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Apr 21, 2017|

Ben sits down with Diego Fagundez to talk about Diego's rise through the ranks of the academy, his accomplishment of reaching 10,000 minutes as a homegrown player, and how he has evolved his game.

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Welcome into the WES soccer guest here on WEEI. Dot com. We have an interesting show for you to day. We've a short show dig up the good news is joining the show this week. It's can be assured show. This today and then tomorrow which tomorrow's Saturday to Tony second. I'll bring Ross and Alex into the show and we'll have a longer show free you guys. That talks about a bunch of things that's going on we gotta figure out what bells don't own slot onion is lifetime Hebert him Vic. Is he is actually out for the season what that could mean for his future. I'll move got a lot of things to talk about tomorrow but for today we're talking to Diego for goodness. Who's joining the show right now Diego how are you sir. Under warrior I'm doing very well. We've got a lot to talk about a couple weeks ago you clips the 101000 minute mark for a homegrown player for the New England Revolution. And that is an astounding feat especially in the stain major sportswear ruin kind of moves around a lot. Free do you know how special was that moment known you'd pass that barrier becoming one of the few select guys that have actually. A clips 101000 minutes is a homegrown and molest player for your own team. Especially if there's pretty cool option arm that's not on the you know litany I was looking. Oh until until someone that close almost. On you about back. I'm looking great just letting go and reminding trying to focus on everything he'd be my best. What I'm now that I and we needed it in one minute they're aren't black. I'm in the color that you couldn't or it's where in the league so long and and that it will in error. Learned so far your career. So far it's been a very good career for you you and Scott Caldwell you know I think Scott's right very close to that mark is well. You'll be homegrown player for the revolution is obviously very special cause you know growing up and in here in New England. How kind of we we love our own so very much hope will also be harsh on our own because we expect so much out of our own you know from this region. For you has there been many moments being a homegrown player where you've kind of you've felt the wrath from the fans a little bit maybe fairly or unfairly. Because they know you're a little bit more him because they expect so much review coming from this area. I think every every every player gets came out. I think everybody knows what we can do in late there can do. I'm in the first thing when it and I wanted to pretend that it's like. I'm so that's what I. They step on the Internet and every bit every game and her prospects and our minister myself interpreted their belief in the and so far I think experiment your job arming and then go out where I can learn a lot more energy so. They have to keep going keep Manny now I'm and we hope we'll but I think come down the line. Obviously as a young kid you were had clear talent otherwise there wouldn't a bright evens the academy. But when you do when you do join up with the revolution that at a young age and you know you have this tremendous ability otherwise there wouldn't bring in you have this tremendous ability and then you step on the field with the other players. Was there ever a moment for you where you kind of was like. I know all good. But wow there's certain things here I didn't know who didn't know I needed to do to be successful player. And you know what we're one of those things that you felt like you had to work on immediately that you didn't really even understand before you joined up. Mario and soccer soccer is the same thing at Michael. Connelly achieved it is absolutely pure physical. Act act and there were some good debater and lift the arms double play Little League. And that you are to be factored barter them so. That Martin factory where I was. I'm a better idea income. I wish mentally prepare for he men with the help of a lot of people talking and the league I'm on the team help a lot. Especially when making eight. Carried a political animal fur running on this on this swing any help me become more I am in. I'm marry these. Look as though like. Out slowly helped me make sure that that fumble on big brown and then questioned Stanley Q. Being taking it easy to lose your head and think is that there are let in May and they kept being grounded kept me eating where I was. Where was society needs you know we ensure that has been my got me. On me sharing your way. Now what when you. If you describe that process for me when you join up and then trying to balance everything in your life at that time you know. As a teenager I played high school sports but most my day it was about trying to finish by homer and trying chased girls how did you balance. This kind of added responsibility. That you had with being a teenager. Well it's one of those injured yet to balance everything I I guess school work but Nam you don't own it. This year are always stressed that stops on I think our play everything we do low I do and Tom usher me. Those cited a teacher action as safe as they spoke on the united on the then on the DD. So to training every nook and I went home in critical classes and then as that's I cried on the potential. Narrows