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Rear Admiral's picks of the week; Late Night, Low Light 4-21-2017

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 4. Christian gives some final thoughts on the Bruins. Rear lets us in on his latest movie/TV suggestions. Another edition of Late Night, Low Light.

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These this these late night with Christian Arctic fox Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian right here but we're gonna get weird here. This Kyle Lowry is portrayal of WEEI late night our game here rear admiral airmen and Marines here taking your phone calls it 6177797. And 937 text messages of 37937. Your tweets at Christian Archie and career had these blog. Our live. For all you nine towels out there on this now Friday. Who who we appreciate it we appreciate you staying up. By whatever means and I know that for twenties not a day that most people stay up particularly late night LO sleepy sometime little bit Yang you know people usually crash that are around like to happy hour worth when he ran advantages re fired and packet that energy adverse. You know me you know and buys them. He's chief. Merrill wants to act out could be medicinal chief. That was that's what it. Great episodes of the Simpsons of those Meehan night time of that before we show the Simpson's foyer at the university debut of I thirty at the university did TV debut was. Yes possessed the marijuana episode. Notre I don't know I'm going to religious argument that would get out we have smoking with auto and other that was as. Addicts know that that was the lack the episode when the Winamp. Spot got a credit kind of Santos L help us ODA out there and now and he he got the dog and in the black guy took it took the targeting went to try to steal back as very and then they showed up in the cops can't wait wait a min Eddie a little scrape around this house may. And they found them the week in India by. Couldn't do some things a little fluidity of it too funny is absolutely. The big carrot is that two cops there this is the area but there are in the black let's take a phone callers 61777979837. Asian number open phone lines that start things off of Brandon in Boston over in the. Stadium and yes so first of all high regards here I'll leave it low late last night it. You brought up like the notion got a good guy who brokered the victories he could just secure whatever it's called. Yes she predicted world war three's gonna start and like what October I think it was the day I forget exactly via its thirteenth right. It was gonna enter the world October 13 that's what it was yet date in October 13 this year is actually tried. Friday the thirteenth occurred. Yes maybe that would create a few I don't know if you've got to Cuba you know right yet but Brandon you have do you have a girlfriend. I do I doubt can I was gonna say to you he didn't and there's a girl out there you like you should teller before October 13 proud. And being important to Turkey it may be yet. Things completely on me yeah. No but I was afraid that our great abroad two. Got to talk about a little bit earlier extreme very. You know it kind of stagnant and he's talking murder or the early show it's you know it's almost like if you're a man now they clinic establishment is cool and her current bench factor. I mean the guys flock the last few years it would ever since you know the Celtics yeah they don't but he turned on the switch. This hearing these past two games played in its rich media. Last month of the season through branding you've been playing well longer than just this series. Not much longer but he has been. Right and just weird to what went into the count could always been there right I just. Goes on and doesn't care from mart said it time to get stuck in his daughter you know it well it'll start trying now and I'll be old Rondo. And down. It's not old Rondo that's that's always been run that Iran has been a guy who gets up for those big games for the nationally televised games for playoff games. And the rest of the time is just sort of they're here. Yeah picture here and but I think he kind of partnering. I think you've got to college on the perimeter defense no Smart Brad that thought he you know perfectly struggling. I think the credit goes in hand man in the reason is the case. Load of any of the quite definitely not only do they sorted it all the script for around to talk to shoot the ball. Per bushel at any point guard he's the only generally get a point guard who. He had died in this series security it's kind of beg off and if you're the word of the shot right in I think. That's how Iran is the plan back in the Miami Heat days he just seed the economy stay about six feet back clog the line. You know I think it's honesty he's kind of a mean were what brought me into the Catholic activated an affront upon. I think almost the rose at the thought of the world that they're not used to. At all they'd date or he got hurt you know we set off an write a court order the court. Is to get shorter are going crazy but he does have a shoot the ball. And that's maybe why it's you know to me it's elegant and