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OMF - The Celtics have no excuse NOT to come back, 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

HOUR 3 - The guys get into expectations for the Celtics who are down 2-0 to the Rajon Rondo-less Bulls. They also wonder how much the Celtics are listening to Brad Stevens. Christian is excited for Caitlyn Jenner's nude spread.

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Fort Wayne and pony and 48. It was a tough decision I felt like you it was kind of turned over to garner was fresh and powerful for enforcing the second this was old ballpark a little vulnerable situation room and runs on nine and as good with Ku and mu and Christians. Thought. It we are telling me that John Farrell took out a guy that had gone out there and struck out at least thirteen which ever have before yesterday because that's what that's no good. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. It. I'd like you results like we actually that is her view lake go through. You re all over dad's dog so I had to I had to pick up relentlessly. And this lady got pretty Jennifer is just let the chair right now just earlier that he chairs sitting in the chair during the breaks in this. What is that about smelling its sense of smell you on its head Tonya. I don't think Lou Lou's going out of his mind he did show today B obviously because you voted for it in Boston artery or something like that he could use of the stuff that John Farrell yesterday all you have to do was fall even after a winner yet. No matter what it thank god and even help her win bogey that saves the day. Thank god promote. What a great game two is and I love the fact that fail he just works so fast. So fast and no no pitch clock no nothing hurry up and get the box man let's go get up. Up in pretty good pretty good fight you know the big story though now the breaking news it's developed here in the last hour and that is that Rajon Rondo he fracture adult. Nobody is saying how it happened yet he cannot find out maybe it happens take a guess if you didn't have rotten practice yesterday. I'm sure. So at this hour. Do some gardening insists spring cleaning is a funky stories somewhere in there is on its belt all right I don't take exactly what it smells like. And shoved it on just source Barbara not. Usually have a an inkling that it's gonna happen I did see some footage from their practice yesterday. And it was point wade I believe talking from their practice yesterday and there was no mention. Of Rondo entry in a may be it happened maybe he spoke to the media before the practice it it just seems a little bit bizarre it's Rondo seen this act before. He is out and so you're gonna get Jerry and grant. Who always going to be your starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls tonight now you may remember. That they were really tiring of Rondo earlier in the season. That they make that that deal in which they bring Cameron pain in from from Oklahoma center. Thinking he can be the point guard he's zero point guard of the future today and already gets thick or of a bond. It turns out paying couldn't fit in and do anything grants at a couple of good games as Ryan pointed out during the course of this season. He's different than that Rondo. In big games that he's played he gives you some outside an outside threat outside shot. But you know he hasn't played in. He's much like he played equally as good as Rondo 126 minutes the last two games he played with front a lot when Rondo was lawyers and also he's played the last two playoff games yes he played a little. But it hasn't been the main. You know has been his enemy get what does what does that what does many guys that Rondo I know I know my voice but it's not like he's been sitting on the bench. So I don't know in place similar to sit on the bench. Out of the rotation he was the guy they thought they were going again. Who was going to be the guy because they traded away their best rebounder. To get this point guard that they felt they needed and for some reason they thought that camera pain sitting out there behind Russell Westbrook on the bench. Was the answer and he's been a total duds for them. But grants gonna be to god and you've got to win this game tonight toe on a little eligible to thank him. When I was concerned when Jimmy Butler think I'm on what their coach Lincoln as it plays this game James fingers solves all the time. There's a disposable different so you don't get that it was us but obviously it was very tough so wait so maybe it was national coach I was. With the same point birth Fred or different Ebert the Tomei was practice could be mentioned it was a initially was loaded jam when he jammed it. Right is everything in almost everybody plays this game jammed fingers comes all the time. Lisa this little different so you don't get the news last night obviously was very tough I Sergio has given her different is not good different is bad. Are you on this case it is actually play record you know you just locate your fingers do Hannity. He just rated you know you just keep going into this if this were the patriots were would would you know this would be an upper body and fear it would be like these light bulb like art. And falsely upper body or does it light. From these are talking about being injured OK so there's no excuse that we all America's leading we can't get