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Mut at Night with Villani - Is Chris Sale Pedro good? 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Chris Villani and Keefe discuss how good Chris Sale is after the Sox win in Toronto. The guys talk about why the stat of wins is overrated in the current MLB. Callers compare Sale to Pedro. Will Price pitch in 2017?

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You too much at night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. It's a good night's forgery at WE I know months. It was only at the Red Sox games now is what were might use. We don't mean here is too much slacking off someplace now usually works every day to the path around always different times and I was taken part mean you know extra innings win today and I've battled W for the Red Sox although I hit when Chris sales in the game would. Mayor Mike is too much to ask. There's a gotta zone run. Not good enough. It seemed like it was gonna be enough that's rich keep by the ways you know Chris flying with these well. There there are some things about Craig Kimbrel that I find maddening that I find frustrating. And I really wanna hate. John Farrell's decision to go to Craig Kimbrel and I think you're you're Chris Sale at a 102 pitches he's cruising obviously strikes out thirteen guys. I think you'll go Kimbrel done these last few days. And rolled it back I was on and I understand a little bit the argument about while you worried about overworking him and he ended up in. Making his own workload a little bigger today could yet to get six outs is opposed to just the 35 of them might strike out. This guidance from 38 pitches to get his last night outs that's where pitches per out that's almost Koji. Territory when it comes to efficiency tries and Mikey I can't hate John Farrell for this particular decision to pull Chris Sale even though. Three and a half seconds after it happened it was the first pitch second pitch whatever was just squirt I hit a fastball that's taken out of the guardian a tie game. Yeah I just think that sales the one exception I think if if almost anybody else has gone eight innings at that point is over a hundred pitches that makes sense the putting Kimbrel who has been a great this year and you know his first blown save of the years ERA is still known even to after that he was lights out and that last year Israel. Three straight saves. And it was a save situation as a clean inning the normally Kimbrel is really good there. But said was so dominant. And you know that he wanted to return he even said as much after the game that you wanted to say you all as prices are already what he's a ten times on nine hits I always wanna command but a 102 pitches eighty for strikes and it just didn't seem like they had anything going on what that four singles off of home. And a walk. And thirteen strikeouts that nobody and I'm looming large he hit that nobody at that lineup that they were close to figuring out. Sale and I also think maybe you shouldn't. Factory in but based off of the run support but he has gotten. Here's an opportunity to close out the game we get the win himself. I idea that he's now one and one in four starts in his era is long ones you think factors John Carroll's decision I know you say you would do you think John Ferrell doing. Speaking that way he can't the jury obviously what he did he can't be thinking but you know what he I think he was acting work I gotta get a win does is they can't get hit for a while but he get his own way and I'm but I I think. Are your roles in this when he was not have to get any of the wealthy certainly did get there's a I think he was more afraid of if Chris Sale goes out in the ninth. And allows a runner or two at that point you would take him out. By anchor Craig Kimbrel not great runners on not great starting for you know innings that art fresh. Citing data add more to do that decision. And therein lies the second part of the reason why. I just can't crash John Farrell for this particular decision because I think this has. So much to do what he's thinking even in and we just did in about two seconds their sights and John Farrell think a couple of steps down the line here and they should the limitation of camera. Who apparently is fight to get. 86 out win. After bullet to saint. Let's get get a four out save in. I would have to think special would runners on and got also key which obviously would have been the case later is a scenario where Chris Sale comes in at the guy that's out. Even if it's allowed out candidates a line shot to left field or something like that and I think he stay in that games there's no. Situation it's he'll start the ninth at that point. Where Craig Kimbrel pitch of the clean inning let's face Chris Hill gives up. The game tying run and it goes to extras and you bring great Kimberly these yellow is an area where Carol pitches in the ninth it's a clean inning. I have to think that's and John Carroll said I want. Part of me wants to say you know Farrell yeah tell this guy. You'd do you live look up front our niche gadget has gone but then you look at his track record you look at what he's done in those types of situations how uncomfortable he seems to be. And if I'm Farrell columns are working out this equation in my mind I keep coming back to you well as much as I wanna say he's got to do it. If he Shea it's like the defensive back you you put a defensive back wide receiver he burns in 34 times in a row eventually it's no longer the defensive backs fault right. He's shown here and taken out of your luggage put somebody else over