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Celtics hopes are dwindling; President Trump and the Patriots 4-20-2017

Apr 21, 2017|

Hour 1. Christian is up late and he is fired up about the Celtics. The Celtics are heading to Chicago for Game 3 of the series and they are 0-2. Christian questions the moves of Danny Ainge and wonders when Avery Bradley will show up. Also, Trump was funny with the Patriots, even though some weren’t there.

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These late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stocks but it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Welcome as. As late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm heroes Christian RJ enliven our break for studios overlooking the Mass Turnpike nice to have you this year on this Thursday evening happy holidays to you for twenty observers out there. And nice that's nice of you to stay up with a tonight. The phone number six point 77797937. Text messages at 37937. And your tweets as always at Christian art can Matty the marine back there and the ones and twos he's taking your phone calls. And I got to tell you collars the bar's been set pretty high. If you weren't listening to the tail end of the crystal when he showed just now you missed some pretty interesting interesting conversation guy called in from the cape. Who is at a rest stop. And somehow got into a confrontation with another gentleman at the rest out now I know you're all thinking. Same thing I was thinking. But it almost got physical I guess there was a hold situation. It was very compelling. I was sitting back there try to type my trending now and all I could think of is what's gonna happen this guy is gonna be in the paper tomorrow are we gonna have like a in a situation that was partially recording gear and Sports Radio WEEI looks like the situation has been defused that it's over with by. In terms of a compelling storyline callers I gotta tell you. It's going to be tough free to top that here tonight but I encourage you to try anyway at six point 77797937. Where to begin tonight well there's a couple of different spots. IE I know that both the Bruins in the Celtics are off tonight. And the beauty of the show is that oftentimes we get to react to such you know games that they have. These playoff games in particular are going on after just about every single one of them did so last week. And there's been a lot to react to all the negative so far I mean really all of the kids spend it's been awful the Celtics series so far has been just future. And the Bruins. Game one of the first two periods of game two looked great and since then it is just bend me a downward spiral. Of despair. Brought on by a total lack of offense and the fact it which really kills me the most. You got your young and not even just young but young and totally inexperienced defensemen out there. Play in their hearts out I mean really Charlie macro way. And John-Michael Lyles and Kevin Miller what waited Kevin Miller turn into the stud defenseman to that's what he aged. They needed someone to step up and beat that and he is Ben. Zdeno Chara has bent Zdeno Chara to an extent this year. And Colin Miller coming back was a huge boost to them and he's not really even a good yet you might be some he's not ticker right now a pretty good at Eckerd. We know crew noble Quaid. No branding Carlo. This defense has been throwing out there and playing great hockey and the offense these forwards with all this experience you David Beck is is David creek he's. Brad marsh you know Patrice Bergeron and all the rest of nothing literally last night nothing. And on to the point now where you know I'd I'd be shocked if this went beyond five. And with the Celtics same deal I'm shocked if they don't get swept. And you know what everyone says. I got a got to make the playoffs because that all those businesses down her on causeway street it's a great boon for all of them and everybody works over at the grand canal and over on friend street lower year over there over at the heart and all these bars. Egged hurricane O'Reilly yeah they finally get that big might I guarantee it people are coming out of that that plays these days. Just pissed off. Angry drinking after the game. Or not even just blowing and I've seen a hell what that was his goal. Others celebrate down there now yet the pregame crowd that something. A really I mean this is bandit this has been a died. For both teams' playoff wise so far. There's still time. Bruins if they can extend the series who knows I just. I have it I have a feeling that if they can't get their offense going this defense is gonna play this well for the rest of the series. It's just it stands to reason that you know I know that Ottawa's not a great team. I know that they're not. Probably gonna advance past the next round should they win this one which is looking more more likely by the game. By. If that offense can't get going for the Bruins have marshy and take it going to postured our Bergeron of Bacchus at preachy of all of that Merck. Stuck in the mud like they've been here for these last two games. It's lower. And the Celtics. What can you say about them at this point. I don't know is gonna show up tomorrow night I honestly don't. Is Avery Bradley got to make his presence felt in this series at all. Is Jay Crowder to step up and do something is Amir Johnson gonna exist in the in on the court for more than nine minutes. The Celtics have been. Even more disappointing I would say in the broad. Because the Bruins it was their first time in the playoffs the last you know for than three years. The Celtics have been. Advancing just in terms of their win totals here for the last through seasons now and into this one. And it's a good progression. Predict progression means bleak ball. If you get swept out of the first round by the eight seed when you're the one C. In fact that almost makes it