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Late Night with Christian Arcand: Gronk and the Patriots at the White House; Aaron Hernandez why now. 04-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Christian talks about the Patriots visiting the White House and Gronk interrupting Sean Spicer during his press conference. Aaron Hernandez was the big story of the day and alot of people had their theories of what happened and why now. The Bruins lose another close one to the Senators and Christian talks about how the offense needs to perform better because they got a great game from the goalie and defense.

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Evening every Thursday everybody is late I Sports Radio WEEI am heroes Christian charge can't live in our Braden studios overlooking the Mass Turnpike and Charleston back there and the wheels is still taking your phone calls here until 2 in the morning it's 617. 7797937. You can text in a 37937. And you tweet me at Christian. I agree between three and tax taken phone calls here all night when a weird day just a bizarre day. I got off the air last that are on tool in the morning about an hour before they found Hernandez. And I want to sleep. And I am alarm set to listen a curtain Jerry that I slept right through and it was no it's no dis to the morning show I just I was tired and I slip right through it. And it wake up until about 93010. O'clock this morning. I woke up and my phone was just I mean text messages notification is news notification WEEI notification. Everything. All about Aaron Hernandez. And as IA began. Reading the details of what it happened what was found what the reaction to what was from Hernandez's friends in the defense team in the family and sort of his old agent and everybody else. It was it was crazy I mean it was just a crazy bizarre way to to begin this day and then immediately after that. And it's been going on all day long and I'm trying not to participate in it because it's not something I particularly care about. But oh my god the reaction police to this. You shouldn't feel this way you shouldn't feel bad for this you shouldn't be said that this avenue shouldn't be it. If you look at that and I united getting here. Okay how much you really unless your really think Hernandez was a great guy in which case. We pubic in out. Did it act I've had all day long it's just seems like people have been yelling at each other over had a fuel about this. You shouldn't feel sorry you shouldn't feel sympathy you shouldn't feel this that or whatever there's a million different reasons why someone would of woke up this morning. Read the news about Aaron Hernandez and felt a certain type away about it and I'm really not that interested. In yelling at you for Al how you felt there right even fewer right now midnight. Here on this and now Thursday afternoon. Or Thursday afternoon about Thursday morning if it's that. It's say it's a bizarre story. It's a story to me. Then over the last five years really since 2012. Has taken on almost just like almost like to TV show you know I got it. Any there's been legacies in in in the season's over in the you don't hear about Hernandez and in the next season starts like now it's like. Breaking batters on the you just eat you watch to see that you forget about it and then a trial comes up or arraigned in their you know all of these images the you have Blake. Think season one was Hernandez with the team in in season two was him getting arrested nine season three was the first murder trial now for an hour here we are. And it's just the fact that it's over and that this is the way it ended. In on this day of all days I was just talking when Ben before the show started. On on April 19 when he seventeenth. Five years after Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski played in a Super Bowl together. In a Super Bowl in 2012 Graham played making. And play much we play. Five years later on April 19. Rob Gronkowski is at the White House. Joke horsing around with Sean Spicer. And Aaron Hernandez is hanging from big sheet. At a maximum security prison in surely. After being acquitted. Of a double murder. Did I mean you know there there's. Stories that you sort of look at it as they're happening in real time you think oh my guys is unbelievable but it's not until. It's over. Not until the story ends and I'm not saying the stories necessarily over there's a lot we still don't know. And that's gonna come out over the next you know a couple days weeks whatever. Like dude down what was written on his head didn't ended. The various conspiracy theories were here in people call in and there's another thing by the way. I'm hearing people Collins and I worked in that prison term prison medical assistant I worked in this there for forty years and here's grad dissect. I'm not get I'm not gonna hang up on people who say things like that. Obviously I'd like to hear the inside the only problem is it's midnight here in a Thursday. Then Charleston does a great job screening these phone calls but it's not liking go on rolling pin and actually check and see if you had this job to say had. You know it's just it's impossible to do that so you know if you Colin and yet the state. I'll Ali you talk but I'm not gonna just automatically assume what you're saying is true that who you. That you are even or you say you are because it's