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Red Sox Review with Mike Mutnansky: Red Sox lose a tough one in Toronto but are overshadowed by Aaron Hernandez story. 04-19-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Mut talks a little bit about the Red Sox lose to the Blue Jays and Rick Porcello's strong pitching performance, but they were both over shadowed by Aaron Hernandez and his death. Mut gives his theory of why Hernandez took his life after being acquitted only a few days earlier. The Patriots also visited the White House and many players did not attend including Tom Brady. Mut also has a theory why Tom Brady skipped the White House visit even though he has shown support for President Trump in the past.

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Shots were yeah. It sucks review was brought do you like town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody can you tell recap. Of the Red Sox and the Blue Jays won it all sort of more ignorant good throughout the latest late. It's nothing Toronto. Errors result. Pete's Red Sox repeat woods might make Netscape one and. I gravel the right side then got to. Body around there. It's down to third base Marty's got a good. Red Sox. Arena thing too errors. Am Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm not a great night for the Red Sox got a great night for the Bruins and on the field or on the ice he's in basically guard the Red Sox have been. Kept out of the streak as of late they won five enrolled before being shut down tonight. In Toronto Almonte with the guys here on Red Sox for you Sports Radio don't you ya below pat. What a bad stretch of games. Over there at the four shots that are Fleetcenter. Boston garden and now the TD garden. Bruins Celtics. Celtics Bruins loss loss loss loss all on for a over there at the garden. Two long days of the Celtics lose to Chicago. Two losses here for the job Bruins series well all of a sudden they find themselves down three games to one in this best of seven playoff series. They lose tonight one nothing. To the Ottawa Senators in a game that had chances are bowl teams. Good goaltending by Anderson harassed respect respectively Indiana was Bobby Ryan. Scored the only goal for. The senators early in the third period. Rebound kickback out senators get a second opportunity. Set it up in font bouncing puck and Bobby Ryan punch thing now. And that was it Bruins could not come back in fact after that goal. Is seemed to energize the senators. Not the Bruins. Instead of the Bruins bouncing back the senators had extra life and their stepping Kurd a bunch of turnovers. And they were able to I'll put that Lloyd pretty easily thought there at the end the Bruins had one opportunity. When they pulled their grasp the final couple of seconds. But it felt all Ottawa there at the end of the senators when this game tonight over there at the garden. And they find themselves now all three games to one of Indy series will certainly take your Bruins phone calls at 6177797937. I admit I feel much differently. About the Bruins potentially losing their playoff series under the Celtics. ID give the Bruins a chance anyway. They're undermanned. From a roster standpoint. There undermanned from an injury standpoint right now and I just thought. Account it was not great but neither the Bruins. I figure they lose this series anyway I did not expect to be heading into Friday night back in Chicago. With the Celtics down two games not. That I certainly did not expect. So all the broads to lose their their next game and they could be out of this thing in five games and it's gonna be hard pressed for me to go crazy about it sorry. A we got our Bruins fans want more playoff hockey I get that but beginning of the year you would assign for. Making the playoffs a and B you younger players like posture knock and now Mac avoid. All getting better as the year went on. And it feel like as a Bruins fan yes and building blocks now for this team. That's how I look at it may be I am I'm giving that the Bruins more leeway than many of you are as Bruins fans. Odd but I am much more critical. Of the Celtics here in his first round that I and the Bruins there are expectations Celtics. There were supposed to win they're the one at freaking CD. Against Chicago Bulls they're supposed to do out win that game. Well to win that series forget a guy I gave the games they've lost so far they're supposed with a series and now it feels. Ayala could be a miracle. If they came back and won for the next five there Celtics and Bruins. So Bruins on the brink of being eliminated they lose tonight and all Bobby Ryan scored the only goal for Ottawa. One zip your final while there were getting shut out there at the garden dig your phone calls. Are on the Bruins here at 6177797937. In addition to your Red Sox called in addition to a little bit agree most of the calls tonight. I in regards to Aaron Hernandez and the Patriots visit. Odd to the White House today. Ball major topic tonight on the show and tomorrow on the radio station. Our Red Sox being shut out Toronto as well. And after five straight wins the offenses cranked they were. Garbage tonight. There was nothing going for the Red Sox offense six hits all singles. Look legit. 11. In meaningful threaten this game. What a terrible. Offensive approach against Francisco Liriano today. They chase that curve ball over and over and over again and then won a meaningful. Opportunity. Eight getting a couple guys on that was really it. Six hits all singles two walks they got one base runner courtesy of an error. And this usually tells a story righty at the end they gave you look at opportunities with runners in scoring position they were just over three. Forget the old the threes the 1000003. Chances. Three opportunities that I for the Red Sox offense to drive that reiterated. In scoring position they had nothing going and we might still be playing tonight. Headed up in for some terrible Red Sox defense their in the second inning. Tulowitzki leading off against Burke force LO. Bouncing ball easy play. Pablo Sandoval third air mails a throw. Mitch Moreland would've had a bit nine feet tall. To make a play over there at at first base. Could not make it air mail Pablo. He's out a couple of those so far this year over their third base. Very next batter the shorthanded gold glove or Mitch Moreland. Let the ball governor under his glove at first base. Rolls into the corner runners second and third. And immediately. And for a guy and report shallow who is did he lives up those ground balls like you did the ground balls that. They've made errors on Santa ball on Moreland respectively. Tailor made ground ball outs. Taylor made ground ball outs. And you get the air mail throw by Pablo and the Arab by Morlon and the rest was. History basic Darwin Barney to nothing. Couple more singles three nothing. All three runs on earned. At the two errors leadoff the inning. And that was it. Toronto did very little after that Porsche sell settled down. Got a million ground balls in the infield. After ST made plays for him in Fort Lee is often stated. Nothing. And what it's a good stretch of offense for this