when they that he had put in your minds. I only get this done and attended. What was your favorite aspect about joining up with the academy or what what really stood out to you is something that you're like man everything now I feel like I'm with. People that maybe know a little bit more about the game as he described soccer soccer so it's kind of similar on multiple levels. But what was the most enjoyable aspect for you joining up with the revolution in the academy. Horrible it I'd be close it and I'll get teammate Denny always launch in shares and everything went down I think when you measure your illusion I. If he's where it's going toward our goals easy arm you know. Doing well and cultural and any and I think that and I know that I load. Were allowed to do lose what I'm passionate about. Shore and excited I was here. But it ended there's almost saying that. On models except the key government and I'll see them a chance comes and add remotely true years later they came. Now obviously you know demos is a young league comparatively especially compared to or you know some of the south American in the European leagues. And they've had these practices established for a long time. Do you see having gone through academies and suffered that do you see the American game. Rapidly catching up through their use development calm to the European leagues into the south American League's. Well I think that overall arms. If they candidates agree aspect as you being on rom players are clearly their opinion and they come from the academy and then get clipped a couple of around the aquarium and and based. Perry bacon industry lace it actually go to college deeply. Country and I truly took a leading cause and come back is if a weight yet there are being glued drought. And so on part of Albion academy. Here today you'd think he'd go out there AD job security and pressured but he 88 could. And then if you do well you'll notice it at the art. Yet so on one of the things that gets talked about a lot in in this country with regards to soccer is that. You know the best athletes don't play soccer which I don't know is it just I don't always agree with because soccer players are the most conditioned athletes. Certainly you know you guys run a whole lot more than any other certainly more than football players that's for venture. But the argument against why soccer won't ever become as big is it probably could be in America's because the best athletes don't play soccer. How do we go about changing how do we get these so called best athletes lose the LeBron James is of the world. To continue along with soccer at a young age instead of making the transition over to football or basketball. I think on the everybody has their own opinion about what sport it better. Overall it's let someone enjoyed it and I'm it. I'm on my kind of played bass line I need that's one thing I think is Floyd and they've got what luck on Acxiom public ardently Littleton. It may reject our Herbert school that you can't force someone. On the play. Himself and I think here. When during the US debut on a lot of both are good kids play a lot of sports. So it's arson and enjoy one of them where you know your right point they are rated at least or that it let. I've never played Indian sport church in Chinese bandit to find a friend and term mean is mostly soccer commenting that difference that CAC is playing. Forsythe sports instead of just. Trying to focus on one whatever they enjoy the best and that's a demented side owned and force them what to do on what the player what you like as. I'm at in the day that to make sure that while they're fine they're always doing. I well yet to do your point I'm just using my own life experience I played four sports growing up I played. Soccer baseball basketball football so every season was a new sports he had acclimated so. That talk goes right into your sport they're right into your point which is that you know they. There's their needs to be a little more focus on the individual sport considered just gonna go and I'm playing everything. You know if you want to make this your dream and your passion you kind of got to go for it and Libby younger in age and stop trying to kind of play everything right. Exits like everybody pretty serious blood sport and Salem Natick on this and as nap. I'm a once you try Cherilus or you want and you want I'd try to achieve and on golf's fourth and that tip when you need to say I you know I Muster this morning and during the lawsuit animal work hard keep playing soccer do their rank and try to find 99 whistle around. While my teams are playing. I'm a little thing they can have become. Hoped it you can become. Inter may news when I wasn't an entire grows in my house was horrible plane around on this Arlington and he practiced and I'd be at a sergeant in the more. And that's why I think I got so good in my parents are neat I get as did I am now hopefully we can get better. We'll see that in the it's one of those same people are trying to step. That you know they control Russian TDs. And there's probably. Are the best we of course you can learn tantrum or cantv and that's the good part about it church you are some of the best soccer player in the world. Until they do you can still be saline that's a good woman tried next regular practice and once you're trying to win the game gets you the eighty yen and once once you know that you. So he's that you don't know what you're exposed. Yeah. Since