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K&C- Recapping the White House visit; More details on the Hernandez suicide 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Hour 1. Gerry and Kirk recap their White House visit, the highlight being Trump’s “hello” to Gerry. Alex Reimer battles Kirk and Gerry, saying Chris Long was brave and justified in skipping the visit.

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Hurricane. Did you know what's. During the during the presentation might be Benjamin Groce. Comment the you everybody don't we have what they're actually occurred you know hit a little bit and has kept them from our broad street. Look thirty dalliance. The. Very safe travels amid a generally pissed off mood Sean Spicer the impressions. Thank god that's good things here with Kurt Mann act I can't separate the events of for men is pre dawn this morning and then the patriots appearing. At the White House a fourth down conversion. By Danny Amendola was there. Way to go Danny. States deflate gate spy gate all these things in that you had to Hernandez trial in another trial drinkable water and you just mix that all of Thelma want to get Gerry Callahan had a great privilege to be here several times but this one we were treated me the president has just done that list. We don't. I think it makes this one out you could figure it. We'll be right I'm president. Good amount per minute hand is endorsing Donald. WEEI. What's typical ally he's a friend of mine. So it now becomes sort of who has been guests of the show and obviously Jerry and I are now friends that the president was to create the sexual predator but still owns half. We all will homer you know absolutely all complicated people course especially you. I don't we yes yes I we all love Jerry toward the good guys and Phillip Phil or him. You know what. I like him but that was a weasel moved the everyone knows talk enemy yes he gets on guys me we made eye contact the EE I even said Gerri we DG. And he did he did I heard that did did you ACC went back to trump yes support is like 2030 feet away guy comes over as I think he's talking to me. Chip hang out with us if you want to win 100 spices office with us he's kept wondering tag on the spice to it. He went and wow yeah it's obviously for an for an awkward Spicer I saw the PG a quieter I was I would Jack I thought Spicer and Iowa Fran legislation Jerry connection at the inauguration weekend you're remembered always had nice to meet you yesterday I thought that was a producer says twice and I didn't get generated 600 they got now I mean I I like the spice man and culinary material also voted yes but I think he's attempt let's videos press secretaries that'll last and that's tough job. Someone else in the job. So early on and why John Spicer. And yet and I and I'd love to see. My girl Lauren in groups she said she wanted to jump love to see him there sure I socialized job. I'll explain certain things a fighter in this Geneva. Yeah and you know any understand vs the the great command of English language that he understands those people as people in the seats in front of them are the enemy he understands CU answered after the press briefing and it just pictures to me how does that comparison criticizing leaders moved the wheels from some little tight little type type holes it's like that that Holbrooke win in the White House who earned his old habits and tight the small city and probably an infrastructure to ask us about a little claustrophobic in the hallways are do you believe you leave them all at one point yen and spices offices could says office put the you know assistance are all crammed in this little space. That he's done our windows you know sacirbey you can't believe she adopted. Which we've had this. Don't resemble the most the most revealing thing the most disappointing we saw the entire time we're in DC and Kirk and Gregory were. Was do you know how he Jackson's I NBC it right NBC's big star Rick Warren Washington. She's on the beat on the White House be tipped and we saw are from like an act now so our whole body so our whole person okay and new. I feel she was safe Fox News. It's about listening savings what do you mean nice or not he should be very attractive and you think it's it's all illusion. It really is yet good night to eight dogs exodus from I think has stopped she's attractive and care saves in the chain up it's and yet you yet remember Kara Henderson worked for and from the word you know. She's the entire Kara Henderson Kara Henderson on TV was okay but a person's spectacular thing how injections uglier she'd gotten issues but she is not a mean when I. How ugly is me shape me she's she's as a disappointing bought should be pregnant. And crybaby accessible classical pop up why you know right away at this look like Ashley Graham from the tend. Because you like you like I'm winning snobs at big. I'm not big enough yeah she sort of that weird in between we sure I was her absolutely. Jews called tally it up like it was her first letter that was certainly did and I put it at starter. Permanent smile shows noses clean so it was her of them just posted again on the the picture and it it's so clear that trump is pointing right at very useful picture took. If you were next to yours it's at my craft is pointing at me through the bull point yeah that's not happening it was yes. Most audience to come on about the opinion basically he's got to that point we have no. Reviewing all of the ceremony it's I saw that marriage you did you hear it here at their people and so. They leave work I don't wandered around interview with the interview Malcolm Mitchell and you cargo Cardona because Joseph is a name is beautiful uterus is this is said. So they talk to these two guys nobody. And these guys about Hernandez trying though so it's over. Brady be laws you know. He changes I would rate triggered protests next I'll be there without you probably can't wait to see it really ready to protest climate change like two or initiate hands of that to then he loses me forever Peter Brady will be if you don't really I argument to choose Al told them not to go on yes I know I believe he is a Porsche is a big fan Billy Tom Brady makes his own decisions he's like the way he dresses now do you like nobody eats you maybe it's something he's fast he's like he's all us Alex's two kinds of man in his hand packed in divorce and he is not the policy announcement on her to Augusta National guys are emasculated as