team. But tonight the bats let them down the defense let them down. I would I'd be shocked if they're going it's an attempt any right now still scoreless if it were not for Pablo Sandoval air mailing a throw. And may small and knock in a club down. And the result is a report sell actually pitched pretty well fourteen ground ball outs today was it was tailor made it. Rick or sell pitching tonight. Yet the Blue Jays pounding the baseball on the ground. But because they got those three runs early that's all she wrote. And a good seven inning performance our report sell low ring gives up three runs all unearned. Goes for not. So your offense let you down tonight. Your defense let you down tonight. NBA you're shut up by the Blue Jays your chance to win the series with Chris Sale on the mound tomorrow. And Chris Sale has been lights freaking out so far this year. But it brought our Red Sox tonight in what is a pattern to it there's not a whole lot from needed to sink my teeth into. Red Sox Blue Jays when you have twelve combined hits six hits for the Red Sox all singles. Op I have ideal thoughts in the Red Sox certainly take those phone calls in addition to. Your Bruins phone calls they lose over the tide to guard one nothing your final now 31. In that series the senators will take them all till midnight 617779. 7937. The phone number he can Texan as well 37937. Always on Twitter 24/7. At Mott and UT WEEI. The Bruins the Celtics the Red Sox. None of those three. Is your top story today yeah top story today is your former. Star tight at the moment the Patriots Aaron Hernandez five days after beating a murder rap. And being acquitted of two murder charges. Two days after that. Hangs himself today. Pangs of self early this morning it surely MCI. And it's pronounced dead an hour later at UMass medical center in one mr. Massachusetts. Dead at the age of 27. Did you latest on this story in the latest on the Patriots to the White House today to Patriots are fighting back against Peyton fake news. They're taking the social media today to fight back against Peyton is about their trip to the White House. Well it's all that with your phones at 61777979837. Its Red Sox review however. It's gonna be a heavy dose of a whole lot of other stuff tonight as well. 6177797937. Well do it till midnight here on Sports Radio to be re yeah it's Red Sox review with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. We're still four games here Hernandez phone calls here tonight monthly view until midnight Red Sox you Sports Radio WEEI I suspect among the diehard Bruins fans that. I still locked and loaded in on this team a big topic tomorrow video off sides calls. Charlie Mack the boy had a the last to leave the points. Tipped in by a car in one nothing Bruins early in this games. They went to the review and saw that before the play was set up they've missed an off sides. And on the challenge. Of the goal they challenge you look at the off sides and they determined that the Bruins were. Onside. Descent the goalie took the goal off the board and I saw Tom Caron I saw. I'd dale our Lysol a lot of people that know a lot more about hockey than I do seem very upset by this. And I'm sure it's annoying. That the play went on you had a face off in a Bruins goal that went back and look at it but. The point injuries and challenges to meet. As it relates to baseball and football especially is to get the damn thing right. That was the Ottawa Senators having a goal taken off the board. Because they were offside and it Bob Bruce Cassidy challenge it tonight. And the challenge came back and to be senators' goal off the board you'd be thrilled as a Bruins fan. And you are lying if you say you wouldn't pay. So it sucks and happened to your team but they got the call right the Bruins were offside it was clear. Unity indeed got AD slowed down replay being lasers in the pocketing add stuff. The regular replay replay showed off side to set up that goal. So you take the goal off the board I have zero problem with that if they got it wall. Evident questionable call. And it was challenge and they screwed it up then we we consider bitch about a for a couple hours. But they got the call right. And if it happened against Ottawa they took a center's goal off the board and benefited your team that you'd like it I know you would. Any fan base to light that the senators fans were thrilled tonight. So I I think it's crazy to bitch about that play got to get his. Hypocritical Bruins fans be annoyed by that tonight because of it happen against you. And that and on opposing team's goal off the board. After their view of the icing. On the outside I'm sorry you'll be OK with that. Any not to be case. So we'll show much of a story that is tonight and tomorrow. I suspect they'll be some Bruins fans upset I'm sorry I can't get myself better shape. 617779790%. I expect that zero problem with the I most Bruins fans V go deep down and forget that it was your team that lost a goal you feel the same way. As for the way this they started all about. Sixteen hours ago at this time. When the news came down that Aaron Hernandez age 27. Or Patriot tight end. Turn gangster. Or wannabe gangster is Dan Wetzel called in today on Yahoo.com. Took his old life. It led to what had to be one of the craziest days I can remember not only just in sports and boss of its Sports Radio. This station was ranking. From 6:30 on this morning. From the minute the Hernandez knew it broke down to you know when we signed off a Red Sox baseball six point. It was all Hernandez all the time. As it should be. What a turn of events for the former Patriot tight end. This is a guy that five days ago. Got acquitted it. From two separate murders two oval. Five days later he's dead. Taking his own life. And the reaction to what I found a little bit surprising. Because and it measured in 2017. In this. This fight to get the putter applause the fight to seem like you care to fight to seem like you are. I don't know very thoughtful on social media. These type of things happen now. But guys like Ben ball and he was not the only one by point Ben bullet out because he wrote a column titled so much sadness surrounded the life Barrett Hernandez. Any writes about who we feel sad for in this story with the suicide of Aaron Hernandez today. Sadness for the Stanley owed Lloyd who Hernandez killed by the way. Sadness for his. Beyoncé. Who I completely disagree with I have zero sadness. Portion I Jenkins Hernandez. Sadness for his daughter of Al absolutely. That's why I feel most sad for the story. Sad as Fernandez his family his mother Terry's brother DJ. Any rights we feel sadness for Hernandez a Smart kid who made several. Bad decisions. I I'm not sure I can write that. Without sort of laughing out loud several bad decisions yes. He turned it to be a wannabe gangster throw away forty million dollar contract and killed at least one guy that we know maybe three. He writes Hernandez literally had the world and his fingertips is Ben ball in Boston Globe's afternoon. He was an all American tight and a Florida. A national champion. He's one of the youngest players ever to enter the NFL getting drafted by the Patriots