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K&C- The guys hate musicals; Robert Kennedy Jr. on Tucker Carlson; A tragedy to end the week 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 4. While discussing what kind of music Aaron Hernandez may have liked, the guys realize they hate musicals. Robert Kennedy Jr. has voice spasms. The week ends with a tragedy.

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Gives Kurt can. It was a tough decision. When I like senator scale back that up then so. We've got Craig Campbell whose for all of baseball extremely well. I. Felt like it was turned the turned over to your that was fresh and powerful thing the relief for the best you're really good manager until engage us. Yeah Gerry Callahan I'm not one victory it's not a lot but boy that get you around and less volatile this year they should be terrific he said that he called their hot chocolate chocolate meat and a little wild forward. I was sitting there minding my business and he walked past them as. Hey hot chocolate I don't know what that means not only with the factual I took at the very transitional remarked I was looking at the James Brown away Kurt Mann plus plus the points money that would like I was told at aqueduct where. I was proud New York this week you'll what's the strategy that we act you have little kids need that type of three. You sat there for a day in recent form I did yeah. You're by yourself. From what we're friends I thought we kids do bad things. It doesn't care where your edification and very he's a great guy still at home theater on Sports Radio telling you we. Fourth and final hour on the fifth and final eight. There really is good news as we wrap up Leo wild weekend. Kirk Callahan show started the marathon. Stopped over our nation's capital. Right and here in the middle of some bizarre gauge shotgun which are gonna show about from the president. We got to show up for the present you get shot Spicer match especially three times scored him an expert at Brigham amendment freedom and enemies and nice to me church showed itself he took of with the Lincoln buster that did the White House look at. We shouldn't lingering soreness in the background I didn't they can come out that well just now it's a weird. Mention the tweet it does appear to create yeah busts. In this hallway. Next to spice office and behind some big mirror. So I thought you know all the while I have never done before take himself in the mirror. I'm sure you have so I wrote John three certain who's used him for it to the southeast right behind his full and little head we're. Original personal pictures zealot. They're Jerry route detractors injured now what did I like orbit torn ratio he didn't win anything I mean will my moment with the president yet that's all great and I want. We like the work we missed you being. Written by our four and boy you really took a liken it to Murray too great guy. I rarely CU. Meeting guys talk to him that long turnaround say he's America how out unless I don't think about it other category four at the White House for our hands at least that I guess I'm wrong. Luck and curt Warner's total around corners or you go just a good friend and it's hot seriousness that it not been good to say nothing and and by Hillary Murray not only as a sex Kelly kept result Canada and at least not that he's not the looks like hardly admits it is sort of self deprecating wonderful. So I loved making this morning and some other. Terrible nurture. Remarked our street look protection which I don't look yesterday actually I have to amend your comment I said the only person I know the Kurt likes in the guy is much yet. It's mutt yeah the only place here but other than you Maher he's the guy who likes most yeah Lamar to be part of the cast a coach. The table full time job once the merger happens what's build build build one. On the umbrella will still be two separate stations though. And so we're able many brush back from any brush back from management proposing with member of the of the T I guess. Wrong teammates man that was with us that's a prediction I guess she took the photograph he. Prospects for that. Right into different stations stale so fighting in the ratings the water in well our show while we again we do right that. One ticker call ya wanna. If you missed the breaking news according to. Who the most reliable sources in the American news media were remembered standing. Rabbit in the Daily Mail got. One actually I should say it's a we should attribute to Michelle's she had that first wave before everyone else. And we had our doubts that Michelle McPhee was right about this a more breaking news. Oh doctor I just on the give this first in them already oh you don't strike protesting us all said Monday sticking Aaron and that's that there was gay. And hum he had a special friend in prison. One of the notes he wrote according the Daily Mail and rabbit was to his friend his lover. Who's now on suicide watch are in that very prison. That