back your money is only putting good effort in. And act like I don't miss him anyway great chambers tomorrow. First get back in the bad way again doughnuts they become watered and Akamai about. Wore the water's fine here. And then the second thing is. Now you've got to put pressure on your team your team is practicable when these two games you just got a huge. Gigantic break. You could I could get a better break. You've just got a giant ball that there are better rate will be Jimmie and Plano beat out the only way to make it better aid. But I would say yes this is based especially based on the way he played. And the last two games and more important the last game just immune. All the assistant shots on this would be did the way he was creating as I don't and don't used to strike no chances none no Zahn and only those you lie yourself or your sister site. Even even it out again not to be insensitive or even the death. Even assisted dying we gotta we gotta be an excuse anymore and this since it's. Yes yes that kind of what you sign up for got to move. And that's all eyes and he's got to be able to. To deal with because I think the other guys right now don't know how to act too with him on the court did not showing that that same spirit. That they normally again I understand that the somethings that are bigger than these gains in life blood right now you you've got to play and deal with the task evident. But we feel really good about these two games this weekend before we get the Rajon Rondo and. I knew they would get at least one. There are you might think is a kick I see some fight ice let's see some fight I want inspiration fake enthusiasm whatever you wanna call it. I was worth a dog at a we're easy where our day. To because that's the one of the main ingredients of this team now you're the underdog again. Now I mean now you are now your nostrils the way and this is you're down you're down two games. I I think with this. Latest happening if you like if you suddenly use this and say oh my god we just got to break guys. Yes there's that's today that I needed writing kicked out of chaos that's my game without any evidence what exactly what does or we can afford it we're gonna win Florida wrote guys for a front without Rondo worked once and don't have to win forum but we don't matter what they okay big advocate the boys that of the series no matter what. If you take it 227 games. It's going to be played in Boston. We played a monster that's what they've got the benefit us which party and then once he gets doesn't look forward to it listen I'll say this. I didn't expect much going into today until we heard about Rondo. I will if you thought I was disappointed before and then played so poorly in the first round I'll be even more disappointed. If they don't come on and win the series now and I know there in a note to open come. Kama manager and Jimmy Butler is a terrific player Jimmy Butler does not have the ability can he do what LeBron and a busy and you know he's not on his own cannot do it community it'll be okay let's not put them up there he's not that good night. You're you're gonna need more from going way. You need more from grants you need more from Jimmy and I don't have Rondo eating you. You you heard gala earlier talked about Rondo lay up that's it works perfect forum not only Rondo. Simply will play his game but for Jimmy but. Yes was perfect for both and he's the facilitating he's the woman gets the ball everybody 6177797937. We talked about John Farrell. And what the hell was she doing yesterday pulling for sale. We talked about the a patriots schedule won't get a no more of those a two stories as well here's Mike at north problems. They got it yeah. What I took note on. On Rondo when he torrid ACLU played the final three minutes of regulation. Opel. Is so mean aegis is equal. Is that all I am part pain measures change. You found out later erotic and actually injure ago. With regard for your karma yacht club an article pull out of it and my best yet. My best shot at the name but he's a true superstar like Isaiah that's the difference. This is a guy who's got huge impact fumbled and before you know I say it any exposed defensively series. In the end but he did it and expose products this is the problem. But I don't think going into it and and and may beat Jonas is just you know people are just discovered him. I believe by next season. He is a top five player honestly he's in that same category with Westbrook and Anne Hardin he's in that in that department. But that team overall phone makers include player could young player OK broadbent who they got me what's second round or whatever is a really good player. They have ripping good players marginal role Monroe now as a a guy that you can relying on. That the that that you don't have to rely on in a big situation. These just complementary player is really good for what they need to do that is the team that if you're the Boston Celtics next year. I would say Milwaukee would Jabbar Parker coming back if you don't want he's gonna win more games than. Look at it and and Isaiah is ability. To score thirty some odd points a game you know and really dial and during those critical times that makes him worth it. If you only scored late in the second game appeals court scored twenty points missed both free throws and is not worth it. Our fitness a top five guy and a top ten guy who's if