in 2010 and he's just twenty years old. And been bowl right T feel sadness today for Aaron Hernandez. Any thing and finishes it off with it is at all incredibly tragic and sad for everyone involved. I just I do not feel sadness for Hernandez outside of just normal reaction you have for someone who has passed away. Which would be Nicole said this. I don't have any feeling like that for Aaron Hernandez. This is a guy an Irish people the read DN Wessels column today and read it. Our Burke career is called that Avery Tommy currents column today. He wanted to be a gangster he was basically out about life had the NFL contract had the money. He sought out the lifestyle. He sought help this. Wanna be gangster mentality. And eleven to be convicted of murder one and killing Oden Lloyd. Led him to life in prison. Any seem to enjoy that life. From the tattoos. To the attitude to all of it he seemed to revel in it. To the point where in the months after. The death of ministers for title investors Abreu outside Boston nightclub. For which we know we was there are but I'm a jury said he was not guilty of murder last Friday. He gets that forty million dollar contract and he's. Still in that life. Still. He chose this. He'd kill Lloyd I don't feel sadness for that. I don't feel sadness that he murderer took his own life in prison. A lot of emotions we feel as you. Beings for me personally. I don't get rest in peace Aaron Hernandez I don't understand that. I don't get. The sadness of Hernandez beat the situation. Sad but feel sad for him no I I mean as they. Maybe you're supposed to feel compassion I don't feel that way today. I don't understand it it dead on my policy. Is taking it social media to remember this murderer. Or that I Taylor is taking his social media to remember this murder I don't get it. I don't understand that. It's as if people want to brush aside the fact that he killed someone. And that ruling to look past that because. He had a daughter. Because he had a promising NFL career. Can we say this about rake roof. Do we say this about OJ Simpson. Was it sad for OJ when he went nuts. And killed two people. That's what that support and having a hard time grasping tonight. And I feel I may there's people who did not bother following Hernandez does story. Actually know that he's starting in jail for life for killing someone. His story is not sad I don't I I'm I don't understand that. A motion towards this today. And it tactic to make the argument we did this well before the Red Sox game today. Always feel sad for his daughter. You make the argument pretty easily that he she can have a better life now. And they'll visit data prison. Not worried about his dad okay today did dad get shipped today. What does dad do it is gangs and lifetime in jail. So yes there is some sadness for her but. You could spin it it easily say that life is better going forward is a four year old is she's gonna grow up now with hopefully. It better influence in her life. As for the conspiracy theories I heard a mall today I don't I don't believe that Aaron Hernandez was killed. In his cell I don't believe that this was a rival gang I don't believe this was the police Barrett MCI. I believe it's a puzzle life and I am I theories why he did not odd that we we have no idea this guy's a socio path. He lied to everyone he came in contact with really his entire life. It's an upper hand we know exactly was going on is silly but that's we do in sports talk. We have theories about why you would trade a guy why guys not playing well why Tina's wedding why team is losing. Even when it comes to Aaron Hernandez. We have our theories when it yours over the course the next hour plus. And I'll give you mine as well 617. 7797937. Red Sox review with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. You just kind of important masters remember a little bit of darkness and they're all people the sides and it is something that bodes well today. Yeah it is daughters to victory and a we don't know until those two guys in 2012 but it was somewhat and at this arm. And you that's for all real. But in what comes from this thing and you know he's just. He seems like a guy who never cared about anything like civilians and and you wonder about the timing of this quote was Q where they were vulnerable announced that it. I've done on purpose I just. We can always sort aren't trying to figure out what motivated you are. They're shot Sevilla won its speculating that somehow the Patriots White House visit. Tied into the timing of air and and is killing themselves that that one seems far fetched to me that he would say. I kill myself today. People always remember that. They've been to the White House deal for the time so there's likely but purely on their visit coming anyway. I don't bite of that I do Bynum the first par which on Ozzie just said. About the victims in this. Victims are guys like ode Lloyd an old Boyd's family and for titles family and embrace family not Aaron Hernandez notch tonight Jenkins and his. No shall be stopped for me. 6177797937. Like dance we all have our theory saw I'll give you might have for a get to the phone calls. I I had two theories on this. And my guess is by tomorrow will start to know a lot more about what happened there in that we learn more today. We know this morning that there are multiple reports have. 316 on his forehead. The Bible passage John 316 it's not the entire passages. Dog those words and numbers. I'll always Tim Tebow used to do one resigned black. Our before he hung himself with a sheet. Varies prison cell and MCI. So we already know more now we to a couple hours ago. My first thought today was somebody got to Hernandez. Well they're tied to Lloyd or for title or break you or. Really any of those three. Or Alexander Bradley who gets out of jail in 2019. U Hernandez shot in the face. In Florida. And that got to live to tell about it. My theory be that way somebody tied to those guys got to Hernandez and said look you may have gotten off on this acquittal. Everyman appeal to get to use surely MCI's great security we can't get to you. We can get to your family. You wanna pay for what you did. And so if you don't take care that you itself we're gonna last your family because to go from the the emotion he showed last Friday. And the tears enjoyed being acquitted those two murders. Today killing yourself five days later something has to change pretty quickly right now I'm trying to get a lot of a sociopath which seems pretty silly. On its face. But some they've got to change quickly in my theory would be he was told. Ultimatum time Aaron. The guys in and around the people that he murdered. Are certainly in the case of old Lloyd did murder the other two allegedly but was not convicted of it. They carry yourself for your family's going to be in dire trouble. The other theory Dag emerged late today with that they're there are some of police report. Some police reports. Wondering what Aaron Hernandez's on May drugs standpoint time his death. There have been rumors that their win into a first. Down his stuff flop house PCP Angel bus. And also to drug paraphernalia. It's all least one or two reports this afternoon wondering what was the job was done and the ever get a bad batch of synthetic marijuana was that lace it PCP. That lead to Aaron Hernandez is sort of freaking out and taking his own life. I believe that more than I believe he all the sudden grow a conscience. Or Elvis realize you're gonna be imprison the rest of his life you left for a long time. Something else had to happen whether it was a a bad to hit. It was bad laced decade to. PCP. A threat from somebody else. Something had to change. Because for far too longer it is cared about himself more than anybody else. And you know that because he had an NFL Kerney Stewart way to go be a wanna be thug. As Dan Wetzel wrote today. 