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K&C- OMF ripped K&C for going to the White House; de Abreu’s cousin calls in; It isn’t sad that Hernandez killed himself 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Hour 3. The midday show ripped K&C for going to D.C. Daniel de Abreu’s cousin calls in to give his thoughts on Hernandez’s suicide and Rabbit’s call.

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With core committee. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. You can make fun of a company that wasting money. I was just this it waste of money. We're flying them down put in a hotel putting in the studio in Washington not even. So the generator in there and I've been here to show from so why studio with a few right here what they go to the White House they canceled the trip is a waste of money until it. Can't lie and I don't know to me while ago. What do you know they don't tell what they get out of on what nothing Obama if they try to recruit highly doubt we're in Washington they think the guy driving down the pike is like oh what a difference or Washington as opposed to the studio would brighten president. Yeah yeah we'll be right out. Don't know her words and this is how you know. Congratulations to them by the way that excellent ratings book as well yes a more cynical we're cynical person might just say they come on up sitting and get a great numbers no matter what I. I would not be one of those people congratulations to them for that. And in that thanks their gratitude is always right occasion they've probably bring in some off all I have something is always yeah or just a handshake. Come on we saw me say anything to do those claimants for some Monday LC for us have the drive in and do a show I always appreciate that. Right there really are just spoiled entitled. Predicts that there really are I ain't got in real life just being born wakes up or tweets. Or radio or TV back to bed be born next I think I think it's all the problems actually a foreign Glenn great together I would just 86 jerk. Stick him in a boot for the other board never knew about how. So I let it fly. So I think more or and plan were joking around the was all lose is you it is you said you an illusion humorless and I was not happy law. That we were sent to DC is like communities reading fiesta beyond that money and flight to buy more right everyone's from that yes. Fact I Democrats moderate heart America's rooting for that to justice Kirkwood react to persevere through literacy is one of the great stories and history and you've got Shoeless Joe Jackson and move along. It's a great illiterate I Smart literate Hernandez certainly money and effort and money the pro game although that isn't the Reno yeah right. That's truth we know but congratulations all kidding aside we went on the set you congratulations to the mid day guys. Great book they deserve what they're doing great work day. Pursue each and continue to hate us which I'm never really understand it's just jealousy that's is I'll never get that we deliver great ratings for them more happy to do we don't have to sit in traffic have been elected they didn't they run they do their show and they get good numbers as well I don't know what the I'd never quite sure mad at me for talking before you like mad because I was I don't know I don't understand what the seat of their anger I don't get well I don't know what he carefully don't politeness and makes it they don't have fought for England don't so just don't lose but that it shocked on the Florida and you know pace for a trip that's fine he needs to be around baseball OK we will look at that unless the White House cause my friend Sean Spicer invited us you guys again so. And I felt like it on the the we felt the intersection of trumpet and then the patriots we've kind of at the forefront of that we've been right there. Along the whole way we wanted to witness history we did and it was well worth it actually I think we got some good boss and old we look back at a date to win that day. That day helped as often self and you know I will win that game will probably end and the big number ten and Willie did a bitch about it right said. Chris you said you hear Lou all the time in the office Richard. There are happy about away we go on the show currently weak when he went on them into real truth is really do. He's always wish to say you said Lou thinks we don't do enough sports and that doesn't help them. That's what Lou says I think that we should do more what way of saying that Chris Curtis review Hurd who actually status. I've heard he thinks we don't know if you heard Lou actually say the bulk radical Islam and sound I'd silenced as the ring it's true that all of you a question have you heard him say. Ever elusive off the air like in his office. I don't know exactly where I heard I know that we've fixed that don't talk let me tell what you believe this I understand but saying ask client Hilton. Our blog post about Berk Lou you wouldn't believe. But shopping at knife right in the afternoon which. You but but you never actually lose. I think I have heard say okay. OK you've got to figure there shall we do Curtis has earned that reprieve you cannot. Abuse him for what the numbers are numbers they do their way we do it ours and that there right and bookings and sometimes