impossible that we know way to verify that. We're talking about something series here. Not that sports are serious but they're not is serious is I'm murder spree followed by Ed jail cell suicide. And really what I I and you know most interest that in and I think all of us are on some level are these three investigations. The defense team. Wants to investigate whether or not it was actually a suicide. The state police wanna investigate just the details of it never crime was committed a white. And the freezing I think sort of in the same vein as of late got and got investigate how the hell this happened. How is this is super high profile inmate. Allowed to be unsupervised long enough that he can do pitch. Because you know whatever whatever your thigh in in there was articles today I I read in The Herald and on channel five or but he had these articles about the prison. Others another suicide there's a prison right there not long ago. But that's the that's a big question right there how. Did this happen. And free conspiracy people out there at all if you wanna call in with what you think really happened all late even what you do that even though I'm not a big conspiracy guy. Attended. The test these sorts of things. But this one's actually bizarre enough. That I'd be willing to at least listen. What I'm not clear on here and I've talked to some people today whoever their own theories about whether or not it was an actual suicide or whether he was told by somebody. Is that who could've killed them while the inmates. Other inmates in the prison. Or. The prison guards. Reds pretty much did you got a BA or beat resonated wells is there. If it was the inmates. I don't really see why they would make it look like a suicide. You know you wanna murderer guy you heard of the guy Woody has to make a living suicide for one thing and keeping in jail. Forever twice. And as for the as for the the prison guards. That seems like an awful lot to risk for an incredibly high profile you know what they would have had to dine. In order to it to pull that off with the cameras and went ahead to scrub the tapes and then there would had to go in there and and Kilmer draw them and then key element in fix it up to look like a suicide and you know I just seems like knowing they had to know whoever. If if this was done by someone other than Aaron Hernandez certainly someone who worked in the prison unless the entire prison was in on it. If they had to know this is gonna be investigated pretty early. By eight all sorts of different player by the police prizes defense team by independent people but if they anyone knows. Is this good investigation into this you want for years. And if some scrub that paper if someone. You know drug is food order if they tried the if they kill them and then tried to make it look like this gonna find that out. And it just seems like an awful lot to risk for prison. Staff they'd in town knows that this guy is he going to be and there are probably for life in in that sense isn't too much different from any other inmate. So really what's the what's the end game there I don't I don't quite I don't quite follow that when either I don't wanna spend all night here on these theories is just I've been here and I'm in. This in this whole story is just so bizarre that. I was willing to entertain them a little bit I still don't really quite seeing where you can go with that in and take it all they seriously and I'm willing to listen tonight here if you wanna watch diamond is late night it's kind of what we do here. We we take the alternative view on things at 6177797937. I will say this and I feel like this is probably one of the more under reported her under theorized aspects all of this with a Aaron Hernandez. You remember the Rolling Stone article. That Ron Borges contributed to back in that wanna say it was 2013 it was around the time when he was first it rained on us that. Before it was can I fingers before he was convicted and on point. But there is that extensive piece about you know his friends and his gang ties growing up and there is some details about the really heavy drug use that he was into. And we're not talking you know smoking weed. Or even you know doing Coke. We're talking about a guy a smoke and once filled with PCP. I mean Psycho active turned joined to load lunatic type a draw you know not not just. Value is he was higher U is now angry and whatever I mean we're talking about full eyes Psycho drugs to turn you into a Psycho. But I've. This theory out outright WBZ. Investigators looking into the possibility the may have smokes synthetic marijuana before his death. That's the one they got my age my antennas up. Because the duality of Aaron Hernandez I think is the biggest part of this whole story. The fact that this guy had everybody full. He had everybody in the Patriots organization full he had Robert Kraft will be a ballot check for yet Deion Branch Primedia friends on that team he he had them awful. They might and I thought he was the nicest guy in the world you know maybe not some guy with a big sunny personality. But nobody had any inkling that you wish. In that deep in that sort of lifestyle that he would at the very least be involved. In the murders of three peopled at least that we know. So the duality was was there all along. And now you have his friends and his family and his defense team also and there's