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K&C- Game-by-game predictions for the Patriots; Why did Brissett write a letter to Obama?; Hernandez left a third note for his gay lover 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 3. A game by game breakdown of the Patriots schedule. Kirk has the Patriots losing 12 games. There is breaking news that Hernandez left a note for his gay jailhouse lover.

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee head and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. All I know is that what your doctor it's Popper PDAs and you start socking there's some sort of cause and effect I think you had something though and stuffing and slopes. Well that well for our crowd. Proud say a few years that he's had a little eyes that tell you today's let's make it but I do. I had NBA insider did you. That's coming up. Jesus felt perhaps Bob good effort there is loud say it. I earnest we have David Aldridge and who mediator who's always appalled by that shot at 950 foot joy you want some life. You know the only I night from those make a putt that I fourth hole was huge talent training she's doing a good job of playing the role the curtain and and play and yes which is. Treating Gary that we should be treated like the look like maniac that he is he's in these months ago happen that you miss and the vote in my point yes. And when you have when you treat him like he reeled her home forget everything TV guide you make a mistake right because he's funny he's knots. The sheets April show. On TV last night I don't know judge you were early to get to a wax software much does that allow you heard all order as traders. We get accredited honesty if they guy left the show. Early for something that was post player Todd in Paris Paris if you if you get your privates waxing of the additional 545 and the more he does take a little nuggets well personally I would bury that person for six minority and Gary tegra might that he left in the hair cut it and I wouldn't unless we we had crucified guys I was and I was sick days as I've heard -- our heritage as a terrorist that is not that is I don't know what. And the crew is awesome mitigated by her car and her. An attorney general I was impressed I was and presidents like more training here Alex from using your and a case of how much agreed to current giver. A big bolt can envision I shot helicopter as a short and I would you guys think as a group we were out there easily and I see that you are self but I think Kirk felt the same way but he's not in assembly. Which is something else I'm leaving early to get my privates wax we were late on. Why they. He was good and you know that for me if somebody says there'd be evenly dude it's one less like awkward break they're talking good out all of complies trees gone for two weeks you're busy with you know Red Sox as that person and as a brilliant. Sarid and some unease that left Eli I'm like I wanna I want Christian art who has and the guys that are cans and wells and you are any hard news or too and curt are an army on a long hard. Arctic have together made of the day Fenway. Of these applicants. Had nothing against you as the only people should learn not to talk to you would you have been really good rule no you don't like. Most people you'd like much. Yes why don't like right comfortable. Yet on the likes of I wouldn't there wouldn't go to the funeral a video McCaskill I don't if he died today in the cremated him he'd be scared to death and would have said quite a good pitcher lucky hit it out of letting trio though to see like other casting tells members actually went at it like who's supposed to deals. X you can access music is that Kirk and Callahan issues that Morgan management issue if somebody says. I'm leaving in 930 you get my you know. But China you manage toward a lot of our overall what are we supposed. No. You don't just cannot say I still don't have thousands our show that have right where she's on she ones come showcase. You know why. Bikers she's got she's nuts. I'm like if that happened people leave that's my favorite thing in the world is watching people wacko that or. Get a shot CEO of this and how body. I'm just son Pimlico this weekend is something you'll Paul would Duca and goes on on the training Tomas you show me turning infamous turning to languish on the were. Breaking them analyze and tiger. Addition the site is that a back surgeries two hours to I don't think he's breaking Jack's record you still duties when I got to present in every week let me off. Because of course the appetite which is easier to play that's really have to look at try and play well tournament and got hurt again I'm more surgery she's seventy something you know there's a sense is he gonna win again. Did you know that I say yes you don't need that he's gonna win that tournament of his own with a sixteen got it well election night Riviera. And that the winner yet shoot 651 of the rounds last year remember this in today's rate around in the three years ago was the player of the year. Three years ago four years ago where your necklace and yes you're right. Okay let's what really matters right now and it is killed himself brought more to the game by game predictions for the patriots. And I think sexy season opener I think Andy