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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Can the Celtics win game 6 on the road? 05-12-17

May 12, 2017|

The away team in the NBA playoffs is 11-0 when they can close out a series, can the Celtics keep this trend alive or will we be watching a game 7 on Monday. Christian also talk about if Kevin Durant ruined the NBA season by joining the Warriors. The Red Sox get a good start from E-Rod and gives some hope to the back end of the rotation.

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The speech late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stocks but it's kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. And welcome late night portrait I don't know. Here I am euros hurt Bedard and they had this year on this Thursday evening in the commonwealth. Thanks for staying up the phone number 6177797937. Text messages 37937. Your tweets that Christian art in lots to get through here tonight talking Celtics. Reacting to game five looking ahead to game six we'll do that Patrick you're Oreo during the at 1130 on the phone. To talk about just that. The rest of the NBA playoffs which almighty god. Almighty guide James Harden. The Houston Rockets. At home. Playing the San Antonio Spurs right now is it there are thirty over thirty points they're winning 104 to 72 right now the spurs are and they're without their best player. Why Leonard is not playing in this game he did not play. Tony Parker's done for the year and the spurs are absolutely curb stomping James Harden in the Houston Rockets to the point urge James Harden. In 34 minutes has ten points on two of nine shooting. He's the third highest score on his own team right now Trevor Ariza has twenty points and I don't even though went compel other Saturn got. As fifteen. And Harden has ten. And he's a minus 220. My god is empathetic. At home of all places. I would I would have thought that Houston would would sense you know blood in the water here. With Leonard now Pete and became but instead they're taking their worst losses it died it may be one of the worst losses I've ever seen in the playoffs. On a team's home court I mean this is embarrassing. I look at that and I sort of laughed because. Over in this Boston Washington series the away team can't even you know get on the board. Let alone winning game let alone blow somebody out. But that's what I wanna talk about for the majority of the show here tonight as the Celtics now sit one game away from going to the Eastern Conference finals. That's right your Boston Celtics your number one seed Boston Celtics. With one more win and I know they have to do it in DC and has been stated over and over again that's borderline impossible for them. This is this is it. If they lose tomorrow than they got game seven on Sunday TD garden and they've won every game at TD garden comfortably to. Even the game's rhythm more and we're the worst where they wizards got off to big starts. The Celtics still won those games comfortably double digit wins. I hate to even give this state because it's so boring but I mean I think they'll probably lose tomorrow. And I think they'll probably went on Sunday. Because what the hell else do we have the go on here neither one of these teams are shown any indication that they can win on the road. Celtics more so. Celtics and every inning games well during game four until the second half started. But then there were quickly not in it anymore. And the wizards they got off to good starts in in games one and two over the Celtics were able to withstand them in and battle back and do what they did their. And it last night's game there was there was nothing there was no there was no push back even from Washington. It's amazing how that team can go from looking. As good as they look at home to his bad as they look on the road I mean I've never I've never seen quite a drastic shift like that. With the team that I think is well built for the playoffs I think that wizards team apart the Washington fan I would be so much angrier about this than I am as the Celtics fan. Celtics yet okay you can see where they're flaws are you can see where their holes are. And it makes some kind of sense that if you force Isiah Thomas into a bad game then you'll be able that. You know run your offense and score points in and build a big lead against the Celtics but what was the wizard excuse. What is your excuse for last night they have done. And I know I'm talking about a one CD here like Jared scrappy seventh seed but really I mean I think it's true. Most people will say most objective people say at the wizards probably a better playoff team in the Celtics on their roster wise. They have a legitimate front court they have a superstar John wallet and a legitimate. Secondary scorer Bradley deal whose consistent. As a met in this series but he has been all year. On the anyone count on Avery Bradley to go off last night I know why didn't and I spent much of last night's show apologizing for being almost so wrong about him. I mean almighty god was are wrong about. Barack about Avery Bradley I didn't think you should start. I thought they should benched