no way that man committed suicide really no way. His wife you know so while. You know this guy so well the you can predict what his next move is going to be at any time. It's impossible to be able to predict the next move. Of a guy who over even when he was at his peak athletic condition. Was routinely. Smoking PCP. And if he couldn't get a hold of of the really hard stuff that he liked in prison. Who knows what he was getting old. Not naive enough to think the drug use doesn't go on even in a maximum security prison in fact I know we dodged. Boyd one thing to consider there is that this guy a furlong time. Was not ever really in his right mind. And that's not an excuse I'm not saying that's a reason to feel bad former feel sorry former anything like that. What is the only thing I can really think of that would explain without some sort of you know mob conspiracy year prison in meter prison guard conspiracy. Why a guy who just was acquitted of double murder and was working with his defense team to try in and go forward and maybe take some steps towards freedom. Would do it's. We're not talking about normal person here we're not talking about it. Guy who understands you know the risks and rewards of all of his actions and things he doesn't like if we did. We wouldn't be here right now. If that's the the subject that we were talking about was a rational person I mean no no rational person. Risks millions tens of millions of dollars in a mansion. And his family and his infant daughter in the future of her in the life been in. All of that you don't risk all of that if you're thinking straight after a normal guy. With a career. This is a guy who is off the rails a long time ago. And people talking about him Pelé United's. Hope that what the agents they Chico was no saint premiere my wife we love them like assigned. What the hell does that matter you love them like it's a sort Robert Kraft so did a lot of people. You mean to tell me they unless you think the guys completely 100% isn't. Whatever you thought about him is pretty irrelevant. And a bit of a bit of a slap in the face to their families of these victims. Chico was no saint. Do you think. He was no same thing in kill himself those other people did or whatever it you don't sell. I understand you know someone die you say summit comes out awkward it's indeed these things happen about that guy that. I don't know maybe someday you'll wish you could have that one back. But really the duality of Aaron Hernandez that's the story to me. Here's a guy who created who can live one life as a professional milk by millionaire athlete. We smiled for the camera and made appearances and took pictures with kids and you know I had a you know air Hernandez had a charity. Aaron Hernandez had a charity for Hispanic kids learning disabilities. That's true look it up. It was just getting going greatest she got her as to gee I'm series. There's articles about. The duality of these guys and really of everybody you know and I've just been added to the extreme of Aaron Hernandez is at its own thing but it. Everybody you know it's not it's easy to sort it just says Baghdad two big guy does this do that. It's easy did sort of paintings in black and white and I think they even with all the new once inserted differing. Ideas out there and Hernandez we can all agree was a bad guy. We didn't lose some good guy here today. But there's always more to any story and especially one like this that is just. It got so many people you know the sitting up wonder and about it how how could this happen. The whole thing how could it have from day one how could this happen. How could those two tight ends playing in the Super Bowl together on April 19 20171 of them is. The horse around with Sean Spicer in the other one's swinging from a bed sheet. It's just it's it's mind boggling. It's absolutely mind boggling. 6177797. And 937 as the phone number. 37937. Asian number on tax we'll get the phone calls here early and often that's the way and I promised we'll start things off with Scott in east long medalist got. Pride in that stick Michael yeah. First so obviously I'm very impressed with the here and stinks about what's realistic that happens in prison than what. Probably happen error attendance. Very impressed so why are you dressed I my instincts. Well because it supporters to the reality of the situation that was an innate Jerry. Years ago so I'd let our last three years ago so obviously I don't know Aaron Hernandez. Put on him. Taking your answer your question or he's got since I got you on the phone here is that prison and earlier is it in Lancaster is they keep reading it in Lancaster and then another article says and Shirley what. Early lead we call it surely Max. There's too actually two presence next to each other one and surely maxed that's certainly worse in Mexico and what is surely medium. And that is sort inmates and have worked their way down to the constitutional system world just never had to go to Mac and Jared are going. So. The the thing that. I mean in my humble opinion it had to be a suicide because of the fact that. How the president sat up to and I hurt collar less tolerance that he worked there and what he sets sounds you know. So it is very accurate. Day. And at 11 o'clock. 