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Medical Examiner rules Hernandez death a suicide - do questions still remain?

Apr 20, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the latest developments in the Aaron Hernandez suicide and take your reaction.

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Let me give you a little bit of news this is just not within the last few minutes slowing the western district attorney has put out a a release. And I'm quoting now the death of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday at the Susan Barron how ski correction center has been ruled a suicide. According to Worcester County district attorney Joseph. They go on to say that they found him hanging from a bed sheet itself. Chief medical examiner doctor Henry Neal it's performed an autopsy on mr. Hernandez on Wednesday. Concluded today that the manner of death was suicide and the cause asphyxiated by hanging. And investigation into the death by the state police detectives assigned to the DA's office and department of correction. Found cardboard jammed into the door tracts of his single inmate's cell to impede entry into the cell. There were no signs of a struggle and investigators determined that mr. Hernandez was alone at the time of his hanging. There is more you know information here. They did say that the cell was processed by the state police detectives. Investigators. Found three handwritten notes. Next to a Bible in the cell. I will say this nowhere in this release doesn't mean it isn't true is there anything about John 316. Of being written on his forehead and it doesn't say that in this release which blood or marker which was reported by a couple of different people yesterday night. They have also said that they will now release his brain. To be Boston University chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Setter as mr. Hernandez's family wishes. The center studies of progressive degenerative brain disease found in some athletes who've experienced repetitive brain trauma. So I know that was one of the things keep was talking about yesterday was you know was this really is suicide was or something else going on to get there. It's a good thought as the first thought I had first thought Aaron when I heard it was. It is their follow playing what what really happened. I saw that there's something else and ball I'll take this for out there were also is suicide but that doesn't mean you're a wasn't motivated for some reason you have somebody got to remember there's a message news protecting its family knew something along those lines. I'd like all the information c'mon I'd like the things really quick by the way you're right I mean de LA or else our last practice the autopsy was done quickly. Well I would like the Baez. The bias team to finish their investigation either way the bias team. Would really play in the jerked card today they were suggesting that the medical examiner was holding onto this brain illegally. Medical examiner was then forced to put out a a statement saying when the autopsy is done we're happy to release the brain. But we're not gonna release that somebody from B you went to collect the brain at the medical Examiner's office and they were told no. All the medical examiner wasn't done with the autopsy. But that that aside. I would like to me. Here as much information as I can before. I'm convinced that it's it was just and cut drive that way. I think are a little kooky conspiracy analyst doing it and aren't a lot of the conspiracy and that's when he was. He was saying we now I conspiracy here reflect any pregnant. Any help the organization any healthy person should be able stand up to question. So I think curiosity is a good thing. Rigorous questioning is a good thing yes so I would like to have all the information and what happened why it happened at the bathroom and no I mean. It it it may be foolish for me to try to understand. Suicide. If it's in it's it to the chemical imbalance that the person is not well we understand that. But at that time. Why would he do within why would he do it after being acquitted. Of double. Murder that's all yesterday and the timing of life like I just partisan. And he's god he's got attorneys. Who. Not but it's not just in his case but you look at their history. They have biases and and Ronald Sullivan junior both of those guys just look those guys out what they've done throughout their careers. They overturned a lot of convictions. So if your Aaron Hernandez. And you've been acquitted of double murder and those guys say bias that I saw a quote from him we said to be an honor to represent him. In his Bristol county. Case. He's saying that you saw him just do that for you why would you lose hope at that point. I don't know the answer and and we may never know the answer by the way further information now. A Fox25 is reporting and you know they studied the videotapes they had a videotape down the hallway you see all the doors. I Hernandez was locked in his cell at 8 PM no one entered the cell until 303 AM. So while on whether when and 33 because they do they check member we were talking with the a corrections office I enjoyed hourly take a look at their checks every hour cell and evidently when they went and checked it. 3 o'clock got a base saw this and that's when they win and while. It took them a few minutes to get into his evidently he slammed the door right there they're sliding doors they're not like open in their open outdoors they're sliding doors yeah. And he jammed the track on the sliding door to make it difficult to get him. But. But it is locked in his cell at 8 o'clock. Know when entered the cell until 303 am. So it is