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Late Night with Christian Arcand: Late Night Low Light ( A Mystic that foretold Trumps presidency, predicts the start of WW3 and it is soon) 04-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

In the final hour Christian talks about the Celtics and their poor performance and how they can not let a player like Rondo beat them. The Aaron Hernandez saga in Christian's opinion is similar to a TV show. In the late night low light a mystic has predicted that WW3 will be starting in a few weeks and Christian wonders how do you become a mystic and can you make a career out of it.

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Trial hires were Syria WEEI and argue and with him. Live in the Brighton studios show overlooking the Mass Turnpike then Charleston back there and the ones and twos taking your phone calls. Until 2 AM at 6177797. And 937. Text messages at 37937. Pin and tweets and Christian are cans resentful phone lines most of the night is 1 o'clock the end isn't what we do here. We'll kick things wide open anything you wanna call on and talk about all on the table Aaron Hernandez Bruins Celtics Red Sox Patriots at the White House try not sane Brady's name. You wanna talk about James Harden in the Russell Westbrook you wanna talk about the war whatever that I wanna talk about tonight it's all out there Fauria we we have. I don't wanna say very low standards we have very. Loose guidelines here in the 1 o'clock hour here are mine as a state dissect. It's a good way to put his red and loose guidelines. Don't run a very tight ship after 1 o'clock. The ship becomes the as a set an arrest that development a gaming shipped. And the 1 o'clock hour. So lets you back your phone cause you're 6177797937. As the number I'll start things out this are with Mike in Rhode Island he has a spot on the Boston Celtics in my. I correction yeah. We talked last made a vote of Rondo and I guess I was thinking you know afterwards. Rondo is in just making plays that they're making decisions firstly yeah and and you know Dwyane Wade is capable of doing that that game as well. Jimmy Butler I think he just kind of played basketball which is good for him at this point this current but we need just pleased basketball. We know what that's like he was he was explaining after the game that are open issue if I'm called upon covered. Sometimes I issued a almost sometimes it just pats to the open guy so he's just plain simple solid basketball the committing. Yeah Rondo is actually. Making the play calls these ups and wade gave it able to do that sort of thing. Yeah run out and I series OK I am sure it got. That thing is that you know when they have a lot of players on their team too but those guys have stability because that. I'll watch in the sultans play who's in charge. I mean really it's. It seems to me like I is out there you know he's like you know make him play Steve I do what you need volley to who's duel and who can control of the game. Because if you say you know like when you look at teams they've been really successful week. Somebody can control and is not limited just one guy you could have like you know Michael Jordan and Scottie kept. Coleman I think Isaiah Thomas controls the game for the for the Celtics Mike I think they did this offense runs through him and then he you know brings the ball up oftentimes gets the offense started usually with a given Goer pick and roll or something at the top of the is in on the top of the three point line in and it goes through there I he's not maybe not a traditional point guard but he definitely runs the show. What you see. I think that. The wave at this offense has been running and I think he you're right and that I don't think that that's what I needed it's like I look at it like a rug Gallic Rondo. Rondo. Makes it it is key to look cities being his personal responsibility. For the individual performances this team needs some awful. Well that's pretty look at me look like the other night Mike do you look like Ben Sacramento do you look like that Dallas that you look like dead near Boston the last couple years I mean come on. A lot of it comes down there and what they did their situation Europe first off don't forget Rondo torrid pace yeah yeah that screwed them up big time. He's healthy now and he's in that situation you know one of the things that they'd this simple but learned this year it's just to Robert solid. Fans that really kept them and that's that's simple. Mike Young is not that simple Rajon Rondo is the right cancerous presence and has been in so many different locker rooms this isn't new don't fall under the spell don't fall under that Rondo spell. Is he had one great game in the playoffs. He's still Rondo. And he's older now and maybe a little wiser and a little chiller but I wouldn't say. That that particularly stands out to me this this seems season. He's going on in the grand talking about my old teammates and Boston would never go to the present say this about this guy and that about this guy. Meanwhile here I am going on in the Rams and everything about everybody. Ron those of pain any ads he always has been. Phenomenal freaky good unique talent in the NBA sure but let's not act like every team's got a Rajon Rondo to go to they don't. In our Rondo and eat he can't score can't