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OMF - Aaron Hernandez hangs himself to death early Wednesday morning, 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

HOUR 1 - Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss the big news of the day: Aaron Hernandez killed himself in his jail cell early Wednesday morning.

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Are you ready. To be explored ways Berlusconi and pouring through right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. You could change by the patriot way now that I am a patriot acts done that might want there. And making the right decisions. If the defendant not guilty. Of murder first degree or do you know. It's very. Few veterans affairs today. These it was not a involved the they use them as soon. Plus if people were looking for a closure last week in the Aaron Hernandez case you get. Closure that I regret that he closes this disclosure it's oh yeah oh yeah I'm so yeah there's big breaking news must TV. I got louder and as I. And that. We're all you and who's got hot at that age finally and you when I have this new Feingold lingle. I can't. We have Hamas leaders notions Jose you wait long enough Lou. Happen to you announced a weighty subject for some of the Golan ESPN. And Hernandez went on both felt litter bit and not talk about how. Saturday. Thanks Casey this thing is driving me crazy I tell me if it's me is that maybe that. I'm sick and tired of going online going on Twitter. It's always people with the RIPs. For Erin permanent yes rest are OK I need it if you tell me eighty feet. Rest in peace. Golden boy's family wants him to rest in peace Russian help me. I can read only got off their lives we still needed there's a lot of people out there that. Don't want it to be a restful. Finish our air Hernandez isn't what those things that it's just my wrote people do any thoughts and prayers. Pay RIP rest of the day people just do that for that reason. Why should by the way over the last 224 hours. I didn't see anybody when Steve Stephens was gunned down by the was at that attempted to gunned down by the police when he killed himself. You know the Cleveland. FaceBook lie Bremer. Kills somebody we saw her on FaceBook okay. One in every rest in peace for him or a piece for him what they do that for him why couldn't score touchdowns. He wasn't value of their prototypical new wave tag and you know he could split out he can be tailback he'd be wide receiver what can block anybody. That's why. That's why I don't catch this I just don't get. If it doesn't this isn't a situation to where. This great athlete who headed all you know money fame. And you know was round the wrong crowd and because of that got gunned down. You know and you'd say you know snake round the wrong people. And even like volt outlet made some bad get Smart cute who made bad decisions that could. It's bad decision what to put a gun to someone's head and shoot the execution style and a bad decision as they know the wrong crowd and and maybe be like you know not baby should have gone to that house that night you knew what was gonna happen and and things happen there and you would just you gunned down this guy. Made all of decisions. This guide chose his life so this is what he wanted. I don't understand. Maybe there's a there's there's some you know I did I I talked to compute this morning at first or civil accountant in here happened and at first aggressive on sat. It. You say yeah or when here's when here's a bit of people are going to really got to spend on that what you said about an aunt and I under an enacted it is that what it is and why. Because the suicide angle the suicide people who are affected by suicide. Realized the other people who were affected by that person. Being a cheeky crap killing themselves because they can't deal with. Like they can't you with the circumstances they can't deal with the ups and downs. So instead they take that bit cowardly way out and they kill themselves so if you tell somebody who's been affected by suicide in anyway shape or form. They're gonna say. That's that you don't you don't listen if you tell them what Fiat what would be why he killed themselves that they will they immediately change. Through here here's what I would say would be an appropriate emotional. Reaction of being sad. That there's a five year old girl she's too that your death five in November this Avi all. Janelle Jenkins. Who was brought into the courtroom last point and it and act on any withdrawal in Iraq she's gonna slam she's gonna grow up. Without a father. She's gonna grow up without hurting because it right. I'm just saying let's now at the age of twelve typical visitor father imprisoned amid a you know personalities five she can move on with her life now but if he had made the right decision slow this might have been a girl who would have. You know NFL wells she would be able to grow up in a good environment who knows what's gonna happen or should you feel sad about her. I do I mean that was heartbreaking to watch her in the courtroom I tried by into the fiance because the fiancee keeps on buying and AM. But I guess I should feel sad for her. Let rest in peace and our media members doing this now out on social media and media members are IP. I