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K&C- Did rumors of homosexuality lead to Hernandez’s suicide?; Headlines with Kirk 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

Hour 2. Michelle McPhee’s claim that Hernandez is gay may have been a factor in his suicide. Kirk and Gerry continue to take calls about the Hernandez death.

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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I heard a big news and in trending james' wife is recite poetry. Officially about O'Leary on the horse and the campus Cisco Larry Allen gallery on a big. It don't you start to lose he's got a guest Marcel. I don't need to let me we'd love can we still love you yes but the what do you think that you have in your stupid and we do like you. But he gets to pick it up for lost to a little threatening and Cheryl and turn it included Francisco suicide. Four hours ago and that's a Biggs property and trying to. I was she's just. It's hopeless hopeless Turkey without it he would be different area is leave out Hernandez might toward the end after the white shoes let me go to every school in the NHL playoffs let's look at curious how this affects patients that's true we're gonna get to that we'll have all the answers wouldn't tell you. How this actually went down well according to the right then prison officials he's got the car. One was on the front seven minutes ago. In this constraining. Aaron and his has committed suicide we think ramadi much or he's a pretty. Any definitive from the statement from the prison and he beat some. Mr. her name is hanged himself utilizing. A bed sheet. That he attached to sell window into the blocked the door from the inside by jamming the door with various items. Now I I does that tie in you are there out I didn't think it was possible for guys like a study was on them 24 hour watch. And it was possible to just take cue sheet. And attach it to the window I might have done that last night in this hotel massacres. Trio sleep just hasn't cut that but anyway great hotels that then there. Pump let's go the stickiness to stick to suspect that I didn't think it would be this easy for Candice but I do wanna send my gratitude to the prison to. Folks and Shirley from making it easier than I thought it will look the other way if they looked the other way I commend them this is a good thing is a good thing for his his is child four year old. DL it is a good thing for society it's a good thing for all of us is just know who appeals is no chance in the sky ever walking. Held at least a rabid dog got put right what region himself for somebody else that they did not us. It's pretty sad that I hope while Silva is grieving this morning if you put a gun to my I do not believe this make notes. Sorry my natural it's it is about a lot of detail from the cup everything you are here for people who are rounder years that this guy was in the ring in his right. And now just so three days after being found not guilty in buys some people say it is actual chance of light in the tunnel and doesn't it. Psychologically it is front page and you tweet. And a front page of The Herald. Saying he's gonna come and get him periodicals iron whatever bias and he declared that he was going knock on the rest mentally gut this. Murder out I had occasion he's pats hope a turkeys are both for awhile oats votes we'd we'd. Lots of calls. And where. Match fill up. We get a habits on the line you you really wanted to sell America efforts like you're almost. Jesus Christ. Let's talk to rob in Springfield they rub. And. So. Couple days ago. In the itself that it comes on with. Hernandez might be gay. Or. And this is the guy who's well they kill someone. Somewhat connected to a two Stanley had forget how. But he killed someone supposedly to hide that fact. Now suddenly the whole nation could sign. In this position on the he sell it that it pretty credible whats he gonna do that when he and the whole nation that these games. That's a great question we were asking that off the air Michelle McPhee reported on our show the other day that. The reason the motive behind the total owned Lloyd murderer was that Lewis knew her name is was gay and was telling people. And Hernandez couldn't let that happen so we murdered his former friend. That that that was on the air Monday. We got lots of people speculate that some fear honestly it it's it's such a wild I mean was the last story expected to did you today when we got to DC. Yeah Aaron is he's committed suicide it be up there and yes I mean again I thought he might get hurt in prison. 