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OMF - Conspiracy theorists believe that Aaron Hernandez was murdered, 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

HOUR 2 - Glenn, Lou and Christian take a lot of phone calls from listeners who think there are a lot of holes in the today's story.

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Are you ready. Or away. Heard moaning and 48 true. Right now on Sports Radio telling you we. You get changed by the patriot way. Now that I am the patriots on that might want it and make the right decisions for them. If the defendant not guilty. Yeah murder first degree. We're just getting. There's a history. Do you record the first thing. You said it was not a involved there. Who's. Gonna assume. I'd say you tell me that he's not gay but he was upset that Michel McQueen said he was gay. And people were taunting him and that's the reason he committed suicide. Former separate me principles us. Right with the verdict on last week and now you get what happened here today. And it takes it to the next level it's very interesting that people do not want to believe. The fact that he could have committed suicide. And that this was all self inflicted that he inherited or somebody to it and draw down sort of guy I want you to watch TV. We're worse she form. You know she before they you know league summit drug are. And an attorney for victory here we're gonna get on that I'm let's go we got more of that coming up in let's go to what are Steve's on the cellphone he's chief. I don't round. Hey another guy who rabbit to every address us and look for a certain part of our reserves and gang members unit within the blood observed translates. Or did life change or whatever iron in and it works there's a lot of them that are homosexual activities and it'll get kicked don't get bothered. It doesn't cover it right out open I was. So inspired and killing himself because he was just saying that you look at and under. False. Okay archer an agreed policy so we have an incarcerate him probably as inside right there and you're gonna get somebody else that calls involve five minutes this is last guy just called up holy crap I served time in this and that and an absolutely. So who. We've been through this are we gonna get to the bottom has Roemer ever been to prison. Now. This just in Virginia what's up Jeff. Yeah I lose you know I think it is a possibility. He got eager to take it like a work of the correction officer you know Virginia dramatic and me and themselves but you are right we're looking at auction. Well in my picture. And on the patent but he's totally and meet you in the door but making the aisle and I fully completely and the pin all condolence at all in actually a little. Spot in the door. Open the gate and expelled do so not pick. You couldn't get it. You've never heard of that. Jamie the door seeing commits suicide and I can get. No doubt you could have got I thought I'd write a mock couldn't control. What they would only take pick up and it also going to blow calls. Picnic scene and a couple of open about a foot. Not even I gave him a eulogy in the blows and so can go into detail. Are we said that he would you had somebody commits suicide when he yourself. He Connecticut like I don't I'll week. I'll believe he's typical problem guys consult mr. Gomes. Again nobody knows. I think he does fit for a profile I think he's 100 resentment is the profile of what the maneuver in the line of Idaho or from music in the any power someone who kills another person. Execution style is a coward. That's who he is another guy that drive by another car and shoots up a budget caller okay acquit -- equivalent beside me now what that issue executions now that would fit the Armon about it. If Howard. So nobody diplomacy and nobody's visiting him he's like it or this isn't some impulse decision knee jerk reaction. No he's been thinking about he doesn't want to live. A life in prison he's not eating out there's not going to be any appeal no he's gonna save his past his daughter when he when she gets old does want is gonna want nothing to do with him. The wife the girlfriend you know the wife or girlfriend she's not gonna Wear the onset it's it's a badge of honor to have his last name they had great. They greatly admired the band of Decatur yet. The field prison wedding look like in here's here's roach in Las Vegas a roach. Hey guys good morning Jim record roaches quite romantic place. Tool like god John didn't module and we'd lose him. Are still there's the it is it is. I gotta feel that somebody's gonna get a whole range gonna come out that it really. Yeah average I mean this reminds me Crist then launch a much in the garlic and stated what he did was to despicable. Well you know our tickets to the head injuries and play into the especially in all its conspiracy militants or got killed so. But the but the limited this this history with him. With gang affiliation dating back to his teenage years. Then there's in history of football action instantly well meaning you can only take so many hits in the head before you start. You start. I'm trying