shoot can't shoot free throws can't go to the basket. His game is so limited that I mean it's not a surprise that he kind of became a non factor here over the last couple years. And just because he's sort of spreading his wings a little bit at the end of the season and now and you know in the first game he was okay blast last may was terrific. But let's not act like the Celtics out man if they can just go back or your I have Rondo or Isiah Thomas. Just if you had to think about depth for more than five seconds inning you're ready your mind. Rajon Rondo is not on the and same strategy fears Isiah Thomas in the type of player he was this year. Not even close Rondo was never as good as Isiah Thomas was this year ever in his life. Mark. Go to Paul in Charleston Nepal. Can't call it what color person and I don't count on Simons up and it. That guy is sick sick like you say you listen around earlier everything will be okay again through the snow on the all the time. Yeah they don't don't be surprise that helped win three straight that's right up the top so. I'd be very surprised if they did dampened thanks to the optimism Paul appreciate it. Exactly. And I'm I'm gonna stick with that done and that's anchors simple idea ballclub I mean so what if but. Play in the game of hockey for thirty years gives me a little bit more inside. I'm playing well you played in thirty years out what level did you ascend to announce a high level got a Villa are doing here and tell everybody in the June he's a kind and nice yardage play men's league answers and. Then agreeing and then collapsed about forty so he. Could get there but anyway now. I seen tonight. They will play could've won that game drain not for him. I have been much on breakaway goal economics a great play you'd react to call we have no problem right over the goalie and another that the goal. There's a couple of break aways and a first period yet Anderson. Obvious already stellar shutdown. Does not have now tactical fight all the rest and Bonham coordinator on the great and let me logo ordered they called that it is seen terrible. So can I scheme. I don't I don't take it a bad game and say okay it's 31 they're all done late. Probably 90% of people apparent joke. Yeah and I know that troubled that the go back with the defense and everything that's going on back. There defense is great tonight all the offense played out of their mind. Well played unbelievable and and didn't want thinks they're gonna get tired and did it mean show might get tired but this isn't gonna get excited about what exactly excited. And the next game and they'll win that game gonna retreat so. Then Deng come home. The crowd going to be behind yet you go one game you just your columns and I'm telling you now. Just because that blocks fifteen YE a lot and the resilience they've shown all the media. I think we've done this you know last week mean actually what type of character they have less. Am I believe that up up get this Fifth Avenue agree on me no bigger attack it and. I'd I don't think they're gonna packet and I think they'll give an effort Paul but I don't think they're gonna take it to seven games I'd be shocked if they took it to six games at this point I think they're done on Friday. I yeah I just think so since. And could not. And I was awesome again I mean one goal I think he's given up you know one goal game a couple of one bad game and he's kept them in every game at them bouncing out of bounds dinner in this little difference here and cricket that great it was the occasional one ranking. And I see them gasoline when the next one and coming home homeland. Color government and well optimal quality hitters standing from someone who talked a little bit late. Probably not that he and I'll listen to go. Here who are a realist and I hear from him so he is an insult and not be on the OK I don't even I don't know hours argument anymore but thanks for the call ball. Appreciate others are rear admiral. Aka you know like I did sound a little angrier Aaron. I was a rear admiral is known cities his brother. He said he was rear admirals brother. He did but I want to be betting he would keep on the low are really well we just blew that one upon. You know I was thinking easy colonize a disguise sort of sounds baker and but I didn't wanna be like god everybody from Charlestown says the same. Even though you even though you do you know even though you definitely deal I didn't wanna go on the radio and say it now Marty said it's of those maverick. I was thinking that. And I think and I shouldn't say that I shouldn't mention. Other sound like some guy making fun and you know parents tonight I'm not first of all I'd suspended I grow in the north that has been a lot of time in Charlestown in my youth. The two best French one of them but he doesn't live there anymore but I was in Charlestown every day. Most of my most of my childhood. A lot Charles there. You do Waltz on the same. He'd to a sound like we're. It's just so happens that was one of his relatives maybe that's the thing maybe everybody draws and just related career it's a bit bigger than him. Six on 77797937. Your phone number 37937. In number and text. Craig Anderson was awesome tonight pro. That breakaway by marsh end. When he stopped that. I didn't know they were gonna lose right then American and pretend