an as a group now also the hoping was quick there's pronounced that around for an and the public know about it around six. It is that was pretty quick. I'm with you some thing. You're trying to find logic in an illogical situation you're trying to. While this guy who's gonna he's a murder. He's there and are crazy enough to tell people wise agrees that is friendly to doesn't does he think of himself as a murder. I'd probably anything you think oh. Might clearly thinks of himself the right answer I would say based on attack to history yet he seems to wanna thank is my. If it if you follow all the things that people say about Aaron Hernandez. So. The that the the story with Jimenez. Knew he was able to get away with things in college right did things wrong analogy they would get away with. Then. He got himself into the pros and gotten something nice contract. With the patriots. But then. He got caught. But he was acquitted in this case so what that make him feel more invincible instead of more vulnerable. Yes they if I want to make I guess I have my adult double murder rant and wanna look here's the point I was making yesterday we talked to Michael McCann the other day. And he said look let's be honest most appeals don't work that was just a statistical fact most of most of the time appeals don't work. And I don't Jose Baez and I forget the name the other turn Ronald Sullivan Ron Sullivan I don't publicly they were saying all we think he's got a great case her for an appeal in the saying all let's stop. I wonder what they were saying behind closed doors with Aaron. I wonder if they're saying Aaron Hernandez looked real talk here now what I'm telling the newspapers in the TV cameras out there real talk. If we got 10% chance of this happening or what everybody needs now and say what about 1% really easy to spot there at this point saying OK I beat this one. But then tell me realistically I'm not beat the other when I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in this eight by ten foot cell. Well beloved until now why would want to say they're telling him the real deal they probably wouldn't say that because of their of their history they would they don't want to say if I. President and okay what are what are the odds of there and Hernandez. With eight counts. And he he was acquitted on seven of eight count yet just the dungeon so what will what are the odds that. That's less than 10%. We talked to Michael McCann at the beginning of the case he's I don't see any pack right right exactly two acquittal and there was acquittal. So why would attorneys who just had. Probably the biggest one not not the single biggest one of the biggest wins of their careers. Why would they do turn around say well. You've got no chance and that's. If you if found guilty Ali counts in two days later killed themselves. The group we were talking about this kind of move on right to it either there you go there's the story but because he didn't and he was so emotional but it looked like. He was celebrating a huge victory that once it is it okay Reuters going back to jail to celebrate set victory year. But then then just two days layered it to kill himself. Again I will say it helps out because that's that's what the report is and so you know they they do well the only case you've got now for your key spears is this is someone who was there a subtle but one day is that he because one just blow up in your face well once once that's fine I'll do it very and it's important that somebody threatened him up and said if you don't kill yourself. We're gonna do something to your family yes yeah south now throwing your little hazy on who this is and why Alexander Bradley. Oh Brad all right so and why did he'd been elected to it now and not earlier because of the trial where Hernandez's lawyers are saying he's the one who who did to Kelly wasn't wasn't there and it was Bradley. Up by the way according to our our pal Chris alarming who also works at the Boston Herald and who's been covering this trial extensively. Three handwritten notes were found in his cell along with the Bible. Bellotti said the notes where letters to his daughter and fiancee. Saying he loved them and would see the Manhattan prove. I don't know man what a third note as I mean OK a note to your daughter and no to your fiance he said three notes were found. But he said the letters to his daughter and fiancee saying he loved them and would see them in. Well again as soon as the suicide but. Was there another. Reason for I think of the ones I think again maybe protecting them loses when it comes down to here's a reason he's crazy. I don't attribute crazy last year and their films of last year could kill himself and his crazy people don't do things on your schedule they do things on their schedule. No I know they do but don't you don't you don't find the timing odds. We we talk about under more years he's got bad news after bad news after bad he was sentenced to life he was on suicide watch. Didn't kill himself then was taken off suicide watch probably apply it chances to do what he did over the weekend than any didn't do it. And then after last week. Him deeper yeah yeah for him getting good news or an on ice and I know when you hate to say apparently because. Yeah did it instantly to get all ripping out we just for from his Britain permit a dollar and his perspective. It was. Something positive yeah. Who knows. As you said we won't know we may never know. I'd. I mean short of of you know some. Jailhouse confession from some guys and what threatened him I mean I. The picture that would be surprised I would be surprised. What did you make of the other gay rumors that two that came out and we