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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 30: Michael Holley talks David Ortiz book

May 14, 2017|

Michael Holley, author of the new book, "Papi: My Story" joins Rob Bradford to talk anything and everything about the soon-to-be released David Ortiz autobiography. Holley discusses the twists and turns leading up to actually writing the book, the stories behind putting it all together and the stories behind the stories.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Wearing where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. This yeah. Portuguese first ever appearance on the ground approach show my goal with you middlemen. Scott my cholesterol. Michaels got a hunter does this guy Michael got her grandma does. Okay so what did you make that connection immediately because I I would do you listen individual I'm looking okay zero going to be one that wrote. A book called poppy. My story which is hitting bookshelves on May sixteenth may sixteenth but you can order obviously an Amazon youth do you like the Amazon ranking dynamic. I know and I wrote my first book. We talked about oh we talk about ratings in ranking yeah and and Twitter and everything else that was the first and for me where you are checking net every single minute. Posted that certainly depends on what it says don't like it depends on what it's as well then you gotta you collect yet to explain to people. They're like you're number 678. On ams and ahead of actually pretty good what you did to an apparent you do an interview and then you see the big bomb. Upset yeah but it can't get caught up in that Bradford I think I just got a deep Kiki just got to play your game is just got to play again. And you know try a little annoys you drive yourself crazy penitence. And I'm really looking forward to argue about this David Ortiz. Poppy my story. Let's go back this go back to death when the idea started and I said this to people 'cause it has come up people ask me about it said all you didn't. Not I obviously knew David Ortiz trying to do David Ortiz put. You're nice enough to call I remember you were nice enough to call me and I think it was after the 2013 season that you get a good memory men and come he says are you. Went onto an important Ortiz as we know in our Al tell you the first thing that came in my mind. Why would you do another book with the rookies he already wrote a book the gap right that was the first thing I thought over epic no go ahead. And I was shocked by the way as good I think of. In and I just in as you sit here and because you united in the podcast for the first time took a long time for you to invite me but I'm not gonna you know not that your opponent. What I think of Red Sox insiders. They give you so I thought. Either rob or Alex certainly at the time Alex spear was here ceremonial one of those guys do about just checked to see is nice if you're not. That I don't mean that is all I'm surprised you didn't but OK because I'm an idiot I mean now as my kids are getting ready go to college I am and in the. About it sorry but okay he has he has a book out there he did with Tony Mazur Roddy. And at the time I think it's stopped in 2006. So we still had covered the 2007. Around the World Series championship. 2009. His career took a turn a lot of questions about David Ortiz he struggled at the beginning a year. Then he was on that list and so there are a lot of anger about being on that list next year. You know 2010. He's pulled from a game in Toronto and his relationship with Terry Francona changes which he talks about his book. And it never came back and Tony eleven you know he got chicken and beer when he twelve excerpt that was in Sports Illustrated recently Bobby Valentine. It's two A lesson when you're talking about excerpts this was the well this was well excuse to buy. It was because in his came out the other day excerpt in what you said Sports Illustrated. They did exactly what you want leading into the release of a book right are you pretty happy with the what happened all short. Sure. It's so. At the time that I was telling you things that happen in his career and he now we have to 20122013. World Series. Sorted it all and that was when I called you and thirteen. So it took a long time to get to this point in fact contacted Ortiz and his people and I know you know who is people are. I wasn't thinking about retirement. I was in the in my anything it was. I ate my idea was it to get it out in 2014. So fourteen happened last place. Fifteen happened last place. It in. He told me this was the toughest thing to do. Every fiber. Of journalist in me and there's a little every fiber of journalists and me had a hard time knowing. He was gonna retire. But I can go with it and a couple of pitches to pick QB this do this and none out up that's not the record announced that way we announced in another way. How holds though he did that in November November birthday and when did you when did you find out future pros retire. Well I got hits. That very very strong very suggestive. Hints. I'm going to yet we pretty much I can 2000. I think at the and as to how you doing tired. And I feel a hold of always feeling buddies that I ice on the committee as and I'm pretty sure. Much my last season going to be 2006 is no way. Now and on me c'mon wouldn't it Edward distort opposite order you hit thirty home runs. Drive and I know you're driving in a hurry