6177797937. The phone number. I'll let's talk to Marlon in Arlington next up here on Sports Radio WEEI Marlon how are you. They had nobody good. Yeah I actually got a third period which kind of excited to something that you just say. You know we we can all agree to that I was a criminal okay and we can all agree that he sought out that lifestyle and and I think what a lot of people are feeling like his former teammates like the county brought in and so what. If you're probably just feeling like. Missing the final chapter in what was such a week the kid that really could have been something that's on the field and stepped on in life. You know. But I think it's possible that somewhere in him was a small patch of conscience. Admit he just said. You know what I've taken myself out now there's almost a perverse nobility in it which is I can give my family closure. I can give the families of my victims and the other people like our because who knows and he's art that we don't even know. All of a lot tomorrow and you might be right but I'm I'm my question is why now what's Clark this after four years of living the prison prison lifestyle and getting tattoos are related to prison and a big Michelle exceed that said that. You know he'd gotten tattoos the boot ink in prison and he is so what what changed to get to that point now. And I was naked this morning when I was in the news only gets the news last week indeed that he equated the Elmer. And and then it's like Easter weekend and it's a family weekend to weekend where he was pretty bad he'd probably be out this family and maybe you just make it about this over the weekend. Any say in about all the names and how he can bring closure to it and and maybe some glaring at him deep inside and that really finally turned over the apple cart warm and he'd say you know like. Under the impression progress in my life. As long as I'm allowed my four year old daughter's gonna have a father who numbers predictable. And ready yet and so you finally said let me just put an end to it once and for all. And that's why pitch a perverse nobility it's like that. That noble code of a criminal that you and I really can't understand. But somewhere in his convoluted thinking. This might have needs detonated at road to Oakland expedite the crowd. But I think ultimately that might be quick you answer is because why else would he put the religious. And beloved John 316 irons or it. I've never heard it's a great question and and added a religious man it's it's a great. Question that that's what led me that the drug part of the smaller and a it's it's funny you bring up drugs and and marijuana synthetic marijuana get all these. You know hardcore drug experts they want a text and tweet the show and explain to me Howell synthetic try I have no idea. I had no clue I'm just drop and giving you might. My theory here. Other guy Wallace under writes John 316 on his forehead according to reports. I think kills himself when he appears to enjoy that prison lifestyle. And it just been acquitted five days earlier brought we all of our theories I might be completely wrong on giving your mind. Those are my two threats on his family or potentially. Just absolutely. Are melting down over some sort of odd bad drug use. Their override it tomorrow. Is the other things that you know the caller just said those don't make a lot of sense to me conscience and doing at the right way he never seem to care about that. Why would you care about it now. 61777979837. The phone number you guys are lined up and get your phone calls on this. Our Red Sox shut out in Toronto ruined shut out at home. The Patriots go to the White House a very busy day here in Boston will get your phone calls until midnight we'll do it here Sports Radio WEEI. Eat some Red Sox review with Mike Mike nasty guy a 617779793. Separate Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll take it so I think Chris should our candy until two A and nobody goes deeper into the night the WE EIW re yeah late night with our king comes your way at midnight months what do you until then at 617. 7797937. You can text and as well 379837. On Twitter at much and UT. WEEI. One of the best pieces you'll read on Hernandez in the aftermath of his suicide this warning. I Deanna Wetzel Yahoo! writes about the seemingly double life for Hernandez wanting to be this NFL star but that also. The pull back to a life of crime I'm talks about growing up in a two parent home does Wetzel today. Bristol Connecticut asked Kubel opened the driveway defense out front kids would come and go lift weights in the basement run gas is up the hill. Round accord question I had Jenkins and Hernandez grew up classmen with Hernandez on and off. Wetzel writes and yet when Hernandez got a University of Florida he decide to pal up with Alexander Bradley a East Hartford marijuana trafficker. When Hernandez made it to the NFL decided to befriend the street life. Hernandez is story is the strangest of them all. He wasn't dragged back down by his hometown or old gang ties or anything like it he sought this out. Bradley is friends used to mock Hernandez for his cushy upbringing and comparatively quiet hometown best known as the home of a ESPN. Being in the NFL wasn't enough. Hernandez wanted to be gangster so he became a wanna be gangster. And he goes on and on here about Doug going to jail after the murder boiled old Lloyd. These chair pods and putting on suicide watch and waiting for the breakdown in Hodgins experience Wetzel wrote. Every defendant facing significant she jail time will break down no matter their background. They screen they don't long they cried for hours they bank in the door and ask for privileges it's always something. As Wetzel writes that Hernandez did none of that in the nearly two years inside a county jail he was awaited. And then stood trial Hodgson Marmol and Hernandez is odd detachment from reality. And the ease in which he transitioned to jail quote it's surprised me he was never nervous never upset Wetzel writing it was chilling so. Eight really good job by Dan Wetzel today reminding us that this guy I was not drag he chose this life. He had the NFL he had the money he had Brady he had telecheck he was out. He was out he wanted back in. He wanted this gangster lifestyle. That eventually led to the death of old Lloyd. The death of mr. for title mr. Abreu he'd chose this so this this stuff is not sad today. The same life that he chose you choose that life. That you'll have to