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OMF - Celtics get blown out at home and are on the verge of elimination, 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

HOUR 3 - Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss last night's embarrassing performance by the #1 seeded Boston Celtics.

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Ford will emerge Loney and forty. Christian aren't Sports Radio. As for political optics. Whether it's Kraft telling the White House the white house press operation from a presence thing is this the best topic you want. This is an unconventional administration I think everyone can objectively you'd. But it's about me I'm just surprised yeah or does that add very so. I don't understand. Where you even bring that what optics. Now why you would you bring. That because of the Aaron Hernandez. Suicide. You're gonna cancel the trip not notice they should not canceled for a man. Potato pressured us hazard your head into the meat and the White House. Afterwards are going to be it's all at one's gonna wanna talk about OK I don't know which players you can can you knew I mean can you need our help they're good at that don't have to agree that it. Give me some players who are a team Matthew Slater Rob Ninkovich who even knew him. On the team now currently on team new Aaron play Rob Gronkowski now serves at retail price. Discounts and yeah everybody thought I saw somewhere that there were eleven players. Let's not think somewhere and ample but majority guys are gone they have no clue we have just heard about her out it's easy to say you can ignore it. Yeah you can. But I promised him Bob Lee's point. The Eagles surprised the the patriots didn't cancel the patriots by the way you're not even meet state known about Aaron Hernandez did not that there are so memorabilia and build if you built talked about it on his. That was treacherous. CNBC the Suzy wells word association game menus pioneered this. Tragic. Okay that's the tragedy what that he's dead. It is tragic that he's dead. No oil revenue what was our money to exit strategy responding to the trucker gonna you know flip around and try and change and look at it I just sit there go at least treasury 88. Bills that is a tragedy because you're perfect too tired and sacked him planning on using for a long long time it's a tragedy took awhile from the get back at different levels of the tragedy Louie and look at it that way. I were almost two hours into we we got against the Celtics here are. Good you are primed and ready to go yet are the one liners and stats right ago you know. Listen this is a disgrace what is happening you did not coming back. Look at the history. You just don't come back from losing two home games. And don't give me this the Chicago Bulls are audit which are better candidates are kind of bond both experienced playoff team and it's a good being our own guts yeah I was doing that cold nights and I am telling you of the green team owners are using that lashing onto it. I said this weeks ago. That I expected this team based on what I've seen all season long. And the way they play the game and do they have weaknesses absolutely. Not a good rebounding team they also have problems when I say it's not on the full maybe they are not your perfect number one seed but I X. Acted based on where they fell into the bracket they ran the they're going to get themselves to the Eastern Conference finals and everything less than that is disappointing. Losing the first two games at all. Against an eighth seed and I've the green team receiving or making excuses so we were shot Rondo that they could. Run out of town fast enough because she couldn't keep his head on straight and he sucked and they are all excited because they can't shake the reform. Suddenly Rajon Rondo is his great hall of fame is you might like it any of our technology not allowing him to our our allowing them to our dad okay but you allow ladies he's playing he's taken what they get into this exactly he would keep it tied it but no prejudice record Boris says but don't you mean this is Chicago was suddenly no great team. What has happened here. Is the Celtics. Have been horrendous. And and I heard this last night. While Chicago was one of the best teams down the stretch really got to look terrible a terrible scheduled a week has no I didn't say that more harassment in March to twelve Celtics play doubles that was sixteen games left in the season. They Celtics blew them out by twenty from that point out rebounded us didn't last sixteen games. Okay Chicago was 97. Estimates while in full Boston played more difficult opponent stop this that Chicago. Changed up in the last if they work they were seven and three in the last thing gains Austin was 73 with tougher opponents. This is all about the Celtics. This is all of. It is sensible about the Celtics to me that it was the the bulls and yes genre and we've seen this before from him he's disinterested in a regular season. He gets prime time you put a matchup vs Boston which is who traded him. He's gonna be up for. You know each and turn it back the clock. He can go by Isiah Thomas and the hell he wants. So once you as they often don't. Mailer went go to throw to post if it difficult when you guys in October careers why. How would you know being a little bit it's it's everybody's what is you can go up and down its roster. You can get on everyone I mean I'd love to see if you would stretch Al Horford. OK but he's not the only one amid a mayor Johnson should never play again. It was kind of I. Would anybody be finding guys your guys to talk about it the guy calling yesterday is solid minute Kyle seller should start. Over Amir Johnson at first of Chaka McCoy knowing that that that far off he did the second but why why not Amir Johnson was being pushed around. Robin