need to it was a wasn't a fluke play all right that's it that's it looks like. I tell about Mike how he. Mike Powell who what's in what's doesn't surprise me because they went to school together even when. It was you they were like wearing the shirts or hats it's a three iron Aaron Hernandez there was hats writers is so disgusting. They just can't even the pictures that are showing that the revealing. Okay big giant green on his base you know just happy go lucky like just the world that's beaten you may think he wants. So the tragedy in the trees based on the fact that. This guy who really had everything just just signed a brand new contrary views on the big giant house was Jong was so we only got into league. And had so many more years left to play. They're earning potential for this kid was astronomical. Though the the accolades that were waiting for him run her out based on what he was able to do at age he was doing that alongside Robin. You have a people tell you that that film that it wasn't as important as what he grew one point. That it was the you know ingrained in him. Of the lifestyle regained lifestyle that he grew up in that was more important for everybody obviously the way he acted away from football he's just it's so easy look. Bakken and values that I talked to warmly you hang out with them yet. You just you're just around him and you you think Beckett OK he was quiet didn't talk to you Bible there's a reason why didn't talk to anybody wanna see anything that would. At some point time incriminate him you know you gonna drop. All deductible Lake County where in the hack this is instant Graham post when he got the news to my friend my brother. Through thick and thin right or wrong. We never let each other side today my heart hurts. As I got the worst news that could've imagined it was just a day ago we shared a last Congo will forever miss you in love you grow. We will meet again rests easy in the hell yeah I mean hell you religious person you you'll beat up a medium again rest. Rest easy does not deserve. To rest easy okay fine go at me had a 58 it's gonna be in hello I just for the record I just read. I read. On Tuesday and has written a few good breaks your job to thank you very much and joked coach you'll what you writing you is a blog for this smelling whatever and British down the rest easy. Rest easy of these ballots. Writes I don't know EZY. That's is that wrong former rat you know street thing it right I did it. I added I did I am most people don't I don't it is they're just whiny little bastards. Talking about a quarter. So that they have come out they said that he committed suicide the are giving you. A description of how they believe he did it he barricaded the door rest he and yet there's going to be is going to be great doubt. As to whether that really happen one what what small wonder people that. Would want to see him dead right now yeah Thursday careless you've got a rotten rotten jailer welcome. And there are others that are going to come up what is various different angles I mean you've probably heard. Kirk and Callahan is incarceration. Insider today rabbit. Follow who called our commitment cars offline though they haven't looked around and we don't wanna love them out now because he's out. The that he got to know Hernandez a little bit said that he talked to her in Indonesia to. And that. Hernandez doing out. Are so you tell me that he's not gay but he was upset that Michelle McKee said he was gay. And people were taunting him and that's the reason he committed suicide. Warmer sir great. It me and no I disagree. I disagree well you deductible people won't believe that Brian Murphy whose team on Twitter that's his his former NFL agents he treated us out absolutely. No chance he took his own life and we and and we are working on getting Brian Murphy on the show. At least hopefully yes I am effort so absolutely no chance to his own life Chico was not a saint. But my failing and I love him man. He would have never taken his own life Jose Baez apparently told TMZ. Quote this could be murder. Either by inmates or the folks who run the prison. So you're gonna pay its it is it is clearly a really simple don't over think it. He. Committed suicide he did you wanna live a life imprison women easier but if you're the you're the attorney. You're looking at it differently yours that there are saying wait. I've spent time with this guy there's no way that he was saddened to the point of fact he was ecstatic last week you know when when they boarding. Won the case was ecstatic. You have also the national candidate in be ever heard a bit affect about and who's committed suicide idea okay assault lie in it I'm sure there's a lot of other people out there. You never know what's going through direct you never have a clue you could meet that one day and having a great open great time correct they leave. And you get a call three hours later they're dead. So I don't wanna hear many I just talked to seemed fine of course the social act that heat it's easy for him to go in and out of character. Talk to anyone who's been associated with him with the patriots doctors attorneys. Agents it doesn't matter. Meet all the spread to anyone know he was murdering people why those planes people out. A whole thing. Then