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K&C- Mut thinks there was a motive behind the suicide; Trump is mad at Brady 4-21-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 1. Mut believes Hernandez may have killed himself because of a threat. Trump is “done” with Brady after the quarterback skipped the White House visit.

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Stern can. It was a good decision. When you know I've life that are scale back that up then it's. We've got Craig Campbell whose for all of baseball extremely well. I. I felt like you it was kind of turned over to Europe was fresh and powerful thing literally for the best jury really good manager until engage us. Ticket for sale which. Gerry Callahan I'm not one victory laps not a lot but boy that gets your around thing. Last follicle this year they should be terrific he said that he called their hot chocolate chocolate meat and a little wild forward. I'm sitting there minding my business and he walked past and hey hot chocolate I don't know what that means not only with the factual I took at the very plantation home remarked I was looking at the James Brown away Kurt Mann plus plus the points money that would like I was told at aqueduct. I was proud New York this week you'll what's the strategy that we act you have little kids need that kind of three. He sat there for a day in recent form I did yeah. You're by yourself I'm what. I thought we kids do bad things. Doesn't care where your edification and very he's a great guy still keep him on Sports Radio telling you we. You know normally. By Friday I'm kinda done you know Friday's. Yeah and they usually right I usually take Fridays there's no. Much he has enough to work hard keep you do yes we know yes we know but today a minute particularly an oasis on the particularly lousy. I'm a little tired it's been along week it started as he puts it started at the finish line. In aims to brighten the stops in Washington DC and. Virginia in between us. See. Today that that bastard I read it it is like Monday's funeral so happy I am so happy that I am in the ratings have never been better. Never been better and they're mostly because he's congratulations guys know that I think that winter months but part of nodding like yeah I don't like I don't I don't I think members I didn't know you didn't Gerri thank the listener I don't know what. Ratings are lower when you're on the show nothing to thank you for dragging to write it down ninety is actually mired down 03 and you're when I have been Kirk himself did I wasn't involved this is very and Kirk like. He thanked for any. That apparently yesterday cat when it was Curtis and you were less clear that I we did we mention that carry a imagery Angelo when your take thank you what they're on a lower that's all relative is still sky high priced or any religion are you deserve credit thank you thank you know it. Our readings weasel on raising any different if he was in here yes you have got an extra credit equity underwear future that you are obviously aware from my side hardball as he you're mature rating bonus and Ken got to pay you an apparent. And Alex what goes on during the show at some point good restaurant or on the backs underwear they're excellent at mountains. You put money in an emblem hole I took a bunch of my on the on the worm problems from away and replaced them with sacks of your own rule you wouldn't torture yesterday. At Tuesday's general. It's you can tell me about yesterday. Can't put rhythm yesterday that's what is that your life didn't and I could have because it's reversible that is these yeah like I don't like the reversal on why and yeah like the great traveling switch that you can get them. Only militants on a bill to since sponsors podcasts showing Thomas on Tommy bahama determines that a lot at night and yes I just explosion. Should it. I'm hitting ad misty out of love for you on inviting you know be a member of the cast which dean of the ideas Catholic for what national -- what is your to give them credit where credit's due he would be so into this and for Aaron Hernandez toward first of all that he personally suggesting Kurdistan have he's no beyoncé on additional digital and he would not be breaking down the 131 trap tournament. Celtics' backcourt will. Brad Faxon while I'm about it while I'm while confident he's been watching the games Hernandez still. While her name is still hang from the window people talk in Berlin subway to that's that your party that instinct the head good instincts McCain big stores like this Kevin O'Connor on vehemently into we have booked. He would be in knew he'd be tucked rabbit every day. In the call and you know current and Kurt is called prison absolutely and and the lawyers write its all the wanna do for two reasons he loves stores that this and he didn't like watching games. I'm on the store is big the big story in the country via. And he said it's the village store or the most bizarre story we've ever covered all the Breeders' Cup years what's the strangest story in my life in Boston can think of anything that's even close strangest like I mean obviously the holed that he's different that's that was just yes it would be the most getting to and salacious. The most tawdry the sordid. In any other adjectives that that's bizarre but most we each we did last night just for between this morning it's we have an update the story. It's you do get to. A couple of these this is or Merkel this horse on the horizontal things that I acknowledges the idiots today or yesterday it was tours was some kind of tease we're gonna lie. This horizontal the next they've circle with things. Kurz is working on camera and turn the make some calls and update the Aaron and as an Indian story good. And I'm also removed look at this latest on a big deal with the kind of thing really. You know it's like in New York's you it's like and humid it is is why he's going irks me better right now that are today can you would make. Is you know I got sandbagged by its violent fault I should get to a later by the by the with a Rooney. Yeah do you want to do that our most of them notion I know I hear it out yet we'll talk about just anything today