WEEI>On Demand>>Rob Bradford presents...The three Boston Media Awards of the Week and the winner of the Giardi Cup (sponsored by Gould's) -- 5-14-17

Rob Bradford presents...The three Boston Media Awards of the Week and the winner of the Giardi Cup (sponsored by Gould's) -- 5-14-17

May 14, 2017|

The guys give out their three Boston Media Awards of the week. *SPOILER* Jay King of MassLive gets #1 and joins us live to discuss winning, the Celts wearing black heading into game 6, Al Horford's role and what to expect for Game 7.

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From the field to the ice to the hardwood. Nothing gets past pretzel it actually Arnie and on Sports Radio WEEI. Very emotional. Period. Grades are hoping to. But the final game of the series thoughts and our own room. Accompanied by one rob Bradford yeah Farnsworth Robert Barbara Bradford in the midwest. Takes over the midwest. Their days it is that yardage up. The the 100 dollar gift certificate to the winner. Lot of politicking tweets. Tax or other. All joking aside when we put out on Twitter last night there was a lot more politicking and knowing that you would get some free stuff. Right yeah yeah and as it's ever to making the media. Yeah Fraser and in umps are trying to make the leader bring my party your face it's not going to win it. There are some very good nominations. But I think we should get right to beat is. Don't let this breathe yeah absolutely. So yeah. Really. Hostage. Sports media. Although we thought knowing. Tried to Katrina and how we deal over the trumpets. 312 and support would be it's not the same slopes are ready. Amid a missing number three Lopes you play a little with a trumpet and then also the name. Parade. No west liners. Why this. I. Keep a list of all the guys he claims none of these in order and wait for months and claimed he knows everybody knows Giselle in those Tom you know hacking blow into the cited is now that nobody else does it. The Benjamin Platt cigarette smoking does not help that's why. This is glad that beats latest brush with greatness. Ours Kevin Garnett wanted to beat excellence at his war. That was Bateman and when he got here I mean I look I don't know cabinet with when I got my number I thought I thought I might go. It was my Tom it's great brand great men rate for great artist by the way incredible artists. So. You have to be number three. Because it's here we are on the NBA playoffs. And the Celtics are chasing banner eighteen yup they never would have required banner seventeen you know where it not for. Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett I mean I look I've got to know Kevin I was there on draft night when we got. The only shot she's not read a couple times is very nice actions is reverend Tom what don't run that just so let's go yeah couple budget out there are so right he's going to be capsule stardom on these are ready. Star. And I don't let the smoke from a long time. Okay graduation speech shepherd number three star of the week. Now being number two. Media star. Of the week. And heard something. There too far from a man for. The eulogy of his dad. At the funeral this week which I was in attendance for. And I can tell you it was. On believable. Jerry Tang Wei said to me. Use like George Carlin. Yes. We'll say this that. Many hand failed in one regard he did not. Get them a place Springsteen song in the church and you probably Astra AC drives on each failed and they got everything else went perfectly. But there was a little. Little flaw where you thought you any minute you gonna here. Independence Day he did manage to mention Springsteen as true it is hardly out as I heard is eulogy was unbelievable it was amazing everyone that was able to Italians and I came back to our office anyways. Perfect it was the second best performance of the day's daughter Kate who's better. Ten year old daughter Kate gave you and I know she did a reading teaches at Columbia. Well with amazing confidence doesn't look right at the crowd looked at the audience and and didn't miss a beat she wanted to. Wanna keep going her bra his Brothers. Ryan and Adam were great in their comments is as this is uncle I guess which saying. Again and boy at the at the grave sorrow was it was awesome believable. Just and adapted version we're saying it. Two. Kirk's father Peter. Very powerful there was there was also made an unbelievable job it's the most pressure if you in life to future. Of his eulogy or your month get a parents eulogy and get it right make them proud. And he did it he held it together. And I don't know how long it was put. It was funny it was poignant it was ocean and the whole church laughing in the first three seconds and many people crying by guess that would cry laugh and Brian Latham in them. There was couldn't go on him better. So that was Kirk Linehan finally getting in the list he will be probably there again. By well deserved well deserved I don't see I haven't been to a ton of funerals. I haven't heard a lot of eulogies. But I tell of this one way is one I can imagine getting up there and doing it number one. In number to execute it like he did I did know his dad and not only was it. Exactly what those guys said but also encapsulated his dad to AT which is what you want those two nations. There he is our number two number two. Neediest are all right and now we get to number one which is the first week ever of the hurry how many weeks we've been doing this for. Swore. First week ever. The media starts of the week. The winner of the G yardage top yet the hundred dollar gift card to Eagles distinctive clothing along with an app that particular. The number one media star of the week in the winner of the. James team. Of mass lives. Ford fortunately we have jail on the line. Let's bring great coincidentally today. Congratulations. Europe require some yardage cup. Our I appreciate got a hobby I don't think you can lobby tournament what do you didn't. And I idol you know if you were aware that you probably work that is making the rounds everyone's dock in the nation and and I aren't I ask you calling where you probably thought you were to call the breakdown the Celtics but no you are calling to accept your award rightly. Her preacher that urge. Well and we should identify why you of one U award this week my security will take them on. So I'm looking at these stories that that propelled JQ number one on the charts this week. In the Boston celtics' locker room tempers start to unravel the promise of gene fives obsolete big halftime lead Wednesday that it at the Washington Wizards. Players on the victory so badly they were quote getting intuit and co each other. Corn Avery Bradley later explain amassed lives dock on the pleasure losing their cool screaming at each other. They control the first out but there are fighting with themselves. The emotions could spilled over in the second half and daydream big advantage Boston built in Cuban was is the opening they needed instead is radical mass live. Quote Al stop it like that. Bradley snapped his fingers he's finished that sentence me community met Al Horford. Had silence all the arguing and once I read this nowhere else on a mass lives. And JNJ here's the thing if it was somewhere else please don't say anything that you have a lot of yard and this. That