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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Why wasn't Anna Horford picked to represent the Celtics at the Draft Lottery. 05-12-17

May 12, 2017|

The NBA draft lottery takes place Tuesday and Christian wants to know why Paul Pierce or Anna Horford will not be representing the Celtics and hopefully bring them some luck. Christian is also joined by Patrick Gilroy to talk Celtics.

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The speech late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get a goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Our number junior Sports Radio W. Yeah I am Christian I can live and our break studio's high above the quite nice to have you had a fear tonight then Charleston. We'll still take your phone calls and 617779. 7937. Text messages at 37937. In your tweets is always verified Icrc generic and. Texture in the 978 says you're definitely on the Leno Molly Wood that blast misstatements. Liquid storage 36 chambers met the man created metaphorical wrapped him in ghost face skill of blasphemy. Fallen a couple of things number one liquid Sorgi wasn't a method man album that was jazz album. Met the man did not create metaphorical wrapped. And image goes face a fine they'd go album for out Redman beats met the man in terms of their solo albums and that in close. Why the album there's a dark side Muddy Waters right there are better than any solo album at the men ever put out all three of them. And undocks the name was was great in 2000 Allen charted went platinum I mean that was it combines. I didn't said in light met the man I met him in Malibu think Clinton put solo rapper on target about one sore ever and the other one. I give it to Redman hands down. Better albums I like his voice better latest flaw and everything better but I I met him in dome a fan of both. Don't tell me on Moline because of that and then start citing albums by other rappers that's not the saga argument. Please. Text your Bill Simmons on Porter. The spurs just wanna close out game in Houston without coli and Parker by 39 points that's pretty sad rate there it's like. New England winning a super ball down 25 with no grant no running game await to national and choked up. Yet VS spurs. With out there who most recent two NBA finals MVPs. Kohl eyeliner and Tony Parker. Beat the rockets in Houston by forty points and close our game and and this one's physical wild statistic. You tell me the if you wouldn't that I saw this I thought I can't be true but it is. NBA road teams are eleven and oh in close out games this playoff. Some estimated twelve and Omar. The right now NBA road teams are eleven you know can close out games. Just think about that percent. You know we talk so much about the home home court advantage means so much wiser mean so much in the NBA I don't know I mean so much in the NBA it means so much in this series definitely. But it's hit the road teams are doing pretty good these clothes are games so far in fact there are undefeated. So it's not all about that we'll get back to this discussion when category joins me at 1130. Make sure you stay tuned for that in the meantime. If you haven't been paying attention David Ortiz has a book coming out. Called poppy my story. Which I believe. Are is this the Michael Oliver my golly or wrote this book well David Ortiz wrote the book David Ortiz told Michael Hollywood wanted to saying in my tolerant of or something like I don't know how books are written what might. Publisher over here I don't know how this goes. You wanna know about that as Collie I don't know what the process was like who cares anyway. They heard tees wrote about. His relationship of body balance 12012. And I'm reading from the excerpt and I never met Bobby Valentine before 111 I heard of him Jean Monty. He remembered that he was the guy who put on a fake mustache to avoid being recognized and thrown out of a game. But I didn't know the man so that left me with an interesting decision at the end of the year cellist and my friends or pretend they never heard a word they said. The clarity forget. Everyone I knew was unimpressed with Valentine the new manager of the Red Sox he was tired late November and the negative reaction from my baseball friends was instantaneous. There are secure sarcastic good luck messages there were ominous warnings to get ready some even suggested that it 36 years old. I probably wanted to retire rather than play for. I'm a person who has been able to get along with a range of personalities pretty much everybody. So I tried to block out all that information. I tried not to think about the fact that the Red Sox never asked my opinion on players they were thinking about signing or managers they wanted to hire. I found out on the news just like everyone else the Valentine was our new manager. I did some research and learn the there was one person in the organization Larry Lucchino really wanted to hire Valentine that was it one person still. I had to perform regardless of who was managing and how bad could Bobby Valentine really be. It. The drama began almost immediately in spring training our member fighting the thought very early we're gonna have an absolutely terrible year. It was all about him in the spring. It was as if he wanted to prove us Marty was are running a draw these drills he used while managing in Japan drills we never done before. Body was in his own bubble and I