it's you know. Sometimes you think you sound conspiratorial we see the whole world is against you but I think we can agree whole world does it show right people the building hate the show. Other people other shows hater showed its our show the new day guys status manager hates him in his garden I Reynolds we can you think just because the yeah the globe tweets about the color of mud straw that they're against us that's frustrating to that's frustrating well that's that's you don't want that on the Bittermann doesn't frustrate me makes me laugh obsessed. This this clown at the globe as we get to that to your bigger amendment and yes obsessed he is with us. Whatever it is. Good point lots reveals. Lots because we celebrate our great which are book and again and I want to thank training Alex impeach shepherd encryption arcane and Chris and you Jerry. And ideals. This month. Thank you care much but it must and its ability to explain. Again I would say for sure retreats and I'm serious about this yeah it's poetry it's the only person he likes in this building you. Well I would say person I would say all those other people choose to be an issue over the Red Sox in game update yes a lot has decided not yet of course. It's that's decisions about it let's go back in my. People a lot artful job you guys don't want full time third post so not a iPods and I want to play when he mentioned you you weren't very enthusiastic Hewitt didn't like NC I would love that one that's your that's your problem he's a Christian camp as well as an all pot nobody's in more than he thought ma was to be more entity beyond twice a week I'd left two days a week with its muscle us and yet it would of Cleveland plainly wants a model that we went to Finland and explain. Mean your no it's not much ice what do we what do we went to Fenway once a month and you're guaranteed to see him in jail and as a glass. And you get a cup of coffee with them shoot the bull to people natus oh yes we did approve a list only issue gotta love sports radio and the other shows but it is culture that's that's whom they work for sure I largely understood and they hated it is that is Bewkes thickly owns the man that's hockey league's. Duke yeah I hope not just like couple my name here at all to see you next week I do think they don't have a week. Acre New York Marriott politics which makes it that grab you guys got on X weekly the Yankees are town okay here I. I. As the you're just about as they show government had to mull an allergy shot up there she. Taught what you should. If we made a list would be duke is that. Leo of people who present to us yes we should what they will make that list yet so long list right. And I isn't chance Jerry. That list it's little he decide to expired that include iron and his. Former couple you but so tried to you've reached out to get them when departure as I did that Gary towns. And and you weren't optimistic he was not thinking long and hard long and hard about two and obviously it long and hard. Yeah so. It I I hope that that was we never really got past the glimmers stage. Right yeah but in the Caribbean market next I don't think it's gonna happen and I don't know Bulger and Jerry Remy might happen right I mean he's got. Time in his hands and I think my order I say hopefully a year and the same way that Aaron and his. And I don't mean where does that when I hope that all murderers and that way I mean I hope all murders lives and that way. It's I I hate the thought. Of them. Living breathing eating watching TV reading books in nods its media I guess I lack empathy I guess I think of victims and how hard it is. That no man parties to know you're. Go to your child away daughter away. Now kicking back watching ball games we can and I'm not a probably it's in the book written amazing this music get some sleep work and out off. That's listens ridiculously than life totally nuts absolutely crazy but the story moves on on some of the I'd notes yesterday we've donated his brain. Charlie Baker's not happy with. But the how the whole thing went for an pager spoke yesterday why why are people reluctant to call by years. Mean fight for from what I can tell the department of corrections and loot by the book and statement within an hour. They have video proving what's counselors who says it's excuse something's got missed is checked to clock rate. Yeah he's been put on leave I yup that's about that as well don't you think that's standard procedure I mean that's what I was trying to as Tom Watson the other day. Is an automatic as as SuSE point. I did we knew it toward the end of the hearts and if you by the GA on my Ford starting just. At that unless you get a bit isolated grinding that pentagon. That's a magnetic pole. But the highlight an assault on the floor enough on Amelie and so it's not we should be officers it's mean but why can't we all agree this Myers is a creep a lot of feelings she's bought them to want to stress. Yes I think Muster much I'm frustrated with other people who treat him with some kind of respect he's like he lines were living he freed. Casey. Who killed beat people blame the procedure injury a new job I lawyer I'd in this lawyer. A lawyer I don't think all. Wohlers a bottom being scumbag because you'll get paid enough ratio. The critics of discovery I have to be a Celtic yeah is that standard procedure I'm not sure what if I prefer our pentagon declined I don't. If that's more than he got paid from Aaron Hernandez slight advantage there's a lot on older veteran or a I think he did that just of publicity he gets off bringing killers used to create yours because I understand. As a rule for this he you know sale or the bad guy. But why wouldn't you if if you're in the media wise and everyone on every talk show say this guy is a professional liar he's full of it. The department of corrections. Conclusion is irrefutable he committed suicide they have video. Right yes yes no one was in the cellar after 8 o'clock. Correct no one else there was no one else in there this curriculums. And and in we have all these details and put the soap on the floor blah blockading the door cardboard and and and leaving notes. And and writing things on his forehead in his