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Villani and Tomase - Celtics performance and possible moves 5-11-2017

May 12, 2017|

Villani is solo in studio and the discussion has moved to the Celtics. Chris previews game 6 between the Celtics and the Wizards. Also, Chris talks about some possible roster moves the C's could make.

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This is the Christmas money John tell must be extra tour ends. Actually ask you to recall. So that's what you get better than Monday night at least. I didn't care if it's Abbas is not here anymore that's too good not to play again. As fantastic peak gust and the man of the shot at the end that is dynamited night. Now we find a way to to weed out any of the links is about much stupid face being in the middle of it. I really have no problem with my I don't know why this is giving me league irrational dislike of my. The big guy he's the one of the first guys beat first guy worked way. They used to put a sign. This is the hell programming decision they used to put us on on Sundays. Opposite the patriots game. So when the patriot to be playing. And everybody's you know you put it watching the game. We would beyond talking to our grandmothers who work the hell would be listening delighted scoreboards and try to keep it it was lively and fast dates is possible but. Invariably he's still get to that point the end of a competitive game we are essentially doing playback like. I go OK Brady just hit the guy in the flat now looked like it was Welker there are so that second attitude coming up at it's is this awful. Play by play which is legal to do on the radio anyway when it's not you or broadcast. Those are rough days sound like much packed and now the rounds of this irrational dislike of Mike and Nancy they branded it show laughter and he never shows up for ever. Christian is the only one whose picture is in on Tweeter. Twitter Twitter. Is he tomorrow was muddy and tomorrow Red Sox Amare so do the Red Sox mark one would help. One would hope you are right 6177797937. Text line therefore you're 37. 937 you can chime in on Twitter. Actress Bologna 44 in a texture. From Connecticut just following up on the proper thing I do wanna get back into the Celtics here momentarily. Attacks from Connecticut is our properties in my absolute favorite player among non Red Sox players. I was so devastated when he came to the Red Sox and Sox. Is too. Not use my favorite player although I had a weird affinity for the rays they are harmless for the most part until they had good with large part because of crap for 2008 season. By. Crawford to me with such it'll let down because it was so exciting to get him. For me even more so than Adrian Gonzales. The Red Sox try to get Gonzales like four times before they finally got if it like sale it was inevitable at some point. In your life. This guy will play for the Boston Red Sox. And on top of their liking about the Laker Crawford there are 7142. Best team ever on the front of the Harrell air it is. And instead cropper is train wreck. The team collapsed to make the playoffs Bobby Valentine year was. Board a train wreck. And is now you'd Crawford becomes sort of pride and like to Monty said that these bad guy but just an awful fit. It was a square peg were a whole didn't exist. Just a mess with with Carl Crawford anyway. I'll figure Red Sox felt begun Goodwin the Sox this afternoon I'll get some Red Sox team now on the end of the hour wanna start Celtics this hour. On again your calls welcome 617779798. Re seven or use confident as I am. I did this series is over and sell the two winning it seven. I'm either gonna go on the road win Friday DC. They have looked terrible in Washington Wizards have been a good home team in general lodged into Celtics went. I don't know if it's that building and dating there may be to better atmosphere than I give it credit for. But Washington with a thirty win team in the regular season at home and Celtics can't seem to be in their last night. How is by far the most complete effort we've seen of this post season. And the big take away from the playoffs to me it doesn't matter how it goes from here on out where they win the title. Or lose in the second round and in some out can't close this series out I don't think either one of those are going to happen. The big take away for me from this post season is we learned. That Brad Stevens. We know is a good regular season coach we know can develop talent we know you guys to quote unquote eye in. Can also get it done in the playoffs. And can coach the different style of basketball. That exists in the post season. And two games into the playoffs I was necessarily buying into that they got beat twice by the bulls at home. In a 18 matchup. But that was a big unanswered question it wasn't just Steven there was. Isiah Thomas and some of the other guys on this team that hadn't been around winning teams in the post season hadn't won the in the post season Stevens had won a total of two playoff games forget about series two games. Coming and includes even the answer those questions at the absolutely did and it started with making changes in the starting line up in the bulls' series. And it was on full display last night you're covered up two games were you got blown out. A game four where you were embarrassed. And two victories in Boston where even though you came away with a W would put Washington on the break going back to their