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K&C- Why didn’t Brady go to the White House?; The I and A after LGBTQ; Full recap of the White House visit 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Hour 4. Alex, Gerry, and Kirk discuss Brady’s decision to skip the White House visit. Gerry and Kirk learn that there is an I and A after LGBTQ. The guys recap the White House visit.

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Stern okay. Did you know what's. During the during the presentation like for you Benjamin wrote she. Com or C you I bunny don't we have what they're actually occurred you know hit a little bit and has kept them from our broad street. Look thirty dalliance. The. I'm very safe travels emitted generally pissed off mood Sean Spicer I hope recommends. Yeah that's good thing here with Kirk man I can't separate the events of for men is pre dawn this morning and in the patriots appearing. At the White House a fourth down conversion. My daddy and Mandela was it. Way to go again. States to placate spy gate all these things in that you had to Hernandez trial in another trial drinkable water and you just mix it all up down vote against Gerry Callahan had a great privilege to be here several times but this one we were treated me the president has just done that is the. Yeah. I think about this without the burden here we'll be right out president. Good amount per minute hand is endorsing Donald. WEEI. Our backer Kelly congratulations to. Can't layers back Chris Curtis in you Jerry and Alex thank Randy and mocked whom I forget. Pete. Was he part of yesterday's winter time either. Meter yes there's a little bit I wish I think what really a net ridiculous for ratings are dropping out items in my underwear true your eyes from mill numbers exhausting. Nothing entered that thought they absolutely again until we got okay we get under I didn't I do not add them up or take you that you. I can't read them from mills our friend bill it's gonna prepare for a month. Their routes and there for a can't sacks and I want to thank all these guys love these you can buy you one all colors and it just gradually deputy deleted star ratings book came out and we did a fantastic number one almost every right that include the big one guys thirty 64 yes bio lots to adult males who spend money list number one so relevant Hilton's. All you guys congratulations to you Kirk that's all waiting for thank you because I don't feel like you guys and do it but that's okay graduation the other shows at the station I think well I think. In real often point how important as. It is have a good lead in. Of the groups that come on and to Asia that money's always gets up and get Schwartzman Schwartzman has got a terrific together. And which. Was about a month as smog Tom Brady so called team that we leaders wanted to one night. Now and only a moderate users collaborate and moved into the world of one of the beautiful people while still sort of being trumped. I can't pull off. This can't either as a people that Jerry goes skiing with and a one of the great romances and histories Callahan Brady in back is about as pumped properly which is now over that's done torched never gonna happen again. Trust this truck he's right he's got a pretty turned his back on trump yesterday. Trump did not mention his name once checked and I imagine I wanted Kraft Kraft who calls radius on couples and nine Exxon I don't blame nuns I don't blame the Brady should ago. Children and less of the extremists but it is an I think he planned in fact he did commit. Like two weeks ago soared on sort of Politico reported over the weekend that he was going to deteriorate it picked up yet I think he bowed out yesterday which makes me think me two days ago. I think it makes you think there yesterday. I eat out yesterday about a day before but it is nowadays and one statement com and I think the patriots through the day before it wasn't going. That may be you know he's won others to follow his lead was surprised missing element adding an amendment go test Brady told Tony they have editors fierce political call them at a morning yes what are you weren and race and not going. Right. But maybe it is. Maybe had to be home mom I'm gonna assume it was a family issue and hope for his sake that that's not the case and if it's not that is in middle finger to those guys that are you know get her I would agree it's not any bloom off. That is wrong if it's an emotional rocket that debris out handle situations mom was really sick that's actually five you don't go you know it's like Jerry everyone does if you're sick parents of sick people you know. You know you can flied out buy back in the day things on extreme obviously you can do people I mean people can do and and I do think he had stood by. Prompt for a long time. These wasn't hard to do hollowed out with the white ears are sort of back off slow when he simple little times a lot about trump last usually you think about it you know me as I said the first hour there was 34 players there. How many of them are big trump supporters Alex may be. You know it's different with most them know isn't a Brady's night is different and secondly obviously he's a bigger star in a bigger name right. But he doesn't have to be a big vocal probably don't companies