a right Eric was. But the bigger number was code spotlight golf is that the big numbers could what number is excellent as well I think so yes I'm a big fan I listen every day all day amid a numbers are up and I think they're gonna be the number amid issue in the market this book coming up. Beaten arsenal to outpace the different. As you think McClintock talked marquee. I am a Celtics playoff run bruins' front month breakdown I'm sure I'd appreciate the Fords and talk about goblins can someone in my office. We want that that and like I did that process and basically that was not Jerry I was in the Connecticut where his wife is supposed to meet negotiate talk to me and the rate of time before it is good to Rick knows now and by early in Iraq categories agree intercom a counter intuitive right now on the bottles got us here in the money left and coming to the renewable. It's a beautiful red out it really clean I celery Mercado NC just Bruschi that's another difference is what I was looking for booze and told orders so. I'm not like that today there's free beer fans alike take now you wanted some out of buzzed on these. We were we're getting close at one point we were India. You can seismic and now who I think Alex wanted to have a lot of guys Alice Allen had a late. Hey I really appreciate you guys have done for me upon us actually I know I know I was more appropriate to Jerry and I've I've done I've done that with mark before we struck these habits that talk that means of foxes that time and I certainly don't ever say that music like you. I think it's around you actually I don't totti much as you've been looking I'd stolen when Obama you writes I hate your life like Harry with Jerry is it I would drug in the say that to jam. If your father. It was great news ratings on the short and she phone institution won't top that looks like it looks like he sounds like you've. But he was very grateful for us you know put you on the air again. But he gets Kirk all the credit for getting utility deep or not seek that's true this is Kirk gets stuffed Ottoman that I could never get and now we're -- now you're spot other Garnett is on the learned her because I learned so much elements on my listening to you guys could occur trying to help in the ago. Well me into anything. And her mom know you're along for the I know I don't mean. I'm the one was gonna plan hold there on out commode clause that you're the immediately get a guy he tennis tennis tennis at the editors the day Hernandez deputy kills himself to the Celtics. Balls on the line that's your lines. You're multiples that you talked. We talk with you is to protect what is I didn't see that today he says Chris. No that was a couple days ago and it's in the line just can't put that amount to for the -- I was out of the blue lights would gutters and I carried out a little lucky I heard Jerry this year it has intense. Situation where you're randomly prints yes person don't have talked to us that they passed early and we I got the tiller rally tickets but it's like an infrared I saw her in the in the airport bookstores and after a gets a little light on the shelves has a book about kids should behave themselves. In the picture among the cover as a kid in the class. Dreamers that is that is jumper in the middle of it loses the you know he's that was uncomfortable it did Torre went you when it's at all the boxes might find it edit an American guy not FT daddy you just want getting in this crazy that you yeah you guys proponent and I know he joked yeah he's saying that he sobered up in my apartment I'll work three days three measles. Which you're looking you have had an abuser us government had drunken suite at Fenway Park this. That's you know maybe since that day they keep the clock out could be no that's a rule no more vodka and sweet of them. Art which are looking for booms was I wise but we're asking about gene. Music is a passionate commitment towards Jim besides Denzel Washington on it and not like he's he's some 65 hurled one and I. Units nicely here incidents like that for the other question that you'd you'd tennis match the other girl I do it and yes it's via we want to do we don't want anybody Kathie Lee genomic good Tom collagen that's secret. I get upset and you drink is to an engineer now. And that's you know forget knots I what is it about as one day smell some people aren't they almost dated Aaron Hernandez you and I are actually there and present an element that we are we've been make our broker votes when we recap or Estrich I wanna get these photos can be tucked in brings cousins. Them to hang around for a long time man he's in Dorchester demanding Guardia. I'm good now these. Quote whom he. Wouldn't. That aren't they haven't got. On the you know it was weapons and you know. That certain guys. Then it was my cousin. So you know what their hard work and immigrant look to god and back to the night he announced his friend that dearly want to go out. Either in the merit garnered. Without which there are people out there as soon start for the and it could grow. Pockmarked. Who could then fought back after. I'd really wouldn't because. You know. Milosevic on who could cockpit. And pocketed it and it's been big on Tuesday and they would understand and know what kind of factor passes he either called blood. Martyr and announced