Robin Lopez looked like he was Shaquille O'Neal it is some believe could not move him. If I hit one more person's appearance and warm and Lopez is a good player he's not even close to being in the past low and it's okay. He is not a British Open is that you did it point six rebound got if you're talking about the young three Jordan you're talking about Rudy go bear you're talking about even Dwight Howard. Are willing to engage when the conversation about say oh they're gonna be difficult because you're not big up front. This is Robin freaked him Lopez stop pick it. But if you if you leave Robin Lopez. Wide open at fifteen to 1718. Feet he's gonna make those shots faults that. Well that's a different football that's right I mean is that all are allowing Robin Lopez I get exact about these great moves but. I was watching him the other day they were doing missile standout. On in your view with somebody else and Robin Lopez's in the background. And they did it kept going back and forth Rob Lowe but just kept going around around the key outside the key at 1518 feet. Not not not doing a jump shot just shooting just real quickly shooting making everyone all the shots easy and you saw mate last night. Saying look Christian it looked like it looked like you didn't know he'd be made to shop because it was such a perfect shot and go watch your Alley that don't want to Smart before urging shoot. He doesn't miss if you if you if you don't. Do you them up or at least show about four rec program clearly going to engage them of what. What I was only the. Rush I'll put you play no defense whatsoever again Rhonda ticket to the basket how many times you see guys ticket fund assets that with with there's actually zero rotation or I mean zero defensive rotation their routine defense which is nothing. So we're Bret Stephens and all this can. So he certainly therapies it was a good teacher you throat Danny's and there are also is from all and there's a good teacher she's a good developer. He builds up talent so that you can win 53 games and by the way that is no small accomplishment that's why I'm so disappointed and pissed off today about their their first two games because that is an accomplishment. You did something bad is not by law you could sit there and say that the worst first she'd ever okay fine. But to win 53. Appeared during the regular season is not easy. And just throw all the way the way they're doing right now and it's it's a well we just don't don't wait. The Chicago us first of all that's vastly overrated the lights because they got rid of their best rebounder at the trading deadline. They got it did cause you some problems. So give me that's crap. But what about the ball panel brought up turnovers Celtics yet they did there was no ball security well what I think that was the defense we're outstanding manager shooting and old ball movement every. Think game one the issue to me was rebound yes OK gain too it was everything turnovers. And offensively. That was offered what in God's name are they trying to do it was about five and a half minutes a goal in the third quarter. And they were down by I think ten. And I'd never seen panic in a team like a solid acting like it was frantic. They would come down they won't even running an offense they weren't moving the ball at all it seemed like they were down ten. With a committed to going to just running around running out of time to panic five and a half minutes to go in the third quarter down ten. And they got away from everything up pitchers started chucking up threes random shots. Early shots and the shot clock they went running and offers they are doing anything. In the last quarter and a half. I I don't even know what the hell that was Cher's show was basketball that is set up one offensive play at all. As yet but it's going to be easy today for people listen parents soccer Isiah Sox are re short. And then the celtics' backcourt Sox in this guy stocks and Horford sucked. You don't sock when you go wild in win 53 games. It's an accomplishment. And they deserve to be treated with that accomplishment that it was something so what the hell has happened here. Something is totally happened here where everything is falling apart with his team. And you know you can sit there and talk about Rondo all you want I agree with you Lou we're Brad Stevens changing up on Rondo were brought us killing you. Nobody on this crazy if he is crazy you'll get a handle physically forced Rondo to do some crazy. Did I say yes or muscles aren't just hit. Ross ice irritated constantly off picks give them off the ball get them involved in your profits again but here's the biggest problem I had an in this game last. I'm looking at the numbers here Robin Lopez was eight of eleven. Was that possible okay league wide open is a great shooter but it. Our poll. Answer yes or no he's going to be the zipper BA he will resign he plays but he replaced Bob reports he was six of eight it is and how it was six of. Eight because they beat up Bobbie orders he didn't do anything edited there there another bad guys showed up that mirror attached. Yesterday five of thirteen. He had thirteen points he had seven rebounds in this game I thought I don't you watch this team defensively. And they taught me at one point. I forget what was on a quick shot America's might hit the shot or whatever wasn't deep three unique and he made a comment doesn't and they just. They have so many shooters that they can beat you with. Not significantly the school. That's mere picture tick but Jimmy Butler your stick it to the basket he's a mid range jumper just jump guys not a three point Gunner Robin Lopez. He's underneath picnic at noble shot which he's shown all that Dwyane Wade. Is he gonna Rosie got a stick that basket ball Rondo as a matter of fact they don't have any no. They have guys