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Aaron Hernandez takes own life - continuing coverage, reaction and conspiracies

Apr 20, 2017|

Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe spend most of the day discussing the apparent suicide of former Patriot Aaron Hernandez

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You know it's funny you just never know when you wake up in the morning you have all the best laid plans of what you gonna do for. A radio show and Mitt thinks you're gonna talk about and it's gonna be Celtics and down 02 and it's going to be Bruins and try to tie at this series to get all these plans were and talked to John Ferrell. And then at 6:15 in the morning when you first log onto the Internet eagle hole mine. Yeah that I did not see covering. And it fits it to stick to where. You know some follow the Hernandez trial more than others but he's obviously in the news and then right there at the end we're playing it live. As we get the other the results of these found not guilty it's a who's very much in the news last week. That you wake up today in bed. What are what are what are story I get this out of the way right at the top okay. Sorry I don't feel it gambit that about Aaron Hernandez. I don't give a damn about him he is a despicable human being. Who we know took one life. I don't I want I wrote the opinion that he probably had something to do with the taking of two other lives and people wanna use the term tragedy sari. Tragedy for me is reserved for the families of all the Lloyd and Daniel de Abreu winced a feral Furtado. I'll say this tragedy is this guy's daughter. Did at the age of four who you know the only time she's ever known her father is when he's been behind bars. I feel that one ounce of of regret or were sympathy for for Aaron Hernandez as far as I'm concerned he got exactly what he should've gotten. Yeah whatever other families feel of the victims because obviously we saw last week helped set they were and understandably so but you know that no matter what it is. You're not trivial to bring them back so you know he is found not guilty of the double murder however. Curious dead so I don't know if that makes them feel a little bit better but I bomb with a deal this is not more of those stories very wake up it's what what a sad tale can you believe this guy with all this talent. Now it's been a long time that that and in the case you don't feel bad for him yes there's a young daughter involve you feel bad for her. But for air Hernandez of himself. I do find it very strange though the timing of all. That is it it'll break I'm not going to be dead denied that. There there's a certain story here that we don't know and we may never know. My understanding is he didn't even know at least that's what I've read so far if he didn't we may never know what's involved here. But I'm I'm always gonna wonder I've seen enough movies and TV shows were eyes start to wonder if this there was something else going on if there's a you know if somebody did something there. In the prison because it seemed like even if there was a small. Chance for Aaron Hernandez. After he was found not guilty you see the emotion on his face Ed Wood with that lawyer compared the other lawyers that he had maybe there was a bit of a chance. Burned appeal. Now I have just been found guilty and he gets another lice and it's a problem bit. Then this makes a little bit more sense but I always said the other day it's probably the first good days hadn't been for five yes. Bruno and and you saw the relief on its face yes and it didn't really the first emotion we've seen out of this guy. Right the other day and so now all of a sudden you know what caused him five days later. To commit suicide now I am I am of the opinion it was suicide. Only Altidore. I. Real hard. Short of somebody within the prison system doing it and I'm not gonna go that far down the conspiracy highway with yet. I think it would be virtually impossible for another prisoner to do this. I don't I don't know I I don't know these. Markings of it I just find it hard to believe based off of the recent results. We've also heard some I guess you know closer Hernandez say that there's there would be shocked if he killed himself when they think that there was. Foul play evolved or or you know what I I am but that's my guess says most people who were around. Folks who have committed suicide have similar thoughts. And you know I'm I'm just guessing here that most people are are surprised when someone commit suicide I didn't see that coming I didn't believe that was gonna happen you know that sort of thing so. I I understand you know his attorney saying there's no way he would've well gathered there well is there is a way I registered the last time we saw him. It's looked like a guy can go without one of the things that they would look at the emotional space look at him crying and how. Happy is to hear those results and for what does it new and go back to that that you can go celebrate that result in prison for the rest of your life. But it seems like maybe they could open the door and they asked his attorneys afterwards they would you be a part of the appeal. And long story short they said well not yet it's like it seemed like they were going to be a part of that it we've seen time and time again if you have. The best lawyers no matter what you did not want the evidences. There's the chance that you could get off that I thought that was going to be the case Howard but they at least would've pushed this. And then at the appeal that rejected as we talk with Michael candy today tests that's very slim. That you know these appeals go through I will generally don't exactly right exactly it but I thought he what we would have at least waited until that. A personal long time. Right again I mean it's it's not much Oscar because we don't think the bottom all the time but it's it's been a long time that that he's been there and then. This soon less than a week after that verdict ice I I was. Very surprised I will say and Dan Wetzel wrote this piece the end of last week and it was they are poignant piece about a surprise visit to the courtroom last Thursday. The jury was still deliberating but you know you can into the courtroom and at the beginning in the end in and it it the way Wetzel wrote the piece almost you know as a surprise almost and shy out of Jenkins. Brought. Their daughter to court. Evidently she had been fussing and wanted to see her father and and and Aaron did not know they were coming according to the wave Wetzel wrote the piece and all of a sudden he looked up and it was it was surprise. And a big ear to ear grin and several times he looked back and smiled that are in there are pictures that we've seen out there now. Of him blowing kisses to his four year old daughter is he's leaving the courtroom. And I almost wonder if at some point in the last few days he's sitting in that lonely cell. Going this is going to be her life coming to visit meet behind bars. Well without coming right right right is better but I'm just wondering if the maybe you know some sliver of humanity crept into his brain probably not by the way the humidity don't yeah track record unlikely but tear to your point I would see that and that's definitely a you'll want to. Potential results Greg he sees his daughter and he's thinking about it tonight to deal with that. But he he's dealt with it already for four years in the and the daughter has its while it is what's still out there was beyoncé desk. I think she took his name but they were not an entire area about merit but I I don't know I I just thought he would have tried to fight this'll put further and try to target release it actually. But how the state if if the daughter was the main reason I think he would push this level but further. To see if you could overturn. The the other murder conviction. But but not the case and that that's why again I know it it's a conspiracy theory but I think there might be something else involved. 6177797937. This telephone upper tax minus 37937. I'm feeling that a lot of folks wanna talk about. The a suicide if Aaron Hernandez. Not gonna say apparent just that he's rich I'm put suicide quotes I'm I'm gonna say suicide because that's fine that's one thing until I know something different I'll put it that way Coca because the department of corrections call. And it tells me otherwise I'm gonna go with their their terminology what percent chance do you think that it wasn't one look at but one that's all I need one Oregon to work with you're not fit a 100%. Let's get the calls dam is at war what Dan Europe first on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood keep. Well again. I don't. I don't sorry about that I community is doing great. Our. On one reason I'm calling its future is the most integrity alternate routes. An error that suicide and a lot to what brought out what. I think Richard sing pop out. You know the possibility of maybe some other nefarious scenario where he didn't commit suicide. I think it's just as plausible to consider the this person's history of erratic behavior and apparent suicide and possibly. Corley that you. CT. And I'd be very anxious to see his family and lawyers allow. The autopsy to be conducted in America ready to figure out the he did actually exceed year not. Look at it's a valid it's a valid question we've had a number of football players who have committed suicide and and almost all of them it is believed because CTE. Served some sort of while part of that of the cause I. I don't know about Aaron Hernandez's concussion history but it stands to reason when you do what he did for a living you suffered concussions yep oh ops who. Lian and you wonder I don't know I mean can they get is his brain tested and there are the ghetto and had to be a life without I don't know I don't know the answer that. Think these and then. And has brain tissue to CNN news. They became diagnosed and about an actual autopsy and green tissue standpoint. But. Watch. Not heed that if they have to get him approval for that first. But the way you'll have to hadn't had a concussion actually being. Diagnosed with CC. It's a matter of striking the head over and over again affecting. On the temporal and frontal core cortex and its. You know it you can you don't have to government diagnosed concussions actually be diagnosed later on after tax GPA share. Like Internet and other than curiosity damn it doesn't really matter to me you know in this regard I'm sorry I don't have zero sympathy for. Aaron Hernandez anyway none. He he murdered one person that we know of I know he was acquitted of two others but he was at least part of what happened in the death of two others and so. He other than the curiosity factor in that place some. Parton in the in the decision that he made. I'd be curious but other than that and. To what difference it housing and it's a huge difference and historic debate they have bigger store for the for the NFL you know because if you look at gas that's fair right you're here you look at all players that you're not gonna say blame the NFL for having a a murderer bought it that he then linked CT to it now the issue. Already a very big issue but I if you add that to the less than without the maybe the only real connection there. I Nelson is in Brockton Nelson your next on Sports Radio I don't. I don't or what it's gonna. I developed well I heard bill say you know people we do that you all played ball an and putting the inmates. What to say what and what this seal the victory could add anything possibly could it wouldn't open. No I know I don't. Why it will eat that's