WEEI>On Demand>>Rear Admiral is in studio breaking down the Bruins with Christian; Some thoughts on Aaron Hernandez 4-21-2017

Rear Admiral is in studio breaking down the Bruins with Christian; Some thoughts on Aaron Hernandez 4-21-2017

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 3. Rear Admiral joins Christian in studio and they are talking some Bruins. Rear shares his thoughts on what the Bruins have to do to make a comeback from being down 3 games in the series. Christian and Rear Admiral also discuss Aaron Hernandez and what a crazy situation it has become.

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These these late night with Christian art can exports were out. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Let's talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Everybody these 12 o'clock hour midnight struck. This is late night Sports Radio WEEI. Listener can hear dinner break and studios live high atop the Mass Turnpike mad at the marine back there in the wheels are still taking your phone calls 61777979837. Or we're joined in studio. By my man Parcells works WEEI dot com contributor rear admiral joins us here in the building hello admiral carried on how we don't rather TGI FF. Yes they got thank god it is and let's hope that this series doesn't end tomorrow night or tonight I should Sammy where we're right there and after. Two real gut punch losses like bad it's all three really for her for being honest with ourselves. It's it's looking more and more like this is this is probably rate and mean day every actor are you buying any green bananas on the series here what. I mean it's not over yet it's three don't want it you know that they gonna have to win three in a row will it would auto wars done I mean Ottawa's won the last three it's it's not inconceivable that the Bruins do it doesn't look. Positive right now Robbie dodged machine gone back to auto. Are Erik Karlsson is just actually murdering them he's unbelievable arm. I mean I used to could be down a few years ago about it it's plain zone and but he's a spectacular play I mean he's. One of best defensemen. Maybe since balked at mean idol Lidstrom was who's obviously great defense but this kid is a wizard out I mean he's totally changed a whole series. And to be seeded numbers with him on the ice and as opposed to him. On the bench in its like two separate teams out there yeah they can't stop McCain hit it because they can't catch them. But still you know Tuukka Rask has been unbelievable immunity if I said it will be before we went wide anybody who gets on grass now they're in the series like. Yeah you just got to eating tuna melt and say their patrol they just don't know argued because that's the only two explanations. He hasn't been an issue and all the series. If he if he just keeps storm voted what he's doing when I mean. It's it's a coin flip these have all but one goal games all one goal games. You know they want tomorrow. Come back to Boston Sunday the place will be gone 888 crap that cadre and you know you if they they when that in game seven and an outlook so. I'm lucky not to ship yet you know it's it's Rask has been playing good I know that banged up immunity defense situation is. Is that I mean you get you know Agile moral. Well he's got a traitor for four years ago I know he has yet to stick his top six he's gotten. For years to agility I mean years woody is at this point in now and got to rely on for twenty minutes a game or eighteen minutes a game and. I'm Michael Lyles and Charlie Mack a boy and you know I was to go to analyst here I mean this is this is in did Tommy cross the other night I mean it but the thing age. And what kills me about the series is that those guys are all playing out of their minds they're playing way over their heads. They are doing their jobs you're not getting anything for your forwards your with all this playoff and Stanley Cup experience David packets had David Craig Jean Bergeron a margin. Where they mean what happened to these guys TI. It's it's it's I mean obviously you got to give credit to would auto is still a date they can't figure out how to break this 131. Successfully. In nearly not get the opportunities are because all Ottawa's not given until Monday net. You know there's some of those guys are kind of making efforts but yeah had a big entity called out for not scored in the end of the day. That's with aero old this flies to produce offensively you know David Backus I didn't talent everybody wait for the playoffs and and we got he's got the one goal earlier in the series but. I mean he hasn't been I mean even hit a little bit a little bit right I mean you know I I just. I guess I currently get a couple of goals on them but I am you know Craig Anderson ski. He's the other night was unbelievable BS that's save on martian or he flopped on his stomach I mean I was yes and no one and that's a game it's you know like. The they're losing coin flip games I mean the overtime game. But you know what though was the one what's our. Flip that job which Albright what happened I couldn't believe it you know he knew he was exhausted that idea you know again because it would doubtless short showed me on deed at night. He makes a basic tired mental Lawrence that are just keeping a low on the racially and not lose and now one. That the caller Riley Nash would choose you know pal the ridiculous I mean act I is a hockey so play he was justified to get. A lot shot and he believed in him it was just frustrating because they they somehow missed the the yelled more from Brian in