it really looked a lot out of Edward generate a lot in play and enjoy it where if you don't thanking yourself. I know you thought it looked at me you know the reason that the ad accused insert. And could be Brendon thanks for the call at Waco are coming. Sides about the Celtics I got a little Spacey would insults and you know that her eyes glazed over Lake Huron high school chemistry class Justin yeah I I think I ai and I think it's just roll right out again highest all the time like what's can. I can try to fake a little bit but yeah. You know I just all else I'd Pat's at it Sox socks a little bit flawed zebra ones but. I just you know I'm not up to speed on everything Celtics are watching sporadically I just I just I recognize the town the NBA notes is does tons of it ages. I have a hard time once in the game after a grown up one of the way it'd it's a refereeing it's just atrocious the them them is the whole like playing music during the game I I trust my music there and again that's what you don't have to it's like you never they never dated before I think it's fat wallets when the Iraqi unite because it's manufactured noise it's like the crowd should pull its own bullies. And I signed my. EL I I agree with that is someone you and I both were at the old garden where they didn't have a noise might that those unit you know cheer when you're supposed to cheer that place just you know. People knew what to do Baghdad where it's just false tosses them the refs for that boat the raft and in games is just batted so biased by. Mean I don't why he's here and that's been around I mean that's it adds it's it's but it's it's just like such an accepted potty gain it you know guys are gonna get calls and it's ironic is that guys don't they should get the calls. There are already good enough like the last and they need is to get a call him out now on I mean. Adding I didn't mean it this is on out there but yet not a fan talk and blog and Rondo it's like you know. Rent goes over my album well but understandable all say they should just it is suing him back to the Bruins here for a second is that. This Celtics series so far there's nothing in the positive that they Furman now there's nothing you can look at and say well at least yet Charlie mag weighs nothing you know there's nothing like that here it was just ruins there's some things that are going well there's some. Reasons to be hopeful with the Celtics I mean it you just look at amended body language game who should brutal lease the Bruins. Look like they're still invested in winning the sheer reason of just had a couple of you know either bad calls or bad bounces or whatever ago and not go their way. Yes assaults I mean you know one seed eight seed it and in the NBA player assets and you know another thing is. Out loud you know across parts to high speed please pick a basketball but it just feels like there's only guy. And what. Three of fourteen you'll gonna wanna tightly Chia whereas you know on NHL it could be sixteen teams that could win it so Brett the fact that this and AT he's beaten once he got itself was huge news in the engaged as. It never happens I mean when you look at the odd this series lines (%expletive) NBA NBA game and B it's playoff series they're crazy like them money you have the putt up though to when our favorite is insane. It's just as there's not a lot of parity now league but I am you know. Chicago Bulls are put enough to gonna stick to that right down beat on it because you know their actual. I mean what do you think I mean you think the salts is a data what. Yeah yeah yeah I think that. I think they're just I mean it and after that game two they might. I hope they can win one game in Chicago but I mean that's that's a victory for me at this point in our victory would be not getting swept and I think they're probably it's rock it's it's tough to do lose to a home like that and you know are the ones CME come on. In the united stuff towards you know criticize and Thomas in the situation I mean yeah yeah I know he's playing he's he's got a little bit of play. And if he does and I didn't see it too much of the second game and we had a good first game but. You know if he does have a good game in sight you know it is is you get mentally and if he's not it's certainly understandable because of what he's gone through but. And all you gotta you gotta think that's factor and what with a guy someone I mean. Some guys may be gold block out completely and you know I mean it's for two dollars and then. You know focus on one when they do Angel but. I don't know I just I guess you don't want to criticize a guy too much if he did if he ends up have enough a bad series ultimately. You know why you don't wanna beat up on a guy Greg was going through that is he Arafat figured if if fact. Isn't some way India and honestly at first game at 33 points in the first game migrate their first games team and back him up and second game wasn't as good bid spell means the rest of the teams and let them down there. While while we're just sort of on the subject of the crowd and everything. Who Bruins crowds. I say write about it what's what's gotten into the Bruins crash you