that participate in this at least I didn't trump that's a we will break doesn't go eighty Australian trump could have known each other a long time and company caught a lot of pennies on them his good friend I lady I'd say those words my feature if he should get all that but he can go there without making sure any political your good said Friday surprising United States and she's got is going to go. He should go and then you get say you're not political and show up April 29 I'm not saying injuries not. And he climate change rally with Giselle UK did you itches on to weed out yesterday here it is April 29 in Washington DC march for climate change I mean much for climate. Jobs and justice. Climate jobs and justice all a good news for you look at things if you. Really so if I want jobs you want us take drastic measures. You know to combat climate change he gonna cost. There's lots of job just fine on the anti Japanese and that's gonna cost and lots and lots of jobs as Hillary promised if she were elected she's gonna put the coal it actually. Out of business. That's a lot of jobs. Anyway she has to change everything we need every one and has a link. She wants everyone to go to DC to me this means she's going. A she at all she goes shows ago that he can go if he goes his image is altered forever he's up on some states with my image right who. In your view every right the world yes kissing cancer care awareness they are there is they are I mean not all in some oily Alison how is it doesn't matter Felix corporate finance Medicare will now fans care I never said that if there is okay and lots of fans can usually the fans don't care about what real Patriot Act but we are mocked if there's a piece of stupid. I don't heart impeachment doesn't care of Brady's a liberal or no public I think there are people who are fans who are liberals. And Ireland and they're disappointed winnings and supported trump wants we've been saying for the last six months. When we can send Susan peace stuff which is not legit and say we're saying that could to protect drug problem interstate fair but actually being kind I think it'd be a patriots patron like Alicia gets paid to see those are third quarter third six break his pectoral authentically with that climate you know some of that. No no no I just say they're disappointed I only online so I think so check with or Alex do you consider yourself a patriot fans to know on media camp then unbiased who will be like the idea and we were rear animals big fan right he's a big liberal. He's definitely disappointed. When Brady says something nice about. Yeah that's natural could be can be disappointed in not a guest and failure during matters predator and Brady's where everything that Brady people the people that matter most of Brady bandages sells the Ben Affleck the common O'Brien's we'll still like him I still think though it if bracelet from the adult as it is Alan that's terrible comments pan am one of what's. A stand up now and he's right golly he's not eating though. And again if it's if it's if his mom was feeling okay the reason he didn't go yesterday doesn't want to deal with the backlash anymore. He felt a little yard which doesn't like. And if you saw her with us and other stuff over the past month that it is backed away your peers are part of it would or wouldn't really extreme with Brady because he did he go to Obama in 2015 and because eating go to Obama people would have viewed it as a more political statement also and to also this trump would have called radio individual right is a big deal of a big deal which would trumpet Brady shaking hands in the that bright and that was without -- filed on our web site for a embrace and know what. It is. Mostly it's the fault. People agree more and also the globe it's the fall I mean Brady is the one left in staying home prices and a friend inning predicate your day test so you should be happy then he didn't go to Ireland and have a photo apart from right. I'd give him credit. No mean I think what not to be told present anyway go kill my helping the radio it's it's been hungry and eager are you afraid you can't win period you put himself wind Gil gun situation and I could happen now is to get here. The best. You want an explanation of why didn't go I think and why some other guys and Donald which ones but some. Look at the New York Times today you you wanna see fake news. Look at the Boston Globe's Twitter feed today they have these two pictures. Comparing the the team showing up the way those from Obama's there's opposed when trump there. And it's one big lie they have these staircases on the side of the stage and send the rises then two years ago biffle people. The people are. Equipment guys seek medical staff and it makes it seem like and almost people there yesterday. They just won't put. Did you get off yet I think you think that's why he I think what I think is worse. Would you think is they knew that reportedly is why we I think I think if they didn't even. He had time to find out what the circumstance work of course they know they were so excited C two pictures. Biggest fight out there how even checked it's a big gap it's a play pulled out front all well as what we know the patriots because they tweet up front all come out. Patriots hope pack whatever hit that proton pack knowing the patriots. Call them out all right guys the not the races like Richard Spencer prejudice is each other crap is not your right I yes yes OK it just the worst cut announces jewishness. Help himself on Haiti's now what he's right but you you may realize that you know but the patriots. Which I love. Fought back tweeted out. Call them on their lives gave them the numbers of players who showed up. This year 34 players showed up in in 2004. Which was the last and the head. Three championships in four years of what it was very to a three and so river was here 36 players right in 2005. 