top or or put about it. What does he showed he's ready for airport tactic obviously get and to just hit it right Kimberly show you multiple times that he can't handle those types of situations and what that is that op process. That's the jumper as the throw was kind of the boss he say no it protects well he absolutely doesn't he should I don't necessarily a problem that I have to think that's the biggest part of his doctor Chris L gives up here. Walked two guys get to any count of the jam and then you gotta go to Craig Kimbrel to spot there. I don't know this Jackie gets out of that jam without losing game that. See you wonder if he really end you know it will get all that chance basket next week but. I'll ask you who beat who did you feel had a better chance of getting the final three outs Chris Sale remaining in the game or Craig Kimbrel. Because as good as Campbell's span the answer to new V sale that's on sale so good he was Ricky would reduce go to great all year and you which is rolling in this game maybe his best game which is really saying something. I would have allowed him I would add more confidence in him that but it has to be your confidence and getting those last three outs clean. Sale is that that's the wrinkle here right begins a bully out double. So holly mentioned this about whether misty gives up a hit I still see them if he gives us its writer actress as he's your guy. I think he would I'd. I take my chances. Would that there with camera but he had to be thinking. That next step because we have seen so many times. This isn't something that I love necessarily but we've seen. Job growth of the only one who does this but how many times as a starter gone out for the seventh or eighth inning. Given up a hit it that is immediately take halve game yeah I don't love that so we don't look we tried that confidence and you know but as soon as you allow base runner you're out. One run game though I understand at least a little wonder why aren't you guys getting tired and part of it probably has to do which is what his stuff look like you need still dealing and his gets. Hey sometimes you hit Greg Craig Campbell did not pitch at. EE made I don't want to make one pitch that obviously did not completely planned and the planet going forward and in feet and change not tomorrow. That the fact of the matter is what I'm worried about is not so much. Today's game for a couple of reasons one signals of Africans died he had made and number two rookie that's billion out anyway and extra innings you get a win right and and there's Null. Other than a little more aware Tarrant Craig Kimbrel and yes Chris Hill doesn't get a victory. You you're no worse for Wear. I'm concerned about the situation. The next time around when it's not Chris Sale in May be a guy gets pulled a little bit early because of that concern that. Is this guy might be tiring it's a borderline decision and if he gets up a couple of hits Kimberly got wanna go do and we don't trust him in that spot. Yeah I mean talk about that if they have the lead that they ever lead adds I literally anybody else on the Red Sox rotation and yes when the situation like today when it's only in close everybody else I think it's a lot easier to turn over to general with anybody else it'd makes more sense I mean again each game is going to be a little bit different you know what did the seventh or eighth inning it looked like where they roll about what. Who's coming up the next inning is its is that you know as the next three hitters all for nine in the game combines you know against them or or wherever else bought. Generally speaking. If it's Eduardo Rodriguez who has an unbelievable game he puts together eight innings one run he's got a 102 pitches. Which what was sales on an 200 just yet there are probably set Eric Campbell you know you're Europe and get in there. 96 of them for strikes and was everything I stopped to pick the ball and throw it from one half inning I think that took like two minutes or that. Three minute there's a witness and catching Al it was it was fun to watch that we're gonna go on the air real early and obviously things got a little lot. Extended what they want to the tenth. They're trying to Jamaica that eight minute show you guys at Westchester. And again that's that they were going for you or any other guy it's a little bit easier to make that an and I just overall. Today's blown save notwithstanding. You've got to like what you cutting from Craig Kimbrel over these last several outings or Red Sox fan because. It's one thing to be in in terms of getting 38 inning having those types of questions but Campbell we've talked about it on. He needs to be he sale. As a as the ace of the staff as the closer those two guys DB worry free put the man you know we gonna get a good outing are gonna get continued to be able to do their job and Campbell yes there's the huge caveat there that he does his job to clean inning with. Nobody on base preferably a three run lead just in case of a home run or something like that but. Those guys need to be able to get it done Carol past eight years Ben. On a different planet over these last few games which is why is as much as Chris Hill was dealing. I just can't he John Ferrell entirely for putting out for pretty current Kimberlin there this afternoon. Nothing about the prospects that they've given out for those two players out Chris sailer Kimbrel who again you do the Chris Sale deal. A hundred times out of a hundred to one you could really go back and forth polity is very good is he the best closer in the game I would say no. And and it really