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Ever-Green with Holley and Keefe Ep 2: Why Are the Celtics Struggling?

Apr 21, 2017|

Rich and Ben discuss the Celtics poor performances in Games 1 & 2, how we have to change our predictions, Rajon Rondo's thumb injury, and who is to blame for the terrible start to the series.

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Are welcome to our basketball podcasts Michael Holley is getting in the week off because he needs it he does not sound well if you've been listening on the radio he missed the first three days. He was in on Thursday we said you know what you rest your voice come back stronger than ever next week hopefully the Celtics are still in the playoffs. But it's rich keeps Ben kitchen here for area and ninety view conspiracy all I would love accusers are about now. Michael's not actually it's. You sound sick he does sound I think he's a good enough actor always say so embarrassed. That is Celtics prediction is. So far with wildly wrong Yahoo! and he's just refusing to do here as the so he has the Celtics is the best team in the east essentially boot and I think we can both agree that's not true they are not snow they are no look around some of the other match up stole start obviously with the Celtics as they trail Oates do but the big news. Of the day rush on Rondo where they fractured thumb is out indefinitely he is definitely out for game three tonight. And it's crazy to say buddy Roger on Rondo injury is to be gonna swing the seriousness of the Zurich American when it how was that the X-Factor this year's wild. The fact that. You know when Isaiah was our when Rondo was on the court with a Isaiah at the same time. Is it couldn't get a lot going now he's turning the ball over a lot to up one run it was on the bench no turnovers have to do what he needed to do he could get that penetration and in need to either finish at the rim or kick yep. This changes the series so much right now they're in favor of the Celtics that. I was pessimistic yeah going into tonight's game sure don't far more optimistic about the outlook of the entire series because you say it's four guys that play a ton of minutes on the balls that it was Butler wade or Rondo and Lopez and sites at one of those guys out of there. Their backup point guards have been Jerry and grant is gonna start and Michael Carter Williams neither one has played a time because rod has been so good depth and now all of a sudden it's it's this revisionist history on Rondo that. Of course you know it's motivated Rondo it's it's real playoff Rondo. People wrote him off when he was poured the last couple years they are young went to Dallas he was horrible. He was actually pretty go to Sacramento but over to watch Sacramento they're a bad team and ugly consistent second dead. He did early nobody was rooting attention and then this year in every at of that little answer Graham viewed with. After the trade deadline your sanity Deborah Taj Gibson we get rid Doug McDermott waited Rondo always hate each other how can this possibly be a good team at. And the Celtics lose two games and yet everybody I Comcast say. Other under the old forgotten and we didn't noted that since saint Jimmy Butler is a great player the rest of the team ansari doing wade. Not the same player that he once was Rondo sets and good games he's still not the same player and Robin Lopez is just a energy pre daughter. But that's what they have access just abusing a little confused on Owen he's killed Amir Johnson is still has got everybody was out there. And you know it's not their skill it's just dollar hostile it is simply through hustle. And they're certainly not an Al. After game one the big complaint was is rebounding and I'll those those the sole reason a rebel really was but that was an easy thing to point out because they get out rebounded drastically. Robin Lopez had eight offensive rebounds. It then the number that jumps up to me. Is that the polls that when he offensive rebounds themselves with a 24. Defense or rebounds Teradata bulls shot missed it was like 5050 who's gonna get it. Which is insane now they were better in game 2000. For the worst in their they played much worse overall profits was Harry would announce the beginning. Are they can finish any thing at the ball was not moving around and knows what the key would was this Celtics team throughout the regular seasons ball movement and finding the open man. They're not doing that anymore. And you had a team in game two biblically they gave up with the exception of one player in darkest Martin still hustling his ass off trying to get something going but. It was also hero ball when you're down late. It would just come up in shock and three's everybody everybody who would get even kind of an open look we just want to three or through downtown and this isn't locked in jock there are no Tim points shops that you guys did Cortez does get it out here he'll he'll make a couple debate that everybody withers Crowder. Thomas whoever was just launching threes. And Dow is really pressured to watch also defensively. How other guarding the bulls. It is perplexing now gets a lot easier without Rondo won but Ron weighed in Butler are. Or outside shooters yet and armor deck and they're all up in their kitchen. Ben catcher thank you they're all a bit and you're saying you couldn't you sell off of those guys and don't allow. The easy given go like how many dunks and lay ups that a lot of their guys get because they're playing defense so far out. And yeah against you know the warriors you have to do that or the cavs yet yet you don't have to do that against the polls we saw we sit back to back games. And I'm hoping that something that changes tonight if wade beats you from behind the three point line but