worse. And the Celtics state it's were two games it. But those are two home games. And you were hurt lackluster in the first game in completely lethargic in the second game. To the point where you're getting booed off the floor enlisted Celtics fans can be tough OK they can be tough. They're not so tough they're gonna board guy who's grieving his you know sister just passed away on the court. Buy it wasn't just about Isiah Thomas in fact I think those boos were probably excluding Isiah Thomas. The rest of that team. Rest of that team should be embarrassed. That the average. Coach Brad Stevens should be embarrassed that hold to I mean that's about as bad start to a playoff series is I've seen for a number one seed. In any sport. And I know a lot of people's job to sell the journey really and number one seed they shouldn't even be. Considered a number one seed well you know what they are and they work. And they worked really hard to get there. And to see it all go up in smoke here what looks like it's gonna before flipping games. Is really not what you wanna say it's not what Brad Stevens wants to see is not a Danny Ainge wants to see somebody Celtics fans wanna see. Now with gross Beck wants to see it's just it sucks. It didn't have to be this way. It really did. I'm not saying they should've got out trader for Jimmy Butler I don't think that was ever really gonna happen. The more I think about it the more it's like a holy day just thrown Jae Crowder into the deal that they could ahead Jimmy probably know they couldn't add Jimmy bought it. The bulls probably there's not enough assets on this team right now to get the balls the part Jimmy bought. It's not like he's this veteran who's been there forever and he's disgruntled making all this money like Kevin Garnett was in Minnesota. We're talking about a guy in his prime. In his mid to late twenties. Who's making about half of what an MBA Max contract should should fetch. And we can argue all day about of Isiah Thomas or Al Horford Ernie those guys are Max contracts nobody can argue about Jimmy Butler everybody knows he's a Max contract guy in the bulls were getting trade him unless someone offered Anthony Davis. But this others could have done something and as we all know and as we've discussed here many times over the over the course of these last couple months. They didn't. And I think it's really hurting him too I think it's the reason that they're losing now I think there's a variety of reasons but that's one of the wanna break down what percentage of blame goes to hear I don't have I honestly don't care you know I just I can tell you that it is. Been a problem solver it was a huge problem in game one I mean they got slaughtered on the boards in game one. Any evening game to the rebounding totals were a little bit closer. But do you remember the Celtics ever getting one big rebound when they needed one. You're gonna hit the Big Three pointer when they needed one. Do you remember them getting a big stop when they needed one. They didn't do anything well in game two they were bad everything. They couldn't play defense they could rebound they couldn't score they couldn't hit three I mean it was just it was it was terrible it was a terrible terrible game. And while I'd like to think that they got that all out of their system they're going to Chicago now. In getting all that adding your system on your home court in the first two games of playoff series where you're the one seed. You're not the cavs okay. You can't afford his fallen to a twenty point deficit. Against the pacers like Cleveland did tonight and that wore drag of LeBron James dropped 41 points and dribbled bubble for the umpteenth time in his career in the playoffs. You don't have that guy. You have Isiah Thomas who's been great this season byte is a little easier to defend in the playoffs. It's just the way it is. That reason not to get my Max contract I don't know we can discuss it if you want to but I just right now I'm looking at the future of both of these teams I still think the Celtics have a brighter future than number orange. Our cap and not. It the first pick coming up in the draft your problem. On them it'll probably be the second or maybe even the third who goes so it was always you screwed them that the draft lottery every single time. That notwithstanding they're gonna get a high draft pick. Isaiah is here for one more year or for signed on for three more. I consider that to be a positive thing I would give Isiah Thomas Max contract for four years. And keep them here is these rookies that you draft and in bring in all sort of grow up in in. Coming to their own here and in a competitive environment I think that that's important I think they should do that. But I've also heard people say well if you get some big to trade for as they should go out and do that to work out fine. Who are we talking about here. Are about Anthony Davis talk about the markets cousins we target about. Mike Conley junior we talk about Harrison Barnes you know I mean the trade has to be right for this to work and that's the problem with the Celtics. Is that Danny Ainge for all the things we like about him can be unbelievably picky when it comes to the straits. You want to trade he can win you want to trade the can look at and say I won that trade otherwise he's not making it. And I think that is what prohibited the Celtics from improving all this deadline. Is there are moves to be made out there and there are players to be had and you know I'll NL is because every single other Eastern Conference playoff team all made a move the deadline. Just about. Washington Atlanta Cleveland Toronto. All made moves you didn't you're getting swept in the first round what do you know. And I hope they don't. Okay just for the record here. But that is certainly something that has been out grinding away at me is I've watched these first two games of this series and it's been