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OMF - Bruins lose ugly and go down 3-1 in series with Ottawa, 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

The open the show discussing last night's 1-0 loss to Ottawa, in which the Guy Boucher's trap system bogged down the Bruins all night for a shut out.

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All of you read it. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. With gland Lou and Christian really are just spoiled entitled. Dixon middle of the problem actually cutting foreign when a great together. I would get 86 share. Stick him in a boot for the other board Everett and you're not. On Sports Radio WEEI. Her good looks. I'll. Now there's there's just his energy and out to read that letter let us lose a month and a month and movies. Irritable or daddy no I love low just always does the playoff he like does. Like get along with everybody now argue with anybody while I don't know why would anybody try to get you never burn any bridges and try to I saw a million sucked up to everybody that cost area like the big or how little we can get a camera here to see sucking up to Jerry. Mean I can do and yes like well your own personal time we'd love personal. Or weigh in California so I should have a podcast what do you think he'll manage you just want you should put dale Benson does he do it jailed on. Whether our show does read your blog you have all your time in one pot while. Perfect teachings and I don't raise my guys can speak if it's a little pony show and they managed care little blip on the afternoon in space complete sort of pass these like your day right guys like case. It was that we do have Kirk he's got like is is hate toll of the week. And it moves around from person to person I was here a month ago would have little is the hate toy of the week acrylic on the states. Given your often got hooked on the staple yes. Mean am I here of the EU HU or else I'm glad I don't have view but I think he did because he felt lucky that two out. You know Saturday night Fella you just yet you in you you'll look reports on media. He just employees that have picked a little law but I feel like I'm always there and I are being born wakes up or tweets. Sport radio and in fact the group or next. I think I think it was a problem that I think for a winner Retief. I'll think I'll go right now I don't know I don't know you guys are desperate and you. You got you out of a divot two hours. If I mean does he does try to create you know break from the show each article one and praises the Olympics a little more thoughtful. Well he's just not I don't know salt and up comes to not how happy all of autonomous and the DC we are Democrats smaller tournaments from division titles. React to persevere through literacy group great stories and history and that she was Georgia and government. You great at literate I. Hernandez certainly see an outlook and Alex how open and Ali yeah we did it Ehrlich and as you. And I. Continue to tweak that he continued to butcher the English language you want me to read mobile I don't read. I'll never get a read every that newspapers that's about it look at the computer I've read that's my reading. Rate OK out of time to read all the lap right now my life the last book yesterday I don't know I thought I thought I'm not honestly I'm not fake I. Yeah I'd say let it out 2000 I don't every ounce. I just right and doing other things will face players I think are the armistice got out you. This is trying to. Agreement but there's always an honest answer would you announce articulate than me yeah. Well exactly and the American heartland in green and our political I don't know I don't know yeah what he's would you. I'm good at Glen little weakness of excellent. Legislation that he's injured you're Erica. I am gonna sweep quickly you have put your daughter out there and not a minute having her out what their help drivers say it is that makes a public break and work. They screw you are all items here he's just English teachers out there it went at that deal was at its worst he's only he. Defenses the defensive about this quote you warned that offensive to defensive let me just talk about it or all odds are we'll catch up so I'm a boring guy. You know I just think that I don't know I don't know we can make fun of me it's OK with the north. When we get you know I don't know I was told to bring more energy because you're lacking so much energy humor I was forced them to do more and I'm feeling I just can't do it and actually so it's a lot Obama five ask don't and I'm okay. That aren't life I hug my boring life. I although my boring song yeah he's pretty kind of boring dogma to slide and his bad. And then a ball drove into the city in Miami and was sentenced her voice. My that's what it is yeah. Yeah that's that's. That's good that you agree and I got my nose and resume her popularity as I don't think the Miami yeah. And it's not all of that and I should be patted me on the back because what advice once again. I'm doing more for the shelved. We're now. And Connors and Jose boots on the ground. Yeah. What did you do last night looking for you in with him what to do it again what the game one what became the hockey game than what you think that they're all day regardless of whether it's much less glare of the gold. Yeah I thought I. I was third tier I left I left and Juliet would you leave at the end of the second at the end of the second yeah exercise if you want a lot of headquarters seats overall. Fifth row where where you're right behind the net so you see anything now because I'm gonna look like no love like the. Does it go to those tickets are great right right there on Google its outstanding Tennessee let it if