'cause he's a gang bang here but I do think I'm all for you know tortured prisoners but. If you plated baseball show over and over in that room eventually Jerry gonna commit sues the so traditional I want to commend the folks is the reason it's gonna happen. Sue. Sub Byron knows he's correctional center for only so much every touch you can take before you say you know way out here from did not worth go to Jim in Abu all right Jim what's going on more. So it'll all want to about this subject. With the department corrections and Utica. Ever. The record because your article parliament as early may and give us any of the suicides in the Infante. So unused part of it is silence I was in April that he and Terry Goddard on any. You'll you'll come and very well let's take. Do you cheaters aren't so that Carter that he got loans that sell. He turns or there's been it's the secret some Secret Service so all of recent orders sub country. Your column saying they're certainly don't know I don't where it. Quite a parent. Are you gonna go see if someone goes in his cell our efficiency alone in that cell I was yeah are you didn't convert. Not that tough to do. But he so I mean I don't quite the same obviously obviously it's all in the videotape of that here. He he are here yet so you'd see someone enter or exit yourself. Unless the C apparently. The you know actual hanging grow I would love to. Now I watch that now anybody kills himself at a prison is because of his celebrity to be released statement. It's where they. Orders substitute I don't know how often it happens I'm sure is it that detail to that question and probably released a statement for anybody but we don't care right and Libby I'd like to see in compared to other what is. Chock full I don't know but I don't think you'd do a lot of surprises today I didn't you probably didn't expect me to say this. Rabbit is on the line and we're glad we're happy about that call that odd looking forward to talking to them a rabbit what's happened and. They're decade it saying it is and I know she's different. But 100 resentment shell McPhee who is a nonstop liar. Like yesterday I swear an illegal alien I know this arrests acts when clearly ember from Princeton. What Narnia legally. It's all she doesn't spew lies. And. I decided okay well you say she lied about Hernandez is section will forgetting that route and that's why it's why Hernandez killed so. Focus rabbit focus was wrong about your seems let's focus seems. Rather it sure seems like she was wrong about that we we call you or called ask you to call us because we thought you had some insight into the kind of situation MacPherson and let's. They actually have emerged. Whoa stop right there tied up I'm out there and spoke to Hernandez yesterday. Addicted to and loving client wants you. And that or gang member of the gang member of the one thing that they do not take lately is also extra. It's not a lot yesterday terminator took a one game in the dark oil where the majority of them of not. And he he knew it was going to be gone start trouble form I can't believe. State and a cute like this he says it like in a new record you know they say it. All right Greg first got out of first already you might like the guy we don't we don't we haven't asked not shut up what second. He talked talked talked more with the conversation you had. With Hernandez yesterday you talked about the our show in the boat coming up how did this happen by the way how to do it cumbersome. Along Holstein that has been in the month of a pin number in a match. In the end. Where last. And you can't seamlessly that we don't wanna hang up on news. I announced our programs or program. So basically mute the air. They're way Hussein in this Davis. So your friend handed the folder and in this. It tomorrow if that happens every day. So what happens. Basically. An explanation was given mr. Powell. Like if someone doesn't like you in on the phone like say earnest law. Let's say he met and he didn't pay it attorneys' fees is not their current. So now he's up to. He armor quarter weren't he knows he can say whatever he wants. You're never gonna get back out into the public and especially to a sessions parent. Her treatment cramped. OK you are you would you wanna recorded life raft where you want recorded line with Hernandez. You're always recorder are so this is public there's ways that congress. Yes it. All right so you tell me that he's not gay. But he was upset that Michel McQueen said he was gay and people were taunting him and that's the reason he committed suicide. Warmer Serbs during the admitted it was our. Why why would the friend. Your friend and the phone to him and and have you talked to Aaron Hernandez. Why would he not. Terry I know. All upsets you know Aaron Hernandez or you knew what I aboard a base you're asking like Hernandez had the freedom to do that in jail that point he was able to do that. Okay why they know. You're here aren't your article oh yeah and it's. And I'm not our agreements album but it's also owns and certainly your nose won't normal. Sure but you work on yourself when you only recorded line so this will be public acts online. On our Internet. Well it's it's trust me it's several owners and attack. So whatever so Hernandez actually Saito wouldn't actually say. He just was trying to one unique and color or better not try there was 100 nocturnal. In that people are Yemen. People weren't happy I'm. In that. Houses like oh. Only heard it was as if anybody really thinks that first call click on. Everybody loves them. So Santorum Rick you talk about the war you hope he's saying is not gonna happen to these are not all vigorously and even technically open trial it's this wonderful honor. In this scene Clinton article something also marked this emotion that been