him and put in Terry rosier and I said that on these airwaves multiple times. Because I'm really done it. Ivory I mean listen I an in my defense. I honestly didn't think he was healthy. Too bad hips. He goes out there are jobs 29 points on only four in the second hampered by that point it didn't matter. A 25 point first half for Avery Bradley. Grab rebounds you know playing good defense. You kidding me. No one saw that coming. I'd love to see that in DC. I'd love to see that DC I'd love to see Al Horford. I don't think he's gonna go eight of nine from the field again I mean god was he locked the look like Reggie Miller out there yesterday. Isaiah was okay AME needed never great game didn't shoot particularly well. But he was able to it's a place sort of a pedestrian and second even third wheel at times typing game and it worked out fine. Bradley hit light data Horford is making shots Marcus Smart was making plays and score a lot but I mean it was a great team effort by the Celtics to. From player won the player ten and a lot of guys get in the making the other a lot of players keep getting in the all these games in the Celtics like. How many times we've seen Tyler Zeller out there at the end of the game. In all these games and the opium blowouts and he eats he's got a Zeller is does James Young is that a three Erica a great. No disrespect James Young Tyler Zeller but I mean it's we see an awful lot of them for a series it's now going through a game six were Null home team is is. Even come close collusion. Spent interest that been an interesting series I would love nothing more than for the Celtics are going to DC tomorrow and crushed on the way dispersion crushing a rocket because what this. Version doing right now to me you can disagree with this if you want to I don't particularly care but this is how I see it with the spurs are doing right now is showing the Golden State Warriors act. Where you have the playoffs they'll. I know you haven't lost the game yet. I know you're probably in our kicking your feet up somewhere in sip and and sit and in my tie ages. Love and life thinking you're gonna cruise to the NBA finals again and then once you know LeBron shows up and you can really start to take these games seriously be let's take us seriously. You have to take this very seriously because look what we're doing James Harden right now without our best player. Okay you still have the play us we still exist. The Celtics of the war the wizards exists the Cleveland arena. Why would. They go on the road and they both completely collapsed. If the Celtics are able to go to DC tomorrow and make a statement and win on the road. And nobody will win on the road about a nice decisive win nowadays double digit win on the road about you show them they were the number one seed and you're not. And here's why. Is all year long you been up and down like this and there was in the wizard were great home team this year. And a mediocre to pour road team. And every time they needed to win a big road game this season they lost. But the Celtics were good road team this year. They're the best road team in the east and in the rafters I think at the same record they were tied for the best record in the Eastern Conference better than Cleveland better and everybody else. And you show it about Asia the Cleveland Cavaliers hey guys we're here we exist you have to play us next. And why you haven't faced much. That well actually is not true with Cleveland they did face some some resistance in the first there. They won all four games but the pacers kept it close and all four of those games. Very small margins of victory one point five point six while you was not they didn't win any game by double digits I don't think. Very close games they lose any but there were close so little bit of resistance there zero resistance from the Toronto Raptors absolutely emasculated. What the Cleveland Cavaliers did the raptors. With the cavaliers did the raptors should be illegal in Canada and in that was that was absolutely brutal. LeBron showed them no respect as a franchise as an organization is accrue as anything. That all that's warmer and Drake faced. They have no reason to think that the salvage of the wizards are gonna give them any sort of any sort of real competition to. Why would day. These teams came away our game. How about the Celtics show up tomorrow night in DC and show the wizards the cavaliers and the rest of the basketball world day. We're not just water here for the cat we all know that they are. To be nice for them to sort of make some kind of statement before the series starts like the spurs are doing right now I would love to see that. That would make me very happy. And maybe just maybe it'll do something towards you know these guys asserting themselves in the next round should they make it to the next round and have to play Cleveland. On the other hand it may be something like that await Cleveland up and realize oh god we had to take these guys much more seriously let's play our best game and an end of school in the Celtics anyway like we all know they're gonna do no matter what it doesn't matter. They can sell this to winning the series in six