what you're saying that you just try to -- so go ahead I'm gonna. We're gonna kill you next time he represents something yes yes yes. Exact same goes for now suggesting radiance and ask you is what you say well can't just as always just marries. What does that means married it is. Out just moments plenty okay protect them explain that Howard's women always are in charge because that's the yes because the they want men. Men need when his hold him Tom Brady can get a lot of wind I think to break points he is pleased at how often do you loyalty anyone would remain happily in love. I think he should have gone it was very disappointing I think DGT was very disappointment aside the chances mom is actually really sick yesterday and you couldn't couldn't go for that reason putting aside let's say that wasn't why. It it would if if it's because of last and he was always gonna pull out that is kind of warm it's total but but we go again. The ought not I don't either but when you throw his mom that he equation and we salute as directors reigning hot take it back to his body and seriously wrong I really but I used to the right were equation I mean his mom is part of the question but if you really wanted to go either gone. I think he doesn't wanna deal with them with the backlash that night I agree with that I think that's the reason not to sound I think he wants to be done which buddy who's out as part of the pack optional. Yes this is what gets us. Politics at him but his heart out as the ascendancy back as it's on you like he's controlled by sweating that's a lame line or my wife says not to talk about politics and and leave it alone and that's like c'mon I'm surprised justifying I almost say we need to follow dig out of the white lady lake and what you think he's do you think his wife says that. I'm sure she dies and she said Tom Brady can say on gonna support my head anybody doesn't want to me doesn't want the deal because the public and because of the media doesn't want to write like me it's and then we can get to this tournament which if he got yesterday we've been. Because basically buried. Right Lawson Hernandez that he got a wife goes yes but I think he made his decision before and and this group just themselves as whenever I was six 405 right by People Magazine said after the Hernandez news breathe right technically accurate attacks at the right. More fake news and we have to get the big news because the patriots are a fight Mac and I love it they had the New York Times in the Boston Globe goes to. The Arab world brought Bill O'Reilly now to the world headquarters for fake news put out an end this one away Brady and go this is why. Because there was this just this relentless effort to pay you as a bad person if you went. And the turnout yesterday. And in the patriots. Was amazing. Well I 34 guys is amazing writing him under the circumstances you Reitman and and we'll get to your other prediction toward a bowl run. But you write what we've put the over under 35 it was 34. Or now that and and they. They go screw you over. And now ha they should have been there is working out my means we think that he's a political animal exactly you know. Happy was there and went broke why I'm beginning to himself so yes happy that you got White House yeah I can go to the way strong stands chemical has some realistic thing to do going to the White House is an endorsement of the man in the white golf course not for Robert Kraft isn't he talking about the patriots suitable comeback was like trumps election went both sides and certainly for Belichick. And his there's there's no effect as the guys most so yet. We get what we we have the sound of doctor Corey can not telecheck put the Belichick part of Trump's speech. Well here's a tip he got here when that happens I guess I mean they they put all the guys up on the rises all the players. And coaches and then. Last time two years ago that put all the support staff rental and look at its trainers. And equipment guys and there's some women you know I'm pretty sure don't want the females are on the team that put those guys on the side. Two years ago. This time that put him down in in the audience because the what was on the South Lawn. The globe knew this the New York Times knew it and they run this comparison. With one goal in mind to make trump look bad to make it look at the patriots. Did not wanna be there would trump the head again 34 guys this time in 2005. Thirty six ami when the bombing fifteen confine 5050. So that's being. Mean all how many guys do you think the two reasons of the guys who thinks I just did that two years ago. I don't need to do it again we would do that to happen again they're winning connection that probably will you think you and I will go Kirk yes to his people off there were no. I think there are a lot of people who won't call because they said I just went last year. I think it is a breathtaking experience just hang in around the White House. But I don't think you'll feel the with the same way next time if I do it again. I'm not agree that the first time is special now I was also Giffords is nobody you know people keep specific reasons because things may not precisely that as part of two. Right which makes it worse in my opinion. The globe and the New York Times run this picture. There they're part of the reason. Fewer people go I mean think about it do you think Alan Branch or. Or DeVon according to Chris Long wouldn't feel so compelled to stay away and make statements on his politically. He's. He's an opera who what he's always been outspoken. And you think. That if there were if that were I don't know who Mars Marco Rubio in the White House that he wouldn't go my proverbial business to business chop you don't know that I didn't have reacted to this beautiful as the law huge ignored the eyes like I sees no mistakes and work out where is the price at which you expect the rules in the short argues it's the vice summit centerpiece of the distance markers that you visited it. Why doesn't do this because of the New York Times the boss Google and the like who want to make everyone who goes feel like they're endorsing trump endorsing misleading Matt Dorsey players. Endorsing racism. No of course so we have the issue going I I just think that if you want to make a political standing Chris on some politically wired I this is the perfect opportunity deal. So of course it's opportunistic and Chris all political stance racquets hypocrisy is Chris Long didn't go yes