why are you surprised that the attorney would say something like that because he believes he's done everything to get Aaron Hernandez in a position now. Where he worked really truly believes he can get a lot of person he's pretty known each other early he knows better he believes that the attorney believes that. Wrote the attorney believes that there's so much evidence of that first case was ridiculous. I mean is that the carelessness that he won about his murdering weighs his execution style ways. It's like it's like what you what you hear about it like classrooms. And the police that or that or even associated with or are talking about how dumb he was a stupid he was from all the evidence that he left not only at the scene of the crime from the car spitting out is dumped. Right dead body DNA and it. And it it. Our IP. Honored to eighth the the rabbit was talk remote start with Michelle retreat in an interview with the guys in the morning last week when she might have cheat on Monday she kind of brought that up the shell. Knows the real motive for the murder vote Lloyd. Let's say it to old Lloyd caught erred in its compromising. Position. Let's just say that Aaron Hernandez was a format I am before our. He's picked up Qaeda are often feels god yes yes the wide receiver collects everything. Teachers it is possible any prison lifestyle but we do well from self. Romantically perhaps or he got attacked two. Made out of like milk blue ink write like adult who Robert got into this at like time we just have to check back. Right move when mobile network through his beautifully done really should just say that Aaron Hernandez's note that both feet. I don't I heard that we'll report it's so rabbit or football happen so rabbit attitude now. Remember that little you know you've never heard album Diana I hit a vote beat the hockey to kick the planet that I I don't. Again. That don't good about passover. It's taking that now he claims he had that conversation. With Hernandez yesterday and Hernandez was pissed off because of what. Mix he said and that he was being taunted in prison and that might have led to a suicide given initial different theories that are gonna pop up in this thing now. Is that is is that legit I mean is that is it really know what you people all. He's believe in conspiracies. With Christian committee he committed suicide. But you know you eat so we tried. But barricade the door Flickr and slide it open and save his life. It's an eternity so from the inside out that he knows that they're gonna come in and jobs to save him from Kiel from killing zone today they've lied. He'd intra barricade the door. In the report is that what people think I mean because if nobody was in there with them approved just him and that didn't always he try to barricaded doors. The report just false they just lying going to suffer a camera I think you're right everybody wants to get up and grassy Knoll everybody wants to have a conspiracy theory it's it's juicy it's more interest thing. Then this was a guy. Who was complex he was messed up you know who knows how many issues he had emotional issues he had he's gone through. And an emotional thing over the last week or so he just said I'm Don. Enough well well I mean yes which is weird because. At the widely do it after the first trial. After the first trial serves a life sentence so to get a second trial was political do like there was. That that's the strange part the timing. Because you know you get these two guys that are getting people off to buy as Sullivan whatever and they get him off of this murder charge they're talking about going after the gun charge and they wanna go back in the original. You know murder charge an old mow it. So if you're. Aaron Hernandez and you he'll promote to a three days after that hearing and you hear a not guilty you feel pretty good you're feeling just a touch of hope. They you can possibly get out correct me you have to be. In any goes and does this so it it's strange but it is anybody gonna try to get in the mind of Aaron Hernandez right now so why would he do this for me to sit down think. Whether global all the scenarios. Don't tell is better than life in prison that's why it's very simple. So the bears Ment of of everything that it happened early it's not like it this just happened ages realize. That he was does the rest of life in prison. That's it's so easy on people wanna call and they talk about well is this and in a week he was nervous about as a about the because he was day. Talking about me that's like. The best situation. Built and booty calls left and right. It only goes over so well with some of the crowd news with. If you know if if it's true I just thought. I don't know I'm not trying even get with this guy's thinking is that you can't. Live in that guy's head while he didn't leave a suicide note so that makes it more difficult now it is possible that he said something. To the girlfriend a fiancee or send something to the lawyer we've seen this before he's a guy who. Eat it scrambles little cartoons on his on his letters and send stuff out they did he say correspondence with fans out there. That had been have been made public so that's possible we might hear something. In the next few days. But this is this idea even even Brian