wanna take you to know and they didn't do whatever they want it to different occasion that's all they get so many shooters on his team that competes with Sony different people from the outside advocate. No we can't. No they don't think they'd they have got to take it to the basket that. Slash yours that's the defense right now with a glitzy arson now this is a really good team close look at the history Rondo. It did a Dwyane Wade he's gone to the hot tub time machine stop pick. They are losing Joseph waits hockey team. This is an aide saying. This but what's even Milwaukee Milwaukee is legitimate out there they're giving Toronto fits right now and there are legitimate they are team I would worry about. Chicago tea please do it. Additionally it looks like next round out the video Washington law or now all that's all we are now as the bird's does that stirs everybody's level candidates there's not a does audio interface definitely their banks. Will be. Irrelevant it won't matter to back will be squashed hopes and it happened again to replace Bob reporters. Beat Dayton Indy knuckle down that street a negative point but nobody else replaces its point. All five all five of the bulls are all double digits. All of bulbous that was the other thing this is about the stops using the at six in double thinks that kind of able but they're also idea plus exerted sixteen let and. Game one it was about bench yet right it was about rebound now early on I think I think it was amazing is that the subs came out what 70 run. And then all of a sudden end and in the bolsters a charge state the basket and I think they had five offensive rebounds in the next thankful minutes ago was that here we go again. But it wasn't about the rebounds. This is more about the starters. Not the bench you know this is more about turnovers and and just know offensive rhythm whatsoever. You know and it wasn't like watching game one this is completely different. It's a terrible thing this is this terrible frustration over well there isn't the reason that that Rajon Rondo had fourteen cents. It's because you warn not defending mirror attached Lopez wade. A zips you'll like defending anybody so he was passing it to them getting him and opened situations. And they were scoring. That's the only reason it wasn't like Rondo took over that game Chicago shot 51%. In this game. 51%. From. You used to be a good defensive team there was no defense. Any great numbers mean Rondo goes by Isaiah whatever he wants. Sole. What's that blue moon when there was actually rotation. Nosed defensively. Than he was just finding whoever he wanted me there was nothing was it nice big kick cover him. He can't stop him right in this Saturday and shoot. He's at a New Jersey this guy's this and when I went you know went well out LeBron James would cover Rondo. I bee basically he would just in league Malone right you just help defense everybody else. Run it up the ball atop the cute three point night and he beat down the paint look at for someone to cover. Shoot that thing instead there in his face so why don't hear it Rondo bases goal but that god can't shoot you have to show yeah so why don't so tight on him so is it. So you're saying it's a coaching future iPod growth through the roster what is it well I think his ball rolled the Ross I don't know if it's apparent that they had about a loss they don't have what it was gonna cover and about must have been who's guarding Pau in the Christian god and they want just anything nobody Jimmy RD. I mean Jimmy Butler Butler not kill you last that you did noting that you bring one game order in this series and he's averaging one point hornets points a game point five rebounds five point five assists and two games you. Jae Crowder can't government ultimate big Avery Bradley you listen to point on Jimmy Butler is not kill you in this series if that we but it is that I'll be screaming get in it was killing you. Portis is killing you zips or is killing you both very there is still part of the Gaza Timmy Clark the real I don't have a lot of people there again that turns into a bench issue. Your bench guys can't cover just fixed it all he's done wrong. They have no danger right. They know aren't different or how has left different yes they are different obviously different right now you're being exposed for what you are Isiah Thomas. You would think OK Max guy but you can obviously tell. He can't play defense at all he can beat you pretty easily I know now once value voters a bench and now all we all know. And now you're shortening years you're not sure what you're doing is your last your lessons for block yes everyone's gonna place how is Els played very rosy years playing Tyler Zeller right and isolating you can ask you put everybody glad you put in Tyler Zeller. It has sorted eventually did the pensions don't make good buddies you this is the worst possible thing to happen at the right now. The worst possible thing you got about the Max contract that he needs to be Jimmy Butler. He's not to be bought this he has a one he only has one game and that is offense. That's it it's gonna hurt and out in more Richmond just is ours is his credibility and we're getting a bigger doesn't really gonna blame myself some are smugglers to behave so you want Max money is gonna get it it's on less money he's getting much more. Yes whether it's here or elsewhere he's getting next regulatory yeah. I'm not a matter what you guys are Max money guys Jenny that's when you play out you know he's. No they don't on I mean there's a maximum gonna all right I would sit out hampered last few terrible season did nothing. In the post season and he's in Mexico onto this guy Isaiah I massacres or doesn't it's not it and I thought it. Thomas is a Max contract player. If you don't that's gonna get questioned whether they wanted to know how