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Tim Neverett one on one with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred 05-05-17

May 5, 2017|

Tim Neverett talks with Commissioner Manfred about his call to the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles concerning bad blood and player safety between the two clubs. They also talk about picking up the pace of play in baseball, as well as possible expansion teams and more overseas games.

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Well commissioner I know recent history with the the Red Sox and Orioles was pretty interesting kind of a precedent that you have a conference call with both managers and in general managers to. To address the events of answers to. Well we decided to do something a little different there. We were concerned that we've reached the point to get a real players' safety issue. That needed to be dealt with and the situation had gone on long enough. That we felt we just needed to do something to break the cycle that we're here and and nom. You know hopefully Tom over the longer all little haven't. Good effect. I know that there were. Do you know many events in that series. What do you take out of that is the commissioner and in your office when you see these types of things going on and and when did you feel you needed to step it well. I'm what I take away from it is it's a product of the amazingly competitive nature of the great athletes that play this game. And I think that in general Tom our approaches we need to interceded two point time that we think the risk of somebody getting hurt seriously. Is the common outlets we felt. We were in this situation. Recent events also. Coming from the stands at Fenway Park ugly incidents involving racist comments. Worst league stand on that him and what's your position about other ballparks and what you can do to prevent him handle that situation. Boo when we're at what we're in the process of doing is collecting information from all thirty clubs about what they're seeing in their ballparks what their policies are. How they deal with fans who misbehave. Com what sort of punishments are being leveled. We wanna make sure we have complete information about what's out there and now it's a pretty loot to possibly making some league wide recommendations as to what club should. Be doing in a minimum will have a very good catalog of best practices. That we can use of the clubs and in order to make sure that we were creating an environment ballparks. That is. Friendly to fans no matter what back on the conference. I know one of those the big things right now is pace of game. I guess the solution might be to have everybody pitched the way Chris Sale those. That might help a little bit but what are your thoughts on basic game right now. Well I think PC game remains an issue. Arm that we have work to do that. We're having conversations with the MLB PA about some possible changes for next year. And I think all entertainment products you're seeing it. Other sports. Talking about this pace issue. It's a product of this society that we live in and we need to make sure that now we move along with society. In terms of producing you gain it's entertaining and fast paced. Are there any specific you're happy with their unhappy with at this point as far as our principle like well look I think it. There hasn't been tremendous change this year it's sort of status quo. We did make that it that the one change in terms an intentional walk on from my perspective that was a symbolic effort. Trust me we understood it wasn't going to shorten game times in and of itself. But a you know I'm hopeful that going forward we'll have some more significant changes. One of the things that. We look at is the U replay challenges are what the crew chief has to deal with that because he's just getting the work from the empire New York. We had a strange play in Boston and I we're it was an odd triple play in. There's been some talk about perhaps maybe might keep it pretty crew chief in the futures that's something that's a thought right now. While there's attention there com relates to the issue you know I just talked about. We've worked very hard this year. You know getting quicker manager challenges. Having quicker reviews in the Booth in New York we've done a really good job on both of those which is important pacing game. You know adding a microphone and an explanation after a play is yet further delay. Tom and most holes most calls I understand there's the occasional one most calls it's pretty clear what happens. Expansion and regular season games and other countries so where where is baseball on that while we have a very aggressive. Play on international play plan that was included as part of new basic agreement. We're hopeful the next couple years would be playing in places like London Mexico. Puerto Rico really important to the future of the game. That we take our product in the markets of the game can continue to grow. Expansion I am a believer that baseballs of growth business. Growth businesses generally look to expand we have no immediate timetable haven't even started the process. But over the long haul I would love to see us get to 32 teams a lot of advantages and 32 in terms of schedule and otherwise and non. Hopefully at some point and fairly your future we'll start making analysis of markets that might workforce commission are sure to see if extra time and I'd thank you.

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