Murphy it's as the agent. There's no way my client ever commits at least he's too mentally tough and strong he loves it when you sit there and ignore I don't what president itself. Nobody snuck into the cell. And honk Aaron Hernandez or do you think Brian Murphy. Is there's no way it got Chico got a new guy don't you go down let's let's. If things Brian Murphy knew that Chico was capable of murdering anyone know it didn't have a clue you making their own analogy Tito there's no way Erin is did this is to Chico Chico's on this murder is IOC felt I was able you'll say they always don't different parties are surprised you want Brian. But he's I would say Shockey wants either surprised. That it KOCO they always know the laws don't know as well as you think right. But they don't know the other side of Italy's Chan told guy and he would never do something like since you hear that. When a lawyer will come out or somebody who's a friend always got a shock because it's in his best interest to show a different personalities great actor he was exactly an idea on such a good neighbor used to always say hi to Delhi to leave the house you're always call for our kids in early never left the mound let the message before the blonde people Bob Kraft and bill Bulger. They Goodman who contract. It wouldn't do that with a Malcolm Butler but they resisted a new contract right. Two years with her Buffy oh let's give you new contract gives via stars go any apparently was really good dad told that there are these people are delusional. They're delusional is agent is delusional I know Brian Murphy I know this guy. He represented me on a couple DOT grip that it works for athletes first David Dunn general leased by amber connection that's that's who years. So he's delusional. He honestly believes personally that you've two of us. I'm paying about people that know what there is that there is not delusional he just like you don't wanna. You don't wanna deal with reality that you always hear this you'll always hear from people who were close to I was shocked friends of those all about it and do something like that. This is not in usual. Maybe you wanna believe the good side of or maybe you just don't see. The pats that. See when I look at him I don't I don't say I don't go on so sad for him ago what do colossal waste yes space salad what a colossal waste of tennis DNA. Molecules and everything else just. You just do it just couldn't leave well enough alone now. Yeah it was interesting because last week. For the first time we saw our show motion there was really no emotion in the times you've seen him. Com on video in the courtroom there was never any emotion he showed a motion last actually spot. That this was. Nearly impossibly to go and commit suicide based on. The emotion was shown last week but it goes to show what you said earlier we we never and you knew that his girls leave them his broken right for or otherwise it was a even on took his name I don't get that there's no money anything of so I don't know can you have the whole conjugal vision that the mean of that. I don't know if you do have a murderer I don't know if that's even possible she was hesitant to light. Okay in oil around the back booty call I don't like I know that I'm hiding a I. I saw in the UK that's what she was apparently felt like Oprah and do that it could just in movies when you president unrealized. When you bring up a five year old girl now that that's unbelievable image he he was gone anyway. I'm just saying that now she doesn't should just live live with the stories. You know not the human being it's it's it's awful for her but it wouldn't I just figured now at five years old. She can get all of her life you put that gets to me emotionally when you see and obviously they were using a result prompt last week the disaster earlier gut feelings of broadway's he was united and I think he's not a model actor so. That grabs my emotions the fact that people are pipe he's out there. On Twitter today news media members and deserves a rest and no it's embarrassing doesn't it really is what our bodily. Paris probably thinks that pay attention to cable we have been trying to look at this as if she can't be we're probably stuff. Candle just as as for political optics. Whether it's Kraft telling the white house of the white house press operation if someone presents thing is this the best topic you want and this is an unconventional administration I think everyone can objectively it. But it to them and I'm just surprised Laporte this I'm very surprised so. Doctor published make in the sense that what optics. He has not been part of the New England Patriots now for years nobody is addressed nobody's talked about it other than separately in a legal trial nobody is set there it's only god. It's bitterness right now boy they would have a real one to nobody's talked about it. Not and certainly was not part of this Super Bowl team in any fashion or manner or away. Tell us what should they cancel what political optics. A lot of my. I'm not I'm mandates older. Donta hightower. I'm I'm doing exactly. What Brady did this morning I'm sitting out little tweet follow you know what something came up. Something came up anyway you had any. This general policy and his mom was in town in Boston we