home court in game three. You still had to survive. I different aspects of an overtime game in game two. Being down double digits seemingly immediately. In game one yet overcome those things. Last night's game wasn't like that it wasn't just the Celtics shot the ball better although they did. It was the way that they attacked Washington from the get go. Isiah Thomas the guy that for obvious reasons the wizards and focusing on defense league wins are great defensive team but they're good enough. To be one of these guard Thomas without the ball get him to give up. And then. Keep your eyes on him and make it as hard as possible for to get the ball back when he does make it is a late in the shot clock is possible they've been good at pulling that off. With last night. Thomas sort of running into those. I'd double screens and would get war which he himself has more facilitator Al clog things up over here. To get somebody else open someplace else and it was Avery Bradley for large chunks of that. That's a schematic change and it happened right from the get. Washington scored the first four points Thomas goes into the link gets I'll get to the free throw line which didn't do at all in game four. And then spends the rest of the quarter it's Ivan about assist necessarily just trying to I have the op that's Ryan. So that taking him out does it mean acting equality opportunity someplace else. And then in the second half rat like even more was writing the updates throughout Horford a lot in the third quarter. And corporate played pretty well in the post season as much as he is gotten grief from Celtics fans because of the contract the amount of money that he makes. I'll when he was fortunate enough to sign a Max Steele I understand all of that. But still Horford is played pretty well this post season on ballot and last night. Even when he's not scoring or getting assists getting him a touch. In the post. Relatively early in the possession. And running possessions threw him back something that the Celtics hadn't done a ton of that's an adjustment that you are able to make. Without big personnel changes that's coaching that's trying to figure out okay. This hasn't worked for the past two games and we are pretty fortunate to come away with a two wins in Boston how do we fix this. And they're able to do it better quality shots in Horford eight of nine. At seven assess. I even got to admit it's out of Amir Johnson and I was firmly on the do not start Amir Johnson bandwagon coming into this thing by. You get some time out of we play 1718 minutes can he points. He get a little bit of something out of mayor Johnson. And in the biggest surprise of last night's game by far. If you had told me that Isiah Thomas wells were fewer than twenty points. At their wallets that's it Celtics last night game they're down three games to two they're knocking a win in Washington in this series is though. By the back today you had again some of the schematic changes. Of OK let's have Isiah Thomas. Focus more on getting other guys involved let's have Thomas also get himself involved more by going downhill getting to the basket. He was able to have a complete game they did involve him having to drop a ton of points. And the Celtics having to rely on him that he's still have to shoot the ball pretty well. No matter why is the team that needs to knock down shots knock down shots from the perimeter last night at 2333. Pointers they hit sixteen of them. And they get the if the shots that hit the shots from deep go cold even in game seven situation. I at home against Washington. They're gonna find themselves in trouble that's just the team that lives and dies by the brewery there they're kind of like duke basketball spent a lot of years. But there are ways that you can make that. A little bit more manageable. And again it's that high quality opportunities for Al Horford get one of the other guards going early namely Avery Bradley he was the guy. He and I both said he yesterday. One guy that needs to get going early in this game was Bradley any dated more so that the we thought he would. 141 quarter point to 151 quarter point to finish 129. But he complete effort for the Celtics in this isn't the Celtics team that's going to. Compete for a championship. And it's not meant to me. The team that they think adds a top three pick the team that adds Gordon Hayward the team that. Still holding out a slight glimmer of hope find some way to get Chris that's forcing us on the roster what Al indyk. After all the disappointments. After they're gonna get Kevin Love and that was the guy to Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. None of those guys come to David Duncan the ping pong ball skip Bailey and keep going back up all the disappointments the NBA universe freaking owes us one. Tom holy outsourcing its help the battle beating team that we start talking in the context of the championship and when we do. When that happened that next season or two years or whatever. It Brad Stevens the coach. Your company I'm confident. That he'll be able to coach the vastly different game to the NBA becomes the post season. So that's a big take away for me of these past. Couple weeks in the playoffs. And especially after last night 193 went to the Celtics are at 61777979837. Tax line here. 37937. Or grab a collar to let's start up in New Hampshire Chris import Smith. Wanted to make a Celtics patriots comparison aggress. They were going on great show