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Sale pulled, Kimbrel gives it up, Sox survive it thanks to Mookie

Apr 20, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe give their reactions immediately after the Sox game.

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The real question Keith is. Can we do the entire film wearing these masks the thing on a raft of bills the safest thing for our meals be honest with us we'll scary here. Here today and I don't want to didn't have the public and I'm gonna put in another room. You're always studios are right over here right now. All hi Michael. These guys can do that when. The math I all right. You guys can talk more. Africa it's all gonna take how men it's not about you that pays its tail is there any minute as you more. It's OK seriously it's nice to have you back we'll go back you don't sound like you're a whole lot different now a I feel a lot better than us now. Okay. While that would be hard not to actually put it. Man goes with the Terrence and trying to find that register trying to register listed there yeah. I mean for three straight days you to warm up and then was a late scratch. Yeah it today. Well a moderate don't want it straight days you to that you took the game day skate and two years ago Tuesday you record which was foolish. In retrospective. From technology it's our confidence though that now wins today that now and how does that happen now that when now. Not so much. Well it is good to have you back in Canada as a band back together yes. Let's get this out of the way right off the bat OK and I don't move team that's kind of bailed both Craig Kimbrel and John Ferrell out. John Ferrell screw this one up. He made a mistake. You don't pull Chris Sale after a 102 pitches where he's cruising right. Eight shutout innings to hits thirteen strikeouts is just. Firing on all cylinders. You don't bring bring K Craig Kimbrel and because you don't need him. And now you brought him in he blew the save he got the win he struck out five guys by the way he's unavailable tomorrow night now for you when you go to Baltimore. Yeah I mean Chris sales. Eighty strikes 102 pitches eighty strikes were looking nights others remember and on the air real quick let's itself. To pick up the ball and goes to give up for it he walked one. It was absolutely dominant and that's definitely a guy. Where you don't say I'd ever honored pitches the other does do what are Auburn but it does Roethlisberger are closer. They they take sellout and what's also suggesting as I heard Reddy managing it on the on the TV broadcast. Was that hey maybe you would have brought sail out in the ninth but what if you give up a hit or two. And we know Craig Kimbrel. Like the clean inning so you're gonna take Chris Sale lout who's your best that's player you're gonna sacred right bail out. Just because Craig Kimbrel is a little bit more comfortable or a lot more comfortable. Would the clean inning that that is that. First of all I'll say this JaJuan who I think yeah. The fact that they checked and everything we ever thought you batter he might be a very rare that you can think about a guy he's better than average. Right he's better than I thought he would be. So no real luck might take him out of the game unnecessary. He's a guy we have six complete games last year. It is a complete game doesn't happen much in baseball is a day but he's a guy who could do it effortlessly. Toronto was struggling. They had no chance against him he deserved to win it. Yeah he's he's deserved to win four games indicates that one and Remy said oh yeah well and I take about to be given a pit I wouldn't. You know why give up a single or take him out. Well John Farrell post game evidently told the media that part of the decision to poll Chris Sale. Wiz because of the replay remember send a Bogart's Colvin to second base we thought he'd jammed his hand he played at you know Mitch Moreland with what was the go ahead run. And then they replayed the whole thing he ultimately was determined to be out at second base on the play. But Ferrell said that the replay extended the inning so that played into his decision in taking Chris sellout Chris sailed and said. In matter of me if he wanted to be printed matter I I didn't care didn't matter to me that. Enough is somewhat. Yeah I mean he was just he was absolutely rolling in and part of it too is. The way this season has played out where they haven't scored any runs forum and they didn't score any runs from today they get the one egg art now you have a chance to to lock down your own win but yet he would've gotten the wind had general on and there are and his. Closed that out there to save. But how do you not just give him an opportunity to get his own to go out there want nothing to feels like every game. One nothing is gonna do with Chris Sale that that's that is about his alma dale was it bad enough that I've artists and I thought. As bad decisions yeah I'll I'll give