just wanted him to get out of it and tell him bleed you. Is awesome McCain with the reduced by a yes for a lot of changes including some that were completely unnecessary one of the more ridiculous ones as having players that grounder to each other. I thought that was funny especially for me the Red Sox for Pena hit grounder. I wasn't dirty hit grounder that was there to hit balls to the moon. The problem was not the withdrawals were new. The bigger issue was how he expected players who had been in the big leagues a very long time to immediately do these things his way without any sort of mistakes. They're got a lot of conversations about our team the year before and our lack of accountability led to our September collapse to remember in 2011. Maybe body was told to come in and be the boss and boss around some full grown men. May be the Red Sox wanted to hire a daddy and not a manager. One day we are doing is drills. And oblique hit the fans we are hitting pop ups and body said he didn't want infielders to say I've got it I've got it. He thought that was an unreliable way of calling off a teammate because in a noisy stadium the player was being called off might not hear his teammate taking control well. All players have habits in an American baseball most infielders taking the place say I got it. So when our shortstop Mike to delist you remember the friendly might Kabila sergeant. When our shortstop Mike Kabila's got under a ball he instinctively set I got it and body snapped. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen in the majors he absolutely went off on of the US cussing and verbally tearing him down in front of everyone. If he had done that to me I would have gone right up to a right in front of the fans and dropped a punch. After that work out I wish you'd done it to Ortiz then when that have been great. After that work got to talk with Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzales we decided to meet with body in his office and attempt to tell him how he was being perceived. What a waste of time we tried reasoning with them in it was like communicating with a wall. All he did was roll his eyes and looked everywhere but at us it could not have been more obvious that he didn't care we had to say we left his office shaking her head. It was I was competitive enough to think that we can win a bunch of games despite the ego Bobby it didn't take long for me to realize I'd been optimistic. And when I say not long I mean the first series of the year. We opened in Detroit were swept by the tigers it was impossible to ignore the comments from my teammates about Bobby's managing how we made his decisions that didn't make sense. And how generally clueless and destiny was the next stop on our trip with Toronto on the flight there I experienced a first in my career. Bodies she was in the middle of the plane and players were in the back. That day I was near the front of our section I remember looking up and seeing a lot of my teammates walking toward me they were this. They said we want that mother bleep are fired before this airplane lands. I'll that is good stuff. Oh that's good stuff. That is some quality Bobby Valentine hate right there there's more. But at Bobby Valentine actually responded to this today. Why I don't know because he can't shut the bleep up I guess is the main reason why. Let's let's take a listen to a Bobby Valentine had to say I believe he was on with. Tiki Barber and Doug Brad here it was Tierney bread Tierney late Brad. It's not bread Tierney to someone else Tierney and I apologize. But I Tiki Barber and someone Tierney from CBS radio had Bobby and here is his explanation. Yeah it's it's it seems like you did things that were unnecessarily unconventional. Why. Well actually I. I remembered to those incidences pretty vividly of what Wednesday. A situation. Talk about five years old. There are rules of baseball that maybe he didn't. It's I didn't explain properly when I was there in that state institution. In baseball minded about it I don't great baseball and all of baseball. The person who runs his curveball. Calls for the person who runs Al put the ball showed nothing. So that you're not. Saying something at the same time so over the outfield is reading it and midfielder and you know. The outfielder called the ball in the infield and does not say I've got it. What the hell is he talking about. The guy coming in is supposed to say I've got a but the guy if he's an infielder running out isn't supposed to say anything. That's it that's a rule first of all. About the person who thinks he's gonna catch the ball. Says I got it in if you're running backwards and that's that's what I was always told when I played baseball in the major leagues which never happened. May you overloading can speak better to this. I was always taught if you're going back on the ball. And you hear the outfielder coming in on the ball saying I got and I got it. Then you defer. But it the outfielder has a long run to make in the infield is closer in the infielders as I gotta gotta didn't you let them catch any that's. The fact busy shouldn't ever be anything neat freak out about like that spring training over. Especially to a guy like Mike Kabila's who'd been in the league a few years you know this isn't the isn't a little. Even if what is relaxed body in it it's the Boston red sex. You know these guys play in the infield for a long time they'd they'd they did before he got there. They