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Can the Celtics pull it off? Dan Greenberg, Bar Stool Sports, joins the show 4-20-2017

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 2. The conversation is still focused on the Celtics and their current play-off situation. Dan Greenberg of Bar Stool Sports joins the show to add his thoughts on the Celtics. Are the Celtics just a bad play-off team or are the Bulls bringing the heat? Christian also gives his opinion on John Farrell pulling Chris Sale for Kimbrel in the 9th today.

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These these late night with Christian art can exports were don't tell. Would that he winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Our number two's Sports Radio WEEI his late night and Christian art dance one issue a quick correction. So the cat the Golden State Warriors of winning championships they won one championship okay as many techsters decided to point out. But my point was there when they're championship. They won it on defense rebounding. The cavaliers last year when they're championship on defense and rebounding. Miami Heat. A lakers the mavericks. San Antonio Spurs OK you can tell me out why that they wanna defense rebounding primarily. But the only other team the went on defense and rebounding other than the spurred the pistons in 2004. Antic. So don't act like that's awaited the way to the top here it's not. It's having through elite scorers at least through superstar scorers on your team is what you need to win a championship or one LeBron James. They even LeBron didn't start winning him until he got Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on his team and then carrier Irving and Kevin Love on his other feet. And their defense and rebounding is not what putter over the top and that was my point. So don't tell the Celtics need more defense rebounding and played defense and on every down. But this year there are good defensive team and they have been historically. Haven't been in this series. But you know that's the way they're team was sort of build their bill to be a perimeter elite perimeter defensive team. And so far in this series with the bulls that is not been the case at all. 61777979370. Your phone number Dan Greenburg bar stool sports will be joining the show at 1130. In the meantime we are full fall line so let's get through as many of these calls weekend before grainy jump subtle start things off with Johnny Quincy with a thought on John Ferrell I got. We don't really lakers looked over the satellite into ourselves solely run you're bringing in. Kimbrel is a kind of legacy you consider several. You are 25 statement you do that well and their. Maybe against putting you don't replace appears you have. With regard Israel as good in. Absolute relief pitcher you've got the right. You shouldn't have the right. The prerogative to finishing getting used to do over a 102 pitches. And how did you cure all and I think he's who view him well. When I couldn't pull him out he's well and wondered if you know this in my guts only sadness and you're broke and plummeted. Well listen. John I I'm with you to an extent here but if Chris sales gonna be mad at anybody wants to be mad at the offense. Who won't scored Iran's form that's that's why John Farrell's ball that's the offense not given any run support. That's true poster Christian. But this missile composer we did we we do want to know every year here you were only. I believe it is something that the who's actually on corrosion is innocent guy and I'm telling you. I wonder what we've got a tuna two the local governments to Kimbrel. Sydney's good it was good news too well when he's not. We start on well we've made some mistakes. Let's get similar prerogative of making a mistake that's got some legitimate discussion before and our image peaking at couldn't decide that this one. Yes I mean maybe I don't think idly and thanks for the call John you're not the only person to say there's other people I wanted to see Purcell finish the game. I wanted to see exile like seeing complete games I didn't think it was the end of the world and they brought in Greg you're below. And I'm basing my reaction now my reaction and it didn't work out but Kimberlin those situations is usually money. And Chris Sale in the ninth inning of game where he's gone over a hundred pitches that a look at the numbers assure he's fine he's awesome he's good and every inning. But let's stop acting like this was a slam dunk how did you prop possibly bring in. Craig Kimbrel who in save situations with 25 for his last 25 what did he do blow one you can't manage like debt. What I wanna deceased they'll finish the game absolutely. 100% of relate to a CNET. And I think that probably would've ended with a one nothing Red Sox went increased sale would head the victory and he would be you know tour known now and or not to know he'd be what is he won a one. Yet he be to a one's that'd one and one. You know what who cares is ERA is under one. Easy to break in the season so far is point nine. Who cares he's getting no Internet. I don't care the team won. And hopefully that's what Chris Allen Craig Carolyn John Ferrell care about. There's got to be honest with you folks. We're talking about this game like the Red Sox African lost that they did. And by the way Kimball came in the tenth inning and struck out the side so what's everybody so for an upset about. If he blew the game they lost OK. Let's start. General blew the save their bully game. In any team in the tens and pitched fine so I really I just I can't get outraged about it I'm sorry. 6177797937. Jeff is in Connecticut wants to talk Bruins say Jeff. Occurred there repair Jeff shell and out over there today Q what's going on them in. I've known Robert here I'm not doing enough. 420 your birthday. It is. Just Knowles there's no. Analysts of financial shot ever off I'd imagine and it's nice to bags you share birthday with a pretty bad person there. I know you yeah I can't find two column I was unfortunately too yet it straight people forget remember where I was driving around that day with that to my friends in Waltham we heard on the radio about column by them for player remember that there. This just supplements are well anyway happy birthday to you forget all those other bad things associated with your birthday it's dissolve valujet in Connecticut what's on your mind. Right on district of this that the couple gripes related liver it's not a source of playoff. Well I think that your vote offseason trade and all this stuff from I hear appreciate it comes up. Look what he did it won't forget that he has written a traitor recent no movement clause which is exactly you do move that that you advocate that that's what level they expect several of those names around but no remembers. He's got situations contract so low cut dress. Yes and he's had that since Y 2014 when they restructured his deal and they give Burnett that six year extension yeah I think that's when they when they put that in there which. You know and I solo parting gift from Peter sure clinched its core. That was them. Armed number two is now in our country charts because on the four million. Next year it is being just don't have a play more appointments to cover off the you know it'll be a monster west employment Sewell. He was this year and he played over twenty minutes but he was he was much more much fewer minutes he played the years prior and workload especially when Cassidy started it took over the reins and I think that made huge difference he got energized playing with the younger Kate Carlisle. And is minutes for much lower now on this playoff series they have to keep throwing him out there is all the other defense and he got hurt. But you're right over the course of this year limiting charged minutes made a big difference I really I really believe that I think this team went almost the way it Charlotte this year he was a huge factor in the amount of success that they have. Didn't and it's under spoken to the everything you just said is extremely under spoke it is that's Spanish the way it is. And number three. Cassidy you do what you I don't know if you can do this coaches can you give coaches with a two year Wii is like to do in Major League. Contracts whether it's certain your club option you know I'm saying. It is Dilfer who. About chastity as a head coach well I don't know about that. I think they're just gonna I think you're just gonna bring him in for the year in and maybe it'll be a one year yeah with a team option at the end I'm sure I I think you do that I don't I don't I've never the couldn't. I don't like when your contract because you have that stigma. And I think hockey is the least sport you have to worry about this we have the stigma of the players think in. Do go one year contract just ride it out it will be gone into the year not saying that the ruling that that the team for us is that if this work. It can happen. Can happen it's happened before I think it has been lame duck coaches before you've seen that that countless times is happening here before I think there down. If for Cassidy if I'm if I'm talking about a contract I would say probably 23 years tops. Made you an option for for a third after for a third or something along those lines. I don't know I don't think there's gonna be huge market for Bruce gas if they'll let him walk and I also don't know what his. Situation is this contract right now so I know that they have that made him a head coach and whatever comes with that way at a CN dot about it too much. The official yet the officials had coached and for that matter you know that this that a school would anybody else is currently. Are going to be available for that matter right I Ahmad problem for reliever of if it if they. The people are considerable we're going to be quote no it's that the can't use that excuse there's there's there's going to be some of that's why it happens yeah. And that's serious my through time greats of that. Stop over wing do value of our prospects I hate peace people keep saying oh yes only prospects in the deep pipeline how many people actually can help. And enact a voice in and out he's been an all out right now book. My duty to our top 21 author created Carlos stand out branding Carlo ninety David parks and expanded Akamai there's been so there's been some guy's been out. Or trumpet in Carlin any regret Q do you read the first tropics here's early Hekerob I'm talking about this third fourth round fixed archer load on. Coming up the ball well the first round than I don't know you know it is the only you add. CNN news or borrowers nation or any of those other guys Jeff come up against the break but thanks for the car happy birthday to you let's go to shot in the carnation. John Cook Johnny on the look at the Coke at the Wendy she's a good manager not really now. Okay now. And at night and today without any thought the best starter in the league get the bad one of the best closers in the league I don't know either one. Situation it's all about Iraq or get all the Barack I don't think there was a bad option John if that's your asking I think timber woods just as good of an option is Chris L would have been and honestly had to. I would respect the agreement. On the part of the bill. I think Bobbitt not a knee just aren't. Premier player immediately that he picked it actually but I want you to know she's being part. He's just not good or not. He's gonna work but it shocked the other and it actually did it detriment of the up and because he was trying to do much. I've got a kick the ball over. Yeah I agree with that I think if he had another scorer on the team he'd defer to and avoid those triple teams and you know defensive collapses around and then it wouldn't be like that but that's the team that we had that's when that's working with here and I think Isiah Thomas is a premier player in the NBA Shania averaged thirty points a game. I don't know the airlock on the courage it could be here but we don't know that come playoff time. And a confident that the board game. That office. He chain that the way he played waiting tables or card slot would definitely. Sure I think I'd listen China if he if you didn't think that again watch the playoffs the last two years. And honestly this scenario that's playing our right now between the Celtics in the bulls if we're being honest with ourselves here which Celtics fans sometimes it's hard to do. But in the back of all of our minds this was a possibility. This could've happened this wasn't something that took us all by surprise. What happened with Isiah Thomas and his family that was a surprise and that's as good. Monkey wrench to kind of got thrown in all of this from a sports perspective from it you know family everything else perspective it's not sorted. Trivializes it talking about it like this I don't mean to do that but I'm just saying in terms of the factors in the series of whites go in the way it's going that's something you couldn't account and okay by ear you're also talking about a scenario with even without dad even without that and dramatic experience. Was in the back of all of our mind this was a possibility. We are hoping it wouldn't happen and I don't think anyone thought it was a huge possibility. It would involve Rajon Rondo going off for you know fourteen assists and working with a triple bubble and Dwyane Wade. Discovering a three point touch that he hasn't had his entire bleeping career. Why it's happening. In deep down we all knew that it could happen we didn't think it would we knew there was a possibility now here it is. I don't think this team was really that oversold by the by the fan base and out of work. Not for drinking the truth serum here. I thought they beat Chicago. This is a possibility of course it was. Go to Rubin in warm wind whatsoever really. It would Corrado I don't I'm good in area. Pretty good I'll tell you pretty lucky usually when I make the late night phone call on April 20 to a puppet you know the dominoes write about these things. Let you know that I do wanna say just you know in regards to Aaron and ended. You know usually when a Florida catered Massachusetts. It's because idea I grew mr. area and what's on the toilet. Robert Rubin got jokes that I mean this government is coming whether he's now with the team to jokes he's talking gators I mean you got jokes for days Rubin got anymore. Yeah I do real signs held his exam your man picked up and praise to the entire city of Toronto avoided that book club think now. Audit these I wanna put put out orchard do you have any clever puns about Al Horford because I'd like to hear them. No no but that's all fact street factor now my young son. If you do look. At the pictures of Al Horford in his past years it's fingers are a little bit longer than they are this year I think he's jammed every single one of his fingers. So to go to a rebound. You know it yet note shock. You did not have a shot. Brutal attack hell he's talking up. His fingers. With just when his speakers are short. While. Now until it happens normally. I like dead that that worked with aids you know I didn't know the rule was gonna come fired out of the gates who a couple of you know a couple of zinger there. Then he starts getting into the hole small hand Syria and not an hour ago from there. That was weird let's go to runny and Hampton here on. Their car on Friday. What car AM another nine paired as it's over if. I don't want sharp so I don't exchange on our at all aged. Our leader and manager like if you shoot an apartment years ago what I Uighur call like Eric Kimmel common keep. It. Yeah I don't think it was a bad call your writing that's the thing if there was one obvious call they needed me then I'd say yeah a screw up your but I don't think he did it was a good caller good collier either one of them would engage. They show you know. Like for me to church with a three or an RBR you know and they stuck with Kimberlin attentive to the struck out decides on me you know late yeah. How mad are we supposed to get about it. I'm not at all like they sold on you know whether the Red Sox are this year early you know. Corey Brewer like it critics. Like guy harbors. All our might say they play like they have believe money like target game. We're here all the momentum like they scored three goals. And tied the game surgery in Yemen right. I lost a game like they are predicted that we. Yeah they they did started to fall off there afterwards running thanks for the call. Game do we start I yet. Listen. Games goes we're in game two is almost like losing animal Quaid sparked a fire underneath them. And they thought all right we got to go out there we got to win this game an aide in a really put a great effort out there. Very two goals. Took a 31 lead in that game and then it all just fell apart in the third. They plan like they had the lead out of now I don't know if I'd I don't know if I'd go that far that that. It was less than as the mentally. I guess rate then. Are now in game three they lean game through. 61777979837. Your phone number let's take one more call here before we get to Dan Greenberg in the next segment. Chris is in the car it's a Christian. I don't go out on Internet and wouldn't what. Struck me. Or it. She looked at it and he could've really been great for the Patriot Act. The they. It. To all but how it is so different that. It really what the future. I think right now people stuck. Yeah. I don't know maybe it's that's that's a tough one Len Bias who is. Len Bias is just such a sad awful thing. I was young woman buys half an hour remembering Louis but I remember him by his belly you know I I need you remember there. The shock of at all. You remember this this. Very high draft pick who is amazing that she's. For Maryland. And we knew was gonna really just come to the Celtics and and take them into the ninety's with surreal edge in surreal. Dynamic athletic ability and a good shot and just. A guy who had everything right there in front of him and and you know that was a really I was really sad tragic thing that was tragic. Some the job he's doing drugs that tragic incidents that strategy today at age. With that sort of future. To die that way right before you played again that's that straps are at strategy. In kill anybody. You know in crashes vote in murder anyone. I don't love that compares to. I was leaving at that six on 77797937. Asia phone number coming up in the next segment Dan Greenberg Marshall sports we'll get his take their from the bunker. And he did she really thinks about game three and four in Chicago if this game in the series is even got to come back to Boston we'll discuss that next. With grainy don't go anywhere is late night on Sports Radio WE ES. On Sports Radio guy. Back here for a period WE BI's late night got about 25 minutes left in four point if that's your thing is not whatever. So welcome in our guest. From Marshall sports' Dan Greenberg AK greening joins us here on late night greedy what's up. Howard. I'm hanging nine and Alan hang in nine here on to the point now agree I'd I mean you know me I'm very up and down with this team admitted like you are like they think that's why we're friends here but I. I'm so up and down right now to the point that I think a a win in Chicago just one getting the series back to Boston to mis is probably the last victory this team is gonna happen where where US. Why movement were are or a little wave the wave from from right and you would hear anything like that especially if if they went right I think. Ivanovic did back often for fifth game I think where we're still are wiped the floor or not we're not after. Grainy how is it that this team learned nothing from last year. Well I think it's different I think last year there several of Atlanta with a lot and hurt you know had to do it. Line up issues health issues that they had been have made sitting in here I think ever I think a lot of uproar over thinking it credit card the last few days. Looking over everything trying to make sense I think really comes down to. The public what would your approach. Or going through page. Football's guy like Lopez imported them their server are both going to be good guys that we're gonna talent to be done. And really at the end of the day they've made it there they're open looks the other I don't think if anything grade B. In terms of skiing or op Ed right. I think if the matter you know at the present strategy we all would've been knob or where are serious letting Robin Lopez shoot forty fighters. And it happened they've all been about what happened. Yeah I'm with you to that to that point two but I think that would make more sense to me greedy if Jimmy Butler was and also going off on you late he has been I mean if you wanna if you wanna make those other guys beat you is in the idea of it that a case we focus our energy on Jimmy Butler Butler beat you till everybody's beaten. Well I mean what am I mean it around we had 42 way game answered but I think. In game one or without food in the Butler they had nowhere near. Or Lopez and even rebounding. You know. Killer in the pain into a completely different regarding what that bad this stuff like that we have more important to me. And Lopez continued to hit shots ahead of the coming off the bench. And the problem with the public. We're not saying anybody that they're open shots it's not a case where. Today here Avery isn't ever get their own shot off the dribble they're not making their open book I think every shooting from like 35% of the period. That story in my opinion I don't think that the topic can come out Friday actually hit the ball relatively well play even oh wicked defense. I think we'll be drastically different. That's my other one for you hear how do you explain that the absolute abandonment of the perimeter defense that was the calling card of this team since really since Marcus marked out here. Yeah and that if anything got book concerning Israeli. Look at how they've befriended over the last through through re going everybody talks about how play out he would vote for Heidi not buy it. They're giving up you know injured and 800 pence or eight. Whipping back every night you know multiple order of thirty point. It's for me that's you know focus and energy in and other stuff that really shouldn't matter what's happening on offense the bad but. When they're turned the ball over the way they are they're giving Chicago we've adapted a second chance or it's not that. The candidates know all that they haven't been able to really put their foot down get those big momentum stopped or Iran and and they're feeling it right now and you have to defend if you wanna win and now they really don't have a shortage. Dan Greenberg joining me here on late night Parcells sports. Green I think we all know that if the Celtics do make a comeback in this series and go on to the next round first of all hear all about the comeback and now Roca was in whatever by. We know it's gonna kinda happen I think going forward. We know that Danny Ainge like sort of the cut this team's chemistry and there won't be any sort of big rush to try and ruin that are break that up. Her her her ship guys at a town just to do it if they lose and get swept in this series did you see Ainge may be kind of looking at. Guys like Jae Crowder guys like Avery Bradley guys like Kelly oh when he can just saying this we can't this is gonna work anymore. Whatever we do we have the sort of abandoning his role players that we bumped up the starters here. Because they're just not good enough to win in the playoff. I mean I think you're not that the couple days ago and start it's really been sparked a puppet but. I really don't think whatever happens even if it's in May need a conference final or do they get swept in four days the first round. I don't think that has any impact on how they approach really so what I mean by that is if they're making a big conference finals they're knocking her down. Opportunity to get better. He needs to conference finals I think that's sort of you know not used to think that its ability federated go on a run and that is about who. Block to have as you know all our offer and break though. Well while it would be terrible to have because for me at the progress from the goal that these have been. If the shoulder rightfully that you are Beijing forward progress you are winning playoff games and potentially ground. The major focal more attractive destination and I think they're sort of like we've debate. Traffic roster changes in the summer they win or they get swept couldn't really bad words about about this summer about the draft about you know. Bit senior saw a definition through cap space and all that so while I would like them to win I don't think the fate of a roster that I'm I'm probably. What is your opinion of Brad Stevens performance so far through two games. Pretty average I think there's been times where it made. Good adjustment that they give it much better with his. Substitution pattern provide. The second quarter and when it came out in the third quarter we saw a lot of that Al Horford sort of I relate to non gone buffalo at the top he would not or are there. Pat are in the third you know he had done something welcome the same time. It is not in particular that you're the focus and you know actually brings energy and you know I think believe I'm kinda floats to you know whipping up but they're not working you can ride where. You know certain that lineup a little bit too long ago that really adapt though he certainly hasn't been perfect by. You know I don't think it's a little crazy day all man all right these street fighter who hadn't blocked a couple of incidents there it I mean. That is the kind of thing we're doing this that is but I think a little bit of at all. I'm certainly not saying he should be fired I don't think I think that's insane someone called us at the other message or not he's not getting fired I don't think he should get fired. But he deserves a lot of criticism for the way the series started his team is not prepared. His team is not making any adjustments I mean it's fan except for you know ID here and there there's band. Small ones but really I mean we're talking x.s and O stuff they're not motivated it seemed like tag team too I mean there were a lethargic. Throughout the game and I know that there is awful things going on there with Isiah thomas' family and everything else but. I'm sorry I just I I can't help but think that if a coach with a different sort of strategy here a different sort of style in terms of getting his team prepared for a first series would. Maybe you've made a difference here I mean I just think that Stevens and his sort of level headed misses almost worked against them in the series. But I really do think it's that kind of situation where Warner raised or well I think you know without these. Got a little bit better on their own that this book suddenly Brad look so bad but the fact that they are struggling to shoot the ball and and really overnight. The one that Powell is fully engaged in an effort level or do I guess. By you know that's not nearly enough about the area where I can look to Brad say. You know what's gone wrong why aren't you guys ready to play a quiet if bigger sort of little better out there and that's not I don't think we have. You know worry so much that you know Brad and I did the job done bodies have been make him get there have a bit of. You're right and Isaiah Thomas if he doesn't have a good game three or game for the series is over probably no matter what but other than Isiah Thomas who needs to step up here who's who is vital so there it's in their victory chances here and in bringing this series back to Boston other than other than Isaiah. Yeah undermine their patents they premiered though Avery Bradley on me to. You know it it's no coincidence that you know when they have gone out to these quick runs are in both these games in the first 45 minutes. You see her secondary school or you see him making an impact well. We he's not in the barn he's not helping Rick Warren you know here with a wide open corner three it. If offered. I know they'll say it's important and Horford not that the period important quiet. It all starts for B with a rally to be that's secondary option to do. You know. The ability for rough on the floor. And you are they prepared to play with the second unit they need more good. You know twelve or at the game and 35% shooting from the guy who you know really have a victory. Yeah and you know better defense than what we signed James three all three of those three pointers that Dwyane Wade hit array and Avery Bradley space I mean that was I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The same guy armaments are. Really how Craig but that's OK. And Dwyane Wade you know that's what it's perfect track and point out there and you've got there bothered third quarter though. You know I got a quarter of the same thing electrical Lopez. It's way ridge imitate these type of jumpers of any divot tool and you live with the results and so I react if we're making. Yeah on its it's just Ben is a real a real cluster so far greening our perform like ego that. With with all that's gone on tonight here I'm sure you saw the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lot of callers a lot of people in general shortages saying listen you're not gonna be Cleveland. What with they've liquidated tonight look at them coming back from point to beat the pacers are not going to be in this year next year the year after that what's the point. I ate or used starting with me on this that they keeping eyes air around and sort of what bringing these rookies in and having them be in a competitive environment is important or you sort of just. To hell with it at this point. No I mean it's definitely important in terms of building a winning culture playing right way that nobody. You know we feel a lot of people are from the city Udall put in the effort from working out there certainly done that by. I hit under the bed about what LeBron to do and he doesn't look for a week like this guy you about the slowdown there aren't there were well. You know I think it will be important for you know while we have this young team and we're developing should be security competitive during that are here like. I mean he is that on Twitter and do my duplicated so you think you bet he was written next thing you know you. Scores or reported an average triple double on the road I mean it's true incredible. Yep there really is Dan Greenburg thanks for your time tonight appreciated check him out on Twitter it's still green you can find this stuff on bars school sports. Appreciated body with our. Now we're not come our party rear admiral who. I certainly well thanks for your thanks for coming on then that we appreciate it we'll talk to you later Dan Greenberg there check him out I'm Parcells sports quick break will be back after this year on late night. Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more which gives you better Christian I can't watch Sports Radio WEEI. Partner is really good part of puppets but. I've really don't pay whatever happens even if his teammates need to cock finals or do they get swept in four days in the first round. I don't think that has any impact on how they approach I'm really so what I mean by that is if they're making their conference finals they're not gonna hurt down. Opportunity to get better. Yeah he's the conference finals I think that sort of you know naive to think that if probability that the leader has Pavano rotted that you forgot who. Who flocked to have his you know qualifying offer and right. From our interview would daydream burden. If you miss that'll be up on WEEI on demand here very soon and the partial party will continue in just a minute rear admiral in the house will talk with him at the top of the hour in the meantime back your phone calls 617779. 7937. Let's go to Mike in north Providence they might. I correction what's up. Avery in 23 career starts averaging 29. Point six minutes per game in the playoffs. And shot 38 point 2% from the field and 25%. 25 point 7% went for. So he's 35 point 7% from the field and 33% from three in this series you over the two games each based simply. Doing what he's done before. They have did not like Avery is under achieving compared you know better performances in the past he's just kind of living down this past performance. And can he play better I guess so. But this is a problem with this scene. It's eight AA it mean that was forget about like your. You bitching about Isiah oh I dated one of the best players generally. Well I mean if you think that regular season performance is slate. Everything you'd based simply upon Agassi could say that. Not everything I base it upon but so far this year this season not so old you know the playoffs started as a thumbs while one of the best players and up up up until the playoffs and then peace you know he's got a pretty bad career Forrester while he was great being used in game one they mean when he was going through and to come out with a 33 point game and know the bench was awful and Crowder and Bradley were bad I mean that was. You know that you can't blame him for that first game. I I am not gonna blame for the first game about the same kind of refereed basically eat them. Quality. Leeway there. I think it's the I think the opposite might I think they're not calling as much with him and that that's been that that Herbalife in nom. In in game two and also is missing free throw so I mean that's that's and usually can tell that. He's he's got a lot of free and so far yeah he's got the most on the team bide a long shot sure everybody else gets the line maybe once a game that's about it. Yeah and say you know I'm looking at this next game com and out. And I say one of the things need to do here and in most important thing Jalen brown label. And he needs to brag he added needs suspected in his mind. But that kids played 24 minutes. Just column before the game I'm gonna play you don't worry about me taking it well just go out there'd be aggressive. And like make things that in advance yet because this state they need change they need athletic and they need some more side out there and they need something to shake things up. And he is and Brackett had passed the stopped. Chasing lineups around like the second something goes wrong just like change and out the group Vietnam War. Because this team needs to build some momentum off and they need some exercise in the order be able quite good that the bulls are bullying yeah they have that. Yet you're absolutely right my thanks for the call 6177797937. Is the phone number load them up rear admirals hear we're going to be talking Bruins when we come back. As the beast facing down an elimination game five potentially in Ottawa. Tomorrow night now we'll talk about that and other things with the rear admiral Parcells sports he is here I'll take a quick break acute trending now the midnight hour coming up next your only that.

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