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K&C- Where does LeBron rank if he wins the championship?; Headlines with Kirk; Breaking down the B’s with Rear Admiral 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 2. Mut, Gerry, and Kirk compare LeBron to Bird. Is he the second best player of all-time if he wins a fourth title? Headlines with Kirk features sound from “Hot Chocolate.” Rear Admiral broke down the B’s playoff series with Arcand.

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Skirt and Callahan. It was a tough decision when the high life that are scale back that up then so. We've got Craig Campbell whose for all of baseball extremely well. I. I felt like it was turned the turned over to bear that was fresh and powerful things you really for the best jury really good manager to engage us. It's for sale. Gerry Callahan I'm not one victory it's not a lot but boy that get you around and last hole I booked a trip that should be terrific he said that he called their hot chocolate chocolate meat and a little wild forward. I'm sitting there minding my business and he walked past that as. Hey hot chocolate I don't know what that means not only with the factual I tripped at the very plantation homes were. Lamar I was looking at the James Brown away Kirk made ahead plus plus the points money that would like I was told at aqueduct where. I was proud New York this week you'll elect strategy that we ask you a little kids you have tons of three. And sat there for a day in recent form I did yeah pat. You're by yourself I'm what we're. I thought we are kids who Baghdad. Doesn't care for your edification if very he's a great guy still. Teeter on Sports Radio telling you we. Welcome I'm doing just that Leon and is always it's great to have you with us tonight what an ugly ugly day. That's your New York. We'll go. That's odd cut the plant opens eyes nose or show. Up and who who. Fired up like that mean they don't overtime. Supporters of his people down down down lower to look at what we're going to get my -- Pakistan Leon and is always it's great to have you with us. That's right at Purdue from the behaved fired along why. There it is the you know let's Roberts we'll have over the file its gloat yes that's that we want to be classy yeah I want to be classy women with like LeBron James. Was in the Indiana wannabe us. And these guys like LeBron make Isiah thomas' two hours before this to happen him. The city signing up social media like it matters zero dark twenty or 3023. Well Hartnell on Claudia I I think it is a going social media only now he's on he's playing looking absolutely excellent I. If you missed it those historic collapse in Indianapolis last night. I normally don't care I don't care vote in U verse. And they sure Larry I'm sure the great Larry Bird and looks as good as ever. You know it gives a play tonight looks worse things you know look semi lip coming out in the NC paths and he's just so discuss that and he wants so badly just rip off that's who put on uniform called there and show LeBron how is gone and he wants his team his guys that have the heart that he had. They scored 74 in the first half there were 26 and the blues and it and hard to do. And then down trio they're done they quit the just the carrier ring catalog did not play late thoroughly for all LeBron play the whole second half. And the triple double play great. And that was the strategy that believe they just had the three point shooters wizards are just admit that a couple days shuttles on. But they show Larry a couple of times and just shaken since they won a bunch of dogs if it Cleveland goes on the winds as yours. And Brett wintertime with the titled please don't tell them really with wins a title again it may be Golden State again. That would lead before titles for LeBron is that is that the small forward over to a Miami I would quote but I and I am totally unreasonable baucus can can eat any reason to person. Making case that Larry Bird is a better player LeBron James Steele. Short of the close of five children but you would give you a Doug before and you know. OK good it's as one meals still do but the rest of the country would never agree with less than they would -- bronzed of this slightly forward and bring us through Golden State especially if it they Nicholson again I think people just couldn't say you know they'll say despite the players section and that rights and Jordan Blair ever there's not a lot of debate about the best player now and that won't be much debate about second list now and you know four titles seven files in a row. Is more impressive than what bill Russ and they don't question on this an MBA yeah night slot machines are eighteen to nine teams. Is different now it's harder them and it mean winning east is harder. Who win the title is yet another. And I don't know either one god mix so brutal and I mean his whole life it's easy eight EC east is egos out of control the I don't care. He's a great player he's gonna canceling them and that he's never hurt he's a hard time passes I myself pushing I have no issue with LeBron. Mean the B no I can't stand these commitments to social mean you've seen the tweets about like his kids and and if that's more than ones ones on most of the video and dribbling it has legs who's just like his father in this kid's going to be the most oil are pampered at a school as well like duke and other schools already off yeah a scholar at the front runner himself is is is Horrow. And he's an ego maniac I have no use whom he can tell it's told Dick. You know I've ever distillate fuel might yemen's LeBron hate that that have never looked at Portland hates import only. If only because of that stuff is that why. And