we actually took a few calls saying that I have people people knew that. Dale and I'd never heard that before but dated note that was also in motivating factor. That that he is actually was okay Michelle moll death on this radio staff and with Kirk and now Miami on the feet I keep saying mark and I apologize to give crusher and that's that's probably true. Michelle McPhee. On with Kirk and Callahan Marathon Monday at the finish line. Said that and and very matter of factly she didn't force anything down but said basically that you know it was well known out there that that he was gay. Well well known where I don't know. I don't know either that evidently within the prison community now not then people were saying well in the prison community if if if it's certainly a certain gangs find that out. That's not good for you. And that it may be that the his gangs have waited we didn't know that. Yeah just throws him because of that. Yesterday there are so many different kind of theories tossed out there and there was you know he was on drugs at the time there was no use dealing with all everybody. Saying he's gay there was if there rails through whatever. Other possible conspiracy that could they could figure out and we we don't know what happened. And we we likely won't get more details have come out though. And that's not surprising we heard about the although this one as he's said the other is now of the John 316 stuff but it does of the Bible and some of the other info Nestor. I'm not ready to close the book on DL you're ready to close but no I said that I wanted to hear what the investigation said an end and their very clear. In their investigation nobody wanted to sell between eight and Ariel three. So no one killed him in the cell he killed himself. It was a suicide. The only thing left in the keep spirit see here is the kill himself because somebody threatened him and said it you don't kill yourself we're gonna do something to your family. I on the without a court investigation through and I said it this date they absolutely now there is a stay at all about how quickly does test to be done I will say that we got this yesterday. It it does have to be done within a short period of time. But they get are we right back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Its gala Hollywood keep all three of us. We went favor okay to say don't blame like I never assailant Hollywood thriller Sports Radio WEEI. Good drive home with dale how he and chief continues on Sports Radio WEEI. Can always. We have a short show anyway and where his defense stuff all day long here so I have not yet had the opportunity to tell you that is it is a free ticket Thursday. So a lot coming up at about 530 or thereabouts we've got to ticket giveaway for Red Sox game against the Yankees that's still to come. We haven't mentioned the Celtics what I've crummy week if benefit guard so I don't have two home playoff games yacht. Bruins have two home playoff games yuck and now the question to blown out of the building last night for all the folks who work there is. Are we gonna be back here at all for any other playoff games. I think so. I mean I think over the Bruins. If yes how do. You think the Bruins. They played poorly last night and think they've played all not at all they played poorly they can't. Gary anything right now that Anderson great. I mean it'd make it work Harvard yeah Sherri these days that I've been around counselors what did you say. If it's subtle camera highlight the lives the line we just really feel like. He was on his belly yeah on March a lot of guys. I Dominic hasher yet a lot more. NN a couple of opportunities that he could not knock down I just felt like this this is an excuse I am making an excuse here on they need them. I just feel like if they had. A couple of mortgage they had their guys they were a little help here this will be as this to be a seven well. It they've lost two games in overtime and and one game one to nothing the three games they've lost they've lost each by one goal. And they are still as you pointed out Michael playing without three of their six if I'd I think I actually think it's going to be a seven games here's. Really. Look at look at look at what's happened already so they can't prove anymore I don't four games. All decided by goal. Two of them overtime and telling you I really. See any parallels between 2012 of capitals Bruins. All seven games. Decided by goal for overtime games. I think we should get ready for game seven to be damned good. Seven they play these senators eight times this year I don't want seven. That's a regular snapped. So irregular C is not that mad all these close caves others there's super close they've lost seven out of eight. I'd also say this in their long and storied history the the Boston Bruins have trailed a best of seven series three games to 122. Times. They've never won one of those sons they're still under your daughter on just saying it it if you're lucky now they've been on the other side. They add 31 leads and blown them the most famous recent Philadelphia Flyers. But they've never won a series in which they trail pre. How are confused by you. I didn't pick the senators when the series in five. Yes and they can't do that they can do now you wanna change what I don't interviewed seven Willis. I would love to be I'd love to be wrong and have an extent it was yeah. I just don't if you know achieve this is what is there. Fourteen that's up three games to war. In in this series. I know no disrespect Ottawa. I it's not impressed with them. There are three games to one another press Caroline girl get Eric I'm not impressed with the other team I don't know how and I want I