did after you were gone through. Com. He went on to personalize this this instance with Mike Avila so close and that can tip. We have a situation where. Might this view is I believe it seemed too injured to coal. I got it when you would go out. Ian. After two wouldn't about the third you've ice. And what his problem was a C or hurting you in the yeah you're lose. They went light. This major. And I said it would allow voice. So if Iran related news there and thanks to her to. That they get my putting secret but afterwards. We're here for the party candidate and had held. Might squeeze which it is blog earned his head down he felt so bad that I had to apologize they heard is still. And it bears have been. Yeah I thought that was rather. It's state. Okay. The way he frames it. He's trying to make it seem like my Kabila says this you know it's through this delicate snowflake. In light being yelled that. I listened. If Bobby Valentine didn't have such a terrific reputation. Then I'd be inclined to believe. But it wasn't just David Ortiz that was put off by Bobby Valentine it was everybody. It was Kevin Youkilis it was Dustin Pedroia it would is will little roach it was all of them. Who's the guy he took out in the middle of the at bat he pinch hit for someone in the middle and a bad I think it was Jose Iglesias I wanted to. Everybody literally everybody hated him. And while yet maybe they overreacted a bit to him yelling at my Kabila's. It wasn't just because he yelled in my Kabila's party. It was your general sort of attitude and that way of doing things and just your personality. And all that. Was it a glacier is yes OK thank you it took Jose Iglesias out in the middle of an event. It was like a 21 count any of our pitcher. Muted that. In Bobby Valentine fish market. There's homework right here. Let's listen in this one. If we have. Record but it did you apologize though you didn't. I didn't totally. Happy you're just a few times and how to do things that don't correct is it does it well I shut out here you. Look like the first it was after a couple party is in obviously he. David Kennedy another still going on. Yeah because you misinterpret that and eggs you telling the story makes it sound completely different he did say this about. He said if that had did me a would have gone up to him right in front of the fans and the players and drop the punch yeah that's good or diesel are mentally that. You know maybe yes he was upset that I realized I was yelling at a players. Food. Wanted to do because bush then doesn't it it believe it beleaguered. There. You know all of based polite to college teams right here yeah they're great college being. I watched them play Papa. Bell you'll be rented a joke it's illegal guns and opened its way to don't have coolly to. Everyone says that that's just standard yeah operational. Baseball procedure. Okay. It's not surprising that Tiki Barber immediately and happily took Bobby Valentine side there. There what's David Ortiz now what's he ever done is David Ortiz. You have to skip. Shot up the key I can't believe Tiki Barber as it is is still relevant. You're six years ago. When Tiki Barber said I swear to god this happened. So. He was getting interviewed by Sports Illustrated right. And during the interview it was he. He'd dump his pregnant wife first the ball back he dumps his wife was pregnant and starts taken up with this new girl. And during the article during the interview he describes going into hiding with his girlfriend with his young checked that he dumped his pregnant wife for. By saying it was like a reverse in frank thing. Like they were in hiding. Like in francs. That was how he described. Dumping his pregnant wife for some hot young bride. That he was like and frank who hid from the Nazis in. Hit an attic somewhere. To avoid being taken to a concentration camp. Tiki Barber actually made that analogy to himself. He was and Freddie in the analogy he was in frank. And this guy still gets paid the park you can make. They Geico commercial Horry goes around shades everybody's head real fast nine it's funny. I was Tiki Barber still person that gets the dark after he said that. At three compared himself and fracking. If that happened that's not you know I'd people's desire okay well you know he is very good and we should bottom on the radio now he's not very good shots on the radio. He's dull and not funny any immediately to first of Bobby Valentine where or any sort of pushed back there for either one of those guys. You bring Bobby Valentine on and this is asked why. White what you need to do that for. He's not even any Major League Baseball anymore he's the athletic director over at and some college that are sacred heart. What do you that worried about offending the athletic director at sacred heart. About a little push back how about a little G Bobby your method shirt NC in the work. Do you know Bobby David Ortiz is a pretty well respected guy in baseball. In fact they had a big old farewell for formatting got gifts and showered praise everywhere he went. Why should we believe you'll overhead no none of that do a good you're the skilled. Brandon Tierney that's his name Brandon Tierney. I don't know what I said his name was. Maybe a Saber and interning I don't remember. But holy Moly. And why is Tiki Barber's on the radio wise she's still in the public eye at all. After he compared dumping his pregnant wife and taken up with some new hot young chick. Compared