myself and lobbied officials he's awfully hate slot for the officials called the game differently Fulbright argument was always. They do that for all star players they hit market Smart as much as they LeBron I haven't talked to Mikey since I've been called an eye on the ticket you know think about Marcus parties offered no doubt he's a former most accurate whopper of bulk Paul Pierce playing their dirty Harry you know wheelchair to get off the court they a lot of these very good players do when that letter in Everett Barbara whopper I never enough never ever and he wouldn't Angel it's got battle LeBron when you start making your list when LeBron yes info cards and our hearts and shoot. What else that you better look passer. Better past LeBron he's the real thing and I ask you bands does that pass Hitler per trust me again ironies of the units and I don't and I go to this if Meyer light of the night my life is on the line needs somebody to make a shot that spur LeBron expert right. LeBron would issue about the JR Smith member of every game of the finals in a currency. The brunt a couple of years ago. When an F four at winning a fourth this year what I heard talk. Stats are out of that sucked last night watching things unfold there were mocking them and laugh and Adam and the whole country's commitment today to Larry. The pacers in my last Larry the pace 26 point team we put together and you know what he wants to do tomorrow he wants to blow well. And he can't that's the MBA but he would like to electric animal. But whatever that's our India update on tonight original list tonight tonight part of the bulls right I am pulls a sweet tea. Apple's gonna sweep yes it's all the bulls went tonight Davis would Celtics. That's my theory this should never be game for free ocean be it in the best of seven if you are now free elections and that's known to have a Dave Roberts yeah. And the Blackhawks. Blackhawks got swept the first seed gets swept and I believe I saw this tweed sport. The first time professional sports history. An eight seed has swept the ones. Paris sentence and an NHL history 93 lack of course all at once the by the blues which it did it is that makes this historic and just minority. What's this for the what why what is this the first. It for that you can't find something. Sounds historic either way through those fascinating amendment would either way the first against what Todd never happened as a surprise us that before I know secretary hockey thing. Is it ever happened basketball. What could be the year that the I don't think you know this he won the MVP in the losses once he did not get swept it lost answers yes see a whole lot Asia. They are dancing is once he's of lost I'm pretty sure this would be the first ones he swept. As a rapid and non. As happened in based NFL draft there's no it's not want to see several stretching and I felt. A big. Maybe they have yes man you're gonna wanna look at that one game basis we both happen a couple baseball one yet these yet he Orioles have been a lot of successes via needs more space couple minutes that there. Now with signatures over the bulls and twelve puzzle us. It's one. Eight seed but it is not a sweet spot not a street radicalism. That its over or you hear this whole conversation. No you capitalist. It doesn't matter doesn't matter it was historic the the Blackhawks got swept. A swim team I never hurt. The national writer a student and a editors and different things right downtown Nationalists like myself. Capital partners absolutely you should never actually has an interest in this building but it was right downtown on what do you -- for the let me guess who transcended their Porsche racing in the attributes that trip towards it was a bachelor party. He backs the party at Nashville and Austin. All's on great bachelor party so why you're out of town you would a muscle hill no doubt on how we got lady of great live music great how one goes this is two years ago. Each goes away he's and a ball hits when he's old school man Vanderbilt what we only doing this what demand of people magnate once you have the tristate nor the border for most of it was hot it was in Iraq using Rockingham at the Trotter felt idiot let's leave this topic today for David get it right. This master with our. Our biblical scholar crew skirts and trying to figure out if indeed you go to hell. I mean we wanna I wanna get a fact straight do you go to hell if you can use in what is the ruling. The Bible you suicide is equal to murder. Which is what it is self murdered god is only ones to decide when and how a person should that we should say who. We should stay with us Thomas well my times. Are in your hand gets on three zone 1311. Time for him that he was fifteen yes. So they go and earn her and it's going to be really disappointed primary is. Is that an hell right now as safe as easily help us. We used and haven't. What do you say before you do it self murder that means commit murder. We if we. I mean. Aaron I'm pretty sure Aaron and and it's going to elegant sport but now that's and it and it is my mom's time. If you ask you this Saturday love forgiveness and who have won your famous jokes he's in hell right now on this flames burn and that's the need to jam with pitchforks right. What's on the radio her. What is scary bunch of keep thinking for a night. A whole lot to show that reload his TV show what's a color that talking 131 trap right now details either do but it doubles. In the double politics on the program too scared to add a comment you faced. Come to Pakistan Leon. There is that's whatever her name you're right I OJ OJ has told other religious people have told me. Bet if you ask forgiveness about with Ascot for