Reid notes call me crazy that I was rooting with my heart on this because I heard from Peter king and others have achieved with a favorite after I still holding out hope that would bring the falcons showed brochures we don't want little reason they didn't is that we don't harass them. I wanna embarrass the fidelity to watch the flag go up with a banner going to know that I was I was told it was because last year. Ron Rivera center hurt the Panthers have to play in the first game after the super wasn't going to be embarrassing it was about it is a bad I I thought it was they won had a week when one of the home opener new buildings that they. Like push for that member to build and that sort of detail went by to say goodbye to be. Through the back door that don't when I was good they'll be there for that you wish you well. About what I like Adobe this game announcement this he will yes here's my new addiction he will be there and normally see them while it was the game for person personal reasons it'll be an optimistic and I wanna do this what's the point. Some old radio traditional all or we. One game by game after only gets beat Kansas City Chiefs Thursday September 7. I'm Mike Kris I'll get the right recent prediction first tour win for the patriots mocked on will win. Loss of will win a loss I wanna know I got home one week to add to the New Orleans say it's yet. This one Mikey Reese has and losing and fallen to one and one of the season. I'm assume win and win and loss K next week hold mock. Urged the Houston Texans. And then Texans at this point ordered that no quarterback right. How can you pick the Texans and and you know it you cannot predict how can you put him in anything he can't with Tom savage the quarterback cannot. But he got thanks I get the patriots three I don't pack three now under the text. Holman it's Carolina Panthers week for October 1 my Kris has from winning then go to three and one. Yeah and bitch but just had a role they're gonna win that game four known yet I get Carolina when I got lost yes. Kind of Jimmy's and Joe's. At Tampa Bay Thursday night game Thursday October 5. Now do is on the road. Let's see first. And then say on the sale lost that's a first loss I'd win here form one or when epidemic so do you have in five an hour that I don't for one I'm losing home to Carolina. Next week comes at the New York Jets Reese has him winning. Lot of course they always are there loss everybody WWW office doesn't wanna las the past next week whole Obama. Vs the falcons Sunday night. I I have them winning that game very much the Super Bowl I'm gonna check them to give you the score right now 48. To thirteen really. There the the U ruined the falcons forever they'll never come. The like the you know read his rich and I guess could drop was first start I had what's a record for the picture right now at this point. The government wants five your government know you're there one in five Turkish struggle Brady grapples for start win for the patriots. I am winning 61 win six and one. Next week. Home against the Los Angeles chargers. We're gonna sock. They win that the go to 71 everybody and win even when I charged when making this week nine Kirk. I lost who. Then add to the Denver Broncos AJ it. To which have trouble picking the patriots in Denver yes that's a loss of loss and loss yeah that'll make him seven two I got lost there and the next week at the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City. Patriots who have traveled well to these goofy places. I think oh loss to another than Mexico law patient to wait I can drink the water Christopher makes better reference they lose at next to go to the raiders in their car. Home against Miami and we twelve guys ever and loss. I'll assume win that'll tournament than nine and two in their in laws there a week thirteen at buffalo tied neck. When an opponent. Who has two and two to nine game. Next week at Miami lost there was losers here Ellis and loss of growth ago if you that's. Nine and three. The next week at Pittsburg boss. Win. I'm ten and three month idol loss at Pittsburgh the next on all. Another of them 113 next we buffalo home they type in both games of buffalo this year twelve and three up the next final they finish up on New Year's Eve. At 11 PM that's weird and be plain and the fund them. Palm Sunday December 31 New York Jets at home to win of course boss Randy Winn went thirteen and three and a half minutes I was pretty pleased where the record to announce what their at Tampa a recess and lose an audience of labored on charges of hold. Jerry doesn't thirteen and three. Mud hasn't Baldwin for him and you have the matured too into two lieutenant to. Two wins and I'll get my fourteen games Burris to win showbiz on 214 into two to win now that's eighteen games for try again. 