when it in seven. Not when it at all it doesn't matter who's going to play Cleveland includes gonna smoke them. We know that. I don't know for sure the Golden State's gonna smoke a San Antonio. You know right now you're not sure about that. San Antonio is about to win this game by forty flipping points. In Houston with out their best player I can't believe this is happening. Robert you've possibly take these rocket seriously after this they're the third best record in basketball this year. James Harden has ten points. You've been playing the whole time he has ten points. How is that possible. Isiah Thomas worst game was like this. Pardons tour for ten from the field. In those two shots he made were breached that it. That is unbelievable. This game holds up which unless they. Forty point comeback is in the works here in the last three and a half minutes. And the spurs in the warriors will kick off the Western Conference finals on Sunday. And it a lesson San Antonio making a statement like this without their best player that's that's impressive. Let's give the subs intuitive. We'll find out tomorrow 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That is your number on tax let's get the phone calls you're going early and often that is the late night promised. He'll begin things would John in the car agent. They would auto market resilient. It might probable. And I don't care what anybody says it doesn't get hurt. The open out of the first round and in an accurate story the first team members of one seek a seven game series when he. But it is no. None. It's while at that wrote the Internet according the right he is absolutely. Warring. And it hit the lead that everybody watched it and what END eight outlook as the Cleveland. Actually the regular. And they got it that just annihilate every. Call I don't still playoffs. And you have no right what's gonna happen troop dynamite so watch it. It intriguing albeit in its great action. In. On a rival and an obsolete if people. Receipt I'd do it arsenic are great where did. I just don't John how will you be old I'm forty result. A case you remember that Celtics lakers rivalry in the eighties. Okay how was that much different from that. But it's the same thing it's already cold to me. Yeah I don't wasn't that wasn't that fun in the eighties enjoy enjoy that in the eighties the Celtics and the lakers going back edit in the final. To explore these outlets in most a lot of cheek site. And let's sounds like a personal from the saw the brief on the white student. I don't they are but I don't think it seem to try part. They are correct I mean there's a lot of got a lot of role players on this team and one legitimate superstar I think Horford is a very good player I don't think he's I don't think he's some scrub either plan over his head I think he's. You know he's he's a good player and and there's. Larry he's a good player he. You don't. I don't put him at the top level players maybe you do I don't eat that last week we agent comes here it's not really ever tell you right. And you know you just look at the whole thing try to crate. Maybe personal they get a marquee guy and I know that they turn it blows every terminal way comply. Yes that's true but a meaningless in. NHL finals and I mean. Probably even though it's gonna watch Jon opens I don't watch that note thank. Didn't have what are its winning but the quality of the yeah. It's gonna beat up. Yeah I agree with that I'd listen I think I think the NHL playoffs are better than anything I think they're better than the baseball play out better in the football clad in the NHL play out for the best laugh I agree with. When you idiot yeah I don't quite look like it's a war and I want I want. When you talk about markets. Quickly you know you know you can use that argument. Now I agree but there's also mega stars and those teams and in others in Nashville as soon abandoned. Ottawa has Carlson but I mean those guys aren't those guys are selling a palace gates you know means the difference in. But what do when you look at the play. It and see outside and it sure. Won't get to the NBA championship and seeing how the woman pregnant but we should be embarrassed that it. I'm going let me. Take a step back into regular. This year has been Borg John thanks for the targeted plenty of time call back any time you want that was good draw. This particular play out to eat yes I would agree with you. I think it's been a largely boring playoff series. By everyone I don't think there's been birthday you know that you Todd OK fine that was sort of exciting in the first round. But really Ivy League college right there's not been through many exciting. Series here in the news in the NBA glass finals might be exciting. Finals are definitely exciting last year in fact last year I thought that the playoffs were good product that they had a lot of compelling series. Buy down your. Eared it's a fool's errand trying to compare to the NHL playoffs. The NHL playoffs are real theater you know I mean there's no. It's it's a different entirely different experience viewing in in in participating I just don't think there's any way to even quantify it. You know the NBA playoffs. Are were long and drawn out in especially that first round got the first round of the NBA playoff takes for ever. The black. Even when you know you know what's going on by the latest games over the spurs beat the rockets won fourteen to 75. They beat him by 39. Points in their building. Good lord. James Harden ten points. Ten bleep him points. In the last game of the season. I for his sake I hope it comes out that he was injured or something because that's I mean that's pathetic. In iron MVP candidate. Now he's sharing along embraced and Gregg Popovich. Their beards not going gently together. Kind of nice actually. 