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Mut at Night with Villani - Should Brad Stevens Be On The Hot seat? 4-20-17

Apr 21, 2017|

Chris Villani is joined by John Tomase to breakdown both Bruins and Celtics postseason issues. They question if the Celtics can comeback after losing both home games to start the series. Nostalgia kicks in when talking about NBA Jam.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We. Second hour mud at night Chris Maloney in for Mike and Nancy Johnson Muncie is join the fun and frivolity made units month with. Much man how much busy few days is. Not good for the winter sports teams now that. I turned even getting into now want I don't have one for the Celtics. The Bruins down less so I'm surprised. Only because the way game one when I was all in. On the notion of the Ottawa Senators just mentally collapsing and admitted. This game with no really direct knowledge whatsoever of the make up of the Ottawa Senators dressing room. How likely they word to respond were not respond to a gut punch laws like they had in game one. That's at and I was always united ninety of them just completely collapsing and it's athlete on the at a. Yeah I mean from 31 up in game two to not leading since have they led sense that now and yet now and so. He had his font I mean at least the Bruins you can say well you can't lose a defenseman today. For a week and still be competitive and their lucky to have a nineteen year old out of college if they are able to throw and there's really play is. Nineteen. I know I did these and they only say 1937 times a broadcasts I'm pretty sure that he is and maybe it's quite an out at 98. In. And you hear any let themselves or no room for apparently can't Tiki too many men on the ice penalty. When it's hard enough to score on the senators as it is with that stupid system that they play he can't think too many men on the ice penalty. When you've got five minutes laughter sell in the third period and now you're trying to kill two minutes of that on PK. So let those kinds of things yet Zdeno char with a delay of game penalty that cost him going in overtime those types of things they just their ill boarded the fact they're losing it depends on deck. Yet and they had their team they can't beat on overtime games it's going to be gassed them and we've seen them lose to overtime games. Last night you would in your opening gets overtime again. You know Carlson I don't know how much you know about him coming into the series on the news name them more casual hockey fan. Holy cow what an eye opener watching Mac he's fun to watch. This just build that pinpoint ability to put the puck on a stick on somebody else's staff. And I had to watch every plate twice before I realized that he was not shoot nine I mean I wound up a look like a slap shot. It was a pass that he put we're eight. On the right stick. Yes abounds and Buddy Ryan Bobby Ryan Ayers again I don't know anybody or against Illinois sixty as. Salute lead element. But. With with the Bruins again I was surprised just based on the context the way game one played out in my completely ill ill informed eight on the Ottawa Senators has turned out. With the Celtics. With the team that I know I eat you've been following quite a bit writing about quite a bit on WEEI dot com. To say this might be competitive series that would surprise me a little bit I honestly thought the Celtics are gonna pull off a five game series but I hear Celtics this gag in Chicago locked fence. You know Ron does a shell of what he's been and Dwyane Wade was. Out for the last three weeks of the season just came back to even play into the fourth quarter of a game. That they really needed yeah down the stretch the sect the last game of the year and he couldn't play in the fourth quarter that game because he's gassed. Yeah but Corzine in game one that. They out rebounded in 2000 Taj Gibson. That's I gonna be day that that'll be different equation at least once you get to the post season. This team look like they quit in game two the Celtics absolutely look like they quit they are Ron out of their home building and sweep is in the equation now I. I don't see this series gold one in five games. I still have a little bit of hope because the Celtics. Are a better team mates play better in Italy let's do it better I mean I've played I think they could absolutely think the way they're playing now now the way they're playing now no but I'm Gannett. I'm gonna give Brad Stevens one chance here let's see what you can do to turn this thing around because. Let's not lose sight of the fact that the bulls are an average team and whoever they face in the next round they're probably gonna get swept or lose in five they're not a good team. There exploiting all of the deficiencies of the Celtics in the Celtics need to adjust her rebounding on the Celtics are so predictable on offense it's all of this perimeter stuff. They are really being aggressive. Awful ball screens on I say yesterday jumping out on him thirty feet from the basket. The Celtics can't get their offense rolling and they don't have anyone who can consistently make an open shot. And you can see it's in their head again you can see. Basically from the last week and a half of the season. When it became clear that. The number one seed was not a pipe dream the Celtics started clinching certain body parts. Certain orifice is an oracle type he's getting a little a little smaller. I relating maybe a centimeter at most and they're pulling its chain and jump shots I mean you see that all the time now how many threes and they program. It feels like half of them yeah of markets Smart. Who's a decent post player whose short arming shots from