are those not helping you win the last game unless I'm not done it Al hoberman helping you wanna know him. Isn't all we did know what class you're either got to get teams have the money they need to hit the TV money. There's all this money you've got a huge number now we get at a time what that money in the money is up from two years ago 167%. That's where your money is right now you've got all those new TV contract. There's tons of money you're gonna have tons of Max contract guys all littered all over the league that you gonna sit there it's like they're not a Max contract while the old they weren't. The new days they are knew what I like this and I think. What's Avery Bradley's excuse. I don't five for fifteen last night defensively. Eric you're talking about you know the one matchup big to watch for the Celtics that. I Avery Bradley and Dwayne Wayne good luck right now is he gonna dominate that won some skating dominated. Right now he's not shooting it looks as it looks scared. Nothing Jay Garner like you get about it you can go up and down this roster. Right now and last night was one of those nights we actually appreciated Alec markets Smart. Because when that seems like when the team freaking quits he doesn't at least the effort is there here yet and he's got his art he's not a perfect player. But at least. When everybody just seems to have given up he's the one guy out there that at least doesn't look like you scare. Okay we're gonna take a break and we're gonna get to the phone calls and we'll talk some Celtics with you and the frustration of these first two games all the stash away from the coaches occurs to me. One of the big problems you have when you get to the postseason. If you're gonna play long series against teams it's a matter of matchups and it's a matter of exploiting the weakness of the other team. And hiding Euro weakness Brad Stevens has done none of that. Zero he looks overwhelmed. Overmatched. By a guy hole it is is barely. In the in the NBA right now. In his coaching counterpart this to me is amazing and I never thought I would say this because I really believe this guy was a really good coach he's making. Zero changes during the course of a game. You're getting exploited by Rajon Rondo. And where the alterations made at that point in the game that's what NBA playoff basketball is all about he's giving you enough. I took a phone calls we go coming up next the sex once 77979%. On home. Explored ways and moaning and forties. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Make good. It's god getting every. The Celtics. Really gonna have their problems the rest of the series tonight at its. Absolute jumble. That's that's it's always Tommy comes out since they're better team. I the editor and have problems and this is not have been like affinity but I had a better believe he thinks they're better team. Contradicted its not the easiest and right now the futures though look like course assuming everything working food my everything is working for them right now known and. I don't know I think they know not to let us rolls Celtic all the polls everything's working everything's working so everything we see that would that would happen happened the whole anatomy of an upset. We did that weaker week and a half ago. Figure stars were gonna have to deliver you're you're gonna have to get something from Dwyane Wade you did you did yesterday 22 points eleven of those points coming crunch time in the fourth quarter. A Jimmy Butler nobody stop whatever he's doing pretty much whatever he wants to do. You're Robin Lopez having the game he had Robin rebounding out rebounding them out fighting them out physically and then then you could have bench players. And who you do. Just eight X who X I'm not pick up the I did an air yesterday and I don't know it's okay president don't bearcats don't Bobby Portis and admit it he's a starter no I just started I said you know Bobby portage garner said here yes though I'm going to have a bailout loans now. I'm talking about points and not a starter. Non starter Ramon bench players but that circles thought yesterday Bobby port is the game before that role next role guys on the road are being Michael Carter William AT&T Michael in that case. You really got it you. Can put that critic Phil ports. Port comes back down to earth. And Nvidia disaster in the Eagles off you know really do you really believe that Chicago's or is it more Boston's economic when that. Because it's easier for him to stay. And cling on to the Celtics green. And a lot of the green team is delusional like god this team is great. Do you view regime. Would take a swap right now swap off Isiah Thomas for Rajon Rondo. And it and it notes and a what a tradeoff and this trust anybody want to but I will tell you any greater than those that it goes beyond there's going to I don't take on a team Chicago the one god it goes beyond that I didn't run it goes beyond the roster it goes beyond the coaching. Just look at the bench look at the difference in the benches the Celtics. Sitting on their hands just watching the game. And they need the ball at all at all. Any share op Ed don't ask you know don't act the way past due body language lot of language. About one side of what I okayed you this. You make a tackle in the open field. At a team that rallied around that gotta tackle the field tackles and a player and and hi I ended jumping around you tell me there's not more energy and ideas to attend and children but you don't. Hasn't exactly and you have won so I would has added to hit and it's not yourself. He's got to Africa at home and out of your mind. You tell me that that's a bit just after the decision Atlanta at the back side right now it does then it's over matter is not over selling. One side is into it. The entire team but bad the other side the only get