that golf that that. That's what we've since focused on Google. A quick coup for this article notebook. You know to our other big patent. There and commanded. But I know in my did not cut. Neither. You know all the other people. Orton and he got he got. In and. Why is your family argued I don't know oh how much of conversed with the effort out of family but do. Is the rest your family feel like you you're glad he's gone happy at this news we learned yesterday that he killed himself. I'm occurred and now but isn't that a whole milk. There's no wonder we're definitely ready for yeah I mean it couldn't guard will. If he put the cook political career and once than you do come on. Like. Quote them okay your whole life if you know I mean. It. Cracked and did okay and people don't eat certain. He brought this and that. It left behind by the victim and you look because is the Mercury. Put you know. Are they don't I don't feel sorry don't feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez they do say oh it's a sad day tragic day it's. I think it's a happy ending personally were you in court Manny did you hear his sleazy lawyers call. Your cousin a drug he and gang banger. What an important in my code word of oh yeah. I'm a network I couldn't go because you know my doctors are demanding. And you know are are really couldn't go on and backed. That would hook that up because you know addicted to. You know cause the guy who want to I'm. Member. You know person. I mean but I'm addictive it is incredible. No one. If anyone without Maher and and there have been on the there are very quiet that's about the compelled to call them because. You know this is solid as it is the what to guard McClinton and entitlement of their lack of it is likely taken away. Apartment with a cycle pat them. And put them on and then they're different than anyone would have been brought sector. Remember. Because. My act and then there. You know. Have a market. 18100. A them wherever they went there my great grandfather that there. He's been a lack of and then my other men and women did okay antiwar cause. So I note that the thing that brought. Let one would have been brought there for paper. I don't. I smashed the man and man at the most people that are blaming the victim the lawyers you bias do you think. I sit thanked him for the call by your thankfully called him to legalize it and apply as in Solomon. And some of right ordinances. Supporters I am I am not pleased to some extent something happened and I thought would be coming in today with stacked this high of people saying and writing stupid things it's not as quite as overwhelming when they're you know is already calling him a little right explaining things if they can get this weekend and develop ideas like told to wait for the global of that picture I've read and that the globe op Ed page has some of those are going to be a Harvard says there something that is our night it's right about how we usually will help them around our Wall Street and -- distant time and it was engaged and gentle not is not coming on the show. He has not coming had been on a thousand times he's been to his studio. To. What's his issue he has no interest in coming to talk to defend his work the defendant is like you need to globes that we needed in an hour and a half he turned it and he's not past. That's slowly begin to politics there I think he cracked down less than an hour and a pass at you and I think he believes it ends it is now embarrassment you know honestly I don't that you can't believe she's covered Hernandez at the University of Florida. And covered him up with the globe he liked Hernandez I'd pick I do think he believes that he won't come on a stimulus you keep your eyes are on. We feel sadness for Hernandez a Smart kid who made several bad decisions. Minutes wrong on so many levels we feel sadness furnace. I don't know anyone for the centers for disaster really well anyone who feel sadness for sure my chickens. A Smart causing a Smart kid according to Cilic he couldn't read. He was. The dumbest criminal in what is avoid trial Cellini and he made bad decisions bad decisions that slick. When you decide to take. Memorials to our drugs at a memorial and at that position. And destruction that's a bad decision. Shooting your friend to death. On the side of the road. That's murder and Madison to gay solar Jack and favored formally at Aaron Hernandez could see differ starts alarm goes off Kenya alarms go off when you type. A Smart kid who made several bad decisions up there what's what's what's more shot at Alexander imperative I'd. Pays jock sniffer stuff that's fine as well c'mon that's okay I'm more offended by these people. The biases and some callers we'd yesterday in a guy like out what is his name James Eldridge. That the female Kimi video game yet at K state rep Wright State Reza no idea whether suicide or murder each throws no idea his fellow don't know I get beyond some idea. Fellow public employees public official sites in the department of corrections. Released on any statement after our only Gmail Eldred would would live via. Corrections officer in the eldredge you know Jamie elders that there is video. When it's Jews and nobody else when and that's seldom we contacted him. Q what more I mean I'm all I would you wanna know that if we had some good conspiracy theories. We would call for my first reaction we regulatory system on this one but. It just seems impossible solving this dope the state rep this moon bats in someone's told them or show. Video of the cell block were booed when nobody goes in and nobody comes out there was one guy in there that's it. He's gonna say what he was off. Some sound disguise what we get back 617779. 