two feet away and so they're playing tight. They're playing tight and may be the whole backs against the wall thing and the fact that Chicago's talent is not overwhelming. You have Jimmy Butler is the best player earning their team fine but you should be able to make a case for the Celtics having. Second third fourth best players and that should be enough with a Isiah Thomas right there with Butler but the problem is. Nobody is stepping out of and Isaiah nobody even Isiah last game to play. I'll say man marches march give you something at least day he's he's he's a fair usually got it didn't look like he quit at the end of the game yet he only got Olympic hockey fans though so I mean how added I just. How much is his head in the game if that's what he's doing you know and may have deserved it. I don't think the fans deserved it. I think it'll wouldn't and that's down sixteen not a number eight seed it was a mass is and as I can't believe the idea this week with a number eight season the especially these seats seat. This is there any not a good basketball team that didn't get along all year so it's not like you can point to them. Last year's stock they literally were talking about blowing it up two months ago illustrated Jimmy Butler to the Celtics you know so I think what are they running on about blowing it up but the hawks last year were different story that was a team. That was beat up at the beginning of the year and if you looked at them over the entire second half he says quote okayed that the team hitting its stride. That's a team that's a bad matchup for the Celtics. Nobody thought this about the bull's eyes certainly now the only thing they they. You worried about a little bit again I thought this is going to be mitigated by the fact the Taj Gibson's on the team anymore with the rebound it greatly. Indicates that eighty team and any playoff matchup they had this been a bad rebounding team all season long pick. To what extent. It calls into question the idea of adding a rebounder at the trade deadline when you see the guys that did change hands the compensation for which sort these guys well Lara late first round her battles the obvious one that's I would take and that's the obvious one end. At the same time now. Rebounded about why they're losing this series is badly is they are I mean this is an effort thing this is the lack of its experience thing. And therein lies the bigger question mark for me the bigger problem for me. And illusions the Celtics are going on a deep. Post season run they sees an at bat navy may be of things broke right the Eastern Conference finals were. In play at not more likely a second round exit was I was reasonable for this team. But now. I feel like I'm starting to questions on the things they didn't question before Brad Stevens chief among them. In. Through a a heavy heart right now. In on paper and appreciative of that fact it's probably not entirely fair. Two judge's performance strictly upon what you're seeing in the post season but you are seeing a lot of the same things from Thomas this year. That you saw last year which is some of the limitations on offense all of the limitations on defense but more than Thomas. The lack of any sort of creativity to get somebody else involved who's not Isiah Thomas not our Tom as that goes back to Brad Stevens and frankly the other four guys that are out there with ninety. Yet and so if you want to criticize aims for that I'm okay with that although I really feel like. Ames is building this thing the right way that he's the he never looked at when he seventeen years there and it's counts for titles though the fact that they won 53 games. Which is weird number to be number one seed that they should try to be the third seed I think everyone feel. That was about right if they were in the third seeded 53 wins so that third that it's a weird chance a weird year for the east OK fine. So Ainge hasn't really built this team necessarily to compete for title I have no problem at bat that I am I certainly have no problem with him. Holding on all those Brooklyn picks because I think ultimately. Four years from now if your in legitimately in the mix of title that's going to be a pet that's. That aside. They are good enough to beat the number eight seed and so you have to ask yourself why isn't this happening. And the Isiah thing when you're talking about him being exposed in these limitations on offense. That's where the lack of a number two to skills because yeah if you go through the playoffs it's really about. Your top two verses arts octave. And this is part of the reason that I felt like the Celtics would be okay in this series because Isaiah Jimmy Butler that's basically a wash may be a slight adds to Butler although as I say as a better pure scorer. And the number two guy. It's hard to even say who the number two is on either team is it Al Horford is such a crowd it's probably Al Horford and disease yet. He say Isiah Thomas Al Horford verses Jimmy Butler and Rondo lord we always weigh and Rhonda. It has been Rondo but I'm saying going India theory so. Compare that to some of the other teams. Wall and appeal obviously all the guys they have in Cleveland. Would Millsap insurers he started break all these other teams down your realize. DeRozan and Lowry the Celtics don't really match up at the top of their roster with a virtually any of these teams and ease and that's gonna be there on doing in the playoffs that's who we've seen. It's star power in the playoffs that's what it is the teams of the strong middle class is as in the NFL. This isn't the patriots winning being introduced as a team that doesn't fly. In the NBA and the Celtics don't have enough topic. Does any