depends on how how you valid value those those ninth inning guys I I think I personally would would still do that trade but I get the I get people say rather those young players McMahon well Margot organs like three home runs this year the you can see the outlawed but. Ali general has gotten off to a good start but it's not like they're trying something different this year and giving them an opportunity. Says it's a work in the eighth or to work and say you know these tie games and seeing if they'll be different from last you can even last year I am one of his worst season statistically. In save situations he was very good but we we know he's good there but it you have to use of a little bit differently. It does those coastal. Now and it and even a couple of saves situations this year where he's got the job done you feel like you're holding your breath and he's been sort of steering his pitches that hasn't in the case of these like yeah the home run. Is strike. With sir hello is definitely draws sharks that eat with no doubt a strike and the other big take way obviously from today in a Red Sox win over the blue jays. As we've already touched upon a little bit here's Chris Sale and you wanna talk about as advertised. Hi Anne and comparisons and MC call starting lineup 6177797937. Using the to describe Chris Sale the that's the comparable I mean that's the only possible guy you go back to at this point in recent Red Sox gore and say he reminds you of that. Yeah I mean he is he's must watch they that's a really really good starters. Post Pedro blue eyed Josh Beckett had a year where he finished second cy young and he was he was terrific Jon Lester is always had some really good years. But no sales on another level X sales you only got it you can really feel comfortable comparing it to Pedro spent four starts. But he has been absolutely lights out any team in it with such high expectations to be in very similar to David Price you look at it guys that. Maybe the best pitcher in the American League over the last ten full years it's you know it's those two guys include her and you know whoever else you wanna throw in there so we're expecting a lot and he is surpassed that already the first month of the C. I liked watching Beckett pitch like watching Lester pitch and out depended Lester out quite a bit when he came to the whole contract situation it's played out over. A year plus here when the the discussion was gonna stay in Boston or not I wanted to stay right sock and endure they could to keep him. But I never felt like they were appointment television. But I don't and are not I don't know yet they attack if something else going on that they have there's a big guy big Celtics. It's playoff game sump on Thatcher off her to play in an elimination game and Chris sales pitching. That I have to put the Red Sox on some costly failure here flip them over a lot more than I have these that's for sure. And I'm much more cautious about making sure I know exactly what channel that's in plus is yes which is not what I didn't do I I had you looked out until the third inning of the last time it was a conflict and Stephen Wright and as you write it on a nine Seattle got fired ideologue or cared what gentleness and plus the number of other organizations you know this is the first guy he's Peter though that's his appointment. Yeah Ewing and am going to three games in Kansas City in June and I'm just hoping he pitches one. You know fingers crossed again I gotta I gotta be filled game I don't I was already starting to do is the and I realized how stupid and exercises is two months out there starting yet do the rotation through and play everybody stays healthy yet and if it never rains. And I could ask you a motivator or they'd never have a double header should surprise anybody out what you gonna pitch game two. But he Diego would be fit you know last year you were hoping that David Price habeas god does earlier in the area now. That's the that's not a fact it took about his long to make up my mind I David Price not be that guy last year as it has on Chris Sale at a point being this guy it is just fine what I think his first start of dollars in the second third of studies are all part and and probably carpet in April just you know hang tight would be better may not. For one million dollars a year on the end here is way to the post season no we did not hear that is that's the end when this guy shine that's in the sky absolutely shines so I'll start the Red Sox today 617779. 793 sent another fantastic outing. From Chris Sale Craig Kimbrel. Vultures his own victory there after he gives it up in the tenth inning of the ninth inning rather bit. I'm lucky that comes through the bases clearing at the Red Sox to help them win it today David Pembroke next on now Chris they'll guide Dave. They got paid on others. You know I wanted to ask you guys that you know it. You know we're with regards secret fail you seem like he's been able to comment to Boston and and and sort of pick up right where he left the option in Chicago he he pitching lights out and down. You know other folks that have come into town other players whether its position players they're pitchers. Everybody really talks about an adjustment period especially in Boston you know they have the feel out their new teammates in new date. The stadium the fans the media attention. You know but that Chris bell that seventeen nothing seemed have effect in the bank and keep pitching but wouldn't bet. Baseball. You know of his career at an early I understand it. But I wonder if you can shed any light on why. He is