that it hiding from the Nazis. In an attic. During the Holocaust. I feel like that should be enough to pretty much. You know that's that's them right there I don't that think we ever needed to hear from the harbor ever again after that no one did. And yet here is interviewing Bobby Valentine. And really asking those tough questions let's take a break six of the 77797937. Asian phone number 37937. Asian armor on tax. When we come back will be joined by Patrick Gilroy. WEEI dot com and WEEI contributor big time Celtics onto. And we'll get his take here on game six foot Becky game five. And look around the rest of the NBA playoffs as they get smaller and smaller here Western Conference finals gonna start on Sunday with the warriors and the spurs Celtics if they can you'd take care business in DC tomorrow night. Moving on to the Eastern Conference against LeBron James. And he's so far undefeated in the post season Cleveland Cavaliers that's next category is next here on late night. This is Christian art can plug Sports Radio WE. His son so much. This class it's three weeks. Other ways sun starts it's. There it's it's run the jewels of the Asia. Enzymes but nobody speaks people ask a lot of bad the F bumper music here on late night everybody questions recommend wheat and I'll tell you listening to them. 6177797937. If your phone number is joining us great. Now on the AT&T hotline and your friend and mine Patrick fury here joins us. On late night hit magic are a. Christian I gotta tell you whether I'm in the studio there which view over the phone I learn something you. About music and every time I have with the Christian are. You know what I the only other person. That I think worked here there really was in the music with Mike Adams he would come on a night and you play all sorts suspect he sees the light mean might he started off as a DJ. Now I get DJ in the club you know now lake dead mouse or anything like you know. And that was how we both Oregon are starch and a. But he was that you look bidding up. Kuwaitis will obviously not to get picture that. Now no of course not knowing known spits out fire like I do on their way of Patrick good to have you on here great that this series is still going on. It could have been over by now wizards could won the series I think very and then I think you and I talked about this I mean there is. There's a lot to be said about the series in the way it's gone so far. That goes way beyond the fact that just ever read the home team has been the winner I mean I think there's a lot of sort of subtext of the series. And I don't know do you think we're gonna see anything different tomorrow night. I don't I heard a lot of people. They that the Celtics are gonna fight in the marker at certain legal or not but Greg did they record tonight. They didn't know right. Eleven and all and away teams in close out games are eleven and oh so far in the plant. Yet I don't think that life this Celtics even if you don't like. Even had BA and every time they either. Put up are you waited there about that moment victory at the giant leap for. So. At what do that would like this that think that they grow up and graduated in ready to take that next step. I still believe that this is such evenly America. Sort of dramatically between these two that whole court and it actually go to our and it mattered a lot. And I fully expect that they go at it like we thought well weeks ago and the public technically this thing out at home but it won't be until. What my deck that about tomorrow. Yeah game seven would be on Monday certainly I look at I look at a team might disperse tragic what they did tonight I don't know if you cut this game but they beat Houston by just about forty points in Houston. Held James Harden had like two of ten shooting ten points for him. Just did pathetic effort for their for the rockets but more importantly the spurs without their best player without two of their best players really. Made a statement to the Golden State Warriors which is hey you at the you have to play us now it's not just you don't just get the curse of the finals you have to deal with us. And I feel like the Celtics if they wanna make that same kind of statement have to win tomorrow. And you know otherwise we all know what's gonna happen in the Cleveland series regardless of how this the semifinal series goes here. But wouldn't it make who do you think would make any difference of the cell the drivel when a road game and we won decisively. And and sort of going to this Cleveland series and and make Cleveland have to deal with them do you think there's anything to that. Yeah and I do IQ Christine because in you know Cleveland is one of those scenes where I still think. Receptive partner we know the play out but it still think that there are kind of look at mental midget title team. Politically caliper but I think the European that allows being. He skated their annual partner at the bit of a front running team and it got a quick even the laid it out into the team right. Cleveland look at politically to help. You corporate theory though you bring that they are the one or abbey at that your leaving out is on our work. But we're calling your head coach could you Clark. There are guys really step up and equality at his team prepared. You the biggest thing on the dock that guy like equality. Could be one of the best assistant coaches in. Yeah you blame Dan Tony for tonight did you see James Harden heating