212 and two is an alternate. Party at the sixteen is that your. Two are played blackjack with two to fourteenth through a similar numbers and had a great. So blatantly blacks in three witches when they usually go thereabouts. Well before from mafia problem where you guys have my can. William whenever Kirk's it's let's go through twelve and 222214. Point three. Could want a darkness with these factors are skating that's okay. Act litigated this in you know what's can happen happens every year in the twelve or thirteen games would be the ones it's it's it's that can happen when the schedule we've become so insufferable the NFL network and he had an animal that day yesterday conference that's it broke my beat everybody to apologize to his right that's kill him and so all the time W that held up well known remembers the body isn't very good place what. Heinz he's right right middle of a very good place in week nine that's where you want Belichick is going to be happy with that but. I would put the Colo for a couple things people who while I'm tired debate this is an important. I still think the pictures just don't think she's not so much pressure do is not important but these pictures which are stupid. Okay thanks to what do you wanna fight of interest if you're wrong on a single. I was not wrong as well as vigilant and excited right now you're afraid to have a conversation. National park but I think the I want ironic that I dolls are made. In fact and no calls were made a note I don't think you know Jeff recorded call I don't know according yes you know I went how I know who's for a friend's just making an upset you know what I. This doesn't look could you go on there and hang with Tom and Jerry are you just to you know what is it a different audience was very says Kobe percent is a Smart guy this was really Smart move and by the way a well written letter. You can grow weld them. I think he wrote okay. And recorded rightly McCord I don't know according to your theories pressure Alan Branch helped them. But I think those guys said suggested he stay away because it was a good look with the patriots or number of patrons. I'm boycotting them like that is a good look they got a quarter applause. Lots of applause players' association and cherished theory was if you weren't listening earlier is that. A percent of this letter to Obama from two picture of the with the Oval Office had a ticket picture with his picture. And wrote the federal bombing Jerry pictures pressured by why I think I know. He was I Heidi you know because we've read everything you wanna read say don't see you don't know you're actually and a source Italian sums may be applied at source of the don't you want it to be true you know obtain those with sweat drop that is anything we are as dumb stuff obviously. I beautify the pain in my decided wiser this I admired if you if you wanna chime in on that field priests it's a free freestyle Friday 617 reform for a signal freestyles voicestream I finally they've -- and so that was that was at port questions yours sickle said it and it's a nice seventy you do shot odd jobs shot 6177797937. A minute ago too well but that's my job. Secondly Kirk. Yes tease me he tees. How many years of his skis and he said there's nothing you can do we economic camera and a couple will perform for you and on the what do costs and how to do it. I don't know for you know gates blogs and you in your computer Islam is afraid of what's important I'm looking Monica to Goran from the road or something and is seen candidates like. You know. Whatever she arrogance is never point six miles away and like I never goes away talent to do. You think now like this and you know we're there right and its excitement. Right before you looked at before you are able to release example I need to I need to know of people actually do this this is a thing I hate to feel the commenced in the boat. When you do this now but I like to I'd like to live vicariously through my perverted friends yes I and shorts I think I could be wrong I've never done it. So I wasn't sure what he's done I have to give you critical and obviously yes I would you know that you do pat cash was to show up as a new bill. So that's obviously I don't I'm not. Bold enough and pins dark side of things I could never ever is particularly dark. Giving them credit card to some couple in the all the lives and let's Chicago a middle person shore. It's different what did you do flick it. Yeah and there's Panasonic and some money Amazon believes golf same thing as getting on and would you ask them to do things your type of him do you say it should be don't call them on the pharmacy opinions 448. 621 and expires on fire so he's saying he can't see you right. So you saved a lot of like I have for him to help us credit cards and I want her month for her I want her own sounds like you've got a real scenario laid out. Now. Now mr. purple in there on this let's say I want you to come in with like with like our reporters are different and I got some some minuses and I want you know what the world in my pants what you let's college one. Heard the call and want you caller mommy right now they cut in his own jab. You know kind of thing like you did you know yeah I spoke might I throw my foot of the four remind me. Nick and being gang. I can't imagine us. I couldn't do I want known artists known and most clear why don't wanna I don't it awfully nervous now. I don't know observers find our nation are passionate nervously while watching everything and be nervous and it caught that they would know you were against them away and we we just on a Bose headphones like him mikes in the making this Ellis had been both have been selling your information act of people everyone does that you give up a fight though yeah it's a suit and