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The Real K&C - Beautiful men, waxing women & Jet free 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap the entire week of K&C shows in one mega Friday edition

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Obey the all back to normal at the two when he first of April it's the real K it's C. The real JNC I'm Chris Curtis gets drier gentler here Chris Curtis notes yet in the house at Christ that was a week he'll mad real Adam last Friday idea. As you normally get trump what people say nice things on the IC nice things back if he shows great things about me I'm saying great things about him I enjoyed podcast that you would jet terrific great great. Fabulous tremendous excellent work last week for an. Yeah I know it was a there was a unique podcast that big wallop is the right way to do it you know that was says. Tense awkward and bizarre. Would be the three words are used to describe not to psychoanalyze podcast because it went thirty steep buy in any critique daddy you guys since this went a little long. But it's a Alec but I enjoyed it thoroughly because of the incomparable nature but what was the majors you just wanna do or you really hate it that I was just frustrated with you on. Multiple levels. With the line of questioning I felt like I don't know I had not. This bothers me more than anything we started it in there was no real guidance on host one I mean you're one with the ball. I'm boring animal killer killing it for Christian market tonight right but I you know I'm a definite number two Michaud I want my bacon crisp you put the big bullet and it led the way and it's just sit there like a lot play out. I was tired. Okay and I'm just like we got to be more than one word answers for this to work Alamo it was impressed you guys got to post the EB put drops did all that I was. To get actually stayed after it did bonus bonus work from did you I don't hate yet I don't have hatred for a I was just really bothered by the fact that he was at this you know Curtis rose that it wasn't invited to and you know of Andy's been sausages in the gangs and all these people are just sitting formula the ready knows exactly who they are you know what they said about meetings all. Beijing like. Total indifference is no idea what the hell was settles on when he was what brought up you know India's when he it's I don't know it's our specifically the city's story all the fact it's sausage is repeat I think hurt it like it sets a little. Deep that you be repaid. It hurt yeah absolutely I like Craig arming them a lot louder than you. Is that they can hear this in the I've really enjoyed the work you did show but it was a nice and I thought you know we don't like all right despite the Dino stuff but. Sounds like there is a civil rights. Anyway it was noteworthy it was memorable that's always did think we got a whole week to recap different you of course a big trip I wasn't back in the saddle until Wednesday when you guys touchdown in DC people here strikes like we are alive in our nation's capital unit to bonus days of jet Monday Tuesday that we got the guys are very deputy CB backside you know well like to hear that and I says some two you can execute. I love you. I love you more and I love you more. All month and was a generic show in terms of rural remote and yet marathon yet and so there Ronald Sullivan interviews inordinate theaters. I mean in terms of like the jets rule that was fired Monday there was no issues and analysts on because as you know on our remotes it's not usually a huge part of the show it. And especially with you out and lesbian remote we really were pretty. Drive with the sound but the show and itself was great with solid and I thought was very good and you call Aaron and is a very good young man and a beautiful young man. That's the current. I'm bad I'm. McPhee came in just you know breaking the bigger story the week on Monday at 830 she says Fernandez is day. Just say that Aaron Hernandez was a format I am before our. It was kicked off Heidi are off the field as well in it Friday right around nine at ten in the week repeal the Daily Mail jumps on this story as well. Yet when she said that it was kind of a minor footnote to the interview which was Zaria focus but did you guys this believe it or was imminent and gain much traction for coupled with us. An interesting week for McPhee because you had in that same show she said that the Princeton murderer of this markkaa the poor woman who's murdered him in Princeton right. Illegal was an illegal immigrant and he was. Rico we early and we don't know what to really make of this Ravitch uncle over for are in such source rat. Focus rabbit absolutely who's still (%expletive) sleeping. And today it would eating cat I don't know it's bizarre. But so we were kind of like whatever what really know what to do with that Hernandez story. From McBeal there because obviously we're kind of doubting. The source. And then she's picked right back up from that with the horrendous story it was confirmed. She let us know and Wednesday I got a text from her around one's saying Hernandez wrote the 316. Bible person's forehead. And that was dead on hours before it was anywhere. How did you do that backwards argued to a forward. How do you write 316 under for it so she's been on top everything ever since then the market so it's been a big week for Tuesday tree it was for a little while and he's going for a wax job as pointed out it was glad to hear that treaty she departed early from the ship it relaxing and that she's April show. On TV last night. Judge early to get to wax out