thanks. Does that union analogy of like the patriots you watched them play in an epic games scheme and Paul Bunyan like it's guys and get all the ways and all but it. Emmett Till somebody that you would even think of to get all the attention now. Now the teams in the plan are a got to cover that guy and it opens up other players. The most Celtics wouldn't that saw Bradley in the got to step up or for getting all the attention but a look at the stats Al Horford got all the points. All the attention drew attention away from the other key players and opened up more Needham. It's colleague you know they keep views and that's gradually who's going to be it's expand the next game that's going to be great to watch them on a lot there's. Open when the next one we can watch a few more games for the keys and cell. Doesn't make many the state seems like he's very calculator what influence so. Yeah our watch absolutely Horford deftly picked this spot last night I just like running things through him. They have most teams whether it's in the college Glover the NBA level had that one guy did you get this guy touch. Just get this guy attaches to take a shot. Does that that the assist. But if you can run things the rule him ending with with the Celtics its corporate. Yet a better chance to it to space better move the ball better get a better quality shot. And that was the depth and Horford got obviously it's a good quality shots he made all but one of the news eight for nine. But the fact is. Even running the optics for him the opportunities open up for everybody else. In the second half is big and it's a washing never dark closeness when I get down like twelve or thirteen but. Realistically they never had a prayer and the Celtics will not I do think Washington's contained in six and mean. Eight maybe it's is a home road thing in the NBA in the playoffs which doesn't always pop up but man it seems to be popping up in this series that particular. I do think people are making too big a deal that. I've heard a lot of animated Tomas he knows that. It worked and had mad a job to Harold I was in court a couple of days go to court officer I said basically I'm prompted to me out it. It's fixed NBA's fixed. Okay. Well that fact of the matter is if you look around the league teams are winning on the road personal Golden State Cleveland winning everywhere. San Antonio is working Houston right now in Houston or I nineteen at half. Damaging Golden State at game four against Portland was a bloodbath it was 35. By the time people in Portland found their seats so teams are winning on the road not to mention the Celtics in the bulls traded home court wins in pairs. Through the first four games this series it's this series. I really feel is. Emblematic of what people sometimes he'd about the NBA the EU like you know who's gonna win coming in by. The fact is you've got two teams that were really good at home throughout the course of the regular season. Yet the second and third best home teams in the Eastern Conference playing each other. And the Celtics for whatever reason maybe just watched you being good at home had trouble winning down there cited the Celtics losing game six comeback winning games sent. I do not think the home court advantage will matter that much if the Celtics and I'll say when the Celtics played cavaliers Kelly and hammers that next on this on the C take Alec. And let's all or explosive real quick go awhile though experts are you or yeah. Or are directly. Now so that you're going to be like yeah regular next six saying it and you got to pick Ford 102 other stocks as what they do I think you're. I appreciate that other guy to big Ford I'll take the compliment thank you. You got it any clue what I wanna say is there. First of all every universe sentinel and they gave us Ray Allen Kevin Garnett and it looks as Thomas so armed I championship by. That we can you think that Tim Duncan. They are laughing from the twentieth centuries somehow relate that fumble that we've got to move on. That would that would have been that would have been fifteen years. Of dominance fifteen years of dominance of one championship was great don't get Iran. The spurs won like five album I would take the fifteen years of dominance that's me I'm still not over. We have really good or better yet but here's what you without doubt been amazing and I would like to the island eat better you know what I mean nuclear rewrite it certainly while it. What I wanted to say that all year we talked it probably called in about it let's talk let's not about this. Celtics only have one children in need another score. After game two. Whitner said Saturday about an hour as we need to. For a little while we could whatever all the auto racing and everything but saying that for about collecting it that they. I think it turned out when they're the ones who need a score. Because that last game was the first game where they've dedicated themselves shutting down a we dedicate ourselves settled down on law and everybody or cart and open. And working with better and I think that would account counselor I wanna bring in six street the it'll shock wrong by. I think we're doing is sixty dedicated artists don't jump all over the 16100 AM the wizard rock can't accept. They're building a wall around charmed. I was really funny and it was true and I don't think they can do anything without a law that. Our appreciate phone call yet deal was bad they ever they get much