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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Late Night Low Light - Police in Exeter NH getting calls about water gun fights. 05-12-17

May 12, 2017|

In the final hour Christian covers many different interesting stories. What happened to James Harden and did Stephen A Smith say that he was drugged before the game. Christian also talks about the top 10 names of the year so far and some weird questions that where asked at the NBA combine . The late night low light is about students in Exeter NH having water gun fights and how the police are being called because residents see students creeping through the woods at night.

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Final hour here's Georgia radio WEEI it's late night I'm your host Christian are again nice to have you this year thanks for staying up it's the 1 o'clock hour so anything goes. Got a couple of our random stories on a look at if you wanna talk Celtics Red Sox patriots and Bruins whatever they tell you wanted to arguing wanna talk James Harden in the rockets getting embarrassed that home. By takeaway Leonard was San Antonio Spurs team. You wanna do that angle on Porter actually. There is a video compilation. Of James Harden is greatest hits in this game tonight. I think I may be wrong I think Stephen A Smith went on TV after the game and said the James Harden was on drugs. I think that happened. I've seen it Tweeter and a few times and I just saw him talking in the same background suits you better if you can find that. And I know we talked earlier about that about that woman in Cleveland who got fired for me fifty. ESPN radio in Cleveland if she said that. Two real peppers and Joseph Thomas and basically the entire Cleveland Browns team was. Taken Mali in drinking lean. And instead it over and over over yet and then in this the best part says she was taken out of context with the honor radio rush a where she was speaking on the radio. So there's that I'm pretty sure Stephen A Smith said tonight. Today. I think he what he said is it looked like James Harden was on drugs. The have a bad you find it he's looking for. Tireless producer venture off the bag they're taking your phone calls six point 77797937. I may read thereon MA events amongst week. And it's also by the way not any sort of libel or slander show anything to say someone looked like Darren drug. Is it I don't think it is. If it is then. I don't know I was on the air after that Paul Pierce staying in the area 21. And Paul Pierce rocket sunglasses in the wheelchair. Outlook like he may have just smoke played through once or before a lockdown and that stage. Looked like things they didn't that it panel what that way do we have us Steven and Arabs they go listen to Stephen. Yes the wrong person I think it needs to be an investigation to be quite honest with you. He looked like he was drugged out we run out loud literally thought I don't know where else that was way in Houston Rockets but it wasn't the dates audit that opera watching. What that the jays audit that I had the lead candidate. The league MVP honor that's on the left to a three weeks of the season it what James audited this that was himself as one of the prolific scorers and gain at the legitimate bonafide. Heir apparent. To the great Kobe Bryant that dude did not sure what what are Houston Rockets tonight. He looked absolutely awful all this bull just literally call because I mean he didn't show up he would shoot the basketball with passing up shots. There was no what Gretchen what the web. Not the tapes caught and I know. McCain targets the if you wanted to the way he says James Harden is hard there is hard to replicate. James Harden his HA WD ON Harden. James auden I can't do it. I can tell you how to do a perfect impression is Shannon Sharpe. Wanna do a perfect impression Shannon Sharpe. Any time yet to make the S sound. Just replace it with a Nath. And that Shannon Sharpe. For example listen. Once daily Shannon Sharpe to say listen. At that. It works with every single word it's on these regulations are you got a little basing your voice sharp as they get the voice willing listen only. That's 80. It's easy. Some people are tougher to impersonate. Like for example the way Charles Barkley says Kobe Bryant. Is tough to replicate. But if you want to say just right if you wanna say it exactly the way Barkley says that you can't say Kobe Bryant. You have to shake kolbe brine. KO BA BER I any. And you say it fast cold or Brian and that's how he says oh we rent. Is that not exactly right. It's tough to do impressions. And I'm not very good Adam. But it's all about figuring out did the syllables. Now and then going from there. Excellent 777979837. Major phone number. Dad's been has there name of the year. You know they do this they have there's voting it goes on and it's a sport like dude it different athletes like college sports mostly it's college athletes like. But they go through this big long list and find their names of the year. And they found one it's going to be tough to beat. There is a S six foot 7285. Pound offensive lineman from Lawrence Kansas. Who is committed to Illinois State University. And his name. Is Kobe buffalo meat. Or is Charles Barkley would say it coal Bobo I can't. Extremely contrite and yes they kolbe in that's but I ball flight forget it anyway guy's name is real Kobe buffalo meat. That is. That's amazing. That is an amazing name. I'm I'm doubting this guy mean is an Illinois State offensive lineman. He did just sign a letter of intent saying I don't know if but if this guy makes it to the NFL. I can guarantee you. This is a late night guarantee. The you'll catch me wearing a Kobe