where bush now that well at all ordinary human error affairs if you if you get your privates waxed you have the additional 545 and the more it does take a little nuggets where I was the trees on Tuesday it was her last couple weeks to grate cheese and you know she told me I'm Monday afternoon. At a balance a little early important time. And I just assumed it was a dark supplement with pride offensive lines in the third day all I'm out of here on him for the garden for a hockey game so it was it. I don't know what she was doing an appreciable leave him and so I told the guys not whether they talked a tree before after debate on the air and they central Italy early Hosea I have to go to the north and to get my bikini. Ivan eyebrow bikini wax. I. And Jerry's is okay. Also of course a lot of angry preach travel plans. Natural loft so here's what happened and Joey and I have a good we shared room in there you know as ours the courtesy of bed. These. It was very exciting and these seats with this and it is. Jolene. Evernote Jerry Kirk played in Tel Aviv Monday it's like 930 working double overtime got to do the ten to ten point ship for the guys. Jerry your Kirk asked mean you know they an update on the uncle and all and I'll I'll Friday after the show Joey. That are flying people. And that the guys and be happy about it we had to do. Okay. I didn't tell anybody. Intention is due later. Because I was going to be at Fenway on Saturday and so lastly how long was the text from Joey be like I'm (%expletive) harassed by Jerry Kirk you know. Why do you do that I was gonna tell the largest of people mistake I should everything goes to pastor go to Kurt first and she's gonna find them yeah so Friday show we have a meeting. Of course they don't like I just pulled it were told joy to tell Kirk Friday and and be done with that washed my hands but instead of course a little linger and don't handle problems are on soc but it's a company Curtis as I wanna become a big thing to know which were at the end of yes and it's just bear for two hours and and say a word about it Altman and Ahmed. It in this it was like eighty festering begin with TO and I'm Kirk very rarely the case it went right at me. It's my privacy and with this that I was withholding for information that I work for him operas or auto. You name it. And then Tuesday to started right up with for an even trying to Ellen ports he said that was wrong which it before and Tony Curtis went on hanging on. I think I spoke Tuesday after the show reviewers you know you're not it's a if so it is a very interesting. But completely. You guys make it to DC you're the hero our man Chris Curtis well with that and again I stop stop or not to you get no credit Chris. Some towels are bottle comes out. And they love them after this trip so even despite that snake move Joseph he's our mime a one of the biggest snakes in history to book a trip to Baltimore not tell them deliberately try to sandbag in the last moment use save the day. Get a late switch to Reagan they loves our Barbara Jo number on a boss who came up big forums he got a mid donated anymore now I am blocked punt quarter. That's out there were cup. Times ultimate trip to DC where it was like a millimeter away. From blowing Kurt c.s via the gate the gate to DC that was sport. Coach walker to negate the authority while boarding he said but you can go check to be the customer service and go there they say there's four seats flight leaves at 630 and the coach Anson Ashe. In the woman's idea epic as are flights later chargers also soil brought up ask Mehmet yes of course to do. I run back on calls or borrow at the confirmation number and we are booked. And if not you would have landed in Baltimore. 2 in the morning and that was -- United States where it ought Donald tournament before right you guys are actually safely in DC events we were sitting and Joey were in the dead at a dinner with the single worst server in the history of restaurant the restaurant industry but yes you're sitting there kept his beat Joey kept getting updates. Because our initial flight was delayed so be it up now 1030 departure now eleven bird Parker. So I was bottom off the hook completely leveled off the mark because ought to what was gonna happen to follow she big big legal. What was gonna happen though I guarantee you is that curt answer would have just said New Zealand. Redon. Shaquille on your Wednesday or Wednesday it would have been great crazy crazy for Wednesday of course it was Aron and and his breaking news morning. So we could then a lot of Celtics that data failed to note to all week at a time DC stuff. Veteran Dalia. Your Hernandez situation Thursday kept on we can't read or in perfect timing. We are gay expert summer's live it breathe that well doesn't believe homosexuality does know the ins and outs of intersect seller. Doesn't believe in bisexual. Awareness homosexual and he is very true believer. Forty slip. He definitely believes homosexuality I live below the ways correct bisexuality and some others intersects which I think it's just. Being from Africa and he should know this right this thing go right to use the full IE eight. Again new letters exacts an ace sexual intersect in the center yourself now Adidas as your point you know I think the standard and you how private parts of a one talking about a boy may be born with a notably small penis Gerri yeah. As a genuinely. Like. I guarantee you Alex thinks these things currency. It intersects the buys six. The questioning you know all this stuff but he feels compelled to sort of tried to defend them because he's on the show to open up the beat