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Mut at Night with Villani - Deep Dive Into Breaking Aaron Hernandez News. 4-20-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Tomase and Villani discuss the news of Aaron Hernandez's suicide and who people should have sympathy for. Brad Stevens importance is debated by callers and quick take on the Boston Red Sox.

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Heard our other night Chris Maloney in Sports Radio WEEI get Johnson monster ride shotgun for another hour till 9 o'clock. Catch any of the patriots lighthouses and not adjusted. No it that I wasn't interested what with the unions today I was writing about Aaron Hernandez. Like you yet. I just had things go on yeah I I would be curious. Or somebody was there whether their hand is paying kind of there's a lot of that he cast a Pall over it. That story was certainly present so to speak like everybody understood what it happened what transpired. Action investments I don't think so there it seemed like there are people on the patriots organization over believe in now it's it's over now gas gone. So shocking to see him. Appealing you know you can see him his lawyer grandstanding about by his side today. Well how how much lighter and now all he's got Jose lives is. Right that he can milk this for a little don't go under but I think we can agree that. It's probably easier to keep the story in the news of a living alliance exactly. He got two dozen reporters to stormy medical examiners are just following your tuner and today it was unbelievable. Oh lights what happened there and then the only other aspect that will all sort of live on here's Aaron Hernandez brain is being donated to Boston University part of that ongoing CTE. A valuation. That's per his family's wishes and then. It was turned into the Emmys holding the brain hostage essentially. And and they wanted and to date literally that the fourteen and Bob McGovern had agreed tweet where. The paralegal columnist Whitney. They kind of crowded into the lobby and he's all the cameras and in print reporters and everybody there. And apparently some poor woman who's just try to go about her job at the end he's not as comes walking towards the lobby from the back and sees everybody says Oak Hill now. In terms of how we didn't expect she wants. Thing to deal with this ridiculous to Russia are crying out GAAP sounds are right by. You know I just didn't get aroused watching the and I NC alive it's sort of watching some of the the clips and in what the president had to say. It's really seem like it impacted all is the normal photo op you know trump did his thing Brady's absence was was. A noticeable but beggars to adding colony attention to it there. It was a predictable story it's utterly at any connection but this out a you do with what happened. At Susan Barrett askew few hours before and I didn't get a chance Tom Brady was a nice things like Tom Brady not going to this probably has much to do with just the complicated. Relationship in the court of public opinion from. As much. But that was fine of course then it becomes that thing because of the New York Times. Very misleading. Tweet when they put the two images together in one as the patriots and all of their support staff outings scares around Barack Obama the other just has the players. They showed up and fewer players showed up the patriots got a got a final rule I don't know why the patriots in just now out why egg is his and the injury the comparison between the last time. They whine. Two Super Bowls in three years is it George W. Bush who's 36 players that here. As opposed to 34 players this year at anchorman and the other way you guys saying it there before with Obama the last time it was fifty vanished in the point that they're trying to make is. When it's been just two years. Okay we've been there done that we've got to the things going on the Nazis you're less likely to rearrange your schedule or ever got out of their way to get their white and wade into that. I know and the problem with that too is and you know correct me if camera maybe maybe this didn't happen members of thirteen years that. Four iron those bush. Appearances that were talking about the lower turnout did we have guys releasing statements about how they couldn't live put themselves they couldn't tell their children. That they had shown up like Chris Long was saying were releasing statements after they went seemingly apologizing for the fact that they went like Kobe perceptive yes exactly where he thanked Obama and that whole thing so please don't try to tell me. That these two situations are now it's because they're not and that was a Republican president to so it's not. You know it's not like where we're tied with some totally different scenario. I think we can agree that the reason guys didn't show up this time around a lot of them it was a matter of principle. As much else we just the politicize the White House now it now eased up a one out saying that's not analytical as a wine that president and we just have a photo op now one picture out and the guy and he winds are all in Iraq in. Ted Nugent an Sarah Palin. Given the thumbs down and Hillary tortured it's like you this is the class is way it has the history why am Modell enough for crying out loud. There and in this story though obviously tick several big turns patriots schedule by the way breaking news schedules casual party whatever people don't do any actually do the win loss win win win no matter how do you think it's a win win win win win win win. Why I always predicts Clinton challenges. Hope for the bag you re sixteen you