and a tremendous blow us it was latest we go to walk away you can do. I can't do anymore and you know you did a great story. With with Dan direct in his in his own idea in his here Saddam is silly sums yes he just curtain. Even if you wanted to even if he said. In December okay I'm I'm I'm I'm support. I gotta go back out there he couldn't yeah can get through a whole season. So so you found though theory he was retiring he says in August August correct I've I've it was probably early it was probably they. June OK we're just bringing an embryo and I'd say June of 2015. And then but for sure. A couple weeks before they announced August is go back to sort of how the book came about you know getting to the the meat it is of the book him and as people will read the excerpts. Know that music industry that I excerpt and is but once again well executed thank you. It is it is having done a couple times I understand you wanna get the beat you walk you wanna hit. The nail on the head when it comes to the X are you wanna get the thing that's gonna get people pocket and I know there's other things are gonna get people talking in his book a ton of other things. But that one got people talking. The last 24 hours as we're sitting here doing his part gas. This is the story is of one of the biggest stories of this town right now so I wanna come back to. You you were nice enough to call me to go in there and do it on fourteen you as he says ten of fifteen. So did the book change at all the color yet so how does that happen. As you I know you know books and written this team. Do that yeah do you know well not I'll tell you are writing or this column it's hard you know battle wanted to you know sit here and I'll pat myself on the back but. I'm saying to you don't ever say just two books so nobody I think that. In use when you called me in 2013. One of the things was the first thing I said. Became a mind with Thierry did a book then when used as you can into another book. The other thing wise is there. Much like the player's arm he. So cost a classic in the world I had a few is another book where I did the wall book after that championship season 2007 but I was much more energetic and I also had a different job by the books call drop. He keeps OT try to address that subject and but I also a different job to me this job is a little more all encompassing. What I have to do here. And maybe it's very difficult in you know how much time it takes to do a book be very difficult to do so. All those things went through my head but. I will say this once again I was very appreciative from that point all the way up until you the other day when someone asked me that that you actually called to ask. So you are right. My goal is asking me if is all right if if he does little book. Eight great. Great absolutely. Never hear anything about it the little things right. Then I hear anybody you know this spring training for earlier weaker are here and there. And I didn't I don't think ever I may have asked you. Couple times but inevitably there. Just so happened I saw what happened was. And it took a couple of different forms I'm gonna leave the names out specific names out. But. 2013. Obviously the Red Sox and a World Series in October. And one of the publishers and I was working with. Said we want you to do. A David Ortiz book I was opposed to a Celtics put up. That fell apart broke my heart but not really. You know and they broke my heart that it did he never won a project to fall apart on the other hand I've told people this before so intimidated by. The legacy of David Halberstam and the best basketball book ever written. Breaks of the game forty minutes no breaks in the forty man on and on and on Bryan Morry injury breaks of the game at this the best best best book ever written early in Europe Europe yes. I would say this too different kind of books in Utah completely different the Celtics put your your interviewing people your ball and everybody around yet this is this is a different kind of book so I don't know that factored into it at all well. And not a way you know Bob Ryan and Terry Pluto. Yes who's who's one of my mentors when I first started a nice view should follow a no no no it's a good book does not breaks of the game so I was so intimidated and sort of an indoor basketball book it's got to be right everything's going to be perfect in of any aspect of a fall apart I can't do. So I was heartbroken in that sense so publisher who was going to be working with the Celtics books and no problem. Nothing to fear. Do a book on David Ortiz now that conversation conversation in December. 13 with the publisher and they wanted out. Fairly quickly. Reluctantly they won the World Series via a reluctantly agreed to it and then I really started to have doubts. That you just can't do. David Ortiz. Tom Brady. You know some of the icons of Boston jest. Can't rush it while I was it in that at that point it was going to be me aren't David Wright. Askew got it working with the did you guys did you what was the first time you actually talk today you know possibly doing a book on. December of 2013. And when I know I know actually you know it was spring training sprinters it was either January. And went down January or February of of 2014. And they had an eight you know several interviews at this point in my deadline. Yeah deadlocked so I just can't. This is not right. So that's an American doing. Publisher was upset. And so. The