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K&C- Celtics lose, Aaron Hernandez commits suicide; Aaron Hernandez is dead 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

Hour 1. Gerry and Kirk are live from Washington D.C. The guys react to the Celtics game 2 loss. During the segment, news breaks that Aaron Hernandez has killed himself.

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You skirt and Callahan and this is a big game big game. Videos as a Robin Lopez. Can you put us right again. This is bad and this is not that easy to. Students are I wrote the way with Currie committee ahead we. Revision to vote going to wash when I don't why they go. This is a waste of money for the ago and now we're flying them down putting the hotel so why studio with a few right here. The challenge that the matches with him what why he get matches I punched each other the basement and marginally more quickly. But you really just got hot dog look but for the bay and Gerry Callahan what's happening Landon and PW rights at 7 o'clock. You should actually be okay. What's the point Muslims find it easy. For our program director. New this news for a month so naive he thinks this means and points good job to save 47 don't just amateur power user text you sent me. Your beat treat like professional many people find the Baltimore. For bill and they don't need an hour away now and great hotel that's that's why that's also on Sports Radio WE yeah. People here strike affecting humans. We get here. All right there we are live in our nation's. It is perky Callahan will be the White House in a few short hours Gerry Callahan is logs. I can't hear you at all we hear Jerry. Yet not much you there. You get to work on Jerry your second. Not quite eventful night last night. You travel log approved a two in the second. The flight from Baltimore arrived what time chip left between jokers. 155. For the flight landed at 155. Mr. waits this his. Who can switch your interest in that that person but people want Kurds. Fine CBS studios in Washington DC. In the what you write despite the waste of money WA IIST. Yeah. First of all there will be no more. Rip on Chris cars no more dumping on my man Chris Kurtz he's just short himself only lifetime job security I would agree. Column and we will explain mountain as it may be weak. A week about two young. By the end of the day but still he came up huge huge he was like Rajon Rondo. Driver were now in recent years but we don't answer. Drew had no idea what he's still not speak a word English just looked at courtesy current sixer. Chances dairy farms are a few doughnuts here in Iraq if you guys looking animal. I have no way at him he didn't know the area he didn't know English but beyond that he was. Very helpful and of the cars come through because. He's got the new rap man he gets the cows waiting for a second delay yes he does Felix trump in this town if you showed. Should receive mr. trump at about eight hours yes and look forward to a and Alan Branch note Alan Branch who is and we get to this is full of Alan Branch who's been in the league how long. In years eleven years the city's never heard talk like drops I've ever heard talk with of course specific of course I've never mind like arts and of course you've heard how much worse in fact you heard much worse. You the current is Joey last night at dinner you heard where she divorced all the time your worst you five minutes for an on the fairness yes. Talked about you know given their grabbed. It took them on the air warning here that's that's who that's cut accrued to that line that's locker room talk to we'll get to branch ridge who is full of it and I don't care becomes we're here. I'm looking forward to a the two stories obviously number 12. Celtics' number two was sort of Twitter world blow for us last night they continued her duty to update that flight from Baltimore Q. You've observed when lost to Baltimore. And a originally scheduled to leave I believe five to 1255. Point 51 leaving what time. Somewhere around there yes Curtis just tweeted out the actual. Played. What would you. 155. Which would have put us in DC. And the traffic. Yes it's a good point it would put us in these. It left it wide lead at 155 and at 2 AM right. Would put us in DC 330. And they are kind of the showered changed and I don't know that we just can't hotel save some money come right to the studio. But but our man Chris Curtis well with them in again I stop stop or not to you get no credit crisis what was the Genesis whose idea of shadow. It was nobody's idea Curtis which is ideal nervously walking around air police he always does. And says may go check and see if we get on DC flight. That's good enough Chris is exactly what what that youthful checked it. You know I I deserve credit for this good cup of coffee have in front of me because I talkers who get it for. Usually sitting there. It's bitching and moaning I said I'm a results guy right let's get beyond where bitching and moaning and occurs I knew Curtis would uses dad's credit card to paper which actually would happen overnight. And we want the army flight to DC we were on the flight to Baltimore. And we landed at DC with 815. Nice nice flight the ball to IDC 74 yet had a bumpy flight slightly just a little dinner. And I am a chicken sandwich at my Fries and my Coke and watch the Celtics get humiliated. Last. It was bizarre watching them at first descent and this is a run for the bulls they gonna blissful run. And a Celtics catch up and NF until the prevail pictures cut. Humiliated. In now Bret Stephens says the worst record as head coach works post season record