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Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe

May 4, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe sit down with John Farrell for his weekly interview with us. Discussed today is the feud with the Orioles, the Adam Jones incident, defensive issues for the team and a couple of injured pitcher updates.

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Far off line. Sports Radio WEEI. Dillon Hollywood keep down here at Fenway Park as we are on Wednesday when the Red Sox are home. Kicks that last segment. To left for this if I'm right it's this is never gonna end. I had him must see TV tonight on NASA and can't wait to see what's gonna happen if anything. I can't wait to see what's said yeah out here when that when the players arrive at the park. You know I'm sure there will be folks trying to stick microphones in front of Manny Machado again this afternoon absolutely. Try to see if that volcano goes off again. Mean every day I think the pregame daddy's little more relaxed but if they throw out of again which I. They probably don't know what did not almost overkill I think you're a top of it probably done with Machado but yeah I've been wrong before. But I don't think the Orioles it's gonna move on and especially after Machado reacts the way that he does and for him to flip out the post game. You to see is that okay analysis of the game I don't see that from them. My game and you thought you wanted to do that that's not a isolated here are for baseball at that that follow them just play baseball. We talked on Wednesday with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell. I John has brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. John joins us here era Fenway Park studios I John. Party today much going on around here I'll hit a cut I'm bad packs that we we only talked once a week on Wednesdays and I feel like you off. Maybe a whole lot more security guys that I you realize that it's like you must sit here and go what's what's today's an agenda item. Well. Makes generous and come to work there's no doubt about it and granted there's been a wide range of things over the past couple days. And certainly had the unfortunate situation with Adam Jones. Who've who've let's face it whether it's Adam Jones or someone. A walking the streets should not be subject to what what took place and it would take Adam at and his word for what has been said. And I and I know that there's swift. And vigilant action to be taken against that and that there's there's really no place. For it whether to Fenway in the streets of Boston or for that matter anywhere. And in any other place but we also recognize that you know what it's part of of the society in which we live in in and hopefully we have an opportunity from mr. eradicated this best possible in Fenway Park it was reported that management ownership met with your players as well. And it was reported that some of your players acknowledged that they have heard racially insensitive things here at the park were you aware that in the past. I don't hear stories and hear accounts out of certain things and yes only knowledge that there was. A meeting with a cross section of our players it wasn't a 25 man group meeting but it was. A sizable number of our guys and it was very clear that Adam was going to be met with yesterday John Henry sent Kennedy and others did meet with Adam to. You know express our apologies. From our organization directly to him let him know of the steps that are are in place the policies that are placed it. To avoid any kind of future situation as best possible. And I think it's important to also recognize that you know the comments of warts who should not. Brush our fans with a broad brush. That this is what Boston or the Red Sox fan bases about it's an unfortunate situation it's disgusting actually. And hopefully. That he is it's something that's eliminated from Fenway and and beyond. You know John David in the game for a long time as a player and as a as a manager is pitching coach. Farm director Gordon on hold Resnick. Have you heard from. Teammates friends. Long before this about Fenway Park City has anybody ever said anything to you before hey I can't believe what I just heard here. But fort. Adam Jones and. Well. No not so I'm not so much. And you. We know that the story what with David Price acumen. That was discussed and in the and he had I think and an experience along the same lines. You know we we know at the history of what it has been part of the Red Sox history and and I know that is something that. John Henry in the current ownership group was very sensitive towards and in the even met a proclamation when they took over. Two to try to change that history to try to change the course or sent out a course. That was going to be more proactive more inclusive. I play in to eliminate whatever might be there you know I can't speak for other cities are the ball parks. Or around the country only all we can do is empathize with the guys that are either in our uniform or that have experienced such as last night or two Mexico situation. Veteran popular February opposite of news analyst on our. Got so much stuff talking a lot to do over yeah you got to try to get it started it's. If without our priorities here. Last night Manny Machado and on a rip city and having respect for any anyone in the organization the organization. They mentioned the coaching staff. In response to Manny which of those vary. Long explicitly. Know you know what. Two to comment on players and other other uniforms that's something we just don't do will always focus on what our guys are I can't speak to a managed feelings are. Only he knows those. But suit you know who we know that there's been some things have taken place over the past two weeks between these two teams. Two highly competitive teams to town the team's. Into the you know setting aside his comments. I really don't have a comment on what you said last night. Now Dustin Pedroia really wanna things to be over with over a week ago it was pretty adamant about that. Last night Chris Sale throws one perhaps intended for Manny Machado is everybody on the same page in the in the locker room. Yeah without a doubt then that's ever been. In question so I guess the only thing I will say in regards to all the events that have been talked about seeing or otherwise. You know that the commissioner's reached out to both teams. And discussed more you know talked about where. Where we are today and what is expected going for. Wednesday you'll that's news wouldn't wouldn't be I I guess that's naturally it so. That that those conversations have been out if yet is that something I'm sorry go into just one follow. Is that something that has happened before and how do you. I parents and your respective the commissioner bud the commissioner comes in and says it's. Okay that's enough or whatever he said is that standards that is that unprecedented. That I don't know you know this or is this the first time I've ever had