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Mut at Night with Villani - Can The Celtics Comeback & The Saga Of Joe In The Cape. 4-20-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Chris Villani gives his thoughts on why this Celtics team has been disappointing in the postseason, thus far. Joe calls in from the cape and is interrupted with a shocking result in the cape.

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All our might add night Sports Radio WEEI Gilani hang out with you up until 10 o'clock as soon and our kids Indian intend. Very WEEI late night at new reasonable leave otherwise sources have said. I your phone calls luck in the meantime 6177797937. On the tax lighted 37937. On Twitter at Chris Maloney 44 have been Celtic Seve throughout the course of the night. With to see down 02 and incredibly disappointing note to. The last two years first round exits by. You looked at the actual match up two years ago they just work port knocking LeBron playoffs that's fine that's all well and good even last year against Atlanta. Bradley out. The way that team was banged up the way they look at the end of the season. I thought it would be more competitive series that it was but I wasn't terribly surprised the Celtics were out the first round this one is a shock to me. Because that look at this series coming in and looked at war at Chicago this for me was so much more about Chicago and maybe I just under rated the bulls. I don't think so. But maybe just under rated the bulls. Because when you looked at the way that that team that Chicago team is playing at a wants some games down the stretch they had a good fortune to be able played work on a couple of times down the stretch that worked out well. In the Philadelphia in there once or twice to sell. The schedule worked out loudly take advantage they beat some of the teams they should be. They got to win over Miami late. Which is the team they were holding op did hold opera the eight seeds he given some credit by yet weighed out for eleven games. You've got Rajon Rondo. Being for a good chunk of the season. Be. Key contributor key cog in the dysfunction that was the Chicago Bulls we will for awhile here. They lose Taj Gibson in mid season talk about blown the whole thing up and meet season now. Yeah you look around twittering you see what some of the of the people to cover the bulls bulls fans what they're saying about Condo to keep this act. You get a better point guard and they are you open marketer in the draft hold on a rush around there talking about Rondo is being part of at least. Chicago is immediate future. Rather than a guy who they would've been happy to part with mid season when they're thinking about the long about that team. Is Donnelly beating the Celtics 20 in the series but is running the Celtics out of their own GM. Through the first two games in this series. And you know we don't mean to gloss over and and maybe some thought that that John and I did we're talking about the force sort of on. You know glossing over the idea that of Isaiah Thomas in the tragedy he's gone through in how that can also. You know permeate through locker and even though wasn't somebody's relative this is somebody very close. 22 you who has lost a loved one and I can definitely have an impact. But we're seeing so many of the similar story lines in terms the on court performance. In these series tool we saw last year. And that leads me to believe that yes. Isiah Thomas is playing with a heavy heart I given credit for for Piniella now appearance suit up a notch Urich good. And and like I said whatever decision he decided to make in this situation in my mind was the right. If you get to do what you want in this kind of spot he is he's playing these brightly I'll play bad. All we're seeing. Thomas limited on the defensive end this year as we did last year. We're seeing the Celtics limited on the op Ed today and because Isaiah Thomas can't really get his own shot in the same way that his star like Jimmy Butler can't. And there isn't bad go to second scoring option that could take some of the heat off him again a similar storyline we saw last year. And the disappointment to me why is it's really twofold part of his roster construction. And the roster construction p.s depending on how you look at it you can almost lived. Because it's been pretty clear from the get go to Danny Ainge didn't have this season. Set as OK this is the year where the Celtics are gonna take this huge jump and get to the Eastern Conference finals gets the NBA finals BA team. It is now legitimately in that mix to compete for a championship we're the ones that put them there. If they get a one seed in a bad Eastern Conference with a plus two point differential. And in sort of a weird year for the Eastern Conference the cavs had that. I stretch dysfunction in their own right the offensive meltdown for the cavaliers. Early in in sort of the new year on the all star break. I enables the Celtics to caddie back into that one seed mix he's played well down the stretch got a bunch of wins got the one seed but I think that sort of you put them on up on a pedestal put them on a level. That they haven't really quite achieved her realistically the third with bats somewhere in their team in the Eastern Conference but the better to Chicago. So I don't necessarily all. Any age were you looking at sort that long term trajectory that long term plan. For not parting with the Brooklyn picks to bring in somebody that may or may not be in width. You were you were scheme in terms of winning now but also waiting for the future in kind of building this team up. And the back to. Seemed like they were in sell mode talking about taking getting themselves in the lottery