excited. When he came close when he almost tied it up. When they were when they were there when they are making up the difference Obama Lloyd's home now it's everything that they're all you can pinpoint his Dakota GU does point to the roster. One side said hey that's also when anyways yeah I would actually has. It hasn't identity and has its initial look at people are saying that if the worst one feat ever that is the sounds unknown no. Okay you wanna go on. You gonna continue to keep my feet you say I beat every dollar fish I mean here's what happened last night is nothing to do with the body language on the silent. Sand and had everything to orbits every road here even his hip ads like no it doesn't look at the sandbags there it is everybody did a good job bigger. Last year William Boyd I'm Matt legged out a he has been informed don't drag out battle it out. 51%. Chicago shoots in nineteen. They shoot from three point territory 40% you know one. Nobody got a hand in their things. Old buddy rotating the old woody play defense here's the other and I think there's don't you pick out and about it differently rebounding was not a problem last night. Or it was not a problem yes but it was not over on the game low it was not a major blow up he was the problem. The committed sixteen turnovers because they couldn't handle the ball. That converted blocked 23. Lead bulls point those guys cheerleading now sitting at the end of the bench next to the paying customers this is the guys on. You order your existing internal borders have reached 153 point there's a reason why the how many big service. Eight points there's a reason why is that there Hubert department there's the reason because that's part of the bigger picture it it's one of the pieces of the puzzle that. That is paid a picture that you're seeing night after night. There's one side. One side is obviously more engaged in into the game then the other side a we're talking about want to hurt. While we're talking about after we're talking about rebounding. About everything why wasn't I think gave the bank does not take a look at I think it is. It's effort in this alive and at and I don't think you can look at this roster we all thought the Ross who get exposed is not the first round with a getting exposed now. They are what they are and you know before when you looked at this team the effort going to be there and Brad Stevens a nightly basis between to a ton of games in the regular season. But in a post season. Every single night. The other teams that that same. You know that same edge that same effort. That you bring you know which you give you look at and say god bless you guys you're able to go there ever seen an interagency team it's back to back. And bring the same energy and effort. But we get to post season and it's actually matched by the team. On the other side you know I used that is used to having more energy more effort. On a nightly basis you get that a post season and now they're more engaged in maybe they weren't regular season it's playoff time. And he just don't have to match you don't you don't have this victory should be better than necessary but eventually there are gonna get. Thought in his yard sharpen players are totally disagree with votes if you don't. You don't win 53 guess you don't you don't. You do it doesn't I don't ever get to do that the only difference is effort now what you're there aren't as our neighbors didn't show up and didn't wanna play. Here's what this here's what happened in the Energizer bunny and that's about it all right I think I was what I. Oh you are wrong that's the difference between winning 53 in winning 46. A 45 MB maybe who they really are. A 4540 fall wins what as far as like where they are to balance of these other teams but when you give an effort that's that's good for another 678 wins. In a regular season it doesn't explain all 53. But it does explain why you are 53 maybe not at 4445. Was what may be downward. Really would be well here's the difference when you get into the postseason it becomes a strategy game and it becomes exploiting the other personnel on the other team. And right now Fred horrid work has done a far superior job to what Stephen system. Okay they've already found a way. A being able to muzzle Isiah Thomas OK if I want. But being able to do and muddle don't for forget what it would rescue of the Muslim first game will be the fourth quarter that if 33 I don't know the fourth quarter to put Butler on. But scored all the points Isiah Thomas press corps and in the first day yeah so they figured out what to do you want and then they carried it on to to gain too. Even though he's still had success because he's a helpful. But what did Brad Stevens employee to shut down any of these guys and the other team when you are John Rondo doing what he's doing you said. He can't put the ball in the ocean. Go to Asia twelve points in game 14 quarter three and five shooting. Five for five from the line. Because he's a terrific well okay but it did they shut him down what about a quarter would have gone profitable close political and other medicated at first and yell at one shot. On covering him so they shot Isiah down in the fourth quarter as efficient and now you just I didn't I said they started in the fourth quarter yet able to pick on how special word of it because they made just they were affected and again to a plot points. But there's more for. I sort of saw last OK last four minutes of that the first game they've put Butler on last four minutes right in one shot. Blasphemous when it mattered the most when the game was hanging on the on the verge of losing and winning it okay put their best defensive player. Sounds that's making a play off adjustment you're just gonna use seeing that Stevens is made so foreign news obviously has your Judas he's he's he does a