hands. And the and then this discrete flies in from Florida or wherever and says you know you can't trust the system we'll see how they handled the case. They botched lucky for you. They botched it we all know he committed these murders. You gotta mark that's what you do you freak killers. But I just don't like feeding Q do you wanna feed that the conspiracy theorists. I just I don't know energy for because I don't I don't woody got me what what he got we can call it would be we now how would you gotta tell her all I heard Robert and I want. I think Aaron they'll all. Although might have been in the mid day so that saying that they forced him to kill took so we're gonna kill your family to view us as we hope we've we've we've taken those calls well. Aaron and this is he's. It's selfish I didn't care if you really want so you can probably trying to get one of these guys and outside Novak is either with Alexander Brown's behind bars are gonna get his guys to kill. Xi Yang yeah Jenkins right. And why that's double that Jerry that was my theory that my my first or you're they would act err when and if this is such a stand up Kasagic good for him so in love with his fiancee. That he didn't want hang himself but he did it anyway to protect her. No I just don't win it we were a good five days after your quoted two murders what would caution all of a sudden to kill yourself given that he seemed to really like the prison lifestyle and embrace it cherries sell my theory was yes something had to change in the three or four days after this guy with a UZ so selfless in your mind you they would that help yourself to occur it was a it was a theory. When nobody knows what happened and maybe just killed himself because he just couldn't get anymore but there was I don't that's there was zero evidence of that for four years in prison. So why bush is putts as I watched twice about what recently. So when I first came and they put everyone guys what's up massage present all the OK but. You are Hodgson on your show if you listen I was not so early for a week Iran while Wednesday. He he even admitted that they need in no time did he think that ElBaradei and advances on him for two years. He's sum up close and personal the last time Hernandez was on suicide watch. But two years ago so it's been a trillion years since then they're they're no evidence of him. I have my. It's great to. All surprised month we were all over surprised me what's your theory that is for you think he's analysis is we all agree right yeah I I have killers friend in cold blood that went to bed. This guy's a monster you think if someone said to him got him sent. If you don't kill yourself. We're gonna hurt your fiance and it is yes he would hang himself. Against his will definitely against plausible what what it's all what did you notice right the point of them doing it to him what do they get ice. He's he's not along routing more Q what but there it might mean them might be frontier justice you say yes guys it's hit somebody and ironically and I for a I I think that make more sense I certainly don't believe that you could get there you can teller and news you ridiculous wolf and we burn his mother alive. And themselves who doesn't want to somebody threatened him up and said if you don't kill yourself. We're gonna do something to your family yes. That's keeps very they green understand he Garcia and I think there was just lay in and out like we just did and and keep the roll month. Am ED I would play again. Somebody threatened him up and said if you don't kill yourself. We're gonna do something to your family yes I heard dale Peterson or what it's like wacky stuff from the get out it was up in the video podcasts like that's I mean I keep it wet sandy hook or waxy. I should tape wacky there's no phony do you think he believes we didn't land on the moon well of course this is cute that's what people who go to you know Star Wars movies yes that they think that right now when I think we talk about. It was a mature male and no it's not much to record in within different towns outside guests at night my guys' success as a good together. You guys' skin off your pals I am absolutely in each other's wedding stuff like that. No he went to my wedding actually Hillary's views were invited to this this was invited into the sun media this big parties for your sons. Do you buy them is that kids aren't coming back here by the people kids. You hang out ever elected he would go to the track with his not yet invited in the summer we just put our strap ourselves for Lina told legal in the audience that's Lawrence's book Travers we turn into the big week up there until the end of August and Dubai and -- he invited everybody Gerry I think you ought. Invited us to Washington where this week up and certainly hampers weekly best week there's the Kentucky Derby with I want Jerry. End of August for example August 26. Be there maybe a goat and a blog I don't think I'll pass on top of diameter Gupta is Sarah two months to three hour drive that's fun with it and now I've met Saratoga it's nice but and you get there I didn't do. Let's. Laguna and the whole breakdown Jerry when he that would. I anyone OK let's get back this I think dale was do when I'm asking his sidekick is co host if you really believe that yes it was I think rich does not rich it is not and it doesn't believe he needs his view yes I do you think that you believe that's what happened I I believe that it and that's as good theory is that he had heard about why ultrasonic hyper for so or years seems OK with the prison system. Takes don't like five days after he's acquitted tumor so why they're what involvement so why did they call in and so who thread who'd do who wants and did obstacle to be connected to Bradley Bradley get out of jail 2019 helping the people can get out rather rapidly on Bradley wants yet dead. Capsules Watson pretty easy real solid a lot of transatlantic Bradley after the all of these couple of years suddenly decide to make this threat by two days ago because he realizes now the only way to get to Hernandez was the respect takes effect of that CG shot suddenly you realize base so the real point blank in the face yeah what year was