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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 04-19-17

Apr 20, 2017|

We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

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About her thoughts about hair restoration specialist for growth of the season a disaster could acre commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an air disaster plan in place to make your client supporters are tenets are protected learn more at era serve dot com we are here at Weston Johnny's. The block away from the guards that it game four for the Bruins in the senators mod is in our bright studios. Pulled final drive action here for a spot we have our. What Charles Barkley. Who took some heat this week for comments he made about being uncomfortable watching Isiah Thomas breaking down crying before game want it. Of the Celtics bulls series last night on Cianci. Barkley fired back at his critics. A one address. Something that really bothered me. Why I heard about these nit wit fools idiots or complain when I was sent about this time most of the night making me uncomfortable. More and I don't care what you all think I don't care what your mom and added I think either just for the record what to insinuate. What I was trying to art what I was I want comfortable talking about his pain and then go on to basketball. Paula Newton did it meet with scum bags it is pop's. To try to make that a story. Cajole. Don't care reading to you my name to draw ratings don't do that. You have the talent as a sympathetic view web and it's out. Let me be me. I've talked guys you don't take any of this to that but I was talking about I was shipments enough about the best before you pomp. To try to make a big deal possibly just. Pisses me off obviously. OK some good and now you're good business suit others please let us know so we can join in next though because they like how the bottom all business just that they and there are like. Did Charles Barkley Karl soleil over the over the one word uncomfortable. What I don't know because you are. They know Jimmy as we were sitting here discussing that you what's comfortable about young man having the tragic death and his friends. That's actually understand what we're bark is talk about is that I heard and I sort of agree with the right you're watching him sit there Avery Bradley and I thought I told him he like it's it's uncomfortable to Wear one where. That we are watching this guy go through what he's going through so good Barkley can fire back my guess is he's talking about the the hot cakes shows that they Randy is a yup you know a I segment yesterday that it before whenever ones against one line in the days and ran with that not what Barkley on the Versa arguing about what's new with scum. And referenced you talk in the correctly except yours don't want you know I have with Barkley I don't care what you base and that is that they think it's really pisses me because well I got scared that we all carry in this field here at some level. A little bit but patriots visit the White House today to get through some of the highlights for stuff. Hours before the team to look for a long but the president Rob Gronkowski decide to drop in and interrupt Press Secretary shot sponsors press conference we'll see. What we'll see what pans out negotiation but I think there's not. It's. I got a guy that's put things here maybe but. I expect a CNN. It's. About that I'd love to have rockets questions prompt a Europe that. What's the next move in Syria rob what what's the what's the plan. We've North Korea would what's going on next would you dude king Jim Jones moved in but it. I would really trust Romania between Steele for Easter. Shots by there quite a little off season here Enron as surprised as every offseason come. These people who flew easy to make by the way now play only way to not evolved Belichick press count seagate mentions. Face Graham the combined to social media platforms and Dan roach swollen obviously the last ten days ago it's that I don't. Bill I know what MySpace is. To be fair to those members of the media. Dale and Michael and rich laugh when he meant it. And his weekly it like I I hear them on the you know this day and month is little Jeff Gordon yeah. At this morning the call back that the guys at the highs for comedies cult of the back. Now what your guys Donald Trump you animals are wild about the patriots and hear his thoughts. On Robert Kraft and Bob. It's. I mean he made respectful and you know they have that put him in bella check for. You do so much to support John Mellencamp Bob's been my friend for a long time and he wants to support. Our boosters so. What a group of champions all of them and Bob I wanna commend you. That building such an extraordinary organization. Five Super Bowl victories since 2002. Really unbelievable and I'll say this right now to its divers you know it was a very good friend of mine. And George was a great chance to put it was it didn't more turmoil. A little more turmoil in his victories and that's OK he was another great one. And Holmes talked about it. Runner and shout out today George Steinbrenner