27. Players showed up and we didn't care nor give a thought but anything they can use against trump. They used against trump pictures lies that's what they're doing here that's why Bree doesn't participate is this the the the hatred for anyone who aligns so we'll talk is irrational next time you see Amy a professional. Sports team goes to trumpet via Oval Office won't be when an NBA team so I hockey has at will and some form I mean no it wouldn't they don't all agree not gonna go now happily the owner and George speakers don't. No holes anymore someone who represents the team will show up or some kind of went out it's either you block rom about maybe like dinner with the vote product would be to have cycle. As a smugglers or salvage something else to come back and win this time. No chance base bought and baseball players as they said before their hopes and use them as a general your dope if you go to them will some weapons and others thinkers. So and it felt much Chris Lofton thinker now Tom Brady's anchor Chris Paul is I think they weren't and thinks is it worth like I'm gonna get much crap is it worth it as we asked if he's on a beautiful people that was one of the time 100 most influential people of 2017. Other people this was I don't know. Let's give you some of the names up before we get to Brady. Are Kim Jong who's on their degrees and point to it that's fine with that Putin's on their no question Steve and yup you bet. About the trump short ger pressures on the final that. If you think these people influence anybody in the world ready had ruled poll. Some some cross dressers wolf and its back side is she's gotta say it's involves some mobile's. I'd crate him Ashley Graham and she influences you were fluent Viola Davis. No. Sarah Paulson. Margot Robbie Reid is army that's the guy from the night right the actor Samantha be chance the wrapper could be. And Neil foul Toobin solo. It was a war journalists who might girl. So it was called cabinet Jim Harbaugh writes an area thoughtful essay for him. And Tom Brady Conan O'Brien well how did Theo Epstein get the slowest part of it isn't how you broke the red sectors and the cubs Stan and I know and she enjoyed this year. Yes you don't. Yeah it's an ugly guy who could do loosely to lots of hot chip off my daughter in this year and loves these ugly drunken shape reviewed castle on the hill that song has to be ready on. Home is that companies back in all of Taylor swift's hunter actually. And you like these and he's terrible you'll it was a terrible at Sears like. You stopped for me. Like this. Ourselves. And his voice on draws that's finalist of what was the and union gave him and you find them warm and Jackson I have news for us I think I know I heard it's a great jacket you how this or that you weren't this. Jack. It's not a jacket scratch at the zipper doesn't go down to touch lecture I can Louis orchards once really. Like once we can we check every day. Chance of rule project that's what pressure does this shyness Middle East what you do the show now god actually pre tax credits forty degrees in here sway in this room anxiety Jesus and your community Conan O'Brien who wrote for the Simpsons and was once a guest on. Went to Harvard the Harvard wrote this essay about Tom Brady and basically it's you know. He's being sarcastic saved you know what's good for him W who breed here is just you re so it's terrible on I uses that uses chowder. Yeah I think he's all about figures terrible stuff funny it's usually he's got all those guys viewed on long enough lately. Wahlberg you know from Boston it's solely fan in Dorchester sports either didn't seem Amman shouting didn't seem Cologne Cologne run on TBS no I was I was two Beers and a percent in years I've never seen. If you watch on it I should I don't know but sometimes TV be on right now go from there I'd never thought a lot of times you're there you've reached for awhile I wrote an addict who's against it like for a year to exactly do you edit you can I don't know understand is here he looks in the camp the monitor and makes his hair move it. Goes like this and his hair moves and he it's everything got exit was stolen from. From Leno or Letterman or wherever someone else Thomas drafted the second to last round was slowed scrawny Beriault depth chart. Beyond below Bledsoe bishop and the drummer for the colors. When he was baton use ludicrous and in the league he was and cars are from Boston to suggest that when was he bat well he wasn't expected to be gut in that line again. When Brady was drafted or Tom in the second to last round you slowed scrawny buried on the depth chart below Bledsoe bishop and the drummer for the cars. It was and expect