you're gonna be so deficient defensively you'd better make up port on the offensive side you better make up for a clutch shooting. Which lets listen we gotta have you and those possessions when he won the possession changes. And take yup that's fine take up the court. Not a big deal month once a change of let's inhabitants call tunnel which are back on the court that's that's coaching as early in the playoffs but overall as far as. A coach's impact on the game. Basketball coaches have the least amount of impact on the but it didn't we always do not worried about whether. You know. Brett Steven looks like he saw a ghost or not are these overmatched by any other coach which of the best players and when he of the games yet. And that the coach has for less impact. In the NBA. Then it doesn't football in football. And you look at Bill Belichick you look at the great coaches that if the coach and again. They have a much bigger impact. In in a much bigger role in whether your team is successful or whether it fails. It's dealing with dean plans is dealing with style stealing right lots of those who actually practice right. And you've got eleven players and he sent the ball and special teams when it comes to basketball. If you look right out of the way I'd love Tyrone who can coach I don't think it matters. You can't have anybody coaching in Cleveland wins with LeBron the prostitute. Oh my god does GM need your GM of it of a team that has LeBron James on on the team or a GM that has Tom Brady on your team it's it's easy. For you to be GM can I ask you just you can bring in role players and not really have to have them be. I mean you of former stars and other role players all the way and they wanna come and play for the team because they wanna play outdoor horse so they're not and that they're getting that can get out of line that they got us there to make sure they today. They they know who's in charge social Jackson has won more games right than any other coach deals that still I think that's the ultra. You know others could coach and a look at personal look at the panel again ego if you start with the bullies started and you go to the lakers sucks is they edge general Merrill sure he's terrible and you know without getting out you're gonna you're terrible. Now and I know he's so coach I I give credit sometimes when you have all different personalities. You just have to manage the personalities it was a good psychologist but as you could coach. While no please your coach just gonna say he's not a bad coach because having the talent. And being able do for that long period of time there's a lot of coaching and scheme and it goes along and out say during those that was like the bulls were playing these budget chump teams are playing good teams. Pulling me out a triangle on offense that was developed by one of his assistant coaches didn't even come up with that master page somebody is always thought John would attack on job he's got bribery. Not that run. I don't listen I think he's I think he's a good coach Doug of Iran and he's a good coach I think. The point of trying to make is that some players week. Yeah okay so you a bit that's why pump food for the last couple years people talking about Brad Stevens to let Bret Stephens is a good coach yes. He's got the right approach I think he's been on an even keel. I think he understands the game I think there are wrinkles icu and things that he does in changes and alterations he makes that I like. But is he guy that is really the major factor that this team won 53 game. All it yeah Isiah Thomas law abiding good they want fifty because if you're telling me that. This roster is better in the bulls' roster. The only reason why they're losing games because of Scott that coach screwed it up you better roster. You got about a roster thereof to that it Dirk played harder they are fighting what they're making more shots you're roster of better that you should if your coach is better. Should lose all your players are not playing up to Paul okay John I don't know. This is worried that a coaching his work on Seneca and this is were I will I will jump all over Brad Stevens. If you see any alterations have you seen any revisions of these little bit game do what do we really should he try to Tyler Zeller. Arrows here at the small line needed put Roger up their water coverage or they both are in the second half I named him but he can kick off deal. Along with well I think and again I think that game got out of hand quickly in the middle of the third quarter the fourth quarter of this is where this is work coach really plays into the end via. The wizard when you're when your personnel he's not getting it done. Think you need to make some alterations you need to change and stuff and I would say it all starts with questionable running they've got a wrong and that they've got to play a game. Where they're scoring a 115116. Points 110 point. Not playing in the nineties with free throws at the end take you to 10200. Foretold that the seed. But the coach it's really the players the players are big porn. But I think this coach and show much in the first and even during timeouts I see the coach or really any NB coach in the subdued Brad Stevens he's you know talking to the team. I sit there go and they really listening. They really paid attention because it's a lot of you know got guys paying eight level don't want basket