book was kind of there it was in limbo for awhile and then over the course of the next year. Talking with Ortiz this team. And sibling he's gonna retire I'm not just saying this because you approaches for the book we're not trying to who was worth a 1050 yen I don't know way to get likely fourteen early fifteen. They were trying to mess you up here but. Or try to sabotage or project but you think about doing a book anyway 'cause he's gonna retire and very soon. So would you like to do a book with. David Ortiz. And had to be interest in it depends. Know there are certain topics that think that we have to talk about me and understand it's your book it's his book. But that is never believe in than Disney. Approach to these books tours and I remember having the same conversation with Tedy Bruschi who was great. Who was great win came down to a tough conversation. Our Tedy coming back from a stroke now the Disney story is. Tedy Bruschi is in the hospital he jumps up out of the hospital Penn. His wife is and everybody supportive he goes back onto the football field in its all is happily ever after. That's not the reality the reality is his wife didn't want him to come back she said are you crazy we almost lost you and they didn't talk for a month. Yes that's got to be in the end best of real stuff that's what makes you. This makes you relayed a bull nobody can relate to everything doesn't go well in your life you've got to. Tell every. To connect chemo to jump aboard Becky mound TX or distant you have to divorce story with a Turkey's. So I wanna get to Dow down that road yet has got to be all that's that's going to be in or so we had to come Joshua to Tennessee that we get to about the TDs. Now we gotta talk about. You know managers are like manager you don't like we had to go all the think storming in the eagles' press conference all the things that when people bring up David Ortiz and you know obviously the clutch hits and you know beating the Yankees in you know hitting 688 the World Series all of us have got to be in there nobody just has a perfect. Story there are some warts and there are some up at the warts and and he agreed to. And now so that lawyer is in 2015. Yeah early 2000 at the end that we got going OK so early 2015 U decked knowing. Now when you go back to that book the Tony Mastiff and we got him. My sense wise there was two problems without. Wise and I and I'm with you they don't like criticizing any books and I know how hard it is as cars are does that mean don't writing it's almost the easiest market to the the publishing industry and the together yet so that he did not saying I case I know that he had some issues with you know. That sort of being torn apart by Ortiz is beaten right in my racquet that you're zero and I talked to Tony about dad and doubt and so when you knowing that when you go into this and even though Ortiz saying short absolutely sure absolutely where you a little bit wary you know that's already happened. Yeah I was very nervous about it but. Hey this is this is terrible to say but the book is now so orchestrated valid. They're future editors do like I'm not working with this dude. This is what it comes down to you. When you're the writer the book. Got the power. So. Over the idea crazy like this in the got to tear of the book apart and you gotta say we're gonna take that out take that out. I'm gonna do O get your manuscript. Or where somebody else he if you can really feel passionately about it now at some point. You know depending on how much money is involved some points of peoples and well if they feel passionate about it that. My wife your same dimensions like college my wife is there any kids got to go to college. Oh yeah this is vitality of our line and I got to hold your nose and deal with that but. I felt. Would David Ortiz. And in. The focus was just only did Tony with no matter what restrictions were. Tony did a good job with that put this jobs in 20060 my my focus was part can't totally covered a lot of stuff in the Dominican. How with with Ortiz is growing up I cover a lot of stuff how he got to the Red Sox really. Who recovers on that same stuff from a different angle put. Really well leave it off from. I picked it up like whoa you know seven and then to the present. Let's use the Mike also room and great book on Pedro in. It's a great analogy because. I didn't really care about the stuff from growing up. I want to meet Peyton and this is why this store this book pop in my story you know I wish you'd told me this in 2013 when you call me. That this is no no no really you should do the book and this is how you show. Hustled and out and yet another look further. I gotta just love doing a good run around out. People. You know Brooks as a right sort people hours and no points are at a Bruins put personalities that are got caught up real well not the wanna do the Bruins put out though you're pulling people off on the idea it's college bills coming and I'll find the time to do something but anyway. So you have that the Tony mass put him like you said that covered at different times there was Theo. Via via penalty. That that's a winner by in a ya know who's doing them. My Zorn and already now OK I know who is going to need to be doing you hold a no no I think you know I covered that you overestimate. Their relationship a Theo and myself. Purdue's. Maybe you who's got the I that's it dude I don't hold out and I would narrow back but you know in