ought to know she's dealing with I just saw this couple of People Magazine won here this headline and number equals a lot of New England Patriots wide held twice White House visit after Aaron Hernandez suicide oh my god. As to have a from whom wrote bodily. They're just. Don't we all agree that was all plan he was never going in the first place I agree it was never going to Gary that's the headline Tom Brady pulls out of New England Patriots White House visit. After Aaron Hernandez who was fake news that's ahead of it is it's. True when we all agreed and they're gonna -- me read let me let me read what would bring him and what are part of look at your phone call while an end by the way we'll get to the Celtics a little bit later on which is our strategy must I don't believe tragedy out all of golf don't. This is Tom Brady that I am so happy and excited that our team is being honored at the White House today our team has accomplished something very special. That we are all proud of and will be for years to come thank you to the president for hosting this honorary celebration and for supporting RT. For so long as I can remember in light of some recent developments I am unable to attend today's ceremony. As I am attending to some personal family matters hopefully if we accomplished a goal of winning the championship in the future years. We will be back on the South Lawn again soon have a great day. Now you can. You can be skeptics. And you can look at this and say well. He always you know does have the situation with a small and that's always a possibility that something. On it needs to be dealt with what this mom right now maybe she's visiting doctors here in Boston who knows Lou just mention the fact that she's here in Boston. But I'm almost out of what you Christian. I think he looks at this thing and and I thought all along there was questions whether he was gonna show up. Because. He's Smart he knows that truck is going to use Somalia situation. And it may really I think he does I think he really likes this guy has spent time with them away from politics out of the golf course. Really enjoys his company on the idea that maybe even politically greens a lot of things. The trump stands for. But he also knows and he's been one of those people over the years that never allows somebody to use him. Oh yen and at best how to do that is to do it at the last possible minute because if you keep you made this announcement five days ago. We be talking about the last five days after the day of rep they get on the plane all the buses arrive in Foxboro. Nobody can really say anything about it I think Tumblr and this an honest Randi just has every right that he will talk about hungry today he will go on all about titan. And he will probably. Say something inappropriate. I'm just just yes I Aaron had just finished it gets the fossils and now we know the great thing according to People Magazine is clearly connected with the yeah. This story. Let's get your phone calls as I said Celtics a little bit later on 6177797. 937 looked phone calls were talking to you next you talk patriots so. It's more or waive her moaning and 48 on Sports Radio W. But there after they have divorced themselves and Hernandez but they can't culturally they can't historical. I understand in a football sense and within the confines of what Bill Belichick is created in this. Once in a lifetime operation they need to have they have they do their jobs they win Super Bowls but it. 300 million Americans urgency otherwise even the sixty to the way I'm told they can't and Brady is actually in Boston. Today and Tom Brady's decision. Is based on staying with her back in town of course we know Brady living in Massachusetts. His parents out on the West Coast so we always appreciate that time that he can spend with family. And that is the impetus for his decision today the state back at home while the team comes to the white. Yourself for storage and by the way they're not related People Magazine not related but there's two separate stories that. I took a phone calls as promised that 6177797937. Meals in a car in meal what's up. I don't know that. We're all not all right CR IA agent brought it out which is where error occurred at that. Beckett thing related to calm try to get inside the head of this sociopath. The bottom line is whatever you do it with a sociopath yet understand it the most ego maniacal mentality. That everything revolves Iraq of them. So I add that take any yet the terms of where it's at bat. It was that quiet out there that was gonna happen today. People would be taught about in relation to that engine is one that stability. You sit there say people about the bracket that beat at the culmination point of the patriot way. Where the greatest comeback in history. Not by letting all the records. Regarding coach quarterback. But in a row all of that but this but I doubt that this group peace now going to be remembered forever so. That's it it's a that's an interesting theory. App and Bob bubbly apparently fell for hook line and second because he's buying insulin. Unaudited if you guys have any if you're looking for why why why now after being acquitted and everything else. That's the one I think that makes some sense just based on you know it is like comic middle