in NBA history. Is two and ten. And they are in a deep deep hole and their star there there there the heart and souls on his way to. Washington State amended they're big they're the series and there are not winning cedars you can see it this can replace me come back. You see this 0345. Right now for a 53 of which are in should not. Three and relaxed. Or 53 in Chicago went to a home that it seems like a tall task and the reason is not. Strictly because the Celtics are are are are choking at big fat the the morals or solve these polls are feeling it man they are feeling it and I said this team in the days and you know. Don't underestimate the angry Rondo was kind of kind of went under the radar wouldn't say Butler got all the most of the coverage what game one note before the sooners' leading up this is their best player yeah. Clearly the best player and don't wade was the the fading star but Rondo is in this is playoff run though as somebody called them this is angry Rondo. This I mean he probably won't be as effective in Chicago he likes it he likes the hate as I call them on Twitter he's the curtain and hand. Of the NBA he fuels there hate fuels his fire. He likes nothing more. To be hated and stick it somebody's face. You when you when you don't feel hate you get a comfortable even do feel I do that's what I was sitting at dinner and you have to start attacking Lou Maloney and. I really doesn't make it's important that I've watched it in action and you do what you do in situations you've pictured both Lou you know. I mean I didn't I wasn't knock it in and I was slated to stay out of told they could use some help tomorrow by the did you do that says that when like your sights of hours yeah he's he's got spoiled magical almost. I I I called them and well you tell me spoiled pampered. Right yes yes yes yes right as you get to those a date later. But you know the story for me is obviously so chemicals like those stories soaked and once again. And it was a tough week as Thomas was exposed another big spot last night. Now more from you I don't go with the I told us commissar I would go to a told him Marcus parks act that would be the cardinal played today about telling you how to do your job market Smart they'll at least. I will say who use six of eleven of thirteen point two minus two Jeanne Thomas and I'm quite corporate you'll get twos minus nineteen these awful. Market Smart in these places and heart. Yes impassioned and not pleased with anger I visited which often which I don't really hear it plays with passion doesn't give up the other guys. He takes a bit dumb shots and make them but dumb decision allows it to that at best and that's that's that's even if if if you look at who amend what I said Thomas jealous Smart who do you thinks is fault probably Smart I think it was the guys have a problem with this morning smarts. I mean he's what some thought as important to me obviously any place with ducks some Bradley admitted those guys gave up. Now that Rondo said neighbor Braddock moderate Rondo yelled and and that's just so that's just so wrong night to play that's the problem is they have cut their heart and played and they'll know more once he starts wondering why you know they have. Home court while on that pulled the soft and it's a mixed bag for for Stevens can you believe he coached that team to 53 wins. When you watch them now know I can't he's he's he's a damn good coach would at some point when you two intend. And you lose the first round in five games to Chicago. You have to answer that as well. And it was a golden child but some will question guess to answer for OP idled US fighter but at least 312 as a head coach in the playoffs after the series that's sure. I do think that they get exposed in the games gets exposed for leaving them shorthanded. As we see there outrebounded again a muscle again and again you look and say. Almost where's that you know where's the muscle where's the toughness. Horford is a finesse player soft on eleven rebounds last night he got pushed around once again. Dominated Rondo had had more rebounds and Horford had points. I mean. That's that's embarrassing. Rush gets pushed around by Lopez gets intimidated. He doesn't get dirty dozen bag or for like 31 minutes less than two to three I'm not sure why we expect an act. I almost wanted in the past he never claimed to be anything but it should be better music music music power forward and not much power and right now he's you're not a senator if they lose a series he plays like this is your wanna be terrible right plot. Obviously there's a surprising news. You know he's a nice player who. It's been a knock it for him being soft and pass these books off in this year well I heard wicket with with Christian and and Glen yeah and saying he would make that deal again and heartbeat. That was before game one as before serious. Your team is it would do. No but would you be doing and they knew what west yes he would yes he would OK thank. I think the idea with Horford is you picture and imagine him with another big man a good big name food star big man. I don't know now on the that's that's job that's a job to tend to an off season. Who would you say that changes look at this NASA and I need size we need to get bigger. I realize yes and he's scored two but they need bigger they need an end when you watch the series I mean may be it simplistic but. Would you like to revisit that Jimmy Butler. Rumor that. Sure potential Jimmy Butler trade sure he's a star yes he's just he's a star players no doubt and you takes pressure off other guys and you sell open shots other guys have because they