it stinks and it's it's fine you that's what you want him to death you don't want him to drive on mucus that's when he either can finish or gets the line yet he's still good enough free throw shooter that he's gonna make up those points that he would potentially lose published similar situation. These Margaret such series he's improved but. You still rather have them dance you from behind the line yes and drive and create problems there yet I don't have a bigger oval Dwyane Wade was three for four from three. Couple of those were were really late and it was kind of you know garbage got a pile on threes. And if he ever does that again I'll eat my hat but there's no way when you're wearing right now no I like this on while perhaps not that -- You know little bit more flimsy and will go down easier I think bill has leather hat boil it he shoots three for four from three like. That's not gonna happen again I don't take my chances rather than seeing him at. You know get easy layups actually a dunk even doing to improve that he could Duncan James still don't which was which is promising it. Also Obama to Isiah Thomas. I thought. He was gonna play like you did in game two in game one. Maybe vice or that's very like I mean how like how he's possibly go through this series is remarkable and you can also tell that. It is affecting the team to yet not enough to make excuses mormons say they should loose the balls because of this. Patella lag it up to game two was asked about it. Any sand area like you know Isiah Thomas and you know he's he's dealing with a remember they called up there toward but the team music. Boy yeah Delhi it is that the did admit different atmosphere and a you know one that this is the team that really thrives off chemistry option temperatures still good. It's is just. It is that you're not laughing or joking around anymore it's got to be such a different. Approach as it happened what the day before game one that. The nobody looked ready to go besides Thomas in game one and then game two it seemed like he. Tell joins us to face and in a lot of regards just because it was not very go out there. A serious lack of leadership on the same. And sought highlighted in game two and and if you listen to the remarks after the game especially from the bulls is now about Rondo and his leadership and how we just led that team he controlled the game everything. That's what this team is missing when your best leader is and your second unit Marcus Smart. That's not a great thing yep and he's not one of your top three or four players. You live and I four bets are the and I don't give my Isaiah Avery out. I think smarts there Crowder but I got to send out if you look the other way that's fine that's -- problem with going there either yet because I think he's more consistent defender than creditors debtors good defender but he's not always a consistently. And crowd her knees up shopping so damn much he's just launched in threes he does not seem to you have and say a very good series but the leadership problem is of real it is of is a very good indicator of how far this team can go without strong leadership you never see teams go far and offer well who who is the leader on the team. There's a Thomas the you'd think so but the vocal leader is certainly Smart the right and how often has the vocal leader come off the bench not very often if at all stick us Horford more of that that quiet. Type leader you know he's quite he's going to do his job Isiah is kind of the leader in the sense that everything that goes through him yeah. But I don't think he has the big boys like Smart does Smart is when that we yell at teammates on the benching as we've seen trying to get them even go to things even coaches sometimes. Because he cares so much yeah. And it looks sometimes like this team doesn't care that much is known in that first unit is really out there getting in other people's faces trying to make sure they're doing the right thing. It just kind of ruins just relying over relying on Isaiah Thomas what about Brad Stevens how much blame should he get going to be down until I think he gets a little bit of blame and via its majority of blank his players got to play and they're not right playing well right but he also to make adjustments and he doesn't seem to be making good Smart adjustments are. It's into games and what do they do differently game two it okay they took some minutes away from Amir Johnson but. Now bring Mavis take all the minutes away right now this is something I am gonna change my tune on after game one at. I said leave Amir Johnson the starting lineup you don't wanna go nuts you're the one seed this is what got you there yet 53 game two to three wins. Would this being your starting lineup again barring injury and would this kind of being your rotation. It's sour and your your your your losing the battle pretty significantly on the glass and Amir Johnson is giving you. Nothing like the season gave you nothing but apparently he get away with that and you know you don't wanna have to play guys 3840 minutes. Now you might have to do that now he'll Horford got the play. Much more Thomas Bradley those Ezra to play even more and judicial intervention to say we need to Seymour Kelly Nolan. I never about it analysts say that just yet and even though he's the guy go whatever in do you start away next because he doesn't help you on the glass either. He helped him more consistently shoot and Amir does not only does a bear gives you empty minutes just yet it's useless. He's a big guy doesn't rebound and doesn't score. So Coker what what do you do authorities protecting the paint not valued as an. He it's amazing that he is lay it started as many games as a twelve million dollar pilot ship right now he really has a thicket talk like a lot