61777979837. Let's go to Jason in the car ages. Christian you know the first round of the NBA player should go back. There at that I designed with that I'd be absolutely fine oh right there's no way they never do it and I'd sure that a final me. You know it you know the biggest thing about these General Electric. The market these off in between them out. You know at the very bullish at one game off in between the two home games. And then get into games in between the hole in the game and that way you know it can along. Org about what these teams try to build themselves right up until bit flustered should be plate after tax. They get a playoff and you know you try to make everything. That we are. You know peaking at built on back act. Or to fluctuate and a little bit ever. It's way that it it can be shortened up. Christian you know the thing that I thought I think. First the ball I don't know why adaptable home court advantage is so different than any other sport that beat the I have. My theory is that in the NB as opposed like the NFL for example on I know there's certain home field advantages in the NFL they're more distinct and others they're really far away from the field your far away from the field just noisy nineteenth property here individuals yellen supplement it and then you would be in baseball it's kind of the same thing you know it's a pitcher your pitching goes on. And in hockey. Sort of I mean you still separated a little bit but also on a hockey like goals can be pretty random and and whatever in basketball you have to get into rhythm and you team has to be inner than many to be harder to do that on the road and again that I I think that makes sense. You don't remember back in the eighties. What are all the baskets were different back in the eighties I mean I remember in San Antonio at bizarre looking medal hopes. An and tension in the dark no we had was written. You know he's got to replace him Milwaukee had a different type background and you know back in the eighties and is quite different now they are all the same you know all the same. No different programs. And yet he would take BP you know. Could it be it will be more even laughed at and make Christian. Is beside the home court advantage. What are you afraid to be watching the game and he. Is and I didn't sit here and hopefully in the rectory but I noticed the difference in the cult you Buick and called an acute that the Celtics got it I'm like. In myself opened knocking because Washington it would one call eight Bradley got an air. And it was so late actor took the. I remember ESM army and a relentless aggression. That there are gone. This is not gonna be called the ticket to get Washington and that to me at all. Also part of this basketball court images it's it's so different with the energy routine part of a big difference in the officiating. Not I don't blame every Q about what those they had played official. But it is different and I thought the other night I would watch it. I'm just saying to myself you know what we're getting called tonight it would talk to get what we played them on Friday. Yeah you might be right and thanks for the call Jason let me just say this. In May seem that way and it may seem like to salvage forgetting all the calls but they actually got whistled for seven more fouls than the wizards that. And you can make of that what you want. Maybe that means that. They should have been you know should have been more or should have been less for the wizards or whatever Vick did the Celtics in 25 fouls and media wizards at eighteen. The wizards shot 29 free throws the Celtics shot 21. So you know sometimes perception is reality sometimes it is not. I do agree though the go to Washington I mean we sodden game for Isiah Thomas shot nary a free throw not one. Zero free throws. That'll never happen again growing. But it ad in the Washington CA right calls calls sway they're swayed by the officials are swayed by that that happens you know good deal on the India. And it's something I wish they'd do more added to get rid of but you know here we are. I'll say one more call here before the break ages in the car with a thought on the NBA playoffs hello agent. Scenario and why do. Not much I sort of touched on a credible where I thought I'm lost already and my critical report about how yes indeed the garden and that is what you know I would much rather watch get a color. Hurdle he obviously but. I actually disagree I get a they got beat pretty bad dog. Public and and abroad didn't he got the offer and