of his brain he just got off this one correct ya two years ago there and White House. Agree can agree for murder toll lighter sentence but a lot of cargo is probably learn more doom and gloom for Aaron Hernandez there was no hope there was nothing. You'll usually don't Modesto little fresher than them Aziz and congress aisles are guilty of murder. You you there was another hearing coming in in the coming years. In which the other a lot of people felt like they had moron and in this second hearing and in the first year right. So it was even worse two years ago no I. Are you but based on just the wide now it just this bit just that question why now. Based on Ambien a sociopath based on him wanting to control and air to always wanted to be part of the story but just that we we don't get that. So it's it's hard for us to that they're trying to figure out exactly why but based on. Other people were probably diagnosed with the same affliction. Pebble meet first okay social path he nodded yes that exist in his. In brain political heat yesterday about urban dictionary expecting that meant a Christian a blur call that they call it a our jobs in May next appear on all MF job. I had done. I feel like I'm not trying to paint him as an Angel or anything but a lot of that conspiracy theories about am I doing it cut people's identity rooted gay is a bit dehumanizing perks. Gay people in general and also feel pat you know audience Barak. I think back when he shot and daughter. You know that might of sunk in a little bit error that the ways and you realize maybe he's not going to be able to out eat therefore are. For anything in the future you know and he royally screwed up. You know sometimes those things will weigh on the mind no matter act. How bad you then. Yeah right good but John he was just found not guilty views on gun charge for 45 years his lawyers. Are some of the best in the country getting murderers off. They wanted to attack this this first hearing I mean if anything there was a glimmer of hope that actually could see his daughter hopefully in years coming right it. Did you feel ready to see it change more than ever. Of anything that are happy. Yeah are on the job for us via this form based on. What we saw last week if you talking about the first trial maybe. But not this team was phone sale there's hope here last week accused found guilty of a double murder. This would make more so it can you recommended it is no hope you are correct. You are done again like sense atop a life sentence this would this would make more sense. But given the timing of it's it's strange do you think this is this is. Just so a wild hair a much kill myself today no this is something he's been thinking about for a long period of time this is not an impulse decision. All we put this by the door I snapped I'm darn now now I'm really now music and he had to re certainly it yet to figure out. Hit a finger along the garden going back and forth doing their wellness checks. He he he was thinking about this. This is not an impulse like all the sudden bam I op I'm done today. Once again he was degrade actor because they did not have him on suicide watch because they did not believe he was I'm surprised they did not believe you suicide the price so again he's able to selling himself off. As something dead heat here's Peter in Connecticut 88. Good. May. I I think you guys there are kind of looking at this. A little bit crazy when we just. I'm well it's not missing anything less and other investigators say it's at and goodness. Work for 25 years when I heard about this this morning. The first thing that autumn something's not right. And I think that people really need to look into what went out and out prison last I. They need to look at and they need to look at an autopsy report. There's there's other angles as well play if there is Bob plays you're saying obviously that was my first thought. OK but OK your first initial thought he did it but he barricaded. The door with stuff from the inside so whoever was helping him out. Well I doubt that's what media telling you. Only and a good night came out of the media the corners office yes that on a just out of the reports on form or grade. So very automatically recorder or not so not a current political orders report noted a do that. About what he's now I accidentally genocidal owner's report whatever what was there ought. Try to eat let's see what they thought Shirley released what they released. And that's that's all we know to do to this. Yeah okay it's all askew as investigators analysts do. Could they have doctrine that duck and could pretty good they adopted that Doerr. Like in native I mean. I've been doing this for a long time guys and you see Gasol I'm not I'm not trying to back Aaron Hernandez not at all. And I'm and avid past Red Sox fan. I I and of in new listener to you guys that was just about eight months has great. You know and I'm actually pulled over right now because I'm cold I'm investigation I had to pull over I'm like you know I got a quality guys. On I think it did I still have questions about his first at bat in the age. And older people really. Finest in its nature what you do for a living right so lets you question and I understand that but you know I just talking and doctoring the