buffalo New Jersey at some point. Somewhere out on the town. Degrade him or some other great names on this list. Kobe buffalo meat is number one rain down after that if someone in sultan make doom. Sultan. May doom is someone's name. And number three is Aphrodite body home. This one's not real. Combined. Number four is Mormon duped trouble cock. Somebody's name. Mark Herman duke trouble cart. At the top breaker right there tough enough when your last name trouble carpeting you gotta throw Mormon duke on top of that. You know bad enough you gotta go through life with a last name trouble Cochran you're also a cartoon dog. Was Margaret Dugan dog and it is Great Dane. Market due to big red dog or is that a different or does Clifford Clifford the big red are. It would I was Margaret do. It was a dog it was a big big great Danish cartoon art. In my bank cartoon and others attended flight action movie at a bitches last name wasn't trouble cock. Number five. Gotta be a female RH Chardonnay. Tennis dash TO went. Charter name fantastic oh fantastic on that but it is. A kind Chardonnay pans past the co that's exotic against. Our number six. This one doesn't look real either. Number six is fortunate sit poll. SI TH OLE. Sit whole. Fortune it's simple. Number seven is Jeff Rosenberg hand Jeff Rosenberg is the first name. Number eight is. Number eight is Andy brandy casts a grandy the fort. Because Andy grew very indeed has a grandy the first second and third decider we gotta keep this name going my dad worked with a guy. Whose name was sterling horn buckled a third. And I thought that was the greatest game ever heard my life. Sterling porn buckle the third. What a great name. That's a name you passed down from the couple generations right. But. Andy brandy casting Randi that's that's pretty good though. Number nine is Quinn Darius Monday which sounds like one of the Keyon appeal names when they did the football names in their sketch. And number ten. A month. Number ten is barrage forward ash. FAA RAJ is the first name and fart ash is the last name FA RT ASS. Barrage or death and it's you know he's a of French rugby player or something really I think so. Rush part of us I don't know I think I'm still I think Margaret duke trouble cock is still the toughest one for me on the that's the most unfortunate Kobe buffalo meets the coolest sultan the doom is the most evil. Andy brandy cast a grand day is probably the guy and this list you wanna punch the most. I don't know integrated cast a Grand Haven a pretty sure a lot of punch him in the face rate. Andy brandy Jesse granted a fourth. I can picture in my head. I'm sure my pick my image of nothing like what he actually is but can't you just sort of pictured Andy brandy testing grandy the fourth. What these kids think elect their parents like when they name on this they grow up and like really does is what Jamie and now. Really argue with Marvin duke. He thought I was gonna have it's so easy with the last name trouble Carpio and and stuck we would mar the duke for first name. You go by duke mar. Mormeck. Mod Duke's I don't know I don't know what you do there. Fortunate sithole isn't that what. Fortunate (%expletive) hole. That's the weirdest one on the list that would send. And for Raj artist that's tough that's a tough one to go through life as even if you're in another country. What country you for a I think France France. You have fart and answer different in France and no different for I don't know different for preferred is. But I know ashes. Can. There. So far as for his immunity thing them. But they're pretty close thing when you know there's a training goes right back and forth and I guarantee every time for our part as those that you know an English speaking country. I betcha they say some things. I would imagine. And there's your Tony seventeen. Dad's been named. One through ten so far this year six point 77797937. As your phone number 379837. Asian armor on tech's quick break we're back after this your mind. That's the leaked come out the other night at Arnold steep for many years different. Tom it's great friend. Great man. Great artist by the way I look I've got to know Kevin I was there on draft night when we got to his policies she's not read or couple Orangeburg Dyson actually she's records not what don't run that Gisele. But yeah a couple Nigeria cut a break that down 60%. I don't know what the threat from a long time coach search. He Demi bringing it down and I was at Florida doing our efforts from Florida sports or any other. I thought I was gonna stay here that is gonna keep doing radio areas that. Mr. Ben and his feet amid the money left the first time and then again the second time in and I worked for the New Hampshire for about a year in and that was over and I'll tell you white working with a I learned a lot working with each averaged really did I never had a co host like him before I grew up listening and then it was it was pretty cool for awhile. And then things got weird and then him and I had this really big fight. We have like a blowout fight they have like a big meeting that called this meeting up in New Hampshire about it there was this whole big production. And I did somehow we managed to get past the but eventually they decided to split us up in the through different shows which they should do that anyway because you know it is neither one of us were very good threw chairs. I was also producing the show at the time. And we used to doing a lot of the talking is my prior coast before that which. You know more of a natural too so. Anyway the Pete sitting. Friend Kevin Garnett. I was not aware that I never told me that the time we were the other. And in those images Alley there. Or or the other people are sitting making a genie give rerun them of that overtime to me there from the top Michael Smith they think he's sitting there. As took care of the plate yeah we all heard. Steve Levy Steve we'd be OK that I knew that the F Michael Smith great. Tommy Hanson. Can KG Kevin Kerr okay Gisele yup thank Epson Coca. That's the end like. Tear up pumped up pick I would matches now. From which you smell like. Voters alike. You tell me. Anyways. I like do we get the repeat again I just said it's not here. But you know. And the move had to figure move. Did for the fans I gotta respect at 617779. 