are. The defense is is is focused on. While there was going to be goodness yours they did not expect was the revitalized. Ratio Rajon Rondo in Dwyane Wade but I expect wait if shots like you said last night ways about it last couple years he was great last night Rondo was the best player on the floor. Robert and for the first two games of the series I think. There's been sort of the central figure out but there's no better sunspots. But rather was cut the basket every one that he's exposed Isiah Thomas he's been the best player in the first two games. Of the series he has been the central figure. It was a plus 24. And he's not going away either he's eleven this can only a plaza suite so this is why he illness when he leaves for right. If your if your expanded state that after crazy digital we've right. Because he turns an on off but think of the Rondo we knew and didn't love it here it's. You never knew which who and again he was obviously. You know mercurial. Moody. He's in a good mood right now a good angry mood if you're the bulls you've got the good run you get the motivated Rondo and that's a scary thing for the but the Celtics because he can do it both I mean if he's really busted his ass on defense. That's it that's that's a pig heads for the bull course and then if he's. Really feel the office he's got options right now miniskirt guys don't sit Memphis the three point stride he's got a big guys. He's got places to go that mean he set the bulls' record at actor played a few playoff games in Chicago. And now fourteen assists is the franchise record. Though he played equally great stories Celtics who again gave me it's like he said it's effortless altered meaning. In the other teams talking sports not like it's Alec effort as much as confidence and lost their confidence they didn't. Nobody won the ball nobody wanted to stay above except Isaiah Thomas he always wants ever felt teams who win the title right obviously anyway now it's now possible. But everybody thought they were getting first round secretary tangling. Picked it just right and be really put it and at least had the Celtics in this series. Ineligible it would game in this yours maybe they'll win two games. Ceres well then you you think you're winning in Chicago delegation would Ali you set the bulls are what one half point favorites right. Friday night for a surprise us yeah right well it's just also elect. No no no I don't know it's not the -- not how it usually works they win game three pixels it'll production got it yet that's what they have to do obviously they lose game trees. Three down if they win. I associate with this I do believe that's me and you have to. Put some pressure on them because source mean we don't know Jimmy Butler is gonna perform under. Real playoff pressure or Euro in the mirror pitch. Lopez and I think way to VOK and they were on the will be okay. But do you think mirrored pitch is going to be much faster you don't read and zips that they admitted to making everything that's each other shots we stretch he was the three day was taunting them with his offense you guys. Well let's let's angle to the degree of difficulty knock of them fall ways and turn around so I was on my team that basically up during the season and is such a good choice that we're done they traded their best offensive rebounder Taj Gibson and still they're killing against that same number of office aboard the shuttle on OJ curriculum and weightlifting and it is labor they were done it's true look at the Donald Butler. Also if the plants in a couple of games in you know way to go for the Celtics. If they lose this series. And it gets pretty pretty cut and dried you you get rid of Isiah Thomas. He stuck with Horford and and you basically start average and you draft to the mall or whether all pools you start that lets say you draft. Boy record trade as the euphoria big man. Where I would have some would have I don't know witness and well the check with the crooks Chris manic or somebody like that. But there and there's got to be a big man ultimately that a brawling with. You know etiquette that you like the classic old now I'm I'm I'm one of and to get Bogut wings Bilbray and it's configured in the broke his leg after about a minute. With Cleveland but it yourself expand this warning me you have to be discussed doing you believe in waiting for this team with the playoffs you're edit any self expand. Doubt he would sign for a win over the bulls. In a pretty competitive second round loss in its war and that's rock that's progress she would series but I think if you ask them what to expect exciting spot gets to the conference final but experiences that if you win a series and you lose to the wizards and set and you played well it's okay these are moving forward we concede if sought him. Rationalized bringing this team. And you know you can't you can't all you can project and he won the first two picks in the draft sure openness but so it's not this Tebow the guys are going to be massive pictured next to bring you back if you traded for Jimmy Butler. Well that's that's an effort to make yet a look in and yet you make the move. Or if you draft a point guard deal and Isiah Thomas and I think you're gonna here probably today you know Thomas has exhausted and I wouldn't blame him. And it's again like he sends not it's not him. It's everyone else notes did it mean nobody's thomas'. Wasn't but he sorry but you you you kind of in the past when this is probably hasn't slept in short I would say that but we also is not gonna be great fun and also was a factor in game one it was sort of angry EEE channel that case and doubts