it to be guide is on the corner if you'd and he knew that. Do you could job National Lampoon in that we god or you know. Since censor ourselves. SNL I guess call it cap predict by Jim Harbaugh. Paula capita was alone in his early protests last year when he boldly and courageously. Confront a perceived inequalities in our social justice system by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. I think Colin. For always contributed to the game of football is an outstanding player entrusted Tina house upon for courage he's demonstrating exercising is guaranteed right of free speech how lucky for us all. In for our country you have among our citizens someone is remarkable is owned property courage and I Jim Harbaugh. Well I feel lucky reader where I woke up this morning and said. Paula Kaplan that half a moron who's gotten a job right I'll be huge unemployed half or more on supposed to feel lucky food to Somalia though is how in the not an act and also do it justice true right politics and culture six want to line up at 79790. Three's have now people want to weigh in on trump in Brady it's my contention again. It gastric if if if if Tom's Obama's economic wholly different serves as we all know if not. Brady backed out and basically said trump and a few on one which. I blame Al Trimmer for that but yeah if he if he'd. Shows up in that very city. On April 29. He's back in DC for the hat. I'm he's out among forever don't you just be hanging with his buds and those are his peeps. His crowd that will I gotta admit that will be very very disappointed this guy Jerry rigged deal with the snow and Allen got picturesque and hurt that is a Saturday. Or Sunday April 29 is a Saturday two weeks from which is this thing do we check links to all the details and outside the White House. Out of all the utilities in Iraq goes we saw yesterday he goes to thank you very obvious evangelical it is you know that it's and that's plots in a pick what you should we have discussed going to Alaska senator tester that when you get to a Mattson Pembroke and Matt. Hey guys Edward the patriots fan I ain't gonna be extremely disappointed. Operate. Showed up on April 29 or Gisele. At some tree target. Boarding people a lot of work right option in osh a city. I get free points in the edit your mother's. Ichiro put their right there's other better and you don't want a 28 act it out. Right on he's not gonna look at this zealots murdered his nose ripping EPA chief you know she is. Really. Anti trump really care what we government about today's sisters are sister are really led to remember her face right posts around elections family and we all and disappointing and I mean I'm Fred Thompson I have people my family oh like come. You're you're a man Jerry come on here every day you profess your beliefs you know Brady is just doesn't stand by is god if Kerry's wife should not do you wouldn't be answered yes if you just sort optional war is why in the pan I went to the inauguration and on duration and my daughters had talent come in the next day. She went to the woman's march yes all of that story. She says it's. Was like five hours and then I really more art is never received a pretty good and I could barely hear what's who was. We can move on or in a vote on its rights of others are stupid speeches threatened to block that she's thought of applying the calling them. I ask that you not only that like ethicists are at stake. But this is can you must go to a rally for climate jobs and just like you all saying which one you try to force things to know right now on how awful this that's that's something like don't Cogent and we stand on the issues she sounds terrible we and he stellar job if you like an anti jobs and I've always been encouraged me to our climate. The I want the climate can change I want it to be warmer the ball and just state this planet for granted. Not light displays and went on board with my campaign. To advance climate change and make it almost I'm worried about my shoulder whether do you have went luncheon I do I really do have winter right when when does want to you guys on board. When this went to the world it who produced weakness he. Initially they thought the year at 2723. And we do this is gonna and then 2713. Catch the ball on a it was a 10600. Is on my kids are Kabila finally. Mean you know really think the world's gonna burn up would like when he said if we I don't know if we keep digging coal the world can burn up into football I'm just I'm just the judges L statement. From the FaceBook page of people's climate movement decided to smuggling is on it just shows is promoting nosy there's no denying it Donald Trump's elections approach for future the future of our planet the safety of our communities and health of our families are ready to fight back. We are ready to ability resistance to tropic congress attacks and climate join Gisele and on April 29 while that's weird from the Mars is nothing if not. Remarks were affair with remarks for our air our water and our land and mark a clean energy jobs and climate justice will mark for communities and the people we love Clinton liberals aren't you embarrassed to be liberal when you hear that a flower auction takes that Alex on water from back to the calls 12 here. I needed to articulate a tournament. What