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OMF - John Farrell thinks we're stupid, 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian close the show discussing John Farrell dodging the status of David Price.

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I like working with jocks as you can you can play with the a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. Feeling where we're not gonna see big crowds at all this season. I mean. I think he's just a surprise is that it's certainly it's going to just it's just so frustrating. Okay. The man was thrown a bullpen. Intensity volume picking up just that he hoped to face live batting practice hitters. Came on addressed the media on Tuesday. That. I did everything is in his you know that he could to not sit Edwards set tackle whatever political from the bullpen. The next step is live BP when you don't even stay at the bullpen to go back to flat ground it is too long toss. That's a setback and a refused asked them is directly past two days ago is it because of soreness quote. No. And this morning. He says that ball given the volume and intensity those little soreness. Sold into a couple days get back if long doesn't like what. It was it was like a spring training when the guy told today. The reason why Thornburgh was shut down was because the show all the program than a week later came out a young that the reporters he and the brows deep for even. Think it was a show the program has their problems illnesses were football you can say all you war. Football's got righted pisses Assad yeah. But right. But who cares if you'd pay anyone who cares if he wasn't a setback now that the arts expert Arthur it's still good but the jury was still bullpen and part of that Wally financially crushed his. Once peaceful do this why do you give a white he'd do. The basic problem of all worlds it's but he does it. It's it it took a speaker and it was only wish you want to lie. You will not an acknowledgment and don't lie you're gonna lie because Eddie Austin worst that'll save you a beat or that's the the thing that you do is nothing what are the -- he's I'm gonna do that we did Belichick puts it we're not talking about it's you got back body issue and yeah region he would avoid quite good at the biggest mistake is putting it time like anything in any sport of baseball for some reason they tried to appease. The media. And maybe it works to a degree locus I think a lot of those three guys just you know follow whatever the Red Sox want them to do I do think they have a lot of battles this but it literally. Relief if you truly believe that you're you're throwing program in your training staff and everything else. You should have confidence in yourself and so you know what we picked up the intensity picked up the volume that was a little bit of soreness there wouldn't put it back on flat ground in this isn't. You know a major setback yellow shortest way to get back on the mound and a couple of days to go one up Bakken amounted Baltimore. And this is the way the processes you know he he's got an injured elbow. We try to get the road and let the media people say dog do you prices up the pitching him well what if I thought that I don't care what people are saying. All lectured both the player but don't come out. And tell me that it's not because of soreness and it's not a setback when the entire world knows that. Is about soreness that every as a setback only a couple of two days later and tell me that everybody's what they assume is correct. Is now you just look stupid. Most that's always been his biggest issues is the communication aspect and what what angle you're gonna take I gonna say it what you're gonna say just it it it you can screw up. And if you add AD indeed did but he does have a setback and he passed about a flat ground what you don't say it so that's. But but but tell him but here's what's the next step is radio call you rushed him back to some. You rushed him back that's why don't guess I'd better but what's been so long a daughter now you just you know you backed us up into a corner by saint. I achieve its. End and we all know that if it doesn't work in the way that they're doing it right now with the rehab in the rest. It going yet they're going to lose all goaltender nobody thinks it's gonna now. Nobody asked Sony and audit or it's an uphill battle. Woolsey the sort of best this going to be ups is gonna be down it's no big deal he's got a slight down it's it is as it's expected. It's expected we picked up the volume a little bit. It's not a big you know big Q setback about a practical beckon of open nobody get the Baltimore this weekend. You know with the these are things that are expected because you know what you the media have no idea you'd ever richer elbow Uga fan you know white DA divert your elbow. I know more than you we have more information. Are basic baseball team at a professional trainers. They give a rat's ass what you think about what we're doing right now he'll be back don't worry about it instead. I was a simple. That it is sort I don't know if that's what. So just thought I'd settle for a couple days ago because there's a huge letdown if there is a figure out the year that David Price. It's not gonna come back till I think a lot of fans. Arm are. In error with this fake. That they're better off we'll have David Price which makes no sense but the issue I would have with a low. Supposed to go through this process and continue this process that we go through May we go to June. And we get July and a funny he comes