conversation. With regarding. A situation like this and and that's ball and where relief. Does that mean that you expect he'll begin the game tonight with the warnings from the umpires. You know I and I don't I don't anticipate that I do know that what's expected. By all by the commissioner and all other so I involves so and we go out weekly begin to compete you win. Is it possible for a player to become a team leader six games into his career with the organization. As it feels like Chris Sale is that. I'd like to think that we've got 25 of those but certainly the way he's pitched a you know performance goes a long way into the may be the strength of an individual voice. But to getting to know Chris Allen on the non game days there are days in which he's not starting he's a leader in his own right whether supporting his teammates the way he goes about his work by example. And you know what he is. Set. The par four. He's a great beginning to a career. So no great players have a way of leading by example and and I think Chris is doing just that. I taught you about the game on. What's today's Wednesday somberness it was Monday night. The four error game is that something that I mean what what you do after the game beaches pull your hair out do you do you stay up all night I mean how do you. How do you deal with that game it was just a mess. It was particularly the eighth inning and actually that you know not to skirt around at Saturdays was still in that in the seventh and we had some fundamental breakdowns there's there's there's a difference I will say Michael in that. When you have mental errors mental mistakes. Those that you that you more because that's decision making that's mourn your control. I don't know when a player does not make a play which lets face it they're all out there with the intention to make plays than what they're trying not to not to make the play. That they hurt there and maybe not timely. Bit yet at the same time fundamental errors how you'd a deal with them how you rationalize and how you you know. Internalize them is much different than the decision making there can be otherwise. So you you go back to the work in the personal routines defensively that are being conducted every day. You'd and continue to talk to individuals about anticipating plays because it's it's worked it's anticipation. To X you can make place bottom line is. We need to do better job on the whole I just making plays defensively. It was a update on a couple of your starters every week we gotta ask you about David Price and then what's the latest him and then also Steven Wright out soon or how long my radio it's still to be determined Steven Wright he you know he he did go to New York for second inning yesterday were still get gathering the information back. Surgery is not ruled out at this point I think with Steven is working through was just gathering the information. Understanding what options are available to him and ultimately what course of acts is going to be taken going fourth so. That's pretty much up to the minute was the right David Price is on tap tomorrow for. Facing live hitters again here for pregame. And that would include up to forty to 45 pitches in three. Up and down sessions so he's come out of each of these to work sessions is in good shape the bullpen. Two days ago that was so overly productive one. The intensity with pitchers thrown and all which is being thrown. Has been consistent so he's making pretty good progress. Given where that the build up in terms of never pitched on our today. On today's question for the manager comes from us Steve. Lit while I'm at right for the ball extra name's Steve I apologize from East Hampton a question that we brought to by Colin farms farm house when nice copies Steve asks. Timely question in my 11 of your players get hit while at bat what measures do you takes a bit both the player who was hit. As well as the rest of your team does not retaliate. You know. I think the one thing yesterday. And this is where they have the progression through the minor leagues and and playing the game learning the game being brought up in the game. There there are things that that happened between the lines of is I think falls under the umbrella of get complaining of a baseball. You when you play compete. You know you you you do what you can on a given night. To go out and win a ballgame but in certain situations like that you know we we talk a lot about having one another's back and that's. That that's supporting one another in in times of who won were scuffling in one area of the game how can another guy picked up what do you know someone outside on his teammate. But at the same time you know that you you don't necessarily. Just look to retaliate for the sake of retaliation. But you know at times pitches to get away. And ask your optimism but last question a follow up question on Adam Jones situations up than we've heard or talked about it all day yesterday. And I heard a number of opinions and and some were interesting and one of them I heard a lot in I've heard a lot today woods. Or wide at the Red Sox assumed that it was true. That you know that it wasn't a guy yelling. Is the equivalent of fires in a theater. That thought ever. Cross your mind it across the minds of ownership was that conversation I ever had about. Hate to do we do we think this is this is true even though. We may not have video evidence that. We have no reason to believe that it's not true. You know when it when when a player. Shares what he's experienced. You know two to suggest that Adam Jones just. Pulled us out of thin air. And and is gonna bring this outs mean that that's really shortsighted. I know where we're talking about him and and Adam jones' case from what. I personally know of him. Who won that one of the more genuine class acts in Major League Baseball. For not only the way yours about playing the game what he does off the field and the way he contributes to his causes. It to see that the hand that he's slated for either David Ortiz is foundation or otherwise we're talking about it classy individual. In to think that this was just. Manufactured. And up on that. They changed the lineup tonight yet there are Jackie Brown is gonna get that awful day workday today you know he's been. He's I think he's been taking better swings of late not much to show for put there's some things that he chillier still working through so. That's getting into Ben Finney and senator Chris Young in left. So Pedroia is back in the lead off spot tonight in and that's football in the five hole drop him Moreland down to the six also. A little bit different look. And with Chris Young on the fielders had decent success against Boston starter tonight. You that Hanley show where any extra padding out there that are guilty and I don't see any reason why should. John appreciate time it's always we'll talk to next week okay guys take care Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us here at Sports Radio WEEI.

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