of this go back on Brad Stevens gas they gets less absolute or lose in five U electric goes back on Wednesday's series at all I think a lot has to go on Stevens to avoid a losing his job. Now now dot. It gets swept. Now if I get a college remark short leash now evidently not shortly you kidding Jordan Malaysia Brad Stevens is a great coach long leash but yeah super light snow and I mean I wrote a thing. He deserves criticism he has been about criticism. We're hitting it higher and run him I think is an exchange I I understand your point but my my thing is this and it's not fire Bret Stephens something like that. By at some point. Through this rebuilding process it no longer has to be about building it's got to be about winning. It's not just OK how many how much of its dry did they take from last year next be actual tangible results. In the post season that is how we are judging all of these guys. And all I wanna see is I think on what you're advocating for here Stevens being included in that mix. Be included in that mix of our were evaluating this entire team this entire roster the way they're built the way they're built to compete but it seems like Brad Stevens is sort got to pass because. Well there's still making strides there's still better this year than they were last year they're better last year and the year before at some point getting better. Is not a knock you have to get better and have that level of success include winning in the post season. At that it's what year Brad Stevens is what to a twelve to attend the party keynesian policy. I had these two weeks two and ten right now yes it sure worked well and gets blustery. For a player to at least or health regions while that they don't it's as a lot better yet and so. One other two until now some B two and fourteen. You know ultimate Ali to enter to attend to and they want the mayor's. It's not a greater it definitely it I think you do need to back up a little bit and just remind yourself where this team was three years ago. When he five wins a roster with no recognizable talent whatsoever. Guy and to go from 25 to forty TO blow for EAS and a three to 53 this year. I don't think you can point that NC Brad Stevens asked ago I mean that's a team trending in the right direction. However he is absolutely open to criticism for multiple reasons like. Isaiah on Rondo has been. A one sided match at some point you say. I say can't handle Rondo Rondo is torching it means controlling the game absolutely need markets Smart you need Avery Bradley needs something else. Amir Johnson how long is he gonna stay in the starting lineup before you decide you know what. We're getting killed on the boards and he's providing us nothing so whether it's Tyler Zeller for traditional size or Kelly Atlantic I don't think it's had a good series whatsoever but. At least he spaces the war whatever you got to change things up there they're offensive approach we side at times in this series. When they go inside to Al Horford it's not about put Al Horford on the block and treat him like he Shaq. Get the ball in silicon and allowed they had an inside out three pointer from Horford to Avery Bradley in the third or fourth quarter. Of game two we say OK that looks like the real NBA offenses this move it around the perimeter without it like like there's a moat around the lane. That's not gonna fly in the playoffs in the polls are athletic and their quick on this switches and their extending their defense you've got to make them pay you've got to at least. Pay lip service to the idea that you're gonna try to put the ball inside so I think all of these things come back and and and flip around the other side that's exactly what you toggle is doing moving the ball playing inside out when they have to you getting to the basket at the Celtics are hurt. Guarding the perimeter it's like they're playing Golden State yeah this this great thing shooting he's the 24 ranked team should countries now they're ten for Tony five in the last game I get that. But you know what when you are getting killed inside yes I'm OK with letting Jimmy Butler shoot threes Jimmy about is not a great three point shooter Dwyane Wade is not a great three point shooter I'm okay with those guys shooting. But the Celtics are standing their defense like you said like they're playing great perimeter scoring team. And when you have a point guard like Rondo and you give him lanes like that passing lanes the guy you know can't shoot because you know can't and won't shoot although he was a pretty good three point shooters here believe it or not he was one of their better coming Santo the issue lost. Enough you know I think he's like a 36%. Shooter symbolic which for him is out for him that's great yeah and so. Well retired air perimeter he's if they do defensively here extending the defense your opening lanes for Rondo. Who you know it's gonna find people for easy shots how many times. Do we have to watch Robin Lopez taken open sixteen footer. How many times the I think he's probably ten or eleven and those shots in the series but Celtics need to job. Yet these are the kinds of adjustments I hope would be need or at least in progress from a year. You know first round exit last year to what he's looking increasingly a first round exit is here and you're holding out some hope your hope is all day. Your hope is based on the same thing that my optimism was. Going into this series I recognize all the deficiencies the Celtics have the lack of a second start rebounding deficiencies the packet to go. Not small do go small their lineup selloff and to dig balls very good yeah and you know I'm not a good basketball team that is not just winning the kicking their ass