that would how much you know that's been. Like clock speed the amount you don't need my future I'm like Chapman's mother apparently are. So you you know room like you you you know learn you know rabbit I know for a fact that. But in Europe I should say in your opinion he was not gay. This no doubt in my mind are you like I don't wouldn't you know I doubt there isn't all that and the or handing him we would not open at least. We going to stunt though he stunned this morning and so we shock. So what was he was upset that the room. That he was shot. He was upset about the rumor but he wasn't distraught when you talk to me wasn't suicidal. Not musician. Bombed out. Bummed out and I think that that next day you talked in yesterday's than that night. We know what time they found them you know Dario 5 AM so that I essentially that night essentially he took the sheet. And and made induce and hung himself. Correct you do it the window basically heavy metal or not. If you wanna. Kinda aren't that like more current bubble. Particularly realistic in market square almost turned our debt are at an angle also turned at the potency of the window. Basically. I also won't be pretty bummed out all the fact that. He was told her time suppliers source legal team. Eons. I think that C madam. But but but rabbit rabbit two days before this oil a day before this. Note to the why despite its yesterday I applied for yesterday told reporter from Texas. It is next cases it winnable plays and and Ronald Sullivan told us Monday two days before this that he thought he could walk free. I I I would decline that is some hope I think he had hoped I mean this thin is in might have been he had hope. Why I'd like two days later it was so hopeless and distraught. That he killed himself to me. And talk to you did he express that he expressed any hope do you. He he didn't I think who bought about the idea five yet and so it got her afterwards. No matter what happens within the kiss the field to our friends wouldn't kill 19 am. He's a murderer who was gonna go out who's gonna go free according to his lawyer he was gonna get out. Right after it is five years. To build permanent aircraft so subtle art itself intact first he's looking. To. Right they were elected right now and continent. Because he's in NASCAR circuit. Ridiculous to denies any was convicted of first degree murder rap album. Think it's the same thing with a game engage in our house is not getting into it not. Guilty when you can't kill before you're appeal process happens or you are. I'm not so when I. I knew I. And semantical thing as he was convicted of first degree murder for killing I don't know how many times before yesterday. Before yesterday. How many times he talked to Hernandez. In case it started and are are here like he's a he's a blond right you blood. Are. The king. Air Palestinians and loyalty. I heard opinions. Like that much in the hoosiers turned the destroyer there was time and he girl at. Really that he had not talked me personally don't tell setting happen. He has sent six who did not intervene and he cannot hang out trying to mock earning their blood you know ago. Helio practiced 330 cameras out there are try to get all your career there. It happens from window trying to get into it puts basically blocks of course some especially. Some. I assume rather what we like Q you know we've met you're kind of an a character we do you are you are swearing on on the life of your family. That you talked to him yesterday. And he was upset about this rumor of his home or homosexuality. Correct. Why have I have a life you burn them. I don't know I don't think so you've done it if you know you've spent time in prison I would say you're a character about questionable. It's. There. Is no doubt and we will on this what this is public record so we will the public. The public will soon hear of late conversation. Between rapid and the late Aaron Hernandez. I just told you there. It might not being blunt tone muscle tone it's not I'm not trying to get in trouble might not be public record them and you either hate. Then I got beaten. But aren't. Know how do you know he wasn't gay you've seen them lately he's been in prison for a long time now. Right into it and it does to people expect an accident happened but I'm on your right now and what every I talk I know seven guys aren't blocked. I've never heard none of them have earnings in like this I've never heard anything like this when I'm street. I'm not just. Has Michelle that is her one person who at a record or. I usually you meet this is missing hope it won't articulation I don't like current government. I'll sit there and over a Billick yeah. I'll call one of the most dangerous gangsters in the state and also there were both threatening note that. All normal levels. As a. Well you. Know I gotcha I gotcha you gonna go if there's if there's a funeral you're gonna go. Look I can give us a report from that okay. Call us plus public like in the middle of the service okay. Sierra thanks rabbit. Out. That's the wildest thing you've ever heard nothing to lose for wildcard. Our guy rabbit who. We met a bunch and he's friends do you know who Michelle which features tweet out