7937. And we get back at it to chance when Red Sox Yankee tickets is that right correct are gonna do that right we get that. Had scrawled on his forehead John 316. And how did you do that backwards or do you do with forward. How do you write 316 on your forehead. Just right. On which way would you ride would you write it look in the mirror me. There wouldn't it be backwards. I don't know you I right exactly it's a really weird things here I have read the lovesick Greg Johnson is sixteen under for it how would you write. It's a legitimate questions go that we got more Downey junior trouble. Yes that's a good question swastika money's always thank goodness. What got money to start this one may speculate Aaron had just suffered from which is seeking even if it's backwards. Do you disease think like the newspapers should reported back yes what would you like Phil Hughes dumb enough for the backwards. Well he'd have to be Smart to read it backwards sober and saying if he actually wrote a backwards. He he he wrote it looking in the mirror which means he came out backwards on a show him to be Smart to say OK I'm looking in the mirror here what does it matter anyway he's dead. When these illiterate I mean do you think he was Smart enough says. Canary he says the ops are fighting this I believe obviously Michelle gnome those she's. We holed a putt for 12 sort of do this 31 pot three ticket Thursday on the ground. We're doing it playing Monica trying to win tickets here it's free ticket Thursday be in the I've caller right. At six once said. 9310937. Win two tickets for the April 25 game against the Yankees. A 25 dollar gift card Jimmie Johnson without going to court Jimmy answer really had to know. You're constantly biggest fan and La Jimmy John's yesterday and Washington DC. And duck off quite a fifty dollar gift card to the Red Sox and stored general contest rules applied for ticket Thursday's brought you bright counts are higher also brought you by your AFC urgent care and by Jimmy John's marketplace. So the united call rate 61793109. Reserve right now windows. Two tickets for Red Sox yankees April 25 at Shawmut. Mean Michelle McPhee broke the story. If the holes in the hands and feet Jesus like thing which aren't pretty sixteen. She just said he was literate and she said when you go to Florida couldn't read. I mean why why are we hire people missed in this why am I wanna have a dozen stores economy. And ailments house Marty was why do we create because mythology. He. I can understand mythology with you know Tom Brady or with Bill Belichick you know David Ortiz we're creating mythology. About a guy who's a murderer because there is because there is there is. Liberal guilt in the media win it's a minority who they think had this under privileged you'd. They did say he's Smart and that's just the fact if that was a wiped it from the south who did -- they wouldn't say he was Smart so but I want you feel they don't -- you feel liberal killed bloody murder I'm just don't have to get the fascists say this guy is pure evil unfortunately that's Dutch with a capital I felt a little I do agree with him but I just can't believe it because why or why does why does it to gut because they don't want saying he's anymore because what it if you are too right comets is Aaron Hernandez as a moron and how each day he died you would seem odd variants I would have done that much effectively did you must isn't -- cup -- audition process and you you tweeted it's a great question every cast that very point. Who kept the women imprisoned in Cleveland in his house intelligence act them. And tags and a McDonald president Mike Tyson is a strange you know reassess the opening of the senate so that she's sad or tragic. Was it could but Hernandez had a scaly caught touchdown passes as a result of that she writes hero worship shocks did three and the sort of guilt all Nixon who got caught up with the wrong people. Where we're taught when I wish. Hello friends EH pushed play back. Caught up with the wrong people that connect push back on May see an excuse that's that's next door with Emily Rooney in. Exactly and Jim Braude editing by people. What a stunning. The Connecticut and our favorite welfare center postal bags after the appearance. Anyway. I view your literally. Use and Edwards making an excuse for a murder when you say caught up with the wrong people we know he wasn't the wrong people and Alexander Bradley got caught up with him. Maybe I'll Jennifer is a great guy underneath all Smart we made few mistakes B no they don't like that if option Brad he's got 64. You know he's not he can catch all the news S Angeles 61 plus whatever he can't catch a pass its forums have great hands right. That's what you get from guys played ball and it's an all over interest wrong that's what did you. But I understand when you do when an act of player benefits. Its weapons Brady here it's Isaiah Thomas but this is like her if some dink. Just