right. Now on their own court I think the one thing you have to give the Celtics credit for and this is why I'm not closing the door on them coming back in this series. Resiliency they have any resilient team. That's been their hallmark and a Stevens there we're new into without no no they believe me in this series ring hiding games through and it anything else one issue we haven't talked about if you want to criticize the coach is. Just that tightness that we are talking about. They seem mentally a little bit overwhelmed and I don't know if this is fair but to me that's a little bit at an extension of the coach and the coach means to. Set a tone or get them in a mindset where they don't feel like. When you watch the Celtics play offense the way it feels like a buzzer beating shot. To win or lose game seven. On every possession and you can't win. Now and they're certainly not it's been out a rough sled for the Celtics through these first two games 617779793. Settled get to a phone caller two year on the seized. Dinner will burn now wants to blame Brad Stevens for this 02 hole guide Dan. They look up that they'd done the won't. Yeah. We want people at the Celtic yeah they laid side everybody's cut back its analysis. You know give the ball variety everybody says the report month. You know that Bret Stephens system now is just. You know let somebody do the work and everybody just sits on the three point Marleau you know look any issues at all. Well I mean that was there offense during the year they where they took more three pointers and everybody except. I think probably Cleveland angled stated I think they were third in the league and reporters attempted so. This is how they play offense the differences. During the regular season when Isaiah as the king of the fourth and I'll bat. Teams don't devote the kind of attention to him in the regular season that they do in the playoffs we've seen it time and time again and it's happening again now. Yeah hurdle. It is an AA it's personal thing as much as anything it it calls on. The idea they don't have that second score that second catching go to I didn't do so many things we disorderly them out I pence lead defense lead with the personnel they had. They can still correct it's not just a personnel issue the talent this team has. If Brad Stevens were were red reincarnated. Is only going to get you so for sure there's only so much talent on that roster but there's so many things right now. From. And an execution scheme standpoint from a game plan standpoint and Brad Stevens is what we think he has. One of the better coaches in the league one bag a guy that is I held to build this team to get this team moving in the right direction not the peaks and valleys of David Price. But a steady at the treadmill inclined or whatever. Of the Boston Celtics over these last three years let's see the adjustments in game three. Let's see some of the stopping game three let's see them not guard the perimeter likes that carry shooting threes instead Jimmy Butler or rice John Rhonda let's see. An effort to attack the basket. Which they have not done and it reminds me actually oddly enough for the 2008 Celtics title run they did that a whole lot of that. Early on and people are pointing out free throw discrepancies the difference was that team's incredibly talented. And could survive those types of situations and they did survive they went to seven games and each of their first two series and went to six. In the Eastern Conference finals here so little wobble. They wanna road yet they got better that's the thing went along there were so talented that first round series with the hawks at seven games seven games and they won game seven Mal I think it's cool them off the floor in game seven back. When that series ended nobody felt like a team an idol not saying I'd at least they made it out the first round now we'll see what happens next. Here is a name that ball probably means something you and I was marked force things so that should go after him catch. Carmelo and I know he's a shell of what he was but when there was a possibility of him being a more possibility in being available at the deadline and there is a big part of me that advocated for them because. Of everything we're talking about well proven scorer. Who you can give the ball to and who can still to an extent not like he used to beating create his own shot a little bit. And he gives you an outlet he gives Isaiah and out. And it's hard when you have a 59 players probably more like 57. And he's the guy that you're relying on to create his own shot. Compare that Jimmy Butler 67 when Jimmy Butler needs to get a shot and he can get it. Isaiah it's got to be screens it's going to be a move it's going to be explosion and then. He can still be blocked from behind or help defender can slide over Carmelo 68. He can hit spot up jump shots that would have been an intriguing guy for me even without the baggage you with a contract in with a all. Yet many are obviously thinking more along the lines of making a deep run this season you like Carmelo it's to win a couple of Sears. Payday then and it just think going back to do any changes mindset. Your right and on the ever thought of in that mindset of 2017 is a year we've got to make that big splash although we have been promised fireworks now for a couple years and it as a really panned out pride 6177797937. By the way texture 3793 sevenths that'd be hard to figure out in the old NBA jam game. Who were the Celtics over the through Chicago bubbles. And it's Isaiah and Horford probably gas. Yeah that has to be big guy logos are small things yeah Mardi martz stark senior Ewing you know neck and regulates a player with