legitimate if forgiveness about what he's given that so stupid so of Adolf Hitler just I like set LJ. I never bought that that I deer lakes. Did you see the family of mr. Goodwin murdered by Steve Steve yes or takeoff Stevens or before he killed himself. Which by the way I'm with you can ramble on and Jamaal Smith. Just sent Steve Erickson a couple bad decision to add up. He'll he doesn't the nuggets but you know what happened. They didn't put the Red Sox past the sweet and sour and that time as well I was kept my old COLT and tries to these real check. That the funds were called off another warship Cole price. Looked wicket of is that the models can at the window gonna get the reward. Oh yeah don't probable that you can find out grant a lot of money should she get. Yes we should make sure. Anyway. They forget god Wentz families that before the economy we forgive. Why would simply this come from you your father got murdered in cold blood. And we'll catch the guy he's terrific the view lets you know I mean I'd think you guys like this all the time we did a few months ago semiannual it was a Steve MacDonald the officer. In New York who forgave the guy who shot and paralyzed him to the guy passport. Yeah I don't poly to bury you. This team was will be buried very religious guys super religious incidentally it's that toothpaste yes I forget about all the different foods which Pope that was pulled book Kirkland or the third it was hoped yes well that's a ballot and with this Pope Flozell vehicle. Eight and he forgave his chute right shooter came to him on his knees and ask for forgiveness is the Stevens was. Disarm the opposite usual care the guy. Which roll around in mud begged forgiveness and oh yeah much model have you don't forget anybody. You're the worst I try and eventually do you think Aaron Hernandez may listen he's with the lord that and it won't let us say he did. How stupid is thought if he lets people like Aaron and God's released who. Received a life. I'm like I'm like god terror what's his face terror belt which is 212 export had a gut yeah. It would have been an audio equipment salesman is who knows when he but no Hugh Millen now who did pretty well you know are right it's bad for him but. But you really Aaron Hernandez and haven't opened your armor except to Christ's victory that's that Jeffrey Dahmer I don't ever ordered an eight people are big guys. And and with supposed to think he Suton and the I can't put Adam and ineligible people so yes. If Adam lancet said before it goes in their kills all these African first graders. It goes and spend eternity in paradise right in according to him you have all those kids are devastated damaged the worst tragedy. You could ever think of in this guy goes asked forgiveness they think that god he's legitimate is to try to which is possible only gotten CO OK that I say. BS no change. Notes even the priest when you go in the Booth mix you do payments. Now when wins against the heaven or Dahmer that haven't heard two hours we have independence of these additional openings and among the three I gonna hang on purgatory for a while writing we need. So like I was on the radio purgatory. Officers so what spurred a bad expert or not that bad Red Sox really well yet and thus the preakness post game. What does that chess match like that. I think about it you're forgive me load for a homeless and Jerry take you around it's our league are credit checks on the bus ticket with Wednesday's. Most of that fraternity. Oh thanks so much Danny Valencia has had a home peripheral sort of decided that the body terrorism is very Obama yeah well we'll wait a final score of the shroud our mission to kill myself again now in America than you do here it is that they don't salt. Was hoping you know is just jet pack one of the people say they feel bad for the turf monster com. And you can himself while in hell I apologize if I've been sports or Kiefer we're talking sports and that's what we do here. Up to my you have sparkles the chestnut actions only up to our bar. Can't kill myself in held in. Alex and try. Mean that flames burn all around you like for himself from the claims of community that you actually believe music hell I never believed in hell or take hockey. But I believe his surprise to pay for evil. He had obliterated on the pesos or effort. He needs and opinions and analysis. Even if you're gonna hell need to understand you know happens he's someone breakdown there believe me this is of mushy to me is the one more than the others. Me I agree them as soft on. So when he everywhere it would be set until and hillside on the clock every day. I think it could also be defied. A vibrant if that's a measure iPods hockey is like me talking brain surgery it's just like he did it the Olympic and to me the devil's always in the details tomorrow. My tongue like that marketed like when you dump on you you know Hillary you did you would dump Imus now I was saying. Yes you're Jerry friends that yes it. But we just joke in the boat and that was funny he's very protective of you said it looked as Mazar even though trump it is as you said you call processing message and he said we don't question. It's urgent questions that pants in paktia and get its Jamar it's a great. The best is good for the clothes were texting yesterday's. He wore scout camp in the wake of the respect that's disrespectful to right in the house was. In the White House who I don't know the degree of insider if we all wish user. Not sure and a great great. Anyway we're gonna get to the slender this is the and you know one. Talk about Greg's mother who can talk about you know and handles friend whatever I tell her sweater retired. The letter from Jacoby go yet and