about it enough info covers and it's not like to Wikipedia this and that's a detailed the Daily Mail and here and. My prediction Drudge will pick this up in the next who points Austin race that's all I mean the globe from beaten on any one local production. Another Russian newspaper that is lightly like Jerry said during the break. They're afraid because in doing so in some way condemns homicide you Klein it's improper right. Which tomatoes. And you get to know when you're obviously getting out of their OK they thought proper but no we don't we all know such evil they register for say yeah right. Yes well. I think well we talked about this with a Alex's play. The the the problem I have is to cover the way we're covering all the Daily Mail is Cotchery is to imply that this tawdry it's sorted it's. Inappropriate. That he had a relations with a another prisoner. And win. Oh well according Michel his own shot O Lloyd because old Lloyd knew not to kill two people but that he was he joined the company men. There was an article white what you got there perky. No artists it's almost bigger news in ways we were talking about chatter date. A couple of segments ago and then I found out. I was then followed by somebody named misty your name here the miss princess peach it was a charity performer. And she said outcome senior on chatter bay is mind and the human handler and she's she's committed she's like. Slave port. Who want to dominate through yes a fault that. World and the pass and that it's very if things are sweet offer I think in the past. Well you. Did you resource so she sold her panties are yet if you want fifteen bucks for use pain but it yet. Or to the Japanese as he's got new sex and the oranges and the than it was for wearing Geri a son now it's more sort of to help that hurts if somebody else he so she's following on Twitter challenge you to join her shoot this exclusive contract regular shot. Eight bucks a month and here Fremont. If I were afraid to reach it before you. I mean that's the money east is uncle that's a quite broad style magazine tell me which monies that are spanned the globe or. Missed the chatter bankers and sperm they have asked for headed over experts as the that's the vehicles that Jim's Cranston Jim what's going on. They charitable good driver and not a lot a couple of page you guys but you compared the this cage with the patriot and a cage and equipment Keller K. Vote to come to a lot of soccer coach and edit. All of that ordinary outlet today better probably you are double murder. Never thought I think we can hear an orgy of training. And. No one not once said he was a saint gym but do you think he deserved to die. I don't think ebitda is dog away guys know about Cold War and it hit me. The other two I don't know about you know what. Don't feel bad throw Lloyds mom of a veteran of Lloyd's mom watching today is gonna make a statement. About but it mama I feel bad food and blog I got the ball. I feel worse than mom I feel worse for the mob some who was killed somebody who did to Kelly I just do I do. But it might or did you apparently street crime into a completely different then than it. On that we I don't remember comparing it to. Aerial cash. There are castor and kill them that because. This is the other all while Steve Stephens I catch all likely you're right the but they haven't called this a common theme this lawyer. Not not to that's the thieves and even link with the Louisiana lawyer was the one free Casey Anthony and still purports that she's innocent when we're almost not. And by the way. It is the bulk of our IP aren't are not Twitter and at that you otherwise he got a lot of people saying the IP critically on calendar. Don't think Eric. Now on the cleanup killer. And I mean obviously you have you wanna have a level of innocence. Obviously mr. Godwin is more innocent than Oden lawyer probably but. Neither of deserve to die. I think Hernandez and Steve Steve doable cold blooded killers who. Despite would much thanks a burning in hell right now. 100% I just wanna hear all the expectations about it and I've been driving now they've been brought it got off. I don't know. Owed Lloyd was probably. Jock sniffer and guess who's dating his fiancee sister anti this anti all the new blood point why it. Right don't quote the worst he's losing and until now and it's gonna do. In the back of that car yet he thought it was back in those tough pins tucked in the back of the room with Curtis. And men who went smelly driver earlier. And that's my little or 3100 remarkable cards when and we don't Hernandez's throwing hand mrs. Blair and his musical guys and all soundtrack which is on this favorites you know and a song and dance man that. That was playing he knew it was over that and you you knew he was probably threatening you before that's actively told people that I. You know. Like man. Got an SUV is a distraction in the locker room when you play this. Brady said the focus for the game. It was in the there's a