so we're going from there. The fact the Bartley didn't change he ends tells me the price tag had to be pretty steep. For everybody else in the league that might have an interest in the same things are goes for Paul George I think he is feared a second gas. And look at a move like the no well move. Insane with something like that out here for the Celtics in terms of adding some help addicts rebounding so some of this does come back to the roster. The other issue though. Is Brad Stevens and for the first time it seems like it's finally dared to criticized Brad Stevens. And this guy has allowed for this long leash and he's created this in his own right he has. I take in this team from the the the 25 win level up to yes the number one TDs in and say they were really the number one seed they still one more basketball games anywhere else the Eastern Conference. And he'll bring them there. But the question that will not be answered at this particular post season but will. I think we'll get part of the answer this post season and then we'll see what happens with their roster going forward some of that first issue was addressed. When that the Celtics make the Bork would pick or trade the Brooklyn picked for something. Substantial value when. We think we'll see development for Jalen brown is he part of the celtics' future. Are they able to sign somebody like a Gordon Hayward in the hot season. Dealt fill out this roster take a little bit more the heat off Isiah Thomas get another school were out there. If that team is able to come back and we all kind of come back here next year at a mosque used targetable re convene the year. And we're still looking at the Celtics team that looks. Very similar to what we saw. This post season in other words the same kind of struggles grammatically defensively and they're guarding the perimeter right now. Like they're they're seeing some combination of stepped curry. Larry Bird Reggie Miller in their prime. And it's just creating a ton of space for guys they can get to the basket for guys can slash. Like Raj on underwent Dwyane Wade and it it's enabling Rondo and wade had better series. These are the kinds of things VG cleaned up this post season. Eighty certainly need to see better in the series and in game adjustments and adjustments just from game to game. From Brad Stevens this post season and that'll be magnified next year if they actually put a better team on the war were looking at it and saying OK once again. Gather one of the top. 123 seed in the east somewhere but. If they could give Cleveland series they can give LeBron a series comes down to. They could be a look at its contending team because they've added some pieces because they've had another year to sort of gel. Then we start getting into the territory of ASCII very simple question I asked last. Is Brad Stevens a really good coach to get you to a certain level but not to get too all the way. And we don't really have the answer to that. If he is he wouldn't be the first our product actually the first college coach. To go from the division one college level up to the NBA and in sort of hit that plateau and that's it. But if he. Start to society we see summit this weekend if we see some defensive adjustments. If we see the Celtics sag off Rondell and let him take threes I know we shot better than average his average at least from beyond the arc this year. Lay off back island takes in three pointers. Creates more traffic in the lane heaven forbid offensively get the ball inside. Play inside out to create opportunities on the perimeter rather than just pull up jump shot he reminds beasts all watch. Of what the Celtics did early in the post season in 2008. So many pull up jumpers and there is belly aching at that point about the fact that there is a free throw discrepancy between say the season the hawks. In some of those gains in round one but it was a product of that did one team attacking the basket the other settling for Jay's. Two big differences though between that team in this one. Number one that he was just a lot more talented and yet three guys that are heading for the hall fame. This team doesn't have that kind of talent that's obvious but the other big change was. Target of a difference they should say at least to this point. That he made in series adjustments he saw that team and prove in this style and manner in which they played through out the course of that post season. Even three to seven game series in the first two rounds. And that team is taking sort of to the brink by the hawks in round one at least got to game seven game seven was an ass kicking from start to finish but. They got into that point and then you saw the Celtics improved and then you saw them make sort of that those adjustments they needed 200 Doc Rivers. Ultimately win a championship. This year's team is ever gonna be as talented as 2008 but can't they at least make the kinds of adjustments they need to. Not guarding the perimeter in the same way creating allowing a little bit more space for Chicago and operate there to take away some that's based on the interior getting the ball. Inside in their own right trying to find another scoring optionally create another scoring avenue. The take some of the pressure up Isiah Thomas the fact he can't get his own shot. These are the types of things that I really wanna see going forward and then even if you know they win this series or not. If you see some of that improvement. If you see some of that then at least you go look back out and say well Brad Stevens is toward growing up with this team right he he's. Coming into his own in the playoff coach as this team is try to come into its known as the playoff team. And you feel like he gets some of those