we'll be worried about it yet watched G. People player I'm sergeant that we have or he might players got to be and that we want to. So. The combat that would LeBron James then and carrier ring and I think that's salute all party that is pretty tidy and aggregate you know there and applaud what are in the winter I think I'm able to his party is different. I can't talk about other. You know series to be honest I watched you met him out but it's part luck and not turn out yet what superstar. And an average guy. Market Smart dirt road here. Crowder I mean you don't have and all and yet it number one. In out here and Easter are and I sluggish start. Yes listen AJ thanks for the call I mean the San Antonio Spurs I think tonight. Are showing that you don't need to have that super team you don't need to be the Golden State Warriors of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That'd go far in the playoffs. And there in the Western Conference. Spurs were in the east. Think about that the spurs were in Eastern Conference team. And add the play Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals. I'd probably bet on the spurs. Really well not just saying now ganache Hussein had to be the edgier whatever just that as they think that that's that they would they're well coached they're just the great you know. They even when they don't have their best player on the floor. Popovich gets those guys to play the way he wants them doing he gets the gets him going. I think if the spurs were Eastern Conference team. Then. I don't think Cleveland would be down assured number one every year. By contrast if Cleveland was a Western Conference team I think they'd be right there in the top two top three with with Golden State in the spurs and rockets nobody else. Celtics in the Western Conference would be bottom half problem. Although I think there is about as good as the Utah Jazz figure our the Utah Jazz or the LA clippers are in a team like that. 'cause EU can see. And it's rare that you can see every once in awhile a team like that really sort of catch fire and play good basketball and be able to it and not necessarily. Go to the finals or win the finals known no team like that started since the pistons. In the two thousands there that'd Chauncey Billups rip Hamilton Ben Wallace pistons. But they're certainly I would say that room for this and you also have some very young players here who were drafted very high and you're getting two more those in the next two draft so. I don't I don't see any problem with the way things are going for the Celtics right now. I really don't even if they lose the next two games or be very disappointing. Provide day of willow won a playoff series. They will have a bonafide superstar. And Jalen brown we'll see what his progression likable she would Alonso Voller Marco faults or whoever it is that they're good in the draft this year. Is like when he gets here in in how his future. Begins to open up under Brad Stevens and and the rest of this Celtics team and assuming that they keep everybody together I think they'll be break back in it again next year. So these young guys will be coming into a playoff atmosphere and I think that's great adding that's terrific. I think even though Jalen brown isn't playing at and so far he's labs this is good for him. Good to get them exposed to the right away I absolutely believe that 61777979837. As your phone number quick break will be back after this year Alina. On Sports Radio got. I told the guys after the game must say the best film and maybe. We lost two games they're gone and Philip finishing the series on our home court self. Fasten your minds that we have to go in there with the same minds that we had in Chicago who wanted to finish his game finish this series. And feel like if we're all on the same page with we're definitely gonna finish this series in game six. Avery Bradley the hero game 549 points leading all scorers. Carrying the self expression in the first half by the way quick correction a city game seven will be on Sunday it actually be on Monday. Game one of the Western Conference finals will be on Sunday in game 7 of the eastern garbage priorities in garments Emmys. Would be Monday got those mixed up. Andy Western Conference finals will be the Golden State Warriors in San Antonio Spurs. As the spurs should make a statement in Houston tonight blowing out. James Harden in the rockets. By nearly forty points. On the road 114 to 75. Might the Antonin James Harden rockets managed 75 points in front of their home crowd. Who were all nice enough to dress in red. And then when they lefty couldn't even tell they left is all the chairs a red so it looked like it was that somebody was still full. Anyways that's what happened tonight I would love to see the Celtics make that same kind of statement because with the spurs did here was in our show show Golden State a got to deal with us though. In our acknowledges walk all over a straight to the finals and then you can start taking it seriously when when LeBron gets here and I gotta you get a deal with us first. A look at the Celtics a sort of make that same statement tomorrow. Now it may be very happy. But