choose I'd get that. That's the only way out for you. It's still not great but that's it keep this as different as I was NFL played and it. And a star a budding superstar. And forty million dollar contract. NEC and backup Alexander Bradley. And is drug guys. So don't tell me about sad when it comes to error and it's time buying it. 61777979837. The phone number Jim's a new report next up here on Sports Radio hi Jim. Are you brought up a personal bar what can walk through this would be in trying to dispel loose as the and we would work but. Okay so you're contention minutes of really got guys. Saturday you watch Joseph yourself forward Eric Parker camp. Is that right. I mean the people tied to whether its own blade and the guys around him Alexander Bradley we shot the face is gonna get out of jail in 2019 he still has a lot of ties to. Correll activity and I have no idea though and it's a theory but yes someone in that circle that Hernandez touched last four years here Jim yes. Okay well I just wanted to talk about you know. That that you're okay first law. So why now. You'd think he'd pat people are well coached and sit back and Q what the church. I mean you were already on. When Weis. So you want them to question why now. So our student. All right Jim I don't answer other than that he would use basically celebrating. That he was able to be found acquitted last Friday court. I'm told that term these people. You know what I'd I don't give it is I don't I don't win this war geez I'm coastal five point not to play. Personally I'm watching him. That's why we're we're OK I don't want you to get excited so Mike my thought is why now. They wanted to hand that. You know the jury decision. That and then on their start are all in all got picked them. What's it I don't corporate scrambling about what's the guarantees our regional opener back to divorce. I don't know criminal code I am I it's there's all these are all very fair questions Jim and I know there's I've no answers for it maidens. It is my theory reading everything today trying to figure out why a guy who seemed. Very content with jail. Decided take is all like five days after being equated. Well you know why you're my career and you can argue and so I'm not country first point but I think sometimes people get our hopes so. And what may be that you brought out pump don't look for you got something like four. And that's true you know he found not guilty in the case but then after he gets a little small factory and you realized. There. Oh victory at stock exchanges like babies Paul hey this is what we're we're gonna help you appeal to other chase and earn what you are. The that the small but pretty have been changing my life by late that's going to work. It's idea and Jim that that's fair I guess the question I would have backing you for Gannett did the exact I think misses. What I thought initially like you just sort of realized that sick the night. No more field trips as was written today you know get the lead the jails anymore you are here here at the at the appeal might never be heard but. His lawyers seem pretty adamant including on the station. Earlier this week that there are gonna appeal knowledge to gun charge but they're gonna appeal the first murder and as he watched by as getting him off last Friday. Would he be more convinced than ever that hey if I I this lawyer now as wanna help me out. He get me off all these charges going forward in their some hope. No doubt that very fair but you know I just know in I do think he's an emotional person year and also. And maybe you argued that the older Koreans and what you're saying maybe he'd minimize those and just outside the Meyer reality. Michael Chang where I I just don't get the the other thing about. You it does that we would paint threatened. It's gonna happen over and over Camelot for years it's not. These people are reasonable people are saying hey let's see what these seven where men are men so it first before we take action. I don't think this week that we're already celebrating jail battle we've arm that. They they've they've quorum that's the last four years without dictate. And so you know what bird and the sport itself there's no guarantee that there are going to be honorable layout gotten out horrible leader Samuel. I exit Jim excellent phone call as we try to pick through this and again to try to pretend it. To sit here and it and know what's going on the minus sociopath hide its. At some levels it's silly it's what we end up doing. And my guess a lot more answers as soon as tomorrow. With this story. They'll be video. Of this at some point. Of what happened and if there was some sort of foul play certainly that is there any theories thousands was foul play. And they do not take its own life his is best friend his agent Brian Murphy. And athletes first took to social media today and basically said that. Said via my wife loved Chico. Like a son. He would have taken his own life. So we are a lot of people fooled here including friends of his who were believing today that. He didn't take as a life back herald has the story tonight. The state police are gonna probe this thing. To see whether or not it say a suicide Horry murder or no chance he took his own life tweeting Hernandez's former agent. Athletes first president Brian Murphy Chico was not a saint. Oh my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life. So we take somebody else's life. I'd ask Brian but he wouldn't take a zone. Sergei people that don't believe it was a suicide. That there was some foul play involved here. 6177797937. Good stuff Jim lacy in Boston on Aaron Hernandez lacy. I lacy. Trying to do good how are you. I'm I'm one of the people who believe that it was outplay. I don't think he killed himself. And it worked well in the prison. I think in a lot of people and I've done it. A lot and I do feel that you know maybe that cheered as sick correctional officers. At that won't do it they made an inmate but I disagree that some mighty. Out of that old system breaks that is the animal that say you know he peculiar or else I don't think that. What ever visit to the truck and I don't think about that it isn't it that I I had hit it. Lacey what did you what did you do in the prison system. And I was the medical looked at it. I was let go and it was a lot of things in May. So scene where you're says he taught you you you've seen the tears that these guys are on and how. Especially this facility it was so technologically advanced that. It beat from everything I read today be very hard at it's everything's on videotape writings can computers. Be very hard to. Going do we sell without someone seeing it and according to go to see in the video so far this was him in his own self Payton is on life. Actually I hit it very let the cameras and on and at that. Is it a cult as far as the correctional officers earlier they like each other a lot of people in the results that they'll never quite sent there. Well at art can't let that well at that it happened I go in Florida charities and shop at certain times although Ainge do what you need to do now. They think this was that the the actual prison correctional officers