addition to two other penalties auto club have been called block. Earlier and all the time. A social games that you know could really went either way so you know it's it's 301 but it's it's. Yeah I mean is is it could very easily could be 222. Or even free while Boston's way show. Yamana it's gonna be tough on the go up you know on a hostile arena as auto at least it's often. Now they get apple what's the what's the an early pressure and in just found patent try to try to beat Darren Collison and because again he's he's been the difference by Fazio again. He absolutely has your phone number 61777979837. If you wanna get in chat with admiral and I hear in the 12 o'clock hour of stand Pope to. Let's get your phone calls here early and often late night promises go to Chris in plain go with a thought on air Carlson makers. Yeah. No it. Think humiliate them may adversely. Reared. Your admin whatever it I just don't I like called people by their room inside politics the blob Carlton. The look I know you're. That you can't that's yeah head of but you gotta at and it you know that's and if you don't hit this guy it into. The theory is doing his play on the ice. Is this what land immediately and made it yet. You gotta find somebody and it's going to be a directive and I don't mean that they've like I want them hurt at the point where he can have a play hockey again. But I was getting at and I mean that I'm really hard and if that doesn't happen and that's that where we're pretty much done so and took it quite. Very well. But I'll tell you right now took as a mirror. How the team plays a part of it is basically how he played. And that's just what it is I would like he did steal what that first game that was no doubt. But other than that I just wanna see more because. You never want he's won all the way to the Stanley Cup and he's never won it I can't. Actually did when the steely confidence won eleven of who wanna get technical and yeah he was on the team via well. Names on the cup. He realized potential in my sense that they can do that go to the goalie. But I'll just leave it at that you guys have a great and I don't like it conversation. All right thanks drawn is that the TDs that they hit Eric karlson and suddenly airing on turn your way it's. You know I don't want controversy exactly Edmund I broke my predawn bus full of you know keys to have to beat them and I sedate and I hit Collison he was currently the heat didn't play like five of their last seven games and durum like must win games operationally he'll be obvious he wasn't. Was was banged up. As to the broad just got to hit him in you know not not our intention you heard about the guys coming up an injury it legally hit him. And he happens every as injured self you know legally than what other so what does a player option. You know you do we got to deal but. You know they they can't get on meaning he can't hit a guy would all the park you don't wanna be dirty and lately taping I held. I think they've lit I think. I remote twice and actually get checked this yours like two times. But I mean he had what hit them once is prodigy agent in an emotional like literally knocked him out of game is. He's young he's he's got employees gonna take it easier he's still gonna vote skate circles around yet. I mean I think with the calls imply it was try to get a knock out the game right. Which I guess I was you know two by saying hit the guy and hope hope you react to read whatever his injury was but. I he certainly doesn't look Puget out there right now now you know of the of the bees got up you know ought to see concentrate on in on him but. No lately sitting at their own offense Colin I mean they they after that the Figaro how how to get gets a little 131. They'd be you know law much of that IRS during avoided if who should play the exact defense and tipper few years ago 2011 on the Bruins beat them on the way a couple of they don't know I mean it's it's on than any you know any coach can figure out if that's something good stuff hopefully beaded eulogies. Delegates undefeated. We gotta be patient you know sort of counterattack but it's like you say it's frustrate me gave pass or not they think I think I. He had to she's like twenty shot attempts and only two with a loved one on net he's. He's been a ghost he's yeah he's got to do more. You know somewhat tougher call he's you know he. It'll at a I don't know what the but the issuer is what are now but he's he's been a disappointment. They've all been there and all the forwards have been disappointing I think from top to bottom really I don't I didn't you know the Chara maybe there's a couple of hits and yeah he's yeah I had a reflection the other night he got called back but he's been OK other than they have Dominic Moore I guess have been okay is and I think one of the best forwards Ben. I Riley Nash yeah I had a video enemy. He took that did top penalty media but. You know he's he's been great and he actually been playing really good lately he kind of picked up his play thought a lot yeah you know in you know but that's not good I mean because he's he's you know we've squabble. Bottom six guys you know you get your bottom six guys being YouTube pesky foil yeah they every batter Ryan Franklin throttle mean. You know he's he does got that quick release in Neil's absence since blt of it. You know he's made some mistakes out BA he had the bad penalty cost mobile he had gone Collison made that unbelievable pass last week. But there's a track and the guy whose life it was a child watt left the wide open I mean he's he's made