that shot from the face in 20121112. Was in January I've seen it yet I post I had my time one. Saint anyway. So we shot him in the face four years ago yes at least. And just now he's gonna say. In the coma again may anybody they put on as they put on the stand a lawyer insinuate they're gonna laughter Bradley for the martyrs and not Hernandez right Ed Bradley was and Dan you're currently the DA said flat out we're not going after him because he didn't do sure exactly Jose buys the scum bag that he is still insinuated that right and guys what they're on the highest armistice biases. Here it is work he's not he's not optimizes not going anywhere I guess it around and grant every last one from a PR he can get because he was gonna move on someone else celebrity what's left of what he's done what's left. After yesterday he's gonna fight for the the way this was handled by the and the glass office the wind watches pressed yes yes. He's slime he was dancing about what else is left. Quarter for the crumbs that are left and what's left ER do not have confidence. In the medical Examiner's office here. A man. He's not out of line and get loss and go back to wherever you are. Where you from anyway go back Casey Anthony's free one to two kids spend more time together. I hit which is you know you like her so much you believe there's so much while that you two kids for the weekend together create they could well but. You know Aaron and Aniston doesn't care what anybody else he shot his good friend. In you know it in cold blood Truman and kitchen went Morton went to bed enemy had some of food and with a bad smells bad guy cares so much about his fiancee my own way we're gonna learn more about him today. And we're we're learning he he wasn't really that. In there was a four year old daughter to new. All because her I mean right he's he cares about his daughter I I think that he found Christ recently that part of him carry about a Stanley all of a sudden you got a just leave her second title backed confidently those alone. But -- Manhattan's come this way it's allegedly -- just doesn't insulate themselves I think he's just I think there a couple of reasons mobile game -- -- the others he was facing the rest of his life in prison probably -- a white guilt or does that not bother him but how many times -- prisoners kill themselves after being imprisoned for 567891015. Years happens all the -- into a bad lately prison lifestyle Brett. It. Based on the tax using got in prison if I got I thought he did we don't know for a fact I thought August obviously you didn't think he told us so what happens so somebody call him of this of this work walked me through a government imprisoned before Kirk you're asking for each night I brought this scenario what happened. I could see this same math and shut up what happen tees. Can't it making getting food they can get a message to air and energy to sit down or somebody else case it accurately accurately say they can OK that to him today. If you don't kill yourself where can you think Hernandez's reaction and she's trying to fight back now to make call call asked Brian this is to go say OK well I guess whose advice if we're done here if you read and Wetzel he is a wannabe pirate Alexander Bradley is a real in OK guys in a real game do you think Aaron Hernandez who was people. Is a pretend gangster he got scared by by phone call when these guys ridiculous I believe that morning he was only act if he kills as the grammys credits on Hollywood does a great deal Bradley I'll kill myself so they're definitely this white white glove and his daughter I care about your world because of Jesus Christ. Diddy told he's safe now believe Bradley's work I believe this absolutely done so I tell myself we're good right offset no problem great and it read at. Fantastic you should guide you will be. Where's the evidence he didn't wanna spend the rest his life in jail that he was really hurt by this infertility kill themselves. I how to connect for our Friday too when I can't tell I don't I I don't know you that well I like Cuba Romans will keep you serious about the crisis thing. Are you going all of our ratings are casting about with Sarah Todd sent to you guys they found Christ recently had this almost the last this year as I tell him he's back and Al sharp margins says. Told the goose island talked it was there. I like fifteen years ago yes he also in Hollywood is about Christ is accurate meanings drip that was a mistake as bad booking by Yorkers. And I agree on the mall in on that stop and I want to model now Curtis I thought Prescott the past 50 John Hollander spot. And again and get you know my guess is what you're branding. It is Pierre McGuire are struggling a good as of today to get here yes notably Iran today at 30 but we have Bob what's PR phrase I once we street Pierre so you you know on break right now actually found Christ is always being sarcastic a constant and comment that he made I was it was a similar if not a jail. By myself in a room. At some point hopefully for five years apart by Chrysler couple weeks have yet to find some muted due right way you know according shall McPhee could read. Although it could run he wrote those letters that work well written it's always a it's just that touted these are all idiots treatment over yours on now I look at waste. Trudeau probably problems but the difference in the wrong word problem there urgently cute and Christine from renewed. Like four. Before it guy he's gotten in this matter Meeks talked to him in the blocks says you're you're you're you're telling you all over the luggage. Make the Smith I have no issue with that issue all over Monday. Ball well McCain is now come right. You would these competitive are you disappointed. He was like I had no issue he's not curt says he revenues and and for his dogs in the Brad you can choose you pick which which thugs you wanna. The different. You can be fragile is a difference that I'm a guy who fight your fight for you and union volatile car straight I understand that's how it works yes. But you're you're my little used to be among Cuban argument pit bull yes that's that's a say it's led to great success. Happy to do as number 118 plus