don't I think that can ultimately not like I'm looking at them saying. I have prominent borrowers won't be able to figure this team now. They better hurry up and do that you have a I think they have figured him I think if if I only wish it evidence or people you feel like you feel like this series is imbalanced. Three games to one definite do you feel like. Ottawa is out playing that they did look like they're completely different teams on the same ice. But I don't belong. No because it's it's similar to the regular season though it's a very sorry thing the results don't lot of those were close games that went through all those games at one goal games to ball games but. One or two with a two bowl games were you know an empty netter their so they were very close games. But they always came out on the wrong side of it and then and we knew going in I don't died of the injuries piled up almost comedic lead. But we knew going in note to recruit this government over and Carlo. So that that's not only in unknown number in fact that he's in a plate more annually at the start game one it is so if you were hold out hope for game two maybe that's why you picked the human maybe that's why don't detect the Bruins to win I don't know. The crew would be me out of all the guys their best defensemen that's been out. Right in and I don't think anybody really thought he was in the back plus. Trolley that was it and really go visit at night that you think that he has and so that may be you know what made you can't complain about the dangers to the vote was for the injuries you would net about. The that's true that's too bad last night. What he specialist nick are awesome east just going to be something else. About the about the delay the oh man they call him now I I've been railing against this all season long so amazing that was not a a last night. It's a revelation for me I've been. I eight. This challenge. So basically what happens is. The Bruins carried the puck into the offensive end. They hold it there for a minute there on the power play now and they passed back and forth and he bare back and forth and and ultimately sixty seconds later they score. Now the coach challenges. They go back in and and look at the at the challenge and say you know when they first entered the zone yeah. Sixty seconds ago right it is so they were on site as a we're gonna take the gold away were gonna put the power play time back on and take the clock back to that point unbelievable now what it really if they insist on challenging the soft side thing. They've got to put a time limit on. I could the team keeps the puck in the offensive and per ten seconds fifteen seconds and you can't get away from him and clear the zone. So I knew you don't get to challenge anymore god I hate this rule itself. It's so bad or talking about replay the other day say how you can replace that he could say they go back a minute and figure out if they entered the zone offside but you can't go back. And figure out. If you know Bobby Ryan maybe also should of picked up a penalty you know couple nights ago in overtime when they sent off Riley Nash you can't you can't show video of that and maybe you send both guys in the box but you can take a goal off any that was that's a that's not just sour grapes who's the Bruins a terrible call if you're watching two other teams play you say last even of the senators. That's scored that got taken away today. And I guess what you just a base or you went big that they they had it in that and permits the vet now it off if on the off sides play. That the past two which RE NE goes right to the net the scores understand that that's everybody understands how you're challenged that and that's fine. They held the puck for light and I think Billy timed it last and 120 seconds that's like scoring a touchdown three plays in football after somebody may have gone out of bounds in a minute not up the scoring play and I looked like before that we'll go back and look at I was out of bounds but that's. Very strange. And as much as I love Charlie American way would you guys agree that the best player in the series are it's not even close with Carlson cartons Mary Carlson is she just. And and he's not even a 100% if I mean he's hurt a era and date they say he's got a foot issue we missed time. And the regular season he is unbelievable probably yeah. Every time. That that he touches the puck you just feel like OK I want to get your yeah if something's gonna happen here's a look at it watch out. A true difference maker which makes you look at the Bruins now. A Tuukka Rask that's at the beginning even though. I did pick the senators to win this and five. Yeah now you're changing for some Audrey hardy got this one right there like there's an order form. Even though have a pick the senators to win in five has said the Tuukka Rask would not be to blame. Four. That the series loss now he certainly without the blame last thing. Heck I'm not. How do you listen to blame the overtime law yet on Monday how do you feel he has been in this series compared to Anderson I know it's it's a strange question but he's he's won in three vs the guy who's three and one. How do you think that match ups of four is a pretty close yeah. And it Rask is the better goaltender and I don't think maybe you're hoping that'd be a bigger gap. But any part of it is the Bruins and you know shoot it right out Anderson's only times but I think. That's one where we're going through all you know who gets the check mark on each side we gave it a pretty big to grass difficult thing advantage and it really hasn't been addressed. So I think Tuukka has pretty much been himself. But have the Bruins stars being stars