time and yet. They unit that's how much coaching you really do when you're becoming a cheerleader that's I had a chance paying attention she's listened location is in our audience and listener that we're good. And here's Bob Bob Zoellick called next I don't know enough about. They got this big Michael all. Night I had a very bad you know Chicago played well against Cleveland during the during the year. I think. And had a wreck putting wreckage. Cleveland can't but the net. Number eight in the first round. They didn't wanna say Chicago won the first round. If you don't you didn't. Which you didn't know when that last week how was going to play out right he didn't know until that last game and you'll playing like. Crap and that last week is I agree with you they played poorly in Chicago this year he really had matchup problems for some reason. Against Chicago. Now how many of those games Taj Gibson played and we can look that up. In the four games in Cleveland played Chicago but you're right dated plagued with a a mournful. But I don't force him so. I don't. Don't the cavs adaptable yeah now they are there that sit out of that that's a thing but again you look at last night's game and doesn't even matter. And unless my game Indiana verses the cabs. We talk about regular season at a look at a team like the Catholic regular season numbers and I mean doesn't really doesn't really mean any any news or are they show ends in season record doesn't he would. So the Celtics beat until the light years of BP gold faithful like here's our state it is a problem. Is that. Wind. Euro on life support like that you're having some problems you can only go to the well so Los. So in the first game they got I'll play OK this 22 Indiana yet again I'll play. In an off day they were able to still pull the game of cat in his the second game Cleveland played really well Obama's first two games and play to their home court. Where you would expect them to blow out Indiana and the pacers. Me c'mon they did Stephenson did stupid things they are that first game he's an idiot. And they've got all sorts of prob that's the team who's got serious problems right now the pacers that I take him out. And first game of the road in the series. And Cleveland comes up possibly fall behind 26 points and yet LeBron is that good. That he's Superman he can bring you back from the dead you can't do after every single night over the I would have expected. That of Cleveland was gonna flip the switch. That you and I would be sitting here talking to play three games. Cleveland is three you know I noticed what happened Cleveland is now dominating in the playoffs the switch is on for good now the lights are on 447. And they are it you know full guns blazing right now they are playing Cleveland cavalier basketball. That's not what's happened here yet you're yet they're three now. Just because there yet because they get wild lost. Well usually as the best player and I yeah I know what my point though and we can't do it every single series and every single game like this although 10 bill will be again it comes bites them. There should have been a first masters. I'd I think they've got to start playing now. Mo that's the same is certainly a good bet your email accounts of say it LeBron in particular. That they're starting to do that they're starting to hit their groove and play the way they wanna play they should be playing. The fact that they were down 21 about 26 points in the first half. It is decided not to show up like to know it's good enough for you must love that game last thing that was one of the cheerleading games on effect I thought the cast. We're gonna get penalties because their players for album quite. We even that Powell's style law. I boy cheer Illinois. The Celtics need that. Cheerleaders and when you buy me dinner at the obvious next week. Please you'll meet two more dangerous driving around a big old truck with updates. I got a dog race. Clinton. Actually touched on the other night indicated. Because I remember there was a stoppage in play. Yeah and the yeah it was a problem. Yeah should be released or owners thought. You know like like to talk to shake some rock and I decide to cynical what are. Quite bodies out like a lot of his leg and it was like well you can obligation and that's what kind of blue box. But you totally you couple this year street Mary's trying to lecture caught in a tournament as I'm sure there's quarters off. So all of step we've met him out. And so I wasn't in the shower wasn't ready and why don't get all. I am sure all but it's gonna candidate. And I split because it got quiet that you can reject. Easily I was bringing these knuckle yeah Saudi candidate got some X rays additional. Are your shoulders got so there. Won't respond so. We ordered out. Aren't. He's soccer Kabul takes a little loopholes that you were so. So I remember. Good thank you. Well here's Bobby in New Hampshire what's up buddy. Eight. So. Quick question. Do you think that Jalen brown would be a better start in the starting line at any regret. No. Why not. Did you see how all although two of the game to Jalen brown was on the court and usually Avery Bradley even though smaller than Jimmy Butler. Is as tenacious as he is he's getting. I guess that outgunned. A variety umbrella on the court and had the sound of coverage of volley went went by my kids he was stuck in cement. Army is ready