of college teams have that guy where they. They start like a really tall player. Just I haven't told the Arabic just that's negated it turned out noted many earlier small lineup. Yet nobody the president do sub and I think you know also change your defensive philosophy which I mentioned before. He got you that you he also wanted terror rosier game two didn't play a game on so okay made a couple of adjustments but. Overwrought against it was a far worse performance tire of that there was Tom like Thomas really carrying them in game one yes it is 33 points he shot a much higher percentage both from the field at the line. That went down I guess if Thomas. That's the other Obama's team which we knew if Thomas struggles. You're gonna lose but you can't have for the how many games was Thomas bad this year for not very many know but how many of the however it was a bad and they want. Is that not as good compound and ready that's when he points streak for a long time he was. What do you at a finishing third in the league in scoring at like this the guy who's just as consistent as possible. If he scores forty points tonight. It looks like there he's gonna have to score was ethics or thirty points do you change your prediction and means what I have to I have the Celtics in four. Put his do you think there's a chance the bulls. Can actually win this series did that in the area there definitely is but I am I'm still pick in the south it's not gonna move off of the Celtics have to change the number of games. And what you said at the start. If Rondo was healthy. Our view little more leery of that but right now. They're gonna become a ground I don't think Jerry and grants can do what Rondo did. The beginning of a series zips or do it again so well it's that was it sure was that there is. Puerto sub one game zips or have one game. Do either one of those guys have another game or did they have another astle who shows up like this we see Djokovic in no toilet we don't know Braly is final possible. Then another guy could have I like Curtis Williams channel has for years and put up fifty is massachusetts' own mark might occur what is. I'm definitely just as a friend he's from. I forget the name of the town and then he went to the prep school lake Saint Andrews in Rhode Island they hear some like every night is not fighters did Hamilton mask I forget he's. From Massachusetts. But yeah I I give the Celtics. You know. A pretty good chance now to another down 02. Obviously need to win one game which covers the force of back to Boston but. It doesn't look great and it's been very underwhelming and maybe the biggest thing is even if they do survived round one he can't possibly feel good about Toronto. No none at all wreck and I still out there who that's upset I'm still of the belief that the bulls. Are not a very good team and whoever wants you to believe that all of a sudden they're one of the best eight seeds ever also know I don't know I don't feel that way. And if the Celtics as a by the wizards in round two. They probably get smacked a guy I would not feel very good about before I would have taken Evan now after watching this bid that scares. Well. I look at any of the match ups right now as they're all pretty scary now with the way this team is playing right now. There's a couple of teams the only teams that really concern me and I think you was the cavaliers. And the raptors ya and raptors are not looking very good either no way you want a total of team you watched the way this Celtics team is playing right now every other team should concern you to a certain extent the box. Matt. Bucks look at the Bucs looked really good how how do you stop the Greek freak he can't. You put all your right you never know you're right you know these are doubt Bradley ought to look Smart on its of the best firmer defenders the black guys that has been a monster right now. Honestly we can't even think ahead of the second round lead episodes of sort of work to do in this round even the hawks would concern me to a certain extent right now it'll tell you the toughest client edit they would. Putting a LeBron. With that withdrew. Think he'll what do you think of LeBron you're the LeBron hater I am not I Caitlin from the person to the players agree is where he's in the greatest player in the league for a decade yeah absolutely still the best putter in the league right now that was the biggest halftime deficit in a playoff game I think ever his team to come back his second half numbers. Alone are better than what would anybody puts out. There there that's like Westbrook almost an hardened due for game he was like when he 86 and seven or something along those lines it just in the second half alone. And Paul George had a great game like the pacers are looking good for awhile. But the LeBron just doesn't lose in the first round which is not much fight LeBron in the cabs out but it was crazy is. Love and urban are bad they're bad in the game and and I guess the question of beacon the brawn that I still think your prom in the east. But when they get to the west that that's a little loose and they'll lose in the finals if it's that because LeBron. Can't carry a team against an opponent that has that much talent. I still don't think anybody in the east even if it was the Celtics or the raptors or the box is Irving's struggles. The broad and there aren't I wanna go for forty something million to fifteen in fifteen and we're gonna win. And that's why. That's all those crazy to pick against them and are Michael's not here for us to give me crap and it hasn't happened yet it's just the first round but how you could pick against LeBron. And and Michael's point was. Well I believe in the probably to his teammates like you don't need to but that's how unseemly good he is is he when