10 o'clock on weekdays you're locked in yourself. And you can't leave. But they can see into yourself. And they come around every so it's eighteen minutes. And to a wellness check. And it's electronically. You know like take it they have a little thing that they have to touch which guarantees that they go around the whole block. Okay in this is a technologically advanced prison I mean this is one of the more or hear of this generation anyway this is this one's right or right on the top of the line right. So in terms Indian murdered. At that time it happened it's impossible because. You can't get into. Anybody so now and they're singled selves when you don't have a sell me. So great. Basically. It's. It's. I. The guys all guys are glad that we know we can bring its. Yes aren't so it's not possible for someone to. Murder someone to everything got a camera. And also excellent touch on one thing is the trucks are time obviously is. I think your theory about drug use is probably right some point value much usual home intelligence about how jerks make it into the present right but come. Lots of drugs in there he's got a drug history. And that particular drug they elect would probably. Mean. That they would. Kind of do some. Can he be subject to some pretty weird being gators and their synthetic marijuana. Really bazaar drug. Yes it really isn't needed for thank you thank you Scott thanks for checking it. Yet you think synthetic marijuana may shake strange as Chandler Jones he didn't hang himself but he stripped naked and walked to a police station. You do some weird just weird things on that stuff I've never I've never partake in myself. And you synthetic synthetic marijuana ever got to get down with that I've not except for tonight. The first time with him first time I had a live the experience against ranked there sure. Not to make light of this but whats crazy about that synthetic marijuana for awhile you just bite the gas station. Jersey provide bath salts in synthetic weed you could just go in by any gas station like they were cigarettes. Tour for years. Anyone he's gone by late night Sports Radio WEEI murky and with the event Charleston on the on the glass taking your phone calls. Tug and Aaron Hernandez will talk Bruins still. Not much to say about the Red Sox they got shut out tough night for the good guys here at the ninth against the Canadians. Damn freeloading Canadians steal all our runs. Eric were so deserve better red zone and Red Sox whatever. From Mo have funny it's on talk about the Red Sox. Bruins tonight with a really really tough loss. Another one and home now the Celtics and Bruins. Combined over four of their last four playoff on the incident. Rule. You know everyone always says you want to sell if you want the Bruins in their because of all the businesses up and I'm now some wins dashing down causeway street in the you know. He had fringe street down there and canal street Eaton. It setter or. And all those businesses the four hours in grand and well in. Their own urge our Riley is all these places down there well in lately he's got a lot of pissed off people coming out of those games. Is there have been some real real gut punches lately. The end of the Bruins and though what exactly went wrong tonight a little bit in the meantime are taking your Aaron Hernandez phone calls right now 6177797937. Texas 37937. Tweets or Christian are Ken let's go to nick in Rhode Island. With a thought on the Patriots salary cap I believe hello nick. Great pitching great Shell a yeah I was curious now that he's dad what that really beats how that salary cap that Patriots have been playing on him because of that contract. Yet but that's been that way for awhile and it's that's he's Ben. That's been off the books for awhile now did that in just go and ended tonight that that's thirty Danica if. How can I heard it's something I want to the other shows during the morning I don't like those guys but I listen avocation. There. That they were still paying the salary cap. I don't believe so. I hate them as they said that then I'll I'll look into it I had honestly and thought about that much effect but I don't think so I think that back into when he fifteen. The dead money on that that he had that we sorted just sitting there the salary cap hole he left. Was. That was cleared in 2015 but I could be wrong on adult double check for in a good thanks for the event. As something about a contract extension announcement caught the salary cap to be there. Okay. And the other question on a contract where as they had some library today are in Massachusetts that and he died in prison and he can be declared innocent. Yes he will be actually I mean he'll be declared innocent he was appealing his conviction this this is true unfortunately I mean it doesn't really matter but. Because he was feeling his conviction because he can't go forward to appeal it. They're gonna go back to the point where he was just charged with murder now I mean that's against Federer for back to that so will be. Charged with murder but they're not going to be able to say that he was. Officially convicted even though we also I'm get convicted and and witnessed it but by the letter of the law because he's appealing the conviction. They have to respect that and because he's not there to. Go forward with the appeal. Then they can't say it's Majid conviction anymore even though we all know wise same thing happened who John gay in the priest. That had a file priest in that same prison