back. He tries it out it doesn't work and funny we're gonna have to go whenever we're gonna have to do surgery. Now look at your timetable in coming back next year you're already at this point first year with him you're gonna have a zero year in year two. And he's probably gonna miss half of U three. And it's got to block him right up against his option this is right for this. Your assets handling of this injury is going is this going to be ongoing because even if he does play in a couple games. To say get hurt you get sore again then you have the surgery just that the amount of time that that's gonna happen to elapse before you can actually come back to be in a 100%. The two full years. So it and that's always been my issue with Errol is not you know him being a bad guys good diary and game management it's the message. Buying a way. Two to describe what's going on explain it away just or if you're if you're not sure you can do the right way and YouTube Laker have a bunch of holes in your message. Just be as vague as possibly not part the time all the time you can't be bay. MB direct nickel back before he's not really direct. Odds that you'll feel safe way to yours in time or he has to be. Or he finds himself in a gem like this for like two days he says it's sort this and I say no one asks what he's trying to do is he's trying not to say anything. And he has sadly and actually can actually use words it's always using war can't do it but they're not he's not telling you already but he's not good at some managers some coaches. Could it play the game like being bay got real doctor Browne who's great other debris does this not. The biggest the year with pricing and estimate that don't do station got a month ago he'd be ready when you do with a month. Attorney gets a lot of them this year. The biggest fear is. In out stringing this thing along. And getting to August. September. God forbid offseason. Night only use next year you know rates are falling. Yeah you know means that it's just you know you wonder at a gaelic it will point that they say to find out soon enough they'll find out the next month. You'd think you know but it's just. People aren't stupid. The dude had a setback. Here and there was a reason for. So just what is so he's not even at the start of spring training right. Not only eat it all now he is a mean usage of the start of the planetary bullpen they took he took his next bullpen off. Now is Google on the bullpen on the ice as progress printer first week. There or. While played 820 yeah first week. But the but they but the bigger problem the bigger issue is he has to take it up about three or four levels to get up to the velocity. That you need to go out there and actually succeed in a major thing. And we're I want weren't long way away from. I mean it's it's unbelievable but it's one of those things where it's it's almost better off saying actually enough. And what Belichick would have done is he would just ignored questions. Who David Price tag them on the team hotel but the people on our team you gotta you wait until we give back whatever that is because you can't win in this situation in Iraq. With Ferrell stranded it was just tried the late Kate. The the media people that are around the team and maybe that's part of the problem though the media people have four more access to Farrell. Maybe not to Dombrowski is much but to Ferrell and the coaches and the players. You don't get that with football related 45 minutes here and then that's it you're going down for the week. The US for more access every single place he almost have to speak to them you should and I suspect. You shouldn't care. What the people are saying. If they say that they don't but it if they if they really don't it would it just sat. You know what you should just come on eclectic no more. As we expected this this is part of the process is part of the rehab we're gonna pick up the volume of panacea we reacted we expected some soreness. We're gonna take one bullpen off. And then we'll back in the bullpen again this is all expected to Eisenhower was panic and ports played off like that Orlando an alliance when asked question did Dave Dombrowski is probably true to be honest with you but still you make it sound like what hell is going on you people know what's going to vote. But it takes and god bless him and I understand there were. But he secular just not a doctor. Bell John DO things creep up with a as a recent so do you think that judge is out of nowhere. Did you know a thorn in mobile Panetta told bullpen after the live BP go up on black brown what do think he had the information there was some soreness he played doctor Reno. You know it don't wish they don't just take a from the bullpen to reflect ground for no reason. The Greece is John didn't know no better known as a reason why it slowed down ware thanks Dave Dombrowski last week whether he saw that. Price would pitch again this year he satellite six cell and then followed it on the budget ever know going to. With an average due to the right Pennsylvania so you never know and the UUUQ like that they got you you keep it sure everybody that you would never know. Attention that's it's like a hero that was that was available today Christian stuff you so they don't must see radio TV. Casino matter with the speed of us purchases and sales what did you one of those. Within honey margaritas and now I don't you throughout this in the middle and that's why would they poll show it can't. Have been there I've ground ball.

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