some random regular guy who some loser didn't control ball hundred miles an hour. Got hired as brains drawn drove a boat killed two of his friends keeping them at a party crying on television but it also but not a not for a sec and of course not if if Hussein from this the best question in the Jose Fernandez who they're going. Billy statuette for in in Miami streets. And ask the retired his number. If he didn't dive yup if flipped on the boats flash and lived the other two died. He wouldn't be their hero playing for the Marlins. He would be prisoner number sixteen not player and is Smart he'd made about it's be fine if we do in five years in some prison in my name. Would let the terrorists to be worshipping. That that the sweat off his balls no of course not. This is this what these guys do is to say about Hernandez I mean he was someone that we did have a chance on the surface to make a better life for himself eating and literally have the world at his fingertips but he had forty million dollars at his fingertips and it is sad that someone might know what they're at all. Tough so that's my father died when he was sixteen right but until then. That's pretty a couple by advertising at sixty pitches said his father put until then thank you sixteen. He getting from all accounts. He had is while his parents were home both his parents were working his mother was a school secretary correct right yeah it is his brother his older brother was a stud athlete. You know all the doors swung open wide for iron and and that's when. He came to DJ and he DJ Hernandez of the same problems Hernandez Noe Hernandez. Yes should it be he's probably as he did is his dad died on tyke I detected a criminal activity you know anybody what. Hernandez is known to play in college community college. That's what makes that the saddest of all that Hernandez just dug his own great app that promotes adult all is still waiting necessarily get this that I had just testing evolves and killed low bullet into the team Saturday court seeking his own great and I particularly those that did not get out at all but he was all because of almost made he didn't make it yet every opportunity to get out of winner make it out of guide this troubled these troubled friends to be quiet in college I don't this acquired troubled friends again. Inquire why do we think wants his father died finally let us troubled one. I will all the organization's troubled on every sports and after his father daddy took a turn for the worst like a home he writes he's the bad guy. He's the bat hit a bad I think it costs around with other. The wrong caught up with the wrong this is where every human being as Colin did yesterday's depended Diego looked at the guy with gang tattoos on his neck and said. He's a Smart guy. Caught up with the wrong crowd that not a Smart. Not a Smart guy. By on I'm disappointed people audible was gonna fight this will be at least come on all of unaudited conflicts and I actually I like the music until I until I this argue which ought to seriously outside the White House. Said that you talked to him Tomas stupid argument it's in White House stockman Shaughnessy I was in the Oval Office a couple talking which I would into the hall that inside room where we're. Clinton stuck to cigars and I want to Pentagon's secret gay palace all talked about without winter. Hopefully I'll run it's he really works it. The dungeon because it dungeons and upset they have these of these loans seemed like this market as it could be country he wrote the that he wrote in this morning. The earnings is a Smart kid. Made that influences. From god and then he's evil what are the World War II how this interview I'm actually now coached at like nine minutes and that's if it is it would the win over here now. Yes he's you'll visit. That's or show she's the Obama wearing black every -- area this is she said ever since -- our enemies past it was a hundred but she's as humans as a great wanna great marriages are bogus calls us take some calls we'll get to we get back 617 except as we have been well yes to a 617779790%. Were late right now as it is. Aware a full tank actually really protect them by what they want we're behind skid yes we're right on towels just cannot do not take the calls dunes I was in jail with Hernandez is not going to. Luckily we're gonna do this and will be nine Iowa in the game with Hernandez this guy had. And I cannot always taught us right now drop it was oral sex while Penske morals that note that it is putting in oral sex he received more than than than that does that mean he was again. Right exactly and after that threats and the president wants so we heard from that was achievable now. He literally. While media now we're just Cambridge had some five ban please call in. He got a couple of lines opened six points at 7797937. This Kirk Callahan. Out streamer Jerry wants their calls so called an all you want to talk about Hernandez we had ten people logs in the when this tell us how much they hate it auriemma. Well I went every haters goes on the payroll as a part of nine home awful and we do wanna recap air trip to the white reduce really haven't done yet. Indeed there is a Brady trump ward who's going to come to a head on April April 29. We'll talk about that we get. But I don't believe I heard it is was or. A murder that