Jimmy Jam packed and their allies would try to place Celtics. And it was like the brown and nominee. And it's yeah it's pretty badly was Rick Fox involved in any I pointed to errors rocks Dino Raj you know Raj Raj ask ice to play the suns alike as you have like. Cage today and maybe Barkley got minds either. Inside outside game with the pacers. But Reggie Miller in the dunking Tudjman himself Rick Smith asked act. Or I went Charlotte hornets. With Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson and as I know we have to go to break but there's a bar in New York the arcade witches are evil old fashioned arcade games. And there's a few of them around Manhattan and Brooklyn wherever. And you go in there and if there is a line at one game. It is four dudes who are like between thirty and 45. Playing NBA reliving their child's and yes I would probably one of the 617779. 7937. We see your Brad stevens' phone calls we'll get tomb after a quick break it's more celtics' doc Johnson Nazis in the house Chris baloney with you as well is Sports Radio WB yeah. The John Tomas on Sports Radio Dell. EI. The news of the NBA jam music I. I had. Always so nice if those three threes in a row the ball catches fire he's not admire. And love that game. Absolutely love that game superintendent. And it honestly is back in the day it was a Nintendo guys had brand loyalty back them. Well eventually I guess I went over playstations and no I didn't. I I would actually say again I've been Xbox that is so nice if PlayStation Ireland and I went. I went right to PlayStation was different getting used to the Ide disk is opposed to the cartridge. You know blowing it can't blow and it and it its I still have the attention in my parents keep palace the old regular any ass. System it's down there. Every now and then it's for some reason in my parents' bedroom out of alignment that plays when he is down there tool Thomson dot com but. Every now and then muscling up summing up to the bedroom playable. Oh Mario Brothers is something from back in the day we yeah I have these Sega Genesis in the attic and my son who's nine a year or two ago found. And turned it on and it's still work in new to blow in the cartridge which is great yeah I've said this before. You could go. To the Australian Outback to whatever. You know aboriginal tribe has never been touched by technology it all figured out and an eight year old kid would immediately notable element cartridges that didn't work and but he played sonic is actually decent game it's not a terrible game is still entertaining. And played a bunch of games broke damn well the thing with like twenty years all the toys to his yeah I feel like they're just having of kids he rhino this well but they're just recycling the same. And like the turtles are huge now the turn as a huge my little pony is huge it's all this stuff my you know my daughters and that it's all this stuff from when we're in the same same kind of training comes backer Mike in Natick once the type Brad Stevens his team down 02 of course Mike I had. There's got to show that it. Don't understating it and I'm a beat you content as well that it Bret Stephens is just current would love. Don't get used to being seem very very very well coached obstacle. To well India it never happens. So I don't. Think he's broken the mold a brilliant think he's broken the mold there though gone from 25 to 53 wins with not a lot of talent on his roster. Yeah open Europe what two series wins is not redeemable pursuit sets attitude we could play out in PA a doesn't really matter. It's all a winning play. But here Ayers and listen I'm with you this year I'm with you. That I am 100% with you but. Two years ago your playing Cleveland where you just barely snuck in. And that was zero larger lesson they said they have put Avery Bradley get knocked out with in the first game in Jae Crowder playing on one leg. Against Atlanta team that they never met style Carlo. We have to coat kittens sit around you know supply at a lot. Cut it one other point got me like hiring Boston College Bart jawbone. The Ohio cities into athletic director PCR brought podcasts like camera sports. We covered that in he's going to be great media Boston College. Here's what I will say to him good luck yet seriously that the feels like the worst job in the ACC. Yes I came in the eyes of voters sites like 37 and results of may be that well couple years old revitalize the school I don't know audio more. He'll use it to they have value I was go to total destruction that. Yeah I think you just don't suck for three years and they get a better job that you want yeah but it's such a shame means having grown up here I'd love to BC sports as a kid when Flutie threw the touchdown. And then England Foley teams are good and then they wrote a bill Curley basketball teams are literally AJ Abrams and you know. Craig Smith they had a nice run a basketball success there and once they left and went in the ACC you know all things went you know why. And there are relevant data as even into the early two thousands are member would Mraz and our guys a game they'd they were being basketball beating Syracuse but the early number three in the country. And in Boehner I'm got as he tends to do that really testy at the post game press conference when he's asked about reasonable. These guys the a word number six of the country they're number three. Yeah they're they're supposed to beat us and that he started cramping on the BC students because they mop the floor about these BC students were Smart they were supposed to be nicely they are supposed to politely. Golf clap because they beat the number sixty on the couch and I point of their existence yes it's all