what are a lot of what you are regular season game. Let's use that let's go to the bachelor. Rugged lonely throne and able to. It was so you you're throwing you you're gonna see Mort Hillary's I don't that you're going to be you know that's what people do when they when they don't know what do they panicked. Basis the C a few more Peary rosier that's what do you see more him. Look at you I think. Amir Johnson however I don't it doesn't matter. Get a mere Jonathan I don't even. Harry Chicago as a matter that series is up the fact of the matter is speaking to get some games in a case for guys you hurt. Yeah it's useless Robin Lopez he can't mold home. He is dominating nobody nobody through an arsenic does nothing why does he start I don't know just because he's Paul. Yeah doctor might become a well bore hole he's not he's not only yeah what are saying it why does he even started to lose optical zoom what. Do I have no idea or eight big plays a little bit of defense but he now I are actually correct the war on my god it's the worst part about this with was Robin Lopez this is what's driving me crazy. Lopez loves to take that elbow jumper OK so the offensive and they Robin Lopez out on that elbow they like to get the ball and he had a couple baskets on that last night. And Johnson's got position or Kelly Oleg has got positioned down lower corporate has positioned outlaw. How how portable all moves around rotates and somebody else takes the shot. Lopez has no trouble getting from the elbow to squeeze through bodies and get into a position. Just because they'll be running around frantically juror they are a team that is panicked I don't know how to respond they're players don't. Their coach doesn't. So they're just. It's chaotic it would got a daughter says Alec is watching this team to reward K offensively there was no discipline whatsoever offensively. They sucked. They had they had nothing there was no written me what are the what are you doing. It was chaotic. And it was scary because it happened about midway through the third quarter and you're down like 8910 points. And they lost that they completely lost their beloved mine who was. They turned the ball three or four times over before they even got the offense in gear. It in the around it was almost like they were going up against auto was choking neutral look. You know trapping defense or something they couldn't get the ball into their profits how does that happen happen once it happened on deer jumped as. Happening what five turnovers in the game. They have come out. And they are making adjustments adjustments Fred Kornberg is making adjustment. Is anybody seen the adjustment and I don't I don't initially it is no Johnny and you took him out your right now say it I think it's it's it's coaching it's. Maybe year over. You don't beacon that your your roster was better than it was. And it was that's what adjustments is Lloyd berg making. He says he's not he's dominating his team is dominating his players are dominating this Celtics team what adjustments. Sure a bunch of stuff first of all you're pretty Hewitt does David I want to put Lopez outside and Lopez he's just going for the rebound. Like they've really slow that changed iPod Lopez outsized go for re when he. Coach Dick is part of the offense your argument in game adjustment that's just part of their offered these these ease underneath. You know getting rebounds underneath these hidden shots at the old ball he's wide open and he's all muscle and two with three guys. A heat Robin Lopez and he's underneath. He is is three Celtics around him who physically are doing or moving him at all Andy's just. Old physical needs more effort. What is Warburg Dillon physically it does it he's bought our pay jail once in awhile gain of four last four minutes a game one I'll give it yet that's what Jimmy Butler does. That's what Lloyd berg does that but the bulls though he covers the best score with four minutes ago they're just playing their game and the Celtics had no answer beyond whatsoever. I gotta say I felt I'd rather she also I think the change the situation don't want us there should be dirt dirt dirt here even better. They're they're they're a player out there runner ups and their employers. All really solid. You know another player and how it allows it is being seen Ross has vowed and the ones head about the regular season. For some reason that sits there if have a career games Bobby Portis is having a rearranging okay game. Sir rob Roy got is playing like he did back in the old days now. So hold early on rob who's robbers play better. Play better all the little I don't know. Now if you know about you that's not would you set I thought if a if you wanna say who they're right there it claims handling veteran Italian Olympic what they've got a chilly county Atlantic they had that you know learn your it's only that they should do is that you act like that wouldn't you think that's not only gradually over. Wholesome M I content of the big external you have once he got the Celtics that are you would think I would have achieved initialed the way they are being disrespecting. It's like they've arrived in the bigger and all out and they don't need to work anymore and you yeah the other side. I tested like what is getting up the entire time they're classy your caring doctors and they don't hide. Whether they should be here are not Christian they don't there are making eighteen. Cents a bright spot but their roster is playing better and there for different games you are right to play and I like how you like catalytic it's some superstar on this and he's a real great superstar who would you take Bobby porters are are warmer record it. Who got Barack. Six months after a 77 I seven that is resentments insult it's almost a lot of minutes. Back to Fort Wayne where ammonium Fauria before