streamers. You know it now rob doesn't believe reverend Robert. Rob on a cell all by Robert what's second this is not the rush of water reactor called real quickly rob thirty seconds you believe. Yes you do. Believe alike believe them that he talked to a monopolies that that's his opinion on what they say no way he knows well that day gave three or four different regions after. Don't you think a lot of times not all the time as we know with Alex -- but a lot of times it's surprise to people friends when you're kind of guys gay obviously he's. Not you know living the life of peace married or engaged in. In this kind of got a double life on the he's gay Hernandez waits two days and kills himself because we shall we FISA court and count and all are apparently the word got out now I think what. Revenue saying the word got out almost all we know we have listeners and the word got out and people started taunting him you did Kurt hew believer. Percent. Like members sent router doesn't have trump I have my what's happened rub. Now like Brett. About how much should wrap it's not these lined amateur that's reasonably. Obvious I'm sore. I. I listen I did courting of of the total yards right. Right right federal prison right and right in the I would and some are bad places. And nobody. If you get a press. How well. I mean nobody. Well don't you think some guys don't wanna be thought of as games that they're that much or whatever and they they don't want that. Meant that reputation. I've not not red and today's society. It's. Acceptable. And it couldn't only acceptable aired in the blood the blood still have members of that did get a impressed. Yeah I couple I don't I personally don't I think Brad talked to yesterday after her in his may have. Heard the conversation as pissed I don't believe that's why and is well I mean obviously we'll never know but Robinson is upset. And not sweating palms getting Todd. Really. In prison. We've seen these things just you know to bust balls have to do that bust balls to the killing yourself because I know grid you decide the issue piece of ass after that you are you are now rub you free. Upload I've been out our a year and a half now you'll be illegal back in here we have I didn't. I I would have little bird Larry and Florida when they had. Real men and probably not. So I'm maybe not. That's a tough crowd I guess they don't care OK if it. All right thanks for actually 617779793. Cent. Aaron Hernandez. Did apparently allegedly committed suicide as an email from somebody who's close of official there. And he says it is almost impossible for him not to news. Given I'm we got the details they were if it is if it's not suicide Kircus one hell recoverable also Lebanese shut down at 915. Cents Soviet sneak in there and there's no one themselves in given the way you set it up in his own room. In by itself. And team and unlikely it's still the oddest and urea and and rabbits right you were going how in the hell the flight he is the Mariners is that this guy's be naked but. You know you would have to it would be a war that the Fed up with Holland. That seems to be awful he killed himself and according to his friend a rabbit about it worth the pace called a dozen times this year. Costume touchy touch and is a dozen times last year. That was until I watched the ceilings. And indeed it was guy but helping not have to review extra month. According to rabbit it's because Michelle McPhee reporter on this show. That he. Like men might call you'll obviously to react to that 617779. 7937. Headlines is next Kirk Callahan live from Washington DC. How we operate we we up get your radio I was saying sales guys. Email Chris complaining that rapidly breaking news. More we're not gonna play the music what does that it was supposed to play breaking news soundly. We literally gotten used to kill themselves what we say hold on was magically breaking sounder. Mixed some more important I guess he's a really Saturday and yes I think it's a good suggestions about it sells the show. Breaking news Aaron Hernandez did you play some music as an excuse. Breaking news news. I brought you by Julian Phillips auto glass Sports Radio you would you know. Now we have great it. Sorry Aaron Hernandez has. Committed suicide we think we figured it motivate Ecuador collar rat. He's alleged. Homosexual. You know again I think probably but who is headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard Leo. Go to love your hair loss leader in doing in the expert of 100 day care doctor Robert Mandel deal and it's a do this real quick. Thirty seconds and rightly Jerry looks like I'm right I think close to on this one. Pressured Pritchard and is but it riots that use guns. That's according to whom whose reports. This manager had a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) yeah that's true it's a reliable source journal that's that's the home office right there yes it's Murdoch. And that's the guy making the decision on the family make that decision Americans and so. This story is Rio. Or Riley is in talks c.'s Don did you agrees not coming back. I would agree original in my it was for when I saw Arnold CNN I had my doubts assignment in this and