the case it if you're right now so why now why not a year ago white Knight two years ago. Why hadn't heard is committed suicide durable two years ago but I don't I don't know the answer I mean I can't comment on on what caused him and a public Nelson's up the stakes I don't know ward is I think well why based on what it's finally gotten finally got good news to you commitment because it was the first ever four years. Is that a few days later he's like well now political muscle. We got to sell any time you got thirteen and re behind immunity for the first one. It because the ball was fictional or what. And now right now that's and that brought up and we didn't go back and play a part of the deal or anything else like that but yeah the timing is very strange let I. I I know that that we have a tendency in and I'm I'm as guilty evidence anybody. We see conspiracies in everything in other golf ball while your god get my whole story the real story. Sometimes the real story is the easiest one he committed suicide I don't know why I can't answer that and end we may never know. Assuming he didn't tell anybody or didn't even know. We may never know why he does it it if suicide is what we're dealing with a okay acknowledged this that if he did kill himself and as I believe is the case. We may never know watch. Now we may not know what did it. We know we we would have it had no idea. Why why you're doing and why now you know what what took it to this point because it's one thing if he was found guilty on all charges that two days later. He killed himself or you have somebody else kill them and made it look like a suicide we wouldn't be asking questions if you don't go right at three life sentences you say okay you're the guy doesn't want is once for the rest of his life in jail. But there was like a sliver of hope I think you ultimately would have been a jail dresses like anyway. But by being found not guilty for the double murder they're the chance they could reopen the old boy casing you know what could it happen. That his lawyer's Jose Baez and and they're saying all the stuff publicly old gal we think there's a real good chance. When they're with a mineral mall alone. Yeah they're telling him the truth you know what it I gotta be honest pretty apparent it's probably not a great chance we're gonna get Joplin is a possible but that's possible to have. Up pops up a New Hampshire hey Bob I you don't. Are not diluted. Let's go to our check it out all the people of the state that up I mean conspiracy. And murder. I have been imprisoned they have cameras everywhere. It's been reported that solid base I imagine I'll leave me there to pop the door Russian there. They call for the camera they have they have cameras ornate. I extricate inmate got ourselves. To back them up probably you're just lawsuits they no doubt have a lot of drama opened the door get the stockpile of the weird and cut the rope on him. And if you will stand up or my budget and me I mean by march about CEO's figured it is a beast. He would have broken bones or bruises and the the autopsy today at Boston medical wolf fire now well you don't. It kind of hard it into part of it doesn't Bulldog he's saying darn it I totti will show area. You did that if in fact he was ganged up on to use that the caller Sturm and we're gonna now. An end it in the same way that did it he's right about this they don't have cameras that look into the individual cells they're not allowed to do that. But they have a camera that looks down and for the lack of a better term is I don't know what they call it the whole way. You know we're all the doors czar and the cameras are trained on that hallway all the time. I will now if you if you tell me that all of us that they're gonna to you know what darn it we we went looked at the film and and there's eight minutes missing we just can't I don't know what happened. Now did not that much there's I've been there yet what I don't think that's going to be the case I think there they got the footage state seen the footage. We haven't we may never see it. And it's going to be pretty simple thing look nobody went in that cell Ireland with sort of the conspiracy yesterday if you're you're offline Alan Levine let me know that it doesn't that we landed on the board has got all these keep spirits yeah I got another one. What there was at work get back to him after the actors found not guilty in a revert really upset about this. They got back to him at that hey if you want to ensure safety for your fiancee and her daughter you kill yourself. That I would put that video rental UK who would say who would give him that that work week. People no don't say mr. Perry who put the ball in the air who's gonna we does that speak according to rally that was called twice today. He's got some secret cell phone or so who was it that wants him dead. But I haven't worked up the entire Q okay and I like the result of the last further. 6177797937. We're broadcasting live from west and Johnny's literally a block down the street from the TD garden with the Bruins by the Ottawa Senators tonight. Still Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Our number two gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI at this hour of the program brought to you by AT&T. I should have said this at the top of the show who we sort of danced right into the Aaron Hernandez stuff and we'll continue to do that we get you probably noticed Michael is off again today we were hopeful he was going to be backe had not been feeling well for the last couple of days we were holed and we were gonna. CM for today's program off another day and I'll be as hopeful today that you'll hear him tomorrow as I was yesterday he's been day to day since Monday like you said yes there's a game time decision couldn't go sing for today so yeah hopefully go tomorrow to witness some. And let's get this out of the way okay because I party caught enough crap about it telephone. I've not just get out of the craft mama Morton I know as much as I deserve so I'll put it to you democratic. I was trying to make a a joke of a rent a silly turn of the phrase yesterday. When I said that people throwing stuff on the ice made us look like a bunch of farmers. And doubt and an end to put the promo and and personally that and or those folks who didn't hear yesterday that minute here at the promo and offense and the folks who who work on our farms are pissed off at night they should they have a right to be that's right it was a stupid turn the phrase I wish I just said here which is what I corrected it to what we Jeff said that first and fourth armored type hitter and I was wrong. I apologize to farmers everywhere while I was wrong that big man that admits he's wrong and billiard big man. For that well not as big as I used to not stature I don't know I don't know he's we've lost our way. But yeah farmers please come back they'll they'll Pollack I was stupid. I wish it should have said hit it originally came out wrong now and and I set it wrong and I that's my fault but it's not any city folk like dale oh yeah that's me. Your overall point is correct don't throw stuff on the ice loss at the half. Yeah or don't ask me or is it you do make us look like hicks and I don't mind saying that war that's current sort I should've said to be in this 6177797937. The patriot departed at the White House you've heard that already the president welcoming. A build dollar check him. Bob Kraft and and some 34 players there about the other way so Donald Trump but we played a lot of it for you live last hour he went through it was talked about some of the great plays in the game he singled out a lot of players on the team. Julian Edelman for that scene catcher which I still can't we with a catchy turns around points to him. Element acknowledges there and the I'll mention date Abner ass they'd ever question it he mentioned Matthew Slater. He imagined. Marcus cannon to raise flowers. Danny Amendola who bought the Mitchell Malcolm Mitchell. The date ever going to match it got personal that you all the matching people who were there at about half the team was there half the team was apps for a variety of reasons. The agreement dole took to Twitter. He was that a funeral and we he's got a funeral tonight of attending a funeral tonight. He posted a photo thanking the president or to shout out he was supposed to be there yes giant and he was speed posted a photo he was working out. Any set thanks to the president for the night shout out yes I've got to memorial service and any named. His friend who's right memorial service he's now and that he obviously spoke very highly of both Robert Kraft and bill Belcher yup did you find it odd that he did not mention Tom birdies there. I he did not say his name that is very straight to the time he talked about the great comeback and down 28 to three and all that but did mention. Guy you know just whose special team our study didn't mention a quarterbacking well that is as Fred. I let's put me out without that happened how do you retold the story also imagine Donta hightower by the way he's not throwing great plays out your hearts are reportedly play. Where was pump how does not mention Tom Brady even once. That is that you he gave a play by play. That there are we supposed to roll the deputy Williams though the idea doesn't mention him very strange. I don't know the answer I don't know why. Andrews and Milton Henry you're next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood Keith. They got that two quick points I guess they wanted to. But not one of two all couple players came out like that it according Chris waters that they want to go to the White House. That and the Sony did a lot of great and go and apps that wanna laugh all you got the ball players that got to play football that job is to not go to the White House. So I just so well that happened not because proponents say it's an honor that he got to go to white. We are all these guys out of Brady not there I didn't Eric called today and second just and that. We'll let I don't understand your point what he's saying now who who are. Brady can go to the White House. Catcher went out people were caught up but do you know why he didn't go to the White House yeah. No no one knows why don't forget don't know everybody knows field he put out a statement and he said that it and it turns out yet. Yeah his his mom is here his mom was battling cancer. OK okay ordinary you know we'll bat that but anyway yeah that's that's that's settles that's correct. Accident thoughts on Heath yeah you a lot of great daily air travel. I would take a whole lot of people all I'm sure we'll hear of some guys covenant with a pipe can't take about how he should have been there or whatever else so I've. You know whether it's fear what is the I think the players should go but I have a really hard time getting worked up about it if you can't go a few another reason or you really feel that you don't wanna go. It is definitely your rights you don't how. Have to go for the Mets that no one has to go it in the case of Thomas he caught crap in this town because. Both the owner through the the president Cam Neely basically begged him ago. Yeah then the united said this is important. Two organizations is important to our owners or the ones who want it's a few yeah. And he just not knuckle and and and so. It it was more like. Flaunting what the team was asking you to deal even though we had every right there right because he doesn't have to go when when Brady didn't go last time. And and somebody posted a picture at the Apple Store buy the phone hey you know another. We'll watch just came out you