to take a shot the first court has not been Tony's fault. According to this you gonna track record of not at. His team ready to go into all the teams are regular Steven see it being off the disappoint in that figure it's in the ones. I agree with that and I don't think that happens and I don't think that was his fault tonight I mean I agree with you you're right about the Antonin his track record what does that have to do with James Harden go on tour for ten. Not an open but I tell you that at the same thing happened here edit with the Celtics and it was an elimination game inning it. The way that it's imparted that it would be occurred quickly repair. Older is that right. Not put their crop at that position. Yeah I think you're I don't know I think those people would be wrong and kind of stupid but I think you're right that would happen but you know I it. Listen Isiah Thomas in game five wasn't even the second best player you know I mean you have Bradley corporate thing played a better game Isaiah Thomas was there a bit. He didn't have to be everything and I think I actually give Stevens lot of credit for that I think Stephens is the reason I mean they had a real legitimate game plan. And what I really like that they did which I I'm sure caught Washington by surprise. They set Isaiah out on those high screens and he was thrown picks on mar seeing gore tie which was funny to watch but it actually work. No it it it worked brilliantly and it was a new wrinkle and I think it won't figure it occurred or are you look at it here. Old series to asserted that. There involvement in both Wear red boy Burke got a coach Bret even on this course without the right the I think that you know we forget that. Each and every win or read the even at that experience a playoff this year. He's certainly got a better look at the plant have gone along and what I like about rats orbit. Add introduce new wrinkles are typically one like he did in game five you're at right Christian. What you talk about these two teams and how evenly matched they are white home court advantage matter so much. At Roland that's where you're layers your average to below average players step up the result in scenic. Hold on to rout the theory. Our whole. Yet black Knight stepping up and playing very very well on the road those guys are lecturing. Great thing is happening with Washington sorry. You know Otto Porter had a pretty good player but looks like a very big player in Milwaukee write a lot in. Out but not a bitch instead you'd look in the Washington. Pretty damn good. That's the difference between hold a little quick he would end the regular season. Aired we had a circuit minute span that that would call it the program it's sort of a group who bit the Celtics winning their. At number one. It. It got legitimate at that data quickly let them have a big is where that number one need now. Battered because home court advantage in the playoffs dark matter actually to a team like the Celtics or might not matter. To a team like Cleveland with their play up at a current. The difference between winning and losing it going home or continue to play. Repeat what the Celtics. Hatcher Torii joining me here on late night Patrick one thing that has me concerned about these next two games is that. Obviously last night paid the Celtics cruised I mean they got off to a great start there at sixteen hour on in the first quarter. But Avery Bradley I thought played way over his head especially for a guy would too bad hips in fact. I was so concerned about Bradley and how poorly even playing up until game five. That I was actually one who is trumpeting the idea may be Terry rosier get in the starting lineup and him and Bradley switching minute totals and I got called I was an idiot for that. Before it happened in that I was prove that I was an idiot after it happened so. I just I sort of look at this is Bradley 29 points the most he's ever scored in the playoffs two points away from his season high. And that was way back when the season started when he scored 31 points. What what what can we realistically expect from him and they need him to do that in order to in order to win in game six or game seven. They don't need him to score thirty points and eight weeks because it will likely they'll all that security now. There are gonna get a winning game six or error with a pair are going for nonfarm Turkey shoot no. If I. Oh in Isaiah Thomas the two point performing thirty or performance we'll get what do you regret the next yeah of course at a at a critical. It and jumper got the green at six from three and it got to look out there into it. Brett there are now wary Egypt at. At that that a threat sorts either way it political reach the shot not going to be at that and a legitimate number you auction but we thought about it since the hawks last year. Wouldn't regret we have on the floor and performing at reforming a rookie Phil he he's probably the the Celtics second that at the option. Well they're at least you Q what are your tactic or the game. Organ to open up everything for everything else for everybody else because you regret Nicole. Any artwork greens are getting to the hole I bet you regret the back cut that all fell love with that in 2012. Will be not that. Act I. That means generally mean. The crowd of not getting sharp cookie you know it would look in the chocolate eat meat. It regret we need to be respected in the year from beyond the three point