in this they know. You know from my hand martian hasn't been himself. Yeah stretch last night where it looked like babies is gonna break out it looked like it was by far his best game that he had a game winning goal in game one yet but last night was by far his best in it imposter not move in four games has two shots on it's just crazy. He's got he's got 23 shot attempts. Only tool have made it to the net one has gone Internet missing and I are going all out and in Monday's game. Two shots on goal in four games for David has an. I don't think and it's it's strange when you look at a series before it starts. And this goes for the Celtics to get them later you hope you go into a series envisioning how it's going to be all that Ottawa old trapped. At 1311 that's going to be tough for the Bruins to navigate now not really. That it's not like the Bruins had no idea. Of how to deal with that hasn't been the issue the issue has been. About Pasternak. Bergeron. Marsh and it just haven't played like starts. We get right back to the calls we knew coming out Nextel in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Well second hour of dale and Holley with Keith second and final hour after the Red Sox game here on Sports Radio WEEI disarm the program brought you by golfers warehouse. As we get back into the calls let me just give you one last tidbit of news because this has come up in the last couple of minutes that I that I noticed this a channel seven is reporting. This medical examiner famous medical examiner I might add doctor Michael bought. Conducted an independent autopsy on Aaron Hernandez at a funeral home in Watertown today. This is the guy who testified in the OJ Simpson murder trial and you've seen him in famous case is all across the country. I he was evidently hired by Jose Baez and Ron Sullivan they were also at the funeral home. They waited while Biden performed the autopsy on his own Bodden then according to channel seven then left the funeral home without comment. So. I obviously I don't know what bottom bound. They may know and we'll know soon. But they aren't necessarily buying what the autopsy conducted by the state told them. So they have hired doctor Michael Bodden to conduct an independent autopsy and Aaron Hernandez. That was evidently undertaken this afternoon at a funeral home in Watertown. I love to hear what he has to say all now well you will if there's some Fernandez to report on if if what he's gonna do was confirm what the state says I'm not sure that Jose Baez and Ron Sullivan will be from. I don't want to and Harvard loved your audio FAA command just I just have so many questions. And just so curious. To just about the the timing and everything so yeah I'd love to hear an independent. Investigators. Take on. Now there is that there's a conspiracy theory out there not a conspiracy denounce this is a conspiracy to go out there and outside and and what it has to do with. Is Aaron Hernandez trying to preserve whatever he has left. For his wife and daughter not wife his girlfriend and daughter. And this has to do with the abatement. Doctrine and for people we talked about yesterday you can look at updated it does exist it's real it is an innocent man you guys and in the city he dies an innocent man the question then becomes. You know now there's no evidence that can be presented at that at a civil others there was going to be some evidently civil cases filed against Hernandez as a result of this. Doubt that now can't happen. You know does this that now mean that shy on Jenkins in Hernandez his daughter are entitled to his NFL pension. If he dies quote on quote an innocent man. And and there are those who think that that may have been the thought process that he had here. He can't he can't leave his his wife earns his girlfriend and daughter with much but. If he dies before that of the appeals are filed he can at least preserve something for. So I don't know I'm at that's beyond only a one of our. Nobody knows and they like you you get you can bring up fifteen scenarios and I can't say it's right I can't say it's wrong about again we don't know. Until we get all that information I'm curious though I'm. Not it's not about. Eating and I found infamous yeah I do. What my personal foul play barefoot yeah. This bite the pronouncement that it was suicide. Yeah and I thought our kids watched yeah my limited and political movies at a Tehran for its law and order told a liar. Does that so. If you're healthy organization. You should be able to take questioning and you should be okay people are curious and want more information okay but take that the first thing that somebody told you about this what we say so go ahead and. All right so now that Michael Bodden after his independent autopsy says yeah I committed suicide. I thought it but okay that's our self satisfied he committed suicide but the wise. You may not get the NC LO UIR I I know that you want you may never know why I probably won't because whoever threatens not admit it but but but a wide whatever it is. May not be some nefarious thing it may not be that day. It's a little crazy to kill himself well it's definitely crazy that doesn't mean he's got killed self less than a week after being found not guilty of double murder. So in other words no matter what comes from this point on you've got your key spirits he that you're gonna hang on to. Something happened here yeah I don't know what it does it prove it wrong. And I'm always having to without appropriate rights but hit for no well you can't prove it right here or not nobody but nobody really cared. All already are you it is think. Didn't you you think they ER. In the state would say. Sure. There was