different then that other players that have come into town why he'd just be able you know pick up the ball go out and and perform. Yeah I don't exactly know why he's different but I do agree with the observation I mean we touched upon a little bit talking about guys they even Pedro. As good as he was he was great that first season in 1998. It was his second and third years where he really. I became the the dominate a league where you could say he was pitching the best baseball of his career yeah you're in in with a bunch of guys it's been. A year until they really. Sort of getting going in get that that I don't that's it endanger the Austin experience or it's just. And a better season the second or third time around or even like like price did last year and has pulled up his game lines by the way I mean. Opening day yours first game he pitched fine six innings to earned runs ten strikeouts. And he gives up 528266. Yes Iraq is a race that early man. Carl earned runs I had I big you know one of the reasons why is Chris sailed different a that he himself. Is a different type of guy we used Susie was brought in by the Red Sox were look at that are comparing it to David Price and now. David Price seems more sensitive. If you while all along on Twitter or audience or Graham or or things like that I don't him for saying something handled the bullets exactly and ineptly could Chris meanwhile I don't you don't follow him on what are 'cause he's not on there and he doesn't care about it that's not he's he's just all about pitching. And he had a couple of things obviously with the with the White Sox you know be uniforms were that he destroyed the scissors Eddie really light. Animal roaches but those are the two things that really jumped out about him but it seems like he doesn't care about any kind of criticism all he cares about is. Pitching and that's been. Very clearly to make other athletes are older more sensitive to it if they are playing a different type of market a big market the one that just isn't so obsessed with their team. Then they might have a harder adjustment but Chris element of that stuff seems to matter to remember the. The Red Sox beat writers talking about the first time they sort of met knee held court going back to. The beginning of spring training and disliking everything that he was saying is approaching its nothing did you say those things. But then to back it up with your actual approach on the mound and that's just. Sort of the way he's wired it yeah okay out of Boston and Chicago I'm in Tampa and Kansas City doesn't matter men broke off from the exact same way. And so far it's been fantastic it's at the point now where every every five days you. Wanna be there to watch Chris Sale because you might see something special today. Very nearly pitch into the complete game shut out. John perilous there a different way Craig Kimbrel gives it up at the Red Sox do get 41 victory I'd 617779. 7937. Attacks line their 4837. 937. Haloti keybank and I'll get more Red Sox get your phone calls. Also your winter sports teams and a little bit of trouble get to that as well as were in firm might finance key here Sports Radio W yeah. More with Mike magnets he had rich keep. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. But this would share. When I. Luncheon here scale that's the thing. Back to the fence and gone. I'm a little. We're. Heard Joseph is thinking and stuff you can count definitely gonna. And Kimbrel out loud on why and swing and a pop pop. Can't say doesn't care he cares you can't nor sure puts it does play by play guys getting gay Christ for that it's like a do they really are they really invested in this they should be the voice of the ban against can't make a criticism but you know now he can't he is absolutely. Boys the fans. How one texture 37937. By the way the tax line. Looking Chris they'll split last year 142293. And then in the Texas has a three and eight with a 365. ERA less concerned about the wins and losses there in in the ER I mean that's an uptick but it's not a huge one. And in even with the start that he's out too now that far exceeds. Sort of the peace that he was going on air wonder if that. Second after the season was more product of the White Sox and what they were doing around him rather an increase sales are getting ERA goes up I'm also taking those numbers at face value as. I can just tell that 78 area code knows what you're she's talking here for all prefer it there really kind of glaring there is the win loss total witch who cares. Yeah if the White Sox get a right outcry and Chris sales win loss total sucks compared how he's actually pitched. I think it's been wobbly the last ten years for that's really turned around you know guys like Felix Hernandez or Zack Greinke or some of these other starters out of you know won the Cy Young or better in the mix that had you know avert low win total but nobody really looks and that as much anymore not to say Chris Elliott. They traded for Chris Sale regardless of his ERA last season. He's at Il who's the best pitcher in the American League. It front right there Brad what may be you'd say clover. And you know you're going humor but I wouldn't say David Price anymore after his last he's gonna hurt yourself on the Cy Young. I say coming in soon. That season when the red side of the reds I got at that they get us through pretty American League history years. They decided I do the same person power right exactly. And it would mean Nazi one of those people this year yeah first or second half by the way just pull it out now texture was close. In some aspects in