I think. You know he's he was appealing is an expert in offered. Molesting all those kids he was appealing when he got murdered and so his conviction eventually got expunged but he's still a had a fire means you know I really doesn't really matter. Yet there have been changeup or aren't we would that salary cap extension and. Would deplete if he declared he would sit with the Patriots have to pay off this contract would Stanley. I don't think so I don't know I'd have to look into that nick I really don't know it's not did he drop me off guard with that one and really been thinking about it I'm looking at a 2015 article here. I'd it says in 2013. New England head 2.5 million dollars in dead money for Hernandez's old deal this past year 2015 and and discuss the team's seven and a half million. The money that New England couldn't spend on other players. Doesn't mean that Hernandez himself was receiving any money of the pay only that his former team couldn't spend the full fullest helping assemble a roster. They're now free in the dead money category starring in the new league year when he 152016. They don't have any more limitations imposed on them there as a result of releasing a player who then at the time was indicted for the multiple murders. Let's see the next question on the subject will be the Patriots receive any future credit towards the cap given that Hernandez to be convicted. According to that the answer is yes I don't know if that happens I don't think it happens. By it. The worst of the salary cap effect for Hernandez ended a couple of years ago so I don't know if there's any other. If any of the other money would go to was similar what that what that's all about an idea I'd I'd tend to think probably not. Six point 77797937. The phone number of Bob is in Rosalind they'll have about. You want I want it but I'm signed by Maria. Very good one of the things that I was there and I definitely know I'm pretty certain that what that as an off. But in the culture. Someone when something's somebody actually is rooted. You know there's the possibility that. Are you could have been told. Take care of business or something happened. Without fiancee and daughter. And that's a theory I've heard Bob why now why not in any other point over the last five years I mean he shot Alexander Bradley wasn't when he twelve we're assuming that he's the guy behind me he's the guy with the gang ties. While they wait until right now. To tell me to do this if they were Gunner to Stanley it doesn't make any sense. Well. Make a lot of sense but because they figured it used them suffer unpleasant along their assignment it is because well maybe in the effectiveness. They can it harm because of that. I suppose so if he had been convicted and sentenced to two more life you know. Lifeblood of life back to back with two more life sentences than the gang what does that okay enjoyed prison we're knocking arm your family and now that he was acquitted he always. I don't know I just said that seems flimsy to Mina. Well if that happens and that's culture you know I guess I don't know it is anger we know. Yeah I'm without Ellis as my thought I don't know what or analysis so they then went to a bad you know we had high hopes double doubles and. Sure. Yeah I'm absolutely Bob thanks for the call. Drew is in Braintree with a thought on Hernandez Ager. Chris Norris at what some gauger area. And I just wondered touch on what a caller before the break what you got to talk about the location of PR yeah actual complex. On our work there. You're now you're here. Yeah. I'm I think the reason you're here and so much beats you know surely written Lancaster is not. He's the complex itself or on for the purposes actually and surely the mailing address one Harvard road. Is surely Matt. But the town line between trillion Lancaster and accounting or dramatic between Middlesex and was thirty on the property complex. Yeah. Thanks and so. The he uses medium security building which has been gesture in Massachusetts correctional yep the two surely it is in surely well since the barren out due to the super Max that. Aaron was then it actually in Lancaster. Gadget. Type of thing you Riviera but Matt thank you for clarifying your anything else. Not under aggregate Dexter. Only some Arab in the Lancaster Massachusetts was the go to my cousins soccer games. I have a cousin by the way not not break and you're saying. I have a cousin whose twelve. And she's done the best. Soccer team in the state of Massachusetts. I'm including the New England Revolution. I'm just you know including you know in our motion she's for heard the age grey and they play older kids and stuff. And we go to Lancaster sometimes the watcher games this year so now she's going on the team she's basically Hope Solo without all the stuff in there. And Lancaster mats has his beautiful soccer complex I mean it is it's gorgeous. And it stretches out for Akers and haters haters all across this you know multi field college dozens of field is really something. And I aid didn't it's the only time Meyer back in the Lancaster Masset and even know there was a prison up there I knew about the surely woman Ramon goes to town for close to each other. How often I go that far for too. But yeah that's the only thing I know about playing yesterday at that they got this really nice place for the kids I'll go get ice cream in