is marching for climate justice me. That means that back. They're getting their marching in the native wanted spread awareness about climate change it's happening well we'll Loaiza let's justice justice climate justice high because climate to what the poorest people in the world Jerry answered in the brunt. To find out and then on the poorest people the world a feeling the brunt of lunatics like you. Who believe in this Paris court I don't know if you Wear this but they are stopping pork countries from advancing. If they wanna build a power plant needs some forward you know pour a hell hole in in Africa. Or lower or South America or Asia. They can't act. Because people in Manhattan's saint camp and we'll have Paris tunnel and takeovers it so you think you'd think fossil fuels oil is good for me. Our country in the Third World that does not have electricity or do you think you spend money just spend an optional questions people he wanted to build a power plant it. And you wanna use Fossett flew you want these coal. Coal driven power plant in doing that Third World country so those people can have clean water. And clean running water and those people could have. All the not going to these in the oil is to hire good. Just so we know that's climate justice let's we got ours we got as we have our 450 forgotten our jet. And I've had those apartment in New York. In people in Somalia. Can't build a power plant have running water. I was because I asked how is that other planet I was used to people coaches on and on this is I'll get back and forth to these places. And why she's your fraud. But I don't it yes I've got time workflow all of them are not going to be me and usually ask just read up. Mean can. Sit there and think the climate just means something is I just because it sounds good if they know this is a crazy leftist and marched they use the full LG Pete Q. I. What CIA news they've gotten letters exacts an ace sexual. And that's. Is sexual in her sexiness. In you say to yourself now creditors failure point you know at this this standard and of course you called private parts of one even though you're born in Milwaukee now. Which I'm out bank that is so. Department has more yes on October 31 1974 when he crossed like come flying out the patrician and hands about to announce a little world a lot he's its instant so the what he sang. What are you weren't a young lady you're like Evelyn knew you'd be intersect if you were not born with you were born with being now. Here's genitalia amateur woman. No because you identify isn't like everything else about you is never identified as a woman with a penis I would be intercepts writes what's the interviewer I he has star. Enter. To intersects. Intercourse and you have intercourse yes with yourself. Right now and and then and then and obviously if he I would go underground and you know. You you look like a man you have female genitalia to gently everything from Oklahoma what like who was recently famous who which and we garrido is the term. It'll it when a person is yes with their reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't seem to fit that tip on. That doesn't seem to it is a technical definitions of female are now than it was slightly than typically initially what. Why we're talking I am really want definition. Of it. We don't want I don't think I'd say a girl may be born with a noticeably winds die. No quite there yet or are lacking any point opening. Abort me giving a boy may be born with and notably small penis area yes Horry. We know that's just people aboard incomplete parts I. I let it fly ball closer to do it wiser person tied him and he got this other group unless that person you're a small plane has just ties directly back at the transgender and normally listen we're tied in with Italy's leading female eight sexual as well. I don't leave anything to negotiate as they say it's actually yes why part of his tank that's I don't know it's just ten days and two expanded the of one what does that have to do climate justice is that every they're welcoming and everybody's while his line well straight is what part of and I'll definitely because the west now so I don't I don't know we're welcoming out people of color workers indigenous people immigrants women. Eligible ETQ and I available for trump a couple of guys you know worked harder makes a living pays tax not to buy the life and what we're here's some like tonight that's what's on the I'm not out. All eyes now and is rob medium well I like my stake it might be behind and I know up and I don't know absolutely none out get a small Xena has that would hold out hope that. As you know liberals don't have break they don't think. Wondered it would kill you think that it is but I I feel that's what it's all about emotional element emotion and empathy there's no thought. Did you make up that I I'm gonna kill one of these IEA people know you're supposed to be a G a ZQ is mark oh was against climate change it. She's is let's go to Shana New Bedford and pick Schaub what second pick is it related to gay person Anderson you've gone through a lot of lives without it's tough and topics like what's the battle for a sexual. Well things sexual and they don't united and any kind of sex not as heavily RBIs sexual. Aren't you which I think