debt rog and others intact and so I get to trusting that said profit. First half of the season fourteen and three with a 3382 half the season three and settle the 328. As the are actually went down yeah I'll whip went down slightly strikeouts per nine went up he was better in the second half. So you probably out of tolerance toward their there'll yeah I didn't didn't win as many games do it for nine strikeouts per nine hits and strikeouts per nine. He went from almost five strikeouts per walk almost six strikeouts one accused better the second half of the season he's he's been great if you're either career ERA under three communities he's been non lights out for awhile now target for attacks. Sorry let's March Madness 6177797937. Votes or the fault lines Fred is in Columbia Maryland up next of aligning key K Fred. I have no real Fred. Probably don't their guys pretty well thanks. I have just a comment to make sales December inquiry in game and it probably shouldn't say again. You know Kimbrel a club that I know he's been lights out and you know they talk all about racial. A pretty good closer considering I think considered what I want to bring apple point it out it is there's a lot of credit given to. My board my appeal that in three rounds and attempt setting but they wouldn't bet a tenth inning at that winters and the Bogart's. He drove and not that I'll go ahead run in the ninth setting an earlier this week he'd drove in the winning run. So you know Mullin talked about him I thought I'd just bring his name up and you know get them some good news words. Public deserves duties I think he's he's been he's been good with holding tutors from. And he deserves through 2000 are resides body got hurt when he slid in the second to Dow the way you gonna come a game and any alternately. Stated there they've they've moved him around a lot apple believes that lead off the other night when when Pedroia was out still wait for summer power. You know we have not seen a lot of power from cynical like every time he hits a homer articles about foreign thirty feet but he got everything there once every other month thing you know last year we started to see. A sign that now he cooled off. Late in the season but what you end up hitting 21 home run son also at home runs in the in the twenties and edible parts about it one yet. This year but it's still early. Anything in the twenties all taken yes he guy's leg and he's been hurt but. When you see guys like Bogart's in Bradley show that flash of power to Jackie Bradley showed it to yesterday and Indy you wonder you keep asking the question are who's gonna replace David Ortiz and Red Sox lineup again be. Alive by by committee so to speak. It only works by committee if you have some of these guys that have rejected power actually follow through with him Bogart's. He bats a little bit less so for me just content proved it over the course last year. But Bogart's in Bradley the two guys at the top of the list they are potential power bats projected our backs yeah. But he actually see. They're not Alter. At least you know special Ed Bradley you know depending on how many games he and that missing but Bogart's bats and it still Taylor whereas like you should have. A good amount power from from those guys mission field to make up for you know Ben ten DR rookies it's when he home run guy yet but yet that there should be enough. In their because our offense let's say that hasn't been great in other off to ten and six start. But they struggled. Third to score runs today dating dead you know until they had to get in the blue jays bullpen they had nothing against Estrada. Now nothing whatsoever and in seems like it's happened every time when when Chris sales pitch he's been sort of the snake bitten one here jackhammers stud next on David pricey Jack. And that. 800. Or so. In our chart at least that was nine dollars. That's undisputed. That yet he's making every penny all. That they may be paying taxes just. Opt all right. I excellent. Yeah not a product. Now make it I I don't like America save you have to save the trouble baseball contracts are fully guaranteed. They're making all of that money. If they could find a way to make a little bit more of that money you're hoping that he opts out but he's not going to by the way there let's since his name is brought up there was David Price news today which is. The upshot of which is sort of that the Red Sox are slowing their role when it comes to. Getting David Price back. An and sort of working him back and it's been. Sort of an ongoing thing I mean they they're these. Suppose it optimistic reports of pricey showing progress but you never really seen a timetable. When it comes to OK things are getting better and he's throwing off like ground and maybe is gonna start throwing some breaking balls and then a bullpen session but he never really see that. Timetable of okay were dying here. For her rehab were dying here for actual starts back in the major leagues and now you get a report that they're they're sort of slowing things down a little bit. I I still played I was thinking maybe Memorial Day somewhere in there I don't even know if that's. All that likely at this point but that was the news today that that that timetable whatever it is that not exist in timetable may be slowed down and expect there will be. Whatever it is yeah it's lower than act right maybe June oh yeah. I don't know I mean. As soon as we heard doctor James sanders' name before you went out of them I just sort of assumed who's gonna miss the entire season. Then you got some positive news they didn't need surgery