know every year. You're gonna hit on at least 75%. If you're gonna hit on fourteen now Adam you're gonna hit on thirteen or above yeah I picking sixty. So I'm thinking sixty you know patriots are on the table opening the season. Thursday September 7 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs. Don't know if our time of war and now that was my act about nine Katzmaier actually. Patsy you're gonna open the season that he's agreed Alex Smith. It will be. When he four to sixteen but it will never be that close now worrying at the I would -- you know Houston would have been answers in one for me Houston weak theory. That's a home game looking at all the possible Tony Romo games to they have a possible Roma game. Week two against the saints week three against the Texans to me that's more interesting than. You definitely have one of the prime time game. CBS is Carrie now with the Buccaneers that I yet I like the idea of the 75 Romo and I like the Sunday November 12 game being room. Denver Broncos. As the quarterback as the iPad I think it can tell that NBC anyway and if he gets signed by somebody else. Yes there's a breaking news there what I decided I will apologize those nice crumple. And really mean what did you was your hot take on the whole line Hernandez situation. Aaron Hernandez's death and I admire a thing that I wrote for the website is I'm sick of hearing the word tragedy applied to this. The death the vote in Lloyd is tragic tragic the death of the two guys idling their cards Arab street and Shimon have tragic. The death of Aaron Hernandez and beside Aaron Hernandez not tragic sorry I don't like the implications of that word implication it somehow like. Because he was so good at catching a football and then running with the football. That the fact that this happened to him is so much worse as if he had no say in any of the fact of the matter is is he was. He spent his life as they wanna be tough guy. And he was acting the part more than than being a part. And he brought this all on himself and I just I'm sick of hearing it's a tragedy yeah especially. The way it ended you know there are a lot of people are writing this is a sad end to a tragic story. And sorry that's it's it's to meet. He was enabled throughout his life certainly once he got to college and in the NFL and where enabling him in death when we talk about how sad it is that he's got. That it is literally one person not associated with the and data to brave and appear potato with a two victims of the 2012 shooting and Oden Lloyd they there's one person that I feel bad for that is dot. She was born into this sheet and asked for this. On and and she was gonna grow up without a father anyway. He's gonna be imprisonment now in aid he kills himself in and who knows what kind of a life. I've she'll be able today to sort of make herself and that the absolutely no fault of her and she's it. That is both you feel bad for in this in this situation with Hernandez mean it's. What he was convicted of doing is sad. What he was accused of doing into the 2012 instance is incredibly sad and it also is in and Iran about the sold it today for The Herald. It's sad in the sense that he will very likely is long the proper paperwork is process be buried an innocent man. In the eyes of the law is that rude explained sounding so it's it's even. Really weird and some might say are keen some nights he ridiculous statute that Dan Conley the DEA and in Suffolk County was. Leading the prosecution of Fernandez in this last done. Unsuccessful a double murder trial he thinks it only exists in Massachusetts he doesn't know of this kind of law. Exists. Anywhere else so. It's abatement. Add in the ad and TO or something like that flattened but essentially if the supreme judicial court doesn't hear the appeal and sign off on the fact that yes you are convicted in other words your appeals in the state are exhausted. You can vacate the conviction. If the defendant. Dies in their for the appeals or drop it if they don't happen for some reason we the only reason would be the dependent dying. Yes otherwise you might question if they don't it the other way different I don't think Saudi if you say I don't want to appeal it doesn't go for the FTC's shot the defendant in the space yeah he's already got. I don't attend here at a hotel or any other way that you could do it. In and DA said they likely can switches take a look at this because even though for me practical standpoint not much meat change could potentially impact. Any civil litigation if that's the case and there's some people wondering what impact on the patriots cap situations good to be. Definitely keeping the focus on where it matters deaths in a situation like this. But at the same time. And in this is these are Dan Conley is words that's a tough pill for the Lloyd family to have to swallow. That because some paperwork is gonna be done. By a couple public defenders who they are only doing their job that's fine. But because that people work is gonna be filed and it really can't be challenged I guess from my understanding is really nothing they do you think. Thank you guy he will. Technically speaking had never been convicted of a murder and I assume that'll plight it and that unlawful possession of firearm but he's convicted of last. Well it's just instinctual Lee feels wrong yes I will say this when he wakes up in hell. I don't think he's going to be taking much solace in the fact that. Now at an act and I don't buy into these conspiracy theory that said he did this so that he would die. An innocent man so you know I just I don't please view that desperate he was obviously in