know we I don't want to know apple watchers something in this case he was going to be there yet every intention of being there yeah. He put out a statement saying you know he he had this day he talked about what a great honor it is to to go with his teammates and and be at the White House. But he was unable to go to a ten to wait family matter and it was Mike Reese from ESPN boston.com who pointed out that Galen his mom. Is here in Boston. She has been as everybody knows by now but you know battling cancer we saw our at the Super Bowl one game that she was able to attend. Tom if you follow money program. Posted a photo of his mom. And his daughter. It was probably a week or ten days ago and it's just this beautiful picture of his daughter asleep in his in her grandmother's lap. And you know it's it's obvious that his mom is still battling some things here yeah not I don't think Gabriel prom with him. Not going into the callers question like that's why is cutting its pretty well. What I thought but but your question why a legitimate womb why didn't the president even mention his name. They're very odd very odd it's almost like in that I hate to say this but it's almost like Donald Trump was pissed that. Yeah that it was there that he did I didn't show up. But it looks really that's what I think if you went up there and just said in a great job by the team it's a great team and go here's mister Kraft. No he went through like ten players if you look there since that's the word that all but the line it with a back up the bets that read what you went through. Most of the roster and he admits in the quarter the fourth wide receiver yeah my opponents hit it exactly right now. Marks in Southfield Connecticut Haymarket you don't. They think that it wanted talk about it Aaron Hernandez you know that the thought process that I think people are missing here is that. When when that trial ended the other day. Is the story was over EC. Okay well look you're in prison. You're sitting there. And the only thing you have to hang on to is who you work not WR. And not we're going to be because we're going to be is. You know in jail. So you've got this like he's that like who I was. Is this story to me in I'm gonna hang onto. And the story just and did. Chapter. Plus what the late Marlon did it did it and if his attorneys feel that that you know they're gonna have yet got a good grounds to appeal to our prior conviction. I think it did because I don't think I think he knew that he did it first of all I think he's thinking we did at this time he got off. Yeah are utterly yet are designed to understand you don't or government. Now there's no hope there's no hope and the only thing he was hanging onto his what he was. That all or whether there was a little bit of hope that you can debate on on what. How realistic the chances were. I think there there was a slim chance is that all you need but if you're in that situation Jose Baez made it sound like there was a great share were eating out I don't. Think he was being truthful but that that's what I really need I had no idea what it's like to be sentenced to life in prison watts. If you have a little glimmer of hope wouldn't you just wait for that and hope that there are the chances there in the appeal that could get overturned. He's 27 years older or was gaffes though it's and he's already been in jail for years. I think the timing is is very straight I don't think it's. He's writing this book and that's the last chapter of it he's living in the past few political past for awhile. Because the Celtics game was so bad I was danceable as the channels last night and I happen to hit upon. A front line on on GBH. About the decline of solitary confinement in the penal system and as it turned out while they date filled a lot of this at the Maine state prison open Thomas them. And they were maybe it was very graphic here at times it was a gruesome yeah showing what it's like. And end the irony here is I'm watching the show last night and I'm seeing what these guys lives are like on a daily basis and as I'm watching them thinking. I don't know if I could do this I don't know well especially if you're not cure it if you say OK look I got to serve my seven years and then I'm gonna get out. But if your life without parole in your thinking all right I'm a young man. I could be behind these bars behind these doors yeah for 5060 years but US life without parole. I don't know I had an air to last week and in fact this last week was the first time that there is any chance. Of of a change and you saw how emotionally ones and that that's to be at again parts or rationalize. Your the mind of a psychopath. But for somebody who was that emotional. And then just a few days layered does yup just to give up that's why no surprise. Our Chris in Connecticut hey Chris I don't. Good how are you got booted a little as you. Quick question we did on Friday you would mention. This salary cap but patients waited permitted the occur and are guilty that I came to all milk. I know it doesn't and I I don't believe in and then legal minds will I'm sure flesh this out over the next couple of days. I don't believe that his suicide. Gets that the patriots out from under the now and then I think that there's that literally only the one year left. In which they've got a salary cap hill craft and in the story for those who weren't with us on Friday that he Ben convicted. On Friday of the double murder and the patriots would have been able to file to get out from under they've been carrying him on their salary cap books for. You know a number of years now he signed this contract. You know just around the time that that this double murder took the place up so. I don't know that suicide gets you out from under space and I don't aren't remembered how close remembered how stupid this is death when Reggie Lewis. Die right natural causes a member of the Celtics and died. The Celtics still had to carry him on their salary cap. They they did not get salary cap relief. For the death of Reggie Lewis which is even dumber than. Carrying Aaron Hernandez on your on your salary cap books and audits it's very straight and obviously these cases come up so rarely booked you. You'd think there'd be some sort of clause in their office. Odd Johnson Watertown hey John how are you. I shot actually that'll show on my ball just on. About. Thanks except me. This article personalize their better social worker in the criminal justice system are almost twenty years. And suicide is obviously rampant. In that system. One group what at first I wanna say that. It's suicide itself is such an irrational acts. That it's really hard to apply your rationality to it. So a lot of that Ceres and that we hear. They come from our logic. But really don't apply to what's going on and it hit somebody who's an act sort of position. What you're right that that we we are looking back I I have I haven't I almost have an easier time understanding suicide than I do homicide. I almost have an easier time understanding you know what I can't face this anymore I'm gonna take myself out then I'm gonna take you right via. Yeah so. And I wouldn't disagree with back. He'd ever seen it again it depends of the person in the state of mind that person but when you're when you're kind aren't like that. That you're thinking because you have become so distorted. That what. You know what seems ridiculous to ask you to express a boat you know reasonable to grab to be an example. I'm sure Aaron Hernandez has thought about suicide. For at least a couple of years. Our church who wasn't the first star crossed his mind and something like that relief. Week the Dutch are O. They'd be found not guilty. To actually set him mosque and triggered yeah. If they okay about the car. Now I can do. Well look at an in your right we are we are trying to think logically about an illogical act and in all in all likelihood a sociopath that personality right. So and so it may be as I said before it may be totally impossible for us ever get to the bottom line. Of why he decided now. Now I. I believe I've read earlier today that it is believed he didn't even know. If he didn't make if he didn't tell someone if he didn't make a phone call to someone. Hey this is why am gonna do this if if if you hear something about me this is why yeah. It would it would help us understand. But doesn't change the fact that these cities checked out here Rihanna we are are ordering at the answer and if he had told his up fiance anything I'm pretty confident that she won't say anything. Well what would it should be said something if he would sit twisted too shy on a Jenkins. Listen if if something happens to me I want you to know why wouldn't she call the the no system no she said I don't go to even so I don't yet but I don't. I think he's gonna kill himself I cleaned and I stay out of the way yeah basically she is that sowed I think maybe you're most people put Oliver yeah you're probably right. Getty's on the cellphone hey Eddie I don't. And they'll forgive me on this one but I have gotten out we are on the bump put on. That while cleanup might that's okay. Statements as keep it as you. You know. Are part of some earlier today and I want to finish I didn't know what part of something else but it happened. But you know you get this emotional high you did trial and you go back yard you're like Claude. I'm stuck here polite and neck compelled. Yesterday. And I that this market could possibly be yet. And you'll bring their courage and he remembered somebody go and if you want a walker from and why are going got mud triggered. And yet. It was it was an interview on not Kirk and Callahan on Marathon Monday they were the AT&T sort out the finish line they had Michelle McPhee on. Who's the author of a new book on the Sinai has called maximum harm. She without any sources or anything like that and more let's throw it out there all I hear he kicks with both feet you know it was if so what does that I I mean. She certainly did not indicate any sourcing any. Oh well I have a source that tells me this well it was basically what I hear. Yeah I hated it it was as loosen association as you can possibly get. I might even say somewhat irresponsible by cared more about the person she was making right the allegations about red but it was it was a it was practically an offhand remark she made it to Kirk. And Jerry. Again rabbits been on the air more than I have today. Both on and on perking Callahan this morning and then on all MF later in the day old theory I don't know I think all the he claims that that was in fact part of the deal in fact his claim. This morning was that he talked to Hernandez. And that and that Hernandez was upset about the fact that there were stories out there that he was gay. I have no idea I I can't tell you that that's the truth. Yeah I mean it's cardinal what to believe in in all of this but it's again I keep going back to it for years the guys at one. Good day or at least one day that we ago where he has received good news and then to follow that up that few days later by killing yourself. That raises a red flag or I wonder what else. Could have been like maybe that's part of it I don't know I think. We could be just ensures that as we can be about it with an inside job or wherever else they were bigger at that everybody just kind of brought about that are now. I Joe's Rhode Island hate John I don't. We don't get a joke what's up her career at army. To come out I think it's good spirits these other conspiracies Joseph. Well let me say this is rated. And I. Great this is that Joseph spears they if they're that good why one more realistic. Of