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Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts after he provided the big hit in the 10th inning driving in 3 runs as the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 4-1. Mookie talks about playing behind a pitcher like Chris Sale, and the amount of strikeouts from Sale lightens his work in the outfield.

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Looking congratulations. Not because there because there used to team up with the bases loaded to why he worked the count to two and how we are looking for a pitched there a particular zone stopping to something good is at. Guzman well all day. Now it is targeting Christians if you. Figured if it wasn't in an area that you're you're looking for you let that don't try to get the three you know. Probably not necessarily mean the picture of something you know I've cleric and those with known to a 1 o'clock AM to kind of it controls there so in not just strap haven't been buried there and it was so many minutes that's it that you mean yeah. See any risk that you are getting the walker three to pitch in and rock quote aggressive with the early in the count getting your base hit event. Your buddy Andrew Bennett can't be working to walk that was great yeah whose future is this shows that you know through the whole game you've got to. Pitched in world war could gonna go in have been at bats each unit and each and every any. About your guy Chris Sale today thirteen more strikeouts he he deserved to win but certainly. He's done his job every single time on has done yet it's amazing to just to see how he works there is like. And won't when I looked up at like thirty strikes four balls who's kind of showed you but this is. And we haven't really great people wanted to come opera that's that if he just blew what they jobs or are you know he did you know if it's mined cities we both get back out there. Them located it's in their Estrada give people problems and no it just as changes speeds and things like that. Cause a lot of problems were you you've swung and missed a few times against some other guys did as well what makes him difficult it. I mean just a figure good changeup is as though with him beat up to it and he has a plus plus changeup back and throw the often mean he's I think it's you know. Got beaten to us not our differences in the changer and he wrote that any time so obvious that he's that's what he does and it's it's stuffed it. Will he what's it like being out of right field where your pictures are striking out eighteen batters that he gets accidentally gets bored and but I atom and thank you had what one ball into them. One ball one ball that those at NC got it done today I'm in fact I got to stand out their retain ten innings and one ball it for a way to market with the and that you. Excited about getting you buddy Jacqui back tomorrow you know you you know we've missed that. You know hours and he's entered the right in in just continue to play to plan. Okay thanks so much congratulations ridiculous. Looking at bats were that they get double. In the end the inning with two out drive me in three or one on the Red Sox when it. And they now go to with ten and six half the team behind the Yankees. And Peoria at the actually have to keep on at the a half game behind both right now yours playing in the yankees' off.

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