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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 04-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

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Final drive cosponsored by a RS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in future commercial residential or medical facility and any time. If they aren't disaster plan in place to make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more they are served dot com just in the and cleaning this stuff Craig Kimbrel had left meniscus surgery last year on July 9. He did not pitch from July 6. August 1 when he had surgery they said he did he would be up three to six weeks he missed three weeks. With a left knee surgery and that's why these games were below what if normalized. I thrill shenae shenanigans yesterday down at ESPN those jolly jokes there's not much in melt hyper junior. Decided to crank sports that are anchored David Lloyd and of course absolute hilarity ensued. I think four quarterbacks now in New York. Just plain old mock draft going got one in your grade a mock why the why the difference that basically they've done one overdraft. Three. But he made. Because all the quarterbacks will be over drafted I didn't wanna fall into that pattern I went by my ratings. Okay tablet had a how did you had you did you not have a quarterback going in your GM mock draft 00 quarterbacks and in the first round table basically what you got sand for the most part is that. You got one but you have. None of these guys have first round tell on what. What is best and yeah yeah. There were invited to they would never ask some serious that you all these guns on us and we David regrets as that's why people continue to do. I saw your face certain literally just before there right. Well you know I actually cattle like that which saw the quarterbacks battery life of that that the point was they both said no intimacy quarterback in the first round and this guy bought. They grow jokingly about that probably should out of our that's how they yeah. There will be several quarterbacks in the first round right it's it there's a little minority or will it. Coupled potential for Nowitzki won't get past that yes but Mel's like they're going to be over drafted that it wouldn't my monster and he was fine but he was messing with. You lose when that you've got oh I liked it. You know I'd at all or was it projects draft Robiskie and they deserve which could yet I can't just have been a quarterback Mitchell. Get it that that the best player don't just saying well you quarterback and he's the best one so we'll take him. I think what happens when a tennis matches interrupted by the sound of people in. The other bills say it. Close. What happens when a tennis matches interrupted by the sound of people engaging in. It well to clean our live forever here it is radio station court chorus of well specially if you read it verbatim yet exactly which is why not put it towards it. There you ago the United States India is Natalie. It's a medical medical turn on my girl might be gotten it from a medical duties they'd either. You're injured about trying to undermine our crude Ottawa intercourse. They are so let's find out the match was that the Sarasota open. Between Francis the awful and Mitchell Kruger the play by play guys might patent. And the voice you hear yell out happily. That the Clinton is one of the players reacting to those homes. Well that is. The most bizarre situation. I don't know how to put this folks but some of these phone. Going off in the stands. Okay. And it was an adult. Video. That is an all timer. I don't know how well you can pick that up at home. It's still going. What is going to have been act out. No it's not a phone. That is. That's an apartment. Across the leaking. Oh my god. According to. Everybody was looking around to see where that was coming from finally. Figure out. And video. Recently had a good night. A lost ball in play. It sounded like sex to me a lot of laughter and sarcastic applause I can't really hear the clip that some woman Monique and what's laughing. But here in this way it went on from across the late if you're it's a video for approximately yeah down the sound just reverberates off Natalie yeah like Harris. And the players you know that he can't beat that cute. Well apparently he yes. Your hair and her from across the lake for crime on a process. Eli Manning in the New York Giants are embroiled in a memorabilia scandal it is alleged that Manning and members of the giants organization knowingly passed off items is being used. That had. Actually never been used in the game. Manning came out today and tonight at all. We'll say never tonight. You. Have you read in more than ever had in recent achievement. And done nothing wrong I'm not. Note if you don't. Twenty. Football players here that my integrity. Track record yeah. Have been doing over yeah beat Brazil. Here didn't happen it's gonna do good. And that's what I have done. Actually it's her record readers do you feel good for a long time. But. Just more angers finish figured ambulances and one minute be enough to hold him and still being attacked. In the Olympic he said that always makes sense to me is that. What's in it for him. I mean for the amount of money we're talking about for a guy who's made what 200 million dollars in his career some cool the number about the emails there and it's my inner. I I don't know I mean look I obviously want those helmets this this is the exact same you know line that we were if you do we're hearing in deflate it went up and out. What Texas yeah Hernandez who's behind it all that they. Throughout that giants helmet and it's just a little hard for me to believe that and guy making that kind of money is gonna worry about you know 5000 dollar helmet. It's possible cited them discipline them. Q did you probably edit it your way is that speaking of New York we've just received this press release from the steps towards think it's a New York next. Let's go and out of one of this country's great foreigners to read from the press release. Don't worry salty and it could d'souza opposing this rule alone. Says that program of the welcome of new love. I. I. If you look at some thought to be if an inflated so I don't know why that inventory and we'll hold a press conference next week in his hometown. Did formally announces poses a taste for participation on the Latvian national team. We got a phone. Oh my god what do you like better do you like the dead air stretches or I don't. Yeah right I mean. I loved. Susan had told him a look a look and you know. Okay. Lose. I think there isn't a game that we are it is not tell anybody anything right now it is almost melodic lead us that the made it. The moon. Look up a good that the dollar could also melodic I don't mind. It's hit them octaves I'd Michael is back and we're happy to have him back. We will indeed try to make you feel better she yup. With more than one fix courtesy of our palette sports on house much like this place down at WFAN that tends to be a little injured shows tonight being between different house. And that was on full display yesterday when might princess or red this contest script. As good way a couple of Yankee tickets on our way to the calls do we go home we're prepared to consider yankees for the blue jays on a Wednesday may 25 stadium. First it's 705 tickets available for the rest of the Yankee Stadium box office feels to win tickets to see. Two evidence Sweeney. Beyond that Yankee thing conceivably efficacy zero. Afternoons. Don't. To see them from Hulu on Wednesday may 25 the other Romo laws studio. Powered by sleep he's right here at the studio 345 was a street Manhattan. Got to. I. Old it's. But it actually print tickets. At the pump but at the. And you really can't make it look. Let us get to the calls do. Does in Hoboken was up just. Well now boomer and carton or playing that fourth biggest cut the woman who played previous they played that today from five minutes there words died last true I know he hates. Boomer and carton apparently don't like anybody but I don't know don't have I don't implement them. Actually apparently he ethics. All well animated laugh hard and played the cut of him reading the forcing us or just moaning through the forcing a thing. And playing in England. Then. There's hard proof. Go and out on top with the law applicable. Specialists. Places best Disneyland or live. We get there and. That's the print tickets. At the apartment that he could have them what they did a lot of that's in his own jokes. I really felt nobody else is a final drive all the cosponsored by cars for kids don't each car help child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. We've got that Celtics and Bruins open playoff games tomorrow night. Hopefully peak the Bruins series will extend beyond tomorrow night hopefully the Celtics series will. Get a little closer than it is right now by the way according to a Coach Brad Stevens. Isiah Thomas will arrive in Chicago tonight. And we'll obviously be with the team for for tomorrow's game the Bruins game. Will be one golden. You're going on 11105. Pretty bold on your learned political gain. In the Bruins win it. That is why that is the question can that people will anyway. So they're going to but they won't thought that the senators in five out I believe that aren't look at you and I. Aussie maligning I argued that yet okay Gilani here keeps here we'll see you tomorrow by. Is that sold him a local news. Okay. I. Who.

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