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Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 5-11-17

May 11, 2017|

Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox right fielder mookie Betts after his ninth inning 3 run home run gave the Red Sox the lead as they avoid the sweep against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Looking congratulations. That there was no doubt about that when that ball that bad I that balance. When the few Nuggets then it. Now you that pitch was I was at middle middle and where was that a thing stepping in. And out. Where was as to why capping had a half swing if I could have been ball three years made it two through it. We UN. Sneaky fastball very come back with a another pitch found a way I'm behind you always turns Democrats while elect him justice everything else in the shadows kind of that a little tough to see him so what's a solid Trotter got a you decorate for fastballs. Track and yes they feel what happens with the shadows and again retractable roof when it creates a channel it kept on creeping over the YouTube moment. In between the amount of home plate what happens. Sometimes is there a time when the ball can disappear for a second yeah I mean it's just that changes you know go for the light to go market. Yes. You know wrong here we are have to attack happens you know it was so there's excuse. Oki went into the leadoff spot again on Friday night and after rough. Oh for five at night you went ten for seventeen since that with four doubles three homers and nine RBS price tag pitcher comfortable. There are highs seemed like you as just. But I've been doing my whole life. I guess that's something you've too. Would you so you're locked in right now I did okay and had a good series got to put it altogether for a season in that you are okay. But of course and you know there was a lot of frustration after that eighth inning squander and he took a lot of this thing out of that that was huge yeah you know carried the you know they got out of that inning. It was good that we just put pressure. You know once the pressures of these times are bound to happen and but the front and it. Oh well the first two games when this series important because this win salvage game you have some good pitching that if you run and especially if we can rulers and yeah. Anytime you get a quality start like that we do. Trying to win that game he's been great for failure. Auburn to. McKee congratulations. In the assent to solve earlier than adequate record. Thank you yes right which if that's with a tremendous three run homer in the ninth inning 106 miles an hour exits me. 403 feet pulled down the line. And then the red sex with three of three on the trip.

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