some mental Arizona but you know I I don't all filed with. Cassie doesn't put somebody else and I don't know what it would at best option is I mean it would kill Louis the rust was lighten up bound Providence that but. We haven't seen him solve called son Stafford had a call on the breakaway and crazy past. Don't wait don't talk about when what you Carlson's Griese pass. Carl is crazy like full ice pass yacht went on the flip way up wasn't that an actor not a staffer when talking about the why. Now. How wide was that I know it wasn't a great we don't know of one that was in his own way he'd. Packed like across the zone and you know the guy was I don't but but Frank Rich rattle the guy that was puck watched Mikey right you know the you know I mean it was held a pass and you know but he's I'd say he's just seemed like he's made a lot of metal hours old Erin. Bullet too many many days was passed an ax fall last night but. You know that is our Kara that there's been no yes yes I think that that's it's Errol power outage that that should not happen at this stage of the season Mike Hoffman was again I'll get my gosh and that and that crazy past the one of the guys. Yeah and any sort again yeah he's been he's been he's a damn good player and yeah it dated date that's on the you know not not a lot of that huge names up there but they got some solid players will. A capable Killian and that's with the Golan. Yeah so far that's that's been the case and what kills me about the series so far the most is that there's a lot of positives to take away from Tuukka Rask is a huge positive Charlie McIlroy is an urgent unbelievable he's been at best defensemen yes it's it's. Unbelievable how good he's he's really he's surprised me a lot he's done a lot of things out there that you know taking. Dating past than that when when they give it to Orman just making veteran type plays really you know he has an. He hasn't ever looked like you is they keep doing the moment was too big forum which you know considering the fact that he was a sophomore in college three weeks ago is. Pretty remarkable and you know that that's fine Kevin Miller I think is really established himself in this series he's been great he's been a rock for them. And you know I I think there's been some performances from guys just mentioned Riley Nash and you know Sharia nano are just came back they did days there's been some things to sort of pick and choose look at and think are right these are big problems for this team. Coming into the season the Blue Line was a big problem for this team and now to their third tier defense or all. Guys who weren't even playing last week I mean you are either healthy scratches like Lyles in morrow or they were college sophomores they were down in the H hour though they were by. That's been fine and that's something that I am really happy about the you just can't peak you can't be happy about that went on scoring. Right in you know you get it like you said these guys did you can't have too high expectations you know a journeyman guys and aides helped galvanize the they I'd feel the daughter of better than respectable job in the keep in the games close but. You know I think debt. It kind of it may be governor effect on the office because you don't you don't have guys that there's good back the initial I think did demy have to do a little bit more heavy lifting and to offset all offset the park should of the fact that they guys want their you know yeah accrue cop Cowell. Ways Quaid when those guys on the eight at guys toward theory applies to them shall. Neil I think the offense kinda passed help out his you know it is a five mean you heard out there are always kind of think of you know four lines in GPS but. Notified me and you know this holds the offense faster dual little bit more heavy lifting. You know kind of real subtle stuff that you might not even notice but. Because you don't you don't have your best deepens all that now the Fords gotta go a little bit more. And in turn I think that might be throttle up a monkey right since their offense and and the thing you know they need just throw in the fact that you know auto plays that 1310 yeah it's it's just a bad recipe for liberal and it is. Split aids is much is the 131 is Bennett a problem you know what what does that whatever when say you can't come back on this team they get a lead they're gonna keep that lead Bruins come back on several yeah yeah and also on the Bruins have had a lead they've blown that we which is whatever the other thing ever when city get a lead on the senators they can't come back an idea that way they can't do it. Everything is gone backwards in this year's I mean and I I said it before. Those series knotted at that to throw that those games that happened this year and I know autos every one but. You know I don't said that to me before in a write in and as we are talking about any of the potential to then beat anybody. Rain beat Toronto in the auto NB Washington you said forget that. Yeah I don't giving credit Gary you call that night that's. Humble humble brag a series are you were right about that after game one about these admiral on the somebody now. Right now not some high right but it. Point but those my point remains that those you know everyone just figured elevated and beat them once and they got no chance to break you know I mean even if they lose four games I want that you know things that they would at least for those into one goal games in all its shirt coin flips. All right pretty quick break we come back we'll likely to doors open you