those guys played poorly. He can still to he would turn things around when. Well it also shows how weak east really is meant when you look at the star power of the east. If we did our top five players in the NBA again when bronze the only 1 in the eastern hard five via yeah if you top ten. Out into Georgia and you give you could easily make that argument that he's the only top ten player in the east. You could make that argue there's plenty of towns of players go to tonic I wanna say like okay quicker and better than podger I don't agree with you but if you went down that road. You could make nine players you can find nine players in the Western Conference that are better than everyone in the east. Yeah what do you think's the second wrestler in the east. In the east yeah it's either DeMar DeRozan that are Irving. He had the pearls and her Paul George George is great but again every is very special and I think out of her little dog lost because he plays with a broad yo John Wall maybe make an argument two of John Wall Street also fantastic player you and Isiah Thomas and their before. Yes I did and I am I don't think you do summit at the removed him from the analyst. But he had no. That's one of the things doing you know the U Western Conference isn't as dominant as it has been in years past and I was deeply we look at it that jazz of the five seed but I love the jazz roster but when you see that you're like. Other the five to may be its eyes deep. But. I really think they're only three title contenders in the league in to a former in the west and in the same thing too when you talk what best player like teams you have a hard time with. You know James Harden I don't think his team as a title contender. But he's probably the MVP he's in the west Russell Westbrook. Might win the MVP he's in the west although. They're not looking very good. The other rockets are smack him around about their team that's very similar to the Celtics and that they're so dominated by one player and that one player happens by the point yet. And needs to put up crazy numbers but. I don't know it well. They're not as good as a team they're not the Celtics are but they're very reminiscent of the Celtics and the fact that everything goes through this one guy and if he's off your house. Even if he's great you might be toes yeah it's one of those things were at their best player is better in the celtics' best player but the solid supporting cast their sport that's a similar but dollars in the Celtics. You decided that more wins and they're expected to go. Further and and in the turn and big jump out at shift from around the league any kind of surprises to this point well and I yeah I love watching. I love watching spurs games because of Popovich it is you're watching the master. You can make an argument he's the greatest paso coach of all time yet by and I don't think too many people agree review old timers went there are brand owners and ran toward Iran. He retired in 66 area and China are whether or not but. At the beginning of the third quarter he benches quiet Leonard. Because Leonard's not putting the effort out there which is rare for him to not do that a big matches his best player in the game they're losing to the grizzlies. And Zach Randolph is going. Bananas on them just killing them download nobody can stop them down while yes you use that. Bowling ball headed his degree its base he's a different kind of player I watch him I know I love watching him when he's on yes when he is really good he is so much fun to watch yet because he's unstoppable and lo he can't jump over phone book. But I know that doesn't matter is amazing that a player who is that on athletics teaches you how to create spacing is in Augusta ya outside maybe is well it was a good different kind of skill how about David Tisdale closure. His up fine by the league was worth that. He he goes nuts about the rafts and there was that I know mayor goes. And he does get called silly it was gonna go on his way in New Orleans Graham and and I also think it motivated his team you know and on the when they judge you hate to hear. Excuses. But. I think that the players hurt him saying that and it's like he completely believes in them and for rookie head coach take how to pop off that's been. Some of the best sound audio of the playoffs so far sadly writes it like there hasn't really been a whole lot yet I think there will be as it goes on. But the first round it was a coach says dale who a lot of you brought it to know from the Memphis Grizzlies in his first year. Go one knots at the officials he gets defined by the league but that his team responds. With a win at the grind house and all the political the grind house and yet. They circled the mailbox right is the Fed ex officer stupid death of the grind out I I think as a player you look at your rookie head coach is trying to establish a tough yards becomes a tier defense very publicly now. And it cost him 25000 dollars of your player playing for a new look. He has our back yeah it cost him 2.5 grand to have our back via Google also walls of this they did other probably lose the next two answers over but still they didn't get slapped they are they they beat the spurs I looked pretty good I'll saluted the box and go and am very what they're doing. And I love their roster yeah. Do you have. And it's. An outstanding young roster and to think they're doing it with Al Jabari Parker I know they do even better so this team hasn't had Parker in Middleton on the court together. This season now. Did they give them a fun team to agree freaks turning into one of those you know what throw his name into the mix is gonna be next best player in the east besides LeBron. And would Middleton at. Just on maker is out there making plays so Prague been brought about