know guys thrown stuff on the ice trying to steal people's sticks like wet what well on capitol here. Well the throes stuff on the ice that's not old pushed or getting on noted that there. Now ball the second what did it rural water I go to last night I I heard her I heard them with a one towel on the ice I don't know did he do it after the conclusion of the game pro stock at the end of the game guy meanwhile. Number why is it on him because they'd turn the in my rice us stuff come reign in down economic I do this again at eight holes I mean obviously alcohol is a huge factor in all most people do that a pie eyed I mean as. A lot of people go abroad and tell I did if he has to go to games and they get handed that you know they get pregame get. You know there are not careful illnesses with the teachers territory here. I get a good buzz on before they go on the Belden and keep it going that's fired on the same thing but I did you know throw stuff on the ice I I it's. Stop you you're an idiot first Bob Dole dole to attorney gaining any team the panel of the second off like they you know all the time he if you hit a player and he got a camera on you governor Ernie guy right should be thrown any of these. What I had a buddy who used the word on the ice crew in the blog and a few years ago at some withdrawal plastic bottle from the balcony it and I think it might have and like how awful lot of in it hit him in the head knocked them out while plastic bottle because then the velocity it picks up chairman I write and you know just happened and that's in the writes what knock them I'll call him get rushed. Mass. General and ambulance is you know you you know people to know what happened the first. And you know because some Bozo troll through some from the balcony it's just. It's unsafe I mean I I I used to see where and target sports other cities and stop classy. I bets on both played helping on. On Twitter us sociable stay classy buffalo stay classy Boston's Eric. It's like comic I'd shut up it's like it puts a quote from Ron Burgundy like every tie every CD in visas idiot for hands. And we have guys here. It's embarrassing and stopped on it sop thrown stuff on the ice team loses than you know don't throw stuff in the nation just look like an idiot as president to grab a stick. Stupid I mean yeah you know like that's. That's their workspace that's like going to like and guys F 150 on a construction site trying to steal as tools I mean and also what do you think you gonna take to stick to run up the thing and leave and always a lot easier is that your hockey stick at the moment I practiced. I tell you belong to a player actually jacket I pick I blog that I think the next day and I said you know cut Erik Karlsson made the play of the night when he. When you did you see of slashed ticket gadget guy he was you know trying to steal his teammates priming or his his working as property I mean is completely I alliance in it that would let code. Paulson needs to monies give them nice little bit like you know like he did you know like you do to guide the ice with the rebels looking the other way and then this do you saga I thrall and out in the neck goes what are you known how dare you hit this guy's on the hand who's trying to steal your teammates can escalate. Is cream generally idiots men there is no there's actually no reason that. A fee and should have a see him stick like that and anyway. And it you know people wanna go back of that I would 1979. The reason of pro and strides in the crowd massive swing that. With because people grabbing this they're so. You don't like that the irony of it yet so that's what's gonna happen you know he had punched in by a guy possibly but I I love the slashing Collison that it was like. Always like trial you Yakima symphony has announced you know you're a donkey but so you know like to sit and enjoy the game and they'll try to steal things. All right before we had go to break here let's take one less day tripper on the NHL tonight we saw Nashville eliminates Chicago the Rangers with a big win over Montreal in game five of that series in overtime. We're going overtime in Edmonton is the Oilers just that tied things up in Pittsburg has eliminated. The F fight in Blue Jackets to a certain points this year looked like. A team that was really on a mission and a team that might go I don't know about the distance but it. There advantage crazy when street this year they were they were really really impressive and they go down in the first round to us indicated in the Pittsburgh Penguins so. Thoughts on all of that how you had Easter to see the playoff picture shaping. For the moment outside the Bruins in the center. It's a war we RD obviously mentioned Chicago that right big surprise Montreal on the ranges sets about where I figured I'm Rangers took the lead tonight one in overtime they're not lead the series three so that's been a tight one. Ottawa Boston Odyssey I was you know by the Romans should be. At least 22 if not what the lead Washington Toronto believe it or not I did say it is who series would be tied after real game jaguar I'll go back and listen up. Chip let's I actually said would not be