wanna talk Bruins Celtics Red Sox you wanna talk Aaron Hernandez whatever is on your mind here at the 12 o'clock hour things get weird it's late night Sports Radio WE yet. On Sports Radio WEEI. At the start both teams got some chances. Chase chances for the last decade 2010. Both teams played solid defense. It's surprising it was very useful. I don't know again perfect arsenal. Oh yeah you can assist there's going to be tight camera Wii games. To grasp post game. He's not on the problem that's for sure 6177797937. Asian phone armored plate that arcane here admiral in the house as well. Go until 2 in the morning on the program nice to have you this year tonight thanks for staying up we'll get your phone calls here. Early and often as it is the late I promise we'll start things off with Alex and Providence you know holding for a while he's got a thought on the Celtics all out. They what's going on guys what's up. You know and I couple nights I was listening tonight and wanted to call it a lady's reference and I 2006 BO that you know I'm not remember that yes. So I do remember that college those and those kill me in Dorchester who said that the yes what what about it and it's two nights ago. And it. Trying to get issue it's common wrong where he is kind of like you know law. Marriage or marketed to Wear anything with this scene. And I know it's kind of been awaited gaining especially during creating see me because it picked up Andre Drummond we've got a great well because and which what do you have mortgage future. Intrigues you mean. In trade and we definitely it would have more future on the site out there would add to mortgage the future to trade for DeMarcus Cousins and things. I think that's what it would take in Vienna I don't. I don't know I don't know it would have but it would not just talking about explored and are trading at all of the guys. Is your trade a couple of the guys right now. How are you how right you valued now at how high you'd think there'd be any change actually values people. Gave regret but he or or nick or router because they are treated or in spite nick at this. The Clinton. Well thanks to the college does say this it's tough it's tough not to value those guys. When they're all making very little money Avery Bradley's making a million dollars Isiah Thomas making but six and a half. Kelly elect is not making it on a Miami it's not like we're talking about anybody with a big bloated oversized contract. Amir Johnson's Reagan twelve he's coming off the books American resigning him shortly after twelve million dollars. Gerard Coste come off the books all these other guys are signed the very reasonable deals and that's why do Ainge values of you know you know I can get uniting get that kind of production that kind of money and that troupe that kind of production just isn't enough it's not enough in the playoffs it's just that it. Six on 77797937. Johns and main page out. I guys weren't glued I play our part blood there or won't there's been a lot of bad. You know I got myself they've committed suicide last year are made where are you than ever. Coming up are here now and one thing I got a conspiracy theories and I answered questions. You know I found the year and that's still unanswered questions and her husband still has crazy conspiracy theories and it's still nothing is as. You know like are never going to be epic. Yeah I mean right. I've never been more I would never want to get more of what they're actually ate in my life out there listening stuck on the radio. The last three days so that's hard to tell you guys about this upgrade now you know I mean right. All I really think about is how little girl like I hope like like achievement tormented by people about this stuff in the future yeah I mean I. They've kind of crazy it and the other people's families obviously. So I I I guess my glove focused on wiping out. I wanna like. And my mind I'd like I I I don't think the Celtics I want I want I hope that they can come back when the next routines and not Chicago you know I mean rights. And maybe get back in this thing. 'cause you know like doubles see anybody you know known to go on streaks of eight or nine games in Natick and turn around and come back in the not well mine aren't that satellite here are arid area that there are. I hey listen John I I can understand that something figured you know still going through right now the sister and I'm sorry I'm sorry about that in I know that it's a different. Story which is asserted digested and interpreted different ways by different people. And I and thanks for the call but I think that you know what one thing that annoyed me about there and Ernie in this thing right after it happened. Is how everybody on both stations and on TV and everywhere it's turning of the feelings police. You're not supposed to feel like this and you shouldn't feel like that how dare you feel sympathy and why do you feel bad and why is it. Shut the plea violate ways. So you don't feel bad for iron and good for you. You know a guy a guy who's there like John just call whose sister committed suicide made. CN Aaron Hernandez did that in just have a feet can't control you know I mean it's it's stupid it. Trying to sign like ranks of how. Much you hub. That much better you are you don't feel bad or whatever I edges there was so much talk about that and if that's what John is talking about I agree I have no time for that sort of thing. But it's still a story and it's still. Very mysterious and it's definitely something that people are going to be talking about here for