7937. As your phone number 3737. Asian number on text let's go to Stephen the car is a thought on the Celtics face the. It would draw around current. Now much leverage over talk about these shepherds so clearly it's a slow news night with the Williams. Now I. I have two questions real quick yeah one. How many points Isiah Thomas sent to court tomorrow night for the Celtics to possibly win. On the road. And second bowl. I heard rumors that actually questioner and my nose cone has again and divorce and I would like he would take on both. Yet the glee padding your really there a date there again the worst Kelso in what was her name of that show. Jackie Kelso and Jackie again divorced after all this hour that that that hurt I hurt. At record on the intellect and really we're seeing TMZ. And I can actually MS and yup and how and MSN's scoop everybody and that is what I wanna know always the first question again efforts so devastated by jag he tells on the how many points for his Isiah Thomas at the score themselves to win I don't know. 27 I guess 47 who cares it exists true or you do you know about there's a scene this anymore. I'm looking program. That's very very upsetting news. And Kutcher c'mon buddy. You wanna be a passerby eventually. Starts off with. Demi Moore. A 25 years older than him. And any finally seemed to get together you know. Back with Bagram mile code is back with Jackie. Got a couple kids. And that that's that's over tomb. Eric so if you take the word of gossip cop. I'd say I'd take gossip cop the word is gospel. They checked in with a rep for Kunis. Confirms that he split story is a fake story is bogus state news. Good. Good I'm glad that's not true. Donald Trump feud between about this. I just heard her. And the fake news of MS then the eight stream media. Trying to mislead everybody. Trying to distract from the Russian investigation with all this Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher dark. Classic lame stream media. Back at it again. Meant. Good one close call there. On glad that's not true Isaiah Thomas what kind of games he and at that tonight. Better game than he said in his last three. And I'm not I'm not stranded I mean I really it's gonna have to be substantially better than what he's done the last three yen because in the last three games as a Thomas is not cracked when he points. And they did when one of them yes. But they won that game because Avery Bradley played his best game of the year offensively second basket it 31 point back in November but really did his best game of the year. And later on through bad hips. And Al Horford had one of the best shooting night she's ever and the life. So you can. Cross your fingers in the crusher toe is in the hope that happens again or. Isiah Thomas and have another as it comes type game. And I think that would be much preferred as we saw start trying to defer too often tonight in James Harden. Gordon Stephen A Smith he was drugged. He looked like he was drug I should say. I gotta say drugs. And not on drugs. Like someone slipped them something you know like you think he was out of the club or something at some drops on the news. And drinking. Now it's kind of funny before the game there is a shot at him on the bench. And he was like Drummond on a basketball only singing or something. Any kind of look like baked in our view it's a little baked in that clip and I was before the game started. Not saying he was bake them saying you look pink. And they play late Tuesday. And then the rockets got embarrassed by nearly forty points in their home floor. Another story I saw tonight that I got it mention because it's super weird. There's a guard for Kansas named frank Mason the third. And he declared for the NBA draft. And I don't know if you noticed but the NBA as a draft come mind just like the NFL does only knowing gives a rats as throughout the Ambien. And I honestly I don't know why they don't. I guess there's like forty time in the NBA isn't quite the same big of a deal because they have such a smaller didn't close space to run back and forth on the lake. Down the vertical leap and stuff like that you know as we watch football players go on watch MBA players there a potential NBA players there aren't. Wanna see these guys fly through the air like I'm kind of not that I care but if we care about the NFL com Ryan Wyden would you know the difference really anyways. All the team reps were there and they heard in. Marking down all the numbers and you know the cone troll on the defensive stance in the coming bench presses they can do in a row and then there was like a question and answer period. And someone asked frank mace in the third. How do you wanna die. NBA team said hey frank you know it. Could have played I'm sure the questions like arranger questions like. You know you're down five with two minutes left to go. You get the ball on the corner and you see a double team come on we also see a player cut into the basket what are you they'll avoid geez. I guess I take the shot there and I'll pass through the open man okay great how do you wanna die. The white patent how to