to squirm a little girl snatched in Patrick. Wanna you know whether he's he's just isn't saying if you look at these homes to two hours difference that three hours are. You say to. A legs exit little blue lace from one fairway election where countless crime and about 7157. You have you know political casino workers are okay. Oh I things that you raji and it can be to say no. To everything note to CT. Carries two excuse is the way we and I hate to be not humanize him. It's a CT he was the reason why you don't wanna use give an excuse that's details don't tell me CT because of your state CT he was the reason why he killed himself like. Some of the other older athletes that have killed themselves over the years. Best that it civic with him if you look at his history. And his past the gang affiliations seems to be something. That. He really looked up to. Did you get that feeling and everything you read about him everything you've you've heard other people talk about that seemed to be bigger than being a football player. Yes the portal more and more credibility. Then that being part of a game gave me stripes and earning his Ernie and all as badges for Dillon but thug life thing. That it would be scored touchdowns and make it to the hall payment being an improbable. That's its oats markets hardship more status when it senior year you know blood it's hard to Asia here's a Christian gras like Chris. Oh are we going to would you agree you. Awesome hey I just gotta say what the show good day she. Here's what I got. You who gives a rats that Jews. About it's I mean the guy's a monster he's. And pretty much anybody that writes are key for this guy should eat it at that would attack. Because they are. I don't care to our IP and I don't get it I don't get media members and he feels sorry Foreman. You know he made a mistake made a stand. Jim Baker were getting your car keys in your car and watch yourself. Exactly. I mean to me this is this makes zero sense. And also tragic. Well I'll give you that it's tragic for that poor five year old. You know girl that's going to have to you know go through life I feel bad for her. All right so I will feel bad for back but only for a moment that I do because guess what guys. The world still got to stand. We're still gonna spend zubaydah was very real way it's still as they investigate all just they find out there was a wrong cylinders yet. The deal Lloyd Tim who care. Also some was done possibly murdered him in prison you know that there are another good but they had a decade ago on this yet remain negative and and of people. You responsible for no investigator orally in those people losing jobs go to jail always those things and I understand that but they're good they're people America okay. And it and here's the thing here's why Elvis this this this is all coming up like oldest of the conspiracy theorists. All he would never take his life. The authorities said there was no reason to think he was gonna take his life he wasn't on suicide watch. His agent as friends on no way not err I knew Matt Chico. Who do that. Those tough. Hole that's hits you don't know Chico Chico's a name you invented to kind of you know associate yourself with him and in an integrated into his life. That's assimilate into was like that's that's the Chico you know riches in Brockton next up here and I'll and that's what separates. They I don't regret. So what's ugly so Mike period. While we're totally killed by him. To cover up a double murder yes they eat duck it to a pot used in Iraq. So now he's found innocent of the two murders. And he gets off on that and now he's taken himself Jesus I think that killed more Americans to let my darkest of everything and the depression and doesn't. So you take are so ridiculous because it didn't. Work out that we wanted. Proceed because quote till somebody you care to help. It killed the guy to cover up the double murder that you start you gotta get back I guess what you beat the rap on the double. And now you are in jail for the rest realize what you want some we didn't even have to kill. Right. There are some real somebody else has that same kind of theory. Right the reason why kilo Lloyd's because he there's gonna rat him for the previous death. Now he's gotten off the previous murders might look bad is it him. You know I mean here because they killed we got to get off on this phone what charity got offline. But. So he's suddenly decide okay now it's time to and yeah I screwed up what the hell was I think the first time around. And in in this case he couldn't get burned except that Alexander Bradley. Was a terrible witness because he had received immunity. So the jury came back and said do we really have to bully him at that age basically thank you want to kill him right. You because he received immunity so Alison Bradley can say whatever he wants and I courtroom. And there are no ramifications for him so I mean none of it makes any sense here's artillery New Hampshire what's up market. I got its it's gonna get my take on. And Anderson let's I think that. In order back then we got enjoyed being in court opinion thought he'd being