you the ammunition per barrel size okay Craig Kimbrel had converted 25 consecutive save opportunities. He he rolled through the weekend memory saved all three game around and he was just he was a machine. The way he was thrown the ball over the weekend CU had a hot closer. Who had who had closed out his last 25 save opportunities. You've got a one run lead your your starters giving aid and you're thinking well I bring my clothes are and I wrap this thing up we we go to Baltimore. I understand the thinking I just disagree with. A majority. I've come to this conclusion. I hate most closers. I hate wrote client and I hate most of man amid broad brush it is because outside of the special ones that you know Mariano Rivera. Coaching for a year and most of them just let you down. Most are much about trust him so they can say the stats you know that it Tony five straight if your daughter and nice if I'm in a if that situation comes up again it's a one zip game. And you you're you're trying to close out within the division title division titles on line. Would you trust Craig Kimbrel. Over Chris Sale now right now I've got Chris Sale vs Creighton Kemp. That's the difference that not Palmer get this guy Rodriguez it's not rights you know lose let's say right leads an all out there where he gives aid innings. Different story. I think most different I think I think these. I think thieves are bloated most of the time out that's for and it is just a it's really an inefficient that. Any wings even less efficient than I you know it'll wind status is nearly as ridiculous as the saves the wind that's pretty bad read don't express one and one you know that's all you need the fat except with with winds announcing the funny that you mention that and have some time to think you're in the last few days ago. Yes but I got to thinking little Fuzzy idea if you have a couple of Medicaid button and putt. One of thoughts I had about. Wins was. What guys who went the pitchers who accumulated a lot of wins think about this recent. Dismissal of wins. For example of your if your Don Sutton Bob Welch I watch this season exhibit if you went back 300 James yeah career. You're in a 250 games your career and you hear the modern smartheat saying man. Winds are really important. You buy it if he'll pick your thought who's actually who's actually done. But I think that you know and those guys that have won 300 games you don't just say well that's automatically or the best pitchers ever you also quickly look at their ERA. Right and that's that it methods and there was closers. You can two guys gonna forty saves but I can look a whole lot different of one guy. Might pitch multiple innings at times as the ERA might be in the four slick but they've all but forty saves same thing with the winds you can have 215 win guys. One might be. You know Daisuke Matsuzaka the other Felix Hernandez but the other fifteen wins so. That's I think I'm with dale there is as far as wins in saves kind of being the same thing to sort mortal pitcher than that. I think in this case that today. It was to paint by numbers for John Ferro no one zip. Europe ones that go to your closer to have to finish off the game well I think he had to go with the spirit of the game in the feel of the game. Craig not an excuse me I'm Chris Sale was. Untouchable yes he was untouchable. Toronto. Had no answers for him. So. Bring back. There's no reason the take them out of that game he had no and that's why I said even though the numbers for Kimbrel have been impressive I'm not taking that away from him. There was no reason to go to your closer not your closers on available for you in Baltimore. I mean you could have just let sale finish it off he was cruising I mean there's no doubt in my mind he would have finished that game for them. So you let him finish I got Kimbrel available with an extra days' rest as you go into the weekend series in Baltimore I I I think you made a mistake. Just don't trust them he did go to lemmings which was surprising. New and while six out to the voting secret. He shared it the although we get the blown saves in there is that where nobody got the W he's bailed out I studio the home run. By O'Donnell doesn't sit altogether you set a season but to give up another way he's gonna lose the about the game I was I was surprised that you know when it rains it pours with a lot of closers on aren't game's tied it's not going to be long and murdered a winner but. I did to his credit he was able to. Come back in an attempt in and shut down now some of the techsters dirty talking about pitch count okay so far this year Chris Ellis on a 111. A 108. And a 104 pitches in the three starts before today last year he had 32 starts. In 23 of the 32 starts he threw more than a 102 pitches. Chris sales just fine going back out after a 102 pitches yet no problems whatsoever now this was the opening game of the season. Although he threw a 111 that day to eat and might buy your argument you're now