which is quite an accomplishment as an unwarranted logic I'd hours. That means to be but we were no one. We were number one your first L week as we arrived we were often number 118 plus that's not easy to do not. That's includes. Aides and old folks and everybody that I think a lot of guys came back as hard listening intently. That powerful thing. I think we've misjudged let's turn it. She is worth exhibiting good point by you but I do want to thank it was just I love each and everyone of you so happier part of our fans love when you call when you send stuff in the mail of when he tweeted us what you guys love. Absolutely love our fans. It's a wonderful. Ultimately that you have somebody like caller I don't know how well I always call and you always love it you know I know I'm the one skews to really been. Actually when them Ehrlich the Tom Brady of the show. He's cared what people have trouble I care too much. And thank you there if you're there for them. Like Tom Brady is he's proven your last two summit from the Arab is a true hero I didn't know Purdue while we we can we need them. Explain that to it get a couple of interesting to actually bitterness. One was buried in AT&T stores which I did read. But we measure every week. I don't but I read the top part I was thrown it fares politically it was thrown in Holland did you read it after between senators actually part of an update. And I in the original body of the story. That's the last night games for a competitive thing but I have the story here a great note. And it's just a foot you know I've only yards stories about Gisele which we talked about yesterday and the protest April 29 that big day that. Kirk's predicting Brady will be up on stage mark rough flow and Michael Moore. Chelsea handler yes it's Harrison. And Elizabeth Warren B arm and our our our. That they have that bullhorn their marching for which she says jobs jobs climate and just. Brady's good job in finding out that LG BTQ I KIA agent with the high eighties if he does we're trying to explain that changed its if he does that my relationship with a changed forever. Hum Tom's relationship with Donald Trump has already changed for a done done so get to that more 6177797937. Eyes on my keys right decently for hours and for discipline in the show he's great he's really operating company -- got to the go to thank you think he's the top that we get to that yes you can get to that went up to eight from UV it's off base when you say I would say this is Vegas I think this might even in rob balancing. This might even compile other media outlets to pick up on it and find out are good enough it is Kirk in cattle and riding solo here's the two of us on Friday. I'm an arm conspiracies I called and keep spear these somebody threatened him up and said if you don't kill yourself. We're gonna do something to your Fam yes. Now now what would your little hazy on who this is Anwar Al hitter Brad. He'll wrap all right so NY TV and elected to a now enough earlier because the trials where Hernandez employers are saying he's the one who could be killed. It wasn't wasn't Aron. It was frat. Here's a translator had no idea her jailed what went. It's much that you speak frankly I think. Suggested that what like I suggest the lawyers' willingness on Alexander Bradley Bradley then deciding what. And I for high. But they'd rather be aware that that was going to happen that they were you know him trapping him money and how does not lawyers given the edit his wife doozy spla wants them wanted to buy British got killed by you before the trial start. Obviously he probably thought like whoever wants before that because he or not do anyone that was Amanda Hernandez is guilty or not Bradley I. In jail for so you know what you should do and Kurt you have lots enemies now hate children like adults who act upon the child when you view let's enemies Lex picked think of someone you know like she has gotten better yet. You know you know should do. Column or experts say if you don't kill himself among go after them I do that and boarded up. Oh really do you reflect mass the next day ahead from the you know that she and so that's so stupid that even by keep keep experienced much you can do their little wacky you know slapped at showing tonight news jokes and visit every night that's actually I don't I thought that about tennis analyst and they don't separate Amoco's. Ten all that is lives if I don't drop. I'm listening very garrido winters there's. Yeah it's in great numbers are up for before. To be better. It was February 2000 here's our trash our ratings mean that's that's fact February of 2013. Shot him in the face this guy every day is one we went to surgeries was gospel as we've survived. Shut the face which is amazing. He's plotting his revenge and this is the form. People acute you think the revenge talk among a call or someone's gonna call on diplomacy. Either hang himself in your cell with a wanna this year yeah. And I think order and all that you think Aaron Hernandez the ultimate narcissism doesn't give a crap about anybody. Gonna take the sheet hang themselves are we good now. Maybe that's what the no. I said I would sleep good now given your update the you'll give it some point here today I added your update is it good is theory is mine mine update is right. Then he is even less about coaching at that the very very yeah it has altered your spare you the Kerry and his cares about his daughter. Us. You know who cares about daughter Malia dolls so this is a fine if you care we should pick which right equity totaled one idea yes so then no I don't think he does you. But they did Y all about what I I I wanna listen I want geez I want to believe that a father cares at some point about his daughter yeah I want I want I want to believe that you know Bruce currencies are common in the studio and bite into an east for years after a pot shots yesterday it happened so it. You can putt putt the symbol that commitment crying over Clarence but my house I believe there and it is as it is a good no other. His thing but if he really cared about you know what we give much reason to live. She can visit them I think that that prophetic fiance will probably take her to visit