like I was you know all that said now they're not gonna win. But IE started thinking that. Greater Allen that when that shot didn't quite make an Anderson what a play. He dove forward. Really you know put that out there and it 00 game at that I noted score yet. Dove out front like dead great instincts. In a works marsh and you know wasn't ready for a mean parade in the. Mac award. In the first period. At one play. Where I it was ended. Goalie score and he actually came to score that goal. He took the shot but I think UA's was it cherry who do who deflected it. But there is a play before that. Where McIlroy was bringing into the zone on the left side he was bringing in the senators' zone. And he was looking for someone to past due and the senators reasserted backing off from a little bit and left this little hole in between the in the 131 they ought to sleep in between the middle in the in the end guy and the three there. The little slot for him to go through and he is dead straight through it. Put a nice little Deke on that on the defenseman in the shot a backhand but it went right they Anderson's chest commemorative plaque. It was a great it was a really nice smoke. Veterans sort of move by McIlroy. Not a great shot. By he was collecting the parking just sort of threw it up there in the fact that he got the shot off at all. And was able to turn that into a scoring opportunity I thought wow okay. You know this this kid belongs here. He really guys. He's making plays I make some mistakes though and I'll perfect Amy do you made some silly mistakes not that led anything to tragic tonight. But. Guy I was impressed by what I saw from him. But that's about as high as I can go to and I'm were talking moral victories here Mack of boil looks good. In town and to caress what's what's fine not not in our own neck enough to win the fine. And in our other than that. I is not much your forwards like it down tonight your offense let you down tonight. And considering what's going on that blue lining considering that lengths that they went to. This is blocked shots in and you know help out Tuukka Rask in that'd waited Tuukka played tonight. They deserve more than one goal called back on a deflection. They deserve a lot better than that. This is a 131 zone you've played this team 78 times now. Any score goals on him there's no excuse to go out there and suck like that tonight on offense. That was brutal. 6177797937. Jason's in Connecticut hello Jason. Perry it's up. So talk about the American legal. First golfer who called back what a beautiful goal at Lowe's. Why is utilizing it what they would have been magaw Roy's goal I think it cherry got a deflection in the area I think you did it looked like it changed direct Kearns. Well we're actually will Columbia called offside on the replay it rate. But that's well and all of I mean like I understood the replay it out book five years ago not sure that happens. Could you give a little on this side of little outside if you called every single all side by half a step in that streak by an hour long. So that's what killed near like it. Well you challenge it it's like the NFL you get a challenge and then you go with the challenge and you know if you don't get you know get another one you lose timeout at the same as in our labor. They need to recall you local side in. Court restriction has told touching the Blue Line but then like six passes were made. Rick backup lighting makes little beautiful shot yeah it's a slug terrible lows are pretty eager to put a lot album after that. And I don't know I'm ready to back up to that doubled at the limits opportunities. Where it should score book. I don't know I don't act right. Maybe for that speech he is the replay rule would be how long that political ought to be outside the. Found round listener and Jason Jason that's hockey and that's that's the way it is thanks for the call. You know you have a long period of time in between whistles you don't you know and football de whistle and their reply. Basketball and I you. The only time you're on a review something my dad is after whistle or after a made basket. It baseball there's no clocks so united do whatever but in hockey can go a long time with no whistle that's what I love about Aki is one of my favorite things about it you can go in there. The goal hole hours from just nonstop action especially in the playoffs moment and the swallow was slow anyway. And then you know call like jackets made you like wait a minute that they didn't even. They cross in his own ten minutes ago. How can you undo everything that happened between he and Helen never that's Al works and that's. You know what they're shooting for their shooting for accuracy in in getting the call right and it was frustrating and annoying tonight but ultimately I cant be mad added nagging demand that. Go to Kevin Lawrence before the break hey Kevin. It doesn't go Christian. I'm now I'm at peace and so like I just Patriots all year around or. Were schooled him on him Celtics land and an upper orange and you are as a pretty pretty much pain at all the last couple days such talk. I was wondering where it's. You actually how long does Buffalo have. Sure to make a decision on whether they want to match. That is one this I at all last year with McCord yeah. It and pick guys. I mean would I vote I love them I