course articles that you are. The previous call a couple called it goes social work he'd nick great point Aaron added. Reid got to say it's good news of this cardinal very indebted Eric Berry to killing that not that. That light without roll out. Artillery have dessert holly if it on television you're just Pearson which is gonna be spot on but wouldn't you say game being found not guilty. Is good news because now others that may be a slim chance but eight chance on the last that they could reopen in the other one and and maybe people aren't as. Now blow up out of a Democrat are welcome from a so you don't see it go that far. I don't you know they're right there and Aaron that'd been bigger bump here now like your previous caller called ago. I at least a couple of years that the guy. Who had everything he had Arabic. And you a committee. Margaret bread you Wade Phillips pages. We'll go to wipe out. These aren't don't it's. They use them but don't really. Are you that you speak to he wants to steal the patriots thunder from the White House originally when you look at building that we're just waiting for the win a super ball. They can put a bias that's a plot you know. Currency is better to be funny it. Did you bring a drug money on the radio what you don't. Joseph bringing any of them felt that yeah it's very strange habit. Strained right. That's strange that that would but it is everybody applauded Google. You know without that put on my god. Are zero the White House there. Are at that job. What about when they'll compare that to my dumber than yours say endorsements dom I think Beth and no way no I I don't believe what ever heard and decided. I'll just wait until they go to the White House and then. You know do it that day. What it's literally if if you upload with a Joseph public Joe's theory outward you're gonna bomb Super Bowl Sunday or would your on bigger how big everything that's really. Are you all all hyped up about the White House doesn't yet see your point if if you were gonna do what. For that reason don't edit and by the way I don't believe this side of the I don't know try to help I don't live here but but if I was gonna do it for that reason so I have done at the day after the super you know it yet to two cracks at it right they've been answerable to one since he's been in prison. Yes sorry I. Union come up with some T conspiracies if you want but stealing the thunder from the patriots as they go to the White House is probably not going to be on my list. 6177797937. Its telephone number. We got here at west and Johnny's just down the street from the TD garden tonight the Bruins in the Ottawa Senators play game four of their series. Celtics played here last night and by the way just a quick update as they I had no horse that's hard to say today Isiah Thomas did go home as we expected to Seattle. To be with his family after the death of his sister on Saturday expected to join the team for game five game three in Chicago on Friday. But they did plant last night he's just aren't hard to tell six point 77797. ID 37 it's dale and Holley would keep. Sports Radio W media. Let's just say that Aaron Hernandez's house to pick with both feet ago while let's take chances and pull. It was and he knew he made the important move exploited to say that out loud to them. That was Michelle Malden. On Marathon Monday on with the Kirk Michelle McPhee I'm sorry. Michelle McPhee on with Kuerten Callahan on Monday. And and she was saying that that old Lloyd made the fatal mistake of saying to someone. Basically that Aaron Hernandez for the homosexual or or at least bisexual. That what she said right and that that's why Aaron Hernandez took O Lloyd. I mean I don't know amigo but you're one of rule anything out but doesn't the him knowing about the potential double murder. And him maybe say something in trying to quiet them the medical more sense they brought to tell stories that one makes more sense to me. Yeah I don't disagree with it. And by the way back to a previous callers question about you know salary cap then and I know this is not quite as import yet that death of three human beings here. And I didn't know this until I read Miguel's salary cap page yeah. This blows my mind Sean Taylor was murdered. A year after his murder he counted against the Redskins salary cap. He was murdered writes in his home. It and they sort and they still are they still had a cap charge for Sean Taylor count against the Washington Redskins have you know like look at that. The cut it is the whole Reggie Lewis they have problem for him Reggie Lewis died this right. And that then the Celtics had to carry him on their salary cap they get a salary cap relief for the death of Reggie Lewis the Redskins didn't get salary cap relief for the murder of Sean Taylor is that all. Mind boggling sometimes the rules that they've gotten place where. Cents Reynolds yes but it's just a small dose of common sense would would you know not be out of order here. It's like the Celtics mixing in a rebound now on that I would like that and other a little bit last night and yet they were terrible better everywhere else and now. Rich some cell phone every tight on. Which enables Andre. So my question about our depth but. Credit all the newspapers about that and that will be about. An event. And the first murder charge. Why why why would be found innocent of this first murder charge. Well according to latest I'm not a lawyer or the story because it didn't have a chance to appeal. Get out exonerated from the murder charge. I I think there's a difference between exonerated and vacated. I don't in other words. Exonerated means I don't know we've looked at this we were wrong you were innocent that's not the that's not the same as having the the verdict is vacated. Because he hasn't had the opportunity opportunity to peel that's different. Right but it got our act it is as they'd give noted. Try to get that money and main. Well again you cannot exonerated but vacated but no I don't think they're gonna have any any chance at all. As a program loophole there. Now again he was not found he will not be found innocent they're not gonna appeal right and and have played a judge should only be a judge wouldn't be it Jerry. Have a judge say no you know what we screwed this one up. Mr. Hernandez you're free to go. Now then they go back after the money and that's not the same as having a verdict vacated because you haven't had the opportunity to pay. The F. I I'm sorry I didn't meet deepen lawyers the video player and an unqualified. And again and go back to that whole idea of common sense. Common sense tells me that Knoll she Diana Jenkins doesn't have the right to Aaron Hernandez is money. Because he committed suicide before his appeal could be heard about that might have a better case if we have a caller for FC TE last hour and have a better case by the death that and then go look at the week. Lilies on the truck on Haley how you don't. We hope to break. You know any. Yeah I know why you know I killed himself well beyond that you are benefited. Where apple would be a lesbian equality he read out as co defendant and he can't face so guidance to it and it states within days in the format so that's like that so well. You know I mean. What Colby both. What a guy in Asia any height you testified CNET she'd like that that the tumors. You know I think he's terribly badly. It if it it was a theory that his his defense attorneys put forth in an attempt to get Aaron Hernandez off on the double murder charge. Aaron Hernandez never said that I was probably Alexander's. Shot that shot these guys he never said anything. By the case instead like that was as it was as part of it would destroy and shot them. What yes yes his attorneys said that. That you if you can't believe Bradley Alexander because he was probably the gunman well OK but attorneys say stuff that there are turtles sometimes they believe and sometimes they don't. It now it Aaron Hernandez was on the stand. And Aaron Hernandez said. I was there I saw Bradley Alexander shoot these two guys know that I think Louie might have a little more a case the so. I mean frankly he was more of a rat in the first trial but he was in this one yeah yeah. Any seemed to survive buying since then writes yeah on by the elevator. I don't ever had resistor that death is not to say one is that is. We don't know that there's there's still so much fun known here that I guess that were thrown out of an out there but I. Almost can't wait to take this call gyms and the filling junior next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood ski. Yeah I I need to cool it you're well Aaron Hernandez are economically and current criminal. He's convicted murderer yeah. And and it you know I don't know until he's convicted murderer Jim. Now if you yes yes yes serving life without parole because he murdered O Lloyd and was convicted by a jury. We bought. A oh yeah users would kill somebody at the mistake yes. The guy had a long life ahead of them and everybody jumped up and down actually bit afraid going on outside. Yet here that won't let that had to go it would have been and. Kennedy screwed that up like killing somebody Jim. Merely thinking here. Yes there he was convicted on there Jim he was convicted by a jury of killing old Lloyd. He was behind bars serving life without parole because he's up murderer Jim do you understand the English language he murdered another human being. That's why he was in prison. Interfere in your body. Stuffed yeah that's that he was convicted. Men. Holy crap now. I actually thought it was gonna try to make the case about this most recent trial any have a case okay. Hate he was try to body you wanted without not guilty he didn't kill those guys even though actually be yet but he was found not guilty. He was found guilty of murdering note Lloyd you know every way they that the mountain of evidence that trial or you don't like the video of him carrying the gun and how is this stuff like that all over the top and it down to the the company was showing over that that everything they ever wants a while order you know maybe you're at the smaller your you know your son or there's a gathering of people at UC. One guy wearing an Aaron Hernandez here's the music really. Jim that's that two of the guys hit the guys that are imminent and that either 81 jurors say that satisfied that that the rock hear about that let's that a message. In the back. 6177797937. This telephone number calm down dale. You bombed easy hey Melanie dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. All are welcome here at the time that's right we are happy to talk to even people who have conspiracies. Yes. Keep conspiracies he spears these overall we you know. We welcome folks here who don't believe that we actually landed on the moon we're happy to have those folk or. One here on here every guy would hang out and and you're happy and we're happy to have you here. What if you actually. Think that. Aaron Hernandez didn't do what he was convicted of you've got to bring a little more to the tape yet that's tough that's a tough place to start there the last collar bomb. And again what you like you said if you wanted to look at this case and again. Okay OJ did not kill Nicole and Ron if if you wanna say hey he was found not guilty. Right you have that you have negative I don't believe that I'll let nobody does really but yeah if you wanna hang onto that you could with this most recent tropical first what did you. Sorry Jim but burst your bubble but that's why I'm not gonna work here now. I riotous at Weymouth hey Brian I don't. They did so hey thanks for the call. What's gonna