as everything at this point. I note that really I guess headphones yes I just assume that your seat occupied six what's up at CeBIT 797937. I think the questions are portable. Jacoby percent right or wrong and is somewhere out there. Who subscribes when things they want and these couples I'd do this and we have third question why is my here. Others question every Friday a typical data to the recruiting process we have no answer and so a lot of pride you know and you'll get a call now no one more for the do you go to hell if you can lose money on Washington to let me it must think she could have. The Achilles heel if you do the right way my question is not a Bible verse and you had he gonna have the Bible says that right here. Not all PI double tease us and I asked you has finals and losing about the bush accusing Russia is not all others and show he's for if you curious have you could have asked for did this before yourself right. Yes of course but he honestly in the securities of the hill. I guess right and what you what's playing on the radio Volcker. Please Jerry yeah. I think it makes us want. Yeah yeah yeah. We'll be right out. I'm president. There's the Bible teaches us there is no greater active love them to lay down one's life. For one's friends. So true so Mr. President I wish this president. The team. So you take you to trump into Donald. Constant threat that's what I call. Boy that's why they over the kindness towards the rooms are great the B Graco important steps all over it for ever and now that was my moment actually we're there. Now shut up front. He's all the media to people from the media like common have to ask me why do you do that just what you name how do you spell. And you don't want to not do any walked tennis it was Gerry with a G day. And he knew I mean I don't. It's important which upset mining act that's honestly talking you strike me it's and they were pointed me in and was Kraft who's obviously it was saying he he's your guy he's. Sports reporters like you and then right after the port mix and asked themselves and water salaries were the president of the United States that's true. No these are terrible and colors to be funny well that's fine that's something fine cheese stepped over it blocks from the Spicer. Couldn't shake our Q and that's what. I. Well he was proud that the bar still couldn't get credentialed noticeable when they get in the White House a botnet that's true proud of that. You feel better about senator Callahan after the triple washing I'd. Every minute you're dealing with confidence at CPU but don't ask why it's suspected to walk around here at the center of the universe power. Power center of the universe I belong there. I don't think any congressman when there color abort abort senators don't know what day and work column Brady. For not showing up he should have shown up. Where with de corps when you drop that's just what it ought to it's the White House your team in the ambulance pulled that most of my frauds that are real fans and expect Warren to be there. But of the entire congressional delegation. Seth Mowlds not a patriot fan but it noted on this trap with Niki Tsongas that pickle because of trop might happen line now that's why you know why it's so what happened when Obama honored teams that won. Was everyone there Democrats no Republicans argued homework on this level Obama military it's such a social policy and social needs change all right. Social media is part of the reason percent wrote that very eloquently about it it's hard not know. Thought I'd I agree that more than he Russian agreements Kirk agrees it's you can agree I don't believe it. You don't believe that Jacoby press and probably beat any pressure ultimate any pressure I don't think. So that pressure manifest itself in going on Easter race of the season and writing a letter that Barack Obama because he's like in his right it's exciting years all I know what Jerry I don't believe yes poll says he's in the week world with my accordion branch and they don't say to whom he's going prompts hopefuls are racist always illegal this letter and now that the court basic although no big deal you land that's helped work this stuff I think that was a very Smart move. You're in your only argument at all he batted explains everything like Morocco doesn't even mention trumping just explain the other it's an on line the other way what in the black guys do this they don't they and feel compelled for well enough like. Rookies who are that easily influenced necessarily. And who can I just said it outburst by percent of them what does that change so now what's on it it makes it clear that he's not tough guy. It was not notice trump I'm pretty sure he's on a guess without looking he's made in the past so why who has percent maybe it's what you homeowners a break. On never know we don't know the nausea this thing you know you want most want to I don't want this to be true to its characters are you doing a lot of hair for its Sargent Jerry. Of course you mean do that's why fight going are stupid which a problem. I'm anxious or ESW arrives at old black widow of John why I think it's completely wrong I think he felt some pressure to promote. And the wiz want it to publicly what he shows corporal ball what do you take this time to say you like