positive strides moving forward that he feeling comfortable look the Celtics going into next season if they can just. Made the roster adjustments they need or want from a coach. Don't ever make me feel like I'm getting less. From the roster than what I should be getting in the regular season that wasn't the case adding Brad Stevens got everything out of this roster and probably then some. But through two games in the playoffs. They are not getting everything out of the roster even with the deficiencies that they have and they're they're they're they're rebounding because they are scoring there's no question about it we knew were coming in. But they're still not getting everything they possibly can out of this roster and that's where you get a start looking at Brad Stevens for the first time. And he's earned that long leash. But at some point. Just building is not good enough at some point just getting better is not good enough at some point you gotta be competing for a championship at some point. You've got to be a team that others be. Not an easy out for. May be an easy out for an 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. And a mediocre team may need it the Celtics didn't earn their top seed and they did. Reviewers say OK the Celtics are the best team in the Eastern Conference fine. The bulls are about the eight best team in the Eastern Conference there about where they should be. And so far they have been dominating. This Celtics team through two games at TD garden. 617779793. Settle it summary Celtics phone calls Nelson in the car on how the Celtics could come back. Against the bulls say Nelson. But governor a year I mean that in your mind announcement typing now so it's just that you need to detection. I adding nearly better teams and not an intern in Iraq and it means it they're barn. I'd and as far right here and you're gonna sign that coach you're not are there. He had great coach he gets obviously. Yeah I agree. You know ignite that are are available in Iraq. And he and the bad start but I think. People are for sale of organic garden market Smart you know you're supposed to be. Next thing and will not you're not clinging to their potential he has great terror nonaggressive. Not wonder who he Dark Knight tonight EB Bradley he knew. They need to turn up your pressure. Into it's they would that it is bad acting as. You know he's actually already in fact it's targeted flight he started it I guarantee you it's your initial terror. And you'll see a different team in it could potentially make it to the. But it isn't some of that on isn't it I am I disagree in the conference finals point but isn't that news putting that aside in the lead on Stephen. Are we talk about aggression we talk about playing better when you talk about. Trying to try to get more out of somebody like Smart that's got to be at least partially on the coach right. I'm not I'm not gonna say you're wrong what you got to understand it warned that it censored to some endings right I think it's kind of like its parent and it's part raider like you know a lot. We got it this way and we got here right. Well now he's got a kick back at the meeting in reevaluating. Guys picked it ain't gonna cut. I eat you deplete its way I guarantee going into game three in that he would recommend. They're gonna run different plays imparting a commission victory at Marc are there out. And they got more bracket. And if you've got good coach you were also I think into if you don't you don't adjustment seeking three additional hold on to create. And I. They're playing the same style basketball. And maybe you're right maybe you are trying to go to our cart out where well I don't feel that reacting to guy's very intelligent errors art. And he's proven it in the army would very little talent. You interpret uttered a dumpster. Yeah and and and analysts say I agree a lot then ever said it would be time ever to go. I I'm not at that point with Brad Stevens when I'm saying is I wanna see those types of things. As wanting it to say daddy to play different way they need to do. I mean just laid out we report things I'd like to see the Celtics do. Going into game three now does that actually happen if it doesn't that falls back a little bit on Stevens. You were talking about trying to take away some of the deficiencies try to take away some of the the issues I don't know that the issue would markets mark by the way is a lack of aggressiveness I agents don't get that sense. About Smart I think he is head wasn't in it soared towards the end all of the in that entire team really quick the very end of game two but for a lot of the game Marcus farms plant. So lag I don't know the aggressive this is the issue I think they're settling a lot offensively and that's across the board. I think they are getting killed on the boards and part of that is effort and aggression part of it being small. A technique wise today Robin Lopez it's hardly tested it seems would have pulled down my comes a point out rebounds. And they're losing out on a lot of along Karen's long rebounds which that is after that does come down a little bit after. So these are the types of things they need to get better going forward in Stephens might abandon the best option he was the best option to take the Celtics 125 wins to where they are right now. The question that needs to be answered going forty's he's he the guy. To take you all the way. Because. Especially the Celtics address some of these issues as we think they will. Through the draft entered free agency just a certificate of participation in an orange slice from being in the post season doesn't cut it at some point you have to win. Jesse Gandy up next on Smart they Jesse. Yeah I outlook next caller I is