between games. Are fried clams per degree. That's my only experience of Lancaster has never been the prison open never ago 61777979837. Is the phone number we're taking your calls on an end as we can also switch gears here I know there's a lot of frustrated Bruins fans out there wanna talk about this team now being in a 31 hole so we'll open up the Bruins calls now Jim is in the car and he has been waiting patiently gyms are breaking away but what's on your mind. I'll problem welcome back to guard the ball like a crowd. I just ordered they've uncovered and I know a lot calmer in there and you know it's not popular if I could care less about old boy. Because you know he's not not regained anger. And visit people on the patient all day long prepared. You know OK if you happening and our. And our guys got murdered eight year old guy. Credit for in the court and in the thick of the net those crimes for it. Okay I'll I'll wait a minute coalescing gym owner art work and tiger nobody here is using using gauge of the gang bangers fiancee sister. All right. Pretty well I think IndyCar you have all the gang banged. Is that right is that how that happens they meet through hard they meet the other way. Yeah all of again I don't want that you know the framed differently Ellis for anybody to give it won't know. Penalty kill anybody gym. And Lloyd. Break any laws did you do anything wrong everyone who knows your associates with the gang bang your deserves to get shot I mean c'mon I don't know what they're bigger you are all good for you maybe I do you don't know why hang out with playing a lot yeah. I am I have friends who I want the collar. With who just finished on fifteen years and sings saying because he was on drugs indeed shot I mean I you know people. It's you don't just get to chip and people grow up in certain places. You know they're friends they're they're older Brothers or cousins or gang bangers that happens I mean as part of people's lives Aaron Hernandez isn't the only guy with the gang ties to ever make it in the NBA. The NBA about the NFL. There's been plenty of other ones who you're able believe that life behind in their friends all don't get murdered you know I mean I. Well armed they're all I know like not everybody acknowledging Bagger. And if you don't have a better shot clock. It'll be an okay I like that got developed. We we don't have a goalie that can make it to her you know. For the final minutes for a cup final. But this guy could could not out in the an adult played the entire series. The rough one not tonight but you don't want any different. Very good if you had to make and after giving up eight goals and two games in game three game car for. So for me. Cuts are good round because it is it's a guy cannot win the big game. He cannot win and thirteen and waited and went to Iraq for real yeah. I consider it a 301 K I haven't. Kirk cut tied for the guy and I was lost game for the capital. Or break novelty. Was paid one million dollars a year and made dominated the power. OK I don't know about money and nobody could tell me the capitals. It was brought England back there and a lot about the top. It'll defensemen. Are in the league they can tell me. I'd like capital. The bullet for three years well yeah I hope you make it a million I don't make it more now. You cannot tell me that they had eight number one defense back. And the Bruins still drive seven number one defense Jim my Jim thanks for the call beard you're out of your mind. They didn't lose tonight is that Tuukka Rask through grass was good tonight Tuukka Rask deserved much better tonight. Much better. He was excellent. You know you let that one goal in fine they lost one nothing you're talking about Tuukka Rask what planet in my. The worst thing about the loss tonight was that the defense played well. Zdeno Chara and Charlie Mack a boy and Colin Miller thank god he came back in Kevin Millar and John-Michael Lyles. Played great. They were excellent. Your offense didn't show up your forwards didn't show up the guys with the experience who have been there before not the guys who were just playing to beat you last week. Are playing for the Providence Bruins. Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci and Brad margin in the rested David Beck is these forwards with all this experience in the playoffs. In a must win game on their home ice. Gave you nothing. They gave you one goal they were Rick and off sides. Regain your talking about took a rescue knots. It was great. Played a great game we made some big saves ordered Anderson handers and how well the game. But this wasn't a loss today is laws wasn't about to grass. You wanna take a step back and look at the whole body work can say air time to move on fine yeah I said tonight. This season for that matter he was he was a rock for them this season and he was excellent in this game tonight. He deserved much better than what he got close the 1 on the morning on this Thursday announced. So late night arcane here. Heard and is on the table. Not literally. Growing each Red Sox Celtics where everyone. As we go into the 1 o'clock hour or things get real weird no matter what the two whatever the main story of the day is the 1 o'clock hour that's when things start to. Drift. But in the meantime let's get to those calls it is a lot of you wanna talk tonight and we got a lot to talk about so I'll start off the jacket every he has a theory on Aaron Hernandez inject. 