MSNBC. And that little sleeves and Brian stuck in. I said he's making them up and then it Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports and evidence that human too much he can go away. The journal's source in this way behavior too I did it first. Noble richest absence bigger is not gone away and now that the young doubted its lack. The young black woman yesterday came on city called hot chocolate or an utterly air a bore bore hole or. So yeah there was is going to be one. Plaintiff after another so he's done. He's Gumbel get to venture to more sedate sports is a for that we're Washington DC. Greg Gutfeld that's one road America Greg Gutfeld chips edit it I like them. About. Seven hours will be with the patriots in president trump. My guess the pages to see things today there in this indefinitely goal navy asked right and failing here as soon. Nonsense we've heard from Ian Rapoport and Peter King it's so sad these guys and I asked the question. What's happened but Pepsi is a family. Will sodas old Lloyd. And and for Tonto in a bright you know. A meat and what did you do first thing on the I'd bet my daughter and Bristol where forty million dollars thought that he killed note. Much said it himself on just she's better off right she is better off she was a prop in court last week. Think that girl that I was gonna be good for her except Aaron Hearn and this is a father that it is in a mother is gonna dragon a prison every Sunday and visit this monster. Pro Florio 23 seconds ago some have wondered. When today's news altered doing its play action to the White House as of now. You'll still. All the trip I understand that I would not knowing that the plane warmup on the tarmac and said we're not going to invaded their heading their driving the reports speak I. So they would go because. Some have wondered who might. I'd lose some reform we have for you would see what's going on a couple of people lots of people wanted to chime in short item number 617779. 7937. Breaking news or and his and his prison cell. About four and a half hours ago. It is I don't know why it is so by that and escorted to. Rabbit who's a long time friend of the show doctor it is yesterday. We've met a few times a character. He's the use of drug guy needs some time is reputation is tarnished his trip without question that's how you got a guy who's known who was who knows what's going imprison someone has always been we think obviously this does not sound we met them and he's he's a watch probably does not seem like he's got any pretense he doesn't make stuff up to impress us. He's done time. He was in. He knows who have special party event yesterday confirm that James White side it says right and San Francisco Liriano will be make in the statement he said Robert tonight. He said when Michelle McPhee the author of the new book maximum market on Monday without us. It says Hernandez killed Floyd because Hernandez was gay Lloyd knew what Floyd started telling people left which he said. It's in its annual visible and you. Com then and we didn't agree or disagree that's what she says it. According to rabbit word got out and it upset Hernandez rather talk to him. Yesterday that would be Tuesday. Correct Monday she said it he tucked on Tuesday said he was very upset Wednesday morning. Wednesday early early early Wednesday morning Tuesday night he took that she'd out of his dad instead of planning and when they. Early Wednesday morning early this morning he hanged himself in his cell and blocked the door when various subjects. The cell door and hang them suburbs alone in the cell he's dead. And his own hand. And where world convinced it sounds like I had the sound of her. Tweets on curt says it's not like Mike remembers when. A real salt that right now caution though first Mike and Mike this is coming to an end right. And and now Aaron. And and we'll hear from we'll hear from mr. Henry I got into questions and we just heard from Florio you I guess was more wondering and other people he reached out of the patriots and confirmed there's pat and I wonder what. I ask wise it's sad I asked Rappaport he said because as a family Peter King wise it's sad and I wanna know. If if people if it's okay to celebrate I'm I'm happy I'm glad. Or loyalist fans happy and Abreu for titles fans happy this is a good thing the good thing for society. These creeps Baez is sold more promising to get him out do their best to get him out which would have been that would have been a tragedy this. Is not almost the entire story itself stretch I mean people died. He would not use that decades absolutely screw what kid the kid whose mom is should I tickets and sold better off now that she was yesterday understood which screwed. She probably yes sure Marvin also lost maybe she'll get a stepped at some offshore stepped down will be great shirts mainly in the better than Hernandez. I guess it should marry some nice charity helping not to talk about welcome. Which she's evil. She's not evil yeah if you care. Well she's evil he's evil he's gone that's a good thing. That's a good thing I'm sorry that is a good to get your calls and six once separate set of 79793. Sets headlines brought you doctor rob later. The