line when I. It opened that up at the gate drive to the hole and it opened up every ultra look at the game well. Because he needs to be out of double confirm card or people you operative believed they execute on our. Rewrite recur we were you in our. In critical repair record of Cleveland. You wanna be next game are regrettable. He would averages sixteen to eighteen point. Should we be concerned that Avery back that he regretted about Isiah Thomas hasn't cracked when he points in three games there. I don't think they'll meet a thirteen shot. Look that nothing for Gartner likely. You know at this point it. Smart thing he took with the the front gate and what reporting in this certain etiquette we talked about wreck even. Sort of matured throughout these play out. And Coke. Everything in throughout these playoffs I think you're the guy elected on its credit where it. In years past the open in peak yet and 3540 point the epic shot. At the last year and their theory of the Celtic beat Atlanta with you which like other will be efforts promote Abbott in the apartment a home are. You don't meet that he's here because you're seeing a different are their are lax your work directly. Would have been able to you are that they're going to keep it in our. What exactly the shot at least not yet thirty point game at. A legitimate point art eat eat eat eat everything that we were told he never won either. Everything with the sun never thought he could beat the kings never thought we could see he making other people better by links are using that double teams in the static. From that short guy that you regret being. Politically Jae Crowder are getting wide open our theory it would make it succeed. What's the correct way to handle Isiah Thomas and his remaining year and future with this team what's the what's the correct way to do it according to Patrick or. Yeah I mean that they extend and they go a year early to they'll go after this year well how do you how do you deal with Isiah Thomas in this next year in the and his impending free agency after that or do you let it get that far. I don't regularly get that far but I think the Celtics finally they have these trees and make it there on the card and but with this year because we did they wait the next year old and there's a lot of financial dominos that that. At the ball went to ball honey at light for everything worked out for the Celtics. And part of the maximize the amount of money they get that. None the sort of backed guys. Wait till next year and they don't go out and their potential free agent money they're the week's bad day. Well the opportunity. Gordon Hayward in it particularly current or another miracle will got everything to work out in. Arctic situation or the Celtics. But the maximize the amount of money to spend. The dominant. All the bit about the eaten up there and ask writing one more argue about these and you bet money. Not a Gordon Hayward school up there. We're gonna make the ugly Chile elected on a director of the creek used the lottery pick this year and next your lottery. Quote George street pier. You've got to use that got her right at the heat and Eric earned the right there comet is different scenario in which they can or all star. Not a luxury tax. Act but the domino tapped the ball in the third. The cryptic error fatal fall the banner at the order yet being called the culprit in all and here's another scenario in which they wanted to put. Two all star one of the dark. There are so a lot of work and I'm glad. My parents would their proper because you're really opening that are fair to compare apple. Finally with growth spec has decided to represent the Celtics at the lottery. I think that was a very foolish decision does and Al Horford Paul Pierce both would have been better choices or even you Patrick could have been a good choices well and you probably would muscled out. You know boxed out in the in the lane they're not let anybody get into close. And I just think that was a bad choice wick I mean come on team owner now you gotta you gotta bring in someone that everybody knows and loves in his Alley they don't love wait wait. Then all of weekly Phillip Paul Pierce and they don't love wick like dialogue in our for that's for sure. Can have a conversation with quick yesterday what wicket and I. Is Ernie out a possibility that that you'll Paul Pierce could represent. The Celtics and his answer was would welcome Paul your uncle Paul schedule next week and unfortunately. Fall schedule would not allow it. It's the sort of command. And beat a lot out of pitchers that. Quick or they can aka Paul you're projecting going on prior year's slow wonder why quick route that goes Paul. Your guard or point bankers have probably asked you what about Anna did you ask you inquire about in Horford. Not required out at a but he. He sort of imply that he would be changed their rules and players why children are all the siblings you know the year. Are are at the ruled down note they've got to be an actual team representative. Kind of why would you make a rule bad debt that's stupid why would you why would the NBA waste their time and waste the ink and paper drawing a parole of who can go sit in the chair when someone picks a bunch of ping pong balls out of the box what's the point of that. I did it at that question that the report rightly it's I don't know the because you BA want it period that this thing. If that created it and it and having. And Al