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Patriots visit White House and meet Donald Trump - audio and reaction

Apr 20, 2017|

We listen in as the Patriots meet the President and react to it afterwords.

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On the the large screen over our shoulder. The president. Of the United States Donald Trump be speaking to the patriots. Live at the White House they are all up and they'd been there for a couple hours. And an idiot sort of hit with a curve ball here but I don't know if it's possible to at least for a moment ago to this. And here with the president as saying we're here. Saying you couldn't do it the game was over. You pulled off the greatest super ball comeback of all time greatest comebacks of all. But the greatest super ball comeback of all time. And that was your special. I think I looked at odds and they gave you less than one half of 1%. Of winning the game. And then the coach said let's go for it three. He's losing by so much he said let's go to three and is it what is he doing now is a great decision. A talent I don't. The fort down conversion. By Danny Amendola was it. Way to go Danny. States. The big sacked. By Trey flowers. The exact way as strength of propaganda that they each island. You Lawrence island you hit that Natalie you're giant that he did it in mind hitting thank you take great job. The incredible catch by Julian addled. We all said not a poster out that is that could you know in the old days in Madison that was done. As replacing biggest dud like the replay. Go in June. I think of guys like Marcus cannon. And the offensive line. At some line. Format Slater who is awarded the 2017. Bart Starr award. For the character and leadership he's shown both on. And off the field. Malcolm Mitchell. True. Malcolm it too little as a rookie. Handled the pressure of the Super Bowl like an absolute true veteran. Way to go Malcolm. Which now. Ornate Abner. Who played in our Olympic rugby team last summer pretty good athlete right. And in Brazil and he was in Brazil playing and doing really well. And is an all pro special team guy and play there. So Nate congratulations when is it. Which is it tougher sport Nate footballer run. And a Philly you might soon. But everyone played a role and everybody played his champions. Who is the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. And it ended with a legendary victory. For this proud franchise. And for these absolutely. Terrific. Players. And coaches. You have the best record in football with fourteen wins. And only two losses and that doesn't happen by accident. It takes hard work dedication and a commitment. By every member of the team. To work together in pursuit. Of the ultimate goal of all that very few people achieve. And you've achieved it five times many via. And our coach and owner have achieved it five times great great talents great great people. Whether you tried to order super involved. Or rebuild our country as coach Belichick. Which today there are no. Days off. And just a quick story about the cuts so I had won the primaries and analysis rather heated election that a few of you read about. He wrote this beautiful. Letter. After the primaries congratulations. You said all sorts of things that were relieved that I mean it was really beautiful letter. And it was very close to going before the election and I called up and sit coats you mind. If I read the letter tonight to a stadium. Full of people in a very very big and important state. And they said. You know lot. I'd rather not have you do that could you send it back to me. I'm really give you another one. I said no that's OK now I wanna give you enough. Now immediately to me that means she's got to tone it down as what he said was so nice. And you know what he told it way up it was much better. It was much better. He made that the greatest letter and I did very well in that state thank you. But just a very special and he's tough is she tough out there. He's tough he's Smart and he's got a great heart. So the patriot coaches and these great players have delivered iconic American sports moments. That will last forever we're gonna watch a game over and over ago. That game will last. Forever. Five Super Bowl wins. In the era of free agency which is really really tough. Watered achievement. So again congratulations. To Super Bowl champion. New England Patriots. And would that I'd like to ask a very special and talented man. And a great friend of mine for a long time Bob Kraft. To say a few words thank you very much. Thank goodness the president. It's a true honor to be here for the fifth time celebrating a world championship. And every time we have the privilege of coming out of the White House. I think about the long odds that were face. Country's forefathers. Who fought for our freedom. And independence. Overcoming. Long odds through hard work. Perseverance. And most importantly mental toughness. Is the foundation. Of everything. That is great about this country. I am proud that the first time we came here as a team. After. Winning a championship. As fourteen point underdogs. But infinitely more important. Was it was in this season of 9/11. 2001. At a time and which nation. Showed its mental toughness. To rally together. And to rebound from a non thinkable tragedy. This year's championship. Was achieved after falling behind. But 25 points. A deficits low grade. That in the 97 year history of the yen up well. Over 20000. Games. That deficit had only been overcome. Seven times. In that same year. A very good friend of mine for over 25 years. A man who is mentally tough and hardworking. As anybody I know. Launched a campaign for the presidency. Again sixteen career politician. Facing it's almost as long as we face in the fourth quarter. He persevered to become the 45 president of the United States. That's a distinct honor for us to celebrate what was unequivocally. Our suite is championship. With a very good friend and somebody whose mental toughness and strand. I greatly admire. And I would like to call upon my coach to say few words but before. We like. It's symbolic. And global good. Thank you on non. Saw on behalf of the team the organization just wanna thank. President and his great staff. For just you know a wonderful day wonderful opportunity here. We had a great privilege to be here several times but. This one the way we're treated in the opportunities. The the being able lawless the new the president see inside the White House has just been that the so all along with prayed. The ring ceremony. As a team the end of the opportunity and privilege of coming of the White House. Is just. One of the great things