mean. Sentiment only yeah that would have been nice seat warm back but I. They were given a cheap money and the years parity. There are mostly. On paper. The Arctic proxies and I think it would be if they keep. That just my opinion and acting you know well work that you are correct. I like jealously like Kevin and I believe that the bills have four days five days even though it's technically Thursday and a. Ben just gave me a gaming I've five announced Thursday so and afford it. Well it's five days from when they made the yes yes the bills have five days when the contract signed okay so the drive aided Patriots. Put the offer sheet in yesterday's showed starting today at four days. To match. I can't see them actually in there and then a cap position against Buffalo Scotland literally blushed. And we are loaded four million as a first you're yeah I mean. I hate to say it but that's Pettigrew or. Oh yeah I think he's probably better than one to Kevin I'm up against the break at thanks for the call I appreciated. It's amazing. How the Patriots are just Pelfrey in the Buffalo Bills. Now we'll take this Darryl take him out they camp wide receiver defensive back running back you know have all that thing. President and hired Rex Ryan yet. To be like of linebackers coach or something. I mean there literally just offering a team. Like they're like their rockers the couple a equaled just take every one how about that the pitchers Tripoli team weren't there there really edge. You know they're like the Pawtucket Patriots. His feet memory down the playing in the minor leagues down there in Buffalo on the did feed into the majors late night Sports Radio WEI Mark Danner. So 1 o'clock carried out a lot of time left so much everyone. Aaron Hernandez Bruins Celtics. And talk Red Sox almost the same. The water Rodriguez back from paternity leave pitched an inning tonight. That was that was exciting that the. I was watching the Oklahoma City Thunder in a Houston Rockets after the Bruins lost. Because I was really pumped up for that series. And I know something's missing in the it's it's a good series in I love Westbrook Allah pardon Garnett each other like that it. I made it affected me the and one of these teams don't lose now one of these players are going to be out of it. Russell Westbrook get a triple W 51 points. But in the fourth quarter he's heard a solid start to completely unravel for him. You know he realized that I'm the only guy who can do anything in this whole team. Which you know he's probably known all year. Hardened you know there's other guys on the team in Houston complying. Oklahoma City it's. It's Russell Westbrook and that's it. Couple big stiffs. It is Kantor and Steve Adams now Adams is okay but it's a step. Victor role depots Sox. And and that's about it. Series I don't know I expected I expected something else I'm not exactly sure I expect I'm really said of this year. Maybe I'm just down in general and announces that. Celtics are falling apart from our very eyes the Bruins your. Trying their best but it can't be Craig Anderson when they finally do it gets called back. But a lousy four days here. In strictly as sports. Context. Wanna go beyond that it's been even you know forget the sports. Aaron Hernandez and I said this to start the show and I'd just still can't believe it that five years ago. More than five years ago today but five years ago not too far from this Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were playing in a Super Bowl together. Hernandez got a touchdown this year rule gronkowski remember high ankle sprain. Dee Corey. Five years ago they were playing together in the Super Bowl. And on April 19. Rob Gronkowski was. Plain jokes with. Sean Spicer. At a white house press briefing. And Aaron Hernandez was found dead of apparent suicide hanging from a big cheap. In his maximum security prison cell. Apparent surely upon route to. Which I mean. In eight talk about your surreal moments inserted looking back on the entirety of a story that is now for all intents and purposes ended. I know that there's still going to be stuff that's gonna come out here and we're gonna. Find out new deet tails and new information and everything else and you know and all the local media around here's done such a great job covering this trial and and all this other stuff but I mean for the moment for all intents of services stories over a gay guys dead. And the waited this is all sort of come to an end it sight. I don't know it's like just watching the end of a TV show. Like on breaking bad and their last episode of the wires something like that it's like you know what I mean it was like a season. With Hernandez. After he was arrested you know at first it was him get arrested and the white shirt with the handcuffs and in and when he was driving the Foxboro and helicopter was following him all that stuff and and you didn't hear anything for awhile on the the trials starter and Hernandez back in the news again. And I'll never forget. The pretrial hearing. When the prosecution laid out the whole case for Earl Lloyd. And you know and then heard it Aron was here and then they went pick them up and any texted his sister in the any. They stopping got gas and any chew bubble gum and any shot a man and he's been on the gum and then they went home we saw Mike Emery was in the in the