actually disagree about market Smart and it cannot in Brett are out I didn't love. And getting drafted. Art Blakey I literally fallen loved it sky beauty everything he's got an animal health it guy. And the team. But if he gave everything. Keep actively up instantly rebounded light. And they accept all the load on. I got another quick but I am I structure. Oh with Brett Steve. It aired late really trying to do transition defense better in. Yet there are appetite for re out late other teens and that's pressure but a lot of parents got his. I think in order a little bit sooner the shock of the like in back in triggered if we are back in she'd be back I don't know. Yup that's Democrat. Speed differences. In rock scene I read about Marxist it's so frustrating to lots. Night night in night. We just don't have the rebounder from a battle you know these. Yet Jesse that's on the is it to us in our talking about a little earlier on that stuff does come down a little bit technique your collar last Howard to say it simple is. Don't box out. The other a boxing out to get a rebound. And then you look at in this team in terms transition I mean one of the easiest ways to. You don't keep teams out of that transition situation. Opt your misses all extend possessions. You you're just not getting a lot of that. And that's the frustrating parlor back to that this stat that there was incredible to me came one. 24 defense and bold rebounds twenty Celtics. And our other way around 24 Celtics defense of rebounds twenty bulls' offensive rebounds so the bulls missed a shot basically just look the point. Does it is likely is not that Chicago's gonna get the ball back where the Celtics likely be able to get another possession that kind of stuff cannot happen. Extend a couple possessions then all of a sudden transition game becomes a lot less effective. They get to the basket make a few shots he can't run out if you take in the bottom bottom and that. Right Jack and Jill gets on your phone calls next hang tight couple open line 6177797937. I there was another legal development in the Aaron Hernandez sect case. Since civil litigation and apparently be playing at soon we'll get to get an update on that next and where your Celtics phone calls well between now at 10 o'clock. Our can't takes over then Chris Blondie with you until then it's Sports Radio W the yak. Join the conversation with a much six point 77797. Exactly it's much at night on Sports Radio W we. Yeah right. Problems. By another half hour ago Chris flying with the 6177797937. On Twitter by the way act Chris baloney 44 feel free to check in there and that was with one Bob McGovern he's the Bob McGovern gene here. Of Boston Herald fame or infamy either way I'd I legal columnist is a great job at the Harold and he weeded. That the lawyers representing Aaron Hernandez. Are looking for and I gonna go to brawl because it's a fairly extensive list. But they are looking for. Essentially every item surrounding. His death which again is ruled a suicide officially by the western district attorney. Including but not limited to. Video recordings logs from the cell block. Video recordings or logs of Hernandez in his cell and you writings again he left three notes. Call check logs. Contents of itself photos taken of the scene. And essentially any recorded telephone calls. For appear to thirty days leading up to his dad that he forensic items any all prisoner in her views. So this is going to be litigated I would imagine sometime soon but that is. I sort of the latest there that they are looking for any items. Surrounding his apparent suicides it'll move into the civil. Situation now Burton attorneys are suing the state earlier today Jose Baez essentially held court. Outside the medical Examiner's office and got a camera crew for reporters to basically storm the Emmys office. Demanding. Answers looking for answers the medical examiner put out a statement and at the time the issue was aired and in his brain that. The attorneys claim was being illegally held. By the medical Examiner's office and he said look waiting for the official cause of death the joint statement was put out this afternoon. State police with UDA. Andy's office saying cause of death suicide is fixed TH and death essentially and now it's time to. Release everything final release the the brain over to Boston University dear CTE. Lavender gonna test. And do some on and whatever it is they do when they do the best static. When they get to is this brain tissue in the samples to try to figure out how playing football might have impacted are not impacted. Aaron Hernandez and his life that's with family wants that's what's going to happen but there's also now lawsuits surrounding. These different items and again I'd encourage anybody's interested in this. Out of follow Bob on Twitter app Bob McGovern junior does a great job tweeting out things like that in court documents and information. And all that's in the a court document that he tweeted about an hour ago. Back to your phone calls on Brad Stevens in the Celtics down to nothing in his past seven series with the bulls Jack in Northampton. On Stevens and you think he's backing Brad Stevens guy Jack. They look quite shallow but I think that if you play you. About second in whoever that maybe you can name out there each year. There's no way the art through. There's nobody getting improvement. In the record I mean the reason our own mysteries and all but two so our. And we doubt in your carry on and I can draft and not their retreat from Milwaukee. So I think that are losing and noted I don't think our students that. Well again I want I wanna be very very very very very clear at no point did I say firing Brad Stevens is the way to go. Absolutely