telefono oh percentage and got called about description right now anywhere I go over 617. And I'll call you our daughter. Doubt you don't wanna see my mentions right now Celtics fans are upset and they got a reason to be this is bad dude this is not good. What we this is not good basketball this is awful I mean. You can't win 53 games you can't talk about being the number one seed you can't talk about building they come out and gets votes and games or your home floor. I'll fired up students are allowed ice road. Wow man dreams are fired up man who like to address this should be peasant. Shouldn't it. You've you've you've said that the right word is chaotic that's what it looked like last I purchased I purchased golden once you just Gail Gail K yeah. It's just ads for remains to KK that's a bit. No celibacy try to see NC a big CA and all that. ES that are close and cost disable it. If you are found found this out there but he's the real letter bodies on the line out of Chicago won out here and play great defense last night that its attendance today with the it was a great defense that was as you say chaotic offense. By the Celtics their turnovers turned into 23. Chicago points 23. Particular. United is somebody so much you can get on. But just keeping with the theme Al Horford. After the game the Arctic drapes that gaskins got about his night to minus nineteen in the worst and he's had a minus plus minus as a member of the Celtics and as gaga you know blow defensiveness that you know we never talk bonus plus 21 he was it seven points you know the little things that he does here all year long so he was minus nineteen. Now this is one of those nights where. The line looks a lot better and plate. Now Erica I think a lot of times you watch him and he gets seven points and four rebounds in 19 the little things he played real white a look at said the game so what I see eleven rebounds. Victors in what she's a mean you wanted to rebound right he pulled eleven rebounds and nice still not happy your miserably you never happy without offered. He got three rebounds in the first 53 seconds of the game. Three right away you'll like him to go up 70 run right rebound got look at it he's involved he's doing some things. You don't finish to have over three with four rebounds. At halftime he was open three from the floor. With four rebounds he got three of them in the first 53 seconds of the game to examine the mop up time Denny came in the game with six minutes ago. Down 102 to 86. Game over right and it doesn't count games all or don't count what do you do we get two more points to get full rebounds and six minutes. A blocked shot at a steel so we ended with a laugh and. At halftime. All for three with four rebounds he got three of the first 53 seconds of the game. So yeah I mean so you can look at seven a boards eleven boards and that is part now he sucked. Just like the arrest and I agree with him just like the rest of has put an end the biggest problem I had with them is and I'm not expect me is out of the game's elite that was our Robin Lopez. Hello you expect any way to go Rob Lowe. They went to the small lineup Lou four minutes into the game and more for was playing center position they here's the problem I had was that was detected the problem I have with was Horford. In this thing is. I don't expect him to be this route physical guy out there so I understand that if a guy's gonna commit an error and establish position. And he's gonna punch you out you've got a tough. Position a trying to get. Al-Qaeda Al Horford at one point two offensive rebounds last day in one of them. He EE got the rebounds and dished it back out right. Underneath us mark this morning right underneath of hope I mean he is left and I wouldn't Internet. Right underneath the vote. So what does he do right away would you have to do this is a great assist guy what a great assist guy always looking every involved otherwise is doing his thing that when a series of our kids kicks it out. The markets markets who passes up a three. Who looted it was I exit the long to do we want is ready for the past lucky part is that there's an outlook how'd you do when your nick who put back a Purdue. So that he gets the ball kind of not really ready for the past the seasonal wise even past the free to their new home. Any candidate Kelly a wedding okay in the newborn from April that African big giraffe is out there elbow gets the most awkward. It's ten foot push shot of ever seen in my life that he misses quite cynical I mean what it Georgia oxygen as an offensive rebound. You kicked out to a guy that wasn't ready and he gave that it was just chaotic what I have always. That was chaos that's what it was but there at that point I was trying to make without Horford as I understand he's not necessarily going to establish at the start of the possession. Position that she wants to at all times the problem I have with the and it's his guys coming from the outside. And all he has to do was put a body to initiate the body too many just want your other beneficiary of almost all well that's what. The day we won't let my little most of Lopez's work under The Who. No it wasn't a lot of stuff from outside hit it became he's got from the outside he did his rebounding Poland was under the bass coming from Holland wants to go back and look at you know he's done a lot of that was like yeah I know I'm sure he wanted it all in the last Jerry did it but it was from under the hoop is he stayed out of the service he's sitting at the elbow. And as he runs in the oval a lot of gays you running that it hoped to get the ball as I'm on a hot this time last shall war but there was more. Then I mean it for the most part he was under the rim. Any just nobody could mobile home. Any help muscled two guys three guys one guy would have do you want any get the