and you know newspapers that some sort of celebrity criminal. Obviously has boys probably thought that was made I think want to withdraw all of our and the cameras are gone and then nobody would be right about him anymore. You realize it's like NHL and I can't do that I can't do this and so on I tell myself. Just like it. I just Iger Hewitt that's basically what it is and it's having is that simple because he's just done it again don't I had an historic I don't always tried job I had nine. I asked this question is I don't know the answer to it may be somebody. So the reports are coming out there's more details. That are coming out. On on the suicide how we jam the door from the inside which means. He could not have been an inside outside right okay so. Do they not have video on all of the speed of just ahead video on all of if you go back and see the video. Is it not going to tell you whether he committed suicide and did this alone or whether somebody is there a simple yes that's a very uneasy about conspiracy conspiracy theory people will tell you that they had their line of making up the. Those photos though the British are you glad you let them check the video off. They knew was gonna happen right or somebody inside Poland such although Obama well look what happened the video people getting I don't know I don't know how. I would feel position on idol I felt program but I feel suspicious. If the video did stoppage to suddenly you're up of of eight minutes in the video or does it always adamant this makes no sense. I mean. It makes no sense at all that I have video process. Unless I'm missing something if it is closed circuit video of him in that style. Do they not get to see everything now they're not gonna show it to the public but there's certainly going to show it in the investigation. And they're gonna come to a conclusion. That he killed him so vicious vicious and they're just a certain part of society. That is regardless of what the truth we will watch CS. Hey don't we want guys all in all efforts Phillies shows. Burdens of sea and I do they have. Out Rea they're made out those are all. Of the NB ATV show yeah I mean it's real fun. You're going homicide hunter become model with the I don't know an investigator and a lawyer called today's at all it's suspicious. Well there's a way of being able to prove it I believe. What you want it's on to no reason of concern with the fact they are you go to some jobs in New Hampshire Iowa and David Carradine things. Hi guys compliments in New Hampshire Alison great. They I take exception to what shell had to say and I'm a little. Disturb the package would throw her husband under the bus they have a large force Serbs 25 years. Yeah I think do you think maybe gem that she had an issue with this and in case somewhere in her life. Yeah this is and that's my guess when she started talking about it number on her husband and my feeling was. That they're probably was a case that she dealt with in the past were they fudged a little little. Well that back could be possible. The fact is not enough. I can spend 25 years in large force meant to end investigated. Hundreds of cyclical actually since. You know in the in all types and forms and taking your personal decision at least date. The judge that actually was too large bid it was great. Person while we do any criminal investigation in the investigation that's gonna take place in Q. What happened here. He got gather facts you got to look at the evidence in the case you can't just presume. Something happened without. Cure a federal investigation. In my concern is that it you know when she suggested. That are hearts and which she based her opinion not only on her experience or her husband's experience. Too and I wonder that's more a commentary. Type of career he had ordered the tightness or to the scathing indictment mention in the he worked. Let's good you're not going there without evidence it's good. You know active site I I would I never called into a radio talk show before they're not live through. All of that cop bashing. That's gone on for the last. Several years and you know it's just after awhile you use your daughter particulates are all just left the. Yeah I get the feeling that there was there was some history thought he had been dealt with sending in an occasion it was a problem so I've got nine dealing with some DM expected for. Cat with government and we call those morning put me which one rabbit revenue we called in this morning but you are online right new. It casting info let's go to rabbit is the incarceration insider of the current Italian shelters shots a badge of honor rabbit right there. It is so we. So basically have to ask my phone call. Captain prescribe it they never investigation unit so DOC. Wasn't too happy about me are gonna vote clock on insult all of them you know. So resent the picking up the call again a light out late. They said they can initial warrant argued. Come talk to them and explain myself well votes but basically. We're. Hold 12 can I ask you this would they are able to verify. That's the call was made between you and Hernandez. You know and