tough. Been a tough thing to watch. As a fan of this team my entire life. It is it has been difficult to watch them ascend to the top seed in the east. To fight off all those teams and in and hold on insecure that. And then come into this series with the Chicago Bulls. A dysfunctional team that just barely started playing together at the end of this season. And have them come in their spanky two games in a row home. Get a need to see a major adjustment hear from them. We felt it very tough votes were ready get very very that's right Mr. President. By the way about how about trump not even mentioning Brady's name yesterday. We talked about a little bit last night I had a short show Sony get into it that much football with Hernandez and all that's the co owner. But it Brady doesn't go because his mom sick and trump doesn't even mention of Malcolm Mitchell and Marcus cannon both got named got even Danny Amendola added a goal wasn't even there. And how about that fourth down conversion from data Yemen though the daily Tate's standup take about where's daddy oh my god daddy's not here. Screw you Danny I don't like you anyway you know Juliet that's my trump progression free get a that was funny the fourth down conversion. By they have Mandela is where is dead. Way to gardening days niceties. What do you say the end he's worthy and mean if you did we have adopted it but I don't remember hearing that I like that you are there any states. Now. Idea of the settlement cut defense argument Julian element in the catch. Is it wasn't I mean it was actually describe the play pretty well. And they talked about that thing that trump does when he starts sort of rambling on towards the end you love those replays Dodgers doing an area and they turns back to the crowd goes. Great job doing. The incredible catch by Gillian Andelman. We all said not a poster out that's is that good you know in the old days in my does that that was done. As replays of biggest don't know like the replay. I don't do radio in June. As well. I don't know why we say great go Julian has lost that it's a soulful. The whole thing was when he really if you think about it but nothing was as funny as the New York time what are you doing New York Times. Why are you why you weaving going here. First of all that was a pretty easily verifiable thing in the two pictures you know don't argue about the New York Times Tweeter at the two pictures of when the patriots 12014 went to see Obama and then compare to the amount of players became this time in the about players really wasn't even that far operating 38 went the first time in 34 what does that. But the big difference was that all the training staff and all the other people stood up on the stairs into when he fourteen in this time they are sitting in the in the gallery. So look like much fewer people were there and it's an easy thing to sort of I'd bet you can see the heads of all the people sitting there in the in the gallery C can allocate site. Just about the same amount of people there's not standing up there on the stairs and there are times decides to read out the through pictures like at trump. Not as many patriots game you're paying as they came to Obama's being. It's seriously. And even if that was true who cares. It's the Super Bowl Rose Garden ceremony. Freaking can't even even like the inauguration OK that was one thing that was a gigantic crowd okay it was millions of people there. Or is trump would save millions and billions and do Jillian it was the biggest crowds ever bad. I this was just like a small gathering in the Rose Garden of their order a more people table bore. You're the New York Times. Maybe I've been wrong all along. You know I think an eight figure that there's a standard neutrons kind of below maybe everybody just sucks you know maybe that's that's what it's all about your. It done it there thanks thanks mister president. Thanks Donald. 6177797937. As your phone number everything on the Dave earlier we got a big show for you tonight 1130 will be joined by Dan Greenburg or what's left of him after those first two games personal sports salvage rider and an impartial party continues into the 12 o'clock hour rear admiral. The man himself will be joining me on the air for the first time in a couple of weeks. They'll come on at twelve midnight we'll talk Bruins would him and whatever else happens to be on his mind. Lots of things going on here in the world of sports in otherwise. And love to get admirals take on it that'll happen at twelve minute our it was get your phone calls here that is the late night promised we get to your calls early and often it will kick things off with Wally in Fall River hole while it. You know what several may go Wally. Chris Doyle managed a man when you think is it's just that wealth abroad than him and Mitch Moreland. I mean. You know we get these guys did have several adjustable didactic he just can't lineup today Christian. Chris Sale was awesome I'm I'm almost to the point or start no lake gold go to on the calendar and do the five day thing in her in and you know mark off on the calendar what days he's pitching because you I mean he's must see TV right now. I haven't felt like this and Pedro and there's been some great pictures your Beckett was great Lester was great. Even Daisuke for one year was pretty entertaining but so far you can tell me Chris Sale he's. He's on that that other level he's up there he he's a guy that you have to pay attention to every single time. Right and mobile Asia began a state data from our clothes that Craig Kimbrel sure I mean you know they grit it out again this team has allowed us question we Elmo that. Amended so Ilia but so far they've got a lot of spike again injected back. The only question that was right in Thornburgh and maybe and the bad. Yeah I mean that's we'll see with pricey had a setback. Went from throwing off a mound you've drawn on a flat ground to get Wally