ordered. That was nice thank goodness this wouldn't of happened. If not for the pressure the media. Puts on guys who. Are here to spending the hour an hour in Donald Trump's presents guys which in short right. Who would he said yesterday on a dispute talking about I'm not and I might just break it to I don't know what undisputed is what is it he was a TV show. A radio show's podcast it is a two undisputed is that this isn't just TV station TV show or publishers and what time I mean what state what weightless FS FS one with skipping I'd I'd I'd never watched loads Bayless. It was left that it's the remake of first take they had it there let's enchanted. He left first all that that's what he's done undisputed at one night it's this it's the remake of a show on ESP is that they get all that money for the terrible. They Shannon Sharpe yesterday say he's gonna take the high road and not condemned the black players who went to. On the White House because they're not as politically savvy as Shannon sharp who lacked a certain necessities and yet. Sure he's more politically in tune now he's not elegant it. It's Jesus while our is sadly time to read this I have to do a quick. While laughter. He was starting to realize what do you you started this whole big bout Jacoby percent went to the White House which is an act of betrayal according to the media in this country and in this market. They hate guys who go in and enjoy the honor. Of spending time at the White House because they won the Super Bowl and meeting the president. So to you know to call for dogs to get that pressure off to go B percent posed in front of a picture of Obama. Depicting her photo. I was it was a of the photo photo there's a photo. But they have photos everywhere we start we got we walked all the White House Kirk in the me important. What will or all of us lots of interest at present shape and could not shake sort. You know Hillary yeah he's not like invited to exit by the damage is part of this by far light. Oh yeah it didn't knows what is a backer of the picture and now tomorrow Spicer tweeted that that's because I'll wind without us. While the bite him bring sprint K card we did you spike she pushed that take its ever been and that's when I mean it's already hard. You heard the story in and listen to the whole show you heard the from field on mine I watched the video so yes and I heard much or shall I heard colonel he pulled me aside yesterday as the league is the kind of tight. Sure it was awesome told me on the phone and don't say that I like what I. Why can't I don't like you I think any historical critics fans salute you likes to show we're doing wrong that's why I'll show. That's what I said to about tank and he. It would you have money if Dan can younger that he does treasures. Oak Zachary. I would aggregate that Monica and now it also possible we'll go out of them anyway dear big though he writes. You bingo one know why Africa percent run or what we're not sure but here goes I'm writing you this clintons say thank you wanna thank cute. Who would you have done this country outside of politics. Honestly I don't know enough about all. The judge what is good or bad but I want to know the when you said yes we can a young man dreaming the dream. From rock rough circumstances in Florida heard you. When you were elected president for the first time I was sixteen and I watch you make he never imaginable attainable. Watch me he never imaginable attainable how can I heard you cry heard your cries to inspire hope. They use those words as motivation and so on your achievement as an opportunity and permission. To work make dreams come true to. You with the president of the united State's highest office in the world you've broken barrier and a stereo type proving. Not every minority has teams and ball making way you make it a great point. Well said. No disagree achieved pretty nice letter to the fair and neutral assists and a fellow preening it's a little you know whatever it inspired a lifetime of dreamers as a little later. Mr. now kids from my community and my future children will know there is no dream to be even they could be the president of the United States. Doesn't try improvement to more than any road heading directly Ellis is positive right. As I prepare for the honor of visiting isn't happy the president will be there as a Super Bowl champion. Wolf they can view mainly because the White House. Is it different and better place because you live there. I was a kid that came from nothing and I'm living out. One of the greatest trees in my life I'm just grateful the Upton to walk on the same steps you did. And to have a platform to inspire and I hope to leave my mark on history the way you did. Islam Google gets it happened after when they wanna meet while shaking hands and thank you to your face but until then it is going to continue to dream. Until it can't anymore thank you for blazing the trail but more than that for leaving Pedro be hard. Behind you for others to climb on the biggest invention you can take is to live the life of your dreams are dashed Oprah. Yes we can dream big thank you Jacoby percent PS Paula at me. To help you with you broke jump shot a funny. Which happens to admits most people most of Obama's professed ultimate peace talks masquerade. Great natural. That's terrible that's not it was nice and I mean. We we won't know anymore you know see of season would you like to know. Pressure them to do this. Attorney but he went of course is here now here we go here illegally why on his own what do you national technically you think he did that lets you wrote for it. He wrote from supported him what you have to do hoop moves that matures agent maybe what I did maybe maybe another