from Bradley deal last night and he scored a little bit but he they lawyer argued team with him on the floor. I knew right there there was really nobody else they'd consistently. Was able to editors or to step in and fill that void when wall is limited and in big stretches. And I apologize for not being over the Duncan thing I'm just not. And Tomas he and I talked about at the ping pong balls remembering that forced smile on ML Carr's face. Like the Liz is like your Boston's TD and assignment that you really don't want which can't talk back to only give him that's like yeah that'll be great. Of the hour or the smile I'm not married some assuming this is probably case to the smile you're your wife. Or go to the mother in law's house honey wanna be fine. It'll be fantastic. When the Celtics got the three and six picks up. Can't get over that one billion a car what's a look ahead the Celtics and act tabs if it happens to Billy. I don't do well. What you call unit that. Yeah that we. Or or yet but when. You're. Not an eight I didn't success right now. I think even if they if they somehow don't close it out. The strides that Brad Stevens took as a as a coach what he showed. The fact that this is 88 place holder team before the real Celtics team that actually supposed compete for a championship I colony's success. Right now at 923. And twelve seconds. Not a us air that Barry. Your. Double. But come about it make c'mon Billy they're the number one seed but c'mon we you and I both know that if Cleveland it felt like being the number one seed. Then Cleveland would have been the number one seed. I don't eat that. And maybe but you're playing a team that's as good as you in in the sector I think the Celtics are playing a team that basically is good is they are. They have lies just to the Celtics still just talk on a deal with the last collar. The point is. For me it was more about how they played how they develop top. And I'm more concerned I guess about Brad Stevens anybody else that he's the one guy that I know is gonna be here and be a focal point of this team for the next several years so the fact that you've got back from Stevens. I think it's encouraging even at eight if they somehow lose I don't think they well. And let's play out the scenario would that be have to I'll win this series for it to be successful I think they do that. I really matters at all. What they even about buying into what you're selling other words and I get matters at all they do against Cleveland even if they get swept whatever it is the cavs are the cavs are just the cast. I tend to greet one other question you. Watch the I liked it. More in these biopsy on that last game not. I. Can't. Help the pack. To eat on one of most people what are our options. Stacked up and that we would certainly be sworn. Aggregate content and all. I'm and Japan to take anybody else up there. I. Archer who here. I yeah I think if at all by Audi vehicle by that metric like what does he mean to that team I would agree with that in large part because. The Celtics don't have that other stock. Well you Terry Kevin Durant the better player fine crystals that are. You know other teams have that other superstar or close to superstar Carrie Irving or whoever might be that. Yes you would lose a tremendous amount if you took that star player away. By EU could survive a little bit better than the Celtics could without. Yeah without having Isiah Thomas. An end to be also. I thought this going in. But for a lot of people this is a bit of an awakening I guess. Isiah Thomas is a Max contract guy he's a guy that you can build a championship team with. And it with the get they get ourselves out of the mindset. That there's only like six Max contract guys and all of the NBA. Eight teams can have up to three of them. Yet fifty Max contract guys in the NBA news and who makes a Max deal now. Did the money that's sort of flowing through here to the upper Echelon of players is just so different that what it was even a few years ago. So Thomas is the Max. He's a guy I would like to see. Be a part of a heavy celtics' championship or going for make the DC. The time to take the team on his back when he asked you that tiger and get other guys in ball we did last night. I I didn't have a doubt about it coming in I felt that way about Thomas anyway. But after what he's done and I'm I'm even for a moment setting aside incredible personal tragedy. That he's had to deal with just looking at on court things and in how he's played. It Thomas again I can build team. I'd 617779798370. Couple warrior calls up there won't get to the next. Our kids coming in at 10 o'clock here which he's got planned for a full four hour show. It's the Hubble Lonnie sons to mossy extravaganza sports hernia W the yak. It's Gilani talks all new England sports our Sports Radio WE yeah. You know I just thought we all came out with a better sense of purpose today than we probably did in those games both. You know sometimes you feel a lot better when you make shots three we did and we'll go back to look at film and there are areas where we need to improve and get ready for Friday. Brad Stevens. Sounding about as excited Bill Belichick after win. It's kind of good flow get energy on there and it was a Stephens a thirty seconds. It depressed. Now I want to coach stone that's impressive for sure on Twitter by the way act Chris baloney 44 you can always check in there. The select some some money going on in my my