there right now this matter into yesterday when David over the better off just going to wars around you know I was lead wires Inglis was accomplished by not that he had a message you want to get out to see you know without applause that because a lot of this morning. I'm let's squeeze America for much except if your influence what what is what gets done. Not offer protect them off by that point I mean that supported doing any -- I think loyalists like that is not yet sometimes protests yields legitimate change and watchdog like Katie make the statement after going the White House while going windows what does it have to be staying complete access to the White House yesterday Chris Long could have talked trumpet that five and I it and I was aware. Given what your doctor what did you think it's a video with Tuttle a lot of money Jones other other well that's often brother money changed it back but but what got accomplished by that would change I'd people were just talking about his decision not but I know that nobody talked about it Monday and Tuesday and I was totally OK while I mean how long you want to protest the last I mean he he had a message he's anti child he wanted to get out there any dead well. Again this dynamic I think the turnout was incredible because all the guys particularly the black guys were meant to work made you feel guilty. By going to be bleeping White House to be honored. By the leader of the free world. And the an egg and I think the the neat the patriots called the mile last night I commend them for that. It was fake news that you want the definition of fake news look at the pictures the New York Times in the globe posted that is fake names they know. That's those are players on the sides on the stairways they know that's warts that equipment guys. The patriots pointed out and they still ran the pictures side by side to make trump look back needing to make Kraft and Belichick look back they know he they're friends of. Trumpeted in something called the patriots asking them for for that we have someone in the administration. That's I think what and Donald Trump urged customers are ultimately troops are some Indian Ministry's call hey TJ yes and we put that I know I don't think so this lots. I could pick it's a process don't have to guide me I think guy memorial law is not crowd out graft is. Fred Wright is in life I think they had a great time they get access that never had before that when the Oval Office. These are grown in the Oval Office den went in the Lincoln bedroom that went up on that balcony they didn't do these things with the Obama or bush. And they they had a great time than they look and they see you know the again the New York Times. It is never ending effort to make trump look bad run these two pictures they look at the pictures they say put your equipment guys as a ball boys as a secretaries. And they run it to make that it looked as if their players and they're not and by the way in 2005. There were 27. Players. Who went 2027. And did you ever hear a thing about it until they hate bush usually. We'll see all doubles we know that doubles exist nobody cared to Theo didn't know nobody cares about that tough righty meant that we just that we can protect us unnecessarily it's the deceased single standard that only twelve people must meet me. I've never heard. Anyone think make it a dubious statement I'm a big deal wasn't Tim Thomas. And what was the take from me and everyone else oh you thought he could hate. Obama most of us do decent people do. But as the White House you know you're you know you're dissidents in Thomas Jefferson. I like the right guys in the White House meanwhile out to Donald Trump how they have to go at all I don't know how you would've gone. Of course I would I don't know if god right you've got a variety of fraud just like everyone on that day everyone was endorsing trial of course I don't eat as. What would go and if you want it to be but and run but if you want to politicize Chris lying did not mcqueary did that nobody listened to Chris Mullin didn't politicize that he's a dumb aegis went along. With the money jones' brother and so many others who said. You're not really gonna go there this guy eat three days treats women Da'Sean got this forty this lie here. I'm branch who says he's never heard language like that innate football locker room. Really I agree that I'd never heard I've never heard him use that phrase everything I say that phrase he said lever like that ever if you've heard much of what you heard of me what to look at does that all at once as usual white Chris Long and you know like responded. So when he tweeted out he can look at those mentions and he can look at all the responses and hungry that's for us to think he's that lasts whoo yeah I think that instead of York is. Yes I'm a liking to speak genuine. I mean what liking it anyway and one guy who doesn't really articulate a sensed from you need wanna go in so stand there and yeah we're bigger greatest picture vote for trump of course I don't but everybody so he doesn't some people more political and others like a stronger wiser political because he wants the applause because he wants to be in this. Video that the money Jones. Brother put together lighting with these fake patriot fans. And there are and there are the sappy. Syrupy. Takes firemen drinkable water and all I don't blame you were won by people who have been nice here. I want people to become tomorrow patriots and Steve Grogan yeah. Yeah well if you're instructing him to look Tim Thomas kept a political reasons right you agree he wasn't just pandering. A year people you what what what what I could say look Tim Thomas is pandering to the fox and I'll be really don't want to lie yeah wanna go back and I review the reaction volatility in which pony she was public enemy number one agency get a Twitter and laws what's certain areas hamster he plus he got his ass kicked for weeks. Trust me think that the other part people would elements here as we told you would be what was the right part people motors and most of the major media out area code on they would like but I mean bright arts a bigger public gets more autos and around his reaction to it would be negative light force item but you know is certain sect of the population yes or relevant. You know right fired all those for a lot of people that's their news source now. I here's what I was out of the dial. And when you go to this view is what people examined dole long immigrant