want us that is we. We all know he probably let's just say there and it has made it gave its they had himself but I. When a state rich knows it's he knows I am conspiracy there is that a yes throws some not yet again. We know that this secret troops and how things work on Lebanon in the cameras to see owes everything to being manipulated I've just been this. Could this is in the end is just street gangster revenge. Aaron Hernandez live that lifestyle and and so very quick its inspections Serb and then whatever it was whatever could be eight. He's done and that's it so well and it's just the old Babylonian code law I refer and I thank you. Aren't I I I got a bite that I guess we we are weird. Pulled to believe you up based on the caller have been on Bryant's thoughts that it was some friends or family of the murdered. Men who who got their revenge they're justice here some sort of acquaintance there yeah. And I guess they were just waiting to see if he was found not guilty or not perhaps. Could they could've been extracted that same revenge like a year ago two years ago three years ago right they could open it almost feels as though you know because he was found not guilty plea agony still and then in prison but that's what I think. Again there that the Phillies are gonna get that the victims back. But when they showed up to court that day I'm pretty sure there were open that the judge and the jury was gonna say he's guilty and sentenced him to another life sentence. Odd jobs on the cellphone hate John I don't. They don't organized first time more flexible enough. Eight just a thought in aluminum stuff for them but there aren't. That murder conviction and it can kind of I don't know it would appeal and is gonna charge to feel about it yet. I'm not sure that anymore by the way the go ahead. Are so let's say it happened and to vote go to you on another dead so they're technically vacated. So. Wouldn't you be entitled to an NFL pension if you didn't have any conviction under the name. What he has conviction. Now again that there's there's a difference. Well there's a difference now between appealing and being exonerated where. And the technicality of a of a verdict being vacated because of the the lack of an appeal. Look he's still a convicted murderer right now. Gosh I know it was found not guilty of this case writes he has he has been convicted of first degree murder. And the first degree had more to do with cruel and an approach. Unusual atrocity yet in the murder vote Lloyd but he was found guilty of first degree murder. So I I know I. If it goes to appeal for some reason which I'm sure they can still do arm is favorite would technically be entitled to his money. Only if all the if his appeal was successful. All right immune you know. At that matter everyone. But yeah. Among my guess is that. I know I don't think shy on a Jenkins or her daughter are gonna get any money and finally if there was any money left. Aaron Hernandez is basically been spending. On this high priced lawyers for her effort this trial. So whatever money he you know could over should've gone to his fiancee and and daughter he didn't seem to be very concerned about that did you think that the patriots. There would have or should have issued a statement today. You know I thought about it originally and and I guess I'm wondering what are they gonna say. Yeah I thought it hasn't been on the team and in the four years but hasn't been part of the organization. You know it it's like it's like in and I'm just using this as an example of some player on the patriots from the seventies. You know committed suicide or or or was convicted of murder. Would they be expected to comment on that nobody can say this is different because the guy who drafted on the guys coached of the guy who owned the team and hasn't had anything to do with him for how many years now. For right so everything is different in the seventies where you'd say well government signal when they're still. Go Brady and crock and you know several guys played with them men again the coach of mental part of a conspiracy theory I heard earlier today that the reason Brady didn't know. Was because of crock. That he was afraid you were gonna ask him about Crockett he's one have to answer the question you need Hernandez yes I don't. Rock and I don't think that that that Brady did not wanna answer questions about Aaron Hernandez. While. By the way the only players who answered questions were those who were made available to the media. I'm David immediately available Joseph Cardona and Malcolm Mitchell neither of whom ever played with Aaron Hernandez so they were very simply and very truthfully able to say I don't know I don't blame them. Yeah that they were asked were what are your teammates and they I don't know I don't know what my teammates that. Yeah I mean I'm I don't know what the patriots that you their rhetoric that's something that's been brought up real or they would they got to address it at all and I think. Bill Belichick that first press conference. After they've released him and you know we all song yet you know pulled out of his house and handcuffed at all that that he spoke about it get a statement at the beginning and yeah that's I think that's really don't need. Let's go to Brian in New Hampshire since I have the right button here hey Brian I don't. I'll go back to protect my off what's up. I'm so what if my area packed I'm. Now in the ball pretty shady character and obviously. I'm marked areas that. You know when these guys the match epic collapse they're a lot more chaotic. So it might areas is basically staring his girlfriend and it ought you know to me and I I truly believe that. Where you can use what. Well I think he's I think he's spare I think you know. Most parents are out a scenario cracked. Yeah yeah I. I wondered if motto one of my conspiracy that throughout their was is is this some it and a weird way is this. You know protecting them like with Ethel the last step just to make sure that they're on arm I don't know I don't know the answer I don't know if it'll ever you know the answers. Well I mean you're gangsters that you bagel they always say we'll go out that your life will go last year catch I mean there's only kinda makes sense I feel like he was supposed to take them all those guys and and it didn't basically. Well for a I I guess a little confused what gangsters are concerned about the death of these two men. Well I I believe you words. Q what already serving a life sentence so I'd I feel lucky. They wanted him to take the rap for it. So your so you don't think he did it that. No art capital I think he did I'd open that hole that hole was he supposed to cover for him you're confusing there are other people involved what I'm getting. You don't nobody else was accused of murder. What we got it that that test that testified against him correct. Right Alexander Bradley. Right so that was that's trying to work out don't want that anyway. I've I don't know I got an old yet. Lacy had initially it's possible but. Way too much credit for clout if we think that. You know buy into it would have more than he's got ahead of some some crime family that was gonna go take out Aaron Hernandez that are about. I'd I would of it if I were Alexander Bradley and I had that kind of clout. But it got it after he shot me in the face rights you know if that or that if that were the case yeah exactly. That was the part of this whole thing like that could have happened over the that was when back. Back came out during the the trial that was just another. Crazy element of this whole case. Paulson Boston hit ball I don't. Big guys so you know the rumor about him being gay arm. If they're knocking you right you guys heard that before Michelle McPhee. No I've not heard that not all I had in. In the wedding call I heard about that the thirties when it would be and it broke it by. I didn't call because I'm like who's gonna believe me anyway I don't really care people believe me or not. And I don't really care Gator yet or what I will tell you is 100% truth on my mother's life. I was told last summer by some of that worked a little too great but we get in the closet. It acted I didn't believe it they said listen. We know because you can write letters to someone in Connecticut. And it's it's just something that the legal team was aware of now I never I wouldn't call but it that obliquely but it didn't felt they do and the reason why it is important because they shall exceed. I don't agree with the way she threw it out there it was kind of corny it was stupid. It's nothing new it's not a new rumor and it's better round it you're in the guys Bradley I mean if he's trying to make the believes. That this guy killed himself because the Gruber at the gate that make note that in the I don't know about you guys. Look I. I have to admit I haven't heard this until Michelle McPhee said it on Monday I got hurt it if there is some rampant rumor out there. Or is that like say the wrestling world rumor and innuendo. I I don't know about it and didn't know about it until Monday I don't know. And it and it's the mex yes 617779793. Sevenths telephone number were ripped out west and Johnny's. One down grab a bite to eat grab something to drink before you head up the street Bruins in the Ottawa Senators. Make note of the fact that it's a 730 face off tonight not 7 PM. Because of the networks and vault so 730 faceoff game four. And it looks like Colin Miller is back in the lineup that's what their coach Bruce Cassidy said after the morning skate today. That the plan is that Colin Miller is going to be back in the lineup in the Tommy cross will be out of the line up. Would come right back to your calls in just a couple of minutes stale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Our number three dale in Hollywood keep them. The Sports Radio WEEI this are the program brought you by the convenience stores up speedway. I know Michael again today work again hopeful. The big game time decision again tomorrow he'll take the morning skate now it will. We'll figure out record that he's going to be able to go were hopeful that he'll be back with us again tomorrow broadcasting live from west and Johnny's. Just down the street from the TD garden where the Bruins take on the Ottawa Senators in game four tonight at their best of seven series. Bruins hoping for a win and tying the series up at two. By the way and you had so much stuff in trending now and you didn't get to this but just very briefly. Markets Smart was fine 25000 dollars by the NBA for his obscene gesture to a fan. I'd no word as yet I keep looking on how much the rest of the team was fine for their performance last night. I mean this is exactly how it up answers and play out they'll. If no doubt to it haul out you'll get the cavaliers it's unbelievable that this is what's going on. Against the bulls he saw the first we have got completely out rebounded and ended up losing by four. Lastly and completely different story they got outrebounded but it wasn't that wasn't the reason behind it it was just. A terrible offensive performer in defense of performance and you are what they're doing. There's no changes between games wanna game two yes they they took some minutes away from Amir Johnson but that wasn't the the only. That wasn't got to be the complete. You know difference in that game I'm still surprised. That for such a terrible shooting team but Chicago is spinach Judy if he's a percentage from three last night but overall you look at Rondo weighed in Butler. That is not a good trio. Guys shoot from the outside and their they're defending them out the three point line