Wear white. How would you like to die when you die how would you like it's ago. I'm Mason said that if he had a choice you would choose to die in his sleep. I guess that should good and answers you're gonna get. I'd like to know why information. This NBA scout or whoever. It was planning on and you know sure rising from that answer. Like what are frank Mason's that I wanna jump off a building. Or I wanna get mauled by an animal where I line you know I wanna get stabbed in the face like why you know late wet white. What does that tell you about frank mace in the basketball player. What does that I mean that's like a question for your therapist. And even the therapist with a therapist when I get out of that unless you're trying to find out if someone's like suicidal. I don't think to frank Mason the third suicidal and I don't think these teams are trying to figure out he was suicidal. I don't know what they're trying to figure. But yes he he was asked. How would you like to die. How would you like to dive. I've never really thought about that and really the painlessly obviously realist and I painlessly and on the. I think I'll go to Richard Pryor answered. I wanna die having sex. As it's like recycling here. It's a good way to go I think an out of what is something cool I don't know dynamite sleep. You know bright painless. Does exciting like at a funeral that diets like how to bend I jumped out of a plane without. Parachute yeah Packers and I well who's. And have an orgy. It's news right smack dab in the middle of an you know would be too bad about Diane having sex is it would really freak out the version your insects with waiting clerks and a she goes in the bathroom in the dead guys in there and she please light off and remorse and are and you haven't seen clerks buoyancy clerks great movie. But there's a seen it's not like on camera but there's just scene after where the girl. As sex with the again. But that doesn't really count zoos are ready then before. The sex I mean I I would like to be in the act of it. And then I guy. If you're asking me how I'd like to do it although I feel bad for the person I was having sex with his that would be dramatic rate. That would be there's no way at night how would you ever wanted to have sex again only Chilean you know I guess from a few people in the that. I don't know I don't know if any of them ever wanna have sex on me with the they're from Iran I've sexually Maryland man's generally can. Some point that. Yes. And that's what I want it's selfish of me is an old ruin someone else's life would certainly were on their sex life forever. But that's out on ago I think predatory. 617779. 7937 his phone number 37937. As your number on text your late night low lights coming up in about ten minutes. And it's about a game that's being played in New Hampshire with teenagers that needs to stop. Before someone. Just really hurt. I'll just put it that way hopefully more about it. Late night low light comes to us from our friends of the north are neighbors of north some if you're listening to me up there in the north that's New Hampshire. Exeter New Hampshire to be exact. Wary popular game among teenagers. Get a little dangerous police and school officials are expressing safety concerns after learning that X that are high school seniors are playing a game called assassins. In which teams of students hunt down assigned targets with water guns. Became popular among high school and college students and not sanctioned by the school raised concern in the past and profit warnings from police and school administrators. The problem officials say is that the teams students dressed in dark clothing and work around residences to find their targets with their water against. Students pay money to play with a goal of earning a large pay out of their team wins the last team to avoid getting scored with a squirt gun wins the game while those playing the game are aware of it. Parents neighbors and others in the community might not know what's going on official said. Game has led to calls from worried residents to police in some communities police chiefs from towns and school administrative units sixteen that was school officials Wednesday. To address their concerns police chief Joseph skip but says his department is thirty had contact with two players of the game because they parked their car and a suspicious place. Strata police chief. And us very e.s can simply chief Tim Connell issued a warning on the department's FaceBook page after an incident Monday evening. Connell said he saw a vehicle parked along hero road when he checked out the vehicle we saw a person wearing a military style suit emerged from a wooded area near residents. When he questioned the person you're in the they were playing assassin's and the one of his targets lived at the residence. Connell warned the student that he couldn't enter private property under suspicious circumstances. It's I cautioned him at the residents may have firearms her dogs and he was placing himself in apparel by trespassing to play the game. If residents observed people on their property that they feared. The possibility exists for tragic consequences additionally police responding to a suspicious person colonies circumstances. Don't know what they're actually responding to go. Exeter police she will shoot shared his concerns. To depending on the scenario operatives have been playing at this game could be arrested and charged with a variety of crimes including trespassing disorderly conduct. A criminal mischief. Listen if this was almost any other state New England. I would say relax everybody calmed down this is New Hampshire. You really wanna be. Prowling around someone's house. In dark