I think you regret it. I think the guys who went maybe someone on the fence landed elbows and those who still. That's true heart beat Muster a couple of Columbia who gave the dirty look who's that behind Belichick and I think it was a we got there about. The look are who was one of the players black guy staring at trump given in this. I mean. If you ago. I don't think you ever regret if you go you. And you get on that plus at the end of the day you say that was worthwhile that was special I may never do that again now maybe they'll do it again next year. Amid the B 27 guys again like the wasn't oh. Five. Because so many feel like they've done it before they met all the people who wanna meet. And it feels like not so special anymore. Telling anyone ago at the bus on the bus like us at the end of the day you know Kirk was electoral pundits and you know Barkley doesn't like trump. But now I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Shaughnessy and saw those pictures you guys and really have Mormon bracelet and a fun time and we went on and would you agree has very little to do with that. With prompt if there's a few political at all yesterday passed and the event itself feels electorate like fares well you just look at the things you've seen your whole life you've seen them in person I thought I thought a couple of silly belong recording video there it seemed so removed. From that and honestly I do think accordion along we're better off going and talking to beat you could say that it actually had a conversation with him. About what upsets I can talk to the president of the United States about the issue I most passionate about instead voted war or isn't doing this. Says doing the stupid YouTube video which was scripted for patriots by this appears to be paid by the top haters you need to create it you're saying you cannot and you. I don't I got ice my opinion is not genuine my opinion this broad and says I want people would be nice to. Is not a patriot that okay that's my take them not to bunt attempt and went to accordion along but there's a long ago that was what qualities with a clean Whitewater he wants clean. Reporting time was according you think that woman's patriots fan and of course not. In my. With how we we heard yesterday I mean at trump stories through ballots are grown and second. You know craps comments at wild that is why I mean you know it took that's forgotten quarry saying no I'm not. I've been trounced gusts as ducks got slight case of on we don't take it spots Xena. Yes it and you Robert Kraft signs tacked on nine let's just play this game out and say. Belichick in inquiry don't get along Belichick it's released recordings of which are saying no but don't they do me a little recordings on screen for how long. Not at all trick but still you want auto and most people not like you want to please their bosses to protect you think Belichick and according relation constrained at all. It bought ticket and was disappointed in the -- to think I'm based on that back east wrote talk a second letter when he said he wanted to read I don't know what it's all ordinances that was your police don't really care by football I think Belichick and crap they underway would have everybody short of its epic video takes cuts he really normal re wording that video that got us I got to stand again white power stations they have at least eight pro trump -- this policy jetliner totals yet from -- -- -- -- what we call that tweet yesterday a couple of photos lack context. Called it's called protesters set the record straight or we just indicated the approach on those organizations that those that is a huge plus that -- York times. Right that's the way you people want you just wanna sit and take. Sure announces date right now looks like an actual screw that I command the New England Patriots Stacey James adds Belichick whose craft I commend them. I'd like when people approach after notes so should be right politeness and you write it probably goes higher than state sees good for them. You want them just you know this is a lie. New York Times in Boston Globe were in line with these tweets or was flying their jets on people's. Abs play for Jack trust that your time is quite an amazing story it's true that went in the next Oval Office Saturday night and is now it is the definition of fake news and you want them to use it and take it all week when they don't do we don't do with hearing either I look at it there were a fight back so we him refinement I don't know something we'll focus on or before it shows a will be somewhere that's what seven. It's episode tonight seven 37. Obviously get all heard and stuff Michelle McPhee. At 7 o'clock obviously like this I do retreated know about it and are in your life across it. I did not it was a quote club cafe was never there and I'd. Wi-Fi and I'm partners on Marathon Monday marked by winning in I was little if at right across to the other side of the street I don't wanna get too close. Interest in it trump never mentioned Brady's name once that is interest rising that's his style man I don't know right. In actual hassles but there's no question craft and military waited until if he is if and we wanted to invite me up and hang with me. When he looked at me it was met it was this close they knew what Orton would iPod right as valid attack on feet of that guy here. Yeah. There's no question that trump was very disappointed and that was the same views take it all those. Suites from hotels and one golf rounds in and all the beauty contests and aunts and we're friends. Mean this is Brady turning his back and there are reasons many other reasons from Morocco this is Brady's thing where Don is over not. Did you sell pressure. The media pressure immunity Brady's going to be this route he's going to be at this rally that's that campy. Through that can't beat him on man he's April 29 is that it erroneous argument has birthday party April 29 race athlete is that around Gisele tweeted and I think took it down to leave it right occurred there's. She initially tween and called call to action that's people who come right rally to Tibet which is a poem but select. She retreated humans in iron on three it is in the penalty anymore. It's gone that hurt how extremist so boring. The talk. That would sit on the competitive drivers Johnson heading out to their 400 foot yacht say it's awful that people don't respect. Mother earth footprint of this awful look at those people on the timing answered