house with the god. I mean it was that was before the trial even started they were say in all it. In debt that was. Unbelievable. And it just got crazier and crazier with each passing day it was like it was like you're crazy TV show. And now we're talking about Aaron Hernandez in the past tense and it's just. I'm not listen this is not an anyway Amy's and I feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez it's just the experience of it and working in this field and sort of you know having that come up with takes about written in and discuss this very real situation which goes well beyond that. They have formed spectrum of of sports and sports talk. It for a day and this weighs just I mean it's it's. Crazy. That's tested only word I can really think of that sum this up this whole thing has been freaking crazy. 61777979837. Go to Mike in Springfield MI. And I looked up it was not what I have Super Bowl as a as. He played with a pages so that the Giants. Yet just second giants' Super Bowl 2012. I hope that then yeah having you know I have not figured him I remember watching him you know he was a great player he was. I think he was more talented big rock myself. He was may be more versatile and grounds I don't think he was better than ground QB can do more things he was. I mean they they put him everywhere they split him out wide they they put him at fullback a couple of times I mean he was. And you look at current ticket I'll I received. Yeah and you is a strong durable. Talented and great hands are really a it really is does a unique talent absolutely. Things like I was a bit dated back is in my estimation of the bought he did makes sense not in the off season. The one next to nothing now. Was ruled Eric and you know. Where we are seeing you rather have hammering them. I don't know about that Mike thanks for the golf. I'm no big Louis air and fans. I'm actually not much of a well although he did have a thirty goal season. Last Ambac is that that. We Erickson was soft Novak is brought at least some leadership then. You know not not a great scoring season form overall but he's older player I mean he's she's at the end of his rope here and I didn't expect him to be much better than it was a bit. I did expect in the bring what he brought that to that line in your every start of the season. Pretty pretty well why you got a made a good impression your when he first started David back to see these certain tailed off and I don't know I was expecting more ads I was read more everybody tonight. To get Ed to getting goose egg from your forwards on a night like tonight in a must win game in front of your home home crowd before you go back to Ottawa I can't believe. How listless they were. In WEEI dot com Ty Andersen got a piece of their right now saying that the Bruins are one line team now one line's gone cold and that's true and that's socks I mean there's. That's a that's a situation you never wanna be it you never wanna be a one line team in the playoffs and if you are that one line better be producing. And they were closed now marsh and a breakaway bid Anderson need Anderson told the old file is very flop Brown's problem. And and there are other chance after that Mac avoid and that deflection thereby I think it was a Sharia wanna say at my I'm not a member I think it was a charge. And it's no challenge flag comes out turns out the chart was off sides so there you go. Fell one of those series and I got a tidy and as CC in that goal get disallowed. And then taken back to that penalty and game three and just the whole thing you know like it's it's just that the you need to have breaks to win in the playoffs you need to have things go your way need to get the bounces need to have a little bit locked and I can any of that the brunch. They wanna make this a series in around they're gonna have to get some of that so far they haven't gotten any. Now lately. Does go to Brendan embossed them before the break hello Brendan. They made and yes I had Immunex plea agreement I don't not to moisture and it used to it being I didn't feel bad habits psychopath and Cleveland turned the gun on himself yesterday opulent effort needed to gain you can say all that one guy I was facial collide committed he would every medication at all. I don't really care killed people heard it is but he didn't have killed more people. Actually don't feel bad for him at all you know and he did feel bad I mean I bet the daughter but I knew I felt bad before and I mean you are fourth today. Sort of delicate she still whenever prodigy evident barely ever see Coolidge at triple murder possibly and already convicted murder in as a mother. Who as far as we know we know that she's the sister. You know victims. Boy golf and whatever sure have been an accomplice. So it's not the added a wide loss and feel bad today. Which is kind of like cut ups any of the whole situation. I guess I have to stick like it's conspiracy to regular call period and send a Wideman did it currently am on the Bruins series. Are so I think that you did this whole. You know somehow people go work toward that it would and they can hit on his family or he would kill himself first into the bowl contribute their act kind of like Allen and even if you think calamity. And done if they can kill himself if Jimmy after anyway. I mean it's bad enough and it