now it's affected deeply important. I'm not blaming this on the limits it to a boy I'm with him offered let's play more that's why in my eyes it's been okayed for let's play Stephens and change. Did you know I'm not sure where do individually. It on Stevens for this legal move by move its suit that woods is okay witty criticized Stephen's first two games. I guess and I'm. If she commodity amenities and it is today yesterday then you put Zeller in this in the big league he he qualifies. Is it to attend the postseason race OK and I'd like Tomas who wrote that on. On defense from bossier well there are. Just chase in the three pointers and leave in a lot of space in the middle and even a lot of space for in you right Rondo and the right thing and wait to operate writes this morning. So the shooters are short on jump shots of their elbows were. Bungee to meet court. The regular season offense. Hasn't worked in the plants close you boatman who stars. Mean again. Bret Stephens fall that they site or for thirty million dollar Contra problem that he's OK with that. She Stephens fall because he's the coast more because it's okay this more range issues he yes I would agree on men as candidate and he's always. And I'm always but in this case puppet coach Stevens just wondered if you know what I mean you know right now as you see here who who's had to vote today who's had a better season or berg or or Steve. I'm saying Stevenson won three games or Robert Wood bat team we Jimmy Butler went 500 and and won sixteen games on the road to the regular season in executing Webber would win 53 games of I don't Stevens would absolutely win a lot more to sway over what movie is Warburg in this series you said while. We play I mean I don't know I don't know is is regular season illustration right. But I mean I would say Egyptian eighties at his hips third mirror attention. Let's play in Europe they play and fully Schiavo and Portis have come holiday legislation. The industry. These six he would he would he added that the dagger mentally shows that they should glaciers it's got to read this so I lose. He had that dagger would you say it was a well you sausage. Jesus at. Diddy I I was watching the national feed we were at the the rest up. On any flights between Baltimore and DC does the debate raging suites of Fila sent toward to the whole show like this heat that's like fake fake not a good actor I think it was angry leaves Indian movies gets mad about the left incredible. That we can actually puts on hold at that that call and the Marlins game battle at several joke around on the air play her for hours. It's hard putts and we've seen. Very few people can do very few people can pretend but I will say this can we would that you possibly. If they'd say you know Chris skirts to use that those. If the flights have been full. We really native won 55 last. And rolled into wherever they shower when you're you know Campbell said we're going home soon know whether that's true it would work way to make a little longer and we were unlawful trip but most of our our list is and people fall on Twitter were opening. I am I glad I got intelligence he'll battle fool you people it would suck. You were so happy I'm gonna carrying or Kurdish or to show you call me in my misery. Like you that it is angry. Journal I would say I would have left. Did. Although I give curse all the credit you didn't give hardly any credit many guys seemed out of an idea guys but he's saved our lives if you weren't there would you gonna go on to account now and talked our way of were DC flight with Adam Lambert Johnny rockets and that the on 920 now and it's sad traffic on the way home so it was on that flight at Baltimore flight is before we saw last people know we are. Summers and Affleck and why. Every play the Baltimore DC with a and I told Curtis again Marines and in the what was the reason. They always say. They should use that line I told I was stranded and in the Dominican for a whole day because they said the flight attendant called in sick can legally they had to have a flight attendant. And people just lost their minds that was AirTran by the way there trail is that honorable. If instead you have speaker in DC away from the station. There's talk about is here with us we'll get to be honest is it a couple of both adequate Julian are. Pretty amusing. Those two around as a sales people around Toby Keith. A state and we should do spacious is doing more like a road trips prices should. This is unbelievable. Things have been cafeteria it's in the morning guys cafeteria Jerry's. That is this. Freshly brewed coffee all the niceties are or banana consistently bananas Curtis shore they you know have my morning fruit and to the small you decrease up. He did welcome anything when he won an eagle and well I'm on the air like I'll go you know I'm right happy you're right I'll get my home and we don't do valuable replacement players much. It's same letters value over replacement producers write more intent layered is you know Tiger Woods in 2000 al-Qaeda carry an hour in ninety guys say some two you can. I love you alleged or and I let him more love you more but they can view it. Can you do what's your favorite flower you know I often when I get my wife flowers ended on Easter I can never remember to ask you have to call my daughters say what closed she elections and the fastest pass you very select had a flowers do you like I'm getting these days he got on the kitchen fresh. You viola Christie's is important I'll ask. Jet was baseball show. It wasn't that passion it was a big big fair right. Now jet to that was findings of fine Finland