I don't think it's very likely 61777979837. Will get to your phone calls and just the second putt on recent text messages real quick I know. I now. Trust me. I'm a professional. Texas says are can't be nice to hear seven minutes of your opinion on Adam jones' claim without proof he lied in the matter remains relevant. OK maybe I should read the let's tell guidance to the text messages and your right to make your phone calls Josh is in Rhode Island cage match. It was subject. But basically much. Yeah one point director practiced on an open about what brand. Motorola faction rough after all now and I enjoy a quarterback who. Blood we. Very Kevin Durant. Cited. You know. This clearly sought to try to single handedly ruined. Bit let us. Road all season really trying to forget honestly there's a judge you wrote this entire season and. Yeah I got the head of us who would present an anti I think you might ever elect the next few years there I mean or I hope I'm wrong -- go -- I hope the spurs I hope that's certainly great oh Boston you know arm can get through it there and make it into staying in the Eastern Conference I mean it's basically if this event who have been -- a Cleveland and Golden State wins then I have a lot -- single in the culture can keep it in a talker Kevin Durant is a west now I have an analogy you know on you know out of order you auto relevant and interviewing Jordan. I you know he's getting deep in any immediate traded from the canister it's like that's that's who would have been like would you get treated its team. Late in the eighties or early night had its Arabic satellite that your area. Yes boy it he you know are so I understand you know I'm I'm not even necessarily against these quote unquote X super kings right it's like I wanna win and I enriched air Natalee died wanna get straight patriots are long putrid teams that are links that make sense but you are one of best teams in the whole week in you're treated to one team. Where woods arguably late. They don't want to have arguably better than. Then his team there were on the under but they were winning 321 Q at one game away from beating Golden State and then get surgical clinic that. Didn't get edges of her brother record judging you traded he chose to go there. It was his choice and it shows ago there's no trade there was a trade it would be better there was an outrageous he signed with a on a one year deal with the claws and opt offered you're too when he might take you don't know that. They're right I mean that was that was awful. And I hated when it happened because you knew you're gonna get this team Albee is there well this is America and then in America you can do whatever you why and whoever wants debating debating you can. Way and it's again great fine it's America and that's great. Doesn't he Kevin Durant is not any less of a very clock little baby back Bihac were doing their. Mind. That was awful. And he could assignment literally any other team he could have signed with the spurs if he would sign of the San Antonio Spurs no one would be saying that about. Does this person when 73 putting games last year. You know I think it's I would dispersion. Any team except golden Stater Cleveland. So what. Anyone of those teams if he's over the San Antonio Spurs were head and shoulders better than just about every team in basketball. It wouldn't of looked at bat. But there didn't care about looking bad he cared about one thing and one thing only. Cruising to an NBA championship. Being down one of three or four options on that Golden State Warriors team. And it. I'll be honest with you get that one game with a 38 points. I'd be really notice much Kevin Durant at all in the playoffs. Other than they game. Eight hit shots yeah I'll take it to the basket he's not playing badly but I mean you. Are you noticing him as he dug leaping out to you the way LeBron is the way who quite Leonard is Isiah Thomas John Wall Jimmy Butler of these other guys now. He's not having that much of an effect on banks. Kevin Durant wasn't on the warriors I think they'd be exactly where they are now. I don't think they have lost the games thus far in the playoffs. I don't think there would have lost the need or want any fewer games in the regular season. Kevin Durant is greatest he is going to that team was just. Excessive it's really the best way to put it just over the top excessive. Let's go to Stephen Boston hasty and. Hello Chris what's up and around. Gene and I watch yes sir saying your city they get they have to listen to on the ropes. Pretty exposed in court the Korea is that they are. I am it did held steady and leave Bradley ya got hot. So there's the Steve already put on hold because your phone's really bad. In fact we'll take a break with stevens' phone gets better and we'll get them when we come back as far as what he just said about themselves expose the wizards quitter. And qualified I don't know from comfortable saying that. There what the wizards doing the Celtics in game four where they expose there. Salvage her down and out of that game. And Aden and in the third quarter they and they income close the coming back. Quick there you know I mean that's he said about both of these teams over the course of the series. And they still got to go to DC employ some will say 6177797937. Quick break we'll be back after this. Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics get more. Actor Christian our game. It's Sports Radio WEEI. The Celtics 1130 next Hillary. CSA about this game six coming up here the Celtics to make the same state of San Antonio Spurs make tonight which we can win on the road win big. And oh by the way. Golden State Cleveland whoever. We still exists is that a player. Might have the players very hard he's gonna play. Speaking of which the Red Sox good win today for them. Needed it big time moves you bets bail them out huge. As it looked like it was gonna be another one of those and they haven't been any lately the Red Sox offense have been good lately but it looked like we're gonna have another one of those old guard c'mon really. We can't had this guy type games. In and Jimmy Nelson. And Jimmy Nelson guys really. I thought Rodriguez look good and that was actually the part of this that I care about the most I was really interest in our readers would look in this in this game here today because. You have right now crisis at the bag and this rotation and everybody knows and I mean it's gonna be it and they'll be able to cover it up here in the next couple weeks is they have the next three Mondays off. And we are Monday's offer one day off that consistently that the and you can go to a four man rotation and it's not the end of the world by. If you. Only have three pitchers that you trust. Or four pages that you trust then not even that but you know it's it's where the situation right now here where. It's a good thing to have those three Monday. Because you have salient for selling now I'd throw Rodriguez in the mix as well. He has been good he's made seven starts I wanna say there at 76 or seven starts. He has made six starts. 35 innings and as an area under three and big hitters your batting under 200 against them. He's been great. And I know he's up and down and I know that he's been maddeningly inconsistent year over the last two seasons but he's 44 years older member. And if this is in sort of coming into his own year this is his breakout year. That's really really good that's really good for this team. I'm not sold on it yet. But there is not been a game so far this year he's given up more than four runs. And I was his first start of the year against Detroit. Since then it's been three or last. Any set a couple of you want scoreless outing. On the 23 against Baltimore six shutout innings allowed just one minute he walked a lot of guys. But I'll take that from him I'll absolutely take their community if he can give you a boost to the back end of the middle I should say of this rotation. It'll be the backyard once David Price comes back assuming that all goes smoothly. Which again with him and are now. But I'm very enthused about what I saw from Rodriguez today I don't know I couldn't he was great. Non and moved you bet start me up now. I'm I'm feeling good about this I think this homestand here against Tampa's gonna go well. And I think the Red Sox are gonna start you know of Macon and make it a real push to get back into this are only four and a half games back. From Baltimore new Yorker right now and that could change I think because. Those any of those teams planner and I guess not. Now I guess the Yankees lost and whatever the Baltimore. A Baltimore got postponed that's when Alan Afghan Baltimore Washington got postponed so there you. Red Sox for a half games back to games over 500. Three and a half back from New York for an halfback from June 3 down. Four back from New York for an back from Baltimore. And the guys playing well on this team are playing really well on this team. DC Craig Kimbrel that I. He is Caroline. Six batters. Struck out five. In the ninth inning he struck out all three batters on nine pitches. Once you threw wanted to go into three device. It's. Derek. I think of feel a lot better about Greg Campbell Craig Kimbrel may go down. And is his second decree shell the best move that the rescue Maine. And I think a lot of people went into this season not expecting that. I certainly deny thought the camera would be good at in the U be this good no one thought to be disputed. But a lot of people came into the season thing unicameral is gonna be a disappointment that he was you know heart attack wade Knapp and I'd heard that a lot. And it during the spring and even when the season first started. It's fine but I don't trust general. Terrmel got to earn my trust Lotta people said that is easier to get. If you didn't earn your trust in the ninth inning today than I don't know what he could possibly go. This that was about as dominant and nasty of him performances I've ever seen. Love the moat he's heating up love that he's at the top of the order doing it. I would hope that if he continues to hit like this leading off that Ferrell not dink around with it like either rejected rather last year. If he (%expletive) like that top of the order leaving there. Leave him there until he starts to cool off and then gold somewhere else do it every edited. But I am absolutely fine with that. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Issue number on tax later on in the show. This this whole thing was unbelievable. And maybe it's just to some like your radio nerd that I really big cared about this or thought that it was so entertaining. But there is a ESPN radio station in Cleveland. You know about the spent. You know about this young lady. I've seen something about I haven't looked into okay there's this a woman named Sabrina park. Who was done. Very cleverly titled show the really big show in Cleveland it's Cleveland's late afternoon show I think. And I don't know if she's a regular co host there what are deal as it sounds like she's just a contributor. Sabrina par is her name regarding your. I think she played for one of those like lingerie football league system. She went on the show. As a guest I guess. And said that Jibril peppers. The draft pick in the second draft pick that the browns made this your second draft pick in the first round I want to. Was not gonna be good because he is on the lean and on the Molly. The lean if you don't know. Really hot with the kids right now it's like code being cocktail. Podemus Brighton Jolly Ranchers and some miles never never personally had the wean myself. I preferred you know. I prefer other beverages. But yes that he was on the lean and on the Molly Molly of course does Langford Indian act. Non Jewish challenged honor claims. But said that because he had a diluted urine sample of the come by and that's proof. And then. She said the Joseph Thomas and offensive lineman was on the lien until. She then and this is the best part. Went on Twitter after there was a huge blow back from the team and from the players and for everybody else. Instead I sort of got I said I'd been misquoted and taken out of context. On a radio show hole. In which you were speaking on the radio. It's true that you know some of the clips that you see if you if you seen this story had been edited down a little bit. But she said the same things over and over and over again. She's had the people that you know sit at the guys were on drugs. And doing drugs and would failed drug test over and over again. And I don't know what you may have to sit down for the she got fired last night. She mentioned that. On Twitter I swear to god this is your tweet after getting fired ready. If you can't handle being criticized. You'll never be able to handle being praised. If it's if I understand whether register on the radio. He she is legitimately instant it adds wow. If you can't handle being criticized you'll never be able to handle being praised. First of all that's not true. Plenty of people are perfectly okay being praised all the time they can handle being criticized at all do you handle being praised being raises great. Some of crazies. You know don't worry it's not that threw things aren't comparable. Especially on line. The mine can handle getting praised online yet the real problem in society today. He was don't know how to handle all this praise the and being criticized. Wanting to criticize somebody it's another thing to repeatedly insisted there on drugs. With no evidence whatsoever other than a diluted sample and not just on drugs but specifically what drugs there. They have a substance abuse issue senator Thomas death. There really. Wanting to speculate. Monday's say wow that guy you know what hires on the you know on emulate it's one thing that. Speculate with some sort of evidence to back it up we eat if you just go on the radio repeatedly over and over and over again just say guys on drugs. Or as a problem we drugs. And insist that it's true and that it's not just you think in that. They may have fired from radio via. But I see you other putter on the air. How I should bring her on the show some time. Suu Kyi essay about the patriots. I wanna know a wanted to who's on the lean man. She seems to know these things. I wanna know who's on the Leno wanna know who's on the Molly. I wanna know who's on the pact. Like that scene and how high it was in the movie how high were met the minaret man Garber Narnia. I like the guy who's like the RA comes up on his bike and he's like hey guys they just want you know a look at for the pot. I'm looking for the drugs I'm looking for the Coke I'm looking for all these things I think that the minute red mango. So I think it's a it's a great way. Because of my favorite scenes I love that movie how high is an underrated movie. It kind of got caught up in the makes the show and I'm like MTV once in awhile which is weird how I was pretty good I need money great character didn't say a word until the very end. Great movie like that very enjoyable I'll read them a huge red infinity Redmond is better than met the man and he's a better actor and a better effort. Actually I take back about the actor has met him it was good on the wire he's been gunsmoke the thing. A Redman Reggie know clearly the superior effort. I will not back down from that 61777979370. Your phone number 37937. Is your number on tech's quick break we're back after this your only that.

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