800. Up back up what they haven't missed a real fast that you would Marat are really great for the station. I. What are they deal with then writing and addressed it to GA dot zarb mono at the UPI dot com that would really I have and I. Can address it to any was little sweep at 5:30 in the morning he's gonna intercepted so it is really not a lot we can do. Which do we read target and others like six to Reeves who work on that. I used to be a big DN CAA and then then do you have then. And then. Mean. That it does. Play like minute and then it's just you know I I I turned PE IA at 10 o'clock in the morning. Parent whatever whatever you whatever ditches or they jackets on your mind. And I called about Hernandez but I wanna talk up no real quick. The Bruins. Veteran forward I'm not doing their job. Element that we would at that and a monopoly and took. Champlain to do tonight you're absolutely right our way through these stories and I were invisible. Report said doubtful doubtful blew it up it was seventy million Iraqi. Went out take its seven million back. You know. Yeah I don't think he'd get a better a better performance this season any effort to go for a replacement level goalie from. Played really well. But at the end of the year but but before temperament play into a bit short ended. And you know we got to do we got to do that means that they. Bring in a threat to our season so. It is indeed an idea of thought on Hernandez Jeff. Yes they do what you gotta kinda think it's a little abstract and the city gag weapon Jamaica Plain have a 62 year old man I look at this city my whole life. Whatever happened with that double murder. The shots came from the car whether Hernandez stated are not. Okay Hernandez is our two victims from murder. You know is there any chance that there was maybe like you know take the rap will take care review in when it didn't happen. You know the gang affiliation like you know you. They said you didn't I'll hold your end of the bargain here than. Well I mean maybe he was spoke to say some that didn't I don't know. But I'm just saying you know bad shots pick up my car. Yeah they came for McCarron that he was in absolutely when you only witness yeah. We don't know it and maybe we will never know yeah but the thing is you know foot and a and I don't care about the religion there as a PCP here this of that. He doesn't have the remorse in them to do what. Unless maybe it was an importance of the drugs or something Maurice hope to Jordan or whatever what. The influence the you mean it'd take is on life. Yeah he. There was no more screw anything. You ease some at the end of that second trial. That in the in the biggest disgrace was his point ought to be in a back court. I think that was a disgrace. It and yeah I mean that's it looked at but listen look at the look at the mother in this case and Jack thanks for the call period against I mean look at them on a China Jenkins slash Hernandez. Earlier we are gonna forget it did she while her sister was sitting in the living room. Crying over the death of her fiance. Oden Lloyd. Shannon Jenkins they're big garbage bag with probably the murder weapon and it. In broad daylight walked right out in front all those cameras and all those crowds and everything through in the trunk of her car and drove off to destination we don't know. If you heard her testify and that trying to second trial. All the things she didn't remember. Her bring an ad baby did that and should do is not a baby anymore kids like 445 years on the or bring in they did to the to the courtroom wage should be weighed down on the list of insane things that she's done since this August are. So you're right it's a good memory that they did when she grows up is gonna look back on and think oh my god. I was in I was that was my father I was there in that core are all holy mother got. And in rounds. Whatever whatever sort of life that girl has from here on I have no idea I'd. Growing up without fathers one thing and grown up with a father the have to go receive maximum security prison getting killed three people are good convicted of it. Is another thing altogether and now I mean. She's gonna have to go through life is Aaron Hernandez's daughter and that's something I'll never change and darom. As choices made by a Hernandez and his wife and his fiance and it's unfortunate you know you talk about the innocents involved here and I know I had a caller earlier sell and own lawyer tonight and as he was saying with the gang manner OK if you. Think that that's a crime worthy of getting killed four. But this little girl. She and doing. 