desperate for mine it also requires him being very acutely aware of the law. I think he Massachusetts senator he spent enough time in the prison library. And he's also getting told by his attorneys would it would be just catch up from double murder. Shot we're gonna we're gonna represented forward. It looks like you're gonna represent them for the appeal O'Neal more keys and still launch opt for sure and he was ever happened. But the situation is more hopeful on last Friday that was last Thursday yet. He's cleared a huge obstacle towards getting out of prison some day somebody brought up the point on the station on ovals are those that may be. The he had allowed he would sort of wall himself off emotionally. The route this process. And the possibility of hope maybe cracked that the side to the point two appointment which promote it's I mean where our plan. Merchants account Fiat and Latin American Knoll is going through his head when it comes when it comes down with but I can tell you I was shocked if I'm playing my own amateur psychologist because of how happy he appeared to be. Last Friday when when that. Came through can barely stay means BP tears streaming down his face. And just watching this guy over the past couple months he always was very much a participate in his defense he's very interest in curious what was going on you know. Two with the lawyers to be talking huge kind of lean in and in what are they talking about one you. Be involved in the in the proceedings of the judge would crack a joke. Are some began using happening court he would laugh right along with everybody else and sometimes you see people and they're very solemn and very somber because it is a solemn and somber. K that's a murder trial exactly it and guess that is preached but he seemed like he was more. Relaxed more wore comfortable big hugs and back slaps like he hadn't seen. You know as attorneys in in months but really he'd just seen in the day before every city seemed to form a bond with his legal team to over the course of these months. Take gold from that. And I know this is an exactly unique story to say boy somebody committed suicide and nobody saw it coming. Like this isn't an an usual story even for people to truly know that person not just people who were. Looking in sort of observing from afar. But this is one they completely shocked. Mean when I woke up to that news yesterday morning yet and you know maybe it's the kind of thing to where. You go to the trial least you get out of prison and you get taken to the courtroom here and they'll put a suit on you put a suit on here out of the only way restraints elected person again and then that's taken away from union realise that oh my god blesses my reality for the man who knows. I don't know I mean. Then there's a couple of things of this I remember when he was drafted. The the globe I think it was Bert Greer who is right for the global retirement Tyronn. He wrote a story. Breaking the news that Hernandez and actually failed multiple marijuana. Test failed model marrow tests at Florida. And because it the idea coming into the league with he had failed one. And in actuality he had been busted according missed six plus. And so the patriots released a statement. From Hernandez saying you know this report was coming from. He was that this is inaccurate he's a good citizen and blood allow all the BS and part of me is like you know why why why enable him right from the start like that. I don't know what the repercussions would have been it's like if you admit to something. After you've left college with what's you know public demand up and admit something but no we are gonna contribute to this. Culture of enabling him and protecting him and lying for him and and and and not making him. Face the consequences of his actions. And frankly that's how we lived right up to the last day if you were gonna kill yourself and I'm not saying he knew this he probably didn't notice. When he was gone through that trial. Why not plead guilty you know do one good thing before you go plead guilty and then kill yourself if that's if that's the way this is gonna and for you anyway. And do something for that family whose wives of Marty ruined forever and changed forever at least give the Mac. But out this is the you know so to me it's almost like he's he was enabled right to the end. And even into the after. And it doesn't seem like any of them meeting the families that is our. Looking at this as. I there vindication in Warren justice now in Saleh and the and the district attorney said the same thing when when we asked about it earlier today is like palaces and justice would have any conviction. Yes justice would have been a conviction and and wore like how they're says. Writes it to pile up on with the Oden Lloyd that would have been. Former justice in their minds Hernandez pled not guilty and he said he didn't do it and on putting our reporter hat on now not my. I talked at all that I can about just being human being but it's not it's not. This is not just that this doesn't bring any semblance of comfort and that's that they said at least to this the bureau. Furtado family or Daniel day grace and now doesn't it now you'll never know I mean maybe at some point. He would've you know confessed or something but now that possibility is gone. That doors slammed shut and I think it was your story today right that was talking about his note. You know the no gas left behind and how he sees them in haven't. And yeah I was told they were they there are three notes there also channel five did some reporting on this that the noting notes were too. Eyes daughter's fiance and