and there was a lot of you know holding his head down woe is me mentality he's not ready. I don't think so I think is that I think Avery Bradley's a better defender than Jalen brown so and it indeed an Avery Bradley is struggling woods in ball and maybe it's a little different now that. Run as much of the of the game but no it. Browse on the worst offenders and above you may be leading to a distort it would say that Jim Brown has. When he starts again and it and he's there right from the for the jump ball plays much back. I don't know why he but he does he gives you really good first quarters both offensively and defense of I join him and by the way he's done it against LeBron. Against LeBron he's done where she looked pretty damn good as a starter. So. I I don't know its teachers thing and they certainly needs some. Firepower some some scoring off that. It should be very interesting to see. What Brad Stevens that time but he that a make an alteration I don't want senior Johnson Duncan's story. I don't mean. And also in the Osce. How this is my idea. Those saying the warriors don't in the finals which. With the Hartley. So said the war is don't in the finals I heard if they don't then terrain in Italy Cox's player option. Do you think that we go out get to rant. And then also tracked Markoff also considering he went to Washington and work out with Isiah Thomas during. The Nazis. I just don't seem to rant leaving a news things mostly in those conditions you're telling me they don't win the championship this year Golden State. Two it would look like a total fool carpetbagger a move and all of a sudden more from me and I'm going elsewhere. And how would that. Look I mean I don't know who cares how looks. Aaron Carroll looks like what is an agent easily do what you want and he's so white always looks to denied they even legal when he left their selection of stupid or criticism no we did not at all she said no no no no for no reason all the old school the old the old players Charles Barkley the world are divided America. No it's not always on it is and you know you'll guy's ego I am not and you're you're you're you're one of the I it's all a part due to the depth chart for the patriots I don't see and that's about it walked out on the an old guys like you the united I think all guys old school forgot your I now do you guys getting the hey John I got off the lawn guy issue on the get off my lawn guys you know please I don't showed that the all the time street applauded spam monogram and favorite show ever so modern and moderate and. I six point 777. 7937. Look at the day off he couldn't handle it today with Farrell's move yesterday so we go on wood without a move ducked a lot about. Situation with the Celtics tonight we'll get in some of the Bruins stuff as well. But the seas and I'd get a gigantic break Rajon Rondo out indefinitely. You back to OMF. Faster or the number he's making a round I know you have somebody just saying don't like and I do not have the numbers. We're waiting for loan and Fauria Sports Radio W. TI. I'm sure tiger presents. On a roll. The last seven days motif that's just found his swing fourteen hits first homer of the season. Hitting team winning three run double yesterday he was on a role for her because his manager was not on the overall. And put him in that position so brought you might sound fair tough. For the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. We're gonna get into some football conversation a few minutes here because so Cleveland. I've kind of sense out so much smoke signals that every inch thing when it comes to. A Jimmy grapple but the problem I have that hesitate on that is because they log over your parent is like a obsessed with. It. And yet I'm not mr. Sharon I don't not even start that rumor shot chopping I am John also walking and working some letters down near and parent going to be like a nude picture right now I guess this year's C rights of blues for it. Write the book she. It's on to I politically correct I guess just can't blame Mike for making that mistake you'll get is Bruce Keylon whatever okay she she. Wrote a book she wrote a book and then I guess now she is going to pose nude correcting questioner. News slowly warming former why life right slash she's whatever. You know noted TV I'm sure. A lot of or whatever but basically is purported book bad effect coming soon never been more disappointed and disgusted at Seoul lies she's making it all up apparently. Not as Brooks. He writes and he writes for the sport fit as Grossman writes in the book that before they made law. He and fingers Jenner. He used to tell her that he really felt like he was a woman he really felt as she claims this is all BS that this is all made up that none of it is is true he's just now. He's he's. He's creating a fake world right now they did not exist when he was with her because of usual he's trying to character issues up to key. In the bunker where. I'll read it and basically won't saying she had to say when she I was great socially departing went fine. Liked the liked it read to you on its. Such as meats it's not that make everything she says oh Almeida. Why does everything have to be that Chris is such a incidents. I was curious and that won't hollow is going home. She said you just would never understand and then all of the book and Chris knew. Chris knew before it even made to her and her. And