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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 29: The Travis Shaw conversation

May 5, 2017|

Milwaukee Brewers third baseman, and former Red Sox, Travis Shaw joined Rob Bradford to discuss his current lot in life, along with his true feelings about how things transpired in 2016 with the Sox. Shaw revisits his good and bad times with the Red Sox, along with his motivation to "win the trade" that sent Tyler Thornburg to Boston. He also identities the American League East team that was truly the Red Sox' rival in '16. WIth the Red Sox playing Shaw's Brewers in Milwaukee, it's a great time to reconnect with the 27 year old.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Eric where you don't know what you're stupid you. Brad boat show. That's delicious. We've talked forever shop few jobs on this broadcast this felt like he did time the revisit. With the guy who is now the Milwaukee Brewers third baseman. Now obviously the former third baseman for the Boston Red Sox the Red Sox are drug guy laying. At third base right now trying to find an answer still after last year. Shock he's doing pretty well he's hitting lefties for the Brewers. Playing every day from Milwaukee. And also I don't know if you do this the Red Sox are going to visit the Milwaukee Brewers in travelers show off starting on Tuesday though. Once again if Philly good time to catch up with saw in find out how he's doing. Saw was good shot talked a lot about. His feelings about the trade his feelings about what transpired last year with the Red Sox and and really how you changed since leaving the Red Sox as good conversation he's been on the podcast before. This might be his. Asked appearance yet drivers jaws back he's back. Numerous appearances on the Bravo show and he is back but he's back in a different capacity this is actually Travis this is your second appearance as he member. The Milwaukee Brewers so congratulations on the. If there are a lot of only brought OSHA. That bill and. But that law if if you remember that one of the biggest takeaways from the previous one which was after you get traded. The wives. That you said that the media stood around breaking news to me that everyone thought the media is to stood around the clubhouse he's dropping on people. So I wanted I wanted off that dynamic with the same in Milwaukee. Boston. God had enough it will go a little bit. There all. Day so it's I mean it's night. The ones well. Yeah so is that first offering congratulations first off getting it it started with your new team the Milwaukee Brewers. Tom and I assume that you finally got your your fair share of here in. And hats and everything else that you didn't have the last time we talked you know. But what's what is the biggest difference what is the what is the biggest decrease the power rankings of the at the differences between playing in Boston walk. They are obviously it's way more laid back. Milwaukee dated your country and actually a pretty good support at all. Obviously. And I'd like it is the ball well. And there's a lot more a lot more laid back. You go about it but that's what's wrong and things of that that the big difference in this. I mean so far enjoyed it obviously not in the spotlight at. 7 o'clock you know eight years what it. Means a lot better we couldn't travel. So do you think they'll hold the whole scene in Boston you're right it means not hyperbole. When you talked about you have to stay in front your locker even on days right union play. Because if you're available we're gonna talk to you and by the way since you're good quote we're also gonna talk to you so. Is is do you think that that whole scene that whole experience of a year and a half and Boston. Has helped you saying hey you know I can handle anything that comes my way Milwaukee. I do are being brought up in the Red Sox that they actually. Opera and figures for. What you're hearing about the media wise is. Spotlight and excellent you get out there at least let me just normal I just thought I'd ultimately get the victory people want nonstop people always draw. Now or the other side of the Milwaukee or what not. Mean they. I mean a lot brighter ball while it. Is people struggle on the first five. Looking back on it out from the outside or in the off and I understand. Almost shocked it all in all I never understood that obviously spoke admirably geared for him being here. You well wish you all the roads Red Sox what's going on I would imagine you tax these guys and everything else might as someone who got traded. The first time in your life I've never been traded but I I am surmise hitting. That when you get traded I would you look back at the team that you were traded from them like you said you came up through the system. He is is something where you checked every single day what was going on do you have have. Might. Put her he'd on constantly the other reporters Twitter feeds on constantly. And this that and want to consume everything with the Red Sox as your diversion away from what's going Alamo Milwaukee Brewers. I mean lucky I keep it separate. They're the they'll. Obviously. Good relationship with the guys over and keep