him on family day on holidays on Father's Day. And then in his mind he's getting out 20/20 five years worst case scenario. Is getting down 25 years when he's my age. Too too too little. Let's say twenty years in twenty years from 47. Says Massachusetts we let killers out. He had hope and Baez gave him hope I'm not real or not I will say being imprisoned in your 27 patent attorney goes right amount when I'm 52. That seems kind of Donald better than what they can the U thinks Arnie I think she's having gotten out. Now I think he sees what's happening is mine's probably gone. But he's a selfish you guys say he is that he gets this hope that you talked about for a week now go back to last Friday with though buys his comments about. The lead appeal on a trial so he gets all this hope and any decides its all I get shot. He shot one guy murdered him because the guy knew his case. We can show another guy because they have an argument in the car to leave mr. Pruitt in the face a good friend best friend. He shot two other guys as someone's who the Draco that's who believe and you think this maniac is gonna say you know what hundred do what's best for my little girl and myself. Yeah I add based based on getting the good news they got last Friday it is all a lawyer probably saying Jose Baez. I'm gonna get you out of this we can appeal to gun charge they were already talking about the gun charge appeal and a I'm three felt confident given the old Lloyd situation he get that knock down what Baez just did yes. No makes more sense this crazy theory that he's gonna get his signing bonus back. This he's technically not a convicted murderer he's not taking he's not thinking that you think the crafts would hand them over without golf course slight added we have a legal fight that would go for centuries before they were and that over and I don't blame there's no way he's getting that money is no way. These free from the civil suit from Lloyd's family either of course not I I don't need Mike McCann or or anyone else to bridge to me under that act don't need. Any legal experts I agree there is no way hanging yourself. Frees you from some civil liability now. We put them where I've been well I think without any positive lawyer can't tell me I'm wrong Bobby by as I don't care he can't tell me if it goes to a judge or a jury that is O. He killed a guy the that he hundreds of OK given the money. I'm confused is actually if you believe regions sort of doing nothing for the show I doubt is my first theory when happily we're told a story Wednesday I understand is that what you believe right now I think it happened based on what Jerry assert I think that his theory is probably more likely than mine at this point. Amateur I believe that either but I guess we'll get to a outside appointments show goes on was key to easing its 617779. 790 three's that's how we do it has been achieved heats things actually know what you've got enough of it's for I just tried it was great the first segment I'd say great as it funny but that's about it right. I don't know I was laughing my actual little bit with a problem that's the way to the little dance again. This gently so pissed off road America at its height we teased this. Oh yeah delegate and teased this I re tweeted it because it the bawdy the story was usually always I feel resentment and let me explain stupid. And so professor and T and TV a TMC story I and we discussed it a lot yesterday but they. A kind of summarize that the tweet from Gisele which was taken down pleaded. Encouraging people to go to this march. On April 29 in DC for climate jobs and justice and he told me I'm wrong about it and it. Well I like Alfred I mean I think this is going to be any big justice national news I'm against ships at first you'll as a explained it is honestly can't before. Climate and jobs those are 250 that was that's gone but anyway it's gonna be the biggest collection of moon bats and nuts and wackos that you've ever seen. And the and it's an end at the White House by the way. It's gonna start at rfk stadium and not get up buses are dropping the phone off there I don't know how far that is but it's going to be. One Motley Crue decent market is yes it's well I don't know always steps. So where was that stated we are the national state. That would that was what. But whether it's seat stadium and ask god to those the national stadium that Karl at the hotel by the by the studio. You wandered off toward that hey we what I Fedoruk is on average well we'll find out how long march that is we don't want Michael Morton you know knock of cellphones can trust so they can march and then at that and have them when the stage is set up mikes and megaphones and events that she had. Weather and you know spewing this incoherent nonsense and went on problems and give everyone in all BJ if they support her. Pants I had thought and not lots. About Louis the white. Outside. That's with on one of previous rallies. At some archive I disagree Kurt predicted Brady actually G twelve will be in the house it's nuts. Anyway that's the Balkans story explained that we went maliciously associated ears deleted the three that it went in 2000 right you know I'm sure here's the them. Last couple of paragraphs. On this in this story for some reason teams he writes few media outlets are reporting the obvious. Donald Trump feels betrayed. The president has gone out of his way for years to sing brings her praises. In Wednesday's ceremony he made no mention of Tom despite calling out other players. As one source said this is now at feud level quote when Donald feels betrayed it's over fifth life. Fair to say the relationship between trump and Brady's Capote and I just say this that would bed suggests to me. When I read that if that team we always say T and he's right stuff that probably are. I would suggest to me that trump believes it Brady wasn't doing this because of personal reasons or health reasons people's family. It was more than just did wanna deal with that particular thanks in Alice I bet you any idea if badly for our that you audit so putting aside your stuff if that's true. That is to some extent weasel move by every. I would say that you see NI you know says I'm confident about the principle I mean I think as mothers and hound he's spending time when there's kids there and spent time with family. But did you point note there was 34 players and forty some short staff. Watson had issues from lots and people have parents were sick I don't doubt that little kids and disease and I mean it's probably people who were planning trips to. Wherever the Caribbean somewhere and and they are in and they changed him so great of the White House radiant has taken his hand if you want to. They're taking his private plane fallen out of wherever and 1130. In the back on the plane again. 