like that. Track. At least our try to seek religious and this is this in inappropriate. Why did we have to have any of these people and eyes want like anywhere close to. Are forced to try and in cloning does. Following in the interest in the township may be our daughter did better hurry up and went in another title news that's obvious throughout him all about here's the thing here and they'll all. Laughing to the bank and the society living in and so he's shown it. And nothing but open up my own. And my heart to a new dads and some of the ad industry. Doesn't detonated a geared they don't care about you. She is 67 years old she's Caitlin. Yes Caitlin you send name me to assure older than I am. A 67 year old anybody woman model former model that I would they wanna see me. All. Polls Cindy Crawford right now she's not 6750. Page she added it's those 67. Really. 67 year old you know anything now. Who's got an altogether probably 51 she's on the grassy 66 years older than me that's the shock. Jewels. So 67 years old so really the not bomb and we do on the slick layer of flip style we do when there's so are you had your child. I'll or what what is this the velocity really understood that he hustler. Well I hope it's gonna Hoss was before refuted that that's going to be a whole. Good bits and once I was above the bottom line had to buy her all and I listen amoled let's go home with the everything but I don't wanted to be all airbrushed and you know I look Reynolds I know creative control. Its repeated the images are beautiful. You look gorgeous gonna I don't know a little casual late. Looking over her shoulder late. Who that's exactly what's gonna be I can't don't forget. I don't want that to him I wanna don't want him like Larry Flynt and he and Laura and I got an Internet but a tournament. Wait she succeeded showed off. Don't you sixties. What would hold 67 what an altered. My appointment. I honestly don't I don't iconic woman I don't wanna see Bruce Jenner with a short as a man. Let alone he engendered a good point but naked but I'm gonna do it and this is all for science. It's a learning experience. That all little curious. Okay morbidly curious I would say. But it's or the other either science or more over the seats and I as an attorney wanted to voice my miner to have more balls very as you think during the break he said to me. These pictures of Hitler and then he falls about what. It's like he's really looking forward to these picture these pictures don't have you clap. Another and get another nine. Some major of famous top photographer is this is going to be all our dog a third party said there is but you can't take away all the wrinkles you can take away the football because he's got a Obama. And he's got that also as a man he's got that also YouTube and air brushed back down shouted out boomed and be propped up. I mean c'mon Obama may be the best part because they can do anything and if it's only if you don't that you drop off they had to show me the boot I think I am on and Christie Brinkley 63 years there we go. Rockers aren't exactly obviously she's still optimistic doesn't Cindy Crawford announcement of his bravery as well until hot especially to shoot the version called me about 67. 636074. Years ago today. A lot for a guy that's done all the stop all this one presidential cycle. Maybe the debate and we are up. But you I know I'm only going I'm telling you Joseph I don't I don't OK if I told you what I used to break like myself the Christie Brinkley yes. Know your for that don't do that and oh yeah do you don't know that's what they see it from ones about one of those you're not alone there. I know. You say adversity you watch you Wanda yeah Andrea market. Is it isn't there right early if I was him I'm sick of cape Jenner is the world month did you. And did you like Bruce Jenner. Not really like Bruce Jenner a lot to write it right now I feel like I think Heatley dinners and able. A duke is a liar. I mean now what mine sensitive about sick of all the I don't like Bruce I don't like Kalin either so. There we are certainly a fit because you'll younger than I am not much but little that. The car dash and still have shelf life rules. Because I thought in society today and maybe I should ask this question of Paul Ryan is there Maloney holes here. Colonials just get sick and tired of staff review quickly. How is it that the card she's still have you guys the whole it was a stupid. Oh most people are stupid. Boy think of the average are you driving down the road won the average guy average person standing in line wall is an eighty. Now realize it. Half the people dominant. You're only but this whole Kardashian. The full thing with them it's not mails it to slow it it is it is it is teenagers is teeny bop eight big ideological it is. All her apps her bird whatever and everything she's doing. Men watching this I can rattle watches still out of watching because they love to live vicariously through that lifestyle I think a lot of females if you're a man and you're in your product you're doing one million lifestyles are going to view that's why they want. And slightly higher dollar round and only if you're the only good job all the way you should be looking at Kim Kardashian if you pull out the sixty. Kate can Kardashian CNET that's I have seen that one. Or every few cents. Over Jones for the first person look at the case Jenner picks