the least bit surprise of it it's I did say Washington. Would win. Wouldn't surprise me in the least of tribal goes on in this series the way it's gone from our Pittsburgh knocked off Columbus I was disappointed in Columbus are showing at the ability and have. Much more of a series and GO point. You know they want I think fifteen or sixteen games in a row and you know I and I ice at the time yeah it's great you stockpile plays but it means nothing I mean yeah it's night he and have a better chance in the playoffs because you won fifteen arrow it's it's you know a team recognized Abbott but. Ultimately means nothing. I should get against Chicago swept Minnesota Saint Louis. Minnesota eyed you know there are another team that can it be just like have a generic identity is not certain there is nothing to them. I'm their most likely gonna lose I don't see them when inform rovers Saint Louis. Minnesota mandate they haven't had any significant playoff. History since 2003. When they they knocked off Patrick warrants filed game and went to the conference finals vs Anaheim that yet and I'm they haven't done anything since it just like I mean you know it's Minnesota they. They get the money they spend it but they just can't get over the hump and Bruce Boudreau. They bring him and he's gonna have an the first round flame out. Saint Louis man I'm the only guy Jake Allen he's pulling out of his mind. Think they could be at just then Anaheim they narco calories calories on a team disappoint to be done a pretty good series it was dead at dad's oral but I mean those are close game those are good here that's good I'm glad you amazed you made a point because you know. There's a lot this year resulted it illegal for a fight gains but the great series because the game so good. Official calls Bruins series but a good Syria yeah LE ME MI NN tomorrow but it's gonna get here is a definite you know auto was not the most exciting team but it it has been a good series and in the final one. It's huge game tonight Edmonton sand Jose I Edmondson out was blues of freedom one they tied up 33 to go and all the time. Well probably in the acts like ten minutes so. I think San Jose I did I believe I picked them to win it because I have money on them toward Stanley Cup social. I'd like to see them advanced by money aside who you think was gonna win this sticker on in this. Go who's it gonna wanna going into the play out here who you eventual pegged me you know I'm not. I don't know that I have a even game I got a copy it really has. Well because I have money on like seven out of the sixteen teams don't and so it kind of liked it kind of monies will avoid wanna pick. I. I may have it makes you put money on gag because the sides you know the odds the 26 of one for. Net when he on national national some of these other ones. Well like if it was all even not you know who would you. Going into it I I I watched I've logic godly I mean. Indeed but again that his idea I had eight to one odds on that I that I love begin the year. I thought yeah I thought Chicago was gonna be a lot better because they you know they got bounced early I dread it look. They they should have been fresh but. You know I didn't money cap and obviously picked it Washington. Now every Monday a Muslim mothers taken them but they they're certainly vulnerable women and the other one only had Kevin jagr but yet he's not he's not our Collison in these and he's good defenseman but. You know why bid to have and that they have they has bullets aren't the only front was a good team they've been playing good like very good hockey since November and and I think the fact that this show young. It's almost is like almost an oblivious despair like that they don't even feel pressure because they're not you know they're not re supposed to be your. And I never putted by myself rooting for the lease to the extent I Ian. Not only because I yet another team money on. But you know I always root for the eight seed but I I loved watching lost imagine Reilly arm on the big fan of the young American kids and and he's gonna you know he's got such a unique story I mean yeah you know he's. No father as American as is among those of Mexican. And you know you want and our solar and keep him you know than a number one overall pick in and in the NHL it's is such a way a unique. Story as quintessentially American story to make. I like watching the kids. All right 6177797. And 937 is your phone number 37937. At that you're number on tech's quick break we'll come back at some recommendations from her. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Actors portray it. You guys late night our Linear admiral announcement of the Marines taking your phone calls it 6177797. And 937 just about 130 when atmosphere like to get recommendations from him. And things to watch I just moved at a semi cable up yet on Netflix and Alan everything I got to move on again Netflix on them. I'm borderline cord cutting at this point I haven't done it yet I'm thinking about it but I'm I'm I'm right there. The only thing missing is the sport unless you wanna go in. Was when I go to read it in the criminal that if I don't that's selling TV and that's what we do slaying is the gasoline is pretty good and I still have from where from wild places of the log in from my ex Kennedys live but you can't put that only chrome destiny can you know use the year thing and they either so that's kind of annoying by. What are you watching these things. Do a drug Amazon prime so another one but now I don't know I can yeah I dug out of treasury subscription whatever that island as well as free pizza right now all we just what type veep is back on HBO yes she's hilarious one of these. To a 34 funny shows on TV Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And plays a wall. Vice president term president now this season geez you know maybe round and again but. It is such shots outside a brilliant writing and I just love the way it consistently and nonstop punches they like. The egos and NASA schism in just like that. Vanity on display in Washington it's really not that far removed from what goes on the heels guy at Hoover. Was a layered all my call that was self. Yeah if you did it too lazy to learn how to drive a yeah yeah that that guy tablets he you know he was. I forget his name he's the actors he hired there you know the act awry because he was on to do it what's lock that was on HBO. It was on for one season now than it was dostum are having was done haven't done that way you play he played one of the degenerate what was gambles on lock which rental once easy three voices died so they had to cancel the show but so anyways I'm daily. Yeah yeah of course is tied against that your dad would do or don't its intermediate track. And now an ascetic gaveled it big. You know but the this horse is diet tracks pretty much every day and not the stated. You know bay it's a good thing a dad Ahmad. But you know they'll film to show these was mean you know they would it was determinedly you know they got overworked or whatever so basically that's our goal is to meet. You know one animal they can tolerate but you know three horses like a month. And it you know but then I think the same track like. It was like a stock that means he wasn't still drop like flies right after they stopped me in the show anyways that guy act haven't done. He's hilarious on beat as they ought but there's a new show that debuted about three weeks to go one on IA FC's parent Hank Azaria. Yeah it does some of the great voices on the Simpsons acting like multi act play I'm Amal purely Kamal is the best. My guys approved negotiate month Lula yeah it doesn't mean he's ranges humble he got yeah he does you know he does about now like Tenet tenants while on the interesting career for him you know he was like 23 when he any young he was kind of bug not a struggle and academic you know he wasn't too established and and you know he's got a nice little film career for himself today and. Us. It. I almost washed bankunited bank's main channel now yes okay so you're telling me about this he said is this news show at Hank Azaria and it was from a funnier guys. Video on myself I remember Hank Azaria Funny or Die video or uses old tiny baseball announcer and his wife cheating on him and you looked at me like I had three heads because that's the show ring yet and they got a whole show about that skit that's awesome because I love this game yet he. Did this get sketched out whatever have like several years ago on my good guy and he kept the character he really worked on the character and he brought and another writer it's you know a flesh it out. So Plackemeier Rodney that would help that that title it rocked by a I'm honestly its absolutely hilarious in get a first seen it opens up what it's you know 2007. He's a Kansas City announcer. Any gets drunk and proceeds to tell the audience that you know his wife cheated on him and gets in a very lurid details. It sounds like I feel resume eight days and doesn't rock iron to a date does their real hacks and kind LA based on on some place. And but he sobering because he's as you describe him like his wife she'd done is that and that's fastball to a money and though Aristide bears likely that if it does just like old routine I mean. Is sold out and it look a much wanna literally the first scene is him you know get drunk. Tells everybody what happens and then like the next scene it's back towards ten years later knees and Mike small town Pennsylvania gonna work for a minor league team. That's owned by the very small I mean compete. She's still beautiful like my yeah seem installment aria TCI's shows she's and she's hilarious she's a great comic actress tool and and basically he's gotten. These funds for my ground level a gamble what happened while he was away is he went viral like. He writes book out and buy he had no idea you know view that it was some home. I'm Terry comes back he's doing a mightily to stand. And he has gone viral so he's like I mean he's an eleven mean. And the second episode I don't want it did get spoilers I had tears that rolled down my face amount exaggerate it was so funny like. His character is hilarious the scenarios they come up with the writing is Graham light I can't recommend it enough and you know. Over the second and yet complete and that miserable