you know now you know four starts in the season lot of ago. Get him back out there. Yeah absolutely can to go up it could've been 67 pitch inning who knows him and he he's just he was that locked in today. And it didn't seem like anybody was even close to home so honor. I am I wonder if how much of Kimbrel was on sales mine does Michael you said you even if sell gave up hits you would have taken them out. But Ari gives up a hit and a walk while our means something like to base runners were on right they're they're still up by one to base runners were on. You're kind of asking for Campbell you don't have a guy who's comfortable going into a game with runners on base and that is that's it's that's. What separates him from being and that leak. And that's why is not a great cause. Right there OK and we gotta have this and Darryl. Is a narrow window where I can use you yes oh you're not comfortable with the guy on what. It's mostly shut down guy who's courtship or that guy on I can't bring you into the game. Throw it feels like. That's how I feel like happened today. Now Chris Sale also told the media after the game. That he wanted the ball on the night of course is did he told Carl Willis the pitching coach he felt like he was rolling. I found that because he's intelligent person now if you only want to draw he had he did follow that up as a good teammate would. By saying having said that he has total confidence in Craig him. Okay that's what did it teammate OK great I hated that it you know Chris don't lie okay. Like he has more faith in Kimberlin you do but that's on our yet I think you are not against you or hate closers most of yes. Is that unlike. Right now. Active closer an active closer that I like that problem. But I. I know he is this is why it's alive. Think he's got more confidence in Craig Kimbrel that he does and don't sell it out he said he has come yet late confidence in Craig Kimberly and say yeah I trust him more than metal on there I got confidence in Craig Kimbrel and as somebody else's start. That he's gonna affect not mine. Can't believe that there is a strange about. Here is that the flip side. The other way Yeltsin said he would wanna stay in ten times out of nine on those numbers. The flip side is the Red Sox this usually is a and you do like them the vitals. Checking the vital signs of a team this is usually. Something that has a team playing in October. When they can come back. When a team has come back ability if you see it in April yeah it usually translates for the it debt that's usually what that team is going to be. So the Red Sox have dynamic times this year. Have they had that that that comeback ability. Yet but it did I have got a heart there and it. And it's a tough man and the like for the five games. A couple of it's the second extra inning win already and we're you know stolen stolen April and you know we talk about David Ortiz is that guy well. Smokey bets today and for the rest of the season and for the near future you would have to imagine he's now. Back out you know hit in the middle lineup somebody who want to show the show being clutch. They have that re edited huge loss of Ortiz no doubt about it but they have other guys that come through pickets at. Those signals but but who else it's closers. The board Buck Showalter. Says that it I get the IR one and that's what did your Hinduism in Toronto. Yet now in the are tough to understand is perfect not a situation where you go on to New Orleans and order guy. Well I will say that he got the got some clutch hitting from Okie that's. Ian you know Puget great starting pitching you did win two out of three against an awful Toronto team. In the day our mass horrible. And I follow a lot of the Toronto media for hockey mainly but you know they they cover baseball as well. They all rock they are already calling for the firing of the manager and clean this house out on. They hate this team. I'd Damien Cox who writes for one of Tron newspaper is very set on Twitter today this season is all hooked up. It's it's April 19 or twentieth but it is they live in a soft enough over a whole season goes on. At that that's that's the key is if you think so from calico they got some talented great rotation a if they decide to give up on the season. You know that's a phone that Nancy place Dave Dombrowski should be looking. To pick off maybe some bullpen arms or something. Because it's just. It's a bad mix right now but they're not mentality. So second if they were they wanted to fire sales are good time in the kind of they wanna give up this early. With the trade much that that is any good to a team in the division yeah I think yes. With a guy that makes the decisions on rooted tree will not be there to be moved to be the guy making the decisions. If they're gonna clean house anyway. I mean well a bit they would probably trade global announcement all right I gotta go do that for young guys there are all the time temperature. All right let's get right