report. Their allies made in that and it's going to be a full vet obviously there's going to be a full investigation more than five W and those free we don't appreciate you listening to a slowing him. From the from The Herald. Apparently he's going to be looking to us defense attorneys are looking to vacate the first degree murder conviction. The of olden Boyd. I think if you go for an appeal I think Thursday legal process. In which you can do that did that aired there's a doctrine that says that quote there's a doctorate says when a conviction is not final breath somebody dials dies while the appeal is pending. Indications then dropped. So there's a chance that he could actually be you know. But the case is dropped he's not found guilty Oden Beloit because it's it's still pending navy's five year old daughter will feel better if you can look at that I don't know. There aren't the only it's certainly no better at its have asked this Bobbitt New Hampshire what's up up. Good morning. I'm Hillary cotton retired psychologist and I think I know why he might have done that this time and I think it. Is docked not for the fact that he was found innocent. On last week in his trial. Because his motivation for killing. Organ late wife that he wouldn't connect him to the other murder. And now that he was found innocent of those murders he has to sit there and questioned. Why did he throw everything away and his career as his family his wife. To kill somebody that you do need to kill because he was they didn't have enough innocent and evidence to convict him. I'm a little confused as to when you murder and old Lloyd. As you do want to be found guilty of double murder there when he found innocent though Marty looks back and says what are killed when it will be Eldred on. I'd just have to the last caller so this is the from the DOC. Department of corrections to mr. Hernandez was a single cell in the general population housing unit. Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bit sheet that he attached to a cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by Jane the door with various items now okay so to the college point. That's from the deal seek. So. Candidate now okay they're making it up there and Anders and it issues and started adjusting their creditors at a step for the story to protect somebody. Somebody who is pissed off and as I heard a sonic had an ally inside that's not the case. I find it hard. Quite 6177797937. Right back to the phone calls your reaction next Christian rants about the cat socks decency is courtesy of Twitter Christian story. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney and 48 what Sports Radio WEEI. Ever gang member of the one thing that they do not take lately it's almost like well it's not a lot. You knew it was going to be nonstop trouble or. I can't believe. Accused of this like and then you correctly. You're elevated stated or rabbit rabbit first like I've reversed already you might like that we don't we go we rep and ask the habit chuck Watson. Inside a rabbit this morning with Kirk and Callahan giving his two cents or more happening claims he talked. To Hernandez yesterday. No reason for us not to believe aboard a bully. But that was at least his admission today the had a conversation. With Aaron Hernandez. Yesterday apparently they spent time together imprisoned before does want in Framingham they want. Because of my sweet merit Aaron Hernandez. We what we. What did you hook at a night club policy that would cure all of these do Michael Carolyn went out and seeing and government come in they have quicker group of Francis crew this policy. And it's what you think you I would ultimately what. And it was weird he looked at me aside Leo. You know I nobody else quite orderly what ought to have spot is easy to see it's it's when it's cooler spot in the book BI create. Can you go what other BIQ by themselves and the guy does it look like government solutions to this so he. 01. On one since you but how you hill it in a casual. Just hello how are you in a club whether guys get mental issues and I mean obviously you know the story since. In his some credence for him having some issues. But in a club but that's I mean I. It is his administration's reaction. Like also it was going to give it a dirty look. So you can't see it as friendly but only one out of VIP and it's livable possibly ever go you know eleven at the time. I Ed a lot of times I think those little quick meetings when you have. With somebody of celebrity status or a little bit deceiving to you don't know what they're dealing with a hear shot of Boston who shot. No shot. John a Boston. Let's go to Michelle immortal that Michelle. Yet hi ally yeah. Great well I just wanted to say that I thank that he was smarter I do not believe that he committed suicide he get everything. Going in there. Yet one of the best attorneys in the country representing an ugly appeal I'm telling you right now. Michelle Michelle Michelle was he had more going for him. This week than he did a week ago he would analyze don't pay enough NL I don't form a B. In the context. Out of this last week a court. And Michelle thing I don't as well do you think that when people commit suicide do you think that they. They just randomly decide like one day camera