apparently according to edited CVB Tom. Thank you legal team. Rock is legal team and they were just sort of yet love you can't things out because if he said he's gonna see them haven't. I feel like he should have spent a little bit more time at the prison chaplain. Before right. He made that is why Diaz I don't think victories I was told that he's in love you'll see you would have been don't shed any tears back kind of tech stocks I have so little sympathy for this person I know it sounds Allison off fallen you know I'm usually the bleeding art art association one personnel tip of the force's daughter at. That's it. That is. That is ongoing Folger Callahan on the insulin. Yeah I just have no no sympathy for for anybody in this case except for of course in the victims' families don't forget to other guys were wounded. In that in that drive by shooting another guy who shot in the face. Who's is who's present himself who dat who edited you know declared that he would have his engines. And now and he's also behind bars in his own right so. I'd just stay a sad situation for the families and and ended I think will be. On fulfilling for all and especially if he ends up getting these convictions Costa and that being. Technically speaking on the court of public opinion certainly but in the eyes of the law is my air quotes here an innocent man. After his death. 617779793. Several wrecks and Celtics phone calls while gets on your thoughts on that. And I get asked mossy about the Red Sox before get out of here in the bullpen usage. With one Craig Kimbrel today in relief of one increase sales that's all coming up with your phone calls and text messages mixed in. The Lottie into mossy with a Sports Radio W yak. Was John Tomas on Sports Radio dumped the a weapon on him. And had scrawled on his forehead John 316 and how did you do that backwards urge you do or for worse. But how do you write 316 on your forehead. Just right. On the phone which way would you ride would you ride it look in the mirror maybe. There wouldn't be backwards. I don't know you got a right exactly it's a really weird things here I mean they'll say it right judge threw sixteen under for it how would you write it. Are you bigger and end really was more and are just like if you want it took you know. The idea key for you they could let your right foot today I think dreaded backwards everybody that I had no idea. That's ESPN radio trying to figure out whether Aaron Hernandez heard John 316 backwards forwards and I tell you the truth yes exactly not on the man. You weren't the only one somebody else mentioned to me earlier it was a written back react always right in the mirror duty I didn't even think to ask. About it as I honestly say that you came on I like it. Can. My Jeremy HC you mind this on the radio apple and I'm trying to figure out like actually said that that exact about what I guess they just assumed it was an Amir Armenia and Iran ironies that Boston is racist right and the at. Aaron Hernandez must have needed me errors so I don't know why it must've written it today I read it back maybe he's canceled at first and then filled the thing that does not buying into the conspiracy theories. And so is flew fast and furious at almost constantly lately thanks to our thanks to our commander in chief almost immediately AMOCO down arrows almost immediately. Wednesday morning. I saw some reason president trump Mets announced on prison prison don't prison doors open. Outside as opposed to June. Inside and they slide on attractive to either one. In other words happy jam the door to door opens now to the outside allied here's Manson shut out. As I barely out of that John I would misheard in my years that was. Armani not bowl money so that NIC. Amani Toomer now NBC as well as I thought that I didn't think that satellite the money he does have a distinct. Shall we say cadence and I wasn't really listening because I was thinking out how to do Aggies and actually the wheels turning a little bit for you there. I'd 6177797937. We're tackles Celtics before of course they're down 02 in their series against the bulls Randy in the car. With his expectations for the season game three thanks for hanging on Randy that. And it's not. Your alternative tax yeah yeah. Yeah. While the Celtics in mobile home normal person and I don't want the next one noticing. It is. And now his demeanor during McCain's. It also. You're an adult panel looked whom you and Eric posting. In it is no match even a booklet. You don't look like shell what you can you believe. In hook. And Celtics on the east pulling in here you know you just believe that plane and I'll act. An actor in a autumn. Probably. Without what are I'm thinking it's hanging integrate it well. And just want to. Enact echoed there I'm minutes search or Andy's first point about Stevens looking shell shocked I totally agree they did the halftime interview with him. I forget who was for game two and there was something about you know how do you that he slowdown bulls' offense or something in his Ike well. In and he he was totally flustered easily they got lucky on a couple they'd they'd bank to three you know he was he just seemed totally flustered and that Stevens look that we're used to that we. Have always interpreted as unflappable. I think in this series has fallen apart a little bit where it does look like what the what do I do what's gone on. And this is the first time since he's been coached where you look at him and you feel like I'm not sure he knows what's going. Well you come away from this will be the first time let's assume that they do lose this series today was series in five or