years I mean forget about just this week I mean this is. This is not going away anytime soon they had. That was yes that was yesterday I guess it was deathly logo on its photos that takes and they burn care they would just like. Ready ran again and honestly I I tapped out on Aaron Hernandez ages ago like. You know he got a convicted the first murder and like I had whatever they mean he's he's you know the pats got him he's just another guy who killed people and I don't pay attention and all the media can't get enough that this town. And it's far what happened. I mean you know I I believe me I everyone that mud thinks they similar the first one to come up with the De'Angelo box deal. Ram reference to the wildfire area annoy everyone welcome all of that I thought it was Sherlock Holmes it's like you went 75000. People on Twitter club with the same idea and it's not original. And you know Evelyn wants to be conspiracy theorist and I heard it a fresh eyes like Mike he's a week gap again neck when among my. Nearly at 3 o'clock in the morning and routine bad check he's in a cell by himself and outlets I know anything can happen prison. You know it's one thing you know is editing and literally hit at an appraisal write a documentary on Rikers Island for gracing. But it was you know it is a guy who's you know don't doubt it depressed anyways because a way areas. Facing life in prison. And who broke down crying after he got acquitted I mean that's that he was more emotional than that he was we got right evicted the first murder and idled this report if it was you know I mean debates I write speed up the seat and Johnny dangerously the other night member of the you've been agonizing Jenny obviously. If you know via the movies as Seattle Reeves know all by announcing idol Johnny Mnemonic. Hot all night that's that's it was out of the movie but I did see Johnny noticed idea Agassi it was a idealism that cool speak on the Michael Keaton plays a gangster and his Brothers like the DEA and but they don't I'll I think I have seen and actually I don't remember look at this problem always joked as opposed I. At any news he was a Staubach and great but anyways is is seen would support a prison great for a great fight. And it the story it puts advice person so Spacey in he union nine million stories in G elbow like she and I'd it was you know four report. He small debt spice took eight to experience I refused it I hate an immediate cause of synthetic marijuana is not that marijuana about it it's. They would have a plan big role in different chemicals in my eyes close and Angel bust a marijuana yes people smoke it go crazy it's like Nolan who smokes grass. Goes crazy and kills people. But if he did small that stopped and it makes even more since his brain cameo as is is gonna go crazy he's already you know he was talking Angel thus we've playing for the patriots immunize again imagine this or drugs that get smuggled into readily related to an Angel bus. You know it's crazy is it can make it you know if you know generally not gonna scale assault on it. I I would tell anybody else yeah out but it wasn't but if you're edgy also by itself than usual that decade to a spice and in. Those people go crazy on you watch some videos online. If he's already come out windows and in the end he's already in up in a bad place mentally than. Sure yeah we wouldn't it makes all the sense the world that he would kill himself under the influence some of some like that. And even if he didn't smoke then. Yeah I mean especially you read that is feeling good I'll somehow potentially benefit and the longer and because now. Because of some crazy loophole laud he has exhausted his appeals technically he'll. He hit his murder conviction is wiped out we have made that as a matter well it might it may legally for his. Alien legally fine equality but if there enacted the state might get money for whatever but I mean in from the patriot you document. Gotta pay I don't think the pats are gonna end up having pocketed enough I think of the I think that civil like the civil lawsuits goal full civil lawsuits yes and now we'll take LT John Kenneth is a state but I can't imagine he had that much money left anyway. Yes you know money put employers through trials and Jose Baez and you know that was chief. And the other thing about it is. You know money what legally yes legally you will be you know it'll go back to when he was just charged. Because she can't continue with his appeal but the same thing happening gay you know game when he died it was technically not a convicted how to file anymore. But does anyone remember that way and it does anyone remember that he was termed dead in prison didn't easily kill him again in the same prison Hernandez. A was murdered by another inmate now I don't think Hernandez murdered by anybody because. If other inmates were gonna go winning tellem why would they bring it up to look again which gun did the exact you know as well that's that's the why it is Abbott and Abbott. Yeah I I I don't they eat I don't think he was. He'll then I mean I don't know what's her face and I think I got like while the guards risk that with maybe the highest profile. In me they've ever had you're gonna have everybody in one guy's gonna scrub the tape and the other as an Allen into element and they're gonna. All exact promise not to tell anyone in the gents plot period so you know again it's it doesn't believe him down south for good prisons murder conspiracy but. And it doesn't it doesn't make it makes sense and his partner in this situation yet and also