which is. Creating a lot of easy buckets at Rondo was was good at Robin Lopez was good again last night kill them on the glass. I don't think I hate the strap me nots is this new idea that the bolder action a great team like. Their point one important although the eighth seed but this isn't your typical eighth seed. And reality the subways may not be the typical ones the attic that's more realistic than saying are all the polls that all is good players it just hurt in the open there that it put together. I mean I'd samples are better team video edit out at us didn't explode the public thinks it's going. And it's just it's really. Really frustrating. What's going on with this team yet both have some good players Jerry Butler is a great player. Rondo obviously still a little something left especially when he's motivated. Don't wait it's fine but the Celtics are better team and they got they got to make some changes they gonna do things differently or are you. What the bit about the sixth number one seed ever to lose the first round each. Back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. I have a feeling I know where this is going it's as rich he's calling from the Tra. There are telling you're already you know they'll return either Dylan is on our show. All I'm doing good just you know do much Armon alert just now on parent of the field and thrown beer people. It's a classic Barbara moved up. Yeah yeah voted LA I appreciate you write that down to dinner that might be your plate you know product while you know it wasn't for a farmer. I prime would have any of this bill. Said those exact words to my to my wife and daughter last night vehicle's exact words but. I figured I figured yet you know but I just wonder if they were called out thank you I appreciate it. And thank you rich respect cannot force you welcome at a time. What it's better because not enough men who supports its farmers. That is true. That district supports Barbara dealt back of the progress the farmer rich you DD you know what I deserve to see just keep gonna talk received advice you can throw out there are so. Oh the oh but that's about it comes not just a little bit about your topic here but well. It out or upset too rich keep on pharma and glad we added that viewed it was that I thought a few there for a moment bill Steve Palmer nice cars for dale beat farmer it's over. Farmers tend stale and nothing that's a good Anthony some products AM that he had you don't. There are humans what's going on Anthony. So work hard Aaron Hernandez he beat the spurs are you can regular murder like sentenced. And you know our east obviously really not happy about that goes to court and gets acquitted ever double murder. He will use TCU he's crying he's really happy you're back itself he must be sweep him better. Yeah EC can really get what I think happened to Darren and embers are thrown in his mouth. I think you start getting cocky. I'd like to know if like he your he's gone he's getting yelled and it so I know using general population. But it won't be immune he's probably walking different and you don't someone see an opportunity to get payment I think he's eating authorities around young people doing lifespan. They see an opportunity a famous why not why not murder him and it's the first murder ever that way in that prison by window. That doesn't make any sense either type but knew he wanted to get out you know you really thought he could. Deep down he probably thought that he could rebels then and you know can we come back from it. Eight. You have wanted to kill himself. I think if anything I didn't write. Cheryl B and doctor they investigative reporter for channel four tweeted out a few moments ago. Sources in the Aaron Hernandez death investigation. Say the Bible verse John 316. Was written on the former patriots head. John 316 for those of you who don't remember for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. According to Sheryl fee and doctor that was written on that was written on Aaron Hernandez's head. They test the yen hit right there. What are received or saying that he wrote that on its head first I you know that that that's we were there there was not a no there's not a note left. So that's that's new information that's but the fact don't know. I'll I'll I'll and I'll play into your conspiracy theory okay yes sure if you if you wrote it in a mirror witness beat backwards on the onion had. Like how do you write it on your head. Something episodes right now I don't you have the changes they don't doesn't say if it was backwards or not just saying tiger I wanna know that I what ought to know that yes because in order to write it on your own head yeah Jeff to do in the mirror. And that's why we are right attack were over anything in my head because we've. How even in the wild Friday night was at fault why aren't other people may have but I have not you're asleep at the time after the trip that's sleep that's what it but it now. Obviously the other part of what she tweets here is that and this the sort of self evident there is a death investigation going on. The videotapes that we talked about the videos looking down the hall all that stuff will be looked at. Assuming that there's no gaps in the video no Richard Nixon holes in the video right yes yes I've Denham I'm gonna believe that what they're gonna show you was that. Nobody went in there let him RV right now that is that's the most. What plausible I guess explanation for what happened but they're still worse the gun fired up this story is there a little bit more to it. An eighty minute period and actual all right does that that we did what I that I didn't know written on the face. I did not know that until Cheryl B and doctor from channel four tweeted that I just wanted to raise interface. There are. The thought things here is not off. We did hear your parents after the pathetic that they go he's got a lot of other crap written on states to don't forget that import back right. And on its face neck up to his cheek. He's a good point yeah right just John 316 or did he break the whole first notre he wrote John 316. I'll look at battle heated up right I thought the people worse now I don't know he wrote John 316. Leaving us to go look up to 316 if we don't remember our Bible. What that means again I think as we go back at what I said before. We may never know what the heck he's thinking now of course. Again try to read the mind of it as a psychopath and leave that to somebody else to Malta New Hampshire tomorrow night on. They're under our. Well and Greg. Arms so I know he just got acquainted you know an emotional. But I think it's plain and simple we know people have made or to revolve late court. And we you graduate you know you have your grad. You Irish have done it analysts had done that. You know yet whole life ahead of man you look at EPA Barrett that you did it mean simple yet you might regret. You start being about how did that murdered you regret that are and I really think it got its head and I bet you that don't go out but he. You know your mood in your motion they're good or bad. And I think you're just too much or he knew he was gonna be able to appeal the last month in the lead in the docket argued that he 27 area. Yet it the year in their probably in remote. Everything is just plain simple like do you do it you know. Killed himself because he couldn't live without regret. You go on the professional ballplayer and out like that like. That that that's rock. But he got the light sentence a couple of years ago debt that's our yeah that's the sparks that that's hard for us that right now now again his attorneys are saying one thing publicly they were very positive about. Being able to get him. You know a new trial being able to appeal this it was a very successful now what they're saying to him behind closed doors I have no idea. It it makes me that they said to him behind closed doors look Aaron. We're gonna try here but I gotta be honest with the you know it's not a great chance if they set that you have made that I could see him sent off for crying out alive I mean I'm. Ever right because that is that the as the timing that opens it up to all these conspiracy theories you know if if that he. If a guy who's you know imprisoned for life. Commit suicide know what's gonna go well why I would want wawa how companies doing this but just because of what happened last week. If we're there would be this soon they'll says that bit if it is the lawyers saying. Listen you have no chance to get used to this. That that's a little bit different but from what we heard everything publicly. Was with just the opposite it's a slim chance realistically again when we spoke with Michael McCann last week it's a slim chance but just any chance at all. You that would prevent him from doing enough dale is in Plainfield Connecticut hey dale I don't. Undergo an element. My biggest thing about this whole situation is. Why why all these rumors all of a sudden now he's gay. Lake I I grew I didn't grow up what I live three houses down from Hernandez's. In Bristol Connecticut. I watched Aaron through our school college I lived in Florida when he was in college. And I kept in touch with him and he I'm not saying that we were best friends or anything like that why there. You would never any and adulation of him being gay throughout our school throughout college widely rumored now. Well and then I I will say this when Michelle McPhee said it. On with with Kirk and and Jerry on Monday obviously. I don't think she had any inclination that 48 hours later. Aaron Hernandez was gonna commit suicide. Right correct. So so it's not like you'd she didn't say it in the aftermath of the suicide. She was saying it on Monday when as far as we knew he'd sit in his jail cell and you know I was preparing to appeal his first conviction. I look at I. That another caller said that he had heard this before I'm not a whole idea I haven't heard it I'd never until she said it Monday I had never heard. Any inkling that that was a possibility. Yeah again and if that was the rumor but there was a rumor for many years that the the previous caller. Again why that's happening now but what why did it why did it wait until. Early this morning for that to catch up to you for that ultimately the you know what you decide to do what would happen sooner. I don't know I mean you would expect and I would expect yeah Marty some New Hampshire hey Marty I don't. And blew all you guys doing. A couple of and quick Fatah did not call the debate the conviction of first degree murder of lord Lloyd. But not sure if you guys were aware that there is and archaic legal principle. From my English law of that is. Found blood in Massachusetts. It's is that there's such a thing called abatement. That and ratio. Yeah to help overthrow destruction it was soup. Hey it'd. You statement but the issue was suggesting at least according to global poorly with Martin Keeley chief legal counsel would mask by association that kinda. Dignity treating him is having donated in this and we end in the actual law. I understand what you're saying I understand about the archaic law I also understand by the way that they're talking about about repealing set archaic law. It it may in and let's be honest okay what we're talking about as a technicality of the of the archaic law exactly. You know it it does not mean that he is suddenly his conviction is overturned. That is not what it means that means that that his conviction is well. Marty when he used the term abatement that's fine. That it it it it is set aside because he had not yet had the opportunity to appeal it does not mean that he