player YY. This is just nuts if you to stop it some to read out. I had read at all you'll think that you were critical shall be presented apparently got any backlight is one white glue from Yahoo! from Muslims. Get out it was an ugly name of the Indian name. McCourt you think he gave impression did write a letter to Barack Obama got you. This obtuse on purpose. He felt pressure from a lot of Alia ever miss. I'm squeeze it's that's what I heard the other night it's appointment you'd deny issues it was an optical percent calls about the White House stopped sop Cong I I play well lately outlook is let out on us Hernandez I folks would have got such he'll have to do this. They talked about respect at all but have you. Third string quarterback. Dick don't like do you think should. And you what they was. If territory to touch of this idea just to predict there's nothing doing a lot of according Russia and McCord and others yes. Pressure from a right to determine what pushes him not to blow. Is it. In this we're just going to be so of just sort of they were all pressured not to go particularly African Americans yes I Corzine who. God DeVon McCord that's one that you don't want and Oprah and act. Of course I don't think so that was it right there I was listening to it when recorder called an insult to know what is so bad look at might legitimately wrote a letter written into that situation it's very legit shot very well so I just felt like doing. Why felt quite like you just believe that believed what that's that's what you wet and nothing you can pleasure for socialize and yes there in the program because you happen to admire Obama and wanted to write a letter to. Exactly why what because it might be guy in the White House. Why because they sent it to the question Gerri but how would you know. Like you I would audio Adidas stories that are always there are getting pressure I'm not me why did he do. Good good answer that's why you write a letter another chance good answer to do this all right and applicable Bergmann had a capability that's why do. And good answer well you got me there. Why do you ones we'll forge strong we can do this all bad because we finished first I give you reports illustrates the seventh person. Doctor Erik four enjoy anybody more. Fighter you're not near that value and missile was a tough guy that I found him with your hands and knees are gross sales people magic at the end of the day. You have no guts I'm the only person's entire building with balls enough of them write your mile annual. Plain and simple you wills with the orange draw. Which he never use it's important records I have a whole correct drop fullest rose. Well a whole black holed or why always black banner. They were traced you you have police autumn. The average in the fight Kurdish were easy to see what's that yet they keep. Happened that's you know Curtis is taking your calls for a black and go to the White House and takes balls and produce to challenge you Kurtz had a ball person to person walking hall's hands a little side putting our theory course guide. You felt pressure from friends family teammates for his appearance at the White House so he felt the weight also wrote what he ultimately it's impose due to disobey burial well said hot. Very well I thought I wish I articulated what else that's if you fell I fell short Phelps said Ken. By ten whose right is right two sets and no country in its pressure. Obviously it. OK okay I got rock I'm not sure if you Wear this he plays for the patriots he's a quarterback that quarterback he went to the White House arrest a hundred Americans usual for her when. Hundred and picture. About how white out of those people about White House a hundred of NC who is that there was no protesters I think he's doing here wrote and asked to 00. Or if you if you asked what color of the curtains you is that just as relevant is that passion about would have gone on in Marcus cannon right this is now compromised or else you wanted to go on a black guys there were letters that he wanted to go but he gives me an idea loss from a court he wanted to go but he didn't -- recording like crap like outs in a crowd I certainly didn't and just like I'll go branch. McCord eat lots of guys didn't go and they. I'm not saying he's a kid. Then there's the arms wise guys demise are Obama you shouldn't go which grew liberal which we can't put ourselves at issue is he's a young black and some broccoli from. Which benefits from no me direct to Brock Obama's present who inspired those of the White House season. In legitimately writes a letter right absolutely. And and the reason need to raise should that is because things out of these days. Veteran teammates pressure from our own ethics committee got together recommended he not ago. It happened and so they feel she did so because now there is significant of course it did. Yeah there's no doubt you're you're smarter than that Kirk and notice its content. Six what's savage said the 77 knives is a Smart politics of focus on this do you agree to immediately get to it can't on the picket. Take a couple calls during an ankle are headlines knuckles are the Reilly segment of the show and like it better have wanted Matt. Which won the money shot is coming up I've won the seat at Wiener didn't sometimes. Now we. The so we have a weak earnings or mutilated. Him. It is going to be taco fiesta I cannot wait to a feast my eyes and had 617779793. Said the question is simple you grew to meet. Again I think my my injury yeah no I think and we'll follow this novel. Are you looking forward to seeing Caitlin Janet naked post surgery yes it's gonna 67 year old man right now Coleman. Make Jerry believes that to go to such being