person Felix circumstances let. It's doctor Bolton are doing it full valuation. I think he was born pure evil and he had a good life until. His father passed away weren't here today. It's like being gay and I'm born gay themed shoes at some point and that's how she's dead father died in need that guy gets spilled the MacKey as my. Now you can go out extremely obviously there is in the no moral compass would mean if you can sleep ten hours after shooting when your best friends and dumping his. Whose body in the weeds. You are you of those PCP highs are powerful yet so you cannot evil entities and also gonna blame the drugs and were blamed in the death of his Fuzzy. CT those bad friend's closet caught up with cause of homosexuality as a drugs don't go on its home its homophobia in society. That's that's why all the priests when in the priesthood. Absolutely without a doubt and it at that and Aaron Hernandez are confused about his sexuality he felt suicide is the option it it is death pleaded commentary and homo follow yes idea and a lot of areas of our society. Who wasn't said that homosexual is accepted in prison like in the game. And walk around what Alex Rima loud and proud of my but I understand you speak that you have any idea if it's except you're not you know I will watch on UI with episode. We're going to do black you're getting desperate critique I doubt it that's what's in the Christmas or how crazy on the Larry to use those guys your prison for thirty years are using their hands of their mouth with a company that SA had. Rather that they they it's just sort biggest get in south I think Hernandez putt that killed himself because yes yes things are starting at Yankee got time to but it may be affected. Mean we have no other reason no motive brilliantly killing no motive for the suicides and there is any note. Bang and beat Jimmie Johnson we liked him. It's not fast and you only have a couple minutes I literally got out of there with Jimmy John's literally went to Jimmy John's yesterday ordered to walk down they had this inventory there are it's amazing goes as mine yes. I got dark. So my brother was released in December told Salerno. He looked Aaron. Initially you you just say he wouldn't you want and nobody. Nobody cared about him nobody can look at him he would bios so she looked soft. We're very tempting little narcissistic so when he was on the site. Huge I can pull trigger argued dude it's a can be on the football to a bowling and wearing a real murderers. He would be IE yeah now. You wouldn't we wouldn't. But he still pretty strong big. Would you say. 20 and I mood but told chill in the air and the cold blooded killer. Parent and it's just absorbed you you're so everybody hung tough to beat. And someone who really got tough but soft. I. Yeah Egypt he powered you'd just to explain what broad daylight QB on the block and he would be seen by himself. You wouldn't say a word. And he knew he beat a global times. Or nude converged church and he would be in the backed by himself. Student fueled gang gang at Q a steady comparing notes that you. Was he taunted for his out homosexuality. Or rumors and news. I am more like nibbled at. I really don't. Liberally and debunk. But you know what you're saying she hung himself he can't he was solved. No matter do you have clinched he student who. I'm so I can't do that I cannot spend the rest of my life care ceiling no longer road recorded not. I know there's almost literally being and that's what I believe is huge spear carrier Hugh Hewitt couldn't do it. I won't buy out by dishonest at the idea that you're so whacked at your brain on drugs yeah annoyed you on where another record Xena. On the inside or on the outside all when he he's doing it when defect but that's the first I know GA drug inside jail. It didn't know that it marijuana yes the decay to pray to program. And we know that make you crazy it's not marijuana at the buzz is nothing like marijuana weeks and restart with ten which Indonesia and the great hall I learned all about. When it does to it's more like PCP makes me crazy but yet. Here's where you if you really have to check the so called Smart main. He had at all of you Wear this at forty million dollar coterie of the world this fingertip yeah he shot his friend old Lloyd in front of other people. A mile from his house out of his house. Left the gum in the rental car and the whole thing that that is the shelves and shelves lock in his house with a gun in his hand. Smashed his phone's messed that thing into the box with the alarm that went to bed. Hung out cracks movie's main. There he he so stupid he didn't even consider. Doing it in a way that he might beat who. Oh and I think also is because guys like all of the people the media just so arrogant. That he thinks is again were the case has asked kissed his whole life all at his fingertips. Closes fingertips and what does that order the other people saying she said I'm. Follow the patriots for I don't know is that Portland Michelle McPhee said he got a free in his sixteen year olds going more detailed as workout process like you have a those guys a few months ago remember that resist. Is we're gonna DeAngelo Williams and somebody else right who wasn't as opposed to the guilt the guilt or else there he's in he's good a shape as they are. Is built brick phone