been so now's act. Place at best like Timothy that latter point was more get a plug in for his podcasts than anything I just I don't think so lights camera action I I I you know it's odd that. I applaud that anytime you can just shamelessly self promote I am all for that so kudos to you good serve read me in the bus and that said he has signed creator Chris on October Erik Chris Lonnie 44 breaking news and hearts. But the the what about college coaches you look at what they've done over the course of you know the last twenty years when you're looking at Rick Pitino the obvious example around here Calipari the nets going back to late ninety's. As the seat on. Okay DJ Ellison optic Adam. I he was a heat but still. Don't wanna play a series I don't think the vehicle has my number one player yet he's sort of high watermark. Reggie he has. You know from from yeah Mexico now to look at here now at Stevens and as you know it's Stevens is a good coach I don't wanna sit here and say he's coach could you don't get 53 I think we're seeing. A good coach he is in a way in this series you get 53 when that roster. Yes and rested and I think we'll see even a little bit more again I'm curious to see what kind of adjustments they can make. I candy steal two games in in Chicago organizing your game is I played competitively basketball in Chicago Kelly. Maybe lower the bar a little bit and and are talking about this it. Saying this about Stephens is after the higher. That's first of all the Celtics pulled off that higher will still amaze me in a day where day and age where everything is rumored. Everywhere before it actually happens usually multiple times before it happened came out of nowhere boom Brad Stevens the Celtics coach. Report noted having a press count yet right now he's being introduced on the fourth of July laureate does that fireworks shooting up Brad Stevens the coach. He changed dabbled a little bit because you think about these guys that have had. That have made that jump it's either guys that didn't have a ton of success. At the college level. You guys are sort of those mid level coaches that had success in smaller conference has been never really broke during the NCAA tournament which Stevens did he went back to back national finals Susan. Buzzer beating three point heave away from a national championship from beating due to deal is that it in the back for the program and but at the same time he wasn't one of those guys like Calipari or pitino where he had a factory. Where was okay we're losing three blue chip guys that's fine we got for coming in next year they'll play for a year and be gone will be back and turn it may be when it all he actually did after coach and develop guys and I wanna completely dismissed Calipari BT would say don't coach but they know talent is comic. That wasn't necessarily the case of Butler Stevens is really the first guy. There was in that mold idiot success at the highest level beat big time programs came very close to winning a national championship. But he also had to develop these guys attorney Gordon Hayward into pro yet it turned Shelvin Mack into. Prop. Where is. BT don't tell part they got guys the pros and it may have better once they got there but they got guys coming into going to be pros. Yes and and you know what may be the differences to a little bit and despite doesn't hold a completely because. It's been awhile since cal Perry in its enemy to jump by. With colleges being one and on one and on one and done one and done the fact that. Stevens was able to build a program where you've had Gordon Hayward hurt the career was the warriors a three years eyes or your guys and I okay. Shelton MacKey that for four years the dude with a terrible must ask Everett is an. And if that's that's at present I have ever for the staffs are over the net he was a good inside player and he took them to the finals of the next year when nations should have had no prayer. Say he was able to build a program. He was able to sustain success. With a group of guys in you know as you get to the NBA and suddenly you're gonna have players in your roster for more than a year to. Maybe that ability to work with what you have been and figure out how to win with what you have. Ultimately is a better indicator of who's going to be good pro coach the ending what you said the factory recruiting patterns every year you just that. The number one recruiting class. They all leave you get the next number one recruiting grass they I'll leave the native is something that. Reaction in pitino did also eat he had some success he had the last couple times the knicks both what is going way back. Act now before music and talk a with Alex Stephenson yeah. And eventually Kentucky came calling in and they went back to may be had pitino speed and NBA coach. He could a little bit more success with Nixon in tried to build something every only there to three seasons and then. He was gone right at the college ranks and I mean realistically should have stayed Providence college and Butler probably pretty similar you know in terms of what the team now where it's you know his career and and they both had similar in in terms of smaller program that had that big success you had at least that big run it was one big run for for pitino when he seven in the back to back runs Europe for Brad Stevens. Ball westar on the Celtics and their defense aligning its mossy with a on WEEI Nepal. Yeah I don't like as. Good hey let's send them. I've been watching it you know these couple of playoff games that they lost and someone maybe you guys can explain to me. Why. We would put Bob pressure. On Rondo. Out near the three point line play you've been outed. Even I know