hair loss expert once again. Aaron Hernandez did in his prison cell the age of 27 committed suicide in his prison cell this morning this morning. Four hours ago we keep this story go your share thoughts at some point later on this one of its people were covered the story as well. As historic UT's we will continue to breaking news. Is Kirk Italian why in Washington pick to be the White House. In about what. Says six and a half seven hours will be there as well here at its neighbor her name is Aaron it is dead Egypt where he says it is suicide in his prisons so that your. Of course it was a very famous football player. Anyway there was a a very detailed story that was done and ESPN the magazine several years ago about his childhood about his life his older brother and things that happened that that it quickly. That he really transformed his his entire life his entire outlook on life was transformed. By events that took place in his teens of lesser Arnold wherever you are made there'd be nothing but fairways and green. But your life. Called Arnold that's why this seems so weird it is Kirk Cali we are live from Washington DC we are my favorite radio studio all times. One lead here now know who six point seven the fan FA and however live here were sort of live. Ha Alexandria very nice I want live near the high school that's featured remember the titans seems it's important like Annapolis for as far far. Now some doubt Belichick tragedy. Tragedy that's Morgan here all day Saturday and it's you know it's committed suicide he is dead here of kill himself this morning we've confirmed. It's that suicide we were hoping for good conspiracy theory but (%expletive) happened generated annually. And to distribute update if you want from the UC UC spoke to welcome Britain's sun yet reached a breaking issues here. He's breaking news breaking news. Tell rock you by Julian Phillips auto glass Sports Radio WEEI. I just. If you need any kind of statement he would nod and then unit counts said investigators report oversell. But so far not found anything that resembles suicide. The investigation is continuing he said in an email Stacey James wrote the NFL Ati the patriots were aware of the death of their former all star systems pre. Who your alternate. All star. Global yes we are where the reports but I don't anticipate that we will be commenting today you wrote you'll we will talk to people with the patriots to date about this I guarantee. As we overthrew White House ceremony with president trump. I'm about well about six. It is amazing how little upset about them over the years has no Matt no Matt Light said one thing one time Jerry that's it after that he went silent metal items are pretty outspoken guy. I mean guy like. Nobody it we'll hear from Tim Tebow. Imus he'll just say it's a tragedy in god you pray you know main. Will there be a funeral like a real funeral that much throw or use cameras are looked across the street you know and love movies when they. These are available whole scene the rat Raddatz is he's definitely going to feel. Yes yeah yes threats and he said he would call us right in the middle funeral on the cell phone yes but. You know. Tragedy. Africa shortcomings that tragedies in recent tragedies all the time I go to the Cleveland clinic's tragedies. Amok a hold that against the players who say sentence tragedy but I kind of like Ian Rapoport of Peter King marked annual station kind of easy mask and a murder he murdered. Number of people that three people ruined a number of families. And he's gone now and the taxpayers are spared. 4050 grand a year. And a number the families are spared in the Court of Appeals. They don't have to listen to this should. Jose Baez clown he can move on and defense some other cold blooded killer. Is a good thing good thing for all involved. But let's go back to the calls and lots of the people wanna talk about this. I want we don't have a name we call from wall Fabrice is Chris Chris soil Cyprus. Don't. Garrett I heard the last Gary Clark about federal prison in. You know it's funny that. I knew it was full of crap because when when someone says in the rightful spot in all three games. The most famous prison yeah around Natalee and Florence with the eighty x.s. And low whisper. So a lot but within if you I'd been in this right in accurate accurate gang member. Then. You're shocked if you do it will kill you like an in source of loss joint and write your weekend in ways that stops your child. If you can't stand on your own two feet. Right and that's what Aaron Hernandez who is so guarantees that but I rabbits eat or whatever his name is right because. It will probably you know and Adam down that he had now all way at all and you know like exit your talent your joining you know don't. Please. The rabbits not the one that talked about Marion Clarkson sunlight one of The Blues Brothers that was not rabbit that was some other caller. Who said he did time you write Marion that's what. Pete Rose wasn't Dyson was. Lawrence is Max and security in Colorado correct most. Of the American Idol Taylor. Writes. All right. In Rooney's funeral true so we're gonna hear from those more on Brothers. Them out of the paparazzi