whole lot of worst. All politics are you stay due to hold on this. Yeah if there were guys. Who were a gay guys or guys turn pro as such is their wives the being who plays the gunk either zero. And he backed would you and I be mimic the school theater that we wouldn't want puck goes lower again on Bucs got to see guys again good way to go to theatres. I didn't play while I saw it. As I didn't of the opera. We know. On mom she won ago. What's different symphony mommy taken mom goes to she's right you go yourself no I'd never been to these yeah amount analyst Peter myself and avatar practice went really great engineers say sealing misery of the dog track. Actually don't Hackensack pretty close though I still totally not as an idol stories I would toll ms. And I was dreading it sunk on and them being there at the bar outside tonight outside guy and automatically Beers and going and I finally came can of beer in there in the show and his enlists four I was launched after two hours or whatever. They have an intermission there and is that the side door right and I was like hung over already headed the same song over and over can rejoice actually sucked it up yeah weren't married. It'll Cornell was torn. Press of marriage because now. I like table solid minute I want to play Alec. Open side doing just you in the books so. And people waiting there all dressed up from the get to play bill's language for other plays in the league. And it's slick or missing cuts off access. I had to go back he'd like to one highlight spiritually in the past I asked him off to Asia and I feel latest master Rutledge has its foreign and Samsung and as an honest and and it sold now is that I was younger guys I might kind of dreams of let's go now right now. Aaron Hernandez is sitting in the theater listening intently ms. and and in no ice if we can be happy. That's ahead. To. That's the deficits in the trial for him that's that he had. It's she's going through the torch she's going through Jerry. She's trying to go through torture to play. I would. Want them. And a couple of years ago. It was a big. It's the book of Mormon. His peace of god as part biggest piece of garbage Evers and all the angels make fun of mormons the whole time. And I said you wanna impress me do the book of Islam that'll be impressed those those in London shall part precious and I literally. The other balls make a fumble on a big dual morals bullies Mitt Romney Matt you know I mean date they suck. And I left her could ticketing was so bad and so redundant and every was fake plastic. Only do. And I finally said to my wife and so on each side and ago I think I went. To the blog and read aloud this Asia people next mineral cracking up. A look I can get out here let me out. It's so awful it's. Almost as that is moonlight Jonas said being in it either. People around you. Watching moonlight and I needed to. Do I do it alone but movie are hand as my life. My weight and enjoy it yeah potentially geez is now you're gonna get us on channel through. Aaron and is because he's gay rights 617779798%. Or more per Callahan in my. Next tonight on an all. Episode athletes are spoiled entitled stakes they really are just spoiled entitled. Big. We focus on fully literate athlete turned you literally talk show host Lou we're. A little persevere through literacy is one of the great stories and history right bloom was recently angered by Kurt came Callahan stripped to DC we're flying them down putting the hotel putting in a studio on Washington's leading the guy driving down the pike is like oh what a difference journal Washington as opposed in a studio would brighten and lo who claimed to be concerned about and it comes expenses this is a waste of money the true story lies here. Thank you for calling United Airlines mr. Maloney if you could just confirmed spelling of your last name look at your set up for your ticket to Washington DC. As a verb. No it's a known it's your last name. Pa MIA I MIT and teed that that's how you spell very low all IT YIC. UCH I hi this is a real bad idea yeah we can't issue ridiculous you can spell your name come odd sorry it's good night. As you can see it's just another case some illiteracy leaving Penn jealousy. Our guys fought a Nazi and I have will buy you much of an excellent. Great job. I praise for get a few more praise on the midday show than any other hosting stations bring them on any odor free fluid related yes and they were happy with their ratings for Axl is doing very well we like those guys who think you can do well I don't like. I like stories like that guys who can't read work that way reacted to the middle I think that surprise I'm very impressed and do a service shall we can spell but he can speak. Clearly. For an athlete and pressure on those FE construed clearly. And you have you. Been over them this is or not. The most Tory right speaks he Gloria just little loud but it speaks. Did you happen to see. Robert Kennedy junior on with Parker college it is about it it was the