produce about canned you're you're good it was awful and candies when you Federer says you've had worse than. I'm sure she'd have whom I don't know what we've done before with villains of the know which button push. In the events incurs on the boards. Some you know turn the computer before I consider his seat is that in turn on the buttons at the buttons I think they could succumb decurtis. In the temperature this morning. Curtis questions again looking like. I don't speak. I say I love who birds great special incurs sets and a does everything but demanded that import that kind of terrorism that that's now what she notification. If if that trip outlaws that her fifteen minutes I've got to sort of if that was any longer. I'm sitting right next shove my head elected dog and had my head out the window I mean it union you know something diet that was late. Connect to say that that's in on the cut Casey Anthony Miller car. Which he simple went to parents set some modest all the parents that all of these melding of the picture of nine core plummet in. Regions though it's it's BO XM. Real lack of I hygiene yes though hygiene and wall and Sheila that some does seem like a nice guy but imagine a hot summer day in the car. No room it was great respect clearly spoke no English which is trying to get this ruling is going. In middle of nowhere anchors is absurd on. Have bought you for any request that you know in the area be humvees or. Starbucks if you were a Starbucks. He just looked excellent. News while we have potentially big news uses. We know this guy is Mac maker. Our breaking news right here Jerry give merit Aaron Hernandez found hanging in his cell. Correct instructions temperature. Mastic wiest best. And we don't know concede it hanging himself I like when killers kill themselves this could be good news yes I mean we were all happy Steve Stephens. Off himself rice and got us. It was scheduled got a mission that it's guys is big news Aaron Hernandez sit back and that's where there's a computer Abdul and you can be my hat patterns ironic hoosiers ask for banana if I'm Aaron and hang himself. So surely. Lecture with the banana have to do well it is predilections. Well. Found hanging in his hanged it is so approximate replied I am parrots who was. You know being that are fools in a little more suspicious I said that he can Tuesday. On April 19 2007 Aaron in his was discovered hanging in his cell correctional officers 305. Lifesaving techniques were attempted mr. Hernandez industries were UMass by mr. Bruce pronounced dead or 0:7 AM while hospital. Do you think and is also attempted to block his door from the inside page gaming adored various items domestically on the scene investigation investigation continues. Mr. Hernandez's next of kin have been notified this is an update. And again it's all over the place right now breaking news walls according to the DOC. Aaron Hernandez found dead in his cell this morning. Reported to be suicide Jerry. Two or three days after ariz found not guilty amber everything gilts was just too much for him because he knew he didn't you think his friend Ronald Sullivan is dear dear friends going to be OK today too good question if you tickets if it's because. The deal the gators have passed. Or do you think maybe the news I don't know the Newsweek broke was gonna. I don't know I'm just saying do you think it's got to be subtle we'll find out obviously by submission via money should be your next book. Now for sure so let's get somebody on your image and all sort 617779790%. Now why don't. You know who has knowledge and a moral courage and an arm and rabbit is sources CNET crowd. Let's get rabbit PC what is he just disagrees with Michelle's contention but we will. He would he knows some breaking news parody and yes sir this is dead and which is means we. Off the hook we have to live through more appeals because they don't put the family for more appeal as we have to listen. These sleaze bags like more polls and bias at this story's wonderful while the story of all supposed to we're gonna talk to patriots. And they'll finally gets popular and is it. Actually itself to good point we're gonna do that we're here we're gonna do that so I guess we're born. How host able to population. Or Posey able to kill himself than you think when you're in prison when your guy like this who would be a good candidate for crisis that you don't have a belt that you don't have a rope that you don't have. A shoe laces even it's a good question and I'll get some answers I hate to use if you chose. Always kills cells. All that I think other people kill them I buddy was more likely to gifts you know like Joseph drew suggests to me somebody read outs of Wright was and narcissistic sauce four year old daughter's as the biggest scumbag who will write his four year old daughter now has so far I don't bother such. And I and I and kisses to her I obviously no sympathy should night Jenkins her this morning. We know if you will fiance of our program married they were you here now know. No sympathy. It easy. As you would say it's the beginning and story's unbelievable this guy. I was ready to be all the finger I mean really. Catch I 600 passes for the in the forty million dollar contract at all on its always wanted to be gangster wanna bigger and better known to be Tony Monty would rather be Tony Montana. And Joseph Montana house that. Kirk yes that's what he wanted to be he's dead now and yet dead and that's a good thing I like you know what. Right now six aka us for out of them when a braille family. Owed Lloyds him I don't care if these guys weren't more you know the best