anything is going on other than right behind the net elect who is there a pedestrian hits you know and all the action in the upper there it was all on the other end up there with went abroad from shots what I had their chance and other record might all the but. I can't look at the screen. At the screening on here acting like I was like and in a county section. Of all it was there's coaches who are actually in the garden in Boston on number of articles or would you clear Smith. I just I'm just I'm just listening to the people around his comments. Talking to anybody. Ally coach out he added. Like yeah OK yeah I think I'll probably my boys. On the he's back at the start eight these all out on the ice now okay odd boys that's look at in the net now what I'll get that putt boys got to get that putt. Talking to. The boys like employees talk about boys the boys and just try to talk a little girls in front of me. And she's naked pictures of her boobs. She sees that check and pictures of her boobs and a I mean it's like funny we know. And apart what are woman is an odd is that what we do I don't know if that is now happening here all know that I'd keep up a hockey player. Like the last it was believable that the goals not last. He boring is game I've ever seen that he could not leak out of Portland thought they are apparently thought reality of our era by first brutality Miller went to see day outside the room. Don't yeah I saw the pictures the pebble the blood outbreak after the boy to boys. There are having with an audio. Couple Eagles team bogs you down around them to up all the girls and it told him about the progress and the way. There for the jacket they basically had a strong army and get off this and I got at the open here. I don't think that was within daylight view remains that might get a big picture microchip you go home after a particular zip back into the month that Mike. What's apple and at that might seem like I have my. Exactly like kind of off the disease attacked the buried at the very serious. He's fired up there all their solution fit now it was a no wrote she's Chatham telecasts and now there's no burden of comical leaving it down there a lot of 101. Which Edwards. Oh yes he can look you don't want to see Asia load books you got any books godless now they're marriage should read I don't Roche. It's human. Baseball books into one another good example are of a group but it was so they so clearly law says you wanna open it it was a professional broadcast who dale yap and and Pedersen and champion. They're very gracious take lightly to the dog not a high equity. John Harbaugh and the bulls and you know I don't see you watch him time and Mike wolf are struggling. Everybody chicken man. No hug deal he did a good you don't let you do. That way not. A lot of right we'll look at that I'll be replay would have wanted to break down but it's happening there and going odd but they kept up and wait all night on his game. I got something out of. I welcome my boy my voice hey boys that can edit out boy a boy. Hate out really slow slow. Olson that's if you gonna take any game to go to. You pick the game in which. You Boucher and Ottawa played their game to put that little splint little trapping and after the first two days after the first prayers go to America first carries a second and third period the just. Shut the game down to a crawl and you're right it became. Board could imagine watching that team. For 82 games a little match up very exciting but it's it's as you know what's Carlson percent over data secret he's terrific he's a perfect about Iran's been great in this series and we hasn't had a great year because it was like. Right because you call if they get five shots in the first three games didn't come close to finishing at five shots or we is six shots last night so it's a well you know he's better. To finish. I mean that. Actually that second one the break could Anderson doled out Adam and I don't mean at that kind of cut you off guard I was gonna pass and on of people and reds opened in the article I think Borges actually had a solution just flip it up already just caught off guard. Typical movie is gonna make it a surprise them but. The first one. The other one week out about the candidate like a low fastball that was kind of still and here I thought the last when he was gonna poke inside there I think he's gonna get them a lot about didn't list it couldn't lift it. An inevitability Anderson his glove and the biggest I mean the biggest controversy was the goal that was overturned behind and I don't think it was a controversy at all on me in the stands at once. Well ultimately if you want to look Microsoft doesn't have pictures of unease that I paid attention for the bulls on who we weren't in the game got so bored that everybody sitting behind it was like all looking over her shoulders had no clue and just and all that it was snapped. And snapped and angles that and you know what you pay it's been like 85 bucks hundred bucks and somebody gives you think it's gonna get some really gave her your number Mel hall on concerns that those to be there Nepal and ultimately get that snapped at username and it masked face yeah. But the controversy is in the rule itself and were there is pretty stupid it would clearly. It that that was offside there was no doubt about it but you should makes no sense to me. If you have a 211 break at three on two break. And suddenly you score a goal and bam just like that that I can understand you going to the video I agree and re seeing. But if you suddenly dropped the puck into your hand and you more wooded around and in this case. You moves possession of the park was eighteen seconds nineteen you get an apartment had no clue whose possession of the