that I won the Super Bowl and so we're we're privileged to be here. And we thank the president is great staff for the hospitality they've shown us also are great patriots fans here and threat patriot nation thank you for coming out today. It's. Is this press says is really a special team. These guys worked incredibly hard all year they put all the work in an advance when we did have a range of work. And and as the year went along you know poll seventy victories they were all off. On these guys are mentally tough the physically tough. They love to compete and I knew how to compete. Under pressure and that's probably won't play our best football as we saw in overtime in the Super Bowl so common currently proud and honored to. Coaches group whether coaching staffs are coaching staff that tremendous job this year and so purchase them. And in this day really is is a great. You know it's a great day forces it's a thrill to be here and we appreciate your support and we appreciate the gimmickry treatment that we received from. The president and his staff thank you very much. And we have one of the presentation make. Suitable 51 moment. Pay out photo op. As the the patriots have presented the president with a area so purple Jersey and outs of purple helmet. And they are removing the podiums so that they can get the the obligatory. Team picture with a president and all five Super Bowl trophies are. Lined up there. Up next of the presidential podium which has since been removed. And and now the photo op. And and somebody did account I was looking at Twitter early Iran it looks as though there are thirty. Four players who were there. That would leave a total of 33 players who were not there because obviously the practice squad guys get invited everybody everybody is invited to be a part of it. Some of them. We know about Tom Brady posted on social media that he was unable to be there because as we found out from my recent ESPN boston.com. His mom is here. And has been battling her illness so Tom Brady did not wanna go down to Washington today elected to spend today with his mother. Now employed in jail so we kind of a white he's not there Michael while Michael got its tail Michael Floyd in jail so serving his CI. Sentence sought out for the some of the other guys have publicly come out on. Social Mary and a dollar places Chris Long and others Martellus Bennett has said that they were not going to be there. And explained why. But the ceremony has been completed the speeches have been made the patriots. This there was there is only one other thing remaining and that's when they all get together at Robert Kraft how's this summer. Now that's a private deal red team only and they will be presented their championship rings and that will be the final celebration of the Super Bowl champ. Well generally it was also asked to generate yellow team's different I don't have much to do without the new team there without it another time to honor the other team Roger Goodell says you'll be there is that we will see if he's expected none of Foxborough for that but. Yes oils that are tough but Jeter grapple being pretty much written Middleton stating almost behind. President trump what is talking as we got are not sure how the father of the standing arrange I don't know him about his joy and a little right over the data show there. Well. But they have they've completed the ceremony. At the White House the patriots. There was a moment earlier today which I gotta gotta gotta give credit where credit is due it was really kind of cool. Sean Spicer is doing his regular daily press briefing in the white house press room. And the door behind Spicer opens up. Rocks sticks his head out the door and says can I help you this. And Spicer basically is now I think I got this thing to everybody laughed it was a cute little moment and everybody got a kick out of bad it was actually the most human Sean Spicer has looked since him. Since he got this game needs more properly I. And only brought Geithner has they got a big laugh out of it who evidently based on what Bill Belichick has said the players were given the opportunity to see the Oval Office. On the other with their welcome with open arms and that the friendship between belts they're craft and problem is though very clear with our display today. Yeah in fact I I thought Robert Kraft doubled down or tripled down on August friendship with trumpet it during his his remarks. Now there's a certain irony to the fact that the patriots were in the news earlier today for things beyond their control. They have not released a statement. Stacey James basically said they will not release a statement. This was prior to their to the White House trip there was no media availability. Failure brought what we just watched. I mean I guess people could have theoretically tried to yell out questions from the crowd and they didn't seem to do that though and I'm not sure what should be looking for. I'm I'm not exactly sure what you'd you'd want the patriots to say at this point auto either I I read night in here Bob police say this I don't know this is a direct quote but I saw that he said. That he was surprised. That the patriots would go on but this today now really why. I at a yeah I don't I don't understand the comment at all I mean I'm not sure what we don't know what are expected to do if you're the patriots yet I don't know and you know. They they give a statement at the time or when they when they released an amendment Bill Belichick spoke number no we take our questions on it to any question but he spoke about it and then. They were to move on. All right so the patriots have completed their their White House visit but the big story of the day of course happened about 3 o'clock this morning. At a prison in Sharon. Former patriot. And where is it then. Surely your chair and I I apologize surely. And former patriots tight and Aaron Hernandez. Apparently. Not throw that in for years you know I I certainly think they're suicide. And that's a that's part of the topic as well 6177797937. Is telephone number the tax minus 37937. We will get to your phone calls fairly early on were at west and Johnny's. The literally a block away from the garden which will be hopping tonight with Stanley Cup playoff game four between the Bruins. And the Ottawa Senators in fact it was hopping last night as well with. A Celtics game that didn't go quite so well. Not just up the street here Wentworth west and Johnny's being here till 6 o'clock. We'll get him the phone calls that you guys just a couple of minutes 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio WEEI.

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