citizens. Their families were grieving he got away with. The Aubrayo in the for commerce even though we all know he pulled the. I was gonna say is that that's that's good I was gonna say I do not want you know attack as of people die even the worst kind of people don't want this sort of even year appreciation. Always for Ronald Sullivan I don't but I gotta say number you wanna call and it. This guy's a scum bag I'm glad he's dead it was she does it guide for five years ago sort of people that. But we'll keep I mean this Odyssey stories happening as one the air was he's arrested. We're gonna keep you do miss Aaron Hernandez is committed suicide the swore in at 305 correct surely is found. There and brought auspices that perhaps that I think for fifteen your take you report Aaron and his dead of apparent. Suicide and keep an update on that forward Washington DC the patient's face now this becomes the biggest story in the country thank right it is indeed I mean how it is yet have a broken. Trial the trial was one of the biggest stores in the country the acquittal was huge. I mean it is AT MZ it's one of those crossover stories crime you know absolutely. Sports patriots. It was big and he got away with the last tumors he was go in there weren't appeal we talked to his lawyer Harvard professor. He was gone home even appear in the gun conviction and what it Jose Baez that that creep what did you say. He wanted to get him out he thought he's gonna help the appeal of the old Lloyd. A murder and he thought the guy who got Casey Anthony off after you kill the kid he thought he was going to get him out of. Prison do you really think as a chance he was killed. It looked like a suicide present this guy I hope I mean I can't actually be unsure what happened I mean I am very intrusive when I have an nobody's desperate to have a cell might which are now in there watching the salt and I'm fine we're going to find out your day goes on 6177797937. Unbelievable we're here Washington DC you'll see the patriots here. Some patriots at all. In about eight hours with the president tropics are polite as Tom Brady we think will be there. Pages and are available for media scrum after about. Aaron Ernie it is dead of an apparent suicide is killed himself. Will be back at Burke county morgue Celtics up will get to a our troubles with the patriots movement that would mean a lot of stuff to get to bringing. And Aaron it is who is did that paris'. Communications talking. And so project. Well that'll Udoka and we love you can let's what's real is hitting the three this again. This is the statement for. Yeah mass department of corrections on April 19 2017. Aaron Hernandez was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers. In surely approximately 305 AM. Lifesaving techniques were attempt on mr. Hernandez he was transported to UMass slam history is pronounced dead 407. By position at the hospital mr. Hernandez was in the single cell. The general population housing unit. Mr. Hernandez hanged himself. Utilizing a bed sheet in the attached to his cell window mr. Hernandez also attempted. To block his store from the inside. By jamming adored various items the mass state police are on the scene in this investigation continues. This journey and as his next of kin have been. Who. How how. How celebratory can we be a news and you have to see we got to Boston right here. You view the program directors at Curtis my new hero guy you value I got this guy is as evil monstrous I think it is. A day to celebrate the New England Patriots in a day to celebrate the news breaking from mach. From back home and surely I have no issue I. I don't know what is wrong with that I've never understood is right I celebrated when Joseph druze. Shanks. By the gate and that was a good thing for for civilization for humanity. That's what pisses. This I can't imagine how to get the and one of the Thomas family. Or Oro. Them Aubrayo world Lloyd. Amid just being a decent human being watching Aaron and in this smiled cried to his eventually blow kisses in court was nauseating. Listening to Ronald sold and tell us he's a beautiful young man was nauseating. To explain this to me this is a good thing and I'm happy to be sure I'm happy maybe you are absolutely not sure. Specific. I'm glad he's got no issue that always she suffered a wish you killed some five years ago witness it saves oh boy it's like you do the other people. How much are killed you are in god knows they'll see each other people into the stuff. A fine he's dead Shaun Alexander revving the things we agree with that he's having a good morning I mean at a prep. It's even get him on the line we should but it's for me and may be shrinking call somebody Tel 6177797937. Just answer me this item it. He gets off last. We talked to Sullivan month. Bias at the same thing. People thought he was eventually very possibly going to get out of prison and not exceptional. League they've had I think that but they convinced him that was Paul shore yet he had. Fiance who we think was sticking by now. In a daughter was four years old if he gets out of jail in eighteen years but she's alive 22 years old right whatever and she could visit that apparently and they can they visited what happened in the last. 96 hours the man was killed himself or was he killed. If he does like it sounds like ultra was killed. Because I hate to think he got his way here but here's the thing is he's a great actor. We saw that for. His years in doing them with the patriots a great actor week we heard him talk about how the patriot way changed him and we saw him. Make the donation to the Myra Kraft I mean we know