Twitter timeline I need to start this make his personal. I just they but is a fraud that's all that's. All sang. We shall call Monday night in a run at night it it seems fairly cut and dry to me seems. Pretty nice is that Chris Maloney John Tomas the extra tour and honest yeah. And it's really ask you to be called and so that's what you yet. And at least damn right it is. Man aren't you back to Celtics phone calls I a couple of text here few people ask you about the the Cleveland series. Oneself it's overcast and six your thoughts might not know. Cleveland's is playing a different plane at the same thing for Golden State I in the Western Conference and that. For the people who complain about the the NBA post season it's not as exciting an even. You do have a point I think less so in the sense of you know the whole way situation again. Houston getting crushed right now on the road I in game six is a 23 match up Houston's got a top five players six player whatever in the NBA so. They doesn't always play out that way but the big picture. It feels like we did on this end around route this circuitous route that is brings us back to. What we thought was gonna happen eleven months ago at the end of the last post season Golden State and Cleveland again meeting in the finals there I you have a point. I think some of the games over it pretty exciting but fun to watch. Particularly last night Celtics game of your Celtics fans let's get back your call 617779. 7937. Tyler in Connecticut up next on Al Horford hey Tyler. They currently don't do well. That so article Al Horford in been part of the group that's given a lot of he over the season because. In the NBA expect it is going to be some top guys in the top money. The top numbers not stuck with a jeans when there's no way around. But watch them last night in a big catches your minds in the past where. And I'm certainly not comparing him to a particular guy and not turn Brad scenes about. Seemed as Cogent got to play as a team. And a lot of the things that I see are you get the top guys the top guys do this thing you win games and it adult or produce enough credit laughs that was a good example those. You got a lot of little things as other guidance of exit you're for these pretty she wore it to die if she does the right things he seemed to show the kind of character and leadership in the way and and I let people all take that into account and and people vote would get more credit but that's double digits and went exactly well it was because they thought of church and Tom Brady Sarasota. What you need those kind of gritty readers and do the little things in the things that are on sketchy if you wanna win games. It might not apply to the NBA that we believe that are closely on a shelf. But it certainly applaud this Celtics team that we've been talking about for a long time though they got one start within IT he's he's phenomenal on whatever but but. The reason they've gotten this far because they're playing as a team they're doing those little things cycles whose fault siren or it seems to be the best example that. All of a sudden change in the saying that about them so. And licking its kind of a raw deal ability at a party deserves an effort he's put that. I'd be in the Gaza a lot of those people that are called to complain about them and I've been one of them before. Are are constantly plays in the Indian Dole's the world food or how they get it done. That is our corporate Lebanese and it was put up big numbers to see you back in the third. Well I a lot of in baseball called tire a lot of its contract. A lot of it is the contract. You pay guys thirty million dollars there's an expectation. That you're gonna get. Top ten player in the league. And it's they say NA techsters are mean literally here is again up to three Max contract guys and so while. They say it could be fifty Max contract guys in the NBA I understand. Thirty times three is ninety not fifty but not every team will have three Max contract as soon as the African pedantic. Anyway the where was I. Horford is a guy who was very fortunate when he signed his contract after an EC BA tons of money Max contract becomes more than what it was prior. And he's one of the fifty best players only god put him in that category and it Avery to stick with with Tyler's feet in the air sort of the football basketball crossover. What's that word. One of those cliche words that you hear when you talk about the NFL and you've probably heard it in the draft I never watched the draft let's assume that I did. I would assume you heard at some point they'll piper or somebody else say our guys play maker. He makes plays. There are plays that are out there a naics and that's what he does. And that's why I feel what Al Horford. If you're gonna put that put a label on him to play maker works. And in the second half last night especially. All right but especially in the second now well they were making sure there was no come back to be had. That's when Al Horford as he made what ever play need to be made. It eight out of nine shots. Add separated since grab some rebounds just had. Opportunities where he would get a post touch the restored as we'd started sequence where he wouldn't get the assist. But it would started sequence that led to a good shot. So Horford is a playmaker. It's one of those dopey cliche terms here I act like I hear a lot Indian act on paper here in baseball. Am looking backs playmaker. And may play I guess