that's what doctor James Sanders says there aren't as good news. But then they send down not on their time right and you let the unique elbow that you hear the well you know I was younger I would have gotten surgery it was how that what what is happening right now so. I'd settle on of these the only two starts this year after the second one is gonna feel a little funny to be done for the year. And so there's that marketing and lastly you didn't reset with the with the it was a with viewers would mark were sent at one and a half games now is president the Iraq owes me one and a half games. But I I thought out and I'll probably make it look like the under at the over under innings at like seven. Anything and I think the under. Is that the pitches in that second game is coming out early early the first pitch of the second inning or something's over the air comes the medical staff feels the impeachment yes whenever that is knock it till it's sort is now they're calling it a slow down. Not a setback the Red Sox are clear about that this David Price soreness that. Since then there is a Nazi slowdown okay is not a setback. If it's a slowdown that you're not doing things you know progressing like you would normally would be right you're slowing things down we're not setting back the days though. In Britain but we just I I don't what how they're not retreating we're just advancing more slowly. The deposit to the rear yeah my daddy brother propped up with every wind does that bother you or wait awhile that bunker. At a June maybe June good but it this border he's counting on now we know what you're doing the out of Red Sox fans feel this way 26177797937. When you're thinking about. What the Red Sox who look like the in the proverbial last two months of the season you're ramping up going into the post season hopefully. Picturing this team at the post season team has media World Series contender is David Price even. On that ledge team party not for me. And I don't picture I'm thinking about look at the number two starter they're gonna have his reports LO gonna be the guy they can emerge. From us some some early season struggle and be a good number two who started the anchors sale. Right you're thinking. I'm not assuming it's been reprise eleven mystery guy from mystery team photograph it can be entails elements like that you can tell it's gonna stretch about that he's off to a nice start off to a good start his beard outstanding as well. Six what 77797937. Keys here till 7 o'clock Johnson mossy is that coming in at 7 o'clock. He is sort of become our Celtics columnist I think about dark is sort of established himself and peace and nobody else is doing so called ugly Dachshund Celtics within Chris colliding with the all night till 10 o'clock sports hernia WE yet. Now more money keep. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. Workday here yesterday was it's pretty impressive background or. So. You know I'd love to be able to say that this is a straight inclined to getting back in the game but there's going to be some. What was it peaks and that was with the B date we've got to monitor I'm on the work. Thanks John Farrell tiger about game pranksters Gilani and average people here. Says to me they climb. Paris keeping line. We picture treadmill I'm mark about it for a moment on the treadmill I was trying to be inclined though occasionally BD Klein. Or and then tiger's going to be flat peaks and valleys and ballots aren't what we're on right now. This would probably be about I guess valley alone even incline like it's harder go uphill and down it is our loft so. So that uphill climb. Ability following fields stock market pressured stocks you know as you the ups than downs near you want to go rally anybody gonna says is not a bull market and heard David right now moment not a thanks bear market he's yes if there he's off tolerant would like to think the most of the team is there from all bears. As like the Kunduz putative threat from where does that that to. This guy totally random note just that it popped up on the opener timeline has seen you over the break. Tiger Woods apparently the 788 ranked golfer in the world that seems low New York Times sports is tweet August I can't trust anything they say. You can't there's no way that's right now. After the that's that are pro golfers picture curve awful. A lot of people go to golf in the world there are but how many of them actually like take part PGA event tickets are in front of them were at the Lexington driving range and earlier this week I have the place it myself included yeah. You just touch on duck and covers situations and kick it out thoroughly yet has yet you know of the dust up a club I understand he got kept walking out onto the driving range easily retrieved the ball that he just to twenty feet you know what it's embarrassing to them watching us down here that you literally taking your life in your hands. I'm so bad at golf that went on at the driving range. I think everybody's way too closely. And like it's obviously sparked off like you're gonna right I got my plan this out somebody who's like directly product there's no way any real person she really hit the ball right there a Mike I don't think that as safe a much more about the got behind on my backswing is a wild somewhere about the fact I am I out of like I need to go Avago a buffer zone when I go to the rain do you say they mile Mendez who watches golf on television. And he sees the people that are lined the fairways are terabyte is those people would be troubled valley remained at all be dead that there but here's the