my eyes and nose guard you know I was let go today and he's. I think I've figured Alex Alex Peter. Has the inside track he could have been sidetracked if you and he did an awesome job. You could do that he did you do that crap that's a great book yet all man that's a great well. And when Theo did his farewell letter and you know. Who added that. Alex. Mean the field knows Alex is really did so heap that is the book is will be written down the road sometimes some. Cal game of shadows when it was now mark freighter a lot of areas and. I have an idea for a book. I have an idea for apartment had a for like ten years. And it's just never ultimately opted I don't wanna I don't know I doubt now I want a guy to take over an ideal way it's easier to his heart out up until once we get off this Oscar podcast. So to come back to just so. You QB okay Ortiz says 2015. I'll do the book. One of the challenges I also fell and you've done these type of books before would be. Attention span. I'm not felt right right and I and I heard this from Tony too before yeah. Getting him to locking him yes and and mrs. With the when I do lol it was like it was easy it was we did 80% of it. And two for our savings in patterns I don't believe yeah because you know him right at the he's terrific and he's. Michael memory any memory. An and art be able articulated all of that so. How is do you go into it without concern and was that a concern throughout it. It was something that hurt. I heard that. Their time especially if the phone rings forget for your phone rings you're done. Or if he's checking his phone as your asking the question forget about it. So I went back to a story I once heard and a league of Mike Hargrove an assist here I was young. Reporter improbably was like second or our first or second year in the business or member of the Cleveland Indians had that tragic. Spring training boating accident and through tea cruise how Bobby Ojeda Poland a way to he's used to he survived but he was so he was so. Who racked with guilt he really messed him up and so. Gary Smith. Great Gary Smith and Sports Illustrated did a story on that and I remember Mike Hargrove saying. I wound up telling that guy. Things that. I never imagined I wish or to anybody in. He only talked to me for twenty minutes and ran almost too big comets won. The fact Gary Smith can open amount to I didn't have that much time. And that he still was able to draw stuff bottom. So my my focus was going I don't need I needed a lot of small sessions and won a big session with him. That I think they'll be effective so. That of the math I did with that was they Davey played twenty years. In the major leagues. And I'd say each season is worth an hour. So disagreed twenty hours and he said that sounds crazy twenty hours but if I just say I'm coming to talk to you for an hour. About a specific thing is not going to be. Rambling. Hey we're gonna jump here from 0309. To know we're gonna now let's just talk about. When you knew you gonna be a major leaguer this talk about 19971990. It's it. Written that spend that this session on that. Was great and I would say. In the beginning. That's the first two or three hours a Spurs to a three sessions. I was doing interviews with David Ortiz I'd say the rest of the sessions of having conversations. With David Ortiz which. Is with him it is as the be all on so I really do when we're interview it either get in danger teams or you get the conversation Martin's. And there's a big. It's dead and so once he once we got there. Go to his house. I don't I don't interviews like the east. At the park because they're just really distractions you David Ortiz you David Ortiz at Fenway Park. Somebody's gonna come up for something when your team is going to be looked afraid. PR department is going to be looking for you hey the only agreed to 25 minutes where it mandatory three day start wrap it up at whatever it is so went to his house. And I got to see the normal side of them. I mean no wonder what that one of my favorite moments from the interviews and this is that late in the process. We're having this conversation around 4045 minutes and your voice often a distance. On. His wife in. Yeah it was a bad. An umbrella in the back it's windy out there can do is go pick it up I think yeah this is like big you know you don't just run this big errand boy okay. I hate the trash can is about the double down the street can Tedisco rescue wicket to put the top back brought it. Take the trash out. Kids need help with this so it was just it was just normal after awhile and I think. That's where I got to see the the the true side of him and he was very comfortable. And so when you talked earlier about some of the difficult things and I have to ask. I would imagine that when you get that point you're talking about where beacons conversational where does the trust built. It's a whole lot easier to like for instance the the 2003 list yeah 1009 report on that list. At what point did you ask does to me that that's probably like that's the moment where we make. Talk about things are we gonna talk about we got Tyrod Taylor are about this tell me about that congress. So. So the perfect thing is 03. You still talk about the games 030 scores were as were working up to us we're talking about this stuff. Promote three that's good. And stuff from all four that's good about how to get conine. Mike okay. You start to struggle. And you're on this I tell you what