he was a great actor Jerry apparently that guy in court. Was acting that got blown kisses and smile and giggle in the way. That guy was acting mean he's he's he apparently was suicidal obviously was suicidal and has had to be. A self destructive maybe there was this other side of him that we never saw. In court never say well he knew if. It suggests. Suicide suggests some sort of deeper thing these subjects taught this is suggests hopelessness and I felt like it was just the opposite political legislated out. I felt like it was hopeless anymore right and that to me was sick or almost like. Twinge of guilt or remorse or some act. But a guy like this how SoHo tell it that are in this effort to pencil in if you believe everybody was in narcissistic. This report singles so obviously means he's myself and so we and we thank you writes in the sheets worked at our door and blocked right so that's so how was a possible. If you believe this report and I would because I don't know there's going to be conspiracy fears are supposed but that this no one else in the cell. There is no story here it's open and shut no investigation it's over. But here's the thing. We felt he has bothered me and said it many times you know I think agreed that he was pretty comfortable he always thought. Yesterday was always behind bars but it was a thug he was a gang banger even when he was a picture is that he knew eventually. He was going to be put away where he belong at this act stated direct contrast that's right that's that's what I don't felt like. Not only was comfortable prison probably doing pretty well imprisoned. But then along comes by as this sleaze from Florida comes and says look media and let me give you hope. Any gaping hole and it was on page one of The Herald but I he may get out of seizure he hoped it no. Friday well insults on us so we thought wedged it which Tuesday. Ms. Winslet he has. You know that's that's a whole different thing now. I am waiting for I'm waiting you'll have this person not tomorrow right now somebody's not awake yet which is though it would disperse on the mode where it is. We tweets notes at. Mental illness right out of this and how dare you celebrated goes demise well and celebrating today we're celebrating. That the world champs the world the Super Bowl champs us over a run down the street the White House and celebrating. The end of life on the on the evil man absolutely I don't care what we we disagreed I think in the attic that you brought those two I think that the trial was was weak but you talk but it killed we think at least three people right now I mean maybe a more. Maybe more like you know lasagna may we'll find out more sure actually picking things he got it right so the thing in Florida and on the thing in Washington Alexander brown in the face Kentucky played football thirty years ago right. You know a cyclist people terrible money Joe's brother you know there's a parent is it football. That's it seems like twenty lifetime. This guy who has committed we think at least the reports as if I have my doubts I'll admit I am a skeptic. Committed suicide here it makes no sense doesn't fit the profile. At all it is strange story. In Boston history there's nothing that beats. Nothing you cannot. You find its US -- there's and I said the other day he's a good candidate to get troops to get checked option and you know we buddies you outfitter Bradley those guys I guess yes and I think he's probably gang leader. And you know getting I don't know what his game was a pretty short on his lead is it would what do we learn he was a corporal blah was one of the other. At vector in the first trial and millions gang tattoos so if these and again obviously the rival gang would like to see and how about our public this season blunt public this two correct that's why I never liked what you guys who eat off who they said not guilty. We think we have red and gained they had right and I am guessing days and connections in prison as well if this were something like this and slashed his wrists or in. Some low. Policy dude took. Went to the slight talent the metal shop. And console and throat. He would say suspicious but if he's indeed and we're gonna find out you know we carry I know you UKW have leveled speech I do and and Aaron I'm excited about it I hope we find out there is suspicion of refined of the someone claims he was murdered Wes could you you don't ask. I would like to like to think he didn't get his way right in else would do you think it was storied Boston life it's strange in the in his. Saga beginning and stranger than the Hernandez saw a guy who I think was gonna say the hiring of Michael ouster now a guy who's going to be hall of Famer but close Atlantis I mean look at the numbers will be at nine catches in the because pitches and catches one year I and he was the note the cutting edge all the cutting edge hybrid. Receiver and hands like why note. They could and probably play and split out more often than Clementine and I mean it was just going to be that guy catching passes for comfort for 1012 years his numbers were going to be. Overwhelming he was yes on his way to kitten and final person feels so Aaron we think we think we don't know but one thing we like to do. Is it the story moved further the story which skewed it that's for. Sure. It's. Okay short of some of that from your future and yes that's a mystery here right even like them and he will know we have built confirm whether it's open and shut really Sosa local reporters were and and our and I got rabbit when how Lindsay he's clintons. Or not but he's going to be excited secede sketch