so what do you respond to you liked Obama of all the our tight white who's is hard to explain my can be greatness. He went to this house it's big it's white. He went in there. And see the president and the president is president idiocy the president before that was Obama there's a picture took a picture when he left he wanted to be a good president Chris Curtis as a trap big east and Sony Pictures of him with trump. Other I don't have is also the only other below the picture that you like so Rob Lowe and he doesn't like companies make and model clearer Beasley and what and and by the likes appreciate what they want to make sure so what you look at in an odd time to do what should I promised her plus auto white house of course it is yeah rate was good looks a lot about us. Here's his. Is it okay did you know you're wrong we disagree with us eating it's not always agree with me while he's right you're wrong in the spot thing is. Other guys probably think this one's Friday 840 officially so sick of currency could puke I don't care what is dead bodies and when we got we got ST who Wear black because nobody Latin that gotten us lack of accomplishment you would understand that cab line. The important what does that I listen how well you ready to kiss him on the air I days ladies I wasn't opponents under one option points. So this lawsuit we walk out of the airport and we're tired of and one of its hotel. They had to be fifty people in the capital strongest part 125 feet and who was wanted with a fifty. It was double displaced almost 5050 kinsella. I'll send column with the line I said he wanted to point senators and tell. Or fifty people that line. And so we bought the lot crossed the little driveway yet. And boom it's they have. Who were blacked two minutes later biggest should be pulls up I felt like you know I was getting secret serves as I honestly you my managers are already that the best program director American I agree with that algebra two different. And I believe he's at I just went right for him every single time you throw it him he would build up as VOK and Whitney I admire anybody who can take a trip like that with members UP every single time did for him as of and company program of eradication how many program directors would go big a big major market stations that are number one in the mark. In the morning how many guys would share a room right produce it about I mean that is very nice of him when he should he march general bazaar bombing when used on here I've reality so when I was that would indicate how else to go to Indy it's a bloody split Iran that is pathetic Luke got us all of Christ political work. Quick but the good news before we get fresh calls. Cumberland farms come in and breakfast. Genoa ports in forty is now our lunch. Going to be good look at what they're coming up at 6:37 o'clock we'll beat I don't breakfast and we talk about that. It is just I was had now in the cafeteria or talk shows people no can't deal. What went becoming cars mean why did you guys not think that the palace but I'll turn around and do it next week in earlier time it's between 9 o'clock am curious what it will maybe we'll give you some give me. Some straws and its new straws and knowing let's go to any of the car and he would happen. Good morning Greg Willard present wrote yesterday. And the way aggregate. And by the lamb why I've watched him walk here thank you act the way I read this story like this and bite you wish he'd seen like. And he looked doubtful Obama and somebody out Obama's summit in little bit of inspiration. Dictate what he wrote and say that somebody else. You just trying to further your own agenda you know honestly true that's what you want I think it is always talking about which you you'll what you'll correct that's correct do you think do you think he would do that record at which Mario and I think that's let them back to work or I'd rather quick word on am and you're an idiot not wait let. Scratching of those I don't wanna waste anymore you time and he's already please come on any comments at the conversation. Oh. It was very well written very well done I commend him this is a way to take the pressure off nobody's gonna give many greet him and of course he's right up this in. Trump's face you know what. This is what to according should've done this is what brits should have done. They look at the auto White House. Respectfully trump too so disrespectfully tournament as he mentioned trump well as the ability shots I was sending pictures of him with trump the president does it stick now from space as he turned it like bobbled it or did he quite. Like Obama went at an event like Obama I'm sure he shook present traffic and he said I only pitches. I don't you don't you hate trump if trump gave you the chance. You were taken pictures right yes he can do that when you know that's a snub I just ask Curtis a look at how do you think he says he believes doing. He did not George emerged of him and trumpet and yet one picture but he did it was kind of funny ridiculous based operating go to the video. There's twelve people want what brought me with a trophies and Obama picture three total victories nothing which if if Hillary were president when he Obama's. Maybe maybe that's untrue and of yeah I know for a fact he wouldn't you