pressured by idea circle of veteran black pitcher players and mutt why you're like a letter in my police Aaron and this is gonna go ahead and now she's embraced Jesus cry you know John appreciate the nose for these rights are right headlines. Is next. From one of the planet's most understanding. People heard emanating from complete embarrassment to all of us men the State's worst person. In the sports world a man known the world over Kirk Milan joining us now from Boston occurred Eminem wanna first name basis with America's greatness ball I talked to Brady Monday bill and amass enough sincerity and remorse if she weighed. Fifteen pounds more should be weeks Kirk is most of all. Survivor. After WP DI radio and mess and fire this guy which they now have to do after fire could be lucky if he finds work. At the Perkins out there and every road exit and Hampshire it's time for a curtain. Miller hands had lives. Outlook this headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard won her daycare who. Not just doctor government that is the Portnoy of president these new aired out. You see that dock properly. So that our presence on our weekend and now we was the inning guy but he lives could alienate them for certainly month as more he's in my today. Accurate picture that those it was a then let it air today and pollution. Back to go for it. Lot of money it's over and Estonian capital for a I'm not I'd I don't London and I'm not debating that but at some point I bowl going there. With the issue the whole of wait too long you know. Why can't wait too long they could get. I believe are inherently and players who have actually man put a group we have overcast that are now. I yes open casket you know with this face who shares. We you know I need to shoot a network like it'll ask the future of our generation dumbest dude she's ever. And why I said I'm tradition is to that is what you have gone that's a blog bag of bones I mean years and and you know what he did visualize that your your units include rule they make the families grieve we know those kids the grandkids stand next creepy is this does this. Corps. For four hours it's just it's a Catholic thing and guess what it's called green cream and it created here yet I you know and I'm scared to death. Why why the death of one high added that the audits donate put a thought to carry it I don't understood but the idea of just where you might wake up hurrying into Saturday night wake up every now and what why he would consider her back on you'll be dead you it's going to be okay the subject of death you will be did it yes it's true. I cremation of their thoughts on duty I'm not look at that well articulated. Thank naked truth KB generous plan to unveil her new body after gender reassignment surgery in the nude photo shoot I registered users how are you all look at that now I won't insure yourself. Oshawa I mean and an actual human instinct I think it'll be all animal you know cloudy with a call that when they make. He's through the camera. And Mansour was on May well at that music to congress stressing gloat a little flawed yet you'll be able to seize the actual picture behind stuff. Place that ultimately going Iraq. It looked just the same way it would look corruption to respect that and toy town hall corruption she says the surge is a success that I feel mowing wonderful but liberated I'm gonna live authentically for the first time in my life you know it's real confident that. She thought she talked about you know she struggled this for years and you go to dinner as Bruce or are out of eating loser get he's motivational speeches in pursuit. I was using version of it and ship abroad panties underneath. She worked on sometimes that's that's okay you mean you've done that that's article from that to self mutilation and it costs 42 defaults. Good question to begin is a good question you know Republican note of the book with the team that your girlfriend's husband who's your modern art you can relate. Yeah I guess I guess Friday Night Lights thing well by the world we did that story was obviously I was in there was that feeling from the block long ago while we wrote that story for Vanity Fair about how we went to dress up and he's you. Shopping yes fetish definition. Audio to a well I'm melt. With the cost to show you remember the UPS guy would come by than this pain he's gone as it towards you as a bus is not look like you know perceptions. But this is very good right great writer but I don't know what I don't know what happened. Asthma and see much from lately is not very positioning is a big book though maybe that's ago what was that like wrote the boy that's a good question was was Christian after several of us can be or was she talking about here. Everything she says wolf Almeida why does everything have to be that Chris is such that it's announced. I was curious and said what about how that's going London. She said you just would never understand. I learned that she was that preview that could just be and publicists don't know well what it OK okay Jerry I think that Internet connections would never do that knows that would not. Doctor graduation sore from bill right collected 25 million dollars to go away. For. A moment so the model that I. As harassing and underlings and whatever I don't bring much back is noteworthy that righteousness or cleavage I think it would better genetics does this open up to play nature and so hall in the political hot chocolate pitch but that hill. I understand you know these. Got a contract but I want his lawyers yeah we don't have caused the fire and yes I think he's costs the company is fortunate yes. And he asked if hey hot chocolate. And posted on the jobs in of them. He couldn't