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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe

May 11, 2017|

Sox skipper John Farrell checks in with us live from Milwaukee where the Sox continue inter-league play.

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As we do every Wednesday at this time we talked with the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Harold brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee John joins us from Milwaukee where the Sox are taking on the Brewers hey John how aria. Are we already sick of National League interleague play by the way because I guarantee them followed on one after one yeah absolutely that's funny. We're gonna get a little bit of a dose of a two more here and then to early next week in Saint Louis so I did there on the schedule planned. Kind of tough to overcome the the first inning for drew Palmer rents he said after the game it was up. Was a mechanical thing as much as anything else were you guys able to identify what is issue was. While we we did take a look at some video after the game and that again here today so I don't tomorrow's open you know we'll focus on some things and you don't withdrew a lot of times like a lot of pitchers and it. You focus on the front side in the NF affronts like clears out too early you know couple things can happen one command is going to be a little bit more erratic and actually create. Maybe the deception to the hitter as you typically do so. That that's kind of a focal point in his delivery and then we'll continue to address. Ask you about Craig Kimbrel had a a great outing in Minnesota. And the Chris sales started bottom into the game in the eighth inning a tough situation for him he was able to get out of it that you guys batted around. In the ninth. I've met my question is regarding his versatility. That's all the versatility of a guy like Andrew Miller you know very well. Plastered a post season against you guys. I'll personal oversee a reliever is Craig Kimbrel. Well. You know first ball in his ability to go more than three outs is is obviously and we we had set it up. On Sunday to go five outs if we don't know if we don't score in the nineties go back out. To finish out the ballgame but. You know those those are select situations and Michael I can tell you that there's a lot of factors like a window guys availability in that eighth inning when he's been primarily in ninth inning closer. Its recent usage it's what's upcoming and it certainly. The game itself so. Two to compare him directly to Andrew Miller in the post season I don't know that we can go that far all the because. Won a short series yet you can be a little bit more aggressive with your closer. In in what we saw on October secondly he's also got kodi sound behind him they're closer. If we had another trick several. Well you don't want we'd we'd have that much more road. A strong pitching staff. Third base has been a tough spot John getting production out more about the play and has struggled in the field as well you try to vote on two different guys out there. At the position do you feel like the answer to that spot is on the roster. Well this point there's there's no. There's nothing imminent coming to us from outside the organization and so while Brock Kolb is don't trust Reid haven't been talking right now solid night for him last night. And in his progression he's PH who played left field last night we'll be off today and then we'll move to the infielder with the upcoming games but. Here's a guy has been integral part of this team is with a big contributor. Even last season took over the third base spot in the postseason so. We're we're looking forward to his return for us. So while these games were going pandas not quite there yet he's taken BP at Fenway. We hope I in the coming days he would begin a rehab assignment so that's what we focused on is the guys that are on our roster that we can you know. Happened to. But yet we we've had our issues there and at least try to number of people that we'll continue to do so until stabilizes. When we spoke last Wednesday you mentioned that Jackie Bradley junior was not gonna play that night that he was gonna work on some things with chili Davis. Yet another situation last night where he he didn't start I understand he's back in the lineup tonight from what I've read. From a practical point of view what does it mean when a guy like Jackie Bradley junior is gonna work on something with chili Davis what are they doing. Well it ET it's a matter of timing. Sometimes players don't know drift in and out of habit that don't get the much. So there to the contact point on time and we saw that rejected and then you know you can't underestimate the ten days nest after the knee injury in Detroit. Trying to work back into them that. Rhythm that he's established and let's face it he had as strong as six weeks last year as probably anybody in baseball. And working to get to that point so I was back in the lineup tonight in addition. You know while he's gone through these you know look look to those struggles Chris young's swung the bat very well and he took over a few games should jacket projected back in center field and I would Bennett and back at last. As they can identity. You came into the season you Adam. Fairly high in the lineup showing great confidence in them now. He's been in the cleanup spot what do you think his. Ceiling is I know lets you know some speculation but now let's let's speculate a bit on on what he could. After. I mean you're asking me the forecast the future and I know one thing you look at what he's doing now there's no reason to think about won't continue. It to say that it's going to be you know experts have greater as he goes for. Who knows I I would say yes he's been unflappable and anything that was thrown into whether it's. Quickly yes and into the big leagues so postseason plate last year. Is not a hard ball and our have a conversation here on a number of things earlier today and I citadel what are when we went to spring training. And I think that the betting was going to be our fourth hole a month into the season I don't know what we were thinking along those lines but yet as we've made the adjustment. The top half of the order is really clicked. He hasn't skipped a beat by going from the two all the the fourth hole where some. But sometimes guys will think they have to do different things or try to do more when there different spot a lineup. That swing plays at any place at any time. I was just got asked that about. In knots that this toll rip on the old school because there's some old school things that. That are that are valuable impractical but. You know it you probably you came at a baseball. You heard that leadoff guy has to do this has got to be very fast and then number two guy or he's gonna be your contact guy or not and that's not necessarily a lot of power number four hitter has they had a bunch of home runs the are are you using that he'd go by that at all or is it just a completely different. Metric pitcher using you're talking about production for your players. You know Michael I think if you look at just what we've gone through the last you know 23 weeks that we take our three hole that are part. Actually don't spot take the two older put in the fourth also if we were bound by tradition. We wouldn't even if you don't begin to approach those but I think the all righty thing is take on base percentage you want those guys have played more often than not you got to get our basic help create opportunities to score runs. And on this trip particularly. The top half of our lineup has done a fantastic job force. Taylor Ramirez a solid. At first base last year he has not played the position yet this year he got in nearly tonight tomorrow you mentioned next week against Saint Louis. Is he going to be a guy who's gonna do it again they'll use him a little bit more or is is he telling David Ortiz where easier your designated hitter and that's Columbia. Well he's at first base tonight so. Hopefully as soon as he gets back on the field defensively. The ideal thing and and our approach. You know when we put this roster together it was for him to be at first base against left in approaching. You know we're sitting here at 32 games into the season and we've faced four left players. 