immediately either one of those like you know outfits and holding up the sides agree on those ladies we saw yesterday for an upgrade to Smart business move in his eyes and a market for you to enter dark and all this crap I like island Brady you know I respect them a solo woman phase as good does he goes to this route if he blows up the president and goes to this ridiculous rally which you know Lou will be. Every freaking bad mark rough blow and that show and his people and black planet for granted all of these phonies the biggest collection of frauds of planet earth will be there. And they go in on the these levels idol in front of Bruce who Brady Hanks. If Brees will CA environmentally safe nachos and Jennifer Gardner hi. Even I am I will Mark Wahlberg as many years I have more faith in him because he's not column is going to be there is little sign some hugging Schumer. He's he's going to be darn good Tom nine finds teens in a beautiful thing you don't please go to our team climate change is a myth radian more our economic over the globe. Jesus and apple warm embrace this we'll oh. Which say the Brady each population is over now edits will be obsolete in pretty talked about an audience when he sixty he did is talking and when he fifteen in this here he deflected deflected reflected he just wants a sort of putting green Butler trio of sight to the putting green to connect the pins and arresting him cutting in on the fly as part was sweet so we're done so the whole ceremony frost always. Move was right we got her Friday night after frat net frat organizing with the enemy Abu Jamar yes you agree with the competition. Policy part of the cash I heard him for let's come with the merger with the merger that god he's going to be on I think once a week I satisfying that you talk puck with Tony matzo it's fine yes I'll switch out happily switch spots on him so we're done we're talking in those guys whatever one believes in and that's when trumpet in. Kraft knows as quote top balcony there and wants her statement Richard trump waves the crowd went takes the pitcher injures weigh in future. But I was wrong because. Ninety seconds later one of the crafts and it was John for a strike at the point you know from the united points do you argue Telstra and attractive to you via the point and they eagerly to an old Jett told them he could tale that says he's sees when you guys supporter without this guy you wouldn't have lost sight. I'm at right. When it got that one delegates are you carrying Jerry didn't acknowledge you as a whole Belichick's ferryboat New Hampshire letters we did very well there when he didn't lose the state. America has its eye standing this close do you guys believe trump when he says Belichick right in the second. After he called it wasn't wasn't as newsworthy enough through the trash. Talk and no I don't believe. Belichick and get right gold saved as a liar and it's it's it's. Like a great guy to Geico to hang out with all he politics the start Carolina yet so total. Some of Susie walls from west's effort I've liberties depend on tragedy and on and on by the same boat as well as all of okay. The normal ones hiding right now. But yeah he's not joining us today and yesterday during the show respect him for personal reasons totally understood Mexican journalist mark some treatment and a WG BHS right in between. Ultra and so yeah. It's that you 1000 Andrews went yes yes yes imagine Heidi Collins beyoncé now you open up the column that appeared online and on in the past I don't. And the physical gold this one gives us Alex and I know it's not a prominent on the defend our venerable and he was rushed. Is that we know something we need something and half a nominee cranked out the story didn't think it through. Alec young did not state the globe had like full court press I told is that this is all about it costs a great way for the global popular colors so awful. As we should do reading it threw it away Aaron Henderson added on any day now oh yeah that's lieutenant collins' eyes is a waste a lot of money yes I imagine if there yeah it shows being a gangster a little while he did so they write ass tired old try to act. Hanks and forget just the fact that. We tool we have to Michelle McPhee told you why it happened a lot of the stores what we don't know why we'll never know why they leave out the fact Michelle McPhee. Who's got some pretty good sources she was the first to report on the John 316 on the forehead. Achieved she was she explained to to everyone why he killed himself and to me that's as good a reason as any right Kurt and. Prostrate itself and its own guns virtually no runs ouch again objected to tackle right rabbit disagreed now it right. What he says I don't know a lot of that all it's also abuse gay right like yeah it upon herself but I would have rather call him on the show with these calling into. It certainly a choice words cancer is gravity of the day he called it washes on and didn't call right let's make sure that doesn't happen. He did a futures were expert I wonder if if you'd have moved it back now I wonder if if Joseph FitzGerald right. Maybe you never heard Robert Frost remembrance of coming to a place for two roads divergent than what I knew for a fact he's a big round before what being busy for a look Faulkner better but he was frost for frost is on his list is Turkey Callahan I'd be emotional too morning show in Boston annually and about Jerry congratulations thank you six ones that do you do about whale I think it was 7779. 790 I got this ball licensee in the office each hit Hezbollah to Cannes to. For a job well done. We just got the the winter rating book world. Taken as you and you know again guys and you guys are big part of let's look at chapter of sacks underwear from the typewriter at this time yes you guys saw Barry said they'll be telling you those though just. Just in time for the weekends you saying look I got one and Ken won and now my. Compared to what he did an X 61777979. Victories have Michelle McPhee at 7 o'clock more in the Hernandez stuff. The Bruins go down last night here. And one just can't score we can't score in score. In the outscored ours had there chances when you say cam lot of good areas it is period with our I Marcia Marcia Marcia Nicklaus let me have you got to put that as a great place where that's (%expletive) great players scored dollars' worth what we also have to bitch about the call of the rule not was the call the other day announced the rule the rule