till it fits with him being ultimately a fake yanks. You know like a college at the end of the day who and that and that's ironically. I mean. Is that here's a guy who he'll leave. By of what you are ready mean he can't didn't have a bad upbringing I mean you know up to Philly was sixteen his father died they said you know that he kind of went from. You know light air in a good skywalker in the second bad sprinkle we you know static and evil and other. It in his a kid of them the Berry got a football on the higher IP one and became froehlich. The more he try to be against arts and it's and what's the sense of being against navy careful history troops I mean that's quite do it slowly and you know. Why did you know how powerful you are how much of it of against the U. What good is acquire all that if he if he can't fought they'd use it. And and he just got Kris Durham in mobile and it's just like. What do you think can do what you you know people. To become football players and basketball players and you know to get Weytman. Situations like that and sometimes you know the what's is that DeSean Jackson. People still talk about his game ties today and he grew up in a place where there was a lot of that. News flash most guys in the NFL grew up and yeah there's a lot of that yeah NBA till you know I mean that's just the reality of and I'm now trying to make a statement here I mean that's just the truth. Aaron Hernandez was off the rails I mean he was way off the rails. And whether or night you know he was actually the guy who pulled the trigger that night in Boston he was there he was in the car. Whether or not he pulled the trigger that day in South Attleboro he was there I mean he. Was at least a part of the murder of three people yeah and you know opted to have everything he had I I was just saying this the other night. Yesterday OK Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez who five years ago played the Super Bowl together Rob Gronkowski that the White House. Think it around with Sean Spicer. And Aaron Hernandez lucky guy swinging from a big sheet in the prisons I mean it's just eat you know it's like it's so surreal. In it is is never heard a dichotomy of what all those two event that up and you know late Saturday he he he reached the pinnacle of the sport. Annie just like it was addicted to this flight. Gangsta lifestyle he could even do little time I mean that's what he's a cow like give it my almost casual. You know who rules and player who lived ally from play that role like gels out of you gotta go away at some point in obvious he was never very Alpert. You know just is just a dead dot. Ugly chapter and in sports heat it's also like a subtle reminder of how many. That act of bad characters their NFL because you know him. Know his background his you know he was he had some sketchy this with a lot of teams avoided them and you know a lot of rumors of bottoming out Carter's shot up email mean I don't involved right. I mean he's one guy at the and that league and if he's got hundreds of guys look at every year and he's at these initial call that mean the stuff that went on a bill for years and he knows idea it's sickening to watch that. You know the it's it's amazing what they mean a badly with what these guys get away at what they duel and would they get away it would mean. Just rampant sexual assault fight and objectives. It's just you know liquid maniacs do they get they got to where it is colleges cover up. And then you wonder why. When they get to the NFL that. This stuff happens it's his you know they've been getting coddled since they'll feel any Peggy Connelly and I felt so Ali and I absolutely they are playing in it's not different from the Tallahassee police and gown as Winston I mean it's the same thing. Dallas was Greg are in everywhere ought to love you know money makes the world around I mean you know even a hundred different like looking at life. Fox you know what would polarize light Tia they'll finally him you know harass and every woman in that bill that until the title sponsor for ourselves why exactly it was like it was there to be paid thirteen million dollars and you know they didn't hear what what he was doing these Poland and then. Oh wait a minute will lose enough slots is out now we gonna review this again and get rid of like that in its mobile money an area it's. The root of all evil and it makes the world go round and it really does 6177797. And 937 as your phone number 37937. Asian number on tech's quick break we're back after this your only what's the sense of being against navy careful history to. Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more which gives you better Christian art game. What Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Late night Sports Radio WEEI are being here on the house parcel sports. Sticker on another hour as well pay about Jack cycle doing a Michael Corleone up in buffalo. Taking care off family business where either. You see they they fight it did GM in a coat oh yes they did that I did see that report came in jewelry now I don't renounce Satan now works if he had I mean. Well a bad project ankle. You feel bad for him there's this revolution of the nineteen year old kids into one year old 41 year old doing everything in cycles are just sit on the sideline late. You know I mean I've had in general I feel bad Favre got bad guys I don't know if he's be more involved in this right well it. In it this you know kind of a huge deal because it today's third it was yesterday that word come out that in his exit interview. He's supposedly