Horford would ruin that did come off. They had the box the box owners daughter is was one of the representatives one year. Remember or aren't we all remember yes I remember that very well remember what she was wearing it every. Yes well they got and. I'm curious though why why did we know Paul critical what you're saying bury our fault you were all critics. Or with all the other night when you don't guard that he argue with that over current Celtics and it. Sort of say yet they're the one day contract coming out of that's gonna happen next week something up. I could you figure out why quick wrote that a guy at that Paul Pierce checked in five years old Paul lockyer back. Maybe he do McCall after area 21 and you know they had a nice little reunion over friendlies or something like that all the approvals and it. You it's good being there could be maybe he's exiled like Ray Allen was Patrick you're right I think so much great talking with you as always and they'll talk to you again after the series wanna lose Iraq. An iPad two glory there are joining us here on late night quick break we'll be back after this don't go anywhere in Sports Radio WEEI. Sports you're talking with Christian artist. Sports Radio WEEI. Quebec fairly nice portrayed the hierarchy here we wanna say thanks Janet it's mandatory for joining in that last segment if you miss it or regard for you in the 1 o'clock hour. Good insight from Patrick on game six and there at city NBA playoff. Landscape right now as it gets smaller smallest affect your phone calls when you say 617779. 7937. As the number Darian is in Springfield with a thought on in the Adam Jones situation I was hoping we get to talk about this again tonight what's out there. We'll let a little bit Asarco Mosul that was a lot of sarcasm X next on the let's college it's. Please RE I didn't know. You won the curtain Caribbean bandwagon about. Adam Jones making up songs like that. Now I don't believe that he made it up I was on the morning show and I argued with Jerry about it for most the time I was there I 80 I don't think there's any improvement missed that cause it's okay no problem there's no proof one way or another about it other than Jones's words no one else has come out now it's been almost two weeks. And not come out and said that they heard it either which I think it's strange but I also don't think it's that unbelievable I mean it's. How did it yeah you know a preposterous to think that I could you made me even barely even talked. Acting guys you know they take him for his word Adam Adams in the back in the old bottomed out they date back to the like he's probably going to be played internally in the first party and dismay. I just it was just I do get to find out if you. Like those crazy guys in the morning on their own that it. Now one night and I also made a point Darian right when it happened I was on the air right after they game. And Bob nightingale from USA today came out of the story I don't know Bennett your producer and out it was either you or Matty I don't remember by. The first thing I said as soon as this came out as I said I bet she had a hundred dollars Jerry talents gonna come on the radio tomorrow morning he was on the next day whenever whenever he comes out again I guarantee was gonna say doesn't believe. No matter what I yankees can send. We'll let a couple of old guys in the generational gap that the I don't know mental guys. I guess the reading the driving ability when when no one day I hope you don't you take over early afternoon. Talk you looked well that night outside. I tell I can discriminate you know I mean it's our right I get my own show and on the shared with you know rich keep in order Michael Han and rumor alone in these other people assist me calculate this on as a. That's my dad my guys and one more thing Pargo on. Where are you were you stunned shocked about the spurs game and Iowa. Al-Qaeda. You can mean without their best player they click they'd give them forty point beat down of that rockets in Houston that's unbelievable. Yeah hard and subtle at. You come back from that you don't like I mean Russell Westbrook you know you're better off looking I don't know what they like to use such as I don't even. And then the MVP reason that the that you don't go. Now it doesn't affect Democrats that's that's our regular season there and thank you for the call I call back any time I was regular season so of his. Bearing on the MVP race had nothing to do with this today. And also I mean never once saw Heidi come back from that yet bag game yet very bad game. The guys have bagged and sometimes it's not he's not the first great players have a bad game and and in the top spot. You know the Ray Allen had a lot of bad games with the Celtics and in others time for Paul Pierce didn't have the greatest again Garnett I mean we had it there's Isaiah Thomas is a great player he sets a bad games in the series. Not this bad I mean this is where I was abused pathetic James Harden. He wasn't even there. He had ten points. Ten points. In an elimination game at home home again. Bite McKinney come back for me and come back from what they James. Even after that putrid performance. He's not a winner in winner wouldn't do that wherever he's great he's a great player. Not much of a defender. But he's as good of an offensive players they're aged. And the spurs bottle him up today and that's what happens sometimes you know sometimes teams bottles yup and