most uncomfortable television. What's going off of it was besides today's bullish just remember the baseball shows just called baseball show yes yes that's false cult and yes OK besides the baseball shall ever seen. Or uncomfortable TV now than this Tucker Carlson wrote and what's going on with him I don't like him but there's nothing to do with I he's a moon batting. He's the one that thinks you know or the climate change about the occasional little. Larry David's wife from Korea via yes of shorelines here he said. He's the guy left his wife. He said the pig farmers and I were a morbid. Danger to us Jensen Islamic terrorists because pig flatulence is killing me whenever the Clinton reasonable if knots and ease. Though the total left wing loon but that has nothing to do with how uncomfortable with what was going on with him I think and don't let okay let's hear from him what to Nicholas Burns. The argument as you know is that. Group community herd immunity is what you're searching for and yes there are downsides but it wouldn't hurt if you're ready everybody heard about Kennedy is. It'll make the cut about her community they're talking about casually contagious disease and measles right blasts bond. Age group a very prestigious. With a robust study of African children that study the DB team but. Diphtheria pertussis and tetanus vaccine yet which is the most widely distributed bags and what about. Virtually every kitten Africa gets the okay. But they sent. But that's how he talks of us have some sort of an actual on what's is like socialist and what's and disorder what is its two Curtis attendance called spaz Monica dias who media. You know this won't accuse. And it's a disorder of the spasms in the larynx who. It's probably is voices fast now makes her sound and solid than the on it was cutting out at Sally went and Tucker pretended to act as Russia was nothing he currently host ring of fire nationally syndicated American radio program notion. Heck I can't radio show that's on Riley's knicks can. Co host and number Kennedy. I assume does that happen like all the time or is it just but he have a bad night last night our nerves or is that there. Mean that wasn't comfortable and set says he's obviously had some issues as well drugs and others. And get popped for dance music Hannity tell her toy shop and who. You have a lot of her own guys in the film as I Butler community and you learn that in 93 Kenny was arrested in Rapid City, South Dakota airport for heroin possession. Oh that's right it was on his way to rehab center two years' probation. Natalia Nazi members in this diary in 2013 Elvis stuff all the all the women I see you listen he has some issues. Mean. Why would you go on and have a two and without like telling them again target an issue of my Larry graduate declared an old. Ordered to have Monty always can speak like I gotta get a radio show me it was like. Yeah needed them some subtitled that's the way he is all the type would you say to Michael. Now that you would no practical follow bush or use if you're talking six incidents don't understand it exists as national policy Tucker model of power forward and talk before the segment shore now. Your guess on you'll talk we are producers put all his might right on top exciting international peace briefed I don't know but it was bizarre. And you like as you're getting vaccines got to get that word out and about vaccine associate I was saying he's not against vaccines periods like not a hard and fast rule. But any explain all the reasons she's. It's exactly that action adverse effects and it's but what have you ever been. And what they found was that the kids who did not get that except that kids who got the exe and a little babies. We're ten times as likely to die and next two months as the kids who did not. Plays against the Texans one of those magicians what you can't Jim he area I couldn't hear the words I was so distracted trying to figure out. Mean literally wondered if it was my TV. It's weird each other and each other cabinet hamper. Politics calls before we yes institute for wrapping up and say. Good we can. Benefit Bob's JP had Bob was gone. Act you know I really kill a guy who let now Jerry sort not can. I totally illegal that moment between UN trump Jerry. This do I thought I agreed each word thing is though it's the key thing hangs over everything and determined Rick Thorne U realizes he took over form you want Ford. So it is. Houses that he even on the mall police are good guys salute is a nice cabins but towards hole it's a standup comedians like you can't talk to ease back you kind of always wanna get away when you're talking you know. He felt that it. Of particular. Always on you know it's. Yes but like it that already recognized the moment you can team. He's a comedian he's too we've seen the media is never listen he's a nice guys this week out of their next line right. Yeah. At the moment take a break try to find you shin or something new president. But your right or