in the ninth inning with a three run home run today did you hear a lot in in football. And IA BQ it would apply to Al Horford in basketball. So for corporate I've been terribly disappointed with him this year I know some people have been like what he's been in the post season. Anti corporate and other one of those guys you can build where you still need a star another star though on this team. Along with Isiah Thomas and branding Connecticut tell you that other stars going to be. I really truly think it can be Gordon Hayward come into the belt and you see that. Yeah part should have hit it in order to mitigate. Our rebound big game it is absolutely read outside shooter at the wall. He kicked out it can replace Crowder and what do it our way. It is our plate and and I think that's your next victory moving forward he played under even before. Obviously college. I don't everything with the duck. Did you talk that there's six worst they're the sixth best team in the west. So I I think that although. Yeah now I am of these. I don't think he's gonna stay in Utah may be just loves it there maybe is once stick around there I don't believe you want to stay in Utah. By EU look at Hayward I agree there he said. 47 years old coming into his prime first all star appearance some of his numbers too because they place old slow. Compared to what the Celtics do especially you'll get more touches he'll get more shots you'll get more opportunities. I says it's in sort had some of those scoring numbers he wants to he's a swing man. He could score every level he's what they don't need. He was good the post season this year which was. There is nothing that you dollars get a deal on a great burden they did the post season but. The you know the jazz were able to do more than I thought they would leased him winning again. Going outside this whole home teams went in the NBA jazz one of the game seven on the road. And short handed two and Heyward is a big part of that. So I would love to see in my near Boston the only way to these days I Utah I guess that he just wants that extra. Fifty million or forty billion dollars but you can still potentially work signing trade because I wanna be there he and get his money it is 5180. Still it's 4132. It becomes the Celtics now feels like a huge number. But I think the potential fit for Hayward who also. By all accounts and on my attire what's on the Utah Jazz ensemble bit in the post season. But I'll counts Hayward is the kind of guy that will be a system. So we look at again another cliche Europe Brad Stevens guys that I in. And Hayward played for Stephen's obviously at Butler but he's one of those guys speak in had his game adapt to locate his team wants a little faster. This team wants to run plays through through Al Horford word with the jazz they got a slow it down and I've got to be. The guy who's more ball dominate and take more shots but they're gonna happen later possessions and later in the shot clock. He can handle those different types of situations. So I'm all on the Gordon Hayward bandwagon. Would love to see it happen. Whether it's the 44132. If they got to figure out a way to details signing trade these wants come back to Boston. Our come to Boston rather come back to a place for Brad Stevens again. I love to have that you put a draft pick on this team. Yeah Isiah Thomas for at least another year and then you figure out whether gonna pan am. Corporate and that Nick's obviously. And you put Gordon Hayward there and got something in the east. To the point where if we get back to with the NBA being predictable and the Celtics and cows being the top two teams in some border. And playing again in the Eastern Conference finals next year you've got at least more that puncher chance. He all the Brohm looks like it years he would that team looks like a year. This season may not so much that punches chance they'll they'll get beat. They may win a game or two and two would be fantastic to be spectacular. They would game against Cleveland they get there and that and that'll be at Cleveland's at a different level their nobody else he word does a lot. To bridge that gap to O'Brien now. But he word and some other adjustments some other pieces of bacon makes he would happens with the draft Saddam's a bad draft pick. And were at least have a different conversation go when it next year. Offer precincts. Adding to listen to that is going to be obnoxious. I couldn't care only if Gordon Hayward were purple. Like the Utah Jazz uniform that he is warn. You couldn't tell where the uniform. Ended and player began. I'd still want Gordy were on this team. Yes there'll definitely be some. Chris you are cans and houses get ready take over WEEI late night we'll hear what he's gotten stored next. Polite with you till 10 o'clock to extravaganza join a sports hernia WEEI. Get in touch with Chris right now six point seven. I sit and I always check out more crisp a lot of water Sports Radio WEEI. And. Better than mother night at least. I camera it is. Are quite as it is WTO late night. It's our kids' shows up. Pre show it's a novel concept eyes and so be joining out momentarily. Double attacks easier to get 237937. Another one upset would I use the word pedantic people are so easily for and it. That I would is that that the snowflakes the snowflakes and talking to hear an offspring. Lawyer please stop with Hayward he's not coming here why not to give me a reason as W dot coming your wife. Played for