you joined up with the Academy Award what do you think. Part of your game where you shown the most improvement in your game since coming to the revolution. I think defensively and definitely improve the player on the vehemently player. It was never my thing better I think he's actually is they've got no matter at a. Absolutely I mean that's something we've talked about on the show before now a couple of years ago we talked about at the beginning of the season you know he Diego needs to. Continue to track backe starting to do a good job being to continue to evolve in that aspect of his game and we've seen that evolution and a view that something we've talked about. About you and since I have your muzzle tell you we've said that about two. So we talked about that we've seen the improvement in you as as observers of the game in the effort that you put into doing that so. I personally applaud you for that. I think if there's almost saying that I'm proud of Narnia done in this space and do a lot the lot where wrong. That I can still improve on so little little has patterns they're improving in closely. After that I can become the best player I can be. Yep weird transition year but will make it could transition. One things I I really enjoy it is so I don't drink coffee and don't drink a lot of soda. But every day it is vending machine I go plunk down my dollar and a quarter environment suffer mounted because I need some caffeine in the afternoons. Now you've had a partnership would Mountain Dew can you talk to me about their partnership but Mountain Dew and you know what you end up having to do for them. Because you you obviously enjoy the product yourself. So what's going on the mound do in you and what the hell was going on with your hair. Start. This is Smart and a unique look I'm I'm not not admit I'm not an Internet. People people are different things and I mean it's it's why am I. It doesn't matter to me she like it or not it's one thing that is why I'm happy that. And I do what I do it. On but I'm demanding it now in partnership that I album on. There is there agree. It's something that I drink it's all right back there forcing the training so I mean I love to do. Before the game I at least have to I want children on them prepared on the coasting to QC YE during children green but yes do it makes you feel better teacher. Be prepared for him and for me it's. Have to make sure entering something like that either touch here Monday whatever whatever. Are humans just and then. I do. An and I completely into doesn't affect me commenting you meet meet. The Sinclair as well our blood bank and endurance and those little slow in all there's no point stop now. Absolutely not Wade Boggs the hall of fame third baseman for the Red Sox in the eighties used to eat a ton of chicken before every game so everyone has a different thing. And when it comes amount and do I am. It's always thought I drink. And I firmly believe it's the only soda that really kind of taste refreshing. Went almost like almost like having a big glass of water but a nice Mountain Dew and ice cold Mountain Dew is very refreshing so I can understand we're coming from on that. And he really wired shut ordered our national more. I have mounted their first in the nation in an appreciation. Absolutely Diego thank you very much for taking some time best of luck Saturday against DC united. Thank you so. Big thank you to GA of the good news for joining us here on the soccer cast this week for you. Soccer fans revolution fans who happen to be in college in the Boston area. Got a deal for you. For this weekend's game against DC united tickets are just 25 dollars three college students which is a great deal and you don't have a lot of money. And I know you guys wanna go to games that this is a great way to go to a great game. Inexpensively that's 25 dollars for college students. To see the revs take on DC united they need to get these three points back. No we saw the other night against the San Jose earthquakes I should've asked Diego about Crist won the last keys face plant after missing that ball. I should've asked him about that if he had ever an experience like down on the field. But. For you college students is a great opportunity for you guys to get down to the game inexpensively. You will enjoyed it is a great atmosphere down there. Lord knows they need more fans cheering them on the got a huge stadium to try and fill up this still do very well down there but. Would your support they can do even better and they can even have a better crowd down their for the game louder cheering them on. Trying to ensure that they take three points away which they did not. Unfortunately against the earthquakes he knows a great game especially the first half from the reds was. Un believable but they just pass to finish at the they're gonna start to finish again this weekend against DC united. This is obviously just a brief episode. Of the soccer cast here we'll have a full episode with the Russell bounce back tomorrow. There will be uploaded for you right on WEEI dot com and of course iTunes where you can find us just leave us a rating and leave us a review we're really appreciate it helps us out. And it helps us provide more contents. For free. Or you. As always you can follow me on Twitter at young men WEEI ain't. Thank you guys very much for joining this abbreviated version of the soccer guest here on a Friday.

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