828 right and starters and we we've got right handers tonight and again tomorrow also. You know that will be the goal goal for. But. You know I think Haley is a guy that is certainly. Take into the DH slot loves the DH. And that's a true talent itself some guys that you don't need the defensive side of the game to keep it afloat in the rhythm of the game but apparently on the other hand excelled in the DH slot so. But still against left handed starters like this in the first base would go for. You pitched in the major leagues pitching coach in the major leagues manager in the major leagues. Have you seen a pitcher on a run quite like what you've seen from Chris Sale right now. No not when you consider that the strikeout totals and I'll be honest with the exception of one inning which was the fifth inning on Sunday. Yeah he's been in such control. Every inning he walks to the mound and it's been remarkable in this for a lot of reasons one yeah every once he's stopped from the velocity the actually the pitches. But when you consider the competitive streak in him. The pace at peace that's true with how quick he works all those things add up to. The performance that is put together force so if you look at six straight starts to start this season with double digit strikeouts. If he's truly a treat to watch and no heart I wasn't around when when Pedro to cheer but you know there and there was a lot of talk of people bargain ticket concede that NC Pedro pitched well. I think Chris Sale right now I think category. Now for Taylor Price he's had some he he's had some quote encouraging signs from his elbow injury and he's had some simulated games. I just wonder. For him. It is is did the simulated games. On. I think they did make up for. Minor league starts to add them looking at the time line of him and housing and that. It at the time and he's gonna be on the mound in May how's that gonna work out how does can just explain how he would be able to get back so quickly without. Doing a lot of minor league starts. Well Michael if you saw the intensity. And to have the pit sequencing that he's going through. Will whiff this simulate work and again again we're we're building a foundation from a physical standpoint for him right now. So the repetition it is a number one how he comes out of we'll work sessions obviously been very encouraging yesterday it was another strong day for him. Him going out of rehab assignment is getting closer. Is so you know yesterday was sixty plus pitches I would anticipate when he. Does a lot of rehab assignment or were talking about the same number of pitches in a minor league setting or potentially more in his first outing. So I think until we get through two more bullpen. Will reserve. When we initiate that but it but that's coming soon and you know you map about every five days in the workdays that he's armed. So it was next work session is going to be Sunday. Whether that's another simulated game or out on a rehab assignment that's yet to be determined but he's doing very good job given what this year has been so far. Do you think HMO timetables put on a player specifically a pitcher that it's almost. So much pressure put on him because that if they if they do have some sort of pick up that looks like there's a huge setback or maybe there's not a huge setback or what's the advantage of putting a timetable on a pitcher. Which he's better at all here's the thing immunity you know you're you know it's going to be five days. But I think one thing you want it ensures that you're taking progressive steps you know. Even when David had to take it week to slow down what about when the volume and the intensity ripped out. You know what there was a reaction so we need to slow down for a week and then he picked back up and is not. Have any setbacks aura wouldn't call us back and Andy. Added discomfort or any reaction to the work he's done so. World were in that mode of every five days adding fifteen plus which is to work session and building optional. I'll tell you that's when he's firstly the amount for us in line at the Major League level will be there. Our question of the week for manager John Farrell brought you by Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. I today's question comes from John Don Francisco Brooklyn Connecticut John asks after a game where there's a controversial play disputed challenge or rejection. You ever get an explanation from the umpiring crew either that they are perhaps the next. There's a while I was saying that's our routine challenge. No you're just gonna get the other call stands as has made on the field. If there's been controversy surrounding. A given call and we've been on does the receiving end of information saying you know we didn't get that right. Think back to win. Replay came in to vote or or or was brought into the major leagues. There was one of the first came to New York there was a controversial play at second base and it was a statement issued later. That that call was incorrect so there have been times where you do get a explicit explanation but. I would say now there were three years into it and student four years into it a lot of times it's it's it is what it is and you don't get the expression. And quickly you've said a couple of things about the lineup tonight a what do we got don't. I would Jack isn't center. Bet he's back behind the plate and inhalers and first base so. A little and that will pretty straightforward and everybody else around the diamond including Kendrick on the mound that night. John we appreciate time as always we'll talk to you next week. Stricker thanks I saw a Red Sox manager John Farrell rod to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. 6177797937. Is the telephone number. How did you consider that they are pricing that. Arts equipment to get the quick timeline. For a guy who. We're gonna hasn't pitched this year is going to be he's gonna pitch this month. Well possibly out there right now I made it in the major leagues do you think he does. Seems like something like a big ask but maybe he's doing something that's ask AFC. Ask the right. But maybe he's it is blowing them away. We had if he performs and you. Pretty shocked. 6177797937. We'll get back into the phone calls but you guys just couple of minutes. Dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI.

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