yeah I think are tired little popular yes I did you put yourself in the shoes of somebody Meehan percent young black. Hardscrabble. Who sees happening. I like the back taxes and I don't know nothing about politics I personally that's a lot of diagram that's honest yes let's go to Matt Boston and Matt. Hey guys Callahan would you succumb to pressure from friends who do the same thing reflected in the US here's situations. I would have done something like this yes that's a good question Matt's sake of so hold on let me answer saying Obama or president. I still would've gone to the White House but if there were picture of Reagan. I would have taken a picture of that picture with me and I would've sent a love letter of the Reagan yes good question. Affect those looking for good Reagan picture. Like in the hallway wanna take picture with a right there's a Lincoln bust Arkansas and it took Sophie. Which have never done before in will mirror with the Lincoln bust creepy and on for came mug well a good or pay for that. We're gonna pay what you do that consensus on the hallway when I saw not a lot of fun out there. Anything else Matt. Are now compared have you ever watched another couple have sexual relations and the hate it paid for on the video cam. The RRR what are or don't like where you tell them what to do. Refiners sound when people decide myself how much was cost I guess if you're hoping myself. There's just too busy making the case for and I would want one of the producers to help me move Jerry's back easing up Ken doesn't have to when he worked he says would have you tell on the same old college tennis tennis purpose. If this can does not him whenever they play like jet pack here. No I loves him to that he has basis he has there's no thought I was a Google search or should do for this. You watch couples have does that work for a whose collapse chatter this called chastity. Chat today. But you know that would you see that extra protection and the way you catch other base which chatty caddy to history chat let's that I forgot it's a website that's actually I don't want. My husband I let strangers watchers have sex on why. For eight dollars a month. On a watch it may be all of us are going to pay by getting in trouble for goalless website now seems eighteen or over. It's fascinating that if I agree. No no no no hope no to make up a hopeful. What you're watching them. Nobody it's pretty here's Q can you tell them what to do deserve way to do that this is that if I think the first step is huge shoes you're debenture really feature so. Yes. You can you can jump in and say again when they are doing. The moment it's. It's a billion dollar industry but you pay to watch this man is he shaped much. We now none in the Dallas roughest of money it's Obama excuse me and so it's chatter bait. I think you Google that you can find out pretty quickly at least one way I don't wanna say if they're gonna back so upset and they sponsored and it shows on Saturday night they're big in the biggest court ordered dinner this folks your podcast this question guys what's the key for mad publisher which is brought to you by chatted with. Which horrible it might. Explicit. The safest. Route to a good start our soldiers home it's what's the do nothing without a second. 797 clearly Jerry was line of this breaking news which is okay it's cute to tease. So you have nothing write this and in this thing. The thing okay good. Good a nearly toga two hours ago we went on to entertain him nor ready to. I get an update topic that we'll get to that as well we get back and I do want somebody when he chatter Bates subscriber. To call during the break that is you're job blisters I just want wanna know what 4511. Is a chapter date. That's what candidate Dhaka and and extra points out that you should know this to glow has a category you can click on and do it some world I would go right through that that's not even my dad's an old Jim Thome now on a damaging high enough and try. We'll make it a shot to go live in the air into. That's next. Michelle McPhee who joins us just say that Aaron Hernandez was a woman I am before our. It got Heidi are off the field as well yes yes and many cable secret suggested Aaron and that is count both the excuse. Breaking news. And talk to you by Julian Phillips auto glass Sports Radio WEEI. And this is big news we found out Lamar was a waiter but we've looked at his history is easy chatter of a guy I know he's a regularly I'm accuser for three years. I was spending eight bucks a month on this is better than spending the money wasted. While jumped 69 is my counsel. But anyway anyway. Let's get to rub off tees and literally teasing you. Like tickle onions for three out like it you know oil from and I know you're gonna. Dump on this no no no but but but since actually know what it is our man you know. Our man rabbit reached out to us last year I decide not to call MacKey called on volunteers picked for the team opposite talk to him. First thing he said was. She was right I was wrong. I have to apologize to Michelle McPhee and I'm like what he was frantic the way up and is he's you know former drug dealer but. You watch your phone. Of course wicked Smart I learned under it and do it is united specify how easy it actually is seven dollar and yes come anyway. So