thanks for the call. Eyewitness I mean I guess this genie is in a gritty so far off but really called gritty response you mean it's it's pretty early to start. Thrown those editors around I aim a little concerned by the fact that they go to long stretches of innings without scoring any runs. I mean that 161718. Innings from one game to another merger no runs scored. And I mean you can't you can't tell me that's just because David Ortiz isn't there anymore. At some mouse I don't know exactly what it is but it's certainly something else you have a great start for Mitch Moreland every great star for Chris Sale and other than that I've been. Fairly disappointed from just about everybody else. So well we'll see I'm I'm ready for this team to start taking more steps towards being better and are ready I mean they're good they're. They're off to a good start there are two I held a lot better start on the blue jays holy Moly. Is the worst are the blue jays have ever had ever. And I know whatever organization is April who cares April counts guys all these months they count. You're off to a three and twelve start I could bury you for a season. Really can't. It is hard to climb about of those holes especially. If one team starts you know going off to the races there which no one's really done yet. Not the American League east anyway. Yankees Orioles and Red Sox all stuck on ten wins the razor nine wins in the Scrooge is that out of the bottom. Three and twelve there are 87 and a half games back. But I think it's going to be an interesting race in the American League east this year. Looking forward these games in Baltimore starting tomorrow six once I. And 779. 7937. Asian phone number we're gonna take a quick break we got one open phone lines or go ahead and grab that phone line will get your phone calls next here on late. On Sports Radio guy. Invasions. The fourth down conversion. By Danny Amendola who is yet. We're negotiating. States the big sacked. By eight Trey flowers. That with strength of propaganda. They shot a little bit. You Rhode Island you hit that actually awards I've hated it in my did. Thank you agree Jim what do you try to what are Super Bowl or rebuild our country. As coach Billy Jack would say there are no. Two days off. OK. Okay. Now view excuse me I had to go play golf the. Nice job their man of the marine cabinet together for you ride Trump's big day. Favorite football team. Came through came to see him by the way my actual favorite part of that was when he was talking about telecheck in the letter. India as I was in a state if he didn't say which state it was it was New Hampshire because I was at a state where. Or I needed you know I needed a lot of help. And bill wrote me that letter and I read the letter and it was even better than the first letter involve a lot of a use and I did very well in that state. No doubt he lost that state he lost New Hampshire in fact you watched every state in New England did not win at any New England state. And as we all know you have to win states not just popular votes. That's something that was made very clear to everybody to stammer and every time really I mean we've always known it but I it was funny how he said. Like ballot checks the one who pushed them over the top. I got news for you the swing states you're Pennsylvania's. You're Wisconsin's yours you know Florida's. Don't like Bill Belichick that much in those states they really don't like him in Pennsylvania that's for the Steelers play. The potentially take days they did not vote for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania because Bill Belichick gave the old seal of approval. In fact I'm surprised he was able to win some of those states with that also carried camera. In a very very big and important state. 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. Asian number untaxed. Let's get back to your phone calls here and a trump talk for 1 evening Kelly is an Amherst without on the Celtics a locality. And what's on our partners are out there thank you I don't. Looking back look at no they're not figured their current government itself or workers who are expert call by alcohol do although if you start. Yeah so let's not vote. But yet you overtook so it. My my match eight here. Is that Chicago and actually not there there I know in the regular season they were avid chemistry issues and everything in their out of my game issues like they are losing them. And that's the same but actually there's a big difference between teams that are bitter legacy. Jane can get then seeing it with something here. Can understand like in hindsight looking back. Couple years ago. Miami was you know a two of the best players in the world. All of that well not the way to a lot of injury issues like it. Who is came you know like the main reason why should winning right now. Well you were packing though we lost to resolve Rondo to any way Jimmy Butler Rondo it appears to go. Calls it or don't forget about the zipper don't forget all zippy the sixers didn't do. They're they're all part of what people are actually making loot like well and whatever right here you're all right Juba. I don't think it should be that the shots that were actually didn't see in my real I ask Eric Arctic in this. Ron and the terms. Where satellites started that we see today news Chicago and are up and listen to stick with that that would treat you I think they wanted to know are. Doing great Jimmy Butler potentially on. Dwyane Wade it is. Yeah and you know I Kelly the Chicago Bulls beat the jabs every time they played in this year. I mean they swept them. I don't know if they were trying to avoid plane Chicago I don't think so because Chicago. That the bottom of the east Eastern Conference playoff picture was very tight I mean there was a lot of teams overall sort of bundled together down there. And I think it. By the end if my if my math is right yet awaited season ended the bucks