there was foul play. Probably not. Yeah it it would be a little tough for them so in other words if it. They say look here's the video we've looked at the video. He got locked in his room at eight net the next time someone went in his there's not room his cell was at 3031 we went into gap yet. There was no one who went in that door between eight and three. How was there foul play. Well. I doubt we'll find out maybe there was maybe there wasn't but I think that the plot. Being skeptic Cole is. Normal. It's normal that. What did you know I. I had no problem with that there are whole come upon markers the great he's done it yet years scepticism we're ultimately say you know what I was skeptical that would. More information with like. You have one side of the story that you hear another side so there there's the State's side of the story. Now there's an independent. The so called independent investigator. And if his report. Lines up with the but the what the state has to say sure okay. Then you can go with. But watch. What's logic. The videotapes. The hole with that no one went in the room between eight and 303 when they went to get him out of it is are you guys troubles but I think there is zero B did you see those videos. I know wants and you know I'm so sorry all right so so another words your your at least depositing beat the possibility. That there's a whole bunch of people from the attorney general's office to the state police to the corrections department or all line. No do you know what I'm saying is. Ask questions it's OK to ask questions though and it's OK to say what about this what about that what about that and then if everything checks out. You say all right move on and that's all questions about. Let's try to move on though because I don't think even if it was a suicide and I'll take I'll take their workforce it was a suicide. But what led up know that kind of struggle ride and I'm so far but what led up to that it was it was it was this was his. Girlfriend and child is in jeopardy with it was he threatened that was that the only way out for him. Yeah I don't know much about journalism but. Globe spotlight team. This is say this isn't subject for you. They thought yeah this is if there is something I agree to let their thirst there's something even beyond. Our if if he if he. Committed suicide and that is just that's committed suicide. And we have no explanation how it happened it just happened. There's still a story of the life of Aaron Hernandez. From the moment he was acquitted the moment. There's something there in those 45 days. Globe spotlight team confronted. The challenge. That and short Errol according to the people who they're on who knew him and spoke to him like bi as and Sullivan yeah. Nothing there was no indication he never said that they are shocked these for the guys who talked to Rhett said nothing there that and that's why they're so skeptical but he killed himself. He said nothing he gave no indication so. They're skeptical does that mean they're calling people liars or does that mean they. As attorneys are asking. All. Going over all possibilities. And thinking about all possible questions. I cannot call Assad I I trust. The state police in the attorney general's in the corrections department more than I trust those attorneys are. We're talking about the same attorneys who helped Casey Anthony or one well what helped Casey Anthony walked yes I trust. The state police more than I trust Jose Baez I do. I felt but let them talk Intertrust mobile I'm saying. If an attorney is asking questions. Does that mean you don't have a problem that's okay question exception except when Jose Baez suggested that they were holding the brain illegally. No they were holding the brain until they completed the autopsy then they released it to Boston University. That's that that's that an ambulance chaser try to get. Newspaper headlines that's what that guy still one. I don't trust in the state more than him kind of gross thing about it brain being the summer there. This term not mine by the way that they were holding the brain illegally. Possible reason which half for saying that other than that you're trying to stir things up a little bit. Or just trying to make sure that you. That you get the brain what Brian they had aren't they had already told zones and say we're going to release the brain they had already said that by the way is about eighth then had to come out and say. Listen as soon as the autopsy done will release the brain to be you know. Where's the brain now it to be aka. It was I don't know if it was delivered or B you came and got it when they complete dog autopsy okay how corporate turnaround in good for a find out. If he would seat he. I'd I don't I have no idea how laws are those studies Muster you know I'd I don't know how that Abbott our next thing you know sometime next there's gonna be little doubt in my mind that he does right. Where aggregate that Mexico. And you know what maybe that's. As good a reason is an eight how many former football players have committed suicide because of CT eco linked to concussions despite what Roger Goodell wants you to believe. It may be as simple as that. At the CTE that he suffered because of concussion playing the game of football cause them to do this it certainly caused junior say out to do it. And others that my answer to doers and yeah I'm on the list goes on and on and on it may be as simple as making them Allison is in Cambridge Allison I don't. I hope I don't have their bullpen that used to be considered a psychological truth and maybe it's not a liberal political reasons. But he's added it's true that actually that's when things get better and