was mentioned more than. Certain ones sort of it now trump also took us through. Yeah all the overtime suitable for the greatest comeback it's Super Bowl history here is breakdown with your backs against the wall. And the pundits. Little on what they're wrong that. Saying you couldn't do it the game was over. You pulled off the greatest Super Bowl come back doubled them the greatest comebacks civil. But the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time. And that was his special. I think I looked at odds that they gave you less than one half of 1%. Of winning the game. Then the coach said let's go for three. He's losing by so much he said let's go to three and is it what is he doing it was a great decision. Now on that note. They talk I don't CNET and I'm sure it is we don't know we can't tell I am now sure. Now you mentioned a lot of players you sigh of a couple of special team murders you know the fourth and that's what receivers on the team to beat it throughout the Russell shot up the tree flowers. The big sacked. By train hours. Where it's right now what. They shot at them. You weren't when you. Words I needed it in my Diddy thank you very great yeah. That was the way you put your hand up is that no. You know our way he remembers that play that is written directly from Johns guys or somebody on the team. What guard here's who's here here here here half the team was here the pitch out these players now one guy that. Wasn't there to maybe only what that he shouted out was gaining an adult the fourth down conversion. By Danny Amendola. Is there. Way to go Danny. States. But there the thing is that although that it would go that respondent footers that thanks. For the shout out plummeting Oscar for sex we do have the sound any right at him mentioning the greatest quarterback of all time his friend Tom Brady we'll play the kind of had mentioned Brady today. Yes that was weird there's no doubt all he had that that is deep walker tomorrow that Tom Brady was not there is some story. The fact trump didn't mention him didn't escape so huge it's connected trade flowers and not Tom Brady at the White House. You know that Eisner imagine or imagine Matthew Slater you mentioned that back Malcolm Mitchell who's going through the whole team except for tougher the it Munich I would vote with the spread we'll dig this on first pitch before a Red Sox face. Or they go also you had. Don't try to be asked Robert Kraft this speak at this point you know after all the compliments he got it turned things around enough crap to say nice things about golf from. This year's championship. Was achieved after falling behind. By 25 points. A deficit slow gritty. That in the 97 year history of the yen up well. Over 20000. Games. That deficit had only been overcome. Seven time. In that same year. A very good friend of mine for over 25 years. A man who is mentally tough and hard working. As anybody you know launched a campaign for the presidency. Again sixteen career politician. Facing odds almost as long as we've queries. Or. He persevered to become the 45 president of the United States. And you see a lot of similarities I would equipment at trump presidency at the patriots are on twentieth of march 283. Big yell back nobody believed did not sure absolute practically. Practice the same thing yes finally we've been hearing many crazy and unfounded conspiracy theories or keeps piercings today from callers. Good certain air Hernandez suicide and apparently we're not alone. But you in particular will appreciate this conspiracy theory that was presented to Mike Fred Seth that it out of New York. As one Moylan in the weather go in my c'mon Phil some might. I might hate god it was a so this whole thing and this same people at the World Series and whatever but if you did watch the wire on HBO. Stringer bell and a million to. I haven't done them without the Mike but I don't know what come on stop with the TV show aside and sees. On the off with a TV shows. And I did I have watched the wire but stop with the team he's so it's okay so he would do you know what and it and it's it's proved that he was killed in Israel. So obvious. So be it from my point was that's not what this I am right now. And let them do investigations and then you guys who like the why Aaron who wanna get a goal was jailhouse intrigued him you know get involved in the Johnson tree. The song was so it's an in the was gonna convince you of anything different anyway you know that. Conspiracy people. All conspiracy theorists the new album you can't change their thought process. That's what they want they got a conspiracy for everybody so when they say a suicide it's really murder. And you're not gonna convince anybody else salute that it's not that's just the way there's. Both Roche announced. I guarantee you that has never watch the wives he has no idea it's for. Stringer bell was more concerned about his new real state this is that he was desperate to with the Avon Barksdale. It's a spoiler rat him out because of moral stand field. And then gets in and buy side side though box I don't sleep but the actual life.

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