or military looking here. Wielding a squirt gun. In New Hampshire. If he's met. Is that why you wanna die off it we just afraid Mason said he wanted to die in his sleeve I wanna die having sex some guy was the guy jumping off the green monster apparently these high school kids wanna dive plain stupid game. That's a great way to die. And you know what to people who kill you are even gonna get in trouble for. I mean just imagine. Right I can think of like 45 kids that I went to school with his parents were legitimately crazy. And I don't know if that number higher or lower in Exeter New Hampshire. But considering. I spent I spent a lot of time in New Hampshire have a lot of New Hampshire roots. Let's say people are crazy necessarily in New Hampshire. But they are armed they are there aren't and ready to defend their their castle if you know what I mean. As the naval our right to defend your castle Waller that's on the stand your ground law wherever may be. Standing your ground. If you think about it. If you didn't know that this game was a thing. Like if your high school student son or daughter. Wasn't you know telling you about every single little game going on at the high school which is hard to believe. You know most most high school students don't really. Come rushing home from school and tell their parents about every single game they're playing every single inside joke. That they're doing. Just think about how many of those parents might be an hour. Second Amendment enthusiasts. Livan freer Diana there in the granite state. Just wait and for the dated someone comes trespassing in the Libya are. You know I'll I mean there's always there's some people who just end won't even be. No big deal edged defending them so my god there's an intruder to take a map but you know there's some people out there who have been waiting for these days they're entirely if the Day of The Dead person tries to break into their house of boy. They've had they've had they fantasize about it they've got over it in their mind what they're gonna say in. You know at the last words they're getting here before he issued polygamy I betcha there's a bitch and there's a few of those in Exeter. Hussein. Probably a few of those a lot of other places but. Again this is New Hampshire or. Does not a place I would play a game like that. You know Vermont sure guide. In my did you might get attacked right power something. Up in mania might get attacked by a moose. Connecticut depends on where Connecticut. Wanna play that game up in that Fairfield County guide you wanna play it over Bridgeport would recommend that. Rhode Island has no idea I don't know what happens in Rhode Island. I have family in Rhode Island the spent a lot of time down there I don't I hate you Rhode Island I can't imagine. Growing up in a place where Bruno as each other like this. It down is a small place it's the smallest place. Out of all the places in America it's the small split. I don't know. From I don't know if that's the okay game the played out there I'd say probably not. Probably not. But I definitely wouldn't play in New Hampshire in any part of New Hampshire anywhere. Not in Nashua not a Manchester not in class now and I didn't Concord nowhere. And that is my plaid isn't what kids are doing by the way he really. Dress and upn trench coats runner on each other's backyards in the most organs. That's like what's hot with the kids now. You heard about the spent. Yet happened a year after graduates of the class of 2007 started. Quest do that is haven't started this and they were dress up in the eight trench coats and stuff. Are they went as far as like trench coats and but it was seriously ticket that won it. Like locked himself in a house really. The last like four days really Dickey just what you just did it leak is a guess you're. Where they just like a bunch of kids outside his house all day with burqa and waiting for yeah they got it got intense that's weaker. Texas says Tricia the. Yeah her I mean I guess I mean it seems like harmless fun their honor I'll play it was work on here. But the whole idea of like. Ambushing people are like waiting outside their house for them to come out seeking get a with a squirt gun. I didn't. I wouldn't I wouldn't do it in New Hampshire let me just put it that way I would not do it in New Hampshire and I love New Hampshire spent a lot of time up there I would not play that game in New Hampshire. I recommend maybe finding some other game the play might recommend I don't know corn hole. Beer pong for the older kids. May be some sort of your play day games call latter ball but it it's really called testicle golf you know they can to get what Galley that game. As pretty fun can jam is another one I like and very can jam. I can't go wrong with the with the ball pickup game San lifestyle you know one player each position irritate around. Everybody gets the page hit play the outfield whatever. Pick up game you know some good clean fun mini golf. Anything that doesn't involve. Putting on military gear in prowling around. The various New Hampshire residences. I just wouldn't I wouldn't recommend it. That's my time. Must say thanks to a category for joining me tonight thanks all the callers text and Twitter followers then great job I'm out here come back tomorrow doing the Red Sox. Which means I'll be studio posting their game and beyond to address actor you after the game no late night tomorrow B you will hear me after the game until twelve midnight. And then on Saturday three to six so up when he are canned this weekend and some Saturday night Archie and after that shifts over. Kashmir outside. No matter at Gannett everybody.

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