I would fuel at all. The first on June curious absolutely he wanted if you're asking I'm not op outlets in the bottom. Yeah I like laid out Larry Flynt well what does that look like we expect you can't carry I don't want to have this I don't wanna him this long view of like ill. If you have hopes that you chickened out on Hope Solo. Seat mock her I want at all. I want at all yes I'm I want to create. And I don't wanna save up my phone whenever he wants the constant months I'm I'm. There aren't that crazy I ask why he does not description. Not to put its. Typical of the looks like it doesn't it. It looks man made it looks well this is man made it's going to be me that's my point and so I mean in the doctor will be able to do whatever the doctor wants it actually slightly better. Than most because they'll be able loop in its art. Don't we got a point I don't want to be our so your your wanted to do you like me sites XP so I don't care great to crawl again but I think abroad here's the listeners that. That's what are your tape and you're looking at pictures on hole the doctors and you know which one would you like that's what they do with the boat. The battle for the touch easier usually don't with this right now you can't do you'll reason you want at all do you want to beat the sprouting a two year. Or would you rather have the sea monster you know. They're often you know I think you go and hoping for the two little bit in the and you get the signal to dad got the Pentagon and I think in the and you'd get it basically they're not hotter I'll work slicing it open. Birdie data does you wonders these these doctors to do wonders. This is they tell you dated a year and a third surgery. Had a doctor after you had a surge you're the doctors say are one terrible. I'll wait when he's released and got a house excels they always go your way great everything is awesome that would take advantage of god they'll figure goes bio like whoa because that's not how you said it was gonna be W you seemed dead dead pictures of kind of lesser watched TV soap box yes. Which shows it's cult talks. To see here. Let's go to life ought to pass on I guess that's what am I don't seem us is that all we're asking monsters you may miss. Calf so what do I like it it if you facial stuff that's all at the box is a show what are you botched surgeries surgeries gone wrong get the people literally will build go to. Like Mexico the go to South America because they want a boob job but they don't wanna spend anger embarrassment to. So we get some guy to do the surgery down there are some guys move some anesthesia this is is that there tick putting you under it is not a bite you know be keeping an that oxygen flowing into your brain. Like to meet that's. What this is gonna look at the I don't see some artistic. Caitlin Jenner photo of photo shoot well I don't wanna see Harper's bazaar and who it's huge it's leading towards what does it feel that lighting. No cushion if I want like a Polaroid camera ultra light. Everybody has gone out of their way. To try to present. Kate and Jenner and Palin has done yes but they have as well who object. People around your media to try to presents her in the best light because most people out there are kind of favorable. To open our world. OK to do indeed be far more tolerant. Of other people so until I why do you suddenly tolerant because this is not going to necessarily be. 67 assists with the goods you know because she the goods and out of the way and you know it was like yeah unless I want to see it if all of the Ursula color we can make an if or personal anguish and a little. Of I. OK okay so you know concede that in everybody's gonna treat her. With kindness that's what triggered I want to pick just come out it the pictures you tell me I can't say that growth that's nasty because they won't make it corrupts they'll go out of their way to make it look as Arafat and his management style. It will my. OK well Wilson are back to phone calls as such wants settings that tonight's Rajon Rondo urged here without them we'll talk about that next. Fort Wayne where lonely and boring you know. Christian part Sports Radio. Doctors to do wonders. I wanted to do you think. Policy Ursula color we can make an airport Ursula which I'm a Little Mermaid. Look if you don't know we'll talk about it iTunes. I've seen them yet. If you wanted an aria. You don't look at us they know is at odds in this one of my favorites is look at us dizzy sometimes it seems to. I. Noticed that we were gonna do this experiment where we were gonna play around with oh loss Friday. But if you noticed that. You know Christian made big deal about this and he wanted to do this and I said okay you know why now well what hasn't hours ago this did you notice that looted show last week to work. And then the next Friday woman a dual law Friday who's not here again. So what was no balls. Who will not. Because you two are two jocks you both played the game I didn't play do you keep reminding him and remind us content and executed until you do not want to challenge each other which which all the pressure on me hockey I have to argue would lie of arguing with you vision cents a minute and daybreak shouted. The gigantic it's some validity to I don't usually let her about blue or Clinton vs Christian exactly. Area really is that Christian verses never went to him any tape of of them arguing screaming