to the calls that you guys are all lined up will dive right in with you a 6177797937. Steve's calling on the truck phony Steve I don't. I don't I don't let's go this is important that a lot actually when I called up you've got kind of protect himself when he's had when you are part. This is different. I don't know they may hated that I I didn't think it was president. Right when I mean this guy. You saw why the book or what flight left ordinance today he's got to win in the course I was I was told Europe producer. I was kicking blew my child who can work with people who had an attempt to dump more structure and Easter here comes Campbell like how that emerged and were almost lost the world. I just want it's just I shots I know he didn't give a lot of action guarantee you'd you know blow assay. So careful this sale to stone should be or more knowledge and it's a travesty that this does pitchers how to. You know what this guy trapped cop watch. And pitch every game and say look when you won't come out you could. You come out and it won't sort organizer holiday excusable. When like 1011 complete games. You can tell he's a war cost 2.2 billion accuse him right Rick I equals or sometimes small time. This guy actually has been worked out to downplay that we'll look at it I just don't get it blinds stay under serious and dangerous. If there's anything more on our plates he can't till. You know there's there's a lot of reasons that they hate closers how he holds his arm and it's blank stare it probably not on my list I mean. Most those sorts most of those I like that that you know stone cold killer look in their guys don't but don't love that effect either. I don't know I don't like hanging down about a week the don't think yeah check out there Rick Kimbrel is confusing it with anybody else thinks it's the seems like he's eaten it just makes me are better off you wanted to be able to screw loose either organized goatee. At a weird quirky wind up you need to maybe you Wear your hat late Fernando Rodney you need something different appear closer I don't know I don't hate that he. Packed into a great look there definitely but I I don't mind him being a little bit unique it's worked for about an attack marked a bird fit preaching gearing with that shot hold quirky actor artists are. It works who the starter but a solid eight closers in this part of the yeah pro closer that you need to be really good closer I like the idea they shut down guy in the ninth now usually that guy. Is better than either or whatever your relievers prior to that or your starter to begin a starters already on eight. Or seven and two thirds were ever an act that doesn't happen anymore so you go to your closer today not example of that. And you know I don't even know who to blame. Now do you blame. Major League Baseball executives like you blame managers understand this is this closer mentality where hey. I don't have a night. You don't area I'm the guy for the ninth inning now what I want you to be if you're if you are an elite reliever if I need to use you in the sixth inning. I I I should be able to college in the sixth inning and you can get the job done and you do the seven. Who do you blame on this team also forget you know how little yardage specialist I blame Kimbrel. And I don't know what is what crowds that is enabling an average of Internet wanted to use them with a runner on the ninety from up there with a run on the. And I think he knows the result. So now both on a plane Dombrowski surgery and broken out Detroit trading portraying for a guy who can only be effective. In a very limited situation. Yup it that's why I think saves are overrated so you're gonna to a game. Let's say the Red Sox are up four to one. And OK let's bring articles are for the ninth inning. 1239. Inning for Craig Kimbrel Red Sox went so. Now I need I need you. It lightly. The starter. Goes into the ninth inning runs in the trouble two guys on two laps. Out of the bullpen. Now shut it down yeah don't tell me all well I can't handle that situation. Andrew Miller is a long death as a guy completes a time they had him the most important that they have to. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's free ticket Thursday feel that I caller right now at 61793109. 