companies like have been reluctant to business. That when there are indeed the status quo in the dark. That was their hope and change. Is what it was what leads to decide what happened in a statement saying. And didn't he opted he had hoped handed to him last Friday. That the federal Arab Arab point eight you know and then once things get better. But as deep yet about it that way yeah I can look I don't I don't know enough about suicide say. Oh yeah that's that's the truth unfortunately I don't know. I'm not sure either I Johnson Quincy hey John I don't. Well not panicking and pollutants into the number one of the indigenous movement and its sudden and I belong. And I didn't you know. We have so much about this amendment one side it was an innings in a little. Included in the clothes in the blood and usually. And compact and the night. One what you have with this receive calls on the one important. That often neglect and it would let them one idea to take. To win a whistle goes and again. Add the official scorer has the ability to old Warner win if you have a a succession of relief pitchers. The these officials cork inside which one of the relief pitchers deserves the win they should be allowed to do that in this case. They should be allowed to say you know what. He's get in the way and if he wasn't the last guy that I knelt and and in that act but in sometimes the winning pitcher when it's a series of relief pitchers is up the last guy who pitched dad is my sentence definition of a vulture. I think all at all throughout this vaulter and John Wallace that's what to that's right we're back. Some sort of on concerned assessment and hundreds of young you know get into a bit more you don't give him some flights. In the quickness and wants to technical. Categories. And I didn't want to do anything that thank you go to them considerably. And that he thought. It consists of redemption that you know didn't and maybe there are nervous he wants to go out of the city roots level and that's student. Florida you can just use a little bit of night until the Bible and Bible you know apparently that you want to sixteen million. I'm not to commit suicide I'm sorry put Mullah Omar might want some some money out to my daughter. We'll go to the key conspiracy now is I can't prove it wrong you can. So that it it it it's a beautiful thing you've got there because Nolan has proven wrong it's a slam dunk and and and I don't happen to believe it but it is it is absolutely plausible impossible but you don't not believe right is not I don't know if I don't believe that I don't not yet now I I don't believe it proved me wrong that I know I said I can't write our elders it's right. Ali was in Brockton Haley I don't. I don't want to let alone millions of probably about possible scenario and Nolan brought it up what are you guys have children. Two no no let's do. OK now. Could you are required by in the courtroom and then probably golden Baylor shouldn't. We've done you know your daughter again and forget about it in the mountains about YE albums. Well it's it that's like they keep spirits the I can't prove it wrong but I don't believe that damn it bunt base of everything we've heard from accounts that are out there are only increased inconsistent with what we've seen from her in the last four years last Thursday she brought the daughter in a surprise appearance to the courtroom Hernandez seemed shocked she was there pleasantly surprise knowledge this is slowly causes smiling. Now I I don't see shy and it should Diana Jenkins telling. Aaron Hernandez. He has testified. In two trials yet and has been this is the definition of a Ryder creative she's a writer that the receivers. First trial yet analogy and I saw a gun and a joint tour but and I think anything was going on in Iowa back then and in asked Aaron if he had anything to do with opens debt he said no in the remote yeah I don't I actually likely as we've been asked yet. That and I had a reason to ask yeah I just imagine. Your life comes up you. Can dale. Jedi didn't do whatever. I. Say it. A bailed out now that you say no that's in the coverage they are what you have given us. Why are you asking relief OK let's just. So what do you what it and I know what to do they know whatever you look like Hillary when you watch or did you know that's. That's not normal but she was all about the point where she took her sister's car. Her sister's car her sister's boyfriend. Killed down the street. Takes that car. Takes what could be damning evidence in the car and and deposited in a dumpster somewhere we should get rid remember that where was Padilla. Then what you use that line this most recent trial. Play my role it was using. Clean and I don't ask question clean but you should cook clean don't ask questions. Yeah so that there is an ultimate have told us don't ask questions now well known ever ask let me guess you guys a question because Friday. When the verdict came down we all said the exact same thing. It's the only time we've ever seen him show any emotion ever now. I mean and if anything he had that stone cold look about him throughout the trial the first trial this trial in smiling at times it was like there was nothing there. Friday the acquittal comes in in the double murder and and we should just got breakdown. He's crying. May have had some things going on from Friday on you that were different than than the norm for him that's certainly look different to watch than what we've seen in public. Our looks looks very different but that's it seemed like he had hoped and again maybe it was less than 1% the vacant overturn the old Lloyd conviction. But it seem like he had hoped it didn't seem like a guy if