connections in that prison. We'll keep you update this story throughout the mornings today and he keeps removing six what 7779790%. He's in your car right now Aaron Hernandez is dead. Of an apparent suicide Aaron and his dead at the age of 27. Of an apparent suicide more Kirk Italian life from Washington DC Odyssey sliced from Washington DC next. Not answering the White House and Kurt and Callahan or somewhere in DC outside events that took more driven Callahan from Washington DC. On Sports Radio WEEI. This is full of regrets. Thought so yes he he does not regret that he's not at home obviously with this family unit and that it beauty of this. I happened yes I do think that he had a better than average. Chance. Get in the first case over overturn. I say right now that's not good. And I'm gonna practice a beginner and he's average of his well we're not sure he's still might be zipping up the body bag boys aged Matt minister. It. I was in the hospital it took him a more. Sure that the board just from a whole ground excellence. Just. Look at Twitter and you inaudible won't immediately guys. That he rushed what's the source of sad and I just to what the hell. Explain to me exactly your nation what this sets a what if what I mean really what is sat. Sent to the sad part. Is a daughter that this is good for his daughters and DL and at the hell. This is a good thing never going to be yielding may be mom that pathetic loser she etching and could move every few you don't push it but maybe she can move on now maybe the daughter. Will not have to visit this more on this this this monster. In prison. In a for the next 1520 years maybe she could find it will be stepped in their life soon. And he won't be a gang banging murder analogue what I understand Rappaport covered. But what compels somebody to write when a guy who killed at least one person probably three. Kills himself and use social what is sat in the whole story itself. It sure is for a little Braylon for titles and I was bad I would say it's sad for them this guy murdered Santa. Sad no got to see opposite honestly fear for Tom's mother you saw the fans in prison cry. Those folks today wake up to some really good news. I those guys quiet. And I am and I'm going to be. Fascinated you freeze from different. See what happens this case goes on I Kelly I've on the board skeptic you know I'm Alex Jones probably born skeptic. It is hard for me to believe this may just minutes it was maybe it. Maybe he did that does well we're gonna wanna learn more credibly out of character. It does indeed I never thought we were reporting a suicide of friend I thought would be reporting that. Prison five skirmishes and issues I thought he would be you know lives. Or for the next 22 marred by marketing and other stooge really sad story all around I want them to. Just send me all I wish we disagree on this because I'd never get this all brownies for and it's why is it's sad we know he's in murderer. We know he's pure evil marked angles. The sad part. You know it's had just tell me the sad part US that is it's sad about it is that he can also fighters that it's. I guess so yeah rapport responded Q recently had a family. Yeah he sure did in the family gave them the finger. And an Internet I don't care about it terrible but I am going to be a gang bangers will be right. What do you again. I guess I guess it's sad that he had forty million. All the contract and his daughter who's gonna live the life of luxury Villa would do anything go anywhere travel go to would have been better off with that all that money. She's not better off wouldn't be better off with this kind of life and I told me that I'm Thompson you know you've news. Get ready for this all it I barely handle it in and if this is not what they'll be teammates who say but I guess that that's I'm stocking its standing in the sense that you do that no team middle ever talk about it. Part husky Kerry aren't going to be asked about it that's yet proxy very public guy. He's going to be asked about it and he's going to I usually say it's alcohol are curious to hear from the fans who you know we got in his place XY it's bringing a 61777979. For seven gave us a call we are we've put in called for someone who knows more than we do rector we've got what we talk us through your clutch in these books he's -- that's a good one good job courtesy. The majority of my iPod secondly rabbits and the chicken rabbit has connections he spent some time and surely. It rabbit. Oh. The beef that maybe we'll tell you might build Telus is more of the story and I have some we have lots of prison guards and lots of people see the system lower Annan I. Whatever somebody US who feels bad for her name is 617779797. And is Kansas is getting your car Aaron Hernandez. We think is below he views that he committed suicide. Allegedly apparently in prison hung himself in prison last night at 30544. Hours ago. While we would have been about a week if things are gone as planned we have been and where that point. Revenge hat and they are now and over the limited partners and the lines are chock full week I've got one final but first call and ticket first call. How does this affect the patent salary cap all users feel the story. She wouldn't have to leave the flu on him. And that's that's the way don't aren't our two Kirk Callahan. From Washington DC Aaron and his dad. Apparently committed suicide in prison for hours ago the stories I continued. He developed and we will break news or partially during the show today others as well Aaron and his dead. Suicide apparently age when he's.

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