told Murray that he's in lotteries signed here if it files what was going to be without until the end of next the air you know which is an audio. Now if that was in fact true and it made if honestly the media. I'm thinking that pissed off the owner because that's that's the type of stuff that at a GM shouldn't you know. You don't leaked tell any media because it's you know it's I highly confidential it's not really sentinel and Altria. I don't necessary I don't know the person who reported I don't think they mated up at his and right in short order of the cycles agent came out tonight. Merited a polish which we expect. And then he team he'd met would one up off someone in the buffalo media and then you know tonight at said he was happy any lessening of buffalo all the requisite be asked. And then today we wake up so. So that the fact a big big candy GM and M coach who Egypt's I believe three years left. On the ideals and it's like wal okayed files mob. If they're gonna get a coach is that stop plated limelight that's yeah it's gonna gulp but you know they fight one night if they did fight a GM so I wondered. The goal of was so pissed off that you know the stuff from exited the abuse got the media. Is that shouldn't mean that should really happen I mean which bought. Not right now maybe you know who waited on line so I gotta think he blamed that on on Terry Murray. Terry Murray's made some other weird quotes up in his time Neely. You know he he just he seems like a quirky guy and you know out of office had much up I want and runner my squad but you know when you carry a goal and you get literally billions of dollars. Played a coach and GM for three uses like I mean it's not it's not even ash street money is company's extreme myself. Europa goalie came out of the Buffalo Bills in the for the Jersey on him and emailing a speech when he first became might do anything to me first got there. Normally I'd refresh me I mean I. I don't remember these messages came on the pogrom on Al it was super lame like he just got out there lately legislative Verlander though buffalo billions of partly that but it was a very sorry lake. It was this whole nude in new generate. Rex Ryan just got hired was as all big deal and is that an higher than the order ability. Standing out there he's got his Jersey Allan you know one Google on it he grabbed the microphone was like. Think everybody for coming out today is really great if you can misses the bigger let out of all the time yeah it was like what's his name was linked to come. John Henry and let's get our heads off Mariette. The most awkward clip outs. One of the best I was there live when that half homily to I just wanted to grab mincing no doubts. I change my I I cringe when I hope that the the I crowd glide. But yeah I mean as far as going back I go I mean yeah I I I jump Sharia is pissed off he looks diseases bodies you know lost a match is like. You don't way ahead as scheduled to odd though that there you know make David same you know why he had this guy he's been married very much or she married him. So yeah I drew looks at that you know he he got gadget that jet the last two million dollar bonus by like I'm. You know decimal point you know and in you know his year end I am in the ball went into who is here and our press mean. You know his body language was L annals of petulant as the right word but he was you know. Wasn't a 100% professional I guess you don't usually get the media at the end of the season albeit just kind of evolved and he was you know I mean he's still young kidneys still figuring things out but. You know while it's funny as we talked about it on the podcast and he and it's like I I it is is this ambient and angry competitive professional or is this MB a young guy. You know maybe be a little petulant like this you know you do talk to people in the league and they say deal with the kids now it's like night and day how we used to be twenty years ago again you know you have to like he numbing caught a basic coddle these kids these payments so much money and the opposing you don't wanna (%expletive) them off to the united rowdy with yourself. I'm not saying. That's what is cycle but it's and it's a question like okay physicists is competitive nature and he's angry about the situation boiled over or is he just you know if you be immorality you know and obviously obviously whatever it is the only decided on come on stay with Jack cycle of him on the again. The GM of the coach and yet in your guy is he gonna say in the next idea I mean you know I'm sailing it's like if they they made this move like. You know they got to bring someone and because that you know he obviously he GM I coach you'd. There on anybody right now I mean that you know that the deal is gonna be under new coach I don't know I mean obviously I mean at some consultants but he still wants apple. People to help them all but you know is seeking to consult Jack eichel I mean it sounds like crazy question but out the what's happened I don't think it is. Now real quick. And this is just something I happen to see the Bruins in this series so far admiral scored eight goals. You know no one scored more than one. Known as scored more than one goal is eight separate players. If each tallied one goal a Max sees that I'm actually surprised me that they had hit 88 goals it almost feels like a half. Camille I'm nothing for 3431 nothing it's eight. Yeah I mean I'm not surprised one it was via I mean all auto Scola 590 Hamas and actually the team points in the playoff with three. Yeah that's that's not