345 back in Boston five quality wood and five defeated in his own separate ways and there as you might not like him but he could take his mother known good. Because other whatever is an elevated ones needed wanna go and that's that's I think you know again there was some family members against it we've heard we were anguish on spices mother threw a tricky wrote an IV because we don't specifics of what's going Brady. I'll play the game to put all side everything is OK for that the for Brady. In that if he did that. Bob trop I cease correct defended this himself so backers if he was planning and goal and he was committed I think the day before he bowed out. I think it was he always was you always do but that's the question was always gonna say had to go landing narco that's I don't know but I'm sure his wife to one ago sisters as you point out as a lot of impact on its own trump. Mean you're so perceptive if I find this pathetic and we can go we should read it it is pathetic and I I don't blame him. He feels like he's under the gun I mean. Literally I believe pressures are like people. You being pressured by people you know how this works in and you're if you're turning your back on us Jacoby. You're going and you're gonna smile and shake hands would that guy you can't and so what does he do. We unit will but he sends a picture where a photo of him with the portrait ocean we should redouble spot should read this letter this yeah. But print out Chris we have a prisoner pile on printed. But I I don't Brady's go to rally either he says now I want to do any chemical by the way. Was any funerals in Texas I think he would have been there. Yeah and that's why. Trumpet no problem Sam's name about all safer Brit in Brady's defense it is different for Tom Brady's game until justice nobleman and nobody nationally locally in two years of chemicals that are now but trump said his name proud to say other guys' names like he didn't mention hightower or tropic trump bought in adults there. Yeah it's an international says yeah or anybody in there and and in them but I thought I could imagine anybody who we thought I wasn't an dole had a good excuse sure. When he went out and social media and said he was going to be there if not for memorial service you said Kirk that this this note here at the end of TMZ story. He appoints to trump not believing Brady when it comes to personal issue if he thought that Brady had a personal issue he mentions them. Great pleasure good to him so the fact that he didn't mention him. On all even though wasn't there. Speaks to trump thinking that Brady has pale bottom or. Brady said flat out to trump basically don't lecture I don't want to be associated ID to cut edit whether it's for his wife whether it's for his Randall reported to be well. On could've said Tom would have been here you know his mother would have soundly once spent time with the something like that. Yeah the sleaze notably. Policy Ramzi Ben is right form there and I it would talk to what was going on you mentioned Brady's name once we said this is over he's done although I don't think of trumpets Vern you know vindictive Colorado. I'd also say it trots defense which I hate doing you know Brady has suspended for Brady. You know as far as we know and even some like to placate he has backed off all over you know. Now it's surprising that it states and Brady doesn't like he he's not used to recognize that she's not argue with any more. The easiest thing for Brady was hurt his back on track right now. When he gets the applause everywhere for when one don't be deceived a little bit beyond his bats I struck again Tom I don't know they'll think something can't golf and seeing he's really the plug on a wonder what loves those polar opposite. Those talking tomahawk missiles last time the truly work for troop 6177797937. Reach of his percent letter. I'll get back to the hardest of Jerry's promise they are big big update. We're waiting for you really get to them I guess it's show goes on top which. Maybe yes at some point today I'm 45 before we're done here curt for the week and yes we'll have. Yes it's good. And we look predictions b.'s and c.'s tonight who are fair game by game for the pages cause his Omaha over the guests predicting that both the loose right yes. Yes and advocates going for twelve hours to advocate the get tough stretch out my game was different persons involved for thirteen plays happen. A hiker down I would. Tonight phone and episode athletes are spoiled entitled sticks they really are just spoiled entitled. Dicks we focus on four illiterate athletes turn you literally talk show host Lou. Persevere through literacy is one of the great stories and history really blue was recently angered by Kurt came Callahan stripped to DC we're flying them down putting the hotel putting in a studio in Washington so you think the guy driving down the pike is like oh what a difference there in Washington as opposed in a studio would brighten and lo who claimed to be concerned about and it comes expenses this is a waste of money the true story lies here. For calling United Airlines mr. Maloney if you could just confirmed spelling of your last name I'll get you all set up for your ticket to Washington DC god gives him her. No it's a mound it's your last name. Off MIA I MIT and T that that's how you spell where low level IT YIC. You see me H I hi this is a real bad idea yeah we can't issue ridiculous you can spell your name come I'm sorry it's good night. As you can see it's just another case some illiteracy leaving Penn jealousy. Why you would lose major publishers