here at the free Aaron and his hats reader of the Iraq. The right there will be conspiracy theorists those two American except the explanation that he hung himself with a bed sheet. Or they'll set us there and I'll have to you know it's yours and which game has built back in the nukes. Whatever Spears' four everything's conspiracies about sandy hook. And I don't let you know that a guy who is supposedly very popular prison was a big figure killing himself three days after picking my kids he may be free. You know he's he could spears is coming out this semi pleased is going to but it doesn't you said it runaway lead he was pronounced that 407 we had all the details at 615 as a team audit. Yes it does well maybe there just trying to get out ahead of maybe dogs and dogs on the cell phone hey Doug what's happened. Not tight on I gotta I gotta click here very. Another fiancee just changed her name not just that and that are changing her name and I'm wondering I know at some some life insurance policy. Blunt you don't kill yourself in the first like to three years that he can still get on network and get it so he can take service. Does that hurt her name is striking is a type who'd do this to help out his fiancee and his little baby girl. Well just because you're you're a murder in a creep that won't get you from may be. Be having in house struck down significantly. I mean look it's a theory to I think Aaron it is mostly in. Crossing the t.s and Dottie answer on the east to force insurance policy kicked him out I'm guessing. I'm highway on the NFL network right now they're talking about expertise of its in the cool as we speak we're getting the network is talking about that. A star NFL player. Committed suicide who was in jail for murder for the organization of professional sports news network I just got caught a touch closest she just got acquitted of fraud and I was. All of it the I don't know his name off the Thomas he's a fox sports reporter as well. Expert it fits in is over the dugout that's exactly what good and my last week policy you have to do now. No I care Brian's South Boston Brian. Good morning guys. Brian. I listen guys anymore and I enjoy the show but I just wanna say I can't believe nobody's talking about this city just got up on the Abreu for Colorado Murdoch. And there and we just. And then you'll have a little more creatively I'm sure on either of them are rival gang got to Hernandez and so listen. Since we can't get you Christian unity tour itself or trillions airman. I don't believe that I don't believe Hernandez. Who I think he was a narcissistic I'm stunned to kill himself at all I'm thinking we can eat you think he wanted to live. But killed himself to save his family. Yeah I do is really do. I think I mean it's as good as any other week I don't see about me you know yeah. When Eastwood Gran Torino himself up these series. I will say this is as shocking turn in the stories. Right we'll Alaska I'm I'm I'm floored by the Alaska I thought would mean we know one was surprised when Steve Stevens who has been nuggets and kill yourself don't despise me and all this shocked me. It's a bit if you said to be more likely he gets out ridiculous and so it's. Yeah not that but I wrote I said there was a good chance he would get chant yes yes or you know some of role model window whenever I think he and he's a bad guy. With a lot of enemies in prison and maybe for when Abreu had friends in prison. Maybe Lloyd did may be just and we knew we had a fight in prison at least one fight and yes he's not a model prisoner. But I knew that would be trouble for him in prison I never thought it would take a sheet and hang ups and looking. Five years after the five years in the gun charge which Ronald Sullivan told us Monday that they were gonna appeal of that field as well. Which was automatic as it was first degree murder and help popular gun conviction which is. Five years added to a sentence that was real hope that you put that front page of The Herald that looked at that I get sick. I was saying says. Something a vote in and we want we want to get him out of one freaking immersed lawyer wants Aron for. So and it's not just someone accesses the Irish are biased who got Casey Anthony to a child of two year old child. In that garbage he freed her she walked free this guy was committing to getting tremendous vote that made me nervous and I'm not even involved in the case you can imagine. The old towards him antsy in that. Hernandez hung himself a utilizing page sheet that he cashed in his room he died this morning at 407. AM pronounced at UMass that mr. hung himself. In around 31505. Hours ago Aaron and his committee who lots of calls to get to coach you want them and our three year live in Washington DC to the legacy of Jerry and if you. Gonna talk to Tom Watson the sheriff we got a corrections officer offering a former corrections officer masters on the line perfect end. A guy Tim whereas in theory that I hadn't considered yet you haven't considered yet. But. It's an interest and wanna I wanna hear those in board is out lie for DC Kirk talent Aaron it is found dead in his prison cell.

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