it up in the box score. I'm yet about whether yes uncle bill well. All you guys at all sorts of problems on the right now. It was so what was your take on that since he can be a innocent bystander or situation. Anything about the news there was a lot that happened but did anything about the whole thing surprised. So later. I. La. La. It as. It actually. I didn't think what our fate is in. The situations. That won't. I don't think you strike out to do but look at life and the it is. Built that slide I don't think there's any ten record in there on the bit to what they wanted to do. Obviously should still look here at old. Did you make your elderly people was there it was not a thing like last year when you were the Red Sox to view it is is a lot of times this is I watched this whole. On this team hates his team of the rivalry like you the Red Sox yankees rivalry I do think that sort of something that's built and it's not even a reality. But when you were playing for the Red Sox was there an element. Any sort of I don't know like discomfort. With the Orioles. Not really mean. What it. Looks like this year although. Well. Also last year. Draper Australia beating out. Cleveland Baltimore. I don't think it was good that we targeted and it was this year what you eat why. Like Toronto. Used to that. Say. That lack Saturday there is here before they had the flag. It was kind of why I like. That coupled up the field but on the fielders at. Edwards last year and I don't know why. I just tell you one spot that you would have been potentially missed usually. As if there was a bench clearing brawl is I was going up down on the roster there's a lot of talent the players in the Red Sox it is not a lot of big guys your big guys. Crap so. They editor. Well I have been slight. I have no never been part of a bench clearing situation though really. But I got it last year at so there Warner. Got and where were you I would bring it every. If the beat couple saved you very intimidating you you prevented the whole situation from from giving steam. If so what do you what do you guys since you keep track the Red Sox and what's going on. Tom you're doing very well with the Brewers knew founder spot you're on your career path. Which you established relief a year and a half ago so good for you graduation. By you you look back at you what you with the Red Sox are going through now and still struggle at third base. Arm is there an element I know that you like him in Milwaukee. But is there an element. Odd I just got my chance I could really in this big market in this place where. There were maybe they didn't prioritize we as much as they showed that I could be doing what I'm doing in Milwaukee art could be doing what they did for most of the year last year at that position. Well England but also its first full year on it. A lot of guys. Struggled so badly. I look over there obviously the app here at all. I would not overly concerned. That. Any situation in the market there and it. I. This year they do. After experiencing what happened here and say that you would be in bench. Not performing very well I'd better player because. I kind of got a grasp on. More direct what. It is to prepare. They can sit there with that preparation. Thought in the this year I think I was is that voters because it was and it does happen. On that so they need in the bullpen and pick up any. I can over here now it's every day again. It has been in the case of a chance to play another year period technical things that hopefully. All my plan and a lot more consistent. When the season last year deep down. Knowledge that your grandfather then you can be honest. The after the season's over you thinking I'm gonna be a member of the Boston Red Sox and and be able to prove all the things that you just said. Or I am going to be at peace they used to get something else what was your feeling yuppies not after the trade not even that that day of the trade but after the season ended. Realistically. In the here. And knew I was kind of odd man now my whole situation. I'm in there and get problem the chance. Yeah it was in great shape at the end of the year. I'm 100 Bartlett personally Hughes worked extremely hard he's in pain and what in the last year and a realistic way. Get somebody in that position where it made sense I was. There could be traded or. Thought as arbitrator. It required. And the. Is there an element after your creative I'll show you the guy once again I don't know if you knew this I've not been traded as a Major League Baseball player. But if I was I would have that element of I'll show you that I am a better player than you thought it. Yeah I think that I. It. You wanna when the tree and now everybody competitor a competitor. And obviously won in this year. There's some decoration the kind of hurt them everyday player yet but all that but in the last year but I'm along with. Ergonomic everyday players so well. When the trade. Up in the but the person not personally but I I've really. Establish myself and then we get their face yeah obviously you wouldn't trade. What do you better at now than you were when he started last at this point last year. You wanna roll. You had a great spring