the coach. We'd sell even more in the system could still make a crap load of money. Why wouldn't. Gordon Hayward consider Boston. Eighteen that was the top with the 3 team in the Eastern Conference conservatively. Number one seed but we know about the best team in the east. In a weaker conference can't play for a championship. I texture or is that a suggestion now sarcastically Utah's get such amazing night life. I love that exchange by the way with Iguodala. It would Dallas said dazed on ESPN in Utah to lol you sleep you slept too long to board RD minute trying to pump yourself up. You know the playoffs you're supposed to be pumped up anyway over the body just like man let's get out here. It's so he did the DI Golden State players who knew that this. It's gonna be a relatively easy second round series for the just had no interest whatsoever in being in Salt Lake City. Or any of the quote unquote nightlife they had the jazz responded. With a T shirt hash tag nightlife. I thought the response though was it just is not. Because the T shirt again you're backing your city by. No part of it. Seemed to highlight any of the whenever nightlife there might be in Salt Lake City I've never been there never desire to go there or. Highlight anything that your able to do on the basketball court weaker still weighed better than new. There's still a far superior basketball team south. I just don't like the idea that response to be was was strange by the way I just for the helmet. IA Google Vuitton nightlife the first thing that comes up with clubs sound. Which is a bar. On now west 200 street in. In Salt Lake City closed tonight. No thirsty Thursday. Is closed. The red doors at least open and then there's a place called cheers TU. But the cocktail bar in an industrial space in the other ones and easy going local pub with TVs and billiards there's some your Salt Lake City nightlife. Advocates at the plays that's called area 51 which is a violently club is that better than area two point one. Non urban there either now I I feel like I've been there after after having seen it. So I don't have never been a Salt Lake City can't imagine the night Lysol legged. I don't think that's gonna be deciding factor for Hayward IG IUs without being a complete homer about this I can see multiple avenues. In which the Gordon Hayward to Boston. Marriage makes sense for the player. Or his own numbers for a chance to win a championship but that's something that I would hope would matter to him. And you know did you play for the coach you know. That the coach is. I had somebody who literally sat in your living room and catch you to believe in the his ability to make you great. And they went to Boller for two years it was the is relevant is Boller basketball or Butler University is ever been in those two seasons. And they left and went to the NBA. So I think there's a lot to believe into an ally to buy and there. And couple other text here. Money policy and upper his family after all this time. They asked how many wives does he had act. I don't think he's more in the now the only words. That's the way it works though I mean that's that's the whole operating families paying. Guys do any guys change teams so I don't think that's going to be the thing that he's in there. I don't believe he converted. Couple detectors in addition to a score we needed defender rebounder. Be more complete on defense. Yes it will be HTC that how to backward plays LE Bradley last night for example. Fantastic op sensibly in the big spark the beginning at 29 points by he. Also plays that aggressive sort of tenacious perimeter defense he need to keep that presents in you might be a situation re can't hold on everybody. So are you able to still keep that aggressive defensive presence Al mark is Smart. At times has had that he's been in this mess at times in this post season to be a double digit rebounding game last night which is encouraging to say. But overall. That's at least something it'll be interesting. I'd see how they address that in who's still on these teams he can add pieces is that this is not that they guys that are on the Celtics right now. With very few exceptions are unlikely to be part of their future two or three seasons from now. This is your place holder team this is the team today. Gets you to that next step that I think help you figure out that your coach in coach in the post season. And then you go forwarding you. Try to figure outs you know what you gotta add re can add to and I think they were part of that. I don't think the Salt Lake City nightlife. Extra life for two when that be more incentive to move. I'm not married but the guys that tie to it seemed to go to one of the continent away from your wife even more so get three of we have all bars here. The ballots get to her. Delicious come on out Gordon we got Walt Burger's sign that the marine. Christian our kids about he's coming your way next much what are Chris Maloney 44 gonna check in there. I like pedantic tweets as the only ones carried a look forward to those stick rapper RTM one of the fault lines for him I'm sure he's going to be talking. All kinds Celtics and fun stuff here WBI late night is next thanks to Matt the marine policy job to mossy for coming in and Pete. For that amazing aligning its MIC open fantastic job great to hear his voice again. I'll talk to you at some point over the weekend the Red Sox baseball team.

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