is correct bias to cause track but the rules the calls correct but the rules that I agree yes flagrant flagrant violation. Well great. Agree excellent are wonderful very vision hockey talk Michelle McPhee at 7 o'clock Perkins talent without tree. I don't think. Anybody enjoys talking about the Aaron Hernandez story in the OJ Simpson case. There was a almost cinematic quality to be sociology of America to. There with a cast of character out of the yard shot age drop shot up shot. Qaeda's top. What I'm talking a public forum that is not a man we're on the board what does he talk what's. There was I don't play so much experience yeah. Alex made a good point if his own heart disease. I mean we know that the break outs when we go to work up a two people that Syria deputy editor it's well it's easy to shoot two currently carries he's he's good looking guy too Smart too thoughtful. Very Alex that a good point the break and it happens all the time and I understandably food you. Some people are writing just to fill the space sure most the biggest story in the country. It is the biggest story on sports talk radio news talk radio mean Al every once got a page but every newspaper in America that heralded globe. You know on fox I mean can Kerrigan all the big. Stars in media are addressing given their takes. Most of them don't have it now to sound. To sat just tragic it's the life wasted. You know Robert Frost whatever and I understand that's is not easy. It is in its little risky to have a tape in their mind in in the minds of most of the mainstream media all those stooges on. On the on the first first take goes all around the horn. You know that they don't ever wanna take a chance that no one ever step bottle and then how works the sport if I figured he'd urgent taking a lot of stuff sounds like the president essentially dead and keep on in the public passion is releasing stuff I read 34 years ago it's. Gotten it right and and I think we set the agenda was at the dialogue the city when we mentioned. It's not set we we we we when that ball and yesterday Peter King all these people sort of assess your revolved again was the one owned mill hill that stat was sad it was not sent. It was a happy day I think. I'm as happy I was I was to me I I'm happy when justice is served this is justice I. The honest I had and I I don't care about the rising rates of suicide prison as to why I can pretend like it orcas are things in my life which used to care about things about pitchers not to care. A camera with a masters and about suicide prospective Eric Campbell on everyone today. What did help it. I could pretend to care if you really care was mine and consider etc. now that was terrible it was a great cop it take you criticizing people for no takes a hasty add one. You think it's the suicide rates in Massachusetts are double the national average imprisoned right Ian and I mean that that means that our our law enforcement is not just here is basically suicide do you care. I might PG yeah it's a problem what if what if I'm prisons. Austin is how many of them I. How many of them first degree murders to a life I don't know the numbers on them and that I wouldn't I need to know of that but they're not all first degree before I care if it's. How many of them if they weren't in prison. Would commit suicide. I'm sure of them and he's no more information typical fake news today commonwealth eight aids or we'll see. You would you just made it seem that drew imaginary right after us and again Gary you just made it seem like we have a problem in the commonwealth as the leaders higher here. And I need their other Bel Air on our prison system a real yes so. If they're first screamed murderers who killed you know families of five tortured murdered raped. You think that's a problem. I think that they adding critical prison for everybody should be. Rehabilitation. And direct result is Arnie have one real rebuild why why would I want it to our penalty in our that our guys should have been rehabilitation. Alex if he's not gonna get the death penalty when he's in there and he called it's called the I department of corrections right rental is Alex convicted murders asked walked they do it has likened president you know I'd like Q you know were were were Bodziak. You gotta you gotta think that through life without parole a murder life without parole. Why would you and rehabilitate I mean look at north waited some of the lowest recidivism rates in the country and hold on I just said life without parole how the housing going to be receive the best. He's not in Hernandez pitch and I wouldn't want to rehab look at someone doing like rehabilitation or Jerry sandusky. Hi not eight and you're picking the worst of the little things never get now lies in not being in real generals and he talked with the suicide rate does not just murders coming insults not just rate is killing themselves you know. Add on that is it people who were killed themselves anyway and I kills his kids read rehabilitation. Again you're picking a worse to your card that's what we're talking about here they're in jail that's widget it's so but not. Patient jealous that. I understand if you're in for you know and nine months for something you want help ease the political and there's a lot better but let's am an armed robbery committed all these armed robberies it is rehabilitation option under no quit crying in every ability lately which crime what he did I play like pottery here's my question and what witness crime do we not care about their lives and suicide fine happy days he's I don't well I I don't care but parent advocate finds that it waits crimes though would you then care about I think this is in prison for. Armed robbery you can try to rehabilitate everyone who's getting home to. I was ordering the real problem solving don't not to recidivism rates are some of the highest in the war and you know we did try. And you know we didn't come because that this is a lot of variables sailing here a lot of variables here and you just it's looking at the same we have higher rates of suicide and you talk. We have a problem well who says. Anyway I don't get sidetracked this was a good day you know one 'cause I think they won't admit it but I think the fans able lord and the Barbara for that. I think they were happy that I knew that seemed awfully religious I think that I said that at least for a moment a quiet moment he might not express it but he said. This is just say that herald that now I can't