not I am not on the fire at Stephens bandwagon what I'm saying is we're gonna learn about him. And we're gonna learn whether he can take that next step to being the guy digging get you there to the guy taking get you there in that you can win with. Where it comes to competing for a championship that's the barometer here and that's that's the goal that's the measure. Says superstar point me in saint thomas' superstar he's a different kind of star because. Of agendas some limitations it is game defensively. And even though he can score in bunches if there's a focus on him he struggles to get his own shot. It's no surprise that post season basketball I don't know that there's a sport that changes more. For regular season the post season. Then basketball and even argue hockey. You you take fighting out these sort of a different level of intensity but. In basketball the games are called differently. The strategy is different. Teams are run system earlier in games is supposed to say like the last five minutes of competitive NBA game which when you see a lot of times in the regular season. And now somebody like Isaiah Thomas is gonna be guarded differently. And is going to be an effort to take him out of the game he's got to be able to scheme around that and that's a roster deficiency but it's one that you know coming in. How do they adjust to that so far it's been nothing so far it's been more of the same try to play the same game in the post season. That what got you there the regular season he does not work that way not in this league and you know that coming in 37937. Chris beneath the layoff Rhonda. Remember what other teams he's duty played the Celtics and he can shoot from the outside it completely agree. Completely agree. And when you look at. Rondo is game this year yeah you saw a better performance from the outside relative to his own. Admittedly terrible standards. But I'm still comfortable the idea Roger and run a beating you from 23 feet aid that happens fine sure. What is already a mismatch when it comes to Rondo and Isiah Thomas. Is more of a mismatch when the Celtics are guarding the perimeter with the kind of intensity that they guarded the perimeter with run the first two games of the series. Because Rondo is. Able to get in the lane he's able to create both for himself and four others he's getting rebounds as well he's been pretty active. On that front coming up triple double in game two. These are the kind and that's easy fix. Just staying back up probably Berry's three or four jumpers fine a live with a I'll live with him because he's killing the Celtics the other way around it bulls fans have gone from this guy a is no nowhere near part of Chicago's future again outlaw the roster to Viagra find a better point guard the Rondo in the offseason the nasal beer guy. At least part of that is that in my opinion is the Celtics and taken his job a lot easier than it should be Joseph on cape on Celtics in the rebounding he jumped. Sacred article. Good yeah when he got to go to Monte earlier shed light. You know come playoff time like two on two match up or some like that. They're referencing like a video game or some. NBA jam. Yeah add a little. You know out there as far as certain sports usually when there's so many examples of you know teams picking up on a veteran player. A veteran player come. Tired body. Jerry trespassing are now are you calling sports radio and trespassing. I Matta did it a medical editor area. The Batman and gentlemen. This area of lights. I hate it or you are. I think Joe's college Sports Radio address. Right there news. All right sorry are. You act when I'm done it was this gentleman. Yet appreciated so. Don't tell the big hit in it. I'm pretty sure Joseph while watered it's like somebody's backyard take a leak and decided you know lie. I have got a blazing hot Celtics take it just can't wait much like. The fact that they delete that also can't wait and I may be on private property to screw it I'm as good at and many get both done right now one fell swoop. At two or more bizarre phone calls and take it that's a good multi yeah as rates that sort of jump on the fact that he couldn't. In getting to the fact we were joking with the Holtz who want to reference an NBA jam by then the guy gets into a fight apparently. Trying to use the bathroom and out he could have been somebody's yard Carolina and he said and the visitor area you know on the cape. It tire gauge the visitor area they'd tourism is their number one thing down there it's kind of what they'd help. Just as the visitor area doesn't mean that all areas are welcome in terms of using their Baffert. Now visitor area in terms of or restaurant that opening you've eaten there that's one thing. Visitor area somebody's house at 945. Ladies of the it's frowned upon. As of Joseph than that in custody the end of the night aren't. Christian our kids get ready Kevin we'll hear what he has planned. In squeeze another college you've got it 6177797. And 937. WEEI late night. Is next with our can stick around aligning with the until then Sports Radio WB yet. I'm forty get out of here Gloria I know Christian Eric Jens they're going on. Crystal Lonnie and for a Mike and anti. I got find out if John McCain made it a night it is adjusted his Celtics take anymore to just make sure Joe's okay Joey everything I've done there. Yeah accurate. You know he obviously I had heard you talk about key spots are gone down roots six yeah you know I know you're up. Mike called. So right after I mean effective there's visitors center Brad I thank. You know exactly what I'm Karzai went there and try to use the bathroom there's some in hanging gentlemen. Snuck up behind me in the dark I thought he was trying to