that was like this what does it tell mortals like you know one day you get ready for game. And he he remembered every single detail like I was getting ready and Michael Schmidt. Of the New York Times came up to him he's big time reporter down my passionately that with the times. The time he was just on the steroid cheat but now he is expanded. But Michael Smith came up to him and told in the news and he remembers what he said this Schmid knew he was very confusing to make some phone calls and found out it was true. That he was on the list he was trying to find out what he was on four. And to some people understand I know you understand this and however Alex back in the day when. I was doing mid days I was going and Alex and saying Alex you've got to know. What he tested positive for and Alex I know. We don't yeah I marathi educated me about it signal Major League bring its not like you're keeping a secret. They don't know you they know is on the list. But they don't know what he what he tested positive for they know it could have been it could have been steroids it could've been. And over the counter I think could've been it could have been a false positive. Don't know. But it always on that list. And so he was confused about that. Adamant. That he did not take steroids that he was ever attempted to take steroids and so we you know we really got into a not so you know if it requires some push back here role. Those people would say it would David now it would wouldn't it be hard to believe that a guy comes for the Minnesota Twins. And is a part time player goes to the Boston Red Sox and becomes great. And then. You know is on the list does that add up and sumo tournament. Look at my last year Minnesota. Buster list if you if you look at it. Lester Minnesota slugging percentage of 500. And those guys that will be released in today's game. Gets when he home runs of fighters like percentage don't know if yet as a as a part time player than 400 plus at bats. And so if you project that full time. You still got a you've got a guy who is a power who is it power hitter so the power. Was always there other aspects of his game we're not there until he got to Boston. So are we talked about a lot of things in. What was what was the thing. We'll two questions number one along those lines. One of the things that people keep keep saying well find out why Kenny find out why can he find out I remember asking him armour actually. Being in Houston asking this question I don't know what it was couple years ago. How do you try to find out is a gap I'm trying to find out what did you ask him that and what was the explanation. That's the nation is. The players association doesn't go from. Major League Baseball doesn't know it's not an and just. I guess we all know this at the spot at this point but I discuss state the obvious. It was not a major it was three testing Major League Baseball. So it was the survey test. So at that point. You don't know. Not now today that that doesn't fly in today's game you know exactly. What to test positive for you know exactly nobody can say I don't know what it is you're sure you do. At that time to that goes off yet wasn't there was it was the afternoon mr. now is you know. And so I think that's why there's that's why there's some confusion about it and that's what is that that mystery. But he's and it really comes down to whether you believe me not. And I can understand why. With all the things we've heard professional sports. Know that you you've got a job to answer in your judicious growth that goes out again morning produced just. A lot of data and I wouldn't wouldn't we are here that triggered. It got to walk right there I know when it you'd you'd and then he got those those guys are not be happy you got that man rich keep doing you know doing the trending that puts it Lola gets some more time as much as supporters driven up during the trending right now all I know trip up during the all I've driven up during the when you hear you obituary it on the air all while yet so anyway I wanna keep this moving just the most. What was that thing what was that thing that you were most surprised about obviously that what we just talked about is probably think people are gonna flip through and look forward to needle. What was this thing what was the story that you were most surprised about oh. It's him and and and know that. It I was a pro well there are a couple of them I was surprised by his. Candor. We're talking about his marriage. Lot of guys don't do that he was are the excerpt which is very Smart to yeah. Talking about there. And then talking about the reconciliation. Now it's it's. That's a brave thing to do romance and maybe we can we expected as a spoiled readers are spoiled fans. But just think about. You're real life how many people will be willing to just say this is what's going on with me and my wife Virginia a purist you instinctively say that's persons on your business so. I thought I his comments about how his relationship where interest in. His comments about. Hitting. I was so I should have known this maybe you knew. Should have known he was so. He's an intellectual of hitting. It's unbelievable. How he approaches hitting and he's not going to by the way Mamie was the same way you know one. Through the cartoon character you never an astronaut David talks about that there are so I came Manny wanted people he's wanna be left tomorrow. So Manny. Was really into