imagine incentives I'd I'd I'd be I think here you're taking moving your take on him I agree with you but I only don't I think he's human take I. I don't know nature I don't know it. And I'll tell you why because of that front page of The Herald again because of that that that sleeves Jose Baez. Because of that very thought that he had that maybe was right maybe never gonna happy was guy I. I disagree in her image never you know knew that turning its I don't why do you think it never happened. He's 2725. Years from now Kurt he's 52. And I am. You know that you see in light today no I don't I do in Massachusetts I don't have you kept output to the messages that profile. Two high profile that I grew as a slice it that's not a man that high profile twenty short when he did he take stole thirty years and I yes 574. Patriots player. It was thirty years and you'll be a huge story and so what you don't know you know what else he would have a graduate degree from BU he would helped his fellow prisoners he would have got a freedom and drugs and everything else and he would have made some some some pots and is pottery class B would've said. He's changed right Alex was sentenced to thank you love that nobody nobody who's talked about the prison system. To be yen yesterday here 36 hours now also the show I mean life takes a story to anybody read the globe that debate exposed a few months ago on the lack of mental health workers in prison which is a big reason why we out. Such high suicide rates tenacity and you don't know that I do you know that. You look at if you're mentally ill and you're not gonna help you need I would've committed suicide a more prone to suicide meanwhile when it empowers. We reevaluated. After this trial because they're traumatic experience the other trial probably just I didn't killings there was some moves that I was in mentally re about an idea how do you know he wasn't. As they come out that he was on assuming he was not well I think you know that. And there's obviously exposed to give you records of his obsession with us shrink as a pretty descriptive not press at least they sent out about how to tell them do it again do you care. My catcher Hernandez to the top notch now. But and this specifically no but an all wired your issue disputes into you know the fact that NASA so he's a pair of any first degree murder kills himself. No not specifically about that murdered intern to the larger story here the fact that are suicide rates are higher in prison I think is a sacrifice and on the mound and you read already. Says Curtis again doing a bang up job gave us a bunch of stores stack the stories that theory and in the alternative swat. I don't think so we'll go ahead of the law. But let's actually I think it I don't know what it was actually pretty gave me some insight as to why he made kill them so I don't know I Wetzel been right about that stuff before me on specifics and maybe once again reading about president yet feels like he's been covering it but Hernandez was it was Chad the talking in which he didn't do for years and years and last couple days he was doctor Trammell who makes work. 1000002 million bucks yeah I was I met and wanted to tomorrow as a variety. Her tweet for me this is just said nothing more eloquent to offer. So that's so this person who was paid for Arctic to daddy paid a fortune who's a big star. The take she has is this is just sat nothing more eloquent offer first of all that's mine the simplest the garbage secondly it's just wrong. Just wrong. CCC plus accumulation of us at Rogers that's the best you can come up put. Rodney on the board offer that's that's that's actor likes lame but it's an it's lame because it's so obvious like of course it sat and I was all this talent forty million dollars throws it away I mean we that's that's all I did it the other obvious question is why did he do. That's what nobody buys which amount Hillary's you'll think why did he do. Is that every one million has ever prayed. Furtive afraid of the backlash that is being deemed insensitive right he's a crazy secular realm of so I don't know he's right he's not saying. But there's not is that back actually even exist. Yes it well. Exciting post that you posted Twitter yesterday by the end it's all right discount to creep which he was going on here. I wanna know and I. I don't know what more doubles down triples and he give you why I'm sad for everybody said for the families and they say fiance. The daughter he set for an and his mother his brother utilities and he feels. And we he writes for the sadness for Hernandez we saw my post were a Smart kid who made several bad decisions. Now that he's very Smart person I'm. So hey you know these are Smart and be. A bad decision again as when you order. The the a community. A button he know it yet. Hey Otis and got a baroque and I've had a really as legitimate as you pay him back that's a bad decision that was just when you play bad decisions relating to baseball can. What's the price when you take a gun and murdered your friend throws dead body in the ditch and go. It's not a bad this is not a bad guy that's a merger. That's a hate crime that's the scene for Christ is. Eighty salad bowl because he's a placenta they re. Still that has spurred in it. I have just isn't my thing is is that an excellent by the way Hernandez literally had the world as we know much of that Chinese that he outward literally never makes no problem with literally when it upon. I better never replies accurately we all people writes the golf crutch words but that's that's that's not using and and whose. I only gave me an Odyssey is I think that story. Bold wrote fast it would not himself on the anybody look at I really don't. You profit WEEI dot com special it was just boom it was on their nude Andre didn't want to talk process we have yet shall McPhee Yahoo!. Really really broke some news on this the other day all right 6177797937. Right Richard beat feet. We definitely broke news. It'd they would join us at 7 o'clock is rabbit in the call. I don't know I've heard from him that we hear from rabbit as old couple lines open you want to weigh in on Aaron Hernandez Michelle McPhee. Will join us at 7 o'clock it is Erika Callahan with our country. Deadly gang member of the one thing that they do not take lately it's almost an extra. It's not all out. So you tell me that he's not gay. But he was upset that was some of these said he was gay and that's the reason he committed suicide. Marks