four and Robinson says I'm welcome news. I'm all good. Like yeah exactly it's that it's that but much more profane ray Knight he eats. I am amber again big Hank Azaria and anyways but. If you like him at all watch it even if united in a baseball fan or not. Very funny show can't recommend enough all it's a movie side. Captain fantastic I don't know that's on Netflix yet it's definitely on Amazon prime. It was the one Beagle mortenson was nominated for best act the fellas you know one of those small movies that you know not a lot of people heard of glass called it's called captain fantastic captain fantastic and I would probably go Morton's legal Lloyds and I would describe it as. Which was Stanley Robinson speaks little miss sunshine Erica. And what we went yeah definitely Grubbs was Jimmy Robinson me as little as sunshine. She was Stanley Robinson is their family live out in the woods they're kind of base their self sustaining it and live off the grid okay. Yelled at. Yeah they got like 54 or five kids or whatever you know they live literally Elmo would sound like the Pacific northwest. And a little miss sunshine from pat pod because. It becomes are a road trip factor and it's just one of those quite a quirky independent com he's too that has a lot of characters that should remind me a little miss sunshine. I'm. Yet it BAC live in the woods and an app though you know leave the woods for for something and you know it's kind of like a sort of road movie but veto what's his spectacular on a big Beagle once and that I can answer I mean he's great and what was it history of violence ash and Joey gangster film the upped his brother is the yanks and Ed Harris ya Ed Harris and that on would the other 1 needed eastern promises to be at the scene that ours is bigger Russian Russian gas ethanol also great movies I think they decry numbered irreparable those. But yeah I'd Beagle once and he got nominated and you can see why he's he's really funny and and he also those full frontal if you answer. I've seen Dong on the big screen is I don't that we see enough of it so. That's an idea what time exactly. Everything is down now yet he eat couple tightly couple times he he shows he shows his way as. But it is funny others postal senses like terrible thing about your owner Don I am but the givers like. Boobs ambush on their long term it is you know it's it's double standard that. Iowa months to. I'm a fan are gonna pull our dogs are right now stone slab of their current quality online online but he model in this one. Certain got a fantastic. Yeah definitely a quirky movies you know I'm I'm a big independent movies avid. Give that a try it's Amazon prime. And Netflix I value your Bachmann documentary guy you like them right you have lots for awhile but I do like them that his wife says it's at three product to its two I was each it's called five came back. And if it's it's amazing yeah I do see I watched every episode it's amazing it's it's takes Hollywood and the military and it combines and if you like military history in Hollywood history it's great it's a vote. Five prominent directors back the world what true. Who actually and enlisted into the service from Nam did the Paramount movie where to eat each couple of one to none won the Marines it again like when the onion in the navy. And they went. Well either of depend on a way to get sent to make propaganda films for the U for the US you know it's. These are the type of movies out chilled before people went to the the theater all but no Israel's you know and it went PP the the ball a lot more re enable played a noose you know before he shot a movie it would also show like short films and and they they were summoned to make these films does sway the American public as tough. You know why why web why we need to be involved of this war but it would also make. I've training films of people and the others is like those like John John Ford. Frank Capra. I mean I had that pulled up and he's more like you know hack director Steve like five prominent directors and what's what they do in the documentary is. Each of the old that died directors is represented by a current director. I'm Steven Spielberg is in it Lars has been cool Guillermo adults from all I don't Toro or and they each. Tell the story of the did directed it represented. But the archival footage for Mike and back then it's unbelievable yeah I mean it in these guys they shocked cottage man like they they all came back change meant his. You know they didn't have guns in the hands but they would next guys what who did have guns and hands fights came back it's a five came back it's called in. They'll though though the one guy if I think there's an atomic at. He. He was the Slough off first one a film won the concentration camps and that's you know if that's the one that light GAAP. He did I I I'll pause and his drive you crazy he's a guy George Stevens he kind of directed shuttle like jam. And that's out. Not often called biffle but you know Osama India it's always nothing that was really heavy okay back back in the states and it's ironic as when you know he gets it. Germany he ended up fine the concentration you've been