whatever. This is the first. This'll be the first series where he'll look back at and say the better team didn't win by getting right out of the gym when it's LeBron. Couple years ago account whatever that's fine you're at a last year with the with the personnel that they had. I you look back out and say I Ivey I was personally expecting a little bit better showing than they gave last year but. Either you can almost live with it this will be the first one where you've got a team that is clearly better clearly better. And not just as a 18 matchup take the seeds to take the records out of this was a dysfunctional mess in Chicago that nearly blew itself up mid season. Tried to trade Jimmy Boller did trade Taj Gibson. I didn't look like it was heading for the post season made it a relatively weak Eastern Conference still came down last. Weekend. In nickel a whole lot Miami Indiana game 82. Isn't present Rondo getting benched you know Rondo was in and out of the lineup you lead out for alleges the amortization. Wade out at the end of the year none of this adds up. To a team coming in and blowing out the number one seed and so. I keep hearing like I got some blowback when I wrote that Stevens deserves to be questioned about this this is the first time. That's Steven's gonna feel some of the heat because he certainly didn't deserve it two years ago in even last year I think the hawks are better team okay fine if you disagree about fine. But this time he deserves criticism that people liked Ozzy supposed to win at this roster is no rebounding is no this is not stop. You are playing a 500 team that was the number eight seed in his eight. True number eight seed Atlanta last year is a four was probably better than that by the time the season ended these balls are better than that there an eight seed. And you're gonna get blown up by them and that's okay. And there's not nothing should come back in the coach not they believe now to the post season they fit that is behind Indiana. Doesn't everybody like do you have an out of their last nine. Whatever ten against two to make look at the teams they played down dead or other some Brooklyn and there but they beat Miami beat a couple of good teams in Napster direction Miami is another good team their Macs as a team their fight Miami was good either fighter weigh fatigue there in Miami because zero ET Miami finishing like thirty and eleven in a they were legit team at the end of the year but that's kind of beside the point the point is the bulls are true number eight seed and you should not be losing and they are losing. Two right now and they've got themselves in position down 02 and that's the frustrating thing wearing you look at. Where the Celtics are and it when you're kind of evaluating Brad Stevens on that on that. Broader scope it's I get to the point of the fighting there will be some. They'll see they'll hop on the fire Brad Stevens bandwagon it's Alec will never get to that conversation. At all in this offseason adding that parties premature but I think. Bringing Stevens into the the realm of the things that it's okay to question that's where you've got to go at this when you're looking at this team and they okay. Brad Stevens is he the guy that can get you to a certain point in other words you're building Fermi team that was. Wants franchise for years ago. To a team that is one of the let's say three best. In the Eastern Conference this season and get back to the post seasons he's the daddy can only get to that point. I can't get you to that next step of getting over the hump finally doing into that entire question this year. But it makes next season pretty damn important especially if you added a top pick where they make some kind of a big additional got to listen. Yeah all the sudden. You're looking at a make or break kind of post season for for Stevens I think that's where I he sort of training especially if they get whacked in these next couple games are not losing in five. Yes the I'm not actually willing to go there and what I think. What this post season is is highlighting that we suspected but now we know for sure is that the roster is not built to win in the playoffs in the air. They're kind of like the money ball days you know their team that can win in the regular season they have a good formula well our luck whatever the baseball equivalent or basketball equivalent of on base percentages they've. Figured out that much. By the play outside like that's the whole point the plants are not like and Brad Stevens is not right now working with the eight playoff ready roster and so. People like you and me. We're realistic about that we both said the same thing. Win around and then you know what if he had bounced in the sec around that's not going to be a big surprise and frankly that won't be a disappointment. But absolutely win around. And if they don't it. Some of it has to come back Steve and we'll see how much that does 617779. Seven and 937 why get some Red Sox Dotson to mossy for get out of here he's here till nine. I'm here told so get more your phone calls and as well politely answer mossy hanging out with you what it Thursday night Sports Radio WE yak. The John Tomas on Sports Radio tell. EI. So a lot of times in transition and I think we're just trying to. Com to get you know what was down ten trying to get the game back in one place until like that the first half. But you know I think obviously we're gonna have to play more purposeful offense that will help our defense. And then the defense and rebounding is an issue and I thought we started the game great first four possessions and then. The next ten. Or not as great