you can't play a game and he can play his game would gas that we have totally out of gas. And the rest of the teams I forget. I mean he carried that team to the third best record basketball this year. And you knew that if he had a bad game no one else was gonna come in and configured the slack for himself you know yes it didn't come back from that no problem. But it was so god was out of those hideous. And the spurs now I think actually have a chances I don't know about beat Golden State but it certainly. Slow them down a little bit and in town and Golden State has shown that they're capable blown big leads last year and I know they have during this year that. Kevin Durant stroked the way some leads and self like last year there were 31 on Golden State. And the worries came back Ambien and warriors went up 31 on Cleveland and they lost so. And I got a bunch of guys all the blew a 31 only last year. And you know I don't count our Gregg Popovich ever and certainly not until you absolutely have to. As for Adam Jones. I just haven't noticed this is just having the pop up on Twitter. There's this college in Minnesota called same ol' laugh. Saint all left college. Now familiar with the exploits have seen a laugh I don't know what he did. Sounds like you is you know of the Norse the scene all out fight imagine it was probably up there in the Scandinavian region. Anyway and couple days ago or maybe a week ago. Note was left on a student's car it was a racist note that said you know bleak UN word that we damn glad your leaving or something like that. And it. There is a big protest about it students all gathered in hundreds of students gathered Nate. Submitted a list the demands to administrators in the stage of big boycott and talked about all these racial problems on campus. The letter was a hoax. The note was left by someone who was hoping to spark a conversation about race. On the camp fish. And it was not real. And I think I did stories like this happen a good amount OK and I I know that they'd vote I set I believe Adam Jones and I do. Because Adam Jones isn't some dumb ass college kid trying to spark conversation to get attention or whatever. Adam Jones is a multi millionaire athlete Daugherty has all the money and attention anybody could want and lifetimes. Any also doesn't seem to be someone who goes out there and makes up stories and ordered a begin a conversation about rate in seen interest in that conversation afterwards and he certainly didn't seem interest in going on and on about how awful Boston was either. I did the opposite. After the gate talked about how we you know we love playing in Boston loves the fans and all of the passion Rangers which that person and the said that one thing I thought Adam Jones pretty credible. He came off as credible to me. It's strange that no one has come out and say yeah I happening here the guy shouted but it's not in town proof of anything. As some they have you bully while no one said they heard so that's proof that didn't happen no it isn't. It is absolutely not. As for well it's on Jones to prove it otherwise you know is guilty without a without a trial no one's guilty without a trial we don't even know who said it's not like. He accused one person is saying it in that person didn't actually say it now that person's life is ruined the mean this is and Duke Lacrosse you're. You know this she said that he thought he deeply city her fans say that fan was not identified. And in others are very good chances they set on the morning show that that fan was walking down is about believing he yelled at in the mark down the rampant out of the park. And we'll never know what it. And I guess there's a possibility. As small as it may be in my opinion they made the whole thing up I guess that is a possibility. And even if someone came out SNL I heard it it's still doesn't mean that extra. Or not true or anything it's all about what you choose to believe in if you choose to believe do you think he's line fine. I would you say that. If you're confused as to why Boston may still have a reputation your 2017. May be the fact that every time a black athletes as they heard something racist at Fenway Parker to a letter wherever. There's generally a long line of people ready to call liars. You know maybe that has some to do with it. The thought 61777979837. Your phone number 37937. That your number on tax would take a quick break actually before we take a break let's take salmon Westfield with a thought on the Celtics in the was Jason. It was slow groups what's Johnson all of you every night remarks ratio glad do your thank you tell your friends. I don't won't permanently my got a parent 1 o'clock this secrecy funny. I don't know what he didn't give Russia control in this ancient monarch. I'd say their remote but not not zero I don't think it's zero chance I think they have to get off to a good start like did in this game and and frantic crowd out of it early in and you know make the wizards have to have to get on around just to get back in the game I thought that was so important in game five was how they got off to an early run. And the wizards if they were gonna have their run it wasn't gonna push them out to a lead it was gonna get them back in the game and it never really happened for them so. I'm not I did the Celtics are so bad in DC that I just don't feel like there's a good chance the win but there's a chance.

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