are currently hurts. That's rabbit 100% 3% to commit suicide that he was a victory for the reasons why may have but so. But Michelle if he had seven Schumacher model right. Correct when I don't play him. She wanted to review that would be those two. The great we'll have rabbit after her if he wants to join us in that set the record straight. The of the day can the Costco right come no one. Thought that was the story the globe hurled plural because it's so it seems totally agree that it's exactly can't really bad you know rabbit you know he Indian witty and decent article failed and all you can call him in gave his all CNET and also make fees and fees the when he sent it. But above us like some team right of course fiddle like you look at Daily Mail story that it does right that's true or post with the New York post's page woman has had to be on the other outlet that picked it up odd cents to view yet common course was at the metro picked up and summit these comments really shouted go and cheat sheet told us and Roeper reporter Matt -- the end there yes one of the patriots take pleasure spots hubris he was reporting in the morning that he. What holes those hands and feet and wrote 316 homes or right. And which is person and blood but then not by her bed some virtual war. If that was accurate and it turned out everyone was reporting that you know few hours lay anybody in red marker on his forehead right to John three machines within a little Sweden and he was done that synthetic weed is why I blame me camel Johns takes his share not run patriots unstable and closely he is not. We do you know it's more like. Asset yeah Sam PM assuming the office I've not luncheon that queen an anonymous I'm assuming it's it's fairly easy to get them in jail. I guess this pretenses that this is crumble. It is crammed in like the state rep who once it was an investigation of this I wanna routine when you get older jets should look into that Norway prison system yeah I just imagine what they're doing now 2121. Million strong and today is that that sound like storms who killed the 77 kids. He goes in the court with the media who's an apartment exercise he's treadmill and he's cable TV I don't think he's gonna while department of ago but I think you know there is much of that life while I did I was watching Michael Moore's documentary we're gonna try and we want highlighted sort of the Norwegian hundred Jesus and Michael Moore on the Norwegian prison system don't want to. My breath I am sick for my what you take your personal outrage. And that Martin met everything into them and I do not. Fresh pot of mine and cap when I guess it doesn't win he will leave Africa project. Well as a threat is a lead in the so that's true reason to you all right here and let's start to Paul in Boston Naipaul. Big guys I know that Kirk doesn't usually believe anything McCulloch say it's not. Yeah admirably Kirkland the guy secret intelligence but either way. I didn't call yesterday because. I figured it was kind of a first network shall ropes and gray bottom front of an assistant to attorney who assisted the legal team. Colby you'd get. And I just laughed it opposite way and dispersant said he's been writing letters. And so that Connecticut. And I Connecticut he's had a relationship with for a long time. And and it was more besides they had she didn't connect it to be up to the actual murder or about motives. What they told me that last summer's whenever book Michelle but he's saying I thought okay this is something that's been going around that people know about but the more at the scene yesterday. It seemed like it's a slight grin do you know breaking news to. On the media in general but I tell you right now I'm not making any thing out I don't care what you believe it or not this was told me by some of that work there last summer. Work where his law firm hopes. Well they represented him in the Lloyd shouted represented him right. In the voice track or dispersant assisted. I they're bought who was assisting that the job. Attorney that we saw like in the trial on TV and I get bottled important point out that show on the people like pulled out of nowhere. Lot of the air because I I heard this last summer you know to a random connection. It at all for rabbit to come on and say all sorts that book is false rumor that he killed himself I I I don't like hurt curt on the opening day. That's total B I don't. Well I yeah. And doesn't matter whether that's why committed who's just doesn't matter runs deeper than whether it was true or not upset him right. I guess you could upset him either way whether it's true he was uploaded sure it was not true and he's upset. Either way it upset him and who's getting taunted on the block watch as we call that's that's what you Buick cinematic and putting your head we know that's for child's head. And I. Put through to together. Doesn't have to be true when the Michelle's. She sings okay and he's not he's being parked on the block Cuban numbers rabbits that. It's easy pocketed Abbott said any of them are hard hit us in Iraq. He made said but you check out rabbit talks at the time it all of nobody knew on the block who wouldn't be a big deal they knew I don't think it 2010 TI I think it's a lot of gays to have gone to jail that's my that's my that's perfectly except it's. Is it just so much ram when he won multiple yet he read decorated his cell that was the first time. And that's all right so. That's it reflects different in the in in yeah. How do you in the joint you know I I'd still like this I saw a documentary on the Norway's test them know they like that nor. Does anybody see her as being gay or reasoning can yourself. It's. Obviously. We're talking about I. It's an awful summit Egypt and is this a homophobic he killed himself has used it to happy god that's one less of a man I mean. It. Nonstop trumpet how. What was some of them just you know the problem it's that when your Q but Hernandez's of the Honda and funny hate us and school. Fifth grade terminal myself and that taught them to keep yourself well. Some people stronger than others true I don't think that's I think a lot of reasons why they tightened up to him shall stand by the story a 100%. Yes to the summit in a wait till then and yes we're gonna talk of the murderer he's matured away 6177797937. Our Q curtain telling is next Michelle McPhee joins us that right that Israel will talk to Michelle we get back.

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