some side to side and all the sudden 81 Aaron Hernandez and their jail anymore or is this. Other inmates here. Now I'm in May encourage an opposite and and that hurt that. They off I'm sure they all played a part in all honestly. Because I think we'll act well paid well or debate who's that the air and they have agents and they are consulate fat lot. And now you're what I want he has the body that week you sweat tea like that I don't think Aaron Hernandez won't let that get that. All I'm gonna kill myself because the month aren't much and well I disagree. I evaluate slope or an inmate constantly. Well now I say about playing. And NCA you're not dealer while lacy thanks for the call I've I've it's hard to dispute anyone's theory in this case. Right the the only reason why I find it hard to believe is. Reading about MCI today. And reading about how advanced the technology is not in next year on that wore it where it is is being held. We're like any little. Force against the door. Gets registered. And all the cameras that are there in the the actual tear an outside that door. That's why have a hard time going down that road. And I the caller asked me what's that wall what now motivated these people being in my theory to threaten Ernie and as. Why would all of a sudden. The correctional officers after he'd been there for how many years decide OK this won't we're gonna get rid of Fernandez Albers I'm I've no idea. But Lacey is not the only one who thinks that there is some sort of file player dad just told chip Brian Murphy athletes first he did not take his own life. Baez is attorney. Police are as foul player as well telling DNC. So that theory while I don't believe it. Is not a crazy theory based on what you're reading here today. Dug in a car is calling from Connecticut I doubt. About it on good Doug Adelman. You know I personally I agree with you what you eat what you two series also also water were made but. The thing I want to talk you about what is. The term I'm using its arms sociopath as being out about. Aaron Hernandez at. I'm just wondering you know is that something that somebody. Is born with an eight or they throw into that mindset because. All everything Connecticut that I ever heard about that it was not. Necessarily. A bad person in high school it was a typical high school athlete. His father died at it was a very traumatic experience for Eddie was it was very it's that's all it today and I remember what. He was that the followed you guys you know you're not announce its scholarship to go on out of Florida. And it seems to me that whatever happened that started happening when he got the Florida. And I'd really like to know what Urban Meyer think about right now. It it's a very good question Diana did you use pieced together a lot of where this apparently started for Aaron Hernandez Doug thanks for the call. That when his father passed away. Things change for Hernandez. Any was a major influence on his life. The that we were far on the words sociopath because this guy according to people around him I'm not one of those people. But the people they dealt with him but he was able to calm. To be different people to different die or be different person. To different people there is the craps spell check. Is per prayer wrote about today. People down a financial district he's buddies back home. He was able to play the part of any of these different people. As for the sociopath line comes from a person with a personality disorder. Manifesting itself an extreme anti social attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. We tie in the murder Bolden Lloyd. And is tied to the two deaths of the men out of Boston. That's the word comes from where it started. I'll listen to search our pod since they were the guys this morning talk about his dad deviant points in his dad passed away and that being. A major. Turning point for him. As for Urban Meyer bird rear had this note today that the way bird Briere heard it. Was that Urban Meyer told Bill Belichick. Keep an extra high on Aron. You know you've got to be aware of him and they involved being able a bit of all the incidents full on and off the record their Florida. So clearly. You know he knew there was an issue there. You don't last in the fourth round lest there are some issues around your character. Patriots took a shot should they have known he was going to be. A murder in the first degree now. That is not the Patriots that is on the person himself. In the issues that he had not the Patriots not telecheck now Kraft. So it's not some second guessing of what they knew at least to me when it comes to the crafts. 6177797937. His phone number one of the craziest stories you're gonna see in your lifetime. You don't get these a lot you know ray Carruth a murder their four player there for the Carolina Panthers but in this case. A first degree murder in life in prison for life in an awesome self five days after her. Five days out furcal acquitted two different murders and seemingly. Some sort of momentum from his lawyers. The we're gonna appeal this gun charges knock that down the gonna go back in appealed Lloyd. And the aftermath of that. That's when he takes his life both czar but to bizarre story that my guess is won't go learn more about the next. Hours and days going forward. Awful fault we'll get to him coming up at 6177797. ID three set out to be a quick thought on a the Patriots trip to the White House today. It's not and ponies bizarre in the same way he sees it with the death of Aaron Hernandez but. Boy I'll say there was one it really weird thing. That happened today involving our president and a the quarterback of the pats. We get to that with your phone that much until midnight and Christian RK and takes over here on WB yeah. It's Red Sox review with Mike my net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. It's very POW. Thought you have the Red Sox game to focus on the Red Sox but. But they lost three nothing tonight. It was a and lame game. Six hits all singles shut out three zip a couple of errors in the. The second inning led to all the runs and it was a lot to Chihuahuan. Yeah rates we didn't have Red Sox review muck c'mon. Right to the Bruins is dale hosting tonight no deals on hosting but I'd wanna talk about what sighting of the biggest stories in town. And bigger the Red Sox and m.'s are big in the Bruins tonight. Is Aaron Hernandez. And I also argue that a bigger story than that the games tonight. At some levels what happened today at the White House. Patriots go to the White House 34 players go. And president trump has his speech of the players are as it is now is talk to the players and talk to the press about the team's. Great comeback Super Bowl win. And what I know Tom Brady did not coach Tom Brady's mom has been sick she's in town it is. Completely plausible. That Tom wanna spend time with his mother. She's suffering from cancer while counts and you wanna make the trip. Completely understand that. Zero problem with that in fact. I'd probably do the same thing. Even if the president were my friend Durham Mike golfing buddy or someone that is had my back in the past. Family first no issue tomko