is suddenly found innocent. No home no not at all it. Again that what does that really matter anyway but you're still gonna look at them and you know ten years from now possibly breeze of air and desert like murder. Yeah thank you guys who yo. A great opportunity it was a it was a great player that he was it murder but that's what you're gonna think of regardless of what all that you know how it works out with all the you don't heals everything else marks in Springfield market next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood keep. I don't vote. Mark. I worked in corrections or fourteen year are electric and Eric Eric Eric I figured. But all kind of in the trio. Working. Now cruel but a bigger facility in remote like I want to book away and yeah. With America well. Over connector. At all. Well in the game here or other litigation that order. Regard or put the spirit of that Europe. But that particular click. I have been libeled another aspect of all there's no camera if your rate could. They're through the ultimate vision. And it download. Through the book that I took them about commitment love it. Even you know cookbook filled the computer well. All the noise very pure and regard America as well but that's ridiculous. Number through the month of all these him. And Kurt got collateral call Peter I had no autumn of luckily. And I was required not you know. To do a mindful that the. Quote a question where are there. Will there be video of Hernandez hanging themselves. No particular review all of it wouldn't wanna go there if your medical are about 2 o'clock. But could be up to a cut off and you know fifteen minutes of Tokyo is well look what can work in the off with YouTube and medical. Not so what what what we should have is will there be video of him walking into his cell and then you're welcome Alter. Although they still wanted things so. Last week he could find if you are due. All you have to do let you know every camera there though for each unit what corner. Well anyway I don't know who it felt about it. I have a Cheshire murder the customer Erica we'll look we're not able a lot of they were put him with these are quote they're like one week ago Tuesday and they built in buffalo Benedict and the cameras are. You know with regard. Wolf that. They're gone public. The people Paula Jones are all very you know I'm gonna pop wherever you go anyone let go enough the power of oh I don't go. They're they're they're kind of got all our point. And by the way every corrections officer in the facility notes all of this all too well. You'd have to be what moron. If you were corrections officer and you decided I'm gonna take out Aaron Hernandez here tonight. Now want to uproot or to be up there you about in particular aren't in the convertible. But right now with a doctorate unit. Into a job there's a bit I think mr. Pandit would probably not every thirty minutes if not fifteen. Reviewing the high profile and it like people want to see America securities. He was not he was on suicide watch in the aftermath of his conviction for the old Lloyd case. He was not on suicide watch now. You people and figure out who put what it would miniature they administrative law. Well I don't know what we're peculiar surely all of what we're unique Uighur. But book the unibody was there are hearing here what your uncle or your rear air and water and Obama will vote the way out. On you know it you to you know. Not guilty. All of he. Certain route walk around there are at least there are. Carol. Even at 3 o'clock in the morning. Are we were here in America there quote picture. At all day shift I understand. You know. That that they're rested their time effort or. You have to promote. All humble. Or play golf and they're not thought about what facility are if they're good hour checking their. But how clever how ultra cut back. Well a lot of we think about their job and I'm like oh I walked out of the dugout but he left little vote there is black or it was thought if you will. I don't know because hanging from the window. It opt out there were two I get it it's the Hollywood cheating in the sheet. Off the kind of caulking. Because you'd probably have a they'll go to work it would be. A figure of thought. All the would be a far better for the funeral latter if you go to oh latter then it would have leaned forward. To not being. Really and the awkward pairing. Yeah. I would appreciate call mark thank you and and look at them. It was my first thought when I heard that he hung himself and his cell of the people would use yeah now they said then that the department of corrections and their release said that he hung in. Using his bed sheet. Awful the window. Now I'm gonna guess hear him not having ever been in in Max the driver isn't enough that it it probably wasn't you know seven feet off the floor. The window like me not you know he's six foot four yeah. Which means it as I was thinking about this that you know he's basically got to take his feet off the floor right. Which means you know it's not like like if you if you hang in yourself things out snap snap your neck or something and it happens like that. Now this was long and painful and yes excruciating. Unless someone else than it is. Now nothing. Again I think about it what don't know I also mean absolutely no. The committee if fact it's going down the more I think about it. You know get guests again no one can go win that cell without being seen this can't happen. Some of them. I what what if what about you don't like my other one or maybe they they whisper to a motel you need to that you needed to yourself or your that was different. If I had a reason why yes there. But you don't work on it up back at our opponent very hard to. About I don't know if all told us they it's got to go out around I think that's true I feel so good myself that we don't know two point 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. It's dale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Jerry West and Johnny is just down the street from the darkness. We take up until 6 o'clock we told you earlier that your opium doctor from channel four investigative reporter from channel four. Heck tweeted out that according to a source Aaron Hernandez had the the word John 316 written on his head. Bob Ward fox 45 as a amplified in according to his source Aaron Hernandez was found with John 316. Written in blood on his forehead. And an open Bible in his cell. Now. I mean you can get bloody easily immediate interior told us they had he had I mean you know. Pitcher fingered you out whatever it is that's another thing to look forward to see if you have any kind of economy so first before you did this and you would have to have some sort of born to. Worlds were right there's no other way you would think that yummy. That's knows these days knock himself out there we're who. I mean so we've already gotten. Three extra details that we didn't have early this morning right yet the Bible open yet John 316 written on a manager in blog. We're in order to get more details of the as a continues Greg Bedard. Adds to the to the to the treasure trove via Libya he tweets out he he re tweets Bob Ward's tweet. You know the John 316 was written in blood on his forehead. Bedard ads hurt this as well. And stigmata like marks. But happened confirmed. Loses you know fox will be fired producers and sources tell fox 15 he cut his finger and wrote on his word to welcome to Ashton. Video what are stigmata. Like a Marxist in the movie right by your hand us the ma. And he hands the flea flicker it crucified. That's the model it marks those responses at the marks of where Christ was edited the nail western division that he's a day at notre dogs that didn't burn. But a great actor but I I was trying to elephants try to wonder. Miller's crossing what he has to cut himself list. Now she's yet to see if the ship after he has had a shank and it's a room before write him two years ago so priced fashion and I don't. So you know what it sounds more and more. So that. That these crazy and ultimately as soon as we just learned that today committed suicide read I agree with you on a crazy part I still wanna sees the war these details before I convince myself to suicide. We keep giving you a whole bunch of new stuff like our as the afternoon goes on and it's true we we learn more and more stuff. That's true Dan it's on the cellphone Daniel next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood ski. They'll keep he had been. Yeah. So that want but I haven't heard anyone mention. Promote a year ago when he first got arrested. Eat in his couldn't figure it out they've found the. Clapper. And the metric weight on it but they found a clock throughout Ethiopian ain't about. And there was suggestion that he had in fact been using. Now that we did not yet have brought up the thing not a mark and you know that this written plot to blow up lies that are like eighty billion thing. And being somewhat but then they'd backed notes and he did reach out in this was just they spur of the moment thing. Diets and look at certainly possible I certainly know that it that drugs are available. Tonight to prisoners behind bars and you know that they can get a hold of things and people can get them so I I'm not denying that at all I've. Is it possible sure. Yeah mixes as possible and everything else we've discussed for the most part I mean the more the the more the details come in the that the stranger this thing. Yeah this thing sounds that. Channel seven it's got a story out that says that both Aaron Hernandez is attorneys. And his fiance. What do they keep saying that term what I what are when they were gonna get married. Lottery to put them off you know they're probably waiting for Libya would break that that both the attorneys and shot down at Jenkins were shocked. Quotation marks shocked it at his sudden death. I I wasn't shocked I mean I I can honestly I want if I could put myself in the position. Are staring at these four walls and eight by ten foot cell you know and think this is my life for the next sixty years. I could easily put myself in the position saying forget it I'd I can't do this what if you've already done it for four years and you know just 58 to goers and on top of that that I don't know of the saying it it's not like you were there for two weeks and realize that this that you can't do it at Dover for years and you've got a big outbreak it's possible I understand he was still serving a life sentence bought. He was just found not guilty of a double murder right and he saw the emotion on its face to an end you know many of us are saying Ari. Okay finally your go celebrate that back in prison for the rest of your life. But if it opens up that kind of appeal. I would think that would be worth trying to hang on to area and you have maybe it's even if the 1% chance or less than 1% chance. That something may be that you would you want a little war so that's why I was surprised because the timetable that francs up in New Hampshire hey frank I don't. I'm trying to met again frank Dario. We have a frozen computer and we deal. Andy if you could hit low lying to forming francs on line two and will reap reestablish our computer connection with the French franc carry it. Well well hello frank. Patrick yeah I'm. I'm gonna pay a stimulus humidity got to guys Africa well are just retired. But he's he's a and out. Is there is there's nobody going at it at trial without anything. On. Fire alarm and my concern. On midnight. If they do one hour rounds. Not there's no camera followed them around campus itself. Not a militant that it got people talkative. This one. So let me