6177797937. Joseph is in RI did you. Credit but I'm good jar you. How does a lot quietly been talking about this not. It at bats. My retarded about Aaron Hernandez you don't think it's big big the big story here I don't I have not I don't think a blog not Sports Radio he's not exactly a name off. It is a lot not Sports Radio I want to turn the radio all I don't wanna hear it. Iowa serie of them in your mantle like the next probably 72 hours it's worth Sox radio they just people are gonna talk about our. And I and I understand I mean people calling you better talk about well. I mean you're Smart and saw compiled right now of course and I have been Jones to be fair in talking burns on not not blaming your ability. Are blaming your clothes 1 o'clock talk about Iowa and we're talking about them now so what you want to. I'd like talk well let's talk all the Celtics out there they were. Or 81 seed. Yeah and that they're they're pretty much gonna get swept. Probably thought may may be when watching one game on this thing and it's because waiting MBA player big guy. They recognize dot order playoffs. You rarely. Yet but the Celtics could have done that too if they wanna do they didn't. Yeah but they don't have a count I bet let's let's say that they don't Harbour town. I would agree I think that there and I you know they're number one seed they were they'd they'd developed a style under Brad Stevens thanks for the called Joba they develop the style under Brad Stevens it was wildly successful. And has been getting better each year. To the point where they had a better regular season and LeBron James carrier ring Camelot three players who were. With the exception of maybe law of you know I. Even love. Those three guys you put them on the Celtics she traded the whole team for any I don't. It's you know it did but that doesn't necessarily mean that. You go out in the first round. And potentially gets swept by Chicago Bulls team that was so dysfunctional this year. They put it together towards the end of the year but people act like this team was you know. In this sleeping giant that just woke up they weren't. The Chicago Bulls three dysfunctional group of eight holes really FP pets but they were pretty much all year with a lousy coach and in front office that was. Very badly dish trusted by the fans. And all the sudden in the last month Rajon Rondo turns into this veteran leader that all the young guys look up 20 and Dwyane Wade rediscovers his three point stroke he's never added any point in his career and it down. The Celtics have no answers for any of that that's pathetic. It's pathetic what Rajon Rondo did them last night. That they allowed that to happen and no one had an answer for that said. And I era one seed play with some pride and again. You heard after the game when Avery Bradley said. He's Iran though looked over Ricci I could hear her sing and they gave up and we did in we can't let him see that. Can't let him see that how about don't give up. Forget about if they can see Internet. What he'd given up four. Came through when your home in year the number one seed in. Rajon Rondo was out paired Blake he's down. Pearl Washington organic garden Harlem Globetrotters is thrown pass off his elbows. Dwyane Wade drilling three pointers right Avery Bradley's face. In the third and fourth quarters I mean. That nothing went well last night they didn't do anything right. They couldn't score they couldn't defend they couldn't rebound. They couldn't even get their offense going half the time when when Thomas was out of the game they couldn't they couldn't even set up their offense. And sometimes they couldn't even when he was out there. Celtics or listen at this point. Avoid a sweep that's that's my goal. Get one I'm not expecting that the out of his round. I've resigned myself to the fate of another first round exit here. For the third straight year. Under the point hour I'd like to see him at least 11 I'd like to see him at least. Escaped with one playoff victory. I would consider that something's. Not much but something. 6177797937. Is the phone number let's go to Joey New Hampshire before the break changeup. Later on what's up Joseph. And how much I mean. Pretty bad couple weeks. Or at that you'd be. But I you know. Can't ever and Hernandez had a collar earlier you know that you know he's not sports figure anymore regardless. Is not a sports figure anymore but it still a story about a guy it was a that plated a Super Bowl here five years ago you still talk about it and. I think they've created a huge story. It should be covered. Okay well what he wants. You hit you yet that a collar and it came back to your rapid beat traded need peak on. On you know it that we have been we have a great defensive corps. Which as you know a. Hardline that's ridiculous we don't have a great offense of course they they got a lot out of a limited group appeared led by a 4040 year old you know giant that that's that's not a good defense I'm a good defensive corps. They have to make some wholesale changes to that defense of course this off season. A 100% a 100% turn into retired. In town sure he he's great in some instances veto as much as you know Jack Edwards went today. Well in her with a long stick that's great and so the young forward beat him every the guys yeah. At fourteen to wrap the data. And you know you can't put anything on to ratchet this point who who has been back who dove in. Yeah who is good down the stretch Joseph B you're right through grass you mean he was he was excellent tonight is at an excellent season he's a big reason this teams in the playoffs at all. I you know you wanted to start. Bitching and complaining about to appear in in what he is and what you think he's gonna be going forward that's fine I just don't think tonight's ninth and do it. How are gonna take a break 6177797937. Is the phone number there's two open phone lines. Cigar and grabbing his charity premium tonight. Quick break we'll get you trending now come back with a final hour late night here on Sports Radio W yeah.

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