control toward breweries and it's not done it means to have raised in January and we just have to show so we can all these nightclubs of arms of them don't match. It'll web sites where he's overmatched and I comment cannot match and I don't mean this I learned that and they'll Holland shows some weird. Decorating sites with sites where it's also contribute herpes does decide if you herpes to meet other people sites are likely yeah a good friend laughing and talking with you today their sites were like you can watch. Like a married couple like to have sex he deals signed up like you know what the book yet from the duke officially yet the most coastline there. So he couldn't just be guys great to get your bed before you. After these people right month when time that we try to make sure yet it will put island all gonna Harry credit that already had to do was while he's at work it is pork and behave. It and then we knew that we had stuff you know non that'll make up abruptly and make you cry what zealously and I. Yeah. Yeah. Our. Enjoyed. Boy does the left wing have they held on the wall right now and that's the biggest you have your good front here where is he end up next what is O Reilly promised he's gonna vote Larry King he's going to be on the network to step never heard two steps down at best. Is think about who else is gonna who can hire him right now. He's a horrible is not well this only two other right now injured that he never mind that works and neither would touch that he's brought in Brian Williams is back on TV doing news that the Bill O'Reilly doing something and a few where this is it different politics ones. On the left him on the road when I left. When your Mike Barnicle and our outlook for the right there will be its point of all policy at the sale so. Would Williams an obvious he's disgraceful that is different than having its reputation you know what we was that was worse. Worse journalistically I work out journalistically professionally but you should but he made but right workplace environment pimpernel rightly it was somebody else had speculated he would go into some sort of rehab and do a big camera so waiver but it would have been and you look at the different books he's written. You referenced yesterday Jerry he's got this kid's book out now. When you tell your kids how to behave at yeah if it's school and all these Exxon also writes he's weak he's got but he won on the ice America ordered held and user. He must have so much money already at this event that's relevant he's never leave you know you'd have to drag them out. 67. Right and he's on he's gonna go through Z I'm likely Belichick. To be thankful anyway right he has not so print some audience with him wherever he goes he's good what he does those legal Olbermann all American news network yet mr. Olbermann. Isn't on the got a lot of talent so why should. And he's in his basement right now doing web. A video uploaded temperatures real I don't know I was UBS AG GQ the difference between those guys O'Reilly is spewed from audience. Trying to hikes mean nothing the rights. Yes there's going to be that one thing we know she's not going away as an advertisement. It social advertising sales of international that they instill with them but some of it as well. Is that you want with a Yelp yep sticking with him always the other one look he's prostate things and naturally as a stone. To the heat ahead of the chocolate. So what's missing maybe a sponsor that often website three what fueled sex almost. That's a weird one for me I've never been down that particular she watching other people have sex I mean I've played. Except lately you can convince him to do this again. Which I don't I don't have a dollar or one point two months someone did that I never heard of Syria and that was as expensive. Just a monthly hit I would think it. So she pops on and he's now in the regional with the sky and into not not you and perform and you know it's not the just to have what did you do you know I'm telling its and you go in there and to be some couple you took him what to do this fortunately here you know doing number one there. Way way up. You go can tell you in person on the Internet it's have a web cams and a beer right over your house are gonna study art you can tell him to do yelled at me tender. It's not eight. You know what it might advocate giving some pac twelve scores going to be giving actual scores W you know. C'mon how the jets amid jets are gonna win I'm coming got we got ago. What we don't advisor front and I don't even arms and blinking lights and we got to get yours really wanted to chloroform or anything in the past of the clock is a matter. Highness it's such a companies do you really let him run like doctor rob that is. It kind of watch Dave if portal is here doctor Oprah's that the itself is now doctor Leonard a plight. 6177797937. We get back Jerry Kelly is good news so big he's and we know half of. Studio on my hand Parcells sports WEEI dot com contributor. Rear admiral joins us here in the building hello admiral married on how we build rather TGI FF. Yes they have got thank god it is right there you buy any green bananas on the series your way. And it is not over yet it's 321 you know that they gonna have to win three in a row which would auto was done in the auto was won the last three it's not inconceivable that the Bruins do does look. Positive right now probably not I'm not a paid journalist and I take a very journalistic approach to my blog and we don't know why sort. What's TG IF I think for gas right yeah absolutely that's edgy today about those those last night's. Help them to meet the show with market goes into this morning. That was after midnight yeah I was