brought Miami rookie of the year probably should say a second round pick and Obama for your player of Virginia and usually the four year players ago after they will be any good lefties. He's got a really good season and you sit there doing all this in the playoffs without Jabbar Parker. They might they might take out raptors Steve do you think they do mean now. I don't think they do but they make this info on this could go seven yes cause voters have to know which I think will be great yep especially for the bucks even if they lose. He pushed a good team to seven games look what happens you know we'll see what happens when Parker comes back no we have. Oh a lineup of bronze in Middleton rather salon botanical bow down. Parker maker gunmaker together huge that's a team if they can keep them together for five years could make a run at a title in four years yet Dominick hit it's it's an interesting team and against Sony to do it through the drafts you know they were fortunate enough. To get Parker year that a lot of solid since I've included wanted Jabbar Parker they got him. And it's really suck city America's he was out a career had heavily there the Celtics directed Kelly oh Linux. Over the Greek freak now. So who do you put the most blame on for the Celtics Boerse are right now. I would probably so output on the players gout one and one particular hour. Through two games I don't know if it's fair to put her on one guy. 'cause you know game one thought more for was good game two I thought it wasn't Bradley's been pretty consistent routers the bad thoughts at all Crowder. I think it's for the players but we'll see what happens if if game three there's again no adjustments are wanna start the point. Torch Brad Stevens how much the I'm putting too little bit on change here that for not getting a rebounder. Especially when you see someone like nearly so I'll go for dirt cheap to doubt now. And he probably wouldn't have gone as cheap to Celtics but then had a little Margie off the tray of Sony texts and now now you would have a Frontline of nearly so well and Al Horford who complained for five interchange on better. And it's that you got to rim protector that you know he'd reporter by the way Horford is a rim protector yet and all that's not a million credit god they got that need the need is just rebounding. So you have a ton of languid nearly so well who can get a if you put him at the four now he can defend a stretch for because just so damn long he gives end up yup and then he can also recover. To drive a defensive rebound if need be yet. So I look at that go Ainge I don't think you make in the right moves here Anderson we do we have patients in the project you're putting together and we get it. But at the same time he got to take those opportunities on the come up you can't just sit there and oh well you know we till summer and splash the cash known to Noel is was cheap to get. Managed cheap to pay. What their problem I think was bid some injuries that Danny Ainge convinced themselves L whatever raise healthy. That's the roster we want that we like our nine man rotation when they're all healthy because they really want for much of the year in and then the gains that they wore. The record if it was gruesome but off the charts or did they are great what everybody was there it's a maybe they. Kind of lord themselves and a false sense of it pretty good is as long as guys LP. But also the polls. A worse match up again I've of the should dominated the series. So I'm not amok on Bakken and change my pick by any means but the bulls they better rebounding team. And save the pacers right there are another team that they they could've played in the in the first round it's a back at exposed in the first. I still think it is shocking. That the eight seed. Has to have an injury. Tell them feel better as the one seed to win like I still think the senate is evidently delegates still to go up there when four games. But I I feel it the Celtics are gonna win the and you're gonna look back and say yes they won a watts the third second or third best player had to get hurt for the bulls got knots now what do you think it was this time. For Rondo shower. Trampoline both those of the suit it's out of my had a not a lot of people pointed out that they thought they saw something happened in game to us. No that's Shutterfly and it has the it has to be a live look at video game injury. Are the people breaking their thumbs by videogames well you get Nintendo thumb pretty vote. I you write me he's got Nintendo thumb he's got the mini any ass bastard yeah technically broke its or it was a connect for entry goes thumbs stuck at one of those girls yep tried to turn it. The chances that no it was never lost except for the one time there were story about a minute political over a girl and lost to her yet the quantity film it Eli too much and lose the answer. Anything else no parent well good and that's okay death well again let's of my one question would be. They have game three tonight uranium to listen to this great hazard or warm ups and the mid game four on Sunday heavily yup. There will be talking about celtics' next week great. There's no way do they lose tune in if they lose two we're talking Celtics next week parent because the storyline coming out of eight about sale we talk with Seles playing games next yes look at things or to better credit marketing its weapons from almighty god thing gets well I still think there when he saw that they went although the series yen seven now a guy GAAP are so bull bull reassess this next week Michael Holley. Will join us then and hopefully we're talking abouts. Celtics with a couple wins at the series even tie its old we'll talk to next week thanks to listen.

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