drills chief Christine and payroll I Christine. Hey Larry have a morning. Good morning I. Pretty central. Actually that aren't ordinary like that but my mom died when I was twenty I grew up in March on land land next other. Yeah exactly when it went through they should sitting at my site at it like. He nature. Template that Shaq yeah. That that child daughter I don't bother and that obviously. Shouldn't let that crap. You raise your children to raise her daughter. You make chili is in each show. Thug life such as the chill instead of grab that brass at like eight and don't let. Right Annika is so pretty sad that he made choices that Christine. Just a sad usually mostly here Alex question out he said adequate right my question that Al Michaels himself now Alex are you really set under partly pretending to be sadly is anyone really set and ready I I'm not gravity killed himself now this group Christine I think the girl and BO that little girl has done is better off I'll say this I think it's analysts say it's sad that she never any real bright so she's still might have a society rather. She's going to be brought her mom is still want to beat this person. Who married wanted to marry Aaron Hernandez site. Who knew about him is can people didn't care and actually want you it stays place in a statement she had you made no let us ideas that she's gonna you know. We marry some scourges insurance agent of the local news out in order gases are next husband or next manned. Won't be as bad a guy who's the last season began again. Maybe I could definitely snack and that's the point army keep up which. He still drunk and promote from sound a little bit and I'm Mike is a run island hey Mike. They guys was all I think the situation is a shame we can all agree but that's pretty. We save to the taxpayers of Massachusetts a tremendous motto. She imprisoned budgets are set in advance. So what the still that that that an intermediary brought that up and as great as some obviously there was going to be money spent on this board lot of money and Hernandez anymore but I okay peninsula one person doesn't affect the present of course it does what do you think they don't it doesn't cost anything. I don't have their set but okay go ahead Mike. But there are a lot of resources sociopath. Chemical balance where they don't know to that decision is just that its decision. And they can be cold calculated so he might have been damaged goods were down most ought. What sectors so succeed academic colleges in the state and they also rationalize. Social activity at present you know like rent out our tacos and at 6 o'clock. Sherry you're being at liberty to kick in prison so that now taking advantage for a B but B I think you'd be like the Kingsley boyfriend now. Steve the guy yeah I can't believe that ends in there was a make them dress up like in laws and lipstick I. Prison would be a dangerous place and I would not enjoy it now I do OK if you found the right guy in my to a anytime respects me the phenom out. Yeah does that come into play pretty had to have been on he had people get a kick he's got a good personality I think he'd killed pretty quick I did. That's on top of the ice I know at the crowd you know what day was that and in Natick adding and football podcast channel and I think it was. Paula take you referred to get thirty or forty or prisons and she definitely something. Actually I mean just out definitely what you would actually that you I don't know I would do it now I would not suited stain you become like a pre. So obtuse to play were myself you'd you'd be irrational you find the right and plus you could have conjugal visits. The president ER. Me and my wife about it leaves a she began I think if you're given a forty years and find some woman to visit you know there are women a lot to write and plus I'd be -- bad asses off to and the women would like wanna marry me so I noticed right like erotic I have fans your fans fans are professional if it's a nice second Wi-Fi from my crime and like dismember or someone that they that turns chicks on Unix don't hear from the category you your crime. Yeah and I love you. Adequate is three to seven and I'm of the Menendez Brothers that shut the problem fathers all have a shotgun women left and right now he's picket proposals I think that they have like conjugal visits every on the day yeah it probably in the life and the ones and a thousand. Thank them harriers have kids who know that we are there really struggle and a weird of these women especially it being your daughter doing that. No yeah he's seen them by god. When we get back yes and it meant about a trip to DC about. Kirk started the trip and known for much of the troops that he wanted to move to DC loved it I love Washington DC two finals I think he is what I like I feeling like I'm in the middle of the action. Feeling like come in the center of the universe. We joked. But it was real could woo war from the start while we're there. Like and I anti aircraft carries you gonna be going to war. And we would be standing in the South Lawn true you know looking at Rob Gronkowski goofing around I'm probably would amid column next to Bob Kraft on the docket he probably would like. In our crafts opinions and what should I do. Our report coming up next.

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