he knew it was gonna kill himself. What does it matter guilty not guilty gun charge did a homer of what does it mattered and he knows he's on a couple of days I Dan's in Rhode Island paid and I don't. I say you're at odds on on what issue well longtime listener. And just to play at a couple things stronger. Will experience. I mean medical profession. Are understood what way to look at this from the CP perspective. We were when people would direct it toward our potential seat he eventually after task. On displaying erratic behavior and display. You know violent behavior towards others and eventual super psyched out and it's because the part of the brain most affected by cheeky. Enjoy the ability to think things are going to cite moral decision OK your belief sought control. The end that could put a part in his eventual suicide blocked. There maybe other underlying issues that we don't know about our mother Hernandez and or be. Some kind of mental disorder bipolar depression. And if those things at that occur you know there's sort of a slingshot effect between. You're ultimate high is also boats. And promote the things we are seeing in the Portuguese media he was. You know he's just been acquitted of double where he now had a shot Norton is lawyers and our shot of the fuel for the original murder case. You know he could have been feeling I can ultimately lead Iran sultan ultimate law. And with the possibility cheeky combined with any sort of mental disorder. You're very welcome and suicidal state and you know I actually now know it has been decided that even commit suicide. And usually the most reasonable explanation of what you want. And actually more audible they have some kind of conspiracy theory where state police doctors and others are involved in covering up some sort of forced suicidal comment but I. All the homicide part especially the medical examiner found nose and then I'm paraphrasing but the medical examiner said there were no signs of struggle. If you're gonna kill Aaron Hernandez that is a big strong man. There would be some signs of struggle there would be something. In other B bruises there whatever it was you may eventually got him but but you know it would not go easy. And I must choose. Passed on drugs and destroy. I'm off the homicide but I I think that. Enough guys you can you can make it locally it. Rule it out because. There's a thing and and if you look at the videos always all of a but that doesn't mean there wasn't something else in place do you guys remember Shawshank redemption or. Member of Brooke's got out of jail got his own little apartment it was here and everything blogs there he's a free man. And ninth innings of the game for such a long time he could work. Along the lines of what Allison was thing. That's it that's explains that it was a different though because he was. Brooks was so comfortable prison it's been more life in prison and prison and the world was so different now. Something good happening in his life finally everyone else out audio. More comfortable. Teams that have been. Through. Opportunity to work that line incomes few and far between so you gotta take it when it's this week's column and who's doing all of a movie review I'm lost but let's go to 45 years later GAAP. Robson run out of him rob Knight on. Not gonna. Yeah. I mean Obama. Now yes. And diamonds I was kidding it luckily I know that unveils. Its. It. The market. Said he ATM card board contract she won't work. He they they said he grabbed he'd be jammed cardboard from books in the track. Slide yes. Sort of screws up your theory here doesn't it out. It. Part may be adequately. For I don't know that he did that was not in any of the release that that came out today I don't know who had offered about yesterday and I know I I and I plus that I definitely true it was that it was not in the in the report that was released by the state today they said there was a Bible. And three notes but that that there was nothing about him riding on his forehead. The world for two are we run in Africa when necessary gone round. Just because you aren't you signature and it goes until themselves had he didn't know important. And but what unfairly. That he's gonna be easy. And that these aren't these CEOs. Liquid Camelot an outlet trying to guide the new effort and used it certainly Dana and I wondered as you go against Hernandez. Outside I bet hi I'm aside you waste. Didn't shoot you don't know what YE a plane involved. It rob you may have you may have missed it a lot. Start I don't know immoral it's a bit different yeah in their application. Is asking questions. And maybe all these questions that he's asking. Have very logical answers. But I think it's. I think he's he's. On the right track of asking these questions you ask these questions to get an answer to nibble on it you can if you have let's see you know why their answer they said no one went in the room from eight. Until 303 matured up why am I note that's the only you misunderstood OK it's not that I'm not buying what they're saying saying. They're still. There's still another is there's an active part of the investigation. From from the other perspective from the other side. So seeing it through letting two guards. Two big inmates out into his room this question that particular theory question. Question evidence that this is a Monica as a medical practices that can happen okay. Not entirely not to cross not on the equity senator fifteen questions get demolished in our. It's a free ticket Thursday we've got Red Sox yankees tickets to giveaway in just a couple of minutes Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI.

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