rebound I think Don there you go back and look at IRA I look at it still is now at three casual games are like wizards and I thought of as though there are times you'll get absolutely not he did a little while Austin all night I think there was a lot about this all night long and just get mark and it and read and edit. Room winding it. Looking at it again it was all a most of it was under The Who back and look at it priority have here's Conan Cambridge alone. Actually they can call. The problem is the stuff. Was sit and visit to Britain in the current pressure and they don't so don't go off what it produce this himself expert. Robert that we are. And a its orchestra. In Portland. All they don't want that what what we can start. It. In which also mentioned it before the law. Or. If you. Yeah. Those. And and. I certainly certainly did better than that I agree with that that's why don't I gonna I was so frustrated you they've gotten that. Oh yeah eighties and look he's got something here yeah so how could you wanna put markets Smart. On Rondo okay does that is out of you know what there that's a that's an hour now who is Isiah Thomas covered. Wait you don't let him tastefully write downs and that's fine and everything you know what if you want to get Hillary want to. OK so we stay on a debt limit switch pressure on in transition Amy Switzerland. Here's the other solution with Doug Vogt Isiah can't cover. It was just going about it the wrong way why is Isiah Thomas. All up in Rajon Rondo defense and that's cart is there a reason why he's pressuring the ball when he's at the three point line is there reason why it has given ten feet. Why is he. Up close for Rondo auditors cross over from one step goal but why is he so challenging him to go I lied when he can't children why. The market Smart on a guy that that you're not threatened to shoot so you would keep Isaiah Thomas on him but Marcus mark of somebody else. Don't waste Marcus mart's ability on a guy that you know is not gonna shoots. That's it's a waste of a great defenders team is somebody else. It's not a good three point shooting team and what Tommy said that they have shooters everywhere they don't they advocate Mirotic is that his name they got that kid that cannot and okay. There's a lot of pressure to perimeter negate that they're defending the three. And older pursuing three square team that can't shoot the three. And their goal with a team that's a budget slashed here's and their ticketed by guys and that's disrupting is is no defensive. This is absolutely no rotation is leaving guys wide open their challenging eighteen. The driver it's at a group which is what this team does best. What are they just set off a little bit. And see if Rondo Rondo takes seven threes which he's got to do is getting it won't have to look it look one good maybe. Ameritech was taken three pointer from like three feet is I want a guy is okay but it's the only guy with they would join wait until you want to guide you have to get in front of as far as the perimeter. Dwyane Wade is shooting spree once and while he wants to go by you to hold Jimmy bought the same thing you want to go by maybe Paula will finish at the hope. Why they are older they're showing the three point line indicates your 32. People like Paul zips are we just looked it up so it should got 29 minutes or 28 minutes on that last game of the season against Brooklyn. He scored 21 points go back and look at his game like zero points three points four points nothing 0076. That's what eats shoots. That's his game you're making him out to be an all star out there because you're not defending it taken turns into Bobby in New Hampshire nobody. I. Though Lou you. You would rather take at Thomas dot front Nolan and different. While said that earlier in our values that what you're called for in the UT yeah. Who would you rather uncover playing away in English you go. I said I want to cover him differently a one off the ball you tell me why why is he up in his face why is he challenging him to take it to the basket when it's only condemn. Why is he just sag off on. Was he just not go cover somebody else when Rondo has the ball I don't know on the just let the man shoot Kweisi up in his face challenging him to go buyer. I don't know I can tell you that part but I illegal. Really don't issue yeah I agree community about Ron took it Q Arnaud I mean I know we that's all pretty damn. About Bobby we have a great knowledge of Toronto's game and how many times were we frustrated. By the fact that teams were leaving you Malone put me out of the way LeBron James covered Rondo absolutely. He was sent back the elbow while Rondo is that the point in you be looking around who'd cover. Where can I help. Who can I double team because I don't need to cover this guy. And this is this is how they big defended Rondo when he was here in Boston it was and we would say Healy he can't shoot. This defender sagging off home he's helping on clog the middle. Because Rondo can't shoot so when you played Rondo in the post season what do you do you get up in his grill you get companies face. Challenge him despite all its. We can do absolut would coaching be part of that I would think so okay so why are people so hesitant to look at Bret Stephens threw two games and say. Which game plan your dude. Well what do you trying to accomplish. You don't you've you've you've personnel you could argue that they're not a number one seed I'll give you that. But the show 53 win team they have better personnel than this bulls team. And yet. You're not coming up strategy everything you just said about her genre and I totally agree with you. And we don't run Rondo inside and out here Bret Stephens has looked at video and figure that out. And not playing a certain way I get.

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