can myself today are do you think that it's it's. It's not that big goes on and on and on it builds and builds and builds. Okay well to answer that question I don't think one makes the decision overnight to commit suicide. But based on the back. So what happen enjoyable whether he was they had a lot to live but live up to our to live for. Is irrelevant at what point in time and yours Michelle would back with facts and basic you know. I kept out of my experience as an attorney and my husband and state trooper I'm telling you right now can't play evidence. Can't make it look like whatever they wanted to. So other calls on the report from the from the Michelle Michelle Michelle but listen so the report from the DOC. That's that mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items. That's made up that's a lie Oakland. On May act without respect Jack because it's written on a piece of paper. I did it I get it I I've watched cops shelves and investigate shows and I remember the show them the investigation looked at. Shelden will be at their destination hurt them. We don't it's like twenty years old village area in and got the lucky side is not. Telling you right now. The minute I heard it at 6 o'clock this morning I can't. Things wrong and when you do not talk either gonna find it drug you know can they drug and they hump and I'm sorry you're right now. So. Listen what's Asia that is the end of the investigation not a whole lives are walked us through so somebody brought us food. Lately roof keep him race and he fell asleep. Palin Darren Sharper type stuff he fell asleep date took you sheets they've made it to a news and they they hunger around the bars. Looking out the window. His 240 pound body episode there have been more than one guy so could have been a one person shall I pick them up set up. And then walked out without nobody seeing nobody be in the wiser and just. Poll came out it wouldn't matter if one man shot. Because there aren't gonna be in honor I'm telling you right now. So we're never gonna find out so we shall we don't know an investigation. And out of this at a whole lot none of us are going to find out so we don't make. I'm telling you that the autopsy is gonna show that there were drugs and I tell you that. It will sink and we'll find out soon enough this is some statements from my cell electric Cosby drink yet this thing David's knowledge from Burma foreign a couple of cases with this wasn't like Jose Baez and his attorney right he released this and emails is the family legal team shocked and surprised at the news of Bear's death. There were no conversations or correspondence from parent to his family or legal team that would indicate anything like this was possible. Erin was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. Those who love and care but in my heart broken and determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. We request that authorities conduct a transparent and thorough investigation by his law firm will participate it's all examination this tragic event. An update the media and public and its findings when they become available. Those who love him and care about him are heartbroken determined to find the truth surrounding this untimely deaths are pain as are. Those that he won't murdered. Do you added that that urban I'm known as the series version does your version. And I don't love people listen once somebody decides to kill that colony but the people who want your help. Are the ones that don't. Actually go through with two pages go half. Halfway did they get the attention they don't it'll kill themselves. In it and hospital end up somewhere else where now they get the attention look at me I had issues you support me. Do so people we help meet the people really want to kill themselves. They don't they don't they don't fail they succeed. It Don and they shoot themselves they hang themselves they don't get a sec. Chance to do it. But you can see why people are gonna come up with conspiracy theories one they love doing it full bath every three in the second part of it is. You should get rid of it you know he's got good news. Based on everything he's been dealing with over the last few days to try to put all the pieces together and saying that it doesn't fit. A lot of times suicide people committed suicide. It doesn't fit any script and it just doesn't. By the way rather just called in to talk to build it he says he's the most without blocked it is asinine to think that naked chucked the cameras opposite gap in the tea is a reporter at the blocked. Is no way anybody when an illicit. Don't think that attorney that is called and has had experienced confusion I mean he's so these calls it races. Northern State to keep gone through these yes. Since in his usually there's only have Israel we have a La what we are he had this really don't we have two other private investigators on the line we got another psychologist. OK and we probably have an ex prisoner. At 6177797937. Won't get to Tom Brady. He is not at the White House today. Courageous ball's gonna get the speed really and a mines and rhetoric Roche erode our approaches. Approaches his real name you call from Vegas does his religion out he's a Vegas act Roche.

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