ask you that frank is there any chance that there could have been involved play in there at that 3 AM. Absolutely not mean they date locked in it and I am and the only reason they come out. A breakfast like they have on a medical. Appointment. Because if they come off insulin or anything like that that's the only time they come on any earlier than. But from the time they locked in at 10 o'clock. Oh. That worship comes then he's pretty much an assault by themselves and and his two camera than every block. Or point in different directions so this is video coverage. The whole entire blocks so anybody was to go in there come out it would be. Yeah I mean and that was my impression as well that no one could have gone into or out of that cell without it being on video and not the sort of video work. I'm just Cody race this few minutes having it says some doubts that now it's downloaded to computer system meant. Channel four has added to some of the information it's gonna you're gonna like some of the stuff airline well just in terms of the fleshing this out and battle that I can tell law enforcement. Officials sources dealt channel four investigators. They're looking into the possibility that Aaron Hernandez may have smoked synthetic marijuana. Called hate to move channel on Tuesday night yeah I now. They also say. Sources say investigators believe one of the last people to see Hernandez. Is a close friend. Who was now an isolation on what is called eyeball suicide watch. The 22 year old is in the health service unit with a 24 hour watch with a corrects an off a correction officer and camera watching his every move. Channel four says he appeared to have red marker on his hands and his feet. So red marker of the fluttered the red mark note though though the Bible verse on his forehead was reportedly implied. But channel four says he appeared to have red marker the stigmata marks on his hands and his feet. So the last caller arguments in the what he sees the and so this isn't that bought this it's that some more rain right that maybe what we said you looking there there are sources you can come up with with the drugs behind bars. And according to what channel four's reported. They believe he did and that he had smoked synthetic marijuana called K two months are I don't know much about two. They want her to work well for all out of the world but yeah but then and evidently this is what he was smoking. Or what you were smoking if that's the. It's not the talk around the world back me up. Everest a bucket to ensure a rematch with the I. Everyone else noses when you know Richard decent and not move up here with that Johnny's been enough yet there'll ever does. Is he sticking it to you that he's saying Burris. Right. Would would you see that stupid movie Kate to the widow makers. It might have ignited a little bit better without a submarine believed but the curve goes into it. Once there we go about the world's fault mountain climbing wounded. There. 6177797937. Its telephone number dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media. Michael how rich G plus 43 no we yeah. 7797937. This telephone number. Dale Hollywood heap no holly again today we're a little disappointed but we're always disappointed when the band is together. We're hopeful that Michael feel a little better be able to join us tomorrow. I don't they they'll week or so ago there was a virus ripping through his kids and I don't see you know he was a later I was a little nervous about. You know usually when you have kids in the house and they get sick you get sick eventually. What he did and hopefully he'll be back tomorrow or west and Johnny's. Literally a block down street from the TD garden Bruins and the Ottawa Senators tonight and. Do you feel about her Summers people who were eating this great food here because they're they're eaten like us a meal before they go to the Bruins game and dale saying. Aron had a somewhat blood on his head they don't think I'll be with you look at Laura the applied to her during its rank and we're we're. We're trying as best we can be key I get to data is as the information comes out. And it keeps coming out all afternoon long investigative reporters from all the TV stations are working out and obviously I'm sure the globe and herald. I think the globe reported that Jose Baez is on his way. To meet with the Hernandez. Family somewhere in the Boston area. And I and I don't know it's just have to commiserate or to talk about you know what the next step is served or any of that staff officer. Back to the calls the 6177797937. George some cellphone hate George I don't. I can't guard well I have read and there are no I can't believe you listed it on an unrelated charges he wants a I think the Patriot Act can he go its article after their salary cap. What was it that it was a question that we asked. You know we need it in the immediate aftermath we asked. Michael McCann that he was gonna have to look at the law now Miguel from Miguel salary cap page is set based on his initial reading of Massachusetts law. If he were a member of the patriots. Under the terms of this conviction he would have missed time for the team and in at a fortified your prison sentence so he believes it negates the contract but that was a little bit up in the air. Well I I hate real life and a great big apathy elbit I'm an attorney by the way. I I I think we have at least the opportunity. I'm not saying it figures that are you know. Don't what you what you artistry statement. But I beat you they have the opportunity to get there I'll be back at it felt. I don't think demagoguery a body from. A hard at it that are other other yeah I beat nobody thought anyway with the on those who is the first trial though. And out but that's what that's. Yeah I look I am I don't think there's any money left I suppose the reason for our release defense attorneys were were working. You know and see if they were getting any money at all it was way below what their normal rate would be. Now if it was you know the best possible kind of advertising for your Jose Baez and you know and and some well heeled defendant out there somewhere saying later this guy got Casey Anthony often. Now again Aaron Hernandez off I I need to hire this guy yeah. A fluid out so we thought there's a chance he might even do the appeal even if there wasn't a lot of money to be had there if he does that. You know at that it was Reza. Chris on the cell phone hey Chris how are you. Good good gentlemen welcome. Because of the archaic law of it is on the Massachusetts spoke about abatement. Here is a scenario in an angle that no one has the stuff you're ago since Aaron technically. Died an innocent man. Baez and his legal team can now. Go after the New England Patriots for wrongful termination of contract. And it went but repress their auditors and Chris that's a difference he did not die and innocent man. ET on the committee that conviction that conviction is set aside that it what city I did not say he's innocent. That that is the letter of the law wants to conviction it's set aside. Because he did not exhaust all his appeals in the process. Did innocent could never be fully adjudicated. And as thought the conviction. There's bound it set aside it's a continuation without finding a coiffed if you will. And because the boat sets of circumstances. It would give Biden is legal team argued that mr. Hernandez. Lot has wages because of wrongful termination. And the money would go into a trust fund for the benefit of his minor triumph. Boston coiffed he had less I I I understand what you're saying Chris and and and and I do know that that's been one of the big story lines today is that. Technically speaking Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man technically. At some point or another common sense will also prevail on the legal system might yet I can promise you that at some point common sense does actually play a part. Yeah die I there there was no wrongful termination of Aaron Hernandez now because of an archaic law that sets aside the conviction because he hadn't exhausted. His his appeal process because he killed himself. Yeah I mean I I'd again it is that you men you know the public is not gonna look back in and see him as an innocent. Man again I think. What what does that even really matter I guess the caller point was talking about the patriots in the in the money and things like that price still I still don't we that there. Ericsson Rhode Island Erica I don't. Hey guys think that in the coal. What's gone I I got a little bit about the Aaron an interesting and him being gay so I you know I myself closer imprisoned long time ago I was young once not out of it a bit with before you reinforce that if you will about eco. You've seen him on TV used in Smart when you think he still has led by the shore if you got at all if you doubt. While when he goes to jail convicted of these things or or you know on trial waiting to see that he's convicted and I felt people in sight that look up to what that is. The more dirt he's done on the outside the more credible he would on the inside and not you don't win and you got these. See these group of this clicked if you will and and they are all part of the same thing in and your school this guy William cool the next guy or however you have. Now. Somebody says something. And or rumors start and you could be getting out everything you had when you were in there that you followed me to cool is now to excuse. And I feel that in and of itself. And and how small he was take from him though wanting his freedom he didn't seem to care for. Take from him his credibility or street cred or how hard he is first day. Now life is is it at a loss you don't mean. So so if and I'm trying to follow here so in other words because he was found in the city loses regret it it really jealous of guys right. No I don't know when it broke what I'm saying is I'm talking about they say there's a possibility of that negating rumors flying even if that's untrue. Every one that mouthful what you would they speak you know. That back so to speak what you have is credibility because on the inside you know there's many people who who look up to what that creepy guy it. Now what if that one guy who you know I mean. Might go. Get facts about presidential acts but that's enough that then tell yourself what would you. Arnold jeweler approval puffy where would you scheduled fight in there or something else or just deny it I don't know I mean again people brought this up. And maybe it's a factor maybe that maybe it's been going on for a long time there was this rumor airedale I had heard it until. This week but maybe that is you know more more. Problem that we thought but I don't think that is the reason of course. A lot of us just thrown out different ideas so I expect it to yet completely dismiss it because some of my ideas and people. Disagree with so whatever way until we have more information we already have throughout the course of the show we boarded added a few details. What's what went on enough self. 6177797937. As telephone number yeah Texas if you prefer 37937. We're down here west and Johnny he's the here till 6 o'clock. And at taking your calls right up until then Bruins and Ottawa Senators 730 faceoff tonight down the street here at the garden. Bruins need to win even this best of seven series at two wins apiece. We'll continue to talk about that you be if you like the added into the mix celtics' loss last night but oh hold on to people wanna talk about this. Aaron Hernandez thing as well let's dale and Holley which keep Sports Radio WEEI.

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