it would be awesome. While you're up ten places that's what he would he would rather taken out. If being easy. All right so what does that person have to do with the transgendered guy. Which has to do some things against Cole eight detectives cubic I have watched secret LG BT that's. And Brady's afraid if he goes to meet the president of the backlash too much he's gonna go down in this collection and Knutson lunatics. Hang out with them I would even point bisexual or you were the LG BT well you Ellis -- yeah frost DC you've fought how do you teach John. No OS is in on now are straight wants straight hockey is out of business. What's up. So what people call on. Clinton and help. Me straight now we won once. Yeah. So uncomfortable because I've been great it and I'm going to lay out the because you expected the amount to bowl you know architecture that is the mentality. I would become in the president for the next you know four years so I you know I think you know you know what yeah. Being with the mom might be more important you know if that's the case. Daniel couldn't have you done obviously not a catwalk ever so. At that I feel like that that that take on it and you know that and that's basically accurate budget try to take advantage of something so simple just for political reasons yeah. Then obviously it doesn't wanna deal with it he's focused on what you won't fanned out the rest the calls we are six holes seven and up at 797 I've been shut up. 617779. 79 did you have we encourage culture Els and from GAs and b.s and easy cannot answer I want they call to Elena I thought I won an intersect we us and we don't know it is and positive activity shot arsenal he has put all this lead the media just did not to a complete travel law we will do that arbitrary and Aaron and his and for after we left the White House trump welcomed in some famous folks for dinner at Valencia Villa. Including a couple rocker rulers depressants triple. I would do that and a recount Tara our trip to the White House yesterday that your calls we return. We're right there. I think you make this like. Yeah yeah yeah. We'll be right up. I'm president. We don't report it to be ready to us real quick here Colin Campbell who's Yahoo! editor at this. I spoke to New York Times sports and not Phil Knight commission. Spoke to New York Times sports editor gave this answer about the trump patriots crowd size comparison tweet. The guy says bad tweet by means your town sports editor terrible tweet I wish I could say it's complicated but no this was it's pretty straightforward I'm in eighty. It was my idea it was my execution it was my blunder made decision about four minutes they clearly warranted much more time want to learn more we tried to fix everything as much as possible. As swiftly as possible and transparently as possible of course that point the damage is done I just need to. All the sort of warning explanation though that's more lies from the world capital Gaza lives eats to educate us on her post I don't I don't think so I think it I think it's not got any Morsi developer Assad I think might might edit on this one and actually right now I'm usually say I think you beautiful pictures and even think about was so excited it look like the right tweet it out to these say they say hey Wright looked and he called on it but here's the difference ounces this is why. Toward social media matters if this had been. Eight years ago when you don't that nobody no parent would know and I'm going to end up right. Twelve years ago. Then there was 27 players prior to the White House right 1005 that was what hurt us have for yours right the second time in three years 34. In 2004 there were 36. I think 34 players. Was an amazing turnout when you consider feedback out of criticism. All and all those other years there was nobody waiting to pounce on them if they blew it. Do you think a lot of play repeating some like maybe even a couple were on the fence about going to see now that's coaching my own there are not coming on board but I do think though Cisco. Then I made me in the market because Belichick likes trump had a they'd like to have these guys trumpet. Liked to have a tower didn't go in the last time you go to the praise he doesn't go to these things. And the media wanted him to be known as longer than one might be political and he refused. Mean do they wanted to make him because he's famous in these kind of in his good player. They wanted to be one of these post a picture of the money jones' brother as can be on the jury probably did he said not I don't care is don't. But there was no effort like this. To make Obama look bad or even bush but it is a I I get beyond the trump fan. I was looking for to I want to go inside the White House and see it for the first time and it was a great day it was a great great theory great time. The hotel was right right near there. Walk right in optical but we got through security okay right when I'm Melissa performed well we'll have a couple issues you just looks the part yeah it wants over. What's that boot and they're not that nominal suggestion of a damn good at what you guys believe he's as we look at how about Curtis Curtis looked fine he does so we went in there again. Press from criticism of the size of meters boot we did despite the stuff