training. And you had a great first couple months but what or you what are you better at now than you were even then at the union made last year. Are not wore out a lot last year. Concern myself with my little mini slumps I think. If I don't know about the only thing about that might start. He's struggled with their sporting news and we're going on alert that kind of just ignore all the noise out. I'm not really changed there. Community here and work remains in trading. Stated that they think they. Know what it is prepared. I'm going for the struggle and lose yours started by everything. A lot of them a little bit I'll check it. It is gonna keep you hungry this year and obviously on I think. Experience and can put it consistently and didn't really practice that he should think that you have more reps and more more. So go back to that I'm not asked these two identified in article or sound clip or anything else but you remember it in instance. Like you said. When you read yeah and you're you're saying I don't wanna get my involved in this I don't wanna get my head wrapped around this. I don't want it to worry about this but do you remember whether it was the time of the year. A subject a topic. I general group of articles that you said all men that is. That is a in hindsight that affected when I was dale. What are trees there. Requirement that are are aired oh. The iron. Obviously struggling particularly period for a period there. What plan like what Michael Barrett let me think. My numbers are not personally were not getting sick. Seventh in the order. I think I was up in the twenty plus homers. Drive and eight. Toward the bottom up in order to make that trade. And it is. Why what what what I stand out certainly I think that was. A sort of act how to. Why did it make a trade. There. Then I try to do more. Except our players. It's. So you had two moments Roy you had to trade you have and then you have the month not a thing. You remember Hocking that weather on our office Ferrell whether it was a fellow whether it was Ortiz where there was anybody. Of being able to to a new voice your opinion on this other than you know your bodies and you're just talking. Were you able to sort of form a lot formerly addresses either one of those situations. What yuppie couple situations and keep a lot and a lot right there that there. Will go on and over again and actually there's. A tree target. In the he can't control that that out of your control. Or whether they're part of keeping an apple questions. Conversations and during BP. They have this season the that's that sort. Control. Leave and what they want that are happening. Why is all. Track art. Was the most gratifying I would imagine there was a cup probably couple gratifying moments after. Sort of you know yeah the struggles and then then they brought him and Todd and everything else the me I would guess. One would be that Friday night in Oakland. Another would be what was it it was was it the last game in San Diego you having another good really good game. In that. With the visibility you get. Right exactly I remember you worked out he'll. Are they so. So blacked out though does that that Friday because I was expertly calling broadcasting that game. And nom and we had you gone on the on the post the hero of the game post show on the broadcast. That's I remember distinctly that game that was army cot is here we're gonna ease him in Burnett let him have a day in the major leagues and and he's gonna play basically all the time and then you have this mammoth game in Oakland I would imagine there was that was a in your professional career nothing against Norman conduct and they gonna make a decision maker for you personally that was seat seed that's what I'm talking about. Yeah I mean that they gave gave it happened be it Matt situations so. I didn't I didn't situation daughter that you've got to take over. Just happened that I had to get it. Yeah and you have another good game. And between you worked out in left field never played and you'll never probably play there again right you are trends is a Major League third baseman I think. Everybody yeah I forget. It first. Forget that. I think not that big a lot of people for it actually first I consider myself the first they. That can play there popular. And honestly on Saturday on my career in personal. Enjoyed boat and come and I want on the third. I like a lot of people I've. Probably a little bit better person. One thing. In or not the not the building up here well one thing I noticed right out of the gate when you start playing third base could you reported third base you won the job a lot of people didn't. You put that on the radar. By you are pretty good third baseman and Europe are tremendously accurate thrower so you put that on your resume that I told you were tremendously accurate thrower go ahead. Com buy it until this isn't a first baseman this. Biding their time at third base. Don't sell yourself short now beaten on the boards. I'm confident my abilities since I put a lot of people forget. As fair or deny united now you'd be at third base that you have first baseman. Yeah it's called him told him. Did you see by the way Erik Erik doesn't