you know. You have to guard. You know how many positions you have to starting game four is not enough. I Brad Stevens outside about the Celtics in there out lack of guarding. Various points throughout the course this series as is distracted by the way WB EI phrase they tweet. It says the money at night audio. And then it says without any punctuation whatsoever. Gilani is Chris Sale Pedro Buick. Outline is that your plate making that statement. Or at least asking the question Gilani is Chris Sale Pedro good. I would of course yes I'm. I praise. Her as anything you. Art Pedro what they meant it probably put is aligning with a colon and yet not yet complied and I'm saying it. Is Chris Sale he drove good that is no punctuation which is that a lot of you are Chris Sale Pedro Chris hoping that Chris Sale and Pedro. Rolled into one pro without there are doesn't matter yeah. Wait till they see that they say about Tomas. I'm like I'm like dad John Burke it. Casey. Kerrigan and movement he makes and somewhere to. You know. Now there aren't let's get some cell phone calls Dave Waltham up next on this season how they play during the regular season had Dave. There you go on. Yeah well. Well that that interview we just heard he's second. I mean I I can't believe his conflicts. It's like. His team already locked he polluting. And one at the feeling that he himself. It's a deer in the headlights that what I take it going on that. We have high expectations for any sort of club high expectations in this club. They may very well be. In particular decent team and they just float in the in the playoffs I think that. I think that. Even in an unbelievable job during during the regular year because you're so many injuries. For them to we have 53 game especially when they are we haven't quite what they were lucky could. To win them I don't know why should get him out of the game this year. And almost every other week I was wondering how equity. In the in the hunt and a democratic. Bret Stephens that it and it's how many injuries and yet they wanted feature original world you're going to. Us W ultimately it is a different game. Many of those players don't have any experience even have the experience. Having a good competitive team. Under his wing during. The playoffs are and I think Rondo. Is out coaching Stevens and Rondo you know he was generally felt strategy. I don't have access that I am one small idea which used. I I'm sure agreeing to let them defensive liability but if you can get them and they are treated like Ray Allen of the microwave. And treatment of decoy or apple. I could be it equally for green if you can if you got an ad that could really change things. Very quickly when certain strategic point in the game. They tried that in the for an order game one and it didn't work general grange he came in any guy he was a goner I mean that's what he does and it didn't work and it correctly if Iran over the Celtics really that beat up this year like Avery Bradley missed the budget games which not every year. Al Horford have a concussion thing early that was here way at the beginning of the season and then everybody else well ass like always avenue five plus games immunized they have played 76 games so. You know I don't think injuries were actually a big deal in a couple of those were days he sat out or more strategic than anything towards the end of the season and if you wanna say that Brad Stevens coached up. A roster are. You know 45 win team up to a 53 win team I would an argument that I think he. I think he played as big a role in this turnaround this year and the last three years as anybody. Come playoff time the game is changed and I don't know. He's changed winner and any asked him as one of the things got to figure out at least if they're gonna extend his playoff series beyond this weekend Stanley and Providence on Brad Stevens died Stanley. I you're on the air. I'm eleven so. On the lot code said that you know ma is a loser I not a and that Detmer back even and bring back. And they didn't take long regret I think will be a bigger story than the Celtics in the east I mean. I edited resides are cells dying is doc is not a coach for a building team doc as a coach for veteran team Brad Stevens is the right coach for young team the Celtics. I think we're losing our perspective a little bit. If we the guy it was twenty I'd wins. Three years ago and now it's 53 we want a fire that coach I think we're getting a little bit ahead of things. I've been with them but what I think Brad even. Couldn't do act like an argument it was the kind of you know OK get it to relatively well. Clearly checked he then the next step and I actually didn't I remove called back in no quotes that he'd be relevant enough such acts are. That was it he can get that act will occur as I mean. I think a couple of good about it scene with a rod well. Butler and you start at the trio that he. It seemed like the vote back not build it all. Out flat. Stick. I appreciate I've read that last point those of say Chicago looks like a better team and used are those names out there and say Butler Rondo and but then you've got to look at them in their current incarnation Jimmy Butler fine OK yes I'll I'll absolutely give you give you that want. Rondo play throughout the course of the season how he's doing now. When he's got himself in a huge mismatch spurred his own say great going up against Isiah Thomas. It's an a shell and that's like shell of himself he's been disallowed channels that he's been a mess for this team for good chunk of the season. Yeah but you're right I mean a big picture this bulls team is not that talented and I