we saw it rock. And we stuck behind try to be displaced who did were the first time. And so Huckabee daughter who saw Kellyanne Conway Kellyanne Connolly is better in person Sarah Huckabee Sanders Italian on Kelly income was she was smiling from analyze. He's very happy I worked practicality and common man how Jackson Hewitt's analogy actually four hours ago I would have believed that NBC. Yes she's at least she was so weird look and and on TV looks good crushed crushed but she looks just great on the issue and bloggers and knows it that's felt that was written what you drive in movie yes that. And we did our generals they would have some people in the media who Simi don't talk to me and is an odd sort of thing you know you do and roaches in your courses there. Ultimately harmful asked Phil yeah bumpers do again he's excited you confirm general is a good go come in the studio impregnate trainee needed to do that he has he has put on faced a spot where he said borders has waxed and she didn't she did. As part of the deal. Obsession honesty we saw a buck to to picture lot of guys it but yeah good for managers to forbid Jamar. Yet we saw lots of the newest member of the -- to go to my family be closer Jonathan Karl and does include other mr. John Roberts John Roberts. Who she's just if you show John King I didn't see him I can see John King doesn't think Jonathan Karl was Ernest was as I got down at them you know we were almost late for the Rose Garden into article in the most candidates are so we're just hanging out on the men's room again. I bought Kurtz a bag of chips because he was starving now. I put occurs diet and little did you stay in their pockets than we walk over and the secrets of course is you too late to go 41. The ceremony there's 2 o'clock which starts at two thirds are early camps are usually I minutes announced original role whatever lumps and what can we just walk and they know too late as the ink. And we just supporters call on the depressed person than were few other media people show up and they all said. Mountains and stuff happen on what you don't guys that too bad eggs. And then somebody at all the somebody finally came the Dorsey go lives of fighting it and it's true although we saw actually very little of the actual ceremony. It was it was crowded the real match back with Odyssey after this and that the leader of the free world and call me out. It's okay this picture shores so source standing there are awaiting their big they talked to what's his face. Welcome Mitchell's available to the media and Joseph well as a good navy man of great managers it's beautiful need to boo I was wearing his name BO table talk obviously answered nothing you know most immediate leaves or just hang around with Barkley important maybe Murray where that was their Curtis. Jimmie there was or an accurate we I loved him. Terrific third guy in afternoon drive option is granted to it yet he had a lot of that it does youngster I've put it does seem like good guys are great. He's funny like Alec is twitters might liberal my best friend Ike is ambivalent role piglet you to let alone talk about that over the now now now I does that surprise in Toronto and bloodied up on the track at the so a lot sort kind of waiting just wait BC from the clearance or you do is get back to the hotel get her back to get to the airport. I'm Alison trump in the crafts are popular on the balcony waving NIC Jonathan. Talking to the president and kind of looking and pointing and I know he's point Jerry and in all of sudden you hear the president say thank you Jerry. And they appointed Jonathan Roberts that he's eureka when your guy right now when you're these organizations that some in the media and acidic as a big supporter and trump. Points at me and says thank you injure. A yeah. Sports psychologist route thirty feet away whale is that we. I think it's me and what are Saturday's four to shut up Jerry to flip Callahan as one moment which of meanwhile. But everyone knew was very course supports Cruz from the start but that's. You can recruit guys but it's relevant laws but you know when to get the nomination I was only and I'm glad I'm your hands and I'm glad he's the White House and a finish that was great I was happy for Jerry trump called my name is what pretty cool you know like the guys the president United States is obvious that is it must respect the office the office not the man. So we're double badgers all fired up full head of steam and we give Spicer one more try Beagle in the back office as just by Hughes had very many things I think it's gotten jobs big profile. We wanted him a couple of helmets on the ballot elections grass flag crawl stuff but it became helmet which shows are about achievement WE indicate well it is a moment ago never forget in his right there right he he ripped down that picture of Harry Truman off the wall to it is going up for the sake I watch that on FaceBook live and folded cards to degree each of your own. Ultimately upbeat views and other experts are probably should wait we left before its roadway that's I mean typically I would. And cornered him bang into that has trashed him but his family was his mother's brother and they were all there ought to cool it off from Rhode island institute. Big fans yes and then I. Flying