in the pacers finished at 42140. The bulls finished at 41 of 41 and add to go seven and two down the stretch just to do that a guy. So if the cavs were really looking at this in they are really looking down there at the bottom and deciding who would we wanna play who don't we wanna play. I don't think necessarily they would of innocent okay we don't wanna be the one seat is that we might have to play the bulls. Because you didn't know you're gonna have to play the bulls until bright right around the end there. Good of the pacers could have been the box not like that would have been any picnic the Milwaukee Bucks I mean that's. What they're doing right now to Toronto is is just pure savagery. It's a 101 to seventy right now in Milwaukee two minutes left in the fourth quarter the bucks are stomping a mud hole in Toronto Raptors. That that would have been fun. This pacers series so far cavs are up three nothing they were down twenty in this game in the roared back in Indiana at series is all renewed answers be over anyway. Yeah you know maybe there's some into the hall in wanna play Chicago thing but if they didn't wanna play Chicago. I don't think they tried to avoid the number one seed to get out having to do that I think just all sort of fell in the place that way. They take the foot off the gas towards the end as they always do. Stated that is good of a regular season for whatever reason that might be in the Celtics were good regular season team and so farther garbage playoff team that's who they are. Six or 77797937. Let's go to Ralph increased an aero. They could mean. Yeah you're right you know personable the Celtics know if it was sort this spirit got built for the playoffs in the country. They were weak physically get back to atropine they just care they can't bounce back I think it's as big fight back. Don't you said it needs to make all the way he took a that they like you have been at all that they want the whole. Now she should've known the efficiencies that this team. And I loved the question where is this does not mean mr. well. Trick or wooden Thomas Chrysler who they could bridge you looks like a little kids waiting a little but what about doing practical way of they really don't have a fortified the questions stuck in a military some adults with the with this thick that it looks. You know the top eight tricks that level or she is scratch or we won twice and its proudest of play. That is not a guarantee that you could be of that church street or out especially. If you go get that peak demand helped the state. I think they should trade you know the funny thing is that some of that all I've entry that the two book of fiction George I want to back in the hot seat. Because you never know you look at teams that are done this stock of the draft. Minnesota. You see Shalit and subtlety double XP and so none of them are even in the playoffs. So I think it should start thinking you know what I'd trade if you guys are would shout it out. I really have to think about trading their pick because what ever they get from it. I don't think it's gonna make this team accretion we better actually just don't think it is and that's have to pick made on exhibit that got it will not back down the stretch. Yeah I don't know I mean there's the old god awful Ralph thanks for the call Brooklyn Sox they're gonna suck again next year. But he does have a point. The Celtics have picked in the first round you know in in mid round the lottery here for the past three years. And they've acquired. Markets Smart. RJ hunter who's gone now I James Young who's at the end of the bench. Gets his she gets his touches here and there. Also Terry rosier. Also Jalen brown also Gershon you have a solid. And also fantasia music or both overseas. Although yep miceli did sign with Maine I think couple like a month ago. But what you've done here essentially. Is basically just drafted a bunch regards. Mark is Smart James Young. Terry rosier RJ honor. Guard guard guard guard. Switched it up a little bit when Jalen brown is more of more of a swing man forward. Are really you haven't done anything for your front court in the draft here outside he's usually in the Abu Saleh who aren't ready to even be in. In the NBA yet. In yet to Sally just made himself. Part of the deal. I mean you can you can look at it like gathered their stockpiling there they're players. And that's fine if those guys end up being actual players. If those guys end up being you know certain contributors at the at the NBA level which I'm not ready to say that they will be there won't be I had no idea. People keep Collins on the are great Gigi it isn't that Turkish Leo. We're in now. OK great so he's Duncan on Turkish got a big deal. Well David blatt is coach I don't care David blight is coach at eight Odyssey could care less. By the way Bruins fans if you're sad you're mad. Look at it this way. Be Chicago Blackhawks fan right now a minute 48 left. In game four and the Nashville Predators are about to sweep the Chicago Blackhawks out of the playoffs. For one is the score less than two minutes left ago. What's a black art from back but I don't I don't think so I think this one's over. I was an empty netter they just scored their. They were my pick to win the cup. Nobel you guys I thought Chicago was going to all the way. And now they're just going all the way home. So that last and he netter with some forced in PA did you know that was that was them that was the point or it was really it was. I mean this is a sweep. Is a bleak and sweet. So but could be worse. To be Blackhawks fan tonight against although the Chicago fans can dry their tears knowing that there HC bulls are probably gonna sweep the south of so I don't know I don't know if that makes me feel. All that much worse or whatever but that's probably the case at their in the windy city 617779. 