37. Win two tickets for the April 26 game against the Yankees a 25 dollar gift card to Jimmy Johns plus qualified when a fifty dollar gift card to the Red Sox team store. General contest rules apply free ticket Thursday is presented by town fair tire and also brought you by AFC urgent care and by Jimmy John's. Mean the ninth caller right now 6179310937. And win some free tickets. And always been bouncing all over the place today here lot of topics. And we don't have time due to you and thank you. There's bounce back. I mean the last time you ever hear the the Celtics. Series was tied the Bruins and you'd have the edge they were tied yeah Aron and isn't alive so a lot has changed since we last spoke with the. Well there's there's there's one thing from today no we talked about Aaron Hernandez. Back to the Red Sox game in that can roll I held up sales situation. I think it goes to pitchers. Here's everything you love about baseball and everything you luck in everything you hear about baseball so Chris Sale. Doesn't care if it's a hundred pitches. It's 105. He's in a groove he wants ago some one of those guys it's you know I reached my limit and I'm looking for. The skip. Skippered a combined bail me out he has not got a guy. So that's what you love about baseball give me the ball let me pitch you love starting pitchers like and it works fast now. Craig Kimbrel. The closer. Who just needs everything to be just right for him to perform. And he got it. It today and it still isn't enough he's an actor run since I got real situations like me. Clean clean inning runners on. I already set I thought the Ferrell made a mistake by bringing amendment but but let's uncle crazy here. He had converted 25 consecutive save opportunities he had been a machine over the weekend he made a bad pitches he. See that's a bad pitch that if all you've done to turn that bad pitch in a he sucks is a closer. He then soccer circles or is that a leaked. He's only he's not a guy that if you've got a one run lead and you've given the ball just say OK do we got it. It put him in any situation tough situation he's gonna get out of it you don't you know that we about a you yes or you don't save situations and yes I thinner and that's that's the misleading statement to its name is converted 25 straight saves that you write. Right that's what I'm talking now I I understand that any holds people are gonna complain about. Probably eat you can't put him in a tie game you can ask him to get six although we got is that although we got six outs and every you know or big rock I understand he he made a mistake he obviously. I'm not gonna deny that I didn't think he should been in the game either. Well in it in a closing situation he's really good. Are the closings it's a Russian art show. How about. A tied game. And is Sarkozy situation you need him in the if you humiliate yeah. Do you feel about not as good then as says look the situation that you put him in tonight and today. He's great at usually he made a mistake today usually is very good but it even edit and save situation but it's four outs. It's all save situation two runners on. We've seen it it would total non adult girls that they would do that but not gain at Emory and whatever I want wasted today evade. Or don't. Well they weathered it detonated accidentally get to know what I'm saying they asked and he gets six outs today but that's a breath and get three outs and nobody didn't ask him to get any outs win inherited runners right there they avoided that which other as you know elite closers would be asked to do and it would be able to do it I just think. More often than not save situation one nothing game ninth inning Kimbrel makes the most sense. But can you honestly say that John Farrell felt more comfortable with Craig Kimbrel they duke for sale. After after a sale that we wouldn't why I wanted to believe Salem again that's so we casket madam on Wednesday next week if that's. You know what when it went in to that thought processes it and you oddest of surprised facility had an opportunity to finish the Eddie's in Orlando handy Qaeda. And god I am I answered things record. I'm just laughing out to eat and received an article I had an off now it's going to be a long year option and second of all sparkle recruiting guys. And it's ruled a suicide. Can you find notes and in index are addressed and my wife and kid goes out to eat whatever. I think it's safe to say that probably committed suicide. Well especially if if they determined that that you know that the handwriting is in is his handwriting. Yeah I mean it it seems to me that the evidence if if you're buying what they're saying. Is sort of piling up here nobody entered the room between 8 PM and 303 AM. You know there was no signs of a struggle according to the medical examiner he died of its of asphyxiation. From the bed sheet. There was there was cardboard jammed in the in the track for the sliding door. You know there was the notes left for the for the wife and the daughter. The evidence is sort of piling up here the suicide evidences Santorum saying yeah side and that I'm I'm finally that. But I think there's there's still another part tool I Tonys in Bridgewater Daytona. You guys know what it's known as DeLia step back at school leads 20. These two guys of OK speculation this would try additional lucked out great but you know liked. I don't get you stick the basket went right. You talk to the quote the best laws are in the fall in which isn't what a global baseball there's also speculation. It's lost them. What percent closing rate Google up the obvious it's a war and swan 62 straight six years. If anybody in baseball is that China to one point