hearing is Asian media scrutiny kinda caught on when he crowd is not guilty and he knew it yet it's do or maybe then maybe realize what you've spoken very key to whatever Al they call it there sequel maybe realized yesterday. Second kilo and Lloyd in recent probably killed it was they said his knowledge of the double murder. A critical off the Bisping anyway. You know when you have been and it just fell forty million dollar to my name so they the united mine run no what you take it the better series but on the fact thanks aren't. I said this as someone else call them with that theory to about the gang Scott Thorman said. You know you drew yourself for an take Decker family. Why would these gangs of weight and soul right now to do that. Well Alexander Bradley he's in jail for life he's not going anywhere. Alexander brown is not a free man. It's you know I mean they way what's the motivation for them to wait and soul you know today. Earned until his trials over to say okay now you're trials or in you've been acquitted but you're still in jail for life. It is even if he starts appealing OK then. If he's gonna be free and and you say well you can't be free case whatever then fine but where long ways away from that. I just strikes me is in round did it makes for a interest in theory maybe I guess but it. Panama and doesn't make it doesn't make upon a sense. But then again what about any of this makes any sense. I'm to come waiting for a way in for one piece of it to mean from the from day one this whole thing has just been sold over the top ridiculous but. Anyways were to take a break well I come back trying to lighten the mood a little bit with your late night low light that's next year and yet I couple minutes left time after your late night low late in this one comes to us rise at a mile of it lighter does not really I guess it is the branding if you believe in these things are not put a mystic who claims to have accurately foretold Donald terms presidency has predicted the exact date that world war three is gonna start. This guy's name is Horacio VI August. Is a self proclaimed messenger of god which that's Leino is legit I think he believes nuclear war break out. On the 100 anniversary of the visitation. Of our lady of five team which I don't know what the hell day that is but that's what it's gonna happen I guess. He claims to have envisioned trouble when the US election as far back as 2015 according to the daily star. He also predicted the billionaire businessman to become the illuminati king who'll bring the world the world were three. This is are coming from your the mere and you in the you can. The biggest war in the US leader would attack Syria which took place earlier this month. He also predicted that it would bring Russia North Korea and China into the deadly global conflict something which of prophecy is the belief. He believed to be weeks away now we know the China and Russia in North Korea are all involved in some sort of conflict or another right now. They're names of all been in the news. But the claim is that the virgin Mary mother Jesus visited Fatima in Portugal on six different occasions the first visitation. Was said to have taken place on May thirteenth 1917. This was the day according to the Catholic faith that our lady warn people that are for quest to convert Russia. Two of the faith we're not followed god would use the country to wreak Havoc on the world. BA is is convinced the world break out on the hundredth anniversary of the visitation and less than four weeks time. The last visitation is said to occurred a year later October 13 1917. Early today year yes. Where she announced the worth going to and in the soldiers were turned to their homes. So. According to some guy. Who's been right about some other things. World war three is gonna start. On May thirteenth. And it'll either be over on October 13 or are gonna be dead on October 13. According to some Portuguese guy. So I'm convinced I don't know about you banned what are you thinking. I'm convinced I'm convinced. Makes sense hundredth anniversary of the visitation of the lady at Fatima Portugal. I mean you know couldn't possibly lineup any better there's no way it's just a coincidence now is there. By the way have you become a mystic. Like the guys a mystic that is Jolley had you become a mystic caddie you had you apply for the job of a mystic. That that's self proclaimed self proclaimed misty he's become a mystic. Yeah I think so I think you can pariah like yeah you you predict one thing you can become. The mystic. You have to think about it I don't know I don't know if there's any money to be made the mystic business are probably isn't. Enemies are making predictions every day NT finally hit and a few and and boom like your mystic than. He's become a mistake they're right there they got. The issue also become like yeah shark or Vegas or something like that all the present or you wanna take it if you start making a lot of predictions in a row there's a lot of roads he could possibly take there. I guess mystic is one of them. Sports talk radio host another one. Ben Charleston great job thanks the collar sections and Twitter followers tonight I'm back tomorrow full show yet Dave baseball song mind 10 o'clock be there talk to you later tonight.

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