in. They from the footage in his actual footage of Jews that the Nuremburg trials. So ya aired as John Ford William Wyler John Houston Frank Capra George Stephens five you know they all one Oscars in the Korea. And they got it all went stale join the service went to for the for the American cause and it's funny because you are you you think. You know Hollywood the military ballot gazed out the opposite you know but this is back and these guys what will patriotic and that in the military shot a policy you know. Help us when the war and they and they really did like not only have a a sway. On public opinion but also on my car in hot shoe footage and how to shoot the war footage but if you have any history any. It's the World War II history. I recommend that on that if you're film film buff like myself into film history. I recommend for that reason if you're in the bowl thing it really is a well made feature Larry and it's also booked too if you really wanna get all the deets. Oh absolutely check it out let's take a phone call here before the break David is in San Diego a David. And how the government let's get older and let them I thought we are talking about how excited at what the charter are there you know school in karma. But now I'm excited overall we're really not good seat and I'm happy in the playoffs start the ball but because our defense. Actually our future not not just the budget better and swirling around and you bit. We got these young men coming out called a man could actually like it right now but ultimately keep it that way. But I just want to know what you got off on the Bruins future on each and and then possibly. They see. Let me know and love and here you got a late night and Diego thank you very much. All right it's technically though for a party in San Diego David SOA thanks for checking in here on the most holiest of holidays and while I mean it was a pretty optimistic Bruins caller. Yeah that we haven't heard too many that's really awful state it's in well I think when you live in San Diego like everything is -- ought to err I did that's waves at the beach in life keep the word globe keeps on spending you know. Yeah hi I've yet the visit San Diego but I've the next the first. That thing I hear about it will be the first bad thing I hear about living out there gas tragedy gone full would mean was he in the future now Cali back avoid. Mean he's played. Four games and he's been approached the bench on up front he's been the best defenseman of for the Bruins each game he's Altria this guy looks like the limo with this kid. You know you get proud is name brand and cal in the east. You know the year two guys rate the are you wonder they're gonna be a top pair you know he can maybe in another couple years are you gonna have those tool. Of the finding it tough for me I you know I don't think a separate I don't know who's gonna become a laid it on the line east of a grizzly and he got raw audio guerra. And all those guys are gonna be ready for full time NHL. Duty but gathers the future looks bright. Is as read Alice how the how the series ends up. A lot of good prospects in the system. Ideally that you know the proposal kind of lake who waffle on this you know kind of low seed stage for maybe a year or two but. You know ideally they'll be they'll be a contender again shown I mean you know that it had a couple these guys the piano Opel have some money to spend their free agent available. That's eventual it's it's you know. Difference between yourselves in the Bruins is. You know there's the Bruins don't oversell the place Pete people wanna come here because they history the team yeah all that so that they they don't have that stigma of Celtics have. Yea your right about that arrogant take a quick break we'll come back get your late night low light it comes to us from the world of boxing where a former boxer was caught arrested today. On some very strange circumstances we'll get to that next don't go anywhere as late night Sports Radio W media. Please imagine my surprise. When I opened my front door to find about a half dozen naked folks sprawled out on my living room. Engaged in what can only be described as a desperate men hungry accountable lovemaking. And rat in the center of the always my way. My wife Lucy. She was wearing a strap on them and she was well on our neighbor Bob Greenwald and folks that do mean rat and the gas fastball misses just slow count goes forward to re entered. Two more weeks Christian are again. On Sports Radio tell. And now. It's time for the late night. No mother. I don't know. Sports we know. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That's right. I couple minutes left here tonight on late night time career low light and that comes to us from our Kentucky. Actually since an anxious and I can tiger annexation but up boxer Adrian broader. But you re murmur was part of the money team and they need so much stuff about Floyd Mayweather than it was not on the money team anymore. October of last year he posted pictures of like guns and stuff seeing who's gonna go kill himself which he didn't and that was charged with a misdemeanor battery for choking the waitress at a nightclub. In I think Atlanta well today he's back in the news. Arrested and taken in the Kenton county detention center. The reason for the arrest well with two partners to ruffled. Yet an open war from a failure to appear in court from Republican toxic 12014. Classic case of that happening. But the arrests came after he was pulled over this morning in an SUV quote covered in bullet holes. According to the police dispatch logs. Runners are shot at last night in Cincinnati accordingly Cincinnati police department spokesman. Local news report that it stemmed from a bar fight to dispatch logs shows that one witness claimed hearing at least fifteen shots saying the two vehicles fired shots at each other. With the boxers white SUV being one of them. After the shooting grown then drove the Kentucky. Used all over the data Covington police noticed the bullet holes on his card was booked in jail on the open word from his previous arrest. And then he was released this morning on a 500 in three dollar bail. Saunders said the breasts under the police spokesman said the broader is surprised not cooperating with the Cincinnati police. And their felonious assault investigation of the shooting. Classic case of all of that happening behind you know you're just trying to enjoy yourself out one night. You get a little bit of back and forth with a guy at the bar you go out in the parking light shooting each other fifteen times and any drive your bullet hole ridden car back to Kentucky. Just like a normal Tuesday. Says sounds apropos for Kentucky now gun bullet holes and B is and whatever. It's. Before it's it's one I don't ever been Kentucky view of they have once in it was I was flying home from school in Colorado and I yet. Stuck in Cincinnati Cincinnati airport. And it'd flight was delayed so I couldn't go for its President Abbas to August to spend the night and they put us up in a hotel. And the hotel was in Kentucky detecting and has about 19 Kentucky right across the rev up much to say about it I watched TV with a bag of mourning went for my flight but it. I'll never forget yes that's like that there one time I was in Tennessee and a you know bad weather diverted us there for ball four hours so I about a Tennessee shirt and if we got stuck it was gonna go to Graceland but alas we you know never crusty the clown tray and was find a card in this Els was like you know those are speed holes. I think the cargo for ethnic he might he might be my favorite all time Simpson's yard pressing and I'll. Yeah I associate her bark at which your favor episode. It's funny I was talking about this or stock McCauley Mecca I don't know it if it can't cross the -- minds vs the mono rail. My hours the moderate Lugar I I like the one where they move. And there's a crazy boss. Who's like a bond villain you know of are all on. So Hank scorpio add a guy that that bad episode mr. that's hugely popular one I I'm not the biggest change to appeal that but. There I mean. You know seasons to its rule like nine attendance I. Some of the greatest television ever made an inch keys pure brilliance is pure brilliance that. I I arrive at a party could do today that say we talk about Hank is the area he was none came she radio possible. You know. Kevin asked them might. You think you can do well Pu nowadays these are probably not you know meet its pilots stereo tip. It's candidate based on stereotypes which a lot of yes but you know the world's much most sensitive to stuff like that yes it's definitely a sweep month who have now I have a question. Was it against a lot of driver car's been shut up and make. If you wasn't if you wasn't changing lanes of that signaling you're speeding or doing anything probably can't driver terrible holes. Did they weren't those stick as you can get Hillis takes that is all of that estimated bullet holes mica tech into the truck would be evidence. That your dad's good point. But I mean you know of cops on those good that I don't know the fresh bullet holes. A church members here. They're gotten shadow only two weeks ago nobody had to go get groceries or something needed that time they do body work I mean these these things happen in the light in major brewer in Kentucky as well. Indeed. Well that's just about all the time we have for tonight thanks for staying up admiral thanks for coming through great to see solo pleasure drama mad at the marine fantastic job by you as always I will see you next week. And that mom hopefully not hopefully my baby boy that's exactly right. Many of the marine is an expecting father. I mean and tested you do any second now a lot of began to cement him and Kenny led by now. Serena can write to you parity and Serena Williams pressure she wanna Austrian open ball for a while bright line and right writers it's pretty impressive her. That's our show we're adding here admiral good stuff off tomorrow I did not in trouble or anything tomorrow I just don't ever show because. Red Sox go to twelve. But I'll be back this weekend to a vote Red Sox games than back normal time on Monday. We'll talk to you then have a great night everybody we're adding years later.

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