block you get the puck back and that you score a goal. You're gonna tell me that we're gonna re wind the tape go back nineteen seconds. And we're gonna take it what that one makes no slip ups I just called dead and we see it with thirty seconds. Let's call. Committee and I try to visit call call right away but I don't. Failure to review it doesn't feel right understandably he was clearly off sides you know they re trying to sometimes you never really tell he was clearly off sides but you missed it. Just like in TE UMR Bobby Ryan's a ball. Yes to the back of Nash's head that you re wise that's a penalty technical do you miss things as a human element I understand it and what if it's like a breakaway tool on once it was clearly off sides. And and and there's the result of a goal seconds later I get it it's just. And I don't feel like instant replay should be for that we'll do it again it's a good thing. Seems. It's like so you can review every goal score and a matter how much time is that it asks that you could overturn Asian across sided tents a challenger in the Chelsea Assad. But it executives and I'd get it right people love instant replace its ball typical all right and it's like the same thing in baseball. But I think it happened on Detroit Red Sox benefited you know from a from the eight perfect feed to second base he came off the bag turned to let's double play and in a replay shows that the told him off the bag slightly before it caught the ball so he's off the bag or pop up slide. Guy slides he got a pops up for a split second. And the tag is there in a column on review it and it's not that's our seniors for I don't. I think Italy's directly to a gold offside leads directly to a goal I can understand it that's where they have to change the rules to to satisfy that. But once huge jump into the zone and you're messing around with a for twenty or 32 you brought up an interesting point about an elbow so supposed it was an elbow against somebody that they missed. Okay and suddenly gold school. Against that today take that back note that was an infraction that somebody missed out there and I'm a linesman. Whose only job is to stand on the line and see if you're offside or aside Podemus that. Yeah I mean it really miss not only that matters not disclose a little channel just it's sort of like. Being able review a ball or strike. You know like Oates who they call ball at three pitches later you'd get a hit. They go back and review the 02 pitch to say it was a strike Iraq the actors after you hit a home run and I think what a Marty has that play. In elegant that was a lot of stuff happened before in Iraq the here's the other one have would. With the NHL's shall stupid with this thing. If you're taking away goals the league needs the game needs their support goals but it's more goals for you meet the last. Of what bush is doing puppet on. Right you need less of that you need less of that you don't cutting down trapping. O eliminating goals playing one nothing playing 21 games not. Good for now court. And if you start taking them away because you missed a play. 192939. Seconds reviewing holes. Long dated goal ended across the crease what what you know high stick on a tip you know wasn't above the shoulder right right right on goals again. The guy scores a goal it's what they review in the goal. Know where the review some it happened twice Jessica and beaten. Which are the other night but he was off sides and he's clearly offside but the ref missed the call the Bruins have nothing to bitch about it who clearly was offside call. But you brought up the point about the about the hope that the Ryan a couple of the other night. Well if they had gone back after the goal PG a probably gave the Ottawa power play opportunity. Okay and they had a story in a power play opportunity. So can we not go back now those we regret that ninety seconds let us know or care why can't we go back now and say wait a minute we blew the call. They both should have them off yes we should have a plan for a floor here. As that was the case that goal might not have a certain point you can't do they can't. You can't rewrite Hewitt isn't it like it's like you know reviewing every scoring opportunity to arrest in football you eager to test on the gold back in it there's an off sides or Thursday. Any sort of infraction and gold bull overturned putts admitting hockey you can go back and he's 3046 lobbies and look at you go about it forever because it's it's it. It's different the way it ultimately without you had a change of a possession. In this situation that lost the puck not I don't I don't like the rule OK if you miss an offside call. Emitted in the year you mean it's like there's a beast it's like okay we can review everything that you just cannot pinpoint exactly what we're gonna overturn what we can review. Did it needs to be an extension of this right because you local. But what when there's that goal right and you're watching you watching nets and summit that trickle use sometimes bring it back to some happened fifteen seconds ago that affected. Right Carlson got a inches and it keeps this is a great job of of keeping the puck in his own head and raceway in around chemical weapons ten seconds later seek this at their symbol. If there was no loss sides is no possession. So they should've been should go back and call it but maybe it is an extension of unity said maybe if you change possession. The autos defenseman gets the puck and instead it fails to clear then it's no longer review oval. All maybe after 1015 seconds. It's no longer review gotta gotta change something do it it's stupid and again in a league that needs more goal scoring. You basically seeking gonna let the reason why we lost them in my John on any