I hear something. I really don't know what was going to tell you the truth. In that situation played out all right though you're okay. Yeah now I took off. And number. Are you sure you are just using a restaurant. Positive look at it and this place is open. Well I it's a rest stop there's you know truckers parked there and people were part errors you know like. You know I don't know I don't know I've pulled over their hundred. You know. I don't know I don't know what decked ideal was I think she's got a hair across. Well from some other tactics being. I know they have problems. They're. With other Asian. You know under our values without her. Who among us hasn't had and as an ad has rest on species that does keep percolating again and again. Yeah you know what it is too like I'm trying to get off the road while I'm on the phone yet and and now on her have you you know I couldn't have. I'm gonna. It's world going to interior it would. Be harder now this is a banner example. What crit I appreciate it might call. I think the only thing that finishing and it is awash in twice. A cap on it and let you I'm an alleged go ahead and do that Jill I'm glad that your okay. I I'm sorry you had a rough rest up experience. I've never actually stop that rest up because of ongoing. It's pretty close it's only there for five exits out of cape so let's traffic was awful one where the other I think I can just hold it until I got the house. And I'm very confused as to exactly what led to that circumstance. Where you had to apparently. Defend somebody who is costing you will you tried to us spit out a blazing hot Celtics eight. I apologize for all of that Patricia Arquette is now in the studio he's get ready for WEEI late night also no stranger to difficult rest stop experiences yes something that we all go through some point or another. I appoint somebody comes up behind it a rest up and yelled at you for being that B that's at gonna happen I immediately thought of bomb something about Mary. The red Tutsi ethnic I was being where you're at that dollar. Men so what's what's going on them. We got a bar stool foam party tonight is what's gonna get on Greenburg jumping on 1130 and rear admiral going to be in at twelve midnight we're gonna talk that you know there were in ourselves and Greenberg and our Bruins with admiral and I should look around minds of the people around and in -- that would be got to be something where I am now that's a -- put the skirt a little bit yellow man you know her husband and I was saying for like like a week aria. That was more than a week there's a whole song a little when he thirteen her order to wait when yours at 315 with a you'll year. You only 813 twenty dollars and thirteen eighty yen more than one year on a good guys and Vermont's when Google was a thing. We all remember where or when you're exactly I was at a rest up. I 89 just outside Willis then also getting accosted by the same guy that was bothering Jim Downey came in all these things kind of tied together and then that's the truth anyways will be talking about well stuck you've been reporting on lately Aaron Hernandez will get into that they're crazy scene and was there today. With bias having all those reporters stormed the gates of the all of that I hate I medical and Bob McGovern we did this. Jose buys the media genius yeah knows I mean I don't have a credible announced the only thing that I sorted Boggan about is that okay. So Jose Baez wanted everybody going their demand answers because what. Jose Baez really cares about this CTE study gas EU in the NFL are and all them are trying to do young boys and possibly girls he mentioned girls as well the wanna play football at some point right may have to. You know may may benefit. From this study that is done on Aaron Hernandez sprained by the folks Abbas university right and that's fine. Bite for him to get that you know indignant about it and then did you know of get all these reporters the ghost storm the office. And talk about have screwed up Austin is all the Sox and he worked he was really going to get it did it. But it also implies that they were gonna do that in the first place and it also implies that by is really cares about the CDs that image out of that you guys I think he's doing that's never talk about potential. You know down the road somewhere maybe stand out as wasn't Hernandez's with the CT. Are you never thought of senator castle. And are thought to ask the medical examiner any questions. And ray Phil Jose Baez suggested that you think that was when the and in half a credit to we stayed true to form intensity try to ask him something that was any way off topic he said now we're here to talk about. The fact that you guys. Need to go in there. Ask them questions essentially don't leave until they've answered every question that you asked him steal something if you have to. So that's that you reached airless and all that about I loved this week for McGovern. Two women working for minis office just came back from lunch they saw the media clogging the entrance once that oh hell no matter how fit. Most exciting day of their of their week fresher yeah exactly that's the last thing that they wanna see at any point. Chris you are kids up next four jam packed action packed hours. Be back tomorrow night's him. Now I relate Sotomayor is the late night note my eye on Friday's late they just goes to twelve in the Red Sox and reds are to view before as the other coast if you don't Marcia down. To just like a market. But there are but have did you see their there's Lonnie anybody on Twitter at Chris Maloney 44. And they have fantastic night everybody in dead godspeed to you John McCain the.

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