careers and great fathers have lovely wife a great little kid yeah mesa little makes him great career great broadcaster to achieve success and saw the ratings for them we're proud of the big day guys great book it's easily could the could Dexter Manley a Boston. They did is persevered who was a hockey coach is that the devils coach he could be found John Valero around long nose to the mayor's I know clothes you closure Perry's right. Rim what's that shock me now with coach could gentlemen couldn't read the devils coach Joseph Coleman are right Larry English or French. I just talk to your partners. It can't be easy to achieve look at Aaron diamond has achieved it it couldn't read what he learned to read prison. Hundreds of biological right include Peter who goes and recruits and it comes out he's you know a new man it's weird though he wrote JON 360. If you. It's again on a letter that scan the good one check in minutes Texan the right it backwards or forwards could question that's money. That's important. Mice kilotons. What to play at anguish I don't know. Sure will play when hijacked I also want to play what's out at that we're better tabs and the sound of them on the Twitter feed your parted the team I want to play the keeps keeps spirits is it conspiracy yes at this catcher who I want to play that because over the city is I can't I'm would you like if year old with a marked. Really believes it or he's just back and fears that the years ago this is the deal that a market as a human sources. I will if you if you twist my arm. Is that there are two months. The man who comes in with us and jokes around as the motif during breaks rips us. You read policies Keefe. In NATO program to keep it is about us and repent you might as is back like itsy key for opinion in my it's much goes along the whole Waco like I used to use that. I've heard. I've on the but it's fairy god but I immediately Kia has not like I keep food as we landed on the moon as he does that the world is flat I think. He believes this theory in this crazy deal kind of pressed them on little clean terrible here because it's not because once we just break your music there is irrelevant. It's. Right and is it technically wall I know because they're much thinks he cares about his child before you cockroach yeah yet found Christ and he really wanna protect this child and I don't think Christ has any problem with killing yourself don't know hole. On bush you are telling us that he's gonna see his family and haven't Agassi get the part in the Bible you don't go to have always sure of course should do if you if you asked for forgetting to actually get this you do don't you I believe suicide is one way ticket to connect throughout Asia I aides say double hockey stick handler I curiosity who made that rule. I double dog get I don't know find out we're gonna get that too we like to get to limit it to that Bible verse that says. Disease into often sulphide. Popular and that CC I'd have to wonder why you're I was gonna do what quite. Light and so lifeless in the shows so far I think you've. Los we'll that you're managing your passion to live because you're down on Brady right now I'm disappointed upsets is harder you use your down on me because I won't defend them passionately knowledge that pitcher C boxes I can't find out. Brady didn't go. I asked not gonna definitive answer because your great source and you have as well about him. Now we I think he just I really explained I just think the day before the when he said I'm not going. You know I got family in town as mothers and town and that's it OK I understand that how we defend Brady on the same hornets. That's a good enough excuse for the president of the United States and mature he said oh OK that's cool. I think he's from or they've trump felt like. Brady should have been their boards that he needed break isn't there theory though that he committed Brady just said look just did mention Mia don't want to bring attention to what I sack I'm not there that's the same thing to say and chest increasing to trumpet or that maybe he does and I don't believe I could make the theory that there it is if there is a personal thing I don't want draw attention to it I just don't mention yet still supporting you'll be there at some point just not. On this day because it's on I think type radius turns it back on trial that's that's his final at trump would hold a grudge if that was the case I think trump feels like bridges bloom off right if if the right of the stores right. A question is what do you do when the news EV DO on a week from tomorrow. He had done. Operating in the middle Chelsea handler on Harman on luck with Michael Moore now I are ruffle or has a hot days like. Lead at some skimpy on you can see the you know. Mr. scale of the but he underbrush community tweeted out a farewell the girls it was a link all the new meat redundancy it's ultimately I think it's live and it's now is there it was a if it is such as video I want Schumer burials Steve Stephens shoot and then his daughter mr. Godwin. And days. Obama had to watch that Kirk that I I was that was not couldn't do it snowed and Ali and I thought I swore that I've org I doubt Jesus god and because our our business we have. And Aaron in this update we have we have as he's Colby Brusett love that it too that they go they go yeah he's the leader that I didn't know he even knew or ought to law god he looked like the grand years bettered the shepherd he's always says our our team coming up 617779. 7937. We have to at some point years and I think it next segment to update this story it's big OK you have to do genetic and we there yes if we contacted the person was was to contact for this you know enough yet now. I'm waiting for responsible person. And okay. It's salacious it's paid. It's been I've and I I gotta be honest I believe it I don't I didn't want unbelievably much I know now on the it's on the conspiracy your decision now. I made Kirk spears see her advertise here on earth where I think here a minute conspiracy. It's fresher. Power it can steer our opponent he fears oh fer. She's due to sneak right miles are an hour Tuesday.

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