he goes on he was on his way to the prison he goes there he visits people he he has his reasons to be either he has connections. He said to me. And were probably gonna talk to him doesn't matter commentary we said. That she's 100% right he was gay Aaron and it was gay he had a lover in prison. And one of the letters. Was whose daughter is his fiancee and he's gay lover I was third letter third letter okay and his lover is now on suicide watch. I'm all too libel watch correct according to you Daily Mail who just has basically said the same thing united known here the last couple hours a week for dopey rabbit the call. Which is exclusive which is not true we have at first but. Daily Mail Aaron Hernandez left three handwritten notes before hanged himself to his fiancee is for real daughter any third to his gay jailhouse lover who is now on suicide watch. Which is amazing that a source you and I heard this on Monday our guests Michelle McPhee said it we were a little surprised. We've talked about it for five days yes and I don't know why I guess I do know why the current no PC climate the media. Almost touch this because they don't want it to appeared to be inappropriate Wright and Aaron Hernandez was gay. But. Her contention is cork or should that rather's contention is that she. Let the kind of analyst and broke the news that he got some grief that he was uncomfortable with his new image and that may have led them to. The cabbage you know forbidden wrapped around his neck now that doesn't sound like a good reason to kill yourself. By any means. But it has good reason as any it is good reason is you're still have a theory much that he that he did it because someone threaten to hurt his family. Yes well I mean and at this point it was equal we now what the threat once he was worried about the threat it would get out that he was gay if you believe the Daily Mail story can believe. Michelle McPhee and it in the gang he was and you can't get into talk I wonder what changed between Friday and Wednesday why somebody let's watch all. Potentially well well let's go right decision this makes as much as necessary. Tucker for years I'm Wendell Al opt to we terrible out to my heart is for acute right it's easier now than it used to be. What was. London. Contention from someone said. You have to help teens come out of the closet and feel comfortable because young and in past generations young gay kids would kill themselves current. That's not necessarily a problem today you know things have changed or are better and I think what if it's less way less of a problem weighed different what do you think about the macho world of the bloods in the crips shore I think it's tough to come out of the closet I would think in that world particular by the way I'm sure plenty of them are gay. Just percentages will tell you that but they can't do sure I would understand that yes. So you think that Aaron and his kill himself because of what Michelle said pressure I don't know it's as I don't know why I think we can all agree. It was bizarre shocking it doesn't doesn't none of the news makes sense is the last person and a spoke to before he killed himself according to this report. The game over the last person spoke to yes. So that said he talked to his his fiancee. An idea on the phone until 8 o'clock that night and then killed himself you know the next morning. But they're saying here at commanders talked to dispersant blast was he in in nearby cell. Here's my question. Here's my question why. Released from a base because they're saying it's just in the moment who got a wide I guess that's they checks and credits plus homosexuality. Guessing why it may be trying to protect the other guy. I don't know if we prodded his fiancee. Why a I don't know I I had in my right but I'm saying what's the problem let everything out who compares. He's grown I think China white and therefore why can't we get calls for uncles. You know why can't also a question I have we seen the video in the hallway the other prepare for this has it didn't sell those at some point right the video and phone calls become public wreck we hope we think. I'm not sure that is. Stuff gets you know seized blocked whenever all the time for what people say who cares if he's gay or straight well. It is very possible if you wanna believe everything that the reason or Boyd did is because he Dubow. Earners have such as that is Michelle much the confederate cry accomplish to accomplish reporter. Each. That's a theory that in the old Lloyd knew it was telling people and and that. And Aaron had enough. That's why do it is now want to get out and help the other theory is that who's tellem people who committed the double murder I believe that. But whatever whenever he's doing. You know he crossed Aaron and then this -- and is pulled over beside the road and come on the current and murdered him in cold blood there one moment but today. Went to their learning more. Stories wilder while another Daily Mail who gets a lot of stories right is still my outlook has it reputable. You know news outlook by the mainstream media will they pick up on this as the day goes on. I you know what Imus and no because. They haven't picked opponent yet right and again it wasn't just the rabbit quite contrary it was Michelle McPhee says yes