just wanna go back and wait hearse just go back to Stevens for a second this is a bad series this will be a bad loss for him. Don't tell me that Brad Stevens can't come back from cedars. And take the Celtics to a conference championship or even finals. If they get a couple more pieces I think. This series. Is exposing the roster. For its deficiencies let's give Bret Stephens a chance to coach a playoff series where you have. Gordon Hayward and Isiah Thomas as your two primary option. Yet when I will say is. Now I cannot even go to a little bit further with the then you're willing to at this point. I think we're learning more about Brad Stevens and if he. Isn't making any adjustments this time around he looks like a guy that is does still have that deer in the headlights look at the end of these series. I think next year turns into more of a make or break season for him because now in theory at least. These rosters should be transitioning a little bit away from the young building roster other are to be a late Celtics three got a ton of veterans and you know more about a team for dock for Doc Rivers wouldn't say he's not completely dismissing the point. That the last caller made it maybe Brad Stevens can only take you so far I'm just not at that point now. The collar it's. I'm not at apple announced on how you can dismissing I don't see how you can look at this roster and say Stevens has the right because what we're talking about is whether or not they win one series hated you and I agree on the gas is probably team built to win one series and that's it. So it's just about that one series but when I look at Stephens and I look at this team. I just I don't see an app NBA playoff ready roster yak next year at this time presumably you know wick was on though I met last week. Mentioned again we will have the room to go get a Max guy I think we can all agree that kinda has to be Gordon Hayward at this point. Gordon Hayward who looks good you know and in. In the clippers' series of course the course series at Bobby Gordon Hayward of course you would of course Christmas of course that in absolutely look at look at me that's obviously but he's also. He's a guy is stepping into a zone gap and he fills a lot of needs he shoots threes he's athletic he's a slasher like. All of that stuff that you're looking for so at a guy like that. And let's re convenient next year. And then talk to me that I'll have a much better idea of what kind of playoff coach Steve there is a huge leash though for Stevens that just eight that you he's earned it to an extent. But when you think about the way that other coaches have been treated in this town I mean John perils the first when it comes to my but Bill Belichick in his own John Carroll on the World Series against cancer and people want him gone right. Even though on the other hand could be 212 in the post season in another couple of days and he's got at least. A two year leash right. If you're looking at next year sort of evaluating after next year assuming the roster is better then a value waiting whether he's the guy but at shouting what should. Have now at least I mean come on like Dave. Transformed from 25 to 53 wins in the course of four season you exit tidal wave order allows. Yes I did it without you know adding a marquee free agent unless you count Al Horford without hitting any major home runs in the drafts. And unless you count markets Smart and out which I don't and Jalen brown not yet the same night at Wellesley. And so he's done it with just this kind of middle class middling roster. I don't see how anyone can say that he suddenly. He's got a dollar and that he's coaching for his job next year no but if you want a question. The way his team has responded to post season that's on him that's taken or Alan I'm Brad Stevens say Jake. And yet I don't. I dislike the state I call it that who in the last night said that you'd have to go that that's not bad. Brett Steven took this team from that they're in and brought the playoffs like. It is southern accent in the Al red team they can others need right now obviously you'd like it to have a better and I'll record. Let. Just. Yeah he has been the most important thing that this team has I. Well I think it out spread in winning games of all. You know it's late it. I thought it is that lack all the playoffs anyways eve but it'll oil series that we eat well we needed it Gordon Hayward when you have a say in order or even. I don't know all George that you we all you guys. That we're talking about the deadline that we miss those were the difference makers are credits even if any changed at that not all at any. When you look at what the market content got moves or it would not be it because it is. Three times over that embodied in and I didn't organically on a rock. But they didn't they didn't want them I don't necessarily follow them I don't think he's a long term it anywhere. That's probably another story for another day aisles of the the kings GM just got drug conveys the All Star Games and screw it whenever and hormones are New Orleans right. If they can. GM today is getting old why did you get caught because he didn't wanna man I think yeah I was when laying out the player you don't want to market content on your speech from the market as well dump it out in the current between Pete and how to all too. If you wanna look at only the rebounding numbers yes but I think there's a little bit letting the markets welcome back once he even. Want. Witty and. Pebble where I mean we're wears New Orleans for all that talent and having Anthony Davis residence tenth in the way. And edges and that they have the two