right. He wants the LG. TQQ. And always has OG TV I'll leave and it actually don't pay as they sent a sexually yes why part of his tank that's I don't know it's just kind of guys and TT like in the spotlight symbolized what is that you lesbian and today like deceit day. Diane Sawyer asked the same question are you a lesbian. I'll go but so he was good I thought it was pretty active so orderly he said it that guts. Four people skip the White House that's at the mean you detect that's forgotten according to saying no I'm not. Opposite from you got size ducks got a slight case of on that was good and I thought that he you know remembered as a great job of paying attention to everything he had watched all of our trials and tribulations in DC from Boston so he was well. Well versed on our trip and was able to be part of a rescission. Boland Welch not a Serb wouldn't take our calls center is soul in the he was expressing great sadness the passing uttered and as I feel sadness for her in that he got caught up with the wrong people and Boland. Socks okay and he agreed to come on and I said what's going on he said he got a families to issue which. Not a business that's fine but he was like an adult abused or something with the spent. So I said how about tomorrow and he said immediately shore. And then like twenty minutes later. He sends me text. You guys are ripping me dot but thought. Why eight dollars and that influences that I responded your Hernandez column when you said we should feel sadness for him that's Rupert videos 00. That explains this Twitter ship or. And anyway radio silent about five in the afternoon. Or evening on Wednesday told Jerry and Kirk before report put these guys and told you know don't. He's in globe. Globe mode yes tune globes into the paper yeah I've worked to both radio stations and people that used to really like me now hit. Experiencing other works just like. Quarter mile away and you Forte is swirling creep buddies all he's a flip and understood why I liked him he said my name for the first time and that's out off. Kirk likes doubts. We focus on fully literate athlete turned you literally talk show host Lou we're loaning to persevere through literacy is one of the great stories. History really Friday's edition no of the show had done the man I would say we had. Two pretty good hours the guys ever hit the wall towards the end of the ship and we you know we had a couple good moments we. Add to the Hernandez breaking news. Our man rabbit reached out to us first thing he said was she was right I was wrong. I have to apologize to Michelle McPhee and I'm like what he was frantic the way up and is he's a former drug dealer but he has connections. He said to me that she's 100% right he was gay Aaron and it was gay he had a lover in prison. And one of the letters. Was his daughters his fiancee and his gay lover. Rabbits private conversation with Jerry last night which took a little ought to get to a little bit. Almost got to its six instead we got to an 850 years so I think that's fine. You don't appoint a listening people you know it's vertical teasing as we went over so clearly on the air right right. We got to it is bizarre Kirk right this is a strange or they get straighter and today. And I I think it's just this week in terms of the show in general and the grandest stories in particular has been. Just when you think. It can't get an increase just when you think him getting acquitted of this double murder I mean that was the apex of what the hell is going on yeah. You can catch your breath on that it's even a week and he's hanging from his jail cell. And then you know. It was insane but one thing on the DC you'd the White House in and of itself is it was cool to be either concede Jerry incur withdraw all the cynicism in the (%expletive) in the whatever yet they seemed actually they were happy and that was great there was a truly I was talking my wife about it or that particular. And it's dislikes the what was the highlight IC just being there. In seeing this topic is you know. During are both very and history and you're sitting in this press briefing room. In early bats were Ari Fleischer idol you know right is this was happening walking outside the self rule it was. Is I don't really know what my expectations were. That'll be really expected us to actually get in particular thought with the company something before though and you almost that you law almost locked carpet into a background check on the merger Kirk so that was suddenly last minute smoke whenever. But realist locked out of the Rose Garden rise and that wisdom last minute as well so I'm it was wild but being inside the White House it's. I don't understand any athlete whatever term that I don't care some athletes it's a I steal money. You know you have a secondary lead there. You'll secondary leads Burton you don't get a big lead at first base wanna go first to third scored a double the. Not let it escalate even though. Well you just the one day to sell that we played the last three days. Last two days trump shout out the chair that was the mystery with a bow. Who is well. We are ready to go you know they're saying it was like third time OK please set off through your media please exit through this way and about the law and and Jerry's is looking up and we all looked up to the balcony and it's right around the corner comes the president Jonathan Robert Kraft and players. Insurgents are waving and Kraft points in the minutes the next thing you know we sing hello and I'm like just fiddling from a phone records like this up as soon. We're Jerry can. I think you make this wasn't. Yeah yeah