thing that he misses. They wouldn't be there watching you they would not but say hypothetically I get thrown in there here programmers that I hung properly academic guy because they've had enough routed as a pro am. And I'm out there the 780 seven's best player Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods tees off details given up her as his partner here I go up there on Mike dot backdrop. Back rocker out all of Europe to back out and then I was still shank one I'd be terrified that soon get a get a fore caddie just moving people back I don't crowd control I also hate that just when you when you're teeing off on on the first hole. And specialist crowded and you have like the two foursome behind you are all watching you you'll get spotters watching you everybody in the clubhouse watching them like. Because you know you're you're gonna like hit like this line drive that Blake shoots and the second fairway Arabs and good job man. There are going to be in store for a long one a savage on the golf course where do a lot of that. Obviously just watched any Kennedy by the swing you sort of judge I don't disguise L game this guy just things he does back kind of January. I usually root for them to fail spectacularly. More entertaining for me until the one guy rooted for two to succeed. He you're basically got to get there that put the clubs on the cart yeah elect downpours and high school. Hopefully it'll temples them for the effort toward usually take either the first cart or the last cart. But for whatever reason this guy wanted the second to last car out I guess is like he's lucky Carter clear and back on our what are you guys yeah. So I put the clubs on notes at. Went down the hotel notes yet and then move all of cart I could back up the cart behind him and I forgot to put it reverse. Accidentally what is the cart forward as the guy is getting something out of his golf bag. Heeding his leg his leg the act went down hard. He went down hard popped up. Hobbling like crazy got up to the TV assembly and he was very upset was not happy if he'd give me a tip I probably have offered given how would have definitely at all I wanted to do was to have him just had like 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway takes one practice we've got obviously sucks that he felt uneasy blend economy there you have all around him like our I I want more I. Florida and of course record was indeed it was in danger and I and CL sprain because of the city with a cart. It's that ground we have double play ball based off and then whatever small lead he had so much more dramatic anywhere around says he makes his way off the tee. Oh absolutely absolutely brutal but. Deal or whatever how the Red Sox won a freeze this thing I just circling back to price. This just don't optimism at this point is there's no valleys and when I'm when I'm worried about now. Is. Do we end up in a situation where in six months were retroactively looking back at it and saying. You know regardless what the experts as saying at the time it would have been better served David Price in better served just had surgery then it does feel that way. It hasn't pitched this hearing miss the good judge that's your course. Feels that how did you not get it done in February or ever was of this first came out like that that's definitely one of the fears in the hole. The Irish Setter but the yeah he would've had surgery if he was younger. And roll off so. He's just got issued a pitched for three this now he would've had surgery is older Xavier in the worst part of price too is you know you signed that deal and any pitcher over thirty that you give. You know 2.5 thirty million dollars a year to you kind of know going in. The last couple years are going to be bad there either going to be hurt or they're just gonna be an average pitcher by the time it's it's how to doing business there that's why you absorb that for what you get on the planet right. And what you on the front end was a four ERA last year. And play terrible to fly out that potentially nothing in year two looked up and now coming off an injury in years. Potentially nothing in year three potentially missing happier three. It is that we think it is and then the no chance on this planet he opts out right. I don't know isn't it I would not get out of jail free card for the Red Sox and that was a huge point for depending this contract look at this guy comes in he's rate for three years. Now opt out. Avoid. Did the albatross that there at the back end when he's in his thirties that he can no longer pitched about leveled at 35 million dollars would every Earl Bennett X. And let him be somebody else's problem let him go he lobbied EG looking daughter's doing what I think there and you ought to worry body turned over to a younger army you know you have Chris L at that point whatever it may be it. The chance not step down it's easy you got to you got one mediocre season about playoffs start a lot season and then maybe we'll see next year. And and that's that feels like the best case scenario is a lot season and see what prices at the beginning of next season Carol. He's still sticking with seven and happenings or. Yeah because they're all season are having on the surgery yet so I think yet even if he did it June or July as of now on. Pakistan's experiences. Our key Saudi or Johnson Ozzie and out to be joining me next Keith I have a woman I'll flip Johnson mossy it'll Sox and Celtics yankees and Red Sox conversation going your phone call 617. 77979837. A lot Ian for months forgery UWB yeah.

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