best bigs in the league and on top they 'cause it has been a pain in the as everywhere that he's went I don't alzheimer's he's talented I don't fault me for not wanting him. Chip for John Ronald they get their way go to the championship and ought. With who without. I mean if they get it right Cerrato was at best a fourth guy on a championship team DeMarcus Cousins would come in here to be essentially want a in an inside outside situation with Isiah Thomas those are not analogous situations. OK but what you know you're probably right but something has to be down this route did not settle at a playoff series. They're all one seed where that's also even get a once seen they're gonna get swept. Maybe we put type games I don't even you that the bulls have been dominate it and dominate the box. He gains as being pace so mean and those bottom lines that the roster not being good enough and needing DeMarcus Cousins don't necessarily exist in the same world here I agree. The roster Walt. The roster should be good enough to beat the Chicago Bulls yes by. This roster that enough to championship. Is packed enough now and guess what they wouldn't be good enough for DeMarcus Cousins and ice. He you know there there is I understand the temptation for a guy like cousins just because. The numbers that the sheer numbers that he puts up a -- reason why. Nobody else seemed to want this guy why he was available for what he was available for in those terrible treatment sacraments respectively on the map but. Did there they baggage that comes along with cousins date pre building team it's a lot to risk. To say we're gonna hitch our wagon to that guy of and you and see whether anyone can take us to the to the next level. Jim in New Hampshire with they I thought on why the Celtics may be struggling HM. During the radio down but. Schema is Mary and John. Now Norris. I. He is ideal well. We talk about it and it is an his emotional state and you know it's so. You know and negative way it is. The ticket guy late. As it Thomas who is delete the Celtics. And expect we like and dine or like to use to track down. And dying he loses the only number. He spoke to pick up the Celtics is their leader space. Tend. Yeah that's what it grew up in light. Pick up rebels and right. What would not try I think debt the problem is we Cubans and each unit and and like I totally agree with Charles Barkley that continent in the video so are. And on the sidelines is there any crimes. That is huge it was like. So normally as like heartless guy in the lot. Done this best. Yeah that it's incredibly difficult or to catch up Jim kind of against it here it is incredibly difficult for Thomas. And it's added to regain whatever decision he decided in whatever decision he wanted to make for game one. How bad it man I mean you go through something like that yet whatever you do is the right decision. Because if one thing of doing that my day job is Tommy anything word seems like not a week goes by where I'm not speaking with somebody who's just lost somebody. In a horrific manner there's no right or wrong way to react to some people like to talk about it some people don't some people wanna keep. Their minds occupied go right back to work some people don't so whatever decision he wanted to make was the right one so that. Putting that part of the decide. The only the issue that I would take is. What we're seeing for Thomas and Kelly Thomas is playing badly percent in that the issue is they can't find anybody to help him out on the offensive end. It's just a similar script from last year is last year ear taking the personal tragedy out of it. You saw sort of the same thing from Thomas analytics on IT is much is the fact again it's the roster were around him it's what this team can't do. To supplement the things that he just can't do and this is on the basketball court not taking anything else into account yet if we hadn't seen. This exact scenario play out the previous two post seasons where. I say get swallowed up there's no clear number two the supporting cast is an up to the task that I would be more willing to say. You know Boyd of the family situation just took so much out of them and that you know that's an awful thing and amp I don't want to diminish that in any way right. But just looking at this from a basketball perspective. This is exactly what we've seen before exactly what was seen before and the fact that it's playing out again tells me that. You know there is a problem with the way their roster is constructed. In terms of winning now. Yeah I would rather emphasize that the U oh I actually thought bring inning kimberlite and have a huge problem with it and I think back. This is my take in you'll have to talk about it is that OK or even yeah that this is gonna actually serve them while in the future because you get two innings at a Craig Kimbrel. And maybe this can open the door to some four out saves from K Craig Kimbrel. Craig you got six. For less than six and has picturing John Ferrell drying out on a chalkboard with the carry you now for close Karen. Six. In neck war crimes you can appreciate it's mossy and goodnight buddy Thea appreciates coming and I'm here till at 10 o'clock lab or your phone calls on the Celtics 617. 77979837. We'll get in some Red Sox as well and does left over thoughts on the Aaron Hernandez situation is attorneys. Are now suing. The a state of Massachusetts to maintain items surrounding his suicidal get into a little bit of that. As well with your phone calls against 61777979837. Blondie in for much with you till 10 o'clock sports hernia WB yeah.

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