or it could job. A moment or. Are an artery our days ago and so what you heard that when you reported that in this is the one of the reasons why this was the big story because this is the biggest story this week. If if we did not press release from the Celtics won orderly might have won the first brook Johnson do. But but today you won this award because this is the big story in the biggest week. And so when you heard that. Did it surprise you what was your take. Yes so what apple view eke out as you can act and act as press conference. They are they were target NATO would each other. Aaron saw throughout the biases of course and art art they are all outward. Apple and I mean they were up sixteen at the it was deathly about a time arguing it was I really it. Thought I was really surprised that they were out each other's back. But I wouldn't surprise that Al overlooked one. Because outlook or outlook reflects. He's like a father figure could prove he made it that you'll make like a super mature oh god. Well that's a great that's a great point to come out of this is we talk about leadership blog I'm a little friendship with a Red Sox. Well who's a leader and we we we talked about the ill advised. Dressing in black. Than the other day which Al Horford missed Upton says no but but. We'd buy yours say that he is the guy he's the guy it sort of has the camera. I would say it like the most mature got back got me away like some of them are more fiery leaders like yeah they don't. Motivational speech he's probably not going out or do you want art market smarter or are there if you need to autos just like. Like a guy who's. It's common and he'd he'd all the pampered out or Africa or eat without a comic present the bottom the Waite plays the way he has in the locker room. Oh. While all of the product already with the law was like art world's experience with cook cook took about that when the game that. Did you feel like he is you know we talked a little bit about being. Took a little bitter war of all a little while for him to make the adjustment to Boston to his teammates. If you look at his play in the playoffs after the first two games against Chicago. I would and I'd sit last week a city in the seat I think he's been their best. Player in the playoffs not the most explosive Isaiah Thomas just their best most consistent player making big plays the Portland before. What about these eight out of them awhile to get used to the system and it's weird because from the outside it looked like he didn't really well. Fan and he helped himself with obviously from their lobbyists are a lot and that was very very about a court they're really good. What he is clearly reached another level out that this summit about are they that he'd ever played all over the court and our Africa map of the Oprah I think. Because Robin Lopez and mark their work our archive two really liked it or parameter. It's that remark there that succeed but. It didn't already is that is that great and he got a big reason the Celtics are where they are richer. Grief these are filed a file on the back. We were rail normal little bit the team about that in the hole all black thing. And I don't know where you stand on that it were you surprised they did that what was in what was a captain. I wasn't surprised by it. I've been doing it a good thing about Africa are doing all of my. Men dressed all blacks don't. So hard from I thought that was a lame. That they came in an all black which was an obvious masses organized. Good and he's got they'd they'd go to those earlier in the season. Whatever I expected to. And and the message loud and clear or just just say he did it. And I think check out those little blue. Who actually admitted what they did the other guys cuts are I would bet though. I would I would just coincidence or just coincidence they all showed up wearing black. Yeah helped. Them I got a that we ought to welcome back in even a crowded and then. Yeah. Eric Idle they can motivate like. As that in orbit it was a it was a automotive by the right there like they were face elimination they had not only was I don't think you have to motivate our our autos. God I thought it would really like FF they have won that yeah and job or I've hit that shot that it would have been it would have been cool like OK we came in black. People wizard dated references to the playoffs. We we got it down by. Obviously at. They set yourself up for second guessed before you ask you what's gonna happen in game seven. We were talking earlier about Marcus mark. I'm curious your take on Smart. And some people now suggested Tommy Johnson suggested on our air Comcast. That. Marcus markets out of shape he's fifteen pounds too heavy what what are you seeing from Marcus mar what do you think is the and the general is she with him right now. I don't know I don't know Pinochet. Could obviously pleased he played really our road son as our players anybody. I I do think you always got to lose some weight that try to get more explosive. Right I mean. Offensively he's never Bruntlett player and that got all the other backbeat that out in the other side. In game six he expects art by a bubble the bigger way. All of the game it almost sent them to move these are college files so is one of those guys you get really qualifier. Fire what he's doing offensively obviously he's not a merger obviously Diaz is such troubled farmers are a series. Mecca is the winner and he does things. Like like rip. Rep all of our guys and he's he's out there bock out so our team much that the saudis inside. A lot of a lot of rebound Arctic he is really afford it effectively you can just the mocked. You the only all star team. What you'd yell or make an all star team. Our our at this at this and I dark I don't think is that often. Little will ever catch I mean he's he shall elect urged that there's some percent that your view of it about it. Report shouldn't Wear what you can't score the ball up because I don't offer. If he did today if he says McNeill threatening in that we restrict the cup. I but a good job good job with everything Alli we know if you want a teacher by you definitely get the hundred dollar. Schools distinctive clothing gift certificate so well deserved this week for the trumpets blow upper would be number one. Boston sports neediest. We have said they took the trumpets its mean never mind the cool to think to close to. Stop firing on rightness to what at the first one glow. Clothing this you should use absolutely and and I assume that you think the Celtics are winning game seven. I learn academic like he I don't think they are predicted that seven are the before the series started I I do expect they'll let but I think it's going to be another one where comes out via its not gonna be a blow up like it was inspired at all. I I think it'll come down to look outside our Arctic on the belt. Our Gerri appreciate it very much drive to try to make it back to back keep trying. But the market you can win next week to. Is no element that. Died today at Dave from mass like the winner of the yardage cup the top three media's eyes it went shepherd three. Kirk and they can't do and agitating for mass lives yet done on the Celtics. You're listening to ya party and Bradford here on WB.

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