within. Eighteen or twenty feet you look at the look or that you loose kinda like close enough. IT around you know the foul line area. They just gonna let Rondo shoot there was even one play in the fourth quad I was beside myself. The ball went to Rondo on the way. Crowd went over to double team him. On the three point line in the floor crowded here. The move to make the fake Rondo hit crowded sky for a duck LightScribe go to go to double Rondo on three point. We've been talking about this in your absolutely right we don't know why they're treating the bulls on the perimeter like that Golden State. It doesn't make sense. And Isaiah on Rondo has turned out to be a terrible matchup I thought that will be fine matchup because. Remember what Cleveland would do and they played the Celtics with Rondo global on down would guard Rondo guard him and air quotes and he would be fifteen feet off of me just be in the lane he'd be playing at a Ukrainian called free safety is YouTube's yes he's the night he's he's easy is clogging things up yeah exactly he was here pass roster. The Celtics I understand round has shots omelet and 37. And a half percent on trees career high shot to a game so he was a decent three point shooter this year but if you're picking your poison with Rajon Rondo. I'm Latin and shoot a let him shoot threes and generate Emeka. I'm double and Jimmy Butler and I'm like let me Rondo shoot every shot down on the floor every show up in just one last thought guys. You know I just don't know understand. Why this Celtics don't fundamentally. Know how to box out rebound. You don't like in the open court I'm watching like old Dwayne wade. Running by Avery Bradley and tipping and made sure not in grab these like in a flawed he's oblivious. So what's going on on the floor they just they don't find the body but Charlotte goes up in Vegas style turn and look at the ball I mean. You can teach eighth grade girl at a blocks so. That's all blacks I don't. Yad I think the late in the game is missing game two they were it was just effort in other effort issues. Fundamentally there's a good rebounding team on an airline are so small you watch a shot a lot and you don't see you'll see. Balls turning around and stick in their butts and somebody and you see this Al Lopez team on exactly and you watch the Celtics there was a rebound that they actually grabbed. But it showed the links that they had to go on charter member who was it's the the backup center for the bulls was in game one late cameras and and shot went out it'll Fuller forever be bill went into it's amazing if those aren't going to ninth so. Kelly Nolan it turns around and basically puts two arms in the guy's chest. Ike is police the police Christiana police electric bill. He is the wherever Chris Foley's. Support there have been reports he think I don't know poetic unfortunate that Brazilian Billington so. Like column a clinic puts two arms like in his neck basically. The rebound comes down and police it was still pushing him out in grabbing it and Jae Crowder has to come over that so it took to the Celtics yet to corral this one rebound from the back up center for the bulls who played like four minutes well. Then again he's the Brazilian though is the result in bill gotta I gotta put that I took a picture Dolan Anthony's a broadcaster and as broadcast partner asked me before game one can you take our picture. I'm like who are you okay why this is weird but that Bill Clinton was sitting in front of me. Stands up and just keeps going and it's like seven feet yeah he's he's big too he's a big dude back in the day when the said it was important for us but every team in the NBA except the Chicago Bulls. They rely on TV as a gallon. Brazilian the idea of Brazilians don't wanna gap perfectly guy actually and it was nice and I think it was Bill Livingston. Doesn't start it matters big wake. 617779793. Several get more your phone calls coming up. Us new revelations in the Aaron Hernandez situation as well coming out today we'll talk about those. Idle Red Sox as well the 8 o'clock hour gets mossy here till nine Chris aligning with you until ten its portrait UWB. What is the Nazis portray it WEEI. 6177797937. A lot of Celtics this hour season down to nothing you'd think they win that you think so that they can win this series. If you will one's yours. Now on I mean I would love to say yes but now. You don't lose the first two in your home court. And then come back in six. And a six he had almost have to fix it gets this evidence that way. County takes I don't think it was exciting news. Think they get the token game three win. Now first road gaining that choking game three when Chicago comes back when the close win game four putts Y. In Boston I could. His is random out of Boston twice now. And I came on the complete other side of this I really thought Chicago struggled when he game I don't think there's balls team as good thing though gets swept or something close to it in the next round where they play no you're in the exact same boat. But while it's just been an underwhelming. Performance here Boston Celtics might in north Providence at 6177797937. In my. Our guys that you know you're talking ironical for. And not want what dale brown but do in case Toronto one. As well as he shot three pointers relatively shorter season after the all star break they should like 45%. So that's not completely insignificant thing and to. It's also you know in the past. Asks the idea of playing well off Rondo is wanting to adopt a double loss Rondell he's off global. But when he's on the ball easily an excuse to hate. Easily manipulate them is doing exactly he wants and you're bringing up all like Cleveland. Rondell and