I think that's why I think you. Called herself a consultant and also hours talking about courts but when happen means. Basically you can see the whole video you'll see an old video and trying to separate data bush can't see inside this doubt about it. During the one birdie at this place is so high tech it was normal picnic or else scenes where it happened and it. Everything's computer records this you know open itself has used a computer if politics can excel or from inside. Death registers in the computer it itself doors open registers on the computer. And the cameras can't just turn the camera on the clock officers. Change the camera lost. Or even I don't think we get the tape of it basically echoed the director of security what they called him permanent security. And what happened is. It stayed Annie is really handicap or anything to block suppress all that panic alarm clock ox cart or anti reached out of the ground. Inept it once he needed help radios the other rescue litigated here. People are partners now under the wrong. No luck with political print jokes of troops killed probably gate in the heat at this same thing GM books inside that well. All you have to do is take a few books GM and in the corners. So the war. It makes it difficult for them and some sometimes their tickets sold in Europe that changes are successor Portugal and there is absolutely. In trust me acting the first one illustrate out of school that could not. I'm sure look good doesn't he like a flaw although if you did you see anything they show you. And the video. Can see you can see you can see them trying to get the door opens you saw our video persons death I. Added you can see the Americans out Britain. Bring them. Basically turn keep on going wrong in an ambulance. It's what is no way it was that they're CEO once he did not neat job in his camera caught one once he or their own end in itself. They were hurt them. Fred and I'm glad it's. Rather what avail while we allowed to severe. It's these autocratic it was a topic you're talking about it deputy are allowed additional use that as an apartment investigation of the Jewish randomly show you. It is prepared I was I was also seen anything MO maybe if it get any egos get in here luckily that so outraged and not that's where we're whether o'clock hour and a time hearing now yet not that there was no. None none of the cocktail and evening. So they're mad that you called in the morning. But it dosing to going to be pissed that you now. I had more won the north are new this cellphone more than public debt. Should have a so so you used a separate phone because why would they not. I have a record of your phone conversation with him. The fault could. Which recorded. You understand. If you think they're not telephone numbers here and saying. Like yeah yeah. As a new black X or YYU Larry and here's why did you talk to him like why why would YouTube talk. Your relationship with a. No we do know from wave forward how this will be solved column I'll start from when he got arrested yeah. Dobbs your I know I also went on and I know I'm even better friend some arm of law so. So yours are really convinced that he did commit suicide. Yeah I even Olmert they are by basically went on in house trying to Rangel met. You can't take on the shelf when she was sitting there saying that this guy was an illegal aliens she then. Charged that the consulate as you battle the sentinel notably seagate. Soon and all I don't know what you I want to know what you sent me rather you sent me a big list here of our rules phone from Latin kings. Right basically people sitting here saying that oh I know plenty and what people are getting and I don't know the yanks got a lot. What and there are Ingrid do not and I know for a fact that let's don't the lights don't want in I've got and again EP. People but the way to gain intimidated. If they have some guy. They're a little more in this guy's tee and handle. You know haven't. Gay sex every day since you know really it bearable again inserts on the you know back it has ridicule you mutually and a neck oh there you drag out. Why some other words there's this is a stereotype that lingers apparently in the gangs. I I think stuffed rabbit thank you that the bylaws number 21 no membership be involved in homosexual activities. Well don't let pointing that one that's number 21 with a one with the most important rule it starts at fourteen. A member shall bring false charges statements against another member of the nation. It was vote you know Soledad. And and in one woman really those who are known previously used heroin for purpose of addiction can obtain a position rank. Without the approval of last components that that was part of DeLia corona corona has the beer company horrible like Al. I such a service at 7797937. Will continue talking more about this we'll get into a Britney is not. Going to the White House that he will get in some of that and yes we have not forgotten about the Celtics though I think a lot of people would love to forget about right now we'll get to them as well.

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