finally make. So the rest of the team or many of the team goes to the White House. And president trump speaks about. The win. The only referenced his players that are there. Except for Danny Amendola who bottler is scheduled to be there but ended up not going because he had a memorial search for friend. You are freezing and all Manning's everything Matthew Slater referencing a guys that word. There today represented the team the Ralston part of the Super Bowl. He talked about the great success of Brady and of Belichick and Kraft. And winning the five Super Bowl titles. At no point today. Did the president mentioned. Tom Brady. Back to meet is bazaar. But man is. That a guy that trump used. Throughout this. Run news presidency. And Howard is his friend of his good friend to went on and Westwood One show would Jim Gray. And talked about and talked about a Mon other interviews other networks. My good great friend Tom Brady. To have his back during a flaky and killed the league for there were like he was. All about Brady during that. Doesn't mention Brady today. I know Tom wanted to be here but he's Dillon's a personal matter. Reference and Brady and passing would bella checked in and crack. Does not mention Tom break that is please all our folks and so it's one of two things I think. Of all theories with Aaron Hernandez your theory on that Brady not being mentioned today number one. Brady asked for this Brady reached out to trumpet said can you please not mention my name. I don't want my name tied into this board ever reason might as lots of going our family right now. Just eat isn't stated troubled the reason is but. Opal Lonnie Jones you know and I know what the reason is his wife doesn't like this guy. And if you're married. You know the drill. Sometimes you go on to get along dig to be happy at home happy wife happy life. While while he wasn't there today. His wife Gisele Bundchen tweeting a link to an April protest against the president. And is climate policies like it the exact same time Brady's not there at the White House today. She's tweeting out a link to something called the march for climate jobs and justice. To change everything we need every one. And it goes to the people's climate march. A Washington DC protest planet coincided with trumps 100 day in office. And so Brady knows that he knows it's gonna be a story he knows going to be in a whole pot oblique their home. It's easier not to ago. That's theory one theory to always. That trump is it is so wary or Sean Spicer or is speechwriters so wary of drawing attention of the fact that Brady's not there. That they say dole mentioned Brady it's gonna remind people he's not here. And so craft goes along with that which again I have a hard time believing considering the craps that he such good friends of Brady so I'm stuck on number one. That Brady reached out to trump his good friend. And said please don't mention my name today. Irony Basilan Saturday that that's a little. Which it solo makes him human and your husband has tons of Weaver's wife and you wanna do. Then gave Brady played those People Magazine pictures was like all the stars just like us. They're coming out of the gym looking disgusting. If seven bags at the grocery store this is Brady just like us guys doing something for his wife. And so no knock on Brady for not going. But if you ask me he reached out to drop there's no way trump does not one a trumpet. His friendship but Brady unless Brady reached out that Donald. Don't do it not right now sensitive issue. So I found out bizarre and I that is a whole different. Couple hour talk show. On the all get to that I'm sure with a big big guys to get to tomorrow morning. Didn't mention Brady's name. Once. Josh and Fall River and Aaron Hernandez she's next up on Sports Radio WEEI hi Josh. They're gonna must with some and then you're great thanks well. I'll probably say. I was racing a little battle left fielder is all about you know right. All of all the great solid addition to actually stuck they are all excited you know they'll cargo 27. And I Aaron Hernandez. Well. Socio path and you know I actually acquitted and all that attention garnered you know just like we'll go out and in fielder like I need to go out there in his own mother let one of the great. Outside. So to solidify his legacy instead of dealing with the rest of his life he says you know what I'm gonna end it now. So opt out I will always be remembered. Yeah yeah pretty much ugly. You know in his own mind and you don't in his own greatness you don't story out yet. What that would speak to the eagle part of it Josh Wright or that would speak to. The coward's way out you know not caring about how it's gonna affect his family may be thought at some level this is a good thing for us him I don't know I don't financially at this is going to mean. He is a state is going to. I get more money you're his wife gets bored girlfriend gets more money years dollar against ward had no idea how this is gonna work. I wouldn't put it past when it comes to the ego. Are they is some they do with the Patriots beat the White House today no I don't buy that. I can't see the legacy. And ego part of it. I'm Dan is an error on Aaron Hernandez and the prison system I Dan. I don't and I have worked in that Susan Barrett dusty for years in the medical department. And I know somebody that called it a woman we got it you know trial plate taking place in offices taking part in China and get out of cameras and things. In that facility. There is no ability to shut any camp are any. And the entire year the block everything but show us all in the block in this self individually. I want shelled. And what their doors are open to sell its its the time has registered a computer then it's it's pretty technically advanced and you know he did this to themselves. Into. If there was any I'll play you know I don't I don't think the department of corrections is gonna wanna deal was certainly a because it won't be able I. Yeah that that's why I thought Sudan and an obvious she work theirs you're speaking to what I would easily ready reading about today and that's the technology involved specifically in it. This facility where there's a certain lot of extra pressure on the door. It's registered in a computer system so the idea that. You know inmates would be able to bypass this. Given the cameras I just I I had a hard time believing she worked there I didn't but I I'd buy direct I heard what you're saying I've read all their allotted for places today. I made basically out I'd give it a basic run down from 7 AM until 11 PM there's that are standing cal. Every floor balance where each you know in it so it makes standing up count and then it champion of inmates are all locked in themselves. And it 11 PM like I said that that one last inning cal. Reached cellmate yup each cell in the characters or the opposite walked out of its here account each individually. And then from that point every thirty minutes someone walks around a bit around the C. Emergence just to check on the cell in the days I'll play truck making their own rule why finishing like that. Making a mistake or anything that's going on so some 230 I