that's an idea and he is through shots on hole number played audio Ottawa's only down. The net and yet they've got ten goals to mean it's you know outside of white Muppets it's a very very very tight series is as you know certainly anticipated by. It's not all the man I LI IRS who wouldn't be surprised if mama from a forgotten outside of guidance on it wouldn't surprise me at all I would be I would be surprised you know I think it's going to be it's gonna take a lot and I just for the the main the main reason is because in May be offensive take it back up. But this defense has to turn back into upon it eventually does an enemy QE we we can't just keep expecting them to go out there and play out of their minds like this. When we know who they are we know what they are and we know. You know it's Joseph Mauro and it's John-Michael Lyles they Mecca boy you looks great but he's also nineteen and debit arrest of a murdered. But he Kennedy if gets a feud sounds dimension and that he's got and he's the best defense Donald I know he's addressed you know I hear I think IE add right you know so he's. Hobby and an issue and not not an issue at all. You know I've but the defense is a hole. We can't keep expecting and we. I mean. I don't see why not minutes I don't which means you're not winning series and I know he's in a plane. Better than you would expect they haven't you know patchwork lineup while I impact recommending that. Facing last night he had Lyles in morrow. You know the kind Healy to win that that weren't in your idea obviously Mac and what wasn't there yet but he's playing incredible so he's you know he's up in improvement. I don't know when the crew basic crews Prodi an ideal for the Ceres shall I mean probably not gonna get him back. I'm not sure how far Cowell is a feel if you were to get back in the lineup. Get mar a lot of it you know you might the might bump that up a little bit. Must show his parents it was but yummy and not I don't feel like this unit doing this by miraculous thing and it's gonna follow pod I mean it did on that plane and you know the plan. Britain. Pretty good. Well pots don't I don't know they gonna vote and you know just. I always at dawn when it when you see something like this when you she sort of have a patchwork thing like this I just I have a sense of impending doom the entire time I can't help it well that nobody's I thought I'd listen I thought and win in game three when. Ottawa got out that three nothing lead. I glance but that's what I thought was gonna happen. Look look who's out there Tommy cross is playing like of course they're gonna get smoked in this game and they did they'd they'd stop the bleeding and made a great comeback and then. They lose in overtime on a bogus call but I mean it's just not you know they are they just can't quite get there. Oh I see end notes of further my point is that did you know that. Being serviceable than not playing bad but. I I think we've seen it at that cost them a couple times I am because you you didn't have your stock guys of the of the example Tommy cross. You know on that all the time. Kind of as a make or break play MEU that's rank get behind me turns around for some reason and park ends up on the natural obviously if he's not all there. Probably doesn't happen and then the gee who'd with the fact that a presidents 47 year old AHL veteran means well you know sometimes you know does I mean. Sometimes guys in that position and it's just a simple play and they you know it doesn't happen it's right at Soledad capable guys its you know that they're not in you know every gain any jealous he's kind of almost between our guy who. You know he's good for the eight Johnny gets a Albany's probably just not really and it's a material. But the other game was that you know the Chara four when he got that wherefore if there are only I am because he was exhausted because they'll they thought they RD. Blast the guy earlier that night and get a player extra minutes on top of the other guys a lot before that game show you know it we've we've seen the effects of of the though that diminish deal those are two examples of itself. You know like that that's the Alitalia the pumpkin to get a general popular we've who regard he's seen a negative effects are sure. All right before we go to the top of the hour what the hell happened in the Chicago Blackhawks. While I hum and sweep in the first round I did not see that comment on everyone's brackets busted now. I am Adam winner and off of I come on those people that I'm not cram idea I have I'm 28 to one on Nashville in the Stanley Cup are right so I'm I'm Mario I'm Mark Bryant but yeah I'm deathly surprised they swap them. I did not see got finished with three goals and in the series that's legal that's saying that is insane. And it's not like you know he is is all right if they had if they'd a deep run last year when they you know played 2324. Games or whatever they lost in the first round last year. So they they don't have that like we played so much heart he lit the fuse itself. I don't know maybe use correlates it's tough for the salary cap you know you gotta when you're paying. Two guys a combined twenty million dollars. You know you limit your ability to observers to stock the rest of the roster is as good as you want to show. You know I love it I I love my buddy chief called Chicago writes Basel I was the Blackhawks here but man I love when they lose to a level of revenues face it. 61777979370. Your phone number final hour late night coming up.

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