yeah. We'll be right up. I'm president. Thank god for O Tom Leighton Novo fox five you might be excellent casting here and has better ability to. I did it after it is object would be checked Barack peach bowl. You know our democracy. Harp a mock YMCA. So that is awesome I mean really up until that point what is at the trip was. Just why region offered a pictures not to ship. But I would've called a success because we really anything unique that every Austin and then boom you have the waved from from the Charlotte Parker and Jerry. And then meego and up the back way too much on Spicer all the while. Important is sitting on my shoulders yeah Atlanta it was a little strange what a way to originals are Obama giving a pass. Orton gets a massive task Odyssey envoy to Somalia which. He sport or one guy in Boston Richardson saying thank god the rich keep. Because he really got absolutely eviscerate. If it wasn't program I mean he was. Brutal and he was talking too much you know Kurt gets that appointment DB in you name the anybody. Where they just passed that point of talking too much means more than hello and goodbye forums there and he's like trying to be witty and like projectile had clean and he just always like ever press that he's right around the corner no matter where you're completely blocked for just walking and spice office of theirs or. I. I choose from bars that I know rear. And I love hide things he sees little more tape. Or Italy's journalist Iqbal blog I take a very journalistic approach to my blog and he be next week setting up next week it's draft week. We have a couple opens Thursday and Friday Jerry. Suggests that maybe the return of Christian arc in May be in the heart Kirk met that with the some degree was he thought about for awhile who has and the guys that are cans and wells Andy heart any hard news or two and current I don't know I don't want art well you know it's interesting to think about it Kirk and would you agree and I would just say this to Andy 4% Andy sharks again. Richard Kurt is does names were Nvidia. At all like that in that was a hard though. Hard no rear admiral Mike Meehan its pending Bruins and analyze the series against the Kurds would go is 930 tonight before I got luckily. They may not leave for a segment. Come back. A program note butts and Monday and we have the tomorrow and Tuesday and a reader for the up yet and possibly a return to the meat and -- pro X. All these people involved in bringing Kirk and Callahan soaring in the winter ratings Gretzky you. I got zero point 4% of the overall credit from Kirk today so I'm happy man. And how much an idea here I get 99 point 6% I got good for you would please you a couple percentage thing I figured it was three point six yeah. And we look pretty Williams peas and c.'s move our favorite game by game for the patriots had to pay to score for twelve estimate is to begin to get tough stretch out my game was different persons involved for the thirteenth I guess that's. Kirk and cal and Boston with two ratings number 125 to 64 number one and 35 to 64 number one men eighteen plus. Great accomplishment and hell look three month run. It's pretty remarkable when you think about coming through all the (%expletive) that they show went from a host in John Dennis who is here for twenty years. Longstanding successful career in Boston just gone and replaced when losing Mick Jagger so it's trying to keep the snow again I mean how do you keep the band playing it's been tried many times bills almost all the time. We have people telling us what the right to fail and that this is an ego you know. This where that way that we knew the number one is paying way talkers all this sort of commotion and it was and so Cutler tucked and you couldn't be more out of your damn mind you salt dollar doc looked like. Seth and Darryl had a showing that the and you look at it now. Trends if I if I were to be. That was a bit of cold there no disrespect again but I never thought that you would be COLT. If I were to be doing this for a living and noting that implies the work on the show but if I were to be covering these types of stories I would say that that would be. A massive story the rise to new heights of this morning show. With Kirk and Jerry in rotating Ko blows. That I think a lot of missed it always make great characters the fact is the numbers are what they are in the you know the advertisers you know which shows been sold out forever it's generating incredible revenue in the bosses despite everything happened so it's it's going to be important. We will press on next week into the spring book off to a great start I think speak at a good weekend. Our good friends forty. Grades Specter bill he's affair with podcast vick's any horse. And and so thanks to him you gotta get over there he says he wants and deck you're out Milton Milton school great that's great offers its good to be good looking. We will and that bill as sporting a McKenzie has translated he's got to distribute your you avatar. I really a bit of a group forgo. You wanna just do you wanna give it a shot for old time's sake here just off the cuff. Iowa when Rita properly here. But not properly but going through with you almost did it there's the little voice Berkeley which is the great part went with something with things go awry link click the him. To work that it but he here in this why we're gonna live rendition or its car. Lee. Two. Jesus and that's with streaming now on WE. And WE a dollar on. Good week it is currently threat and she's a Smart that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.

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