at about six hours a day ago and then we get that giving cat next to where it is Christian and Lou Williams double team. Ask can you talk to you talk to Mike Gonzalez. Ice so out of consulted about this get a two weeks ago. We wanted to do this season. Yes idea that there for each month which I'll start a fight those rights week. A pilot and we're gonna do the aloha outline her braces and ice you know the united remark you know and it's your market countered that. Angering your angry at got here on Q&A notable ones and notice and the balls to tell for you it's the dumbest nobody's idea in the world in the history of radio. And so we skipped last Friday doesn't show that we have to cancel it and we're gonna do it again today and there's no loose or canceling it. I'd like to just openly say that one I did bring up this idea you loved it. You guys loved it executed. Lou. I experiment once in league just because it's. Paul didn't want to while because he was tired of working on to work so obviously he didn't want that yet to work that it was sent to his other job. And what we have Bud Light. In Florida for about an address that jobs are in jail. Do that here. Once you brought it about like you wanna drink at its lowest X. I had been vocal on that and be able to bring you good while doing the show. Know which one creditor to crack meth. When it comes alcohol. You'll get into drinks. I might I make up or is so somebody gives you drink while I like this all I know two more and more dollars K. Mr. gore and yeah. Yeah I've done that just that's the elected she's asked commercial they wanna shoot you have do you have this group that Paul. It figures that I I figured the role that I gained is that the youngster that goes back in time it's great this this this of privileged statements for the at the top isn't. It accuses you won't say because this is a dual role you're gonna play. The role the guy is not doing so all of you guys to award. Bares himself and we just get this grip and you guys got to shoot commercial. We're gonna do this we'll talk about it after the top of the really pissed off the weasels. It's a bit Jacksonville. Florida about. There Erik there. Nice job to job Ryan's Purdue's. Well I heard out of silently are a lot out Donna have you checked color into the market by our olives are saying about the curse now I understand completely because it all along there's not really what are some by. If you want to keep Clinton and then these positions and he'd have a picture. We're actually more 110 under her name is tired at the end of the year you'll look back pictures payroll I wouldn't be patient more and expressed or art so art why do you have them go over this. I don't want to hey look I'm on. That does have a hold on there you know making any sense. He started and a 104 pitchers pitches in in his third game he built up 211. So hearing is right now by the way the only starter Chris Sale. The only starter in Major League Baseball history to play like for 12530. Years to strike out at least thirteen. To throw at least eighty strikes and finish with a 102 pitches or fuel. Its. Never happened before in the history and today. And John Farrell she wrote an op. I'll I would Christmas that you bandit again bandits you know. No he hasn't yeah audience yet at this point you buy some look yet is surely is because everywhere is no matter why this is stupid and build a track record as youngest track record of being wrong all the time. It is all to take care of his closer because he did not want to put his closer in that position where maybe he would have to inherit a run. Because he's in he's afraid that you know he's going to melt up here in that predicament. And I'm sure they're saying. Why don't you put the predicament early in the season so we get accustomed to what somebody that sees it your imminent unsafe situation your image in the situation could you may need him and a big game. I'm sorry John Ferrell screwed this one up royally yesterday has no defense of and I agree in most cases you can you can argue most cases you can argue. There's another side to in this case there is not and John perils excuse was what. We wanted to delay for instant replay this would delay were you team is hitting the cover off the ball or walking. And fifteen or twenty minutes go by because of York at bat. It's because of a minute and a half to two minutes to half minutes for an instant replay. You can't. Expose. And Evans has ever seen thanks. Eric. The cost are really mad and am I big action you know is that it injects. Tickets are that we unity divers in Jacksonville probably. I've got another hour to go and apparently we have to do some TV commercials that would is no we're gonna practice. Is that even real commercial emphasis in practice there's a recent call rehearsal and a little bit of push back on our part but that's opposite sides what do you give a script when he hears disparate. Google sent out this fact you've got a hold of the script ready it's too that's the problem. But you you look down on them which has totally edited I look past a nice look up to them as as equals comedy that Hewlett recalled are working hard. I think Tibetans and on now you're saying maps of the now you're saying that keeps I think you but he's got to be a part of me that's why I proportionate. I 6777. I seven editors at.

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