of opportunities got that settled an unbelievable opportunity right in front of Anderson. It a lot of opportunities early enough in on the first period period but. As the reason other law is the rule that doesn't feel right when you watch the most is they they get choked by the way that Ottawa place. And this is now that this is probably not going to be. And I don't think anybody wants some people did expect them to win this first round I don't know. I don't want to think if you are you can be sure that it that it ain't for me it's not a game is on goal at all on its it's now but they're closer to elimination in the -- law I mean we we sent out yesterday narrowly lose better routes to well let's. I was the one thing I victims out of all of this. Charlie McEvoy is the real deal yet. But luckily I my love and its last night and all of a sudden no surprise he gets the most applause. Yeah sure it's the most applause but the what I Charlie McIlroy civilian illegally ninety not hit a ninety minute all the way bigger than we gonna get big cattle feed and I do love. Often they love them Charlie not a boy I tell it what he's loved him he didn't blow when used against scoring opportunity also yet when you think of him and he also prevented me a goal on a breakaway teased you got a good odds of that period. Is futures now that he's pretty boy good hymn of the bullets are gonna be pretty good right now pretty damn good right. He doesn't look like he's affected at all it's like not even a big deal for him I mean honestly in all this guy I was living in it don't two months ago you get that kid success. Sure hello I learned more challenge of the game until Jack just wants to square and firm level doesn't. Well I don't know usually not void period already try to sell sport will object. You got up again now watch it that's what you're doing. Unless I hear that does not last night at the greatest gave the ball alive why you could possibly not watch and it's playoff hockey. Seven more phone who's having more fun and launch 35 seconds. I'm. Because there are edited out. A tale what you are wasn't the triggering mudslides like that was that was just so disappointed was born because I never allowed by you know and Neitzel went west and Johnny. He didn't they'll love fabulous jump blues hit it over the final argument went after it you don't have. If you don't just people that go. Got meatballs a hundred Margarita my injury announced it was yeah what an umbrella and now welcome to have to give me an umbrella or coming up to be asking is there an umbrella yet you don't have an umbrella what does that Donnie Marguerite that was originally. A sweet mark McDonald and craftsmen and Cleveland's and a moment yes I am yes owning a football stadiums like this little funny it's this is asking him and he shall we can get nice little taste. At least three of them are good about myself I heard it was gonna work with you as an admirable but until football when you the husband and oh sorry you are like three margaritas three. How did you let the did you volunteer. He's like you voluntarily leave after the second he's thrown out is not leak and we know it it idea. Again drought relief paso now and I get tired really fast so it will happen no matter I don't mind I got my eye on the the second here Murano. I have done deceased eyes didn't scream we need points. How hot I. All of us a car. I was so now it comes to the boys just call it a boy up licensed to completely poisonous becomes crystal clear right Nancy had three of these funny margaritas then you decided on going and visiting with our area. It's a dale and dale is that basic area. Basically grabbed my arm that me on the back in India gave me a balloon take on you release your connector can we got a job as a professional you know we're there is like I know our visit if you got this funny yes we do when I'm doing the pre or post didn't show it it's injury Internet. We have been known to. Two put. A couple you know just like the moves are terrific core. I mean idea directory so you figure in the sixth or seventh court. The board game where you say about the page of the Roth and again surgery again they don't want can't they give manufacture bonds never sounds like it's a bit don't you could needs and the needs the difference iPad is there they're so serious I mean it's great that we got a lot to talk about it a little time I don't think they're happy they're on other Timothy got mad they asked BofA you know connected to Hamas and ballroom quake did is that sure. Come on optimist I'm telling young you're stupid football please stay home okay tell us please. You heard you I appreciate it unbelievable. It's a we don't want to talk about we give very little time in review article does a short day for are there. Afternoon baseball is a bit after the it's a silly it's great actress and get to watch cruise around it's like watching Tom bring up some guides older electric. Must watch athlete. In this I don't know what else they don't encourage marriage I think it has been almost given way to sailors we're gonna wait tickets are Red Sox yankees tickets hottest team went down ass yankees and I think it's okay now Stephen Bing now. Rivalries add around all these are good maybe a little game with three of those little honey margaritas in the fifth probably with Finley's. Like for us they don't have liked to drink some looking for a goal to cast make it and now they won't I won't acknowledge audio voice than John it's not schedule a White House visit Hernandez will do all of that coming up next we open up the phone lines 6177797937. And yes we are giving away tickets Red Sox yankees tickets. Coming up on today's program as well.

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