and chief theorized and nobody. Since that day since whenever on Wednesday morning. Nobody's come up with a more viable scenario I ever heard the theory how do you tell her mind as obscene. And and people have written some good stuff Dan Wetzel had a good piece Ron Borges had a really good column. And they are trying to understand trying to figured out and nobody can put the finger on nobody can say. If he was convicted of those double murders. Everyone would agree he this was just overwhelm hopelessness right. Sure yeah that he was never gonna Soledad yes if he were convicted itself that makes all the sense in the world. He was acquitted. And it's and his lawyer this very accomplished slick sleazy lawyers to and from the caves that. We gonna get him out gun charge and a net effect I've never seen a guy in jail for life who had more hope in the moment. And earnings he had that lawyer who got Casey Anthony half share of form after killer kid. Who vowed to get him out of prison not not in home. Get them whenever demo 20/20 five years beacon amounts to a good question is this not amassed in this legitimately I don't know bulbous nose from the jail. Is you know what's the process of somebody finds a Hernandez is gay gets around. They say we're gonna kill you today to kill himself that night where she out of gang you know he's done that no action to protect anymore is that what it is that having on all I know now. My dad protection right here is a punk and he was the was mad at the guy the only guy who's protecting them because on at the guy was gay and they said he'd get away from me rumor. And the guy turned around told head of the prison JK Simmons had I don't protecting them more his own zone. Ten minutes left of all the sort in this study is just dead. And in this either thought he was dead or to us overwhelmed with chain that Raddatz at against the rules ready either sent you guys to set of rules for being in that game one of them as you can't be homosexual. I noticed by you you can't hold that we took calls or people that Aaron heroin and took cause some people said that at some. So excepted in news like today it is here in the real world which I think is absurd to think gang guys. Bloods and crips would. You know the that would connect Pat's not I'm pretty sure the senate tradition says touch his own appreciative screw around can no question but in on the what you get. You know how that works yes I don't he'd idol. Portable. Somehow it works you think people who. Protests mostly my pants are of the car similar crisper in the American Beauty Larry Craig they're the ones of course most likely to apple. Yes apps well in this case there might be gang guys who are engaged in homosexual. Relations in prison when he's still frowned and what you get caught it's all right it's not open but what exactly what you get caught. On to slip and we get an update on developing story his family's lawyers expect to be in court this afternoon. Un is that sleaze by is in front of the camera while watching still going to be here he's not what they court they they're you know what they're gonna accuse. The present system of malfeasance of not being there I don't know and other raw and it would be alive today it did in the 2 AM check zip about and don't really believe that. That if they found him hang in and like. Didn't slip on the so I got in there was six hours 7 hours between 8 o'clock and then not again and it's free and if you crowd them and took away his sheet and put him on suicide watch. Does he live happily ever after now without going to a flight to try to get money right now blocked or whatever the negatives if you look at him I mean the whole crew of family. That lawyer Sullivan. Told lawyers are all as you know this I would put nothing past. But hold Lloyd's mother who's gonna speak today and one of this changes anything affects anything. But that means the dumbest thing we heard all week was that. And then it was callers two's crazy calls and that pisses in prison if it's not a big deal. You've I don't believe there are bad ass like this note the video gang like I was sick problem probably is a significant deal still yet I'll be gone for the rest side. The good news for Aaron Hernandez as he's dead but now he's out of his homosexual he can do in the Arthur Ashe profound courage award on UPS position right. And hit it posthumously so it will be nice thing yes me. Would you more likely to believe that what rabbit Michelle and then Daily Mail saying that he was gay. Or what Sullivan's lawyer said he's a beautiful here. Yes who only cares that's my theory Muster he found Jesus and protect us I did my only sorry hang out and I think it's more unlikely and his work in the shaft then new duties you know it's great father who loved his dog if you look at the smoke. You have to pick why are they want to look at both. Working the shaft of his daughter on a shaft Jerry. I mean go with the shaft. And with our horse coming up 61777979. Pitchers have actually won here from rabbit this is the world were in. In his final hour he's got an opinion piece you particularly for him. Will your right pick for gravel continues the story boost for Aaron Hernandez and more power for Kirk and Callahan with Mike and it.

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