don't know initiative on the real side let's say it's maturity. He's in the opposite lock I would flashlight check itself OK now it's time I wrap around my neck. And it got to hang myself but real IV gone. That's what would L worst that we had a split site here two years ago a gentleman let nick Luke. Lee who had got to stop and eat it with a plastic circle where it. In the same facility. And it's it's great inside man thanks for colon and and and again I don't know me may go find out there was some sort of foul play just seems very unlikely given. What Dan just said and when you read about the facility itself I'm David in Springfield on Aaron Hernandez hi David. Or are. You. Cheap kids. Like got through that have been incarcerated before. And like big ideas shared at a certain low hook you'll lock Guillen and apple like made 11 o'clock at night. The guards come around every already admitted or the quicker now where utterly out war. And Cleveland and if you hadn't been a bit at our position. They were sharing a light in you fail. In it feel like probably if they don't like what you're ahead you achieved if you will if you could make sure you are currently. Who are happily look. Yeah certainly and their advantage. You can Iguchi hit. They realities and he couldn't take it. That's 41 I mean you feel he didn't happen with the court and got to where he would do in order. You know they're. He didn't have to do lol it. And he says. Art show we could produce old ideology that sold a lot of these two productivity hit reality. David bacteria inside man thanks for the phone call here tonight them for a lot of that today that's not. Now the craziest theory that he just sort of got to that point and recognize what was going on our billet Tennessee with a follow the Red Sox night in Toronto I bill. And what most open Zelda game and very easy and all of RPI you are mean to go to the ball more and I mean that's most important thing out of contention that scumbag got guilt out because W he Ike cycle now. And now all luggage crunch U got hurt at colonial country wanna hear news export of Jim Hendry here. You RB lots why you're Colin it's a what do you think about we're sold tonight right down the equipment that we're game. Okay and that's it. All I know I just want to get off this and ended up I mean I don't know why did off along with food or I don't wanna lift your ball. I don't care if they are Hernandez. We don't care about you and that is sports it's sports and news and it's it's tablet all of one it's the biggest story of the city what are ordered. That's what people read you don't read tabloids bill I do. No I don't I only get out. I mean headline doesn't leave it RYRR. I mean don't. I can't income and you are a good idea to hit a mistake about it Schuettler I mean I had a good note could the last. Two weeks if not. Well bill you gave me some good take on pour souls start tonight. Marcelo pitched a hell of a game yet I agree what else let's that sort unfortunately tonight for the Red Sox. I'm sure Red Sox fan looking for deep in debt and Els is Red Sox review. I can't give a tear. I watched the entire game and here are my takes or sell pitch well fourteen ground balls defense sucked in the second inning. Backs did not hit tonight they hit for the last week at the best batting average in baseball. So not go crazy about one game where the offense does not show up on a 162. Long term yes Pablo Sandoval stink that's not new for this team so unfortunately if you're Red Sox fan. Eating a deep dive tonight in Red Sox for you. And in Italy on the show and it's if it's not big Red Sox in his bigger stories were talking about that bill and I recognize your love of sports. This is a sports story. This the biggest story in Boston. It's as big as any story in my lifetime. At 37 years all on hard pressed to find a bigger stories. That of all the team like the Patriots a player like Hernandez and Peyton is like 27. So good a good take up Marcelo you're right. Mitchell a game. After that not a lot to sink your teeth into Red Sox laws and Chris elbows tomorrow that's a positive spin. For Red Sox and Blue Jays after new baseball here on WB yeah it's Red Sox review with Mike McNair ski on Sports Radio yeah I. Last couple minutes on this Wednesday Sports Radio that we. Dockery should RK and takes over at midnight the Patriots are fighting back and fake news tonight this is. Very trump like after their visit to. The president and the White House the New York Times posted a couple of pictures one of their visit the White House couple years ago and one of the what else does it today. And said boy what a difference. And it showed up a lot fewer people. At the White House visit today and made the Patriots look bad made trampled bad it was clearly designed to. May the president. Looked like he was the reason why many people that narco. The Patriots took to Twitter and said. Geddes the correct picture. In the picture using that looks like it now a lot of people went today all our staff was up there in the front lawn. Here's all our staff was up on the ad the sides of the railings missteps. Like it was a couple years ago and mobile holed it looks pretty much the same. 34 players went this year. 36 players won the last time they won two in three years. So the Patriots taking two at Patriots on Twitter to. Defend. The White House. And I go against hash tag fake news what a world we live in now. With the Patriots are fighting to New York Times and fake news on Twitter. Calling them out for misleading pictures. On their site. 2007 team and won a world I'm Mike in a car at the final word here with us than RK and takes over a minute I like. Yeah and you're good. First I lost I did not let. On my detritus of a light on the parent or their expiration everybody who has been you gotta Michael Bourn. Almost think what happened here I don't want to talk about it you know where it but he got the Erie this is what I know to be true. On the things that help the guy left goes all the long left is died. Bedevil left side. Then you would left and got. He couldn't do it. Or you don't like. You would go on to be judged. So he took it and it was on hand. Now you want to actually. Watch a double that is died. Because that doubles on the rod. So you know I like about that you have question to me not very. Not my got to give put it well. That. You give us a breakdown that I really Kenny and follow. Let might be the last word on this. As for the big god part of it. I'm not as religious that I've been the past but I I I do believe that suicide is not a great way to go to heaven. If I remember correctly it's probably the right way to go. Right now. If you are believing in your writing things like John 316. On your forehead. As of early Hernandez did but who knows. We gave yard theories are cans daddy's theory she's taking your phone calls coming up until. 28 and lock yourself in now at 6177797937. A we'll talk him offer Red Sox up pregame 1150. For day baseball Red Sox and Blue Jays in Toronto. And you get a whole day. Of more Hernandez news White House react rule is lose Red Sox lose a lot more.

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