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Sandy Leon Player Of The Game Interview 5-7-17

May 7, 2017|

Joe and Tim talk with the Sox catcher, who hit two homeruns in the win at Minnesota.

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All right thank you Christian move sandy this is the two games at once so different in many ways but that. You're home runs were so critical. You've really got put back going three home runs out two days. Miami off to a good and made them play in any homer just turned to. You know we knew he sees it was Niemi on there too homer it is there's definite values but to help the team to win. Well you must like this ballpark you know you did well here don't you yeah I know I shed its Syria could. Hey you can't do what route. Seven for road. You were nine to thirteen entering this morning that you get two home runs and an intentional walk today yet boss Jerry very well here we. And you've you've. Hit the first one off a guy who's been so good all year then Santana will be looking. Four there I mean he is today was a sellout the Austria's Thomas lives change I mean he did mimic parts of bats in the I was just looking something. You know the play is sent to start to mean I mean. Dimensions are paying him immunity it I mean booster when you don't you sent to keep it simple. Chris Sale today he was. Sailing along through four innings to them about what happened there in the fifth. Made of that does best what is on the global groupers the bomb but there immunity. Yeah I mean they've moved him to go bass and then we became Miami's whose seed Serena is far off Justin to keep beating us so that we can sort of saw for a frame and then. He won the game this season and he was out. Everything we set to give you want because this was one run game in the eighth inning tying run at third go ahead run its second one I think Hiroki. That's what about that pitch to what Joseph Holland over the curve ball right at. Yeah yeah yeah me came up big we have these one now one comment there and they've been seen my work CME's and we have views into. Me and mean immunity apiece history to back there who though that was perfectly done anything yet. Any guy tipped Marie tooth problems so I think I mean that's him that's teamwork that's was a frozen. Then you're you hit around on the ninth inning you're on deck you hope for. For another bad and I didn't a couple more guys smoke you had three at bats of pitched collier has yet. Community we have maybe I mean whole team me up but they were new adjustment to blue moon ago Bosnia's. They just called the team. By eight run inning yesterday at ten run inning that day you that you can't say the biggest games you've got to enjoy them when they happen but. It's good to see teams have breaking out you feel this loosens up the hitters a little bit of. Was from AB Gary years intend to move people are apparently Tom Meeks. Commit to me I mean it literally roll on the they've been producers saw about a return in the game coming against supplement. While Sammy great to watch you today yet that's too bad you have to leave here here I have to hit zero to eleven for rest seventeen in this ballpark with three homers but I think an average kid maybe you'll be back later than October you know I'm big Red Sox roll seventeen to six over the twins is. With a ten run ninth it.

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