pitching in in setting up pitchers. But he in when he about it and know that don't they don't interview me don't talk about my approach just like me on this call me a dummy that's fine. As a get to the park and hit that's all I wanna do. But David. With the help of Pedro. Really learned to I think like a pitcher. And Pedro helped me to say Pedro would help them hit home runs. They are you know you know my approach it like for the first inning but he told non this you have to hit and even throw you his best that you know that right. He's trying to get you to get yourself out so the next at bat. Look for the curve ball or look for this and I guarantee you'll have success and would do he'd hit a home run he should be run the bases thinking about Pedro like how to Pedro knows that. So this insights on hitting. Oh were terrific his insights. On the Red Sox. With Tito how the relationship changed. I thought that was ever get over Ibanez there in that never got over romp hourly. Real quick about the did almost divorced relationship. Quick story as he says autograph the way. Is an autograph away from doing and then the attorneys are commanding Colin. And he's he talks you'll hear David Ortiz has voiced bonus that's been like you said at the beginning of this interview that's important yes import week there's a lot of stuff and we can go to on the checklist. Things we know. And think we thought we knew but that's the type of stuff that humanize him and real quick at this is it and think this is his voice this is not all let me just. I'll get information and I'll put my own spin on it no you've got to get the guy it's got to be authentic so other way. On honest if you gonna have a voice of a guy in a book he's a good one half yeah just honest compassionate. Very important type of thing. April air so I think. Which they should be more profanity and him and they don't start cousin more after this and after. Talking about I actually I actually just honest response through. I texted Josh Beckett yesterday so I wanna do podcast on why there are more swearing at him. Mike how does that I guess and he'll be the one if you get the godfathers how about you would Beckett. Beckett and Ortiz together by the way has someone. Talk about a fighting almost that would Beckett nights night seven it was. A while with three. Put the the the the doors. I'm doing a show with dale down at Fenway. I get a call from one of the number I don't recognized as we know he is the phone for idea tons of phones and so you rang a few shrink your training. Camp and probably break a pick and a you hear on yeah I'm here economic club out with the daily Italy I don't know what this is ethnic knock. I go down to his locker accident. Says you know and in the course. Now. I want you to write about it. Point Hewitt you brown right about the supports Marco he's coaches son's Little League game. How do you write about it the course like this you heard it much I can say they're right now is that I'm like chasing divorce stories. But and he talked about oh and then the reason why he wanted to do it was because he felt like you wanna work out in case his wife was out there. You've heard he was generally the word about his life. And then see that was. As she was worried about him. It is so I love reconciliation stories love married two days of all I'm all about. But you know during the process said she he was amazed because it hurt lawyer. Was saying hey this is David Ortiz. When you get about the split stuff where we're got to give some that we about the cash in and his wife is it now. He's good man and always gonna be a presence. And the kids' lives and always going to be good fathers so. I know we're not gonna do it that way probably in retrospect I was probably a sign that. You're going through a tough time in their marriage but it wasn't done there was that that there was the love wasn't gone from America and so. It seems like store a storybook worst season of his career. 2012 Bobby Valentine well manager of his career and then. 2003. In that emeritus is the sinking 2013. The team starts to come back. He says what he says. After shelter in place. And they win a World Series. Anyway that you know that seem like a script writer I mean that's that was built. I welcome back to his other blue book with Tony mats when Tony met throated people so that makes sense he's taken off they won 2000 their World Series. Had an interesting life by Michael you hit the sweet spot if you're if you're gonna choose between the two where it's. I mean you just have it. You just said you hit the sweet spot in terms of the dynamic of the ups and downs and everything else about this guy because here's a reality David Ortiz. Every single day you go to home. And he would probably give you another thing whether it's hitting. Whether it's his personal life. Whether it's somebody else whether it's a state of the game and it's all right here and poppy my story would have meant what it was sweet to pick jobs they're appreciated actually it still it's a blessing like us are already conducted our half when you've got together you reduce show but I appreciate regulations and everything in. And I'm able to podcast on the blown up eight or podcast like oh what a book tour is like that. It's fun yeah how we'll do it also podcast on the book. That you're gonna tell me about right now when you turn the microphones off okay.

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