on midnight to 2 AM I've yet via the twelve guys themselves here you know clean the moaning come here. Are Ken lay off sizes. And all the listeners on of the text as they say good it is that's why we don't do we haven't done a lot of models in the series is meant whom compete with that. While we honestly I lunged at any better or worse in the other analysis Centre as. I agree. A Larry I'd rather listen leaders decided elected not to come on the show us troops are on if we ask them we ask that you won today. Yes should publish the shot yes wouldn't want him today both the month. It's gonna be tough for the middle you know hostile arena as the auto at least it pop and right does pocket unlike every other battery and no topic in the news populists. Unseal all of if they lose tonight we're never gonna have rear admiral. Greer and next week a postmortem on a reminder Pia buy it. We talk other sports races will run ago gates I heard it as yours is here and it is Bethlehem. Yes I guess if you guys if that would that battery got a football on the hire a the more he try to be against it it's like what's the sense of being against it he carefully street troops I mean that's I do it three in you know. Pointed you know how powerfully how much of against you I would that is acquire oil and if you if you can't fly they'd use it. Said that it was here okay. And thought that these are those kids on the school I wanna chemicals just that's just like it's a pretty hot topic among I would say that he did a lot of stuff before was a year and tells while in the short dated floor shop on Florida street street choose them. Obviously in the you know that you can and plan that he can also say that number twelve at night of the time every one true. It can't expect was 31 or it would yes. You could say good. I hope the Bruins went tonight and again Sunday sweep them on X we can break them talk about is that if they lose I think you know I would simulate and 930 more than 35 segment with Leo we. Yes they are about the future. Yes right you are he said it's realism hunts I think years. He's troubled source close to close both men I don't the clones in some they fire code incorporated forget it I'm done I'm done with the sort through and what parade. I'll let these. What more lives are desperate and so that's Harrison's right. Tonight there on the same time right essentially took howling yeah I'm Howard how far and has incidents on the same time. Which money you can watch Kirk watched champions for alternate shot and that's in majority market where the what you much time at all you know. I'll pass out you're not allowed you're not allowed to DVR can go back a tortured him with that one only pick one pick one which one you know tonight. Bruins or Celtics aren't watching acumen replace. From big human race what he's a big race for the office I would like shelters from Bruins supplies they eat me out when you don't you know got a little couple lemons and around the house. A veteran move. But don't you wanna him he's in the future. Elimination game on the east officials that hug. Buyers are doing and being sixty years old news that hurts me. That is sent her to sixty Springsteen is 67. And a good news bureau organize against argue all you hear his credit he looks young is looks at the day's route to Boston to your possibly this year Netflix current. You can one lucky Larry Bird with smoke and as you never smoked a candle lights at them like 1516 years and stuff like that way though I love tourist packed building our offense a story meeting Russian Olympics the expense of the beer I would Barcelona I would like a more acutely components told him in my post so much that man meat. But. Tonight a what's Bruins lead the nation and he's a hockey game you know will be won gold seltzer an oil cerebral answered the socialist ethic and your deposits abroad have lived in the playoffs and witnessed and being forced Sunday. And what time is it would days as the host Saturday ski science and what time. Afternoon Lester. The assaults on the morning. Sofas to win their bowl place Sunday afternoon. To get through made one tonight we are a font of information. And want to know things here so 3 o'clock. It bluntly and very active for more roads there anatomy all with fall down next week I mean this for the dog show news outlets I don't know do you know everything. We always say what day it is say you're the smartest guy who you've ever been sort of care what I've missed out by its August I think there portal that 39 and so they're not going head so we'll stop playing so they're browns lose to. Brooke stencil your done you know go to the point talked somewhere else fit your season is over goodbye that is a per minute hand. Guarantee urinated in stone they're not going to win this game tonight ought to walk of that in the Bruins one of your final score tonight. Bulls 186. Celtics twelve it is done. Oh you're not when we get back. And I'm lucky. All of a predictions we have an update on Aaron Hernandez didn't let him coach with the patriots schedule to skirt and predicting cannon I gather you Ortiz and his carnac on you know easier wacky here. And he's gonna predict the entire patriots season we can't do that you'd like shore. That's ridiculous and getting ill ill at WWL I did not look at this game but usually it's kind of a big deal to people cared last night some tell you think the world is rude to dissipate with mount it to Brady gets up on stage of with. Sean Penn television usually and I have a lot jobs climate justice and jobs fine and good luck. It's athletic we saw her in you do this this this news we get back. Two hours just to forget order.

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