tonight a leading Cleveland in the house. It out there any with a big headache from Miami in the playoffs too so I mean it's not like they got ought be at the end that got used to tell. And you know another thing is what I say here is. Who is so well succeed in regard. This is the problem we have a guy is a little Isaiah eight. If you gonna guard Jimmy Butler Dwyane Wade earned their merits which. I can't. You have to guard Rondo and Rondo as is gonna kick him in the head regarding. This is this but this is why the playoffs are different in the regular season. I'd rather see him on wade at this point. Because Rondo is dominating the ball that's the problem. Yeah Allah you know if you put on weight weight and it just it right I ask waited. So I mean they predict that the problem we have. Now the guard says their budget brown. Jalen I think that. He needs to be on the court a lot more and you have to be left alone he misses a couple of shots. Mean Brad literally just rip them walk the war we eat on the court for three minutes yesterday. They need to link they need the athleticism. He is not like the other guys are playing a lot better than he has yet to get the chance that kind of go out there and do something because. You know I'm on the defensive glass. It's not just the guy who grabbed the rebound as having the extra weight on war. You know what Avery went down like granny was talking about it they went from being dead last in the league in rebounding. And and that month. They went up to be at about middle collegiate defensive rebound what was playing a favorite place. Who started and the medics I've got six foot seven and could box LP. It matters. Yeah I mean it's it's obvious both the points he brings up an acre valid but neither one has an easy answer to it lately either don't good you play it but times you can't keep too manipulated now that's that's the bottom line got to trust suck your trust one your big studio to give you some minutes. Other than Al Horford yeah trust somebody to give you a bigger lineup in a better chance to get a rebound the hottest thing on having easy inserts him. Eddie he's not wrong about the the mismatch and beauty you're looking at somebody like Dwyane Wade and Thomas playing in the with Rondo right now how all dominant he is how much he's creating for both himself and everybody tells me is. You're joking a little bit towards the end of the game item flirting with quadruple double that. He had what five or six deals are yet to triple double so. That matchup isn't working either these types of adjustments he going to game three and Rondo so for six on threes in the series so it's it's a pick your poison. And you're getting I'd rather shoot again murdered inside I will let. Rajon Rondo beat me from the outside before Ireland continued it's been run out its three threes and a couple pull up jumpers fine. Yeah I live within and that's not a Brad Stevens issue. Just so much space in the middle the pain right now for him to attacking creates so much space in the middle the paint Dwyane Wade. To do the exact same thing. And that's schematic that's not just on personnel and that's frustrating point I think for the Celtics through two games in the series and it's especially frustrating to me and I had this one going the other way yet and you know it's weird to me there are two categories. It if there's one thing that you would think the Celtics would do well its effort. And there's two distinct effort categories where they are getting killed. In both of them where they got killed in the first two games one is is not just rebounding it's that 5050 it's a long Reba app. On the rebounds that are up for grabs their losing it feels like they're losing 85% of those I don't know at the actual numbers are but certainly in game one. They gave up a ton of long rebounds the rear end and on the offensive end to the rebounding number that jumped off the page to me. In in game one was the bulls had I think was two when he offensive rebounds and the Celtics had a wanna see 25. Or 24. Defense and rebounds those 5050 so essentially yes three things in either bull make the shot. If they don't it's essentially points Haas who's gonna get the ball I just can't happen. That can't happen a lot of those were like you said those longer rebounds where. It's not a matter positioning or even Heidi now this hour so it's a gamble all go get. Ball and that's or a guy like PJ Tucker that's that he does well we saw him do that the first game you played for Toronto against the Celtics. A name that had been linked to the Celtics that they didn't wanna. I'd give up enough to acquire and and what more talk and effort plays the other thing is their defensive rotations are slow and and you would think that this would be a good help defending team because Brad Stevens is a good coach and I think of that. As as an extension of the coaches as coaching and you see. Open shots and dunks and unguarded guys end and defensive players look into the play in the second half where. I don't remember its market stripped or body got followed her over shows before he started flipping off fans at this point he was despite with the wrath. And Rondo blew past him. Glued to the hoop on Isaiah who fouled him and Thomas you can hear in the broadcast yeah outsmart. You stop the ball or something like that late. It and so his head wasn't in the game after it wasn't there and in markets Smart if he's not 100% full effort he has no value. Now Celtics down 02 in this series will get more your thoughts on coming up 6177797. And 937. To mossy and for another hour Chris line with you until 10 o'clock. It is Sports Radio W yak.

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