was it was uncomfortable when you say Chris was uncomfortable I didn't re very susceptible to Africa to his recap that is he. Posted that yet. I've considered royal or brought all the pictures that you posted as it was all of us. And it is quite. I like to see if he wrote about him of stealing my moment with the president Thorman tough like to see it to work with. He's always on the during breaks and stuff I would not be able one hand them. But obviously that's just my dream months the only guys not Jim Murray can convert our Jim Martin aboard mine has some work if Hillary he did you date him. That's curious we on the outside when you're a couple of open dates next week as trainees away and Obama and and let justice be different Everett. I do is someone's gonna go to what does that someone like clarity of his Roman weakened its money's gonna go that. Monday we've got mud and he wasn't and today too because that got stuck in 041 Tomas season Tuesday for two. Rumors and Wednesday for three and then Thursday prior TBA. In and I want to candy man want our camp I don't market. And I don't who do you nobody went to show about myself. A Catholic Church I thought that solo Kirk almost at times are doing today is the two man show wanted to give the show you wanna you only given a shuttle take the sure. That's why you guys teach your soul show next week you do Thursday Gerri it's Friday so the whole thing. Am like yeah I'll take Friday that's about a giving your pride for all what you mean the whole reason this a successful as doesn't mean yes so we but we need that we need somebody do we need new blood rear admiral. That's OK okay. The deal the Bruins are still alive then we will definitely. Have we around Milan a look at it towards whole post. On a word about us. Those Khamese did the same thing I'd do it took a picture of that bust yet and I'm in the mirror behind him but nothing about some. Says the EI crew. Oh thank you for hanging on the coattails I don't know spice question I mean no no right hone their I am. There and he's them. He mentions. That trump says the net crafted this Jerry's we have to think Jerry. And he says the EEI guys were all convinced he's talking about Callahan. Who long for trump twenty hours a week and was standing three feet from me. And as I was able to perfectly triangular positions and I am certain he meant me 100%. A first while he was thirty feet away from me would this thing and yeah at least its and secondly not one person other than him he was welcome him by the study's being sarcastic Souza who says he's shown up to mr. Kraft Saturdays are for what. I did hear that they did that army said it was a crap responded. Or her earn a paycheck amateur when he did. That your weed eaters so it's fine but it is pretty wild to think that the bar stool can get credentials at the White House. But not the super commission threatened and it's true. And thick of things that are still sports was in. The unit interests in the press from the self on in the press briefing room in spice is office with us. It's good it's a good guy who's most famous for greeting the sex scandal teaches yes. Troops with zero Kelly calmly shot Spicer Donald Trump. Kelly anonymous interactive she just walked by with a big smile on affairs lectures and the good that orange thing. I'm we're down productively and 6177797937. Bore with Kirk cal him X. Crazy week her ally and starts at the finish line ETT store at the Boston Marathon problem solved towards right now RB. People here and it's very good on these beautiful. Actually I'm dead I know. Certainly. And an honor to represented in this case preferences come back we know that we know Bobby Bradley. Obviously it's certainly with your friend. There's an interest in another dirt bag Michelle McPhee joins us to say that Aaron Hernandez was a form a tide of war. It was picked up Heidi are off the field as well yes yes and that he likes it but doable for self. Romantic raps so to say that Aaron is now that both the pleasure. Certain. And that was it. What you're scheduled to fly tomorrow night. We it was our belief that Joseph Arpaio program. Booked this flight to rate which pixel sense or. But of course as always is. With that it was always a catch it right shares at seven dollars I mean all three combined cost of obviously 25 Bucks County. You slice it you either love going anyway you should just let anybody don't have hope until Winifred. Answers they say oh you go to DC here's the likes DC they don't say what CDs or somewhere. This is father when it was this is flying into my heart that it is. We are alive in our nation's. The White House. You short hours breaking news right your hair does get better Aaron Hernandez hit better on the set I would agree this is not who I this is a terrible who did this. I was Tina Fort Hood who who's was unthinkable a couple of who wasn't you it was it was terrible it was me bleeding was really. No it was me merit but it was awful awful actually on punches sound mean but