last name for sports I know how to pronounce it but I want you get the pro. They're O name but you wanna say attempts pounds now whenever. Now the DH yet the teams did you see that coming do you know him the you know anything about him. Now I knew enough about Asia that spring training that need to be or huge he definitely. Like. It's only if you tie when he let it lobster and then fall. All. I used to eat and intern yet yeah yeah okay well Mikey at that a lot of people now. And April. What is he gonna impress the left field center field right. There. What's he do if he doesn't left this is like push ups and like the Bo Jackson workout or Herschel more partial markets before your time but. The way Zito. Stretch. Double. B editor a lot of stretching on. That there's been hurt. Or aren't this year well yeah where I. Russian us and our question and I'm just I'm just asking for my own personal. Wellbeing and it's only going to attract. He he's a big boy. What would they both. Wesley what is the clubhouse like they're compared the Red Sox clubhouse. Very young real and a couple veterans here on a cart. These and like in my situation are a lot of pre arbitration guys. Just trying to prove that there everyday and with that in front locker but he age but he armed robbery. And ball I think we're a lot better than people. And oh yeah here ultimately now on. Well I'll be technically that ultimately though it felt inferior Gillette. So far so good and well. Well you know I was the last few balls on you become the young died of a leader by it but I wanna ask you this. When a lot of has been made we talked earlier about the Baltimore situation and and the leadership in the clubhouse and all of that. And I always thought last year that the UN Ortiz and you had Pedroia at which they are going to be the leaders we get it. But the majority of the the the tone of that clubhouse was going to be the group that you're kind of in. That group on the move to unit and you in the Zander and and because it was no longer I hope from a major leaguer I'd ever major earlier would that be accurate to say. When we talk about leadership in the Red Sox clubhouse that's the group right. Yeah I think that's true data well that scores are better well well now that sorts discipline wise backcourt who can sit. That's what the path if we eat Jackie there here we all. That well basically everything minor league level together. The familiarity with everybody here. He's now eleventh. With a couple other guys with that group that is exactly in a courtroom it was you know. You know direct our our our long in the future. We've got a lot like oh. So when you get there and you bring your Credo about Mr. Big dying city right that's their right mayor denouncing. You give those you spread those are on the club buses and what we wanted to what is that's what's going on or did they make new teacher dessert new driver shot slogan in Milwaukee. That is yeah. Well it's wonderful all the there. And the ability that took. The players that really recognize sofa and what looked. My violence on. A lot about the latest injury. It took a lot of well but. They are calling the call yeah well like I don't. Oh. Blog tell you what since he's gonna spread out those teachers send you a bunch about Bradford T shirts and you can have the whole Milwaukee Brewers team Wear them. Tom is before like you go I thank you for the time is there anything that you want media if the value in on what's going on Boston off. Was again when I ask you this question before you you. Revealed how the players felt about the evil evil media and I appreciate that because now we have adjusted. Is there anything else you wanna ask. Do one question for government. Womb that's a good one. So you did not have you didn't have the right you you have to you have the Mike Napoli locker. Here a lot record. OK all right so Jimmy moved to Ortiz. What would win that when you last won Noah that was him doctor right. It was and what they're handling. Ever had to do on the side and then they. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say that it's Josh wrap it. Up. So so we'll circle. Just relish has had not had T shirts made up about it yet but you know Bristol timing gets. The bud there is in terms of people switching locker price moved over to buckles was locker. And him we move Ortiz is locker. Or. Minutes and he better do is right in the middle there on the road the you're so he's right smack dab in the middle I think he might be next to Pedroia. Right there and I take that back I am sorry I am not thinking clearly he is the first locker when you come indoor the casino greener of the group. Well yeah not on. I don't let the era over there. Did not say more that there for the first the first one though you have this. That's a whole other podcast so why players get blockers. I don't know. Anyway I appreciate the time Travis regulations and and a little obviously you know hit like fifty home runs in the coming days when the reds I commit down. Though I'll give you some consolation to have a time and now applied once again a stalwart on the brow approach so much appreciated. It.

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