eight idea right cheek it was one or the other. His career his career ER is when he five what was it last year. One point 29 yeah. On another note after the assassination in a way that. I'll stop seven innings and struck out Tony seven innings column like he's he's pitched seven innings of I was the only last year. All right so his career so David just think of what you said his career ERA all the National League. Sub 2185. Is endlessly ERA for closers kind of I mean let let let I don't know I don't know Tony Tony used. So Tony wanted to make that attitude that. I it was right that point so let's let's ride along with it what they five pulled out of second segment I'll hold on. So. 185. In his career but. First year the American League goes up to 340. If you think that's normal. The leave act. Like you when you're talking about what like I wanna talk about this ERA right now I want. Or right now it's. Leaning Major League Baseball betting right now she's at right now nobody but they're. All it also was also for world baseball at least in the six years guys and. And then there are there are other things as well in in you know all the credit in in Craig Kimbrel case this year okay. He has not striking out eight and a half guys for every guy he walks he striking out seventeen guys per nine innings. It's not his whip is zero point 67. His batting average against is 129. I mean he's had a really really good year and it made a bad pitch. The death of yet died out of ditches other parts of you know. I had he he's gotten off to a good start you know today are not withstanding. Bought again for for a guy that will kind of weapon is the inaudible that is CA. Pay your you're up three Europe to Europe one clean inning bring about their fur for three outs all lot of guys can do that well interestingly enough. He's thrown more innings than any other closer in baseball. At this point right now. Throw nine innings and as a close in the next closest is Greg Holland of the Rockies. Who's thrown eight because acrid got hurt rate the exact return company there but either way don't he's thrown seven edited out of but he's been he's been Arnold but. Those guys. Thought it had a lot of close games so they've had a lot of refunded to use their closer. And in the Red Sox closer this year other than the pitch today. Has been. Almost flawless yet three or four years ago he was them the best closer. That he was exactly what went Tony describe. Just unhittable shut down guy. He certainly wasn't that mean if he could if Tony Rezko at the 185. Career ERA which is very impressive. It's a little more and it's eight it shows a little more than just last year is the single season ago but I haven't looked at when he was hurt by the if you. It was our last year and get hurt last year he missed some time. RRR. But if you have a may be a little bit but he's still in 53 innings last year 59 a year before but that went 85 career ERA. 2015. San Diego. 258. 2016 the Red Sox 34. Elements are not horrible terrible but it just wasn't it's not what he used to. This is also a case for the most recent is way more important and career what provides that within the prices careers that's drop charts rectal and eight so what does he do what now I mean he eagle but that he's hurt but last year you were stand. Well I O'Grady was the your reported matter he used he wasn't as good as you expected him to be. Here doesn't get EE is getting older not old he's getting older. And he's already had as long of a closer rod is almost got that only 28 how many closers have years more than five good years there's a lot of the history of baseball as a lot of closers that a full you know 34 years. A Billy Koch really live this guy and then in and it's not there I'm not suggesting it's far Hopkins he's off to a good start but it is one of the effort that goes on it over the knee last year. He had knee surgery. So he's pitched. Pretty close sorted into in the year or so it must've been 1115. Day DL stretched. But he he had 57 games. You know and he's usually in the in the sixties the seventies and seventies yet they had 79 in Atlanta one year 6368636179. Sort of kernel. I am I'm just saying last year was by far his least affected the year by far. Yes every other year of his career including this year. He is only he has. Last year he wasn't. Even this year his numbers early. But don't short they are so elite means. You can put him in any situation. Can you put him in a he's your bullpen guy and elite bullpen guy. No I don't know recently closed there's a different and totally like Pakistan as a and it created. A stick on and on I think if it how to close a bull's eye in a close there are particularly large differences are closer to not pay. I gotta be in a knife then you can call from this that I'm ready. I'm still sleeping I'm still in the clubhouse. Play my Xbox. Ma final drives coming up just before that night Sports Radio WB.

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