that was good. Do you think it was good. I thought it was a big week that was a big week here right now it's over its root for the whole weekend hole shall we shall never do a good rating. At a weekly ever ever once idolized since they were done. We're moving on foreign you know. We're out. Up was off all my god what's ironic I think do you think that any music or and operate sounds of the Atlantic the package for the McPhee that whole story the end of pop that was. And I are really battery I've done a lot of that rain distracted on with a oh sure we hit it great weight is a great week here Wednesday show was today shows a heartbeat here there was a week and a and tragically now real value on Kurdish. Are people stated that registered the tragic Iraq that was attract an article forecast eleven Mormon excellent the other thirty we we we were doing that thing again when we have to totally what it's like to be in hell because she. Right you thought Erin Ernest was list you know albeit it will be your support them on the final 33 Aaron is doing right now was this a more option. I'd say you tell me that he's not gay. But he's upset that some of these said he was day. And people were taunting him and that's the reason he committed suicide. You know we were almost late for the Rose Garden in article in the world can answer so we're just not enough public pot what does that I was wrong go right from the 100%. Among gay lover who rose tackler. Anyway awful high Jesus that you need he's a good. Race Sunday morning 9 am main income. It's Sunday night at least I thought possible. I'd like our chances and relaunch our website on Saturday what's gonna come out and over for the run for the troops five K it's a good one. Right downtown and over supports a number of that Terry's. Or veterans including home's front troops. Fisher house. Of stone farm all of these charities that support wounded veterans. Including that they find one guy anyway. Help them help them home yet. Great what I was just 9 AM Sunday where's the start it give you a chance to redeem themselves are they going to be your last time mistress and yes I would not have a government shall post up excuse you know excuse kind of guidelines for senate seat we'll do it. I'm gonna give you chance to redeem yourself out there were times that. Since I name and where to start. And over downtown and over the web site isn't. Run for the troops five K dot com run for the troops five Qaeda number if I gotta respect you can run that keeps you signed up online it's none of that morning but there. Come up but Juan I'd pick of the day this Sunday morning and may do that probably will be me hopes. I get them up Red Sox on the road but a huge data Mahler Fenway Boston College NC state will play the sixth annual ALS awareness game. Tomorrow 4 o'clock at Fenway ten bucks and all proceeds benefit the Pete freeze number three fun and they're selling beer at the game tomorrow Red Sox dot com slash ALS game at Fenway tomorrow for that's tomorrow at 4 o'clock or definitely yes and box greatness scoreboards gonna do semis of a secret pop in for my charity is well if I may real quick. That is if you follow secret apprentice dismissed princess peach and chatter great. Three dollars a month she also some pictures you fifteen dollars and he'll do what you ask her to do and she's ready to fight for hours ago still looking for that one paid Yankee draining get off to. Humiliation hash tag whipping past activism hash tag it. So there's also that as well. As we know what to do this we can I ask a great tonight are you promised us that the U predictions you predicted the brewers just to an end its target so I'm sorry obviously tomorrow either we wrap up either way to win. You don't want to lose wrapped up Sunday aliens. Sunday's spot rector church on the way to the race in the streets and some sort of had a good recap after the game. Preview for the game on Monday I'm sure it's two days after if they integrate public this if they win tomorrow and Sunday we bump must have rear admiral Monday for four hours now for but once they've worked for me when markets market to dissect enough. That's truly that's good for actually. Are excellent the big big guys are next Lou and Christian and Glenn will be. A talk with the Bruins assumption Hernandez stuff shorts historic pizza before I do think some Olympic historian. A big national personal story at W I do think you're right it's gonna be on drugs and lonely about this and then. Just for the sisters are back here tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock and I think you'll be one wild piece of Ernie and his news about her I'm not coming tomorrow you can come not on that tomorrow he said tomorrow to Mark Gardner and doing. A couple of quite tired now definition excellent back at 6 o'clock have a good weekend. It's currently trip and she uses her that's what's trending well on WE RU WTI don't call. Could reach them.

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