's it enhances. The fuel for boats here it is hilariously. I do. That's not exits doesn't smell to high hearing apropos Nazi. King beat and went Ali. Stick around for some electricity attend also you'd have to defective Celtics post game with Christian arcade and yet confident about. And I'll talk to you 5:30 in the morning. Anybody still the time with that curtain down. Atlanta Alex streamer my night was back at some point Red Sox baseball tomorrow markets remember government. I'm not giving up. And neither should you.

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