home. Where in the plan crickets in the middle seat next to me it's awful you know when you have an annoying guy and see I retire next to me on this plane on in the window seat no book. Nothing just sat there and hugs and Adam and I am having men's men's health magazines arms crossed and a short flight from ours and we were talking we socialize in the joke about it on boss who came up big for us. He got a mid am in with fashion. Well we flew to DC for a knock him. I'm he paid for two dinners with this easy to get reimbursed took care was nice of them I want you guys and I am 1 AM Baltimore you know I don't need anymore now I am block on quarter. Let's put up some progress and says he says is that couples rose as I know him who is that. And and I thought it was like a congressman gets at its core two and asking. He was right behind as he was that he was always Sam who elected not to ball. I think I honestly thought it will bother them because he's from all your back Alley you're too tired Olson. And this is like for kids with them invalid patent and flew down for the day to meet patriots. Who's a lot of that is telecast to think that you do more could you could talk to. I'm sure I don't think he hates me and think he's. On island by when he. And not usually when people look at some think they hate us because I'm would you not share nine understand. Now but the flight was nice to talk to you know hang out doesn't he gets had nothing to complain about you I don't have nothing to complain as disappointing knowing -- c'mon you have a promising fine for the good job traffic and was pissing us off from the trip and nothing and no -- just that was 100 to about this service hotels were sort of historically. And over to the studios was relieved now how so a good solid all outside it was quick trip of the images that guide the scraggly Holmes who print outs and since I've been. Putting smelling your views his beard in your beer and you drink beer and touch it close and that waitress who's so that we that we put tech CU right next door was a combination sports bars and strip joint. And the woman at the hotel recommend that it. Kirk didn't wanna leave things and anybody else be fighting for us to go after voters anywhere with a night ago and don't we have to we die and go there enormous strip club. I could be up periods may very next day. I'm not science to I don't know I just eat and watched the tell us quality public views we go out and like you just a note about last Beers and another 2030 minutes this article what's the second half of the game we -- we can't believe that point them to stop and you can't eat. And when she only has he has he what I was cut after. He was just getting warmed up little things had not a terrorist and we have to go violent political direct outcome which lets take tonight 51 on because. Oh they have enough. How works hang up we're gonna talk to and it. They have made it clear the board all those people want to. It can see why (%expletive) anybody off your run lately outright and so on east crisis. It just gratitude. To do wellness together yes absolutely I mean players thanks to Michelle McPhee. Outsourcing actually controls their playing their game tonight I want him every bit of Red Sox game jam on site's losses that and you listen OK I only lets them out real well today game. Writes for the use of these guys have no shows you get there right currents move it down for them hone in the news east. And a let me just stick around you shall I never did the incident last night after the pick who's left. Those. But the politicians and music to rock and rollers yet as to who have been to neutral in the White House another guy tomorrow and it typically come on guys there's only ten minute didn't correct on Ted Nugent is not his name Ted nugget in the company's Georgia. The Bon Jovi who doesn't get a conservative rocket right rocked it rocked correct Sara Taylor and Sarah Palin rally crowd but in downwind. I have no attempt in Iraq and there panel Ted Nugent would kill the dinner for us then and slaughtered in cold real quick to get to do this art before we're done we had the trump tweet. Yes from mockup material balances. Log off minimized it was on at the New York Times now. Building New York Times which has been calling you wrong for two years to start caught the big lie concerning the New England Patriots visit to the ones yeah trumps caught by the patriots. Just like their man trump right there hit back twice so I like it feels like you've been a big week with listeners and thank them again for openness between number 1 morning showed when when unfortunate sisters will take today off tomorrow mothers and okay belong weak line again and then we'll be back on the money to be gay guys that is Glenn and Christian are here for short shows right. Georgia graduate twelve those guys congratulations you know whatever the very success I would do well in the state told them so they can have them absolutely it's only the right thing to do next that. The actors are we're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock unfortunately I think what will be wants. I mean you know it took that's forgotten court he'd say no I'm not happy child gusts as yes. It's got explain okay.

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