7937. Major phone number let's go to Brian in the car with a thought on the Red Sox are Bryant. And the currency and now I am good and it's. Not much. We have acacia. Very. Is I was here and there I was around you know late night hours showers fluctuate things happen once I've been. Joy Yuri you're used here there are proud of the best shows are in any radio network to ignorant. And you cracked me about a partner anyway well. I could you know I weren't gonna hit an analyst with alien and England Farrell made that move I am I am off. Why would be secret tail Al and like Craig Campbell and I ain't close he's been doing it but of course bell was. Was cruel. And team unit is wiped out any even not him in Joseph Jose. You know why would even touch impatient he should not have even mess with it Campbell gave up ahead and maybe maybe quicker forward. I mean I'm councils are. It's it's it's absolutely ridiculous they EU and make this move to support it and watch it because it's close there. Let it go it would namely you know it was loaded gun went to during the night and northern lights out and and a story. Yeah I mean I listen Brian you're not wrong I I didn't I didn't I wasn't upset by it like I looked at and it's not a costs al-Qaeda probably got another inning there but it's okay Craig Kimbrel a save situation he's usually lights out. I don't blame John Ferrell I bring. Clegg I'd blame Craig Kimbrel. That's hard to say fast by the way I blame Greg Campbell he came out there first batter he faced boom over the center field fence which is a long way in Toronto. That was that was the bad pitch or bad bad approach in. You know Cuba deserves the blame for that I don't think John for a really does honestly I was crumbles job he's been doing is 45 straight saves in a row there in save situations. I you know I mean it it's easy to sort of blame at Carol for making the move but I am gonna blame the player for blow in the inning. Well there and it goes on the play event means time and time when you took a player to fail in time and time again. Is set him up the Ailey brought him in no blood save situations you're supposed to do we can set him up to fail. I mean age at an apartment just has its its situation you know on the patent for an it is just. Cruise it along and you know these get the job done and they look like he's not even. Gonna fall. I want to deceive sale finished the game I thought he was he was cruising there in the eighth inning he did give up a single temple are but. They struck out but he's the right after that he struck out two guys struck out at Travis two entities that it. Bookend that inning at yeah okay bring him out let him get the complete game shut out but when they didn't I just I don't know Brian I just wasn't that upset thanks for the call. It didn't bother me that much. About half Democrat. Would like to have seen sellout they're like to see a complete game shut up but I didn't feel like they were setting anyone opted to fail Craig Carroll wasn't put in a position to fail. Let's Craig Carroll's job and he does it very well in those situations generally. And got to give Greg your roller but a credit here till you're out there give up that bomb. And they came on pitched the tenth. Eight was good the tenth. He struck out the site attacked actually itself in LA that home run those things happen it was unfortunate. But I wasn't the end of the world the Red Sox still won the game. Carol doesn't get the wind and I Kimbrel sailors and get the win but oh well. But it plenty wins if your people blower. And I just can't Muster up that much outrage over a really can't I don't think fairest heard anything up I don't think. It was a bad move to bring in general there as a troubled us. And he didn't know tonight today I should say. Miss though on the game so what. 6177797937. Your phone number to go to cal vina in Dorchester before the break I cal vina. I know I'm good Jovian area on pray pray what's up etiquette question. It happened comment. Go to commercial record click cancel its sponsorship monsters. Nothing. I don't think crowd out number one minute to come from Canada picked up and because. You know he's doing more talking than it actually put in the bow and a cool. Yeah I mean need yet a decent game I thought in game two who's one of the only guys that seem like you're trying to pick it up for. For Isiah Thomas who had an awful night shooting Crowder was OK I mean he shot six of eleven and had sixteen points be your right I mean he's not. He's not stepped up there and he has not played good defense either side. Yeah that second straight playoff including. A group that after oh. You know I can feel like I'm one got to look at the book to form. Can actually. You know typical ball. It Condit that in that he has a lot of pressure on me. You know you gotta go to a commercial break you more then you're Christian wanted to add. Get the reason why can't pull it trades do you think he's got a catalytic thing in these countries and personnel as. You know I'd say if they get swept. Maybe I think that's entirely possible I think you could see them. Making some some real changes here to some of the gab but I mean I don't know comedian mean trading Isiah Thomas do you mean treating Al Horford I don't think it was gonna take quote. That Ileana how often I know he's I come. Someone like us Avery Bradley maybe you and pound Jae Crowder. Bradley Crowder rosier you know mark is Smart there's guys there's guys that might have some value if you package of men with one of those picks or maybe next year's figure something like that I don't think those guys get you anything on their own. I I thought about that you know it and she is shaking his creative. I was asking that they've maker early it. Maybe pop yeah out of whack it make trades so I have read my crystal. Tell me at thanks for the call 6177797937. Is your phone number nick in Jack hold on we'll get to your right we come back we got three open phone line cigar and grab on this late night on Sports Radio W media. Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more which gives you better Christian art can. What Sports Radio WEEI. I think you know vocal reaction obviously. You know incurred guys. You know we're gonna make mistakes is a game of basketball. But you have to continue to play hard every single possession. What can also do that play hard and the entire game entire town on the weekend and that's all we try to do it. From Jon hood everybody Jessica. As Ellison won't be accountable farm up. That's nice Avery was made to chat about. Double. Five of fifteen from the floor. And that is I was better in the first game I think in the first in use you worse. Yeah OKB vocal call guys out play hard play. How many times in this in the fourth and third and fourth quarters of a game last night do you sit there watching Avery Bradley stand around while Dwyane Wade hit another three industries. And I know he and I don't wanna you know wanted. Rush up on Dwyane Wade have impeaching gopac cubic they should really be an issue for Avery Bradley at this point. Best on ball defender in the league he's sitting there like in Dwyane Wade just had jumper after 23 pointer after three pointer rate as I. The whole thing I mean the whole thing was just an awful awful experience they Billy was no other way to put it. And that's why is Celtics are in the position that they're in right now there are others. Pretty simple. The things they got you here are. Have been abandoned for the most part. In game one Isiah Thomas had a great game he really did. By game two we get shut down a little bitty gets handled by Jimmy Butler played defense on for most of the game. And I remember last year when everyone said. Yeah they're collapsing on Isiah but he is going to take you through Bradley's not playing he's injured. Jae Crowder is injured he's trying to play through everyone's healthy this year. And not only are they not scoring like they did last year. They're not even doing the things that they're good at. They're not playing good perimeter defense. If they are than Rajon Rondo wouldn't afford with a triple double last night. In Dwyane Wade would've scored 22 points. Well where I can deal would Butler beat you I cannot deal with fish. That is a team wide failure. And after the way game one what I expected a much much greater effort. And instead they went backwards. And they didn't just take a step backwards they took a giant leap backwards. And that's why I am not feeling good about tomorrow night I'm not feeling good about when is the ones came for. On Sunday this Sunday the 23. The end of the series right there they bring this back to Boston I consider that a small moral victory. Is I'm not anticipating that right now at all. Just like the Blackhawks were anticipating getting so it's. The Nashville Predators and 6177797937. That your phone number 37937. Untaxed to go to Mickey is in Maine with a thought on the Celtics and it. Or question will be when it's up all of is one of did you take. That the Celtics do this series. What are the chances. The Celtics and it means. Creatively Isiah because. The way it looked at a news you're not you can't win column as in Mexico also. So you've Cleveland holds and I a move that would go for three years so even if you do that Gordon Hayward was nice and orchard. The American hitting to beat Cleveland so that's why I would consider trading was. On them moving about who once Cleveland's. Done. Okay I I understand that they can't the first person to say that I guess my question is this. Isiah Thomas is making six and a half million next year he's gonna make six and a quarter next year and then he's a free agent after that. Horford is signed this year or next year than two years after that at Max money obviously but if you were to sign Isiah Thomas to a Max contract. After next year if you wanna get you know I've wanted to do early and do it at this point. You'd have him in in uniform here for for the next season the one after that all the way to 20/20 one. Horford will have been gone for a year. And all of these draft picks and sort of the thing easier talking about you Jalen brown and you know Marcus martyrs only 23 people forget and Alonso ball or whoever they pick in this years draft or whatever those guys can welcome into a competitive situation. Maybe not a team they can win a championship but it team that's in the playoffs if you let Isiah Thomas curry trade Thomas for pixie trade emperor. You know whatever I don't know your target or trade him for but if you do that. You're not that competitive on the team anymore Isiah Thomas makes you a competitive team in the regular season at least. And I feel like without all these young players with a all these rookies in early twenty year old players. Coming up right now in the end you can afford to keep them and you can afford to give Isaiah Max contract for four years if you want to if you take that maybe wouldn't. By I don't see the value in just trading him just to trade him and then starting over that's not gonna bring you any closer to the cavaliers now either. And yet maybe he can beat him right now but just as he can't beat the cavaliers right now is no excuse to make you team substantially worse just to do and I don't see with the point that it. All right thanks for the comment. That's my take I mean that that's it. Can't build a championship around Isiah Thomas get you know honesty probably can't. Not just him. Maybe him in the down. Anthony Davis. Or maybe him and LeBron. Or maybe him and Kevin there I don't know maybe somebody some combination like that maybe have a shot at. BI agree I don't think you build a championship contender with Isiah Thomas as your fundamental building block. For right now you have the pieces in place to put something together. And that's something this year I mean listen they they're not looking good in this playoff round to be sure. They're good season and get regular season. Get a good rookie year at a Jalen brown. Mark is Smart is developing as a player he's not where we wanted to be offensively but he certainly developing as a player in developing his own sort of style and attitude and everything else on the court which I think he's been a net positive for the Celtics overall. When everything to market Smart I think you have to at least admit that he's been a positive contributor to this team. His defense his intensity is rebounding. Go for loose balls all that stuff he's unique players on the watch but I mean. You're also on a team that is just listen these are the players are coming off the books next year Amir Johnson goodbye. Jonas Jerebko. Dubai. James Young CN Gerald Green see it. Other than that everyone signed Kelly politika think there's a team option for hammer qualifying offer for next year but it's only like four recorder so a very much. But mark is Smart Jalen brown Jae Crowder Crowder shine through 20/20. Isiah Thomas for another year Zeller for another 38 million dollars Avery Bradley for another thirty million dollar they're all coming back. Terry rosier he's signed through 20/20. You know these guys are here they're going anywhere. Aiken shrine in package and together in input portrayed but you know at this point it trades like a big franchise altering trade. But the point of that. Wesley can't be cleaver as we should just stop stop trying. Get rid of Isaiah can he's not gonna win you championship OK so what are you gonna trade him for more picks that we want. Want Danny Ainge just make picks forever. Seems like yesterday anyone's. But I McConnell over the old Danny Ainge making draft picks to infinity situation we've been dealing with here for the last three years. Maybe this isn't a championship team you know light years Toronto neither Washington either to Atlanta and users Chicago he's Milwaukee news or any of those other teams and they're still trying. Our soldiers to stop trying. 61777979370. Your phone number of state one more call here. Before the top of the hour Jack is in Quincy Ajax. Christian like an article about Farrell what are our quick comment about the so excited but not groups and go Russell went. Well I Brcko was sort of defense and rebounding wins ball games and the Celtics have never had a league scorer. Scoring result win championships defense and rebounding in this book expo have you there right now is coach Gregory about. And development of say they don't have the talent usually in the NBA the best talent the best three or four Al teams at the bit shocked. That was before we finish first this year when they lost to Cleveland and hold ten days ago when they need a decade the finish first place and were manhandled by clear what it took myself. Forget that they don't have. And I think I'm right they don't have that this year and I think they're gonna blow all the draft picks and that's for the past 45 years. Could not think. But that's my car I called a march on trial I had yeah you are absolutely wrong approach on trial there was this ball tonight as it is not chased him. This whole Clinton and baseball the past take is taken this body pitcher route when he's what he's got chrome seeing any getting stronger as the game goes on. Absolutely. No reason that takes you go out and you know how many complete games ago like on C Adkerson. A lot yeah. 250. A lot too and I didn't sit negate guess somebody complete game Roger Clemens got in his career a lot. 44 well that's it that's not a remake this whole thing about taking study could not have the 678 innings when they don't want well I'm I'm not opposed to take a bit but I think Gujarat you can tell nobody anti. You can be getting a wild. Walk his velocity goes out it's no it's not rocket science every manager has been using this same as though each pitcher with a saint bridge. It's. There or anything important games. Or should that victory tonight. Crowell rocket and you're absolutely wrong. All right and you don't blame Craig Kimbrel an all jacked that general is blameless in all of this. I don't know how he's closer. He's the closer it was a save situation that's when you put a closer inject ads I'm sorry had to drag into the 21 century here but that's what they do now. You want to go Red Sox won the 2013. There's one reason why they want to as a coach you we are. They've got the biggest gripe from Jim Leland taken out surely show. In that game when he was coaching anywhere at what it would you. Two to nothing and then be really good which I think it edit out came an important game they Detroit had that series. You're right now you're 8000 pat managing job and then he should never done that check it out on top of the hour here's our got to let you go to thanks for the call. You're right you know that was a that was a big time screw up there by Jim Whelan. In between now Marlboro reds there in the dugout. And there's no way he should have got that by his that the trade Paul panel Mike got Al Albuquerque in the rest of those slobs. You should elect the starters end of the whole game all game. But I mean you know listen Judy of what saline yeah probably in retrospect. We're bringing in your closer to what